Friday, October 31, 2008


Roman Calderon the president of the Spanish club Real Madrid says, ( Sir Alex Ferguson has become senile, and has become more or less like a dictator, and he reminds him of the late Spanish dictatorGenral Franco.)
Ramon Calderon also says that Real Madrid are no longer intrested in the Portugese player Christiano Ronaldo.


The match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur was a classic match and absolutely thrilling game , to the time the final whistle blew.It was a game between the third from the top and the very last from the bottom of the table.
This what makes the game of football all the more exiting , you just cant say who will win the match. This is such a match.
The goal scoring started with the former Arsenal player David Bentley scoring one of his trade mark free kicks and the ball beating the goalkeeper in the 13th minute. Bentley was sold to Blackburn Rovers so that he would get playing practice instead of just sitting on the bench. This has always been Arsen Wengers poloicy that young should get a chance to play.
Arsenal then replied with goals from their French defenders Michael Silvestre who scored in the37th minute, and William Galas who scored in the46th minute, Emanuel Adebayor scored with a header in the 64th minute and the Dutch man Robin Van Persie scored 68 minute ,but then Darren Bent scored in the 67th minute.
When the game stood at 4-2 there was no chance of Arsenal loosing or the game ending in a draw.But then Gail Glichy made a mistake and gave the ball to Jermaine Jenas to score the third goalin the 89th minute. The fans were in for a thriller and the best game of their life, for there were four minutes of injury time at the last minute the ball kicked by Luka Mordic hit the upright post and fell kindly in front of Aron Lennons feet with which hescored the fourth goal, making the score a good 4-4 score.
If anybody had said this type of score was possible under Juande Ramos nobody would have believed it.
This is the beautiful game of football.
Gael Glichy was in tears in the dressing room because he made the blunder with Jermaine Jenas.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Argentina have chosen Maradona as the head coach of Argentina , as the previous coach resigned after the Argentina lost their world cup qualifier against Chile.
It was Maradonas big dream to be the head coach of Argentina. But is he the person for the job? The answer is a no. Because he might have been a very good footballer on the pitch scoring some beautiful goals at both club and country level.
But some were very very dubious goals, as the HAND OF GOD GOAL verses England in the 1986 world cup. But the second goal he scored was just super he dribled five English players to beat the goalkeeper.
he had also been treated for his cocaine addiction, and was expelled from the 1994 world cup in the U.S.A. for failing a scond dope test. He also had his obessiety problem a, and had to undergo an operation to stitch his stomach up.
With all these drawbacks he is not at all a good role model for the youngsters in the world of football.
The bigest drawback for Maradona is that he has never ever coached any famous club in any country he is a absolute novice here . And Argentina will be in big trouble and may not qualify for the 2010 world cup . And to have Argentina or Brazil away from the world cup is unthinkable.


Tony Adams the former England and Arsenal captain and deffender, who has now taken over as the coach of Portsmouth after the departure of Harry Redknapp for Tottenham Hotspur, when the club sacked the Spaniard Juande Ramosfor having the worst start by Spurs in years.
The main worry for Tony Adams now is that , there may be an exodus of players for Tottenham Hotspurs in the month of january or in the break before the new season.
The big fear is that Jermaine Deffoe and Peter Crouch could leave Porthsmouth . Although Porthsmouth have already warned Harry Redknapp to stay away from the players

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Harry Redknap has been clearly waarned by the Porthsmouth board to stay away from his old players at Porthsmouth, and not to tempt any player to leave Porthsmouth and and join Tottenham Hotspur, the club he is now the manager of . But there is a talk that Harry Redknap is willing to make a exchange offer to strengthen his strike force.
He is willing to give Porhsmouth Aron Lennon as wellas a certain amount of cash as well . And oin exchange he would like to get the striker from Porthsmouth and former Tottenham Hotspurstriker Jermaine Deffoe in exchange in the deal.


It is not fair to blame Juande Ramos for the mess at the club is in . They failed to learn from their earlier mistakes.
After the 1998 world cup Tottenham Hotspur appointed the French manager Jacque Santini to be in charge, the big mistake was he did not know english and the club was at the bottom of the table, they then brought the Dutch coach Martin Jol took over . The club at once started climbing up once again.
Juande Ramos did not only not know english nor did he make an effort to learn english . The Uruguayan footballer who played for Chelsea and later for Tottenham Hotspur , would be his transletor.
That was not all the playyers were not bad , to make the club be at the bottom of the table. Because they won the Carling cup under Juande Ramos. This is where the trouble realy started he lost all of his main strikers in the transfer window of may to August, Dimitrov Berbatov , joined Manchester United , Robbie Keane Joined Liverpool, and Jermaine Deffoe joined Porthsmouth. to make matters worse the Belgiun born French man Steed Malbranque who did all the hard and dirty work ,deffending the backs as well as feeding the forwards left for Sunderland. And the biggest blow came when the goalkeeper Paul Robinson left to join Blackburn Rovers. The new Brazilian Goalkeeper Gomes has been blamed for leaking in to many goals.
The three strikers have not been replaced with the same quality of strikers like Keane, Deffoe, and Berbatov
So the simplequestion on every ones mouth was from where will the goals come?

Monday, October 27, 2008


Paulo Maldini the son of a famous footballer and coach of Italy Ceasere Maldini.
Now Paulo Maldini has decided to reneiw his contract in the month of june next year, he will be fourty years then, but he has decided to play one last year for A.C. Milan and wear the famous black and red striped jersey , with the number 3 on it.
A.C.Milan have decided to retire the jersey number 3 once Maldini retires, and to give it to his son , who is playing in the second team of A. C.Milan now when he reaches the main team
Maldini has played all his club football with A.C.Milan only like Ryan Giggs who played all his club football with Manchester United.Maldini has played almost twenty five years with the club.
It will be a sad day when Maldini retires for he was Italys best deffender along with Allesandro Nesta.


Christiano Ronaldo is utter disgrace for football as well as for Manchester United itself. He for ever dives to get a free kick or a penalty and yes even get a honest footballer booked.
In the match between Manchester United verses Everton, the ball was very much for the taking , betwenChristiano Ronaldo and Philip Neville. And tthe tackle made by philip Neville was very fair to the eye , but our diving cheat Christiano Ronaldo ,was hardly touched but he went down very heavily and took some dramatic roles on the ground, hoping to get Neville booked. This is absolutely shameful , he has no sporting spirit.To make things worse Ferguson has so far failed to correct him , which he should have done long ago.
Honestly Sir Bobby Charlton , Dennis Law, and George Best would have never ever dived and scored goals, the way Ronaldo does. It is a shame a player who cheats and gets goals like the 42 goals last year scored by Ronaldois nominated for the Europen Footballer of the year, The F.I.F.A Player of the year. They shouldd not be even condidered for the trophys. Look at Lionel Messi he does not do it, so he should get the award..
Ferguson loves this diving game because he said after the game our players were not protected , what protection is he talking about, no contact was made on Ronaldo. So please correct him now Mr Ferguson before he gets the branded as the diver.
These referees or blind bats should straight away show the red card for all diving cheats, and the F.A should ban them for three games staight away.
Are you listening Mr Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini.?


In the match between Arsenal and West Ham played on sunday the 26th . ThWest Ham goalkeeper Robert Green should have got the red card, as well as his marching orders for handling the ball outside the box. The slow replay clearly shows that when Robert Green, caught the ball in his hands both his legs were outside the box, which is a fowl ,and should be a straight red card here not even a yellow card was shown.
Another major fault by the referee.
I will take your memories back fourteen years to the 1994 world cup in the U.S.A.. That time the real goalkeeper for the Italian team was Angelo Peruzzi. But Angelo Peruzzi got a knee injury and the goalkeeper chosen to replace Angelo Peruzzi was Ganlaluca Plaglaluca. And in one game for Italy Ganlaluca Plaglaluca came forward out of the box to catch the ball, he was at once shown a red card and Italy played with only ten players. Ganlaluca Plaglaluca so became the first and so far the only goalkeeper to get a red card in a world cup.
So why was not Robert Green sent of both follow the same F.I.F.A rules.
Robert Green made five to six wonderful saves , just because a a referee failed to follow the rules

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Liverpool has had thirtysix years of football, and you can devide that into two groups of eighteen years each.
The first eighteen years were very good for Liverpool .It was the Ian Rush period ,and in those eighteen years Liverpool won the E.P.L and the F.A cup eleven times.
And the next eighteen years were the bad ones for Liverpool they were in the wilderness without a single English trophy. The only one they won was the Champion League cup in Rafael Benitz s first year as manager of Liverpool , when he came from Valencia to replace Gerard Houlier.


Chelseas home record of not loosing a game at home , in front of its fans came to an end on the26th sunday. When it lost its home match to Liverpool by a score of 1-0. the goal was scored by Xavi Alonsoand the goal came in the 10th minute through a wicked defection from Jose Bosingwa and Petr Cech remained grounded
Chelsea last lost a match four years and eight months ago, and that match was lost to Arsenal

Saturday, October 25, 2008


As the owner of Newcastle United , the self made billionare Mr Mike Ashley has put tthe club op for sale after the Kevin Keegan departure and the hate mail he recieved , which has made him unwanted at his very own club.
He then appointed a bank called SEYMOUR PEARCE to find a good buyer, a buisnessman from South Africas had come to buy the club but we must all remember that the world is in a meltdown and money is hard to come by. So the chairman of the bank had said that to find a customer would be very hard indeed.
Now a billioaire from Kuwait named Nasser Al Kharafi has come forward to but the club Newcastle United for a sum of 300,million pounds, so most likely it will work out for Mike Ashley in the end.

Friday, October 24, 2008


The contreversial referee Rob Stylis may decide to retire from the game.The problem arose after Rob Stylis showed the Newcastle french defender Habib Beye the red card for bringing down Robhino , and so he gave a penalty scored by Robhino. But Newcastle appealed to the F.A. andthe F.A. turned down the red card , and there was no card now against Habib Beye.But the penalty and goal stood in favour of Manchester City. Rob Stylis is not at all happy with the F.A. decission after watching the match on slow motion shows no contact what so ever , so a question of a yellow or red card does not rise at all. But he still insists it should be a red card.
In the match between Manchester United and Bolton Wanderers , Christiano Ronaldo dived clearly and Rob Stylis gave a penalty in fafour of Manchester United, instead of booking Christiano Ronaldo for diving .
One thing is certain if Rob Stylis does retire he want be missed. After the Manchester United Bolton Wanderers game Rob Stylis admitted that he had made a mistake inthat match and he as sorry.For the matches held on saturday the25th and sunday the 26th Rob Stylis name does not appear as a referee in any of the games.


The Romanian club C.F. Cluj who are from the city of Cluj made popular because of Count Dracullas castle. Were the main suprise of this years tournament. They beat A.S.Roma a,and drew with mighty Chelsea.Played the French team Bordeaux. They went about it like they did with the other two games. But here they were suddenlysuprised to be 1-0 in the 54th minute due to a own goal scored by Cadu, this made them moredefensive.
There was also a red card shown to Eugine Trica in the 89 eightynineth minute.
The match ended 1-0 in favour of the French club Bordeaux


In the B group match between the Italian Giants Intermilan and a small team from Cyprus called Anortosis Famagusta. This club from Cyprus were the babbys of the tournament , and this was also the first time a club from Cyprus has ever played in a Champion League .
The Intermilan coach who always called himself the SPECIAL ONE, was in for a big suprise. The Italian fans expected a score line of 3-0. But it was not so.
The Italian attacked again and again, and from the side as well. But the main Wall for the Cyprus team as their goalkeeper, who was alert,sharpand very agille, he also had two very strong hands. I strongly feel he had the class of Gianlughi Buffon, and Petr Cechand scouts were shore watching him.
It took the Itaalian team a total of fourtyfour minutes for the first and only goal to be scored. It was scored by the Brazilian Adriano, to calm the San Siro crowds nerves.
In the second half Adriano and his Sweedish strike partner had chances , and made more chances with the help of a third striker, but they failed to score another goal as Mourinho always knows that one goal is never ever safe.
The game ended 1-0 in favour of Intermilan.. But the Cyprt team could hold their heas high.


This match between the Spanish giants and F.C. Basel was a complete one sided affair, with Barcelona scoring a total of five goals, and Basel failed to score any goal in reply.
The goals were a delight to watch as they were scored by Barcelonas young players whose average age as only 23 ,twentythree years only. And the goal scorers are all from the Barcelona youth accedemy. That means they have not spent a single dollar on the young stars.
The goals came from Lionel Messi and two byBojan Krkic and one by the new kid Sergi Busquets and Xavi Hernandes finished in style scoring the fifth goal. Infact the third goal came i the 22, twentysecond minute. The Barcelona goalkeeper Valdez had to make only two saves in the entire match. The Barcelona team outplayed Basel , it was more like a knife going through butter.
But to the neutral spectator it was just plain delight and a lesson for young players.The game ended 5-0 in favour of Barcelona

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This was a clash between the English club Chelsea verses Roma. The Brazilian gpalkeeper for Roma called Dhonni promised the Roma fans , that he would be on his very best in the match; and him leaking four goals in the match with Intermilan was something of the past. And herealy kept his word he was alewrt , and his eye was on the ballfor the full ninety minutes, so there was no error on his part.
Chelsea were releived to get back the injured players, like Deco, Ricardo Carvalio, and the goalkeeeper Petr Cech.
Chelsea with their strength and Anelkas speed in the front and Deco making things happen from nowhere,the game became tense as both sided made many efforts to score the goal but no luck, as Dhonni and Petr Cech stood like nassive walls..Then in the eightyfourth minute with the help of a Frank Lampard corner, the ball touched John Terry head and went in the back of the net, and Dhonni was finaly beaten . One should have seen the relief on Big Scolaris face. Both Totti , Risse and Cassano tried hard for a equalizer but it did not come. This day saw very few goals compared to the first day of matches.


The Spanish club were in the champions league after a gap of nine long years. And they were itching to go and score goals verses Liverpool. Rafael Benitz tinkered with the team and kept the Dutch player Dirk Kuyt on the bench, which was a big mistake, as he is a player who can help and create goals as well as score some beautiful goals on his own.
In the match Robbie keane was the lone striker in front. In the fourteenth minute Steven Gerrard made a goodpass to keane who slotted it in. But replay clearly show that Robbie Keane was clearly offside. This was not the end of the howlers by these blind bats called referees . But more blunders were to follow the referee failed to give clear goals to Maniche from Atletico Madrid and Benayoun from Liverpool. The Liverpool goalkeeper Jose Reina had to be on his toes all the time twice tipping the ball over the net. But Keane had to limp of the field ,, making way for Kuyt to come on. Xavi Alonso and Steven Gerrard were also injured adding to Fernando Torres who was already out , due to injury, Liverpool now face Chelsea on Sunday.
The first half belonged to Liverpool and the second half was all Atletico Madrid , and the goal did come in the 83rd minute. So the match ended 1-1


This match which was played at Turin I the Del ALPPI stadium , with the home supportfor the Italian giants verses the Spanish giants. This match was most keenly waited for. On paper the Spaniards were stronger with their Dutch players, like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Wesley Sneijder, Rafael Vander Varrt and Arjen Robben, to scare the life of any team, with Raul, Casilass to add. to the list.
While on the other hand the darling of Turin Allesandro Del Piero,now on the wrong side of thirty was there.
The match ended with goals from Allesandro Del Piero in the fifth minute and the second came from Amuri in the fourtyninth minute. Ruud Van Nistelrooy pulled a goal back for Real Madrid in the sixtysixth minute, though Real Madrid tried very hard they could not get that equalizer which they needed badly.
Now as the points stand Juventus are 7 points to Real Madrids 6 points. Actually Real Madrid were to beat Juventus , as Real are doing well in Spain. this year, and at the same time Juventus are in the middle of the Seira A Table in Italy. This is what makes football such a great game.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The champion league certainly came to life in the games held on wednesday. The goals came from angles and shapes. There were a total of thirtysix 36 goals in a total of eight games. And twentyfour goals were scored in just three games.
So the record set on 13th september 2000 was once again equalled after eight long years.
Villarreal led the day with a 6-3 thrashing of AaB Alborg, which also included a hat trick from a Villareal substitute Lorente , who scored in the 67, 69 , and84 th minute.
This clearly showa teams for a change want to play atacking football and chase the ball, instead of playing the boring defensive game some teams play from the time the whistle is blown


This champion league match was between the English giants Manchester United and the Scottish giants Celtic.Both the clubs were managed by former players and two famous Scotchmen in their own right. Manchester United managed by Sir Alex Ferguson, and Celtic by Gordon Strachen, both very famous people..
People expected that the game would be more intresting then what the result showed.
The Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov scored both the first two goals for the English club . But replay clearly shows Berbatov was offside when scoring both the goals. the third goal was scored by Wayne Rooney, the player in form who is now scoring goals at will in each match.
But the Celtic coach Gordan Strachen refused to complain about the offside given goals. Because he is a gentleman., nor would it make any difference in the end.


1) Jose Mourinho the former coach of Chelsea, and now the coach of Intermilan has come out in the open tosay that the Chelsea striker Dider Drogba is a diver.
2) Emile Heskey is looking for a weeklysalary of 80,000 pounds , this amount will be a bit difficult for Wigan Atletic to pay him.
3 ) Liverpool football club owners Mr Tom Hicks and George Gillet jr have put the club Liverpool for sale they have appointed the Merril Lynch Bank to find a client for them. They want to use the profit to pay the intrest which they owe.
4) The Tottenham Hotpur coach Juande Ramos who has a uncertain future at the club, as they are at the bottom of the E.P.L. Has nothing to fear if he looses the job. Because the Spanish Club Atletico Madrid are very keen to apppoint Juande Ramos as coach of the Spanish club the day he is fired.


David Beckhem the English and Los Angles Galaxy star, is to make a move to A.C.Milan in Italy on a short time loan. The reason is that the Major League soccer season in the U.S.A is over and he wants to play somewhere to impress the English coach Fabio Capello , so that he will be selected for England as he wants to break a record set by Sir Bobby Moore who played 108 games for England . Now David Beckhem has played 106 games for england the same as Sir Bobby Charlton. Once the M.L.S. season starts in the U.S.A, he will have to return there to play for them.


In the Champion league match between Arsenal and the Turkish giantsFenerbache which was held in the Fenerbache stadium at Istanbul was bound to be a difficult game with the Turkish home support to help.
But to make things more difficult for Arsenal was that Arsenal were without their main three deffenders for this match, the captain William Gallas was injured and laast week Kolo Toure fell on his shoulder badly andheart it, in the same match he fell again and was later taken out, and the young French defender Sagna to is injured.
This gave Wenger a big headache , so he brought in Alexander Song and Emmanuel Eboue fro midfield to do thejob with former Manchester United deffender Mikael Silvestre to do a shift job in the deffence, and it worked.
The Fenerbache coach Luis Arrogones told the players to keep Emmanuel Adebayour and Theo Wallcott quiet and covered all the time. But to keep such playersof speed are very difficult indeed.
The goals came from Emmanuel Adebayour with the ballpassing the goalkeeper Volkan Demyrel.. In the second goal Wallcott then got a chance to go around the keeper and slot the ball in the net. Fenerbache scored a goal through Danny Guiza shot was poked into his net by Mikael Silvestre for an own goal , then Abu Diaby scored Arsenals third goal Alexander Song the young Cameroon player scored the fouth goal and Aaron Ramsey scored the fifth goal for Arsenal . But all was not lost Danny Guiza scored the second for Fenerbanche . So the game ended 5-2 for Arsenal win. It must be noted also absent were Robin Van Persie, Nicholas Betdner, Gallas, Toure , And Bacary Sagna did not play.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Till the year 1908 A.C.MILAN and INTERMILAN were very much one club. Then in the year 1908 a dispute arose in the club over the number of foregn players the club would allow to play.
They then split into two clubs, but they still play all their games at the same stadium THE SAN SIRO. It is mantained by both the clubs. And the matches are so played that when Milan plays there at the San Siro , Intermilan will play a match at another clubs ground.
Between Intermilan and A.C.Milan they have won over fifty trophies so far.
And Intermilan are the only club in Itallian football, the Seira A never ever to be demoted to Siera B. Even Juventus and A.C,Milan have been demoted due to a scandal or due to points were less.

Monday, October 20, 2008


It is high time the referee Rob Styles retires for good . Recently he gave a penalty to Manchster United after Christiano Ronaldo dived and as usual won a penalty , here is a referee who gave a penalty when it did not even exist , he should have given Ronaldo a red card for shamlessly diving. But as usual he admitted a day later that he made a mistake. But did this blind referee make any effort to improve his refereeing.
In the match between Newcastle United and Manchester City he gave Manchester City a penalty when the player Beye did not touch Robhino, such repeated mistakes is a shame. Newcastle had to play 78 minutes with ten men, all because of this fool of a referee.. Now Newcastle lost all three points , and as the game ended 2-2 so will goal diference be affected.
The F.A just put signboards at stadium asking to suport and respect the refereess. But the F.A must remember that respect for the referees are not got that way the referees must earn them by being honest aand fair on the pitch.
Iwill take your memory back to the famous Italian referee Mr Collina, he never ever made such blunders afterblunders like todays referees .
I ask what the president of F.I.F.A Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini are doing about it ?
I strongly sugest that the English F.A. appoint referees for the E.P.L from India or Bangladesh we would do a better and more honest job.
If Michel Platini does not allow monitors as Arsene wenger has always sugested. Then what will happen?
The answer is simle football will loose its charm , just like cricket did , a few years ago due to matchfixing by players. Nobody will pay so many pounds for a ticket and get cheated by useless referees.
The world can very well be sure football days also will be numbered just like cricket.


The Brazilian defender Sylvinho who played for many years at Arsenal, under the Arsene Wenger the coach of Arsenal and then moved to Spain where he played for a few clubs till he joined Barcelona , a few years back . But now he can not get a starting place under the new oach at Barcelona this year, and yes age has cought on to.
Sylvinho has told Barcelona coach that if he is not going to get a regular starting place he would then move to Scotland and play for Celtic.F.C.


The South African Businessman Mr Jonathan Cleland is very hopeful that he will be able to complete the final takeover of the club Newcastle United with the help of of a consortium of investors. We must remember the Bank called SEYMOUR PEARCE has been apointed by the owner Mike Ashley to sell itfor him. The chairman of the bank Mr Harris has said to finda buyer at this time of crdit crunch in the world.


Sir Bobby Robson , the former coach of England during the 1990 world cup in Italy. He has also coached many big clubs in Europe, such as F.C. PORTO in Portugal, P.S.V Eindhoven in Holland, F.C. Barcelona in Spain and New Castle in England. So he knows all about football and footballers as well.
It was Sir Bobby Robson who discovered Ronaldo Lima, and got him to P.S.V Eindhoven, in the early 1990s.
It was Bobby Robson who took over at New Castle after the departure of Ruud Gullit as coach ,and when Newcastle was at the bottom of the E.P.L. Just as Tottenham Hotspur are today.
Sir Bobby Robson has said that Alan Shearer the icon and well loved footballer at NewCastle is the right man for the job today.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The Argentinan footballer who is refured as a wizard at Barcelona , as he plays his club football for the Spanish giants Barcelona.
Has asked the club to be ready tobreak the bank in the month of januaryin the transfer window, and to see that they get back Cesc Fabregas who was origanaly from the Barcelona club and at one time was a discarded player, till Arsene Wenger as usual spotted young talent as they were just sitting on the bench. Fabregas has become a famous player at Arsenal, and known the world over.
But now Fabregas has turned down a offer from Arsenal board of a salary of 90,000 pounds a week.
Now we will have to wait and see if Arsenal will increase the amount or will he move to Barcelona in january.


The English F.A. has admitted that they had on three different ocations come forward to speak to Sir Alex Ferguson to take over the coaching job for the English football natinol team.. And on each ocation Ferguson had refused to take up the job offered to him by the English F.A.
He has even said this month that he would never ever take up the job of coaching England, at any price. The reason for not taking up the job is best known to Ferguson only.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


1 ) The Brazilian midfielder Elano whois known at Manchester City for his thunderous free kicks is nowvery delighted indeed and flattered as well as to know that Jose Mourinho THE SPECIAL ONE isvery keen tosigh him for Intermilan.
2) The Bulgarian midfielder Martin Petrov is injured with a knee ligament injury, during the world cup qualifiers.And he will now be out for a period of six to eight weeks or even more. As they will not risk him so soon as he had onlt returned from a knee injuree recently.
3) The Spanish bornManuel Alumani goalkeeper who plays his club foootball at Arsenal , is set to get his English passport soon. And he has a big desire to play for England one day in the near future. But his worry is will he get a chance to play for England with goalkeepers like David James, Paul Robinson, Scott Carson and Robert Green all waiting to get their chance for England.
4) At the Arsenal s Emirates Stadium which is a real fortress, for Arsenal. There have been a total of twentyeight 28 goals scored only. Out of this Arsenal have scored a total of twentyfive 25 goals and only three have been scored by other clubs . Which is realy special.

Friday, October 17, 2008


The talk in the football world is that Michel Owens English career is well and truly over.But I personally dont think so. People said the same thing with David Bechem, when he was waiting to be the fifth English footballer to play a hundred games for England in fact he has now played 106 games for England, and has equaled Sir Bobby Charltons record of 106 games.
Michel Owen is a player who will get you goals at both club and country level.As Newcastle United are second from the bottom he found it hard to get in Fabio Capello team.
Owen is not a big man but still scores goal with his head , and he is not strong and fast likeDider Drogba, or Emile Heskey. But Owen has a gift of being at the right spot and at the right time to poach goals like Hernon Crespo or Ruud Van Nistelrooy. If you compare Heskey and Owen you will notice how many chances are missed by Heskey, and Drogba. While on the other hand Owen converts half chances to beautiful goals.
So honestly Capello must think long and hard before rejecting Michel Owen for good.



After all it would be only a matter of time before the big clubs came knocking at Heskeys door. As he was kept in the wilderness , after his move from Liverpool, Birminghjam City and now Wigan Atletic.
Now that he has got his place back in the English team it was a question of time before the big clubs came.
Now it apears that Liverpool are intrested in him. And Emile Heskey has not renewed his contract at Wigan wisely.
Emile Heskey and Michel Owen were the famous Liverpool strike partners during the French coach Gerard Houliers time at Liverpool. Then with Benitzs arrival Michel Owen went to Real Madrid and Heskey went to Birmingham City. The advantage Heskey has is that he is fast and strong on the ball like Dider Drogba.


Edwin Van Dersar, the former Dutch goalkeeper. And he also played in club level , starting in the youth team in the Dutch team Ajax of Amstardam, and from there he moved in 1995 to Italy for the Turin club Juventus. He was there , he was the first none Italian goalkeeper ever to play for Juventus. He then had to make way for the worlds costliest goalkeeper Gianluighi Buffon, who joined from Parma.
Then for a few years he played for the English club Fulham. It was here that Alex Ferguson openly admitted that this was his big blunder in failing to get Van Der Sar when he left Juventus.
He has been a very good goalkeeper at all levels.And will shorly be misssed by us fans once he hangs up his gloves for good..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

TALK OF 16/10/2008.

1) Jose Mourinho the former Chelsea and now the coach of Intermilan has now shortlisted the Brazilian midfielder Elano , who now plays for Manchester City as his main target in the January transfer window , at any cost. But the question is will ManchesterCity new owners sell him ?
2) Tottenham Hotspurs have decided to buy the Brazilian striker Wagner Love from C.S.K. Mosscow , to replace the the two strikers Robbie Keane and Berbatov, who left the club for Liverpool and Manchester United. They are willing to spend 12, million pounds for him.
3 ) The Ivory Coast midfielder has said that both his brother Kolo Toure and Arsene Wenger the Arsenal coach have contacted him to make a move to the Emirate Stadium in january.
4 ) Barcelona as usual never cling to a player as Alex Ferguson did with Christiano Ronaldo. Barcelona are ready with a twelve million pound , for the Spanish and Liverpool midfielder Xavi Alonso in case Yaya Toure joins Arsenal.
5) The Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner has promised the Aston Villa coach Martin ONeil a sum of Thirty million pounds for the transfer window to see that Aston Villa push fora place in the champion league.


1 David Moyes the Everton manager has signed a new contract with Everton . Which was kept in suspense for some time. The contract is worth a neat amount of 16.5 million pounds. This also makes him the third longest serving manager in the E.P.L. After Alex Ferguson with twentyone years at Manchester United.
Arsene Wenger has completed twelve years at Arsenal. And this will be David Moyes sixth year at Everton.
2 Manchester United are trying out a young seventeen year old Serb called Adem Ljaic or still better known as LITTLE KAKA.
3 Tottenham Hotspur in for a suprise when the Sporting Lisbon midfielder Miguel Velosa flatly refused to join the English club even for an huge amount of 16 million pounds.
4 The striker Marlon Harewood has decided to make a move to Stoke City from Aston Villa for a price of 3.5 million pounds.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


England played its world cup qualifier match verses Belarus away.
Belarus play their football very much like the English club Arsenal play, their quick passing and running on either side of the pitch ,it also gave Capellos side some very anctious moments. Because Alexander Hlep who formerly played for Arsenal for three years plays for Belarus
The first goal came in the first eleven minutes of the first half, and it was a beauty a thirty yard kick by Steven Gerrard. This goal was very very important to Gerrard as he was to be dropped . The reason is that in fourtysix games in which Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have played for England they have scored just two goals , one in Austria 2004 and this Belarus match.
But these players can easily win a match on their own strength as we see it weekly in the E.P.L. matches.
Rooney scored the second after a pass from Emile Heskey and the third and Rooneys second was scored from a sharp pass from Steven Gerrard, with sixteen minutes remaining.A very sucessful day for Capello and his boys.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


1 The Chelsea striker from the Ivory Coast has admitted that his mind does often wander away during the match a, and because of this he has missed real easy chances, even when he had a open goal or only the goalkeeper in front of him..
2 West Ham the troubled club is about to sign a former Deporta La Caruna striker naned Diego Tristan who is at present thirtytwo years old. He was playing for few years in Italy but now he is very much a free agent.
3 The Spanish and Liverpool midfielder , failed to makea move to Juventus , but he could very well land up at the Turin club next year or so. As the coach Claudio Ranieri has only one year on his contract left.
The coaches waiting to replace him are Rafeal Benitz , Frank Raijkaard the former Barcelona club manager and also Roberto Donadoni , the former Italian natinol coach.
4 Roy Keane the Irish footballer and Sunderland coach is about to make his first 10 million pound signing , of the French strikerDijbril Cisse , who had joined Sunderland on a year long loan from the french club Marseille . But the big complaint against Cisse is that he is very selfish with the ball when in front of the goal.He was like that even at Liverpool to.

Monday, October 13, 2008


The Manchester City new Dubai owners, Who are said to be richer then the Chelsea owner . It is said the Dubai owners are ten times richer then the Russian oil billionare.. The talk in the football world is that Manchester City are keen to buy the French striker Henry from the Spanish giants Barcelona in the january transfer window.
But Henry has flatly made it clear that he is very happy at Barcelona and has no desire to change his club.


Robert Pires the former Arsenal and now Villareal player, and also French internatinol player. Who has played for several years at Arsenal and knows Arsene Wenger well. He has now come in the open and strongly spoken to the French F.A. To make Wenger as head coach of France as they have fallen down in ranking and there is plenty of problems both on and off the field.
David Trezeguet has refused to play under the present coach under any condition. For him to play France must have a new coach he says
So Robert Pires has pleaded for France to even if necesary to buy out Arsene Wengers contract at Arsenal and pay a higher fee .
But I strongly feel he will not do it . Because Arsene Wenger always honours his contract, no matter which club is involved. He even refused the English coach job when Sven Goran Erricson was sacked. He said He had to honour his contract.


1 The Spanish giants Real Madrid had talks with the Portugese winger Christiano Ronaldo, during the summer vacation and are sure they can make him change his mind to leave Old Trafford and join Real Madrid at the famous Bernabau, in the new season..
2The Blackburn manager Paul Ince is looking out for two teenagers, to buty in the january transfer window. They are John Banton from Arsenal and Nathan Ecclestton from the Liverpool club.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


During the England verses Kazakstan , world cup qualifier at the Wembley stadium. On paper England were the stronger team and were suposed to have a easy time and the total was set by David Pleatt 6-0 in Englands favour.
But the first fourtyfive minutes did not go that way at all. As the stastics show , England failed to have a single shot on target, or for the matter they failed to have a single shot off the target as well and then the crowd got restless.
The only bright show was that of young Theo Wallcott the great grandson of the famous WestIndian cricketer Clyde Wallcott
The English coach Fabio Capello had pleaded with the fans before the game not to boo the footballers.
After the break Shawn Wright Philips came on , He is the son of the famous Arsenal and england striker Ian Wrght. With Theo Wallcott on the right side and Shawn Wright Philipson the left the game came to life and so did the goals . Rio Ferdinand scored a headerin the 52 minute followed by a own goal by Kuchma. Then the drama started Asley Cole gave a back pass to Kukyev to score a goal in the 68 th minute.It was after this blunder that evey time Cole touched the ball he was booed.. Then Wayne Rooney scored two goals to calm the the76 th minute and 86 minute , Defoe made it 5-1in the 90 th minute.
The intresting point to note is that Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard the two famous midfielders are known to win matches on their own and can change the complextion of the game in a few minutes with a freekick or score a fantastic goal. .They have played fourtyfive times together for England and in that time they have scored only one goal, and that was in 2004 at Vienna Austria. So people say they play better at club level then for the country. But we must also remember that Lampard has Deco, Ballack and Essien as partners.who are a class of their own.


1 The Manchester City manager Mark Hughes wants to spend a amount round about one hndred million pounds in the January transfer window.
His eyes are on these footballers and all are big and famous footballers.
1 Gianlugi Buffon, 2) Kaka, 3) Fernando Torres. WEther he will suceed is another matter. We saw the Robhino case . Chelsea were even selling Robhino jerseys . Another one he has an eye out is for theParugayan R. Santacruz who was under him at Blackburn Rovers.
2 The Croatian Midfielder Luka Mordrics time at Tottenham Hotspur seems to be a short one, for it seems that the Italian club Juventus are keen to have him at Turin .
3Readings Kevin Doyle will certainly move to Aston Villa in the month of january for a fee of seven million pounds or so.
4 TheEnglish club Manchester United are keen to buy a Brazalian named Douglas Costa.If these deal works out then Carlos Tevez s plan to make a permanent and a long time move to Old Trafford could well be ended.
5 Manchester United are ready to spend a sum of 15 million pounds on the purchase of the Wigaan Athlatic player from South America Wilson Palacicos . But will they sell him ? As Emile Heskeys contract runs out at the end of the season, as he has got a starting place in the England team he would prefer a bigger club so to loose two good players would be to much for Wigan.

Friday, October 10, 2008


1 The Australian and the Newcastle striker Mark Viduka, has been adviced by the club docors to undergo an achilles operation at the earliest . This means that he will surely miss the remaining part of the season.
And it also adds to the problem at Newcastle, he was Michel Owens strike partner and they gelled well between them and scored goalsas well.
2 Englands and Manchester Uniteds stiker Wayne Rooney has a big desire to be to reach the high level, just like the one of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, so that he can one day be recognised by F.I.F.A for the footballer of the year and Europen foootballer of the year.
Here Rooney must remember that just scoring and winning games want do to imprese F.I.F.A. His conduct on the pitch to will play a big part.. Like he once clapped into the face of a referee for giving him a yellow card a second followed by a red.
3 The bank which is entrusted to sell Newcastle, by the owner Mr Mike Ashley now says it will be next to impossible to find a good buyer for Newcastle . As the banking world is in a very , very bad shape indeed. and buyers will be far and few.
4 SirAlex Ferguson says that he strongly believes that John Evans is the right defender to replace Rio Ferdinand in the long run
5 The Spanish natinol fooball team have got another reward for winning the Euro 2008 cup. Their first trophy after a period of fourtfour long years. Spain in football world are always called the chockers and jokers, because they get knocked out in the quatrter finals oreven earlier.
This time each player got his weight in beer bottles. So the heavier players got more bottles.


1 Manchester City new owners are now willing to offer Fernando Torres The ELNINO THE KID a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds a week. .
2 The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is to make a six million pounds offer to P.S.V Eindhoven for Ibrahim Afellay, who has eleven caps for Holland.
3 Juventus of Italy are keen on the Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue , with a promise that he will get a regular starting place .Daily Mirror.
4 Liverpool were disapointed when the German club Borrisua Dortmund refused their offer of five million pounds for the Polish right winger Jacub Blazzykowski turned down THE DAILY MIRROR..
5 Sampodaria haveruled out that fhe former Real Madrid and Roma striker Antonio Cassano , will be sold to Manchester City in January transfer window.And is not for sale. THE INDEPENDENT.
6 Chelsea are favourites to beat Arsenal and Liverpool to buy Barcelonas wonder kid Gerrard Deulofem 14 years of age. Who is dubbed the New Ronoldhino. THE SUN.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


It is a well known fact that these Europen clubs send their scouts to other countries , usually to the African countries and to the South American Those from Africa have strength, speed and play for the love of football and not for the money. While those from South America areknown for skill ,and the talent from Brazil and Argentina are of a class of their own. And many have rags to riches story such as Rivaldo Ronoldhino Messi Maradona are examples
But now the U.E.F.A president Michel Platini says , that this has to stop soon. Because he says we only think of football , the club and the money. But he has a valid point when he says ( have we ever thought that the boy will leave his mother at the age of twelve , the lo
ve between the two is missing when this is the years he needs his mother most.)
I strongly feel that all angles must be condidered before banning boys from the age of twelve years rom joining .r football clubs. Or will the ban be wlcomed with open hands? that has to be seen.


The F.I.F.A president Sepp Blatter at their meeting have decided that they may ban clubs from taking part in championship matches, because some of the clubs are repeatedly are in loss year after year. They buy footballers each time the transfer window opens, and often go spending over their budget.
As many players have a big desire to play for the bigclubs in Spain, Italy and England. And usually it is the big clubs who are the guilty clubs.
A few years back when the Italian club Lazio was in financial trouble , they told the players they would issue them bonds in place of a weekly salary. Then some left like the Dutch defender Jaap Stam., who went back to Holland and ended his carrer there.
If this comes out as a rule then we will see some clubs play in the U.E.F.A cup. and Champion league and the F.A. as well. The clubs must start tightening their spending . And go a year or two without buying any footballer and save money. And there will be new clubs playing this way.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Frank Lampard the English and Chelsea midfielder , has taken the blame for the failure of England not to qualify for the Euro 2008.
It was indeed very nice of him to take the blame for the miss.
Lampard says that he and Steven Gerrard have not played as well for England , but they have playedd much better for their clubs Chelsea and Liverpool.
But we must remember that at Chelsea he has Ballack and Essien as partners , these players are far superior to the English players so there is a different standard.
So personally I feelit was a team failure and not by Lampard or Gerrard who failed,


Spain the2008 champion had their bonuses almost doubled to half a million euro for each player.
Spain originally gave the players only 214,000 Euros. This was increased asU.E.F.A gave Spain a cheque of27 million Euros , as Spain won the Euro cup after the gap of fourtyfour years.
From the 27 nillion Euros a part of it will go to the Spanish football players.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


On 27th of september Hull City visited Atsenal , and we were sure to see some good football. Arsenal played their usual quick neat anf fast passes , which are a delight to the eye.
But the Hull City are called the tigers , because of their colourof the jerseys they wearand they are also striped like tigers.
But one thing was sure Mr Brown the Hull manager had done his homework . He kept one striker in front and the other ten had to stay back and defend with their lives . It got crowded in the box with Hull and Arsenal players trying for a goal. The opener came from a own goal scored by McShane. But then the crowd were in for some beautiful football by the Brazilian Geovani who scored wih a twentyeight yard cannon ball kick which beat the Arsenal goalkeeper. And in the dying minutes of the second half as Arsenal are always vulnerable to corners and spot kicks , Hull scored the winner with a header to a corner kick . The Match ended 2-1. Arsenal were mauled and lost for the second time only at the Emirate Stadium.Last team to beat Arsenal atthe Emirate stadium was West Ham.


The English football club West Ham , or called te HAMMERS. Are facing new problems. and deffinately facing more financial problems . First their shirt sponsors X L Leisure Group collapsed last month. They used to take tourists on holidays by their own X Lplanes. But they even stranded the people on their holiday sights.
Now the Icelandic bank Landbanki has faultered and the goverment has acted swiftly and has now completly taken charge of the bank As it trys to avert a financial meltdown.
The chairman and large shareholder of the bank was none other then Bjorgolfur Gudmundson the owner of the West Ham., And what affect it has on the club is not certain now , but one thing is certain money will be very scarce in the january window during the transfer time.
For those who are not aware that Mr Bjorgolfur Gudmundson made his millions from his biscuit buisness.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Peter Beardsley was a talented and skillful player with a an eye for scoring goals. He was a big legend in his life at both Newcastle and England as well.
But for him fans were just as important, no matter who they were.
During the trouble in Ireland , with the IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY or the I.R.A. With its shooting and bombing many lost their lives.
This is what realy happened in Dublin. A young boy went to buy a jersey of Peter Beardsleys Newcastle one .
But when he came out happily , but sadly he got shot in the cross fire between the police and the I.R.A.
When Peter Beardsley heard of this he was greatly upset. He then flew to Dublin to attend the boys funeral.
Ido wonder if other sportsmen would do the same?


The last time Arsenal failed to win any silverware for a gap of three years has been a long time back. The last time they failed to do so was away back in the year 1976. Which is long, long ago.
And it has never happened since Arsene Wenger came to Arsenal in the year 1996. It is now a total of twelve years since Wenger joined Arsenal as a manager.


The coach off the English football club is not to blame for their poor show this year.We must remember that it was Juande Ramos who got them the mess they were in , and last year they even won the Carling Cup.
The main reason for their troubles was ,the main point the last few years they had a very good strike pair in Robbie Keane and the Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov. But this year they have strikers who are just average ones.
They have a new goalkeeper as Paul Robinson has moved on and Gomes, the Brazilian goalkeeper has come from P.S.V Eindhoven, he is not a first choice keeper for Brazil. In the midfield they lost the French player Steed Marlbranque to Sunderland. Steed was famous for being a hard worker in the midfield like Gilberto Disilva, Claude Macallalee and javier Maschareno and even Tanio has left , they are not replaced with same class of players just like Newcastle , so no wonder both these teams are at the bottom of the E.P.L this year.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


The Spanish giants Barcelona, are making new plans for the development of the famous NOU CAMP .
In theirfive year plans , they are going to increase the number of the seats at the famous stadium from about 60,000seats to 1,4,000 seats. And they also plan to increase the number of canteens to twentyfive of them or even thirty canteens in the end. There will also be a few more stalls selling items.
But what is the benafit to Barcelona one may ask? They will get a lot of money per match when all is ready , as we have seen in the case with the English club Arsenal. As Arsenals yearly income has increased in leaps and bounds , since they moved from Highburry to THE EMIRATE STADIUM.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


During the match played on saturday the 27/9/2008 between Barcelona and Espanyol. This game was halted in the second half foe a period of ten minutes , due to crowd trouble.
The crowd through flares onto the pitch . The footballers left the pitch under police escort and came back after ten minutes.
Cameras show that the flares came from the top row of the stand to people on the lower stands. At this time Espanyol were leading in the game at 1-0.
Six fans were caught on the camera in action throwing the flares. And now each fan will be fined 65,000 euros each..And Espanyol will be fined 18,500 euros, for failing to control its fans.

Friday, October 3, 2008


This D group match between the Spanish team Atelatico Madridverses the French club Olympiique Marseille ,were well awaited by their respected fans. AS the Spanish club made their return to the champion league after a gap of over three years, and the French club were back after a longer gap of time.
This match belonged to the Argentinan youngster who is very talented indeed, and many clubs are standing to sign him .
He did not disapoint the crowdsso Sergi Aguero scored the first goal for the Spaniards in the fourth minute. It was left for the Marselle speedy player Mamadou Niang to respond by scoring the equalizer in the sixteenth minute. all thought itwould end ina draw, but not soRaul Garcia then scored the winner in the twentysecond minute for an outright win , fot the Spaniards.


It was the first time that Jose Mourinho was back as a coach in the champions league . He was last in the champion league as a coach when he was at Chelsea, and called himself THE SPECIAL ONE. There was nothing special about Intermilan or Jose Mourinho. And it took a goal from the Brazilian defender Maicon to score a goal in the thirteenth minute,and it took a goal by the former A.C.Milan Player Caudio Pizzaro to score a beautiful goal in the sixtysecond minute of the match. This Peruvian footballer is known to score with thunderous kicks.
So Intermilan have droped two valuble points
The important point to notice is that Adriano has started to play and please the coach before his drinking problems , due to his fathers death , and his girlfriend leaving him. He even lost his placce in the Brazilian side under Dunga.



CFR Cluj This Romanian club was langushing in the third division near the bottom about five years ago, but now they are playing in the champions league.
Historicaly speaking Cluj has very attractive tourist site in Romania . It has the famous Dracullas castle in its city.
Cluj not only beat A.S.ROMA but also held Chelsea to a goaless draw , and now have four points
The injurylist at Chelsea has grown even longer and the cash club of England saaw Dieder Drogba , his face clearly showed ppain in the knee , he has just come from a major knee injury. and is now thought to be out for a period of three months. The injury list include Ricardo Carvalho, Michel Essien, Deco, Alex, John Terry, Ashley Coleand Joe Cole as well as now Drogba.. Now Scolari has a big headache, but as a rich club there are many players to choose from.


Roma lost their first game and had to win against Bordeaux to stay in the race this year,
They came with one intention and that was to win the game.
Bordeaux scored the first goal through Yoann Gourcuff in the eighteenth minute, but then Bordeaux were reduced to ten men with Henrique being sent out with a red card in the thirtsixth minute. Roma took full advantage of the extra man and then scored goals byMirko Vucinic in the sixthfourth minute., and the Brazilian Julio Batista scored two goals one in the seventyfirst minute and the otherin the eightythird minute.
In this game Frnsesco totti was absent due to an injury.


This was a big day for the babby of the tournament the champions from Cyprus realydid play well and even defeated the Greek team very convincingly indeed with a score line 3 -1.With goals coming fromJose Sarriegi with an owm goal in the eleventh minute, Sinisa Dobrasinovic in the fifteenth minute , andHawar Taher scoring in the seventyeighth minute.Panathinaikos got a goal back in the Dimitris Salpgidis in the twentyeighth minute through a penalty.
The Team frrom Cyprus have a total of four points same as the Italian giants Intermilan under Jose Mourinho.
This is something to boast about.


The match between Liverpool and P.S.V. Eindhoven saw a total of four goals beeing scored the Dutch team was completly outplayed in all departments, and they never seemed to have any answers to the Liverpool game.
The first goal was scored in the fourth minute by the Dutch player Dirk Kuyt. Robbie Keane the Footballer from Ireland scored his first goal for Liverpool in the Liverpool jersey after his costly 20, million pound move from Tottenham Hotspur inAugust. Steven Gerrard scored the third and final goal for Liverpool with a majestic freekick, and in so doing this he had scored his one hundreth goal for Liverpool in the Liverpool jersey.
But Danny Kovermans scored a consolation goal in the seventyeighth minute. The game ended 3-1 in Liverpools favour.


In this match played at Belgrade , Barcelona started with their regular strike pair of Thiery Henry and Samuel Etoo. But unfortunately Henry could not make the slightest impression on the game , at the hour mark Henry was replaced by the Little wizard from Argentina Lionel Messi ( THE MESSIAH ) And he made way with his speed and skill..
But it was Shakhtar Donetsk who scored the first goal of the match through their Brazilian striker Ilsinho.
With the nreturn of Messi things moved in favour of Baarcelona once again., as the Shakhtar goalkeeper made a howler Messi took full advantaage and sent a beautiful lob frm avery tight angle into the net, in the eightyseventh minute which silenced the Belgrade crowd with this equalizer.
Messi scored the winner in the ninetyfifth minute of the game in a very contreversial manner , and the coach of Shakhtar Donetsk said it was vey bad sportsmanship on the part of Barcelona.
The incident was that the Shakhtar player was injures so they kicked the ball out of play , and instead of retrning the ball to Shakhtar player the Spanish passed it to themselves and so scored a illegal goal, to get all three points.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


In this group H match played at the ARTEMIO FRANCHI STADIUM at Florence Italy.
This game turned out to be a very dull match and both sided decided for a draw . Even though there were a few chances on both the ends ,both teams failed to score and the match ended in a boring draw at 0-0
But most likely The Romanians are a happier side as they did not let the Italian club take a goal advantage, for the next game


In this group H match the Italian old lady of Turin made its return to the champions league after a period of two years, for getting involved with match fixing scandal and they played in the second division.
Juventus has won this title on many a time but the The team from Ukraine faced the Italian club aon all fronts annd the goals were scored by Sergi Kryvets in the seventeenth minute and Igor Stasevich in the twentythird minute.
And Juventus scored through Laquinta in thetwentynineth minute and in the third minute of injury time in the first half.


In this group E match the Spanish club Villarreal defeated the Scottish giants Celtic.F.C. The match was played at the EL. MADRIGAL stadium at Villarreal. The break through came finaly in thesixtyseventh minute and the scorer was the Brazilian born , but now a Spanish citizen and he also played for Spain in the Euro 2008. Marcos Senna


This group H match between Real Madrid , the winner of the chanmpion league nine times and the U.E.F.A champions started badly for the Russian team with Tomas Hubocan scoring a own goal in the fourth minute of the match. And the Dutch poacher Ruud Van Nistelrooy scoring a second goal in the thirtyfirst minute. While Danny scored a consolation goal for St Petersburgh.
Real Madrid now have a goal advantagge as well as away goal to.


This group F match was held in the All.ianz Arena in Munich .It was aclash between the German giants and the French giant Lyon , the club which has won the frnch title seven years in a row.
The crowdwere expecting a great entertaing match but it was far from it , and the Munich coach Klinsman was clearly disapointed and upset with the result.
The first goal came in the twentyfifth minuteby an own goal by Martin Demichellis. And the long time Brazilian player for Munich ZeRoberto scored the much needed goal in the fiftysecond minute, to calm the Munich fans nerve. Lyon now have a away goal to their advantage., and its away goal to.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This match was played at the Danish Stadium called ENERGI NORD ARENA. at Alborg.
But sadly in the fifteenth minute the old veteran of Manchester United Paul Scoles injured his knee was stretchered of , with a knee injury . It was the ligament problem and he will be out for two and a half months. Wayne Rooney also got an injury but that was not so mserious as Scholes injury, and may return earlier.
The goals were scored by Wayne Rooney in the 22 minute. and the Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatovscored his two goals one in the 55 minute and the other in the 79 minute. These were Berbatovs first goals for Manchester United after his move in September. It ended at 3-0 .In Manchesters favour.


In the champion league in the match played at the Emirate stadium , the fortress of Arsenal.
It was a clash waited patiently by the Arsenal fans , as Arsenal were beaten by the new boys in the E.P.L on the previous game, and their second of the season and the second game ever at the Emirate stadium,. The previous winner was West Ham.
Inthe game between the English giants and the Portugese giants F.C. Porto.The game was expected to have a few changes in the Arsenal team , but there was only one change. And the game was thought to be an entertaining game. But it was far from the truth. Arsenal passing, keeping the ball on their own turf is well known, so Porto were completly outplayed . Arsenal scored four goals Robin Van Persie scored in the31 minute and 48 minute . While his stike partner Emanuel Adebayor scored in the 41 minute and with a penalty in the 71 minuteof the game.
It must be remembered that Arsenal have never lost a game after Emanuel Adebayor has scored a goal
F.C Porto played better in the second half but the game was over.


As the level of the refereeing in the E.P.L. is getting from bad to worse and the F.A is not doing enough. Honestly what can be done about it.
The moitor is a must and the sooner it comes the better, as golf and tennis and many have it.
But I would very much like to bring to the attention of foootball lovers everywhere ( why is the standard of referring in Italy, Spain , Germany and Portugal so high , they never make repeated mistakes like Bennet , Stylis and Riley. They repeatedly do it and nothing is done.)
Istongly feel that tese three should be demoted to the secnd division of footbal in England
One very important question I have for the F. A. and Mr Michel Platini is supose a club like Bolton Wanderers gets demoted due to the blunder of Rob Stylis, can Bolton Wanderers take their case to the F.A. and get their points to remain in the league, or will they be demoted for no fault of theirs.
And I have noted that Manchester United are always suported by the rerferee.
Mr Alex Ferguson never corrects Christiano Ronaldofrom his disgrraceful dives he has no desire to change his ways.


Mike Ashley has decided some time ago to sell Newcastle. But as the world is facing money problems ,it was going to be difficult to find a buyer who would pay that much in this time.
Ashley has now decided t bring the price down to 280, million pounds or 300 million pounds.
Now let us remember that he bought Newcastle for 133 million pounds, and after paying upthe loans and clearing the debts which came to 243, million pounds.
Now if he gets his 300, million pounds for the club he will still have made a neat profit of 50,million pounds and he would be happy. .
A party from Singapore has come forward to buy the club, let us see iif it works out.


Even though Scotland is a small country and it has a population of only five million people. It has shone on the football world in its own way.
Though they have been very poor in the world cup , thats is when they ever do qualify for the world cup. the joke on Scotland is , Please dont send any letter to your favoutite footballer at the world cup because they will never ever get it . Because Scotland always are there back home before the letter can reach them. They get knocked out in the first round of the cup.
But here come the suprise Scotland have produced very good managers of many football clubs.
They include such managers as Sir Alex Ferguson, Gordon Srachen, Kenny Dalgalish Bruce Rioch and Matt Bussby
Sir Alex Ferguson has been the coach of Manchester United for a period of twentytwo years the longest for any club in England, he is the only coach of a english club to win the treeblein the year 1999. That is the Premiere League,the F.A.Cup. and champion league, where they beatBayern Munich 2-1.
Gordon Stachen has coached both small and big clubs. At present he is the coach of Celtic.F.C. The two main clubs in Scotland areCeltic and Glassgow Rangers, between them they have won the most scottish cups.
Celtic is the only scottish club to win the Champion League in 1966 , in the league history.
Kenny Dalgalish was coach of Liverpool, for many years.Aalborg., kenny dalgalish.
Matt Bussby was the coach of Manchester United in the first golden age. When the team were involved in the plane crash at Munich, on a return trip to England from a Champion League game verses Red Star Belgrade.
Sir Bobby Charlton ,Duncan Edwards and bill Foulkes.were few of that manchester team.
The team were called the BUSY BABES. Matt Bussby died in 1994.