Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The EPL clubs are guilty of wasting a huge sum of 797 million pounds on flops according to THE SCOREX TRANSFER REVIEW.Players were bought for huge sums of money and played for a little time for the club.For example Angel Di Maria who played 1645 minutes out of 3420 minutes and it was also found that 14% of these players are not at these clubs anymore.Following are list of players who were considered flops. 1) Angel Di Maria was bought by Manchester United for 59.7 millions pounds. 2) Christian Benteke was bought by Liverpool for 35.2 million Manchester 3) Memphis Depay was bought by Manchester United for 26 million pounds. 4)Maraoune Fellani was bought by Manchester United for 27.5 million pounds. 5) Robert Soldado was bought by Tottenham Hotspurs for 26 million pounds. 6) Heung Minson was bought by Tottenham Hotspurs for 22 million pounds. 7) Lozar Markovic was bought by Liverpool for 20 million pounds. 8) Steven Jovetic was bought by Manchester City for 22 million pounds. 9) Mario Balotelli was bought by Liverpool for 16 million pounds. 10) Felipe Luis was bought by Chelsea for 15.8 million pounds.


The EPL match between Arsenal and Liverpool was indeed a classic match.On the very first day of the new season to score 7goals is not easy since players come back rusty and out of form.But Arsenal really did show character by coming back from a score of 4-1 to 4-3.Further, Arsenal had two defenders absent due to injury and Arsenal got a young player from the third division club Bolton Wanderers called Robert Holding.We have to wait and watch where these two clubs stand at the end of the season.However, Arsenal fans are after Arsen Wenger's blood because of Arsenal's poor start to the season.


Manchester United are all excited over the deal of buying Paul Pogba for 89 million pounds.At the same time Juventus has bought Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli after paying his buy out clause of 75.3 million pounds.Juventus bought him to replace Alvaro Morato who rejoined Real Madrid after Real Madrid used their by back clause in the sale deed.So now let us see which teams buy was a better deal for the club.Gonzalo Higuain has been scoring sacks of goals either at Argentina, Real Madrid or Napoli,however the same cannot be said about Paul Pogba.Gonzalo Higuain is the record holder in Italy for scoring the most goals i.e 38 goals in a season.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The following are the top scorers in Europe 1)Robbie Keane from Republic Of Ireland played 146 games and scored 68 goals 2)Wayne Rooney from England played 115 games and scored 53 goals 3)Dimitar Batov from Bulgaria played 88 games and scored 48 goals 4)Ian Rush from Wales played 73 games and scored 28goals. 5)David Villa from Spain played 97games and scored 59 goals. 6) Zlatan Ibrahomovic from Sweden played 116 games and scored 62 goals. 7) Miraslov Klose from Germany played 137 games and scored 71 goals. 8) Jari Litmanen from Finland played 137 games and scored 32 goals. 9) Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal played 133 games and scored 61 goals. 10) Thierry Henry from France played 123 games and scored 51 goals. 11) Kenny Dalglish from Scotland played 102 games and scored 30 goals. 12) Dennis Law from Scotland played 55 games and scored 30 goals. 13) Hakan Sukar from Turkey played 112 games and scored 51 goals. 14) Robin Van Persie from Holland played 101 games and scored 51 goals 15) Luigi Riva from Italy played 42 games and scored 35 goals. 16) David Healy from Northern Ireland played 91 games and scored 36 goals. 17) Andreiy Shevchenko from Ukraine played 111 games and scored 48 goals. 18) Jan Koller from Czech Republi played 91 games and scored 55 goals.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Manchester United fans should not get too excited just because the new manager Jose Mouino has come and started spending money.He has already spent over a 150 million pounds i the summer on buying only three players and he has not even sold a single player.He has bought Paul Pogba for 89 million pounds so he should be scoring at least 60 goals a season considering he is getting a salary of 78 million pounds for 5 years as per is contract.But he is not a striker like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo but a mid fielder .Manchester United has spent over 500 million pounds in 5 years but they have got only two trophies FA cup and community sheild a