Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The mess at Manchester City is their own very own doing. In the past they splashed a billion pounds on players and their highly inflated weekly wages. And now when they want to sell some surplus players and try hard to control their wages, by following the FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY rules set up by U.E.F.A. Manchester City are facing a big headache no player wants to leave the club , as they are getting a fat amount in weekly salary. Roberto Mancini now fears as he is told to sell players first to buy a player. That Robin Van Persie will slip through his fingers and Manchester United will buy him.


The Italian giants Juventus, also called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN. have now come forward and have had talks with Robin Van Persies agent. They hqad earlier said they were not at all interested in Robin Van Persie , and were looking for a cheaper and younger player. Juventus have lost one of their long serving servants in Alejandro Del Piero, who at 37 years was not given a new contract at the end of the season. According to the Mirror , Juventus will pay 70 million pounds for Robin Van Persie. That is they will pay Arsenal 20 million pounds for him and give a five year contract, with a weekly salary of 190,000 pounds. But Juventus and other Italian clubs fall into scandals and are relegated with points deducted, the only club in Italy that has not been relegated is Inter Milan, since 1909.

Monday, July 30, 2012


The Dutch midfielder Nigel De Jong , who joined Manchester City from Hamburg in Germany. He is now on his last year of his contract.And last year he was mainly on the bench, not a regular starter at City. He has now flatly rejected the offer from German giants Bayern Munich.He says he will fight for a starting place at City. He is often called the THUG for his very bad tackles , in the 2010 world cup final between Spain and Holland , he kicked Xavi Alonso in the chest with all studs showing. He escaped even a yellow card was not shown. Footballers long to play for Bayern Munich . This clearly shows he is a mercenary and wants City money.


Brazil and most likely the country that produces talented footballers like anything, and have been the only country to win five world cups, and many COPA AMERICAS . Have yet to win a gold medal in football at the Olympic games.


Manchester City and their noisy fans should be aware of Roberto Mancini and his past record as a manager in Italy. He has managed three clubs in Italy. 1) Fiorentina. From 2001 to 2002. Abd his spending made them bankrupt. 2) Lazio . From the year 2002 to the year 2004.Same story Lazio went bankrupt.Players were paid in bonds. And players left. These clubs were even relegated. Inter Milan was the only club that did not go bankrupt or be relegated. So Manchester City to could be on the way to bankruptcy with his spending.In two years the club has a loss of 318 million pounds.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Mighty Spain, who are the world and European cup holders, were rudely knocked out of the Olympics in England. They lost and were knocked out of the 2012 Olympics in London. They lost to Honduras by a score of 1-0. The goal came early in the seventh minute. The goal was scored by Jerry Bengtsen Honduras are not famous for their football, for example in the 2010 world cup in South Africa Honduras was the only country that did not win a single match. But here Spain were very strong they had their future golden boys of the future. They had Jordi Alba, Juan Mata, David De Gea Montoya, Javi Martinez, Adrian and Munian. In fact Iker Casillas had boasted . You have yet tpo see our future footballers.


Luka Modric has been sold by Tottenham Hotspurs to the Spanish giants Real Madrid for 36 million pounds, that is far to much for him. As he may not get a game at Real Madrid with Mezhut Ozil, Sami Khediera , Xavi Alonso Kaka and the others. The transfer was going nowhere , as David Levy stood firm on 40 million pounds for the Croatian play maker.Modric even went on a strike hoping to get his move to Real Madrid that way. But he apologized for his behavior , but was fined 80,000 pounds as fine. Jose Mourinho personally took over the transfer matter, but 36 million pounds is far to much for him a midfielder.Robin Van Persie can not be sold for 20 million by Arsenal. A player who scored 37 goals for Arsenal last year. This clearly shows FOOTBALL HAS GONE CRAZY. But this was only possible as Jose Mourinho personally took over the charge of the transfer, and he is a person who will join a club that will spend big money on players.He will never join a small club and make it big.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Andreiy Shevchenko , the striker from Ukraine has finally decided to retire from football at the age of 35 years. He had a very good football career, he started with Diamonov Kiev and then moved to A.C. Milan in Italy, where he was a instant hit, he was a natural goal scorer. The Russian Roman Abrahomovic the owner of Chelsea, got him to the club at a huge price, very much against the wishes of Jose Mourinho. But sadly he was a flop at Chelsea and scored only nine goals in his short stat at Chelsea. He then moved to his old club in Kiev. He will be remembered beside his time at A.C.Milan , also the F.i.F.A World Cup 2006. In that cup Ukraine became the first country ever to loose its first game to Spain , with a score of 4-0 and still reach the quarter finals. He now wants to enter politics, but he has not said which party he will join , or if he will start his own party.

Friday, July 27, 2012


The French footballer Samir Nasri has been found guilty by the French Football Federation , the F.F.F. After the EURO 2012 cup. Nasri had a rant with the reporters leading to this punishment. He will now miss a friendly match with Finland and also miss two world cup qualifiers for France. The P.S.G winger Jeremy Menezes got two match ban for the argument he had with the coach Laurent Blanc after he was substituted in the quarter final , where France lost to Spain. Hatem Ben Arfa was given a warning for his conduct in the room after the loss to Sweden . Yaan Mvilla was also given a warning and let of. As he refused to shake hands with Blanc and had a argument with Hugo Loris.


Jose Mourinho the manager of Real Madrid , also called the SPECIAL ONE. has now personally come to take over the transfer matter of Luka Modric . He has now already phoned David Levy the chairman of Tottenham Hotspurs. But the president of Real Madrid Fiorontena Perez is only willing to offer 27 million pounds. But David Levy wants 40 million pounds for Luka Modric, which is far to much for a midfielder who has scored just two goals last year. While Robin Van Persie scored 37 goals last year, but clubs are willing to pay 8, 15 million pounds , while Arsenal are only asking for 20 million pounds for him. You all can judge for yourself how greedy David Levy is, the price is unrealistic 20 million is all, after all how much did Tottenham Hotspurs pay toget him? After all a footballer will only get a chance once his lifetime to play for Real Madrid. Last year Chelsea offered 40 million pounds for Modric, but David Levy rejected it.Why did he not sell him then? In other words he just does not want to sell him at any price. This year Spurs will have it tough Adebayor scored 19 goals, now he is with City back.


After the departure of Dider Drogba from Chelsea, Chelsea are looking for proven goal scoring machines players that can win a match by themselves. They are now looking for the Colombian striker Radamal Falcao Garcia , who scored 24 goals in his first Spanish league year. But they are willing to pay 50 million pounds for him, or 80 million U.S.Dollars. But Atletico Madrid are not at all to selll him, and have told Chelsea he is not for sale at any price, as he has replaced Sergio Aguero. The other footballers on the radar of Chelsea are Edison Cavani of Napoli and Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid , who scored 22 goals last year, but Jose Mourinho has refused to sell him.


The big Belgian defender who plays his club football in England with Manchester City, has now gone and signed a new long six year contract with the club. He was getting a huge weekly salary before , and now he is getting a fatter pay check. So just why ever should he leave. He want get this salary anywhere else as it is inflated here. But the club is trying very hard to balance the books and fall in line with FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY rules, but sadly they can not sell players so they can not buy any one else. And Roberto Mancini is hopping mad , as Robin Van Persie could slip from his fingers . Here it is all money, and buying trophies. Manchester City could well land up like Glasgow Rangers or Portsmouth one day.


The permanent move of Emmanuel Adebayor from Manchester city to Tottenham Hotspurs, lies in Tatars He wanted to move to Tottenham Hotspurs , as he was told Mancini had no place for him on the team or even on the bench this year.And last year he was on loan at Tottenham Hotspurs. The two clubs came near to a agreement early on, with City willing to sell him for five million pounds.But the sticking point was his weekly salary was 175,000 pounds, far to much for Spurs to pay. Now City say they paid his share of wages last year of150,000pounds. His agent suggested that the five million pounds of selling him should go to Adebayor as whole. City refuse so he is still a Manchester City player.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


As the sale of Luca Modric from Tottenham Hotspurs to Real Madrid is far from over and with P.S.G entering the picture , with a willingness to pay the asking price of 40 million pounds, a price Real Madrid are not at all willing to pay. The best solution would be to reach a agreement of say 25 million pounds plus giving Kaka as well, as he is thirty years old and now getting injured often.


It now looks more and more likely that the English club Portsmouth , a small club with big financial problems, a is a club now under the administration by Mr Birch. So bad are things at the club they will only have money till the 10/8/2012 . After which the club will cease to exist in any form. Players have left now, but the Nigerian Kanu ,is claiming a that the club owe him three million pounds.And Tal Ben Haim has also said the same thing and refuse to cut their salaries. Now Harry Redknapp the former manager of Portsmouth, who was in charge when Portsmouth defeated the mighty Chelsea to win the F.A. cup.Has told the players and fans to see that the club survives, and players should compromise on their wages , which are unpaid.In any case if they fail too, and on 10/8/2012, the club will cease to exit and players like Kanu will not get a single penny.


It looks more likely now that the Uruguayan striker Edison Cavani could very well leave his Italian club Napoli , and move to a club in England. The wife of Edison Cavani was mugged in Naples , as she was getting into her car, two men robbed her of her Piguet watch costing 14,500 pounds.She was greatly shaken over it.And this is not the first time either recently their mansion was burgled. As he said such things happen but it is to often now.As the Argentinean , Lavezzi was also mugged and now plays for P.S.G, Maran Hamsik was also mugged. But what makes move look it is to the E.P.L , is because Edison Cavani is in England for the Olympics , but his wife slipped through the crowd at Naples airport to get here. Now let the bidding start.


The Croatian midfielder luca Modric has his transfer move to Real Madrid, very complicated indeed. Now the rich French club P.S.G have come forward and are willing to pay Tottenham Hotspurs their asking price of 40 million pounds for Modric.But Modric has no desire what so ever to play for the French club.He is only willing to move to Spain and play for Real Madrid. But Real Madrid are only willing to pay 31 million pounds, this will also include add on. And not a penny more.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Tis is the list of the top eleven footballers who joined their clubs at a bargain price. 1) Nicolas Anelka joined Arsenal for 500,000 pounds. Sold to Real Madrid for 23 million pounds. 2) Demba Ba joined Newcastle United free, but scored 16 goals in his first year. 3)Tim Cahil joined Everton from Milawall for 1.5 million pounds. 4)Sol Cambell joined Arsenal free. 5)Eric Cantona joined Manchester United from Leeds United for 1.2 Million pounds. 6)Ole Gunner Solskjaer he joined Manchester United for 1.5 million pounds. 7) Robin Van Persie joined Arsenal from Feynoord for 2.75 million pounds.To be sold for 20 or 25 million pounds. 8)Joe hart Manchester City almost free. 9) Shay Given Newcastle United 1.5 Million pounds. 10) Cesc Fabregas joined Arsenal free sold back to Barcelona for 30 million pounds. 11Kolo Toure joined Arsenal for 150,000 pounds, sold to Manchester City for 16 million pounds. So Arsene Wenger has made the most bargains in the E.P.L

Monday, July 23, 2012


There is no doubt about it David Levy the chairman of Tottenham Hotspurs is indeed a very greedy man. He is paying Luka Modric just 40,000 pounds a week. But shamelessly he is asking Real Madrid to shell out forty million pounds for him. Mind you he is not a striker but a midfield player, they come cheaper to strikers. Luka Modric is getting paid in peanuts , when you see his skill and play.It is Luka Modric and Gareth Bale that make the Spurs tick. And as by law a club can only fine a player two weeks wages , and not penny more . The fine alaso was peanuts. After all players want to play for a club in Champion League games.And all footballers die to wear the famous white jerseys of Real Madrid. Modric is worth only 20 million at the most.And not 40 million pounds. The only nice thing to come from this whole thing was that Luka Modric was sorry, while Carlos Tevez refused to say sorry , even after spending six months in Argentina, playing golf.


David Levy is to blame entirely for the Luka Modric mess. After sacking Harry Redknapp as the manager of Tottenham Hotspurs, he got Andrea Villas Boas to replace him. A person who did well with F.C.Porto, but was a complete failure at Chelsea , with players senior to him not listening to him. Harry Redknapp departure was a big blow to the club. Last year Luka Modric was wanted by Chelsea, who even offered a sum of 40 million pounds.The manager of Chelsea then was Andrea Villas Boas. There was a agreement between two gentlemen , David Levy and Luka Modric. The promise was that Luka Modric would stay another year at Tottenham Hotspurs for another year , and try to reach the Champion league group of 32 clubs. Even though they did come fourth they lost that place to Chelsea , who won the Champion league last year. I would suggest to sell Modric, as they would get a profit on the sale and by a player or two It is not worth keeping a player who sulks and does not play with the heart for the club. Managers should learn from Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger, sell players who are sulking and make your money.After all no player is bigger then the club.


Fans should stop getting on Arsene Wengers back all the time.Every transfer window fans want Wenger to do big spending for players,But one thing is forgotten Arsenal will never spend crazy money on players like Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United. Over the years players have been sold for very god profit and never at loss.The players were Marc Overmars, Nicklas Anelka, Thierry Henry,Patrick Vieira, Emmanuel Adebayor, Alexander Hleb, Samir Nasri, Kolo Toure, and Gael Glichy. But Arsenal have always been a club in the top 4 in the E.P.L . They have reached the champion league every year for the past 16 years that Arsene Wenger has been the manager at Arsenal. This truth speaks for itself.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


tottenham Hotspurs have fined the Croatian footballer Luka Modric 80,000 pounds, that is equal to two week wages.As he refused to come for training , he failed to appear three times in four days.Spurs want to fine him another weeks salary or so. But the Chairman David Levy and the club should very well know the rules . The rules are very clear , it says a footballer can only have a two weeks wages on a player, and not anymore.If te clubs do fine over two weeks they will have to return it. Carlos Tevez , last year did a similar thing and Manchester City were forced to return the rest and fine only two weeks wages. Now last year it was Andrea Villas Boas who wanted to pay 40 million pounds for Luka Modric.But David Levy is stupid he should sell him to Real Madrid for 27 or 39 million pounds.As he is getting only 40,000 pounds a week he must have joined cheaply, so sell the player like Arsene Wenger does for good money. It is not worth having a sulking player in the club, it brings memory of Dimitrov Berbatov.Who was sold for 30.75 million pounds. This saga will continue till the last day, in that time it will be done for a good amount or for nothing. David Levy does not want to sell him , that is all.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Both Manchester City and Chelsea have gone and killed football. A sad thing indeed. Both these club owners have oil money to throw around.It is estimated that the Manchester City Arab owners has a wealth of a trillion pounds. Both these clubs look out for footballers other clubs buy cheap and really develop them,like the Arsenal players , they then come and poach them for huge inflated prices and inflated weekly salaries. They then dump them after a year and poaching another player. How much do they pay? can be seen here Roque Santa Cruz, Wayne Bridge and Emmanuel Adebayor got a salary of 350 thousand pounds a week. And they can not sell players as their weekly salary is over the moon. Last year Chelsea had a loss of 70 million pounds.And Manchester City had a loss in two years of 318 million pounds.


These footballers are getting far far to greedy for words, no matter from which country they come from. Now the Russian Andrei Arshavin has joined the lot.He had joined Arsenal for a record price as a footballer was concerned, it was a record 15 million pounds for him. He came after the EURO CUP 2008, where he was one of the stars.But at Arsenal he was a complete flop, and he himself said he was only average player. He was given to the Russian club Zenith Peters burgh on loan last year. But this year he had a spat with the club fans for Russia being kicked out early , from the EURO CUP 2012. He is now back at Arsenal. His agent says he will only join a club who will pay him well in pounds. But he should ask himself what ever for?

Friday, July 20, 2012


Robert Shannon is Birmingham City's most loyal fan, he has seen over 1,800 of their matches right from the year 1974. he has just missed one match in all these years, and that to was because he was far to sing and was in bed in a hospital. He has seen over 2500 matches as his father took him to his first match at the age of four., and he has been hooked to football. He goes to every match with his bunch of friends always. His greatest moment came when Birmingham City defeated Arsenal in the 2011 in the Carling cup.He never expected Birmingham City to win a major trophy. I wish footballers could be just as loyal to a club.


The Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has told Tottenham Hotspurs that he will not pay them 35 million pounds for Luka Modric, but yes they will only pay 27 million pounds for him, yes they will pay 35 million but that will be 35 million Euros and not pounds. It is clear David Levy does not want to sell him, he has put a crazy price on him. Last year Chelsea offered 40 million pounds, which was flatly rejected.He is not for sale really.He scored only two goals last year , so is the price justified. We can see him sit and sulk and be just like Dimitrov Berbatov was before he moved to Manchester United.And Robin van Persie now. There is one thing very clear here Luka Modric will not get a place in the Real Madrid team today. Kaka who cost Real madrid 65 million pounds can not get a starting place at Real Madrid.


The permanent transfer of Emmanuel Adebayor is now all but collapsed. As Manchester City want to cut three million pounds a year of his wages if he joins Tottenham Hotspurs.As there are two years remaining on his contract and Roberto Mancini has made it clear he does not fit in his team or even the bench. And Adebayor has no desire to loose six million pounds in two years , he will just pass he time and collect the weekly salary of 170,000 pounds. And now the question is , is he selfish or greedy? Greedy yes but selfish no. He sends back money to Togo to set up hospitals and schools, instead of wasting it in bars and women. But Manchester City must be responsible for the financial mess. in the football orld along with Chelsea. They can not even sell a player from City to another club as their weekly salary is all inflated

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is a list of top ten footballers who played for various clubs in the E.P.L but had their careers cut short. 1)Jamie Redknapp. Played for Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspurs. Knee problem. 2) Harry Kewell. Played for Liverpool, Galatassry.Knee and groin. 3) Louis Saha.Played for Manchester United, Everton.Knee, Groin and Hamstring. 4)Michael Owen.Played for Liverpool, Newcastle United.Knee and Hamstring. 5)Jonathan Woodgate.played for Newcastle, Tottenham Hotspurs. Ankle and knee. 6)Robin Van Persie.Played at Arsenal. In 8 years 7 years he was injured. 7)Kiroen Dyer. Played for Newcastleand West Ham.Knee, Ankle and groin. 8)Darren Anderson. Played for Totenham Hotspurs.Knee, Back, Groin, Hamstring 9) Ledley King. Played for Tottenham Hotspurs. Chronic Knee. 10) Owen Hargreaves. Played for Manchester United, Manchester City. Ankle and Knee.


The permanent move foe Emmanuel Adebayor from Manchester City to Tottenham Hotspurs has collapsed , you guessed it. The big problem was money. As Manchester City are paying Emmanuel Adebayor a weekly salary of 175,000 pounds,andhe still has two years to run on his contract. He played one year on loan with Real Madrid, and last year he played with Tottenham Hotspurs on loan, scoring 18 goals for them. But Tottenham Hotspurs are only willing to pay a weekly salary of 115,000 pounds. But Roberto Mancini says Adebayor has no place in his plans, nor even on the bench.So he can now just collect his 175,000 pounds a week.


Ledley King the 31 year old captain of Tottenham Hotspurs , since the year 2005 , had also played for England .He was injured at the 2010 world cup and never fully recovered, yes he had been injured before with the knee bringing his football career to a early end. He was a one club footballer which is a rarity today, footballers have become far to greedy, and have inflated prices, as well as weekly salaries. His contract was not renewed but he is made club ambassador , he was a real legend in his time a very clean player to.He will be missed by all.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The big Swedish striker Zalatan Ibrahimovic , also the much traveled footballer, at thirty years has now gone and made his big transfer, most likely it will be his last big club. A.C. Milan have gone and sold him for a huge amount.It took time for the deal to go through.The sticking point was his salary, he wanted a salary of 14 million pounds, as he was getting 12 million pounds at A.C.Milan. Eventually they agreed a salary of 13 million pounds. As it was a joint sale along with Thiago Silva.And A.C. Milan has terminated the contract of the senior players like Fillipo Inzaghi, Gatuso, Clarence Seedorf, Nesta. Wonder will A.C.Milan challenge the other clubs in the Champion League next year.


This is proof that players who joined Manchester City are greedier.Taken Kolo Toure. He wanted to join a Saudi Arabian club called Al Hilal. His demands are ridiculous as he is thirty one years ld and a defender. He wants a weekly salary of 50,000 pounds, a free home , two cars and business class tickets . And to add more to his greed he wants it tax free. This is also to much for a oil rich club. After joining Manchester City, he thinks he is in the same class as Cristiano Ronaldo or a Lionel Messi.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


According to Forbes the ten richest sports club in the world have four football clubs, the rest are made up of Baseball clubs like The Dodgers and the Yankees. The four football clubs are as follows. 1) Manchester United. With 1.43 Billion Pounds. 2) Real Madrid . With 1.2. Billion Pounds. 3) Barcelona. With 837. Million Pounds. 4) Arsenal. With 825. Million Pounds. Please note there is no Chelsea or Manchester City in the list.


Now it is the turn of Theo walcott not to sign a new contract , he wants a weekly salary of 100,000 pounds.He just had a good Euro Cup and he becomes greedy like Emmanuel Adeboyor. By the way the sale of Emmanuel Adeboyor is not yet done deal from Manchester City to Tottenham Hotspurs.The price was six million pounds , mind you City got him from Arsenal for 25 million pounds.So his value has fallen three times.His weekly salary is 175,000 pounds.Failing to sel Luka Modric is the problem. Chelsea had offered Arsenal 25 million pounds for Theo Walcott, andLiverpool offered 15 million pounds, both were rejected. Mind you Stewart Downing costs Liverpool 20 million pounds. Arsene Wenger has a substitute for Walcott . He is the Schalke winger Lewis Holtby, he has a English father and a German mother. Today footballers are greedy and not one bit loyal to the club.


Chelsea are living beyond heir earnings for sure.All their players were released free , so no money came in. All by the Russian owners cheque book.Last year Chelsea had a loss of 70, seventy million years. This year they are spending big money on Eden Hazard, Marko Marin, they are willing to pay 60 million pounds for Edison Cavani and Oscar . The Chelsea fans should go back and see their history, they never won a trophy in the Premiere league for 50, fifty long years and the first trophy came in 2004 under Jose Mourinho, were Chelsea sleeping? So it is clear trophies won by Chelsea are brought with oil money. Chelsea fans should be amazed. They make fun of Arsenal , but let me remind you Arsenal defeated the mighty Barcelona last year.And by the way Arsenal have reached the Champion League final once and lost to Barcelona in 2006 2-1.Arsenal have qualified for the champion league for fifteen years in a row, only Manchester United , Real Madrid have done it . Chelsea can keep dreaming of this. They are there this year on luck as they won the Champion league. Talking about money Arsenal got 35 million pounds each year for qualifying . Add it up and see for yourself, each year Arsenal reach the quarter or semi final of that years champion league.More money friend. And Arsenal does it without spending million of oil money.They earn their trophies.

Monday, July 16, 2012


The Spanish giants Barcelona have signed the new prodigy from Ireland, he is called the Irish Messi, but his real name is Zack Gilshean . Formerly the English club Tottenham Hotspurs showed interest in the little boys talent at eight years of age.But nothing did come of it though. While the family was in Australia a former Barcelona player there spotted him and recommended this boy to Barcelona . The boy went to Barcelona for a trial, there were formerly 400 boys from all over the world hoping to be selected by Barcelona. The number was reduced to 70 boys and Zak was in that number .When on trial Zak scored seven goals, he went on a riot on the pitch, and was selected. Barcelona have recently selected a Brazilian prodigy, and even a Japanese prodigy as well . By the time Lionel Messi retires , these youngsters will take over, no need of spending like Manchester City and Chelsea. This is the advantage of having a academy.


I am very, very much surprised that as the mighty Glasgow Rangers once giants in Scottish football , but are now demoted to the third division , due to financial blunders. What did amaze me is as no club has come forward as yet to buy the Rangers goalkeeper cheapely, or for the matter even cheaply, as players are tearing up contracts and moving to new clubs.


Mario Bolotelli the Italian striker who plays his club football with Manchester City.He is originally from parents from Ghana, who migrated to Italy. He was given up for adoption to the Balotelli family as he had a sever intestine problem, and living in cram conditions did not help either. So his mother whose real name is Rose Barwuah had him adopted. The mother has now moved to Manchester lives in a poor area of the city . It was here the movie Shameless was shot, it is about life in the slums.Her hourly salary is 6.8 pounds a hour, she is a cleaner women at a office block.And travels by bus number eleven to work. At the same time mario Bolotelli lives in a 3 million pound mansion, he drives a white Bentley costing 120,000 pounds.He also gets weekly salary at Manchester City of 120,000 pounds. Even though he is generous while giving money to the church, a few hundred pounds at a time. While he can sit at home and polish all his medals, his mother polishes office desks. He also has a sister living in England.


Zalatan Ibrahimovic the Swedish striker who stands six feet and three inches, has been a big hit with all his clubs. At the EURO CUP 2012 , even though Sweden were eliminated early, he had a good cup, since he had no big stars to help him score goals. He has now become one of the costliest players at the age of thirty yeas to join P.S.G from A.c.Milan.Both him and Thiago Silva were sold jointly for 51 million pounds. Where transfer money is concerned he has cost clubs 180 million pounds in transfer money.From Sweden, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, A.C.Milan and finally P.S..G. The previous costliest footballer was the French striker Nicolas Anelka, who did cost a total 150 million pounds in transfer money.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Diego Maradona has had his famous earrings auctioned in Italy, to a lady for 25,000 Euros . It was taken from the famous Argentinean footballer when he visited Italy in 2011 to do a cause in weight loss over there. Diego M aradona had to pay the Italian government huge taxes, during his club football days when he played for Napoli , and won the Scudetto twice with Napoli. The lesson here is simple. The long arms of the law will catch you one day.


The Argentinean footballer who joined Liverpool from Atletico Madrid in 2010, has now left the club after a period of two and a half years. Last year Kenny Dalgalish kept him more on the bench, but he did play a total of 77 games for Liverpool.He was always a hard working player for the club and he was loved by the fans. He is now back in Argentina with the club called Newell Old Boys, a club in which Diego Maradona played for.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The German club Hamburg are very keen to buy the Dutch footballer Rafael Vander Vart. But Spurs are asking far to much for him. Making it impossible to buy him. But the German billionaire who has a share at Hamburg , has now come forward to suggest a very good idea indeed. The idea is that the fans should come forward and contribute as little as a 100 Euros each. This would make the deal come through. After all Rafael vander Vart played at Hamburg, before he joined Real Madrid. Rafael Vander Vart wanted to join Hamburg as his wife works in Hamburg.

Friday, July 13, 2012


The transfer of the Croatian play maker Luka Modric to the Spanish giants Real Madrid , for around 40 million pounds has got big problems. The E.P.L club Totenham Hotspurs will not sell Luka Modric , unless they do buy a good replacement. And the player chosen was the F.C. Porto play maker Joao Moutihi . He was one of the stars of the EURO CUP 2012. But now F.C. Porto have come forward to say , that the selling price for Joao Moutinho will be a huge 30 million pounds. This has now gone and derailed the whole deal. Actually Luka Modric wanted to join Chelsea last year. But the club chairman David Levy told him to give them one more year , and if Spurs fail to qualify for the champion league , e could move on. But unfortunately Chelsea qualified for the champion league as they won the title this year. And Spurs finished fifth.


The french footballer Florent Malouda now 32 years and who plays his club football with Chelsea in England. Has now found himself being used as a substitute mainly, even though he has played over 220 games for Chelsea. But one thing is very clear he will get even less playing time for Chelsea , as the club has made to big signing, and both players are young in Eden Hazard and Marko Marin. This only means he will get less time to play. Malouda first wanted to join Vasco Dagama in Brazil, but now Santos has come forward. And to be more convincing Malouda had dinner with the president of Santos as well. Looks now it is more or less concluded deal. Now more big stars are playing in Brazil, just not only Brazilians. Diego Forlan and Clarence Seedorff moving there.


Emmanuel Adebayor the lanky striker from Togo, ho played at Arsenal and was sold to Manchester City for a huge 25 million pounds. But he was considered as a surplus striker , even though he collected a weekly salary of 170,000 pounds. He then spent a year on loan with the Spanish giants Real Madrid, and then last year with Tottenham Hotspurs, who have now made his loan move a permanent one, they paid City only six million pounds for him. In other words Manchester City have made a loss of nineteen million pounds. The reason to sell him was, Roberto Mancini wanted to cut down on the wages of the club, and he has been told he will have to sell first before buying. He wants Robin Van Persie wit a weekly salary of 220,000 pounds.


The South African Stephen Pienar , who is thirty years, and as playing for Tottenham Hotspurs last year. But he was hardly used and had a bad season there.He now rejoins his old club Everton, called THE TOFFEES.For five million pounds. People may think he is not important a player. But he always plays with a heart and soul for the club and yes he always does score very important goals. Here we can ask Sir Alex Ferguson, who will agree.Stephen Pienar scored one of those four goals in a 4-4 draw in the match between Everton and Manchester City. It was this result of a draw that let Manchester City win on goals difference , even though they had the same number of points.


It is indeed a very sad day for Scottish football , Glasgow Rangers and for football as a whole. Glasgow Rangers the club that has won 54 trophies more then Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United . Are now declared bankrupt , and were sold to Mr Green lately. In Scotland it was always a yearly battle in the S.P.L between Celtic and Glasgow Rangers.It want be there now sadly. The thirty clubs in Scotland decided Glasgow Rangers should now play this season on wards in the third division. A very big fall for a mighty powerful and proud club and fans. This is a big warning to clubs that over spend , with out selling players , like Manchester City and Chelsea.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Both the two A.C.Milan players Zalatan Ibrahimovic , the big Swede and the Brazilian Thiago Silva are to be sold by A.C. Milan to P.S.G in France for a total of 51 million pounds or 60 million Euros.So Zalatan Ibrahimovic will cost 32 million pounds and Thiago Silva will cost 19 million pounds.As the Sw3ede is 31 years old , this would be his last big transfer. A.C. Milan want to trim their wage bill here Zalatan Ibrahimovic was getting 12 million Euros at Milan and thiago Silva was getting 9 million Euros yearly. The Swedes agent and lawyer have flown to Paris to settle the deal, as he wants 14 million Euros a year now. Zalatan ibrahimovic has won the championship where ever he played, in Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, A.C.Milan and Barcelona as well. A.C. Milan got rid of all their old dead wood like Nesta, Gattuso, Inzaghi, Seedorf. The talk is A.C. Milan are keen to get younger players as a strikers in Milan and Carlos Tevez, Edin Dezko and Andy Carrol are on their radar.


You must be wondering why Italy play in their famous blue jerseys and so called The Azzuris The famous Savola family that ruled Italy had the savola crest on the Italian flag, that is without the colour blue on it. It was there from the year 1861 to 1946 . Just after the second world war and Italy became a republic. So Italy always play in their famous blue jerseys after all these years.


The Colombian striker Hugo Rodagella who was playing in the E.P.L for the last few seasons and is now a free agent , was wanted by Everton manager David Moyes. David moyes is one manager who has done a very good job at Everton. Considering he manages with a very, very tight budget, and a free agent would always be welcomed at the club. But it is the same old story , footballers are becoming far to greedy, here Hugo Rodagella was asking for weekly salary of 70,000 pounds, far to much for a player and a striker at that to have scored only two goals in a entire season for Wigan Athletic.


Real Madrid have now increased the amount for the Croatian play maker Luka Modric.Real Madrid have earlier said that they would only pay 35 million pounds , plus a player. But now it is hard cash only. But the problem facing Tottenham Hotspur,are that they will only sell Luka Modric once they really get a good replacement. As the club Charmin David Levy is like Arsene Wenger in balancing the books, no mad spending.So the player marked out is from F.C.Porto Joao Moutinho , who did well in the Euro Cup 2012. He will cost the club 30 million pounds only.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The demand for the Croatian play maker Luka Modric has got even hotter. First it was only Real Madrid willing to pay the price , and then decided to make the deal better by adding the 34 year old Ricardo Carvalho to the deal.But Manchester United and Manchester City appeared in the picture now, there was talk that Luis Nani would be added in the deal for Manchester United, as he was a unsettled player at the club. Luka Modric new he would not get a starting place at Real Madrid , with Mezhut Ozil and Sami Khedira there. But now the French rich club backed by the Qatari family are keen to get Luka Modric, and Modric has openly admitted that he is fond of their coach Carlo Anchelotti.


The top six highest paid managers in the world are as follows. 1) Jose Mourinho, at Real Madrid. 10 Million Pounds. 2) Roberto Mancini at Manchester City. 7.5 Million Pounds. 3) Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.. 4 Million Pounds. 4)Pep Guardiola at Barcelona till last year.8.7Million Pounds. 5) Diego Maradona 9.9Million Pounds. At Al Wasi. 6)Arsene Wenger. 6 Million pounds. At Arsenal. All these salaries are per year.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Gone are the days of footballers being loyal to one club only, now they have become greedy, and as the saying goes. Money is not bad but the greed for the money is bad. Today's footballers will join a club for the money only.And these two clubs owned by oil tycoons are responsible Chelsea and Manchester City. But I must admire one footballer today Steven Gerrard of Liverpool, he has been at Liverpool since a boy and is still there trophy or no trophy. You should see the way he kisses his badge when he scores a goal, with so much devotion to the club.Oh I miss this days of loyalty like Poulo Maldini, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes.John Terry.


Roberto Mancini has got a new contract at Manchester City , it is for five years. And the yearly salary is 7.5 million pounds the highest salary for a manager in England , perhaps. But he says he wants to build a dynasty at Manchester City. But he has been told that he will have to sell first before he can buy any other player. So Edin Dezko is a target for A.C.Milan and Tottenham Hotspur want Emmanuel Adebayor, but both will be sold at a cut out price.Emmanuel Adebayor was brought for 25 million pounds from Arsenal and Dezko cost them 27 million pounds, from Wolfsburgh. But I would like to say that he has destroyed football in the E.P.L players are got at inflated prices and get huge weekly salaries, leading to a problem for him when he wants to sell a player.

Monday, July 9, 2012


This is a absolute disgrace. John Terry lost the captains armband, after the truth came out that, he had indeed had slept with the former girlfriend of Wayne Bridge in the year 2010.Fabio Capello also stepped down as the coach of England. But now Stuart Pearce the coach of the Great Britain team for the Olympics to be held in England in 2012. Has now gone and chosen the 28 year old Welsh winger Ryan Giggs as captain. Ryan giggs has been guilty of shamelessly have sex wit his own sister in law Natasha giggs his own brothers wife. Just plain double standards here.


Football clubs should be aware of what they will pay for over spending, in a hunger for a trophy.Just ask Glasgow Rangers this? Glasgow Rangers are 140 years old, they have won most trophies by a football club, it is 54 trophies. But bad and over spending by the board and hidden truths fooled the fans. Today they face bankruptcy, and on Friday 13/7/2012 they will no their real faith , whether they will be allowed to play in the first division or in the third division. They have already been punished, that is ten points deducted and a three year ban from Europe. Mind you clubs reaching the champion league group of 32 , each get 35 million pounds. And if in the third division it will take them years to reach the first division. This easily could happen to Manchester City or Chelsea,the loss of Manchester City in two years was 318 million pounds.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


As Theo Walcott has also not yet signed a new contract at Arsenal even though he has only a year left on his contract. Arsenal are looking to replace walcott with the Nigerian Victor Moses from Wigan Athletic, but the problem is Chelsea have also shown interest in him , but Chelsea feel that 12 million pounds was far to high for him.


The number of clubs wanting to buy Robin Van Persie has got longer, not only the English clubs Manchester United, Manchester City even Barcelona, Juventus , A.c.Milan and P.S.G have come forward for his signature. But what surprises me is with the player joining Arsenal from Feynord in Holland eight years ago and has had only one good year, 2011-2012. And his price is about twenty million pounds.And is offered a weekly salary by some clubs of 220,000 pounds, really ridiculous.


Fans just want clubs to spend big amounts, in the desire to win silverware. But mind you that spending will only make you spend more , and huge amounts on a few players Like Chelsea and Manchester City. But the fans should remember that these huge spending are dangerous. All we have to do is look into the SCOTTISH PREMIERE LEAGUE , just to find out. The mighty Glasgow Rangers have been bankrupt and kicked out of the Scottish Premiere league into the lower division. And players have had their contracts terminated, and they are looking for new clubs.

Friday, July 6, 2012


The chairman of Tottenham Hotspurs David Levy has put a huge but unrealistic price on their Croatian play maker Luka Modric, it is thirty five million pounds. last year Chelsea made a offer of thirty million pounds, which was flatly rejected. Yes I do agree he is a terrific player, for both club and country. In the Euro cup 2012 in the match between Croatia and Spain. Luka Modric made both Xavi and Iniesta look like street kids playing footballP. The real reason the price of 35 million pounds is so high as Levy does not want to sell him. Plain and simple. Real Madrid wanted to buy Modric but the price is far to high , so they will have to sell players first. This has angered Luka Modric. Yes the price is far to high, Juventus offered Arsenal a cheeky eight million pounds, for a player who scored 37 goals., for Robin van Persie So you can see for yourself how high the price is.


F.I.F.A have long last woken from their slumber and agreed and signed the paper in Japan, allowing the goal line technology to come into affect as soon as possible It is expected to come in the E.P.L first , in the 2012- 2013 season. And Chelsea will be playing in that match. The technology which is going to be used is the famous Hawk Eye system. This system has been used twenty years ago in cricket. There it shows if the player is run out or if it is L.B.W. The umpire calls for the T.V, by making the sign of a square, for the T.V. And a red or green light is shone to indicate the result. It is also used in Tennis to show if the ball has crossed the line. But sadly there is one big draw back F.I.F.A will not make the decissions public, so more controversies. The F.I.F.A president Sepp Blatter said it was the goal of Frank Lampard verses Germany that was not given that changed his mind on goal line technology for good, at the 2010 world cup in South Africa.There seven referees were sent back home for wrong refereeing.


Robin Van Persie knew very well that he was leaving Arsenal over a year ago . That is why he said he would only sign at the end of the season. It looks like City board spoke to him earlier. Even though his father, mother and wife said he would not be moving o any club, he even got himself a new house in London. Arsenal want Arsene Wenger kicked out, but why should he go? Wenger always buys players in the 10 million pound bracket, the costliest was Arshavin for 15 million pounds.Arsenal do not have any major players with big names , they all made their names here and moved on. Wenger is the only club with small players to reach 15 Champion League games in a row .Other two being Real Madrid and Barcelona.That brings thirty five million each year for qualifying for the Champion League to Arsenal. Robin Van Persie can go either to Juventus, and get relegated due to match fixing or to Manchester City to warm the bench, as they already have five strikers, and Mancini, has been told to sell players first like Emmanuel Adebayor, Roque Santa Cruz, Carlos Tevez and Kolo Toure. Mind you the FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY comes to action soon. And city and Chelsea have already failed to balance their books.


It is not that Arsenal want to sell their footballers , but are forced to do so as these footballers have become far to greedy.The loyalty to a club is long gone, you do not see players playing in one club like Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Poulo Maldini. Arsenal have a new stadium THE EMIRATES , and it is still paying for it , so selling footballers are a way out. Arsene Wenger and Arsenal will never give silly weekly salaries to players like Manchester City where five players get 200,00 pounds a week, and now David Silva has joined it with a 200,000 pounds salary, or 52 million pound for a new contract. Manchester City loss in two years was 318 million pounds , for two trophies. Arsenal players are got cheap like these. 1) Niklas Anelka 250,000 pounds , sold to Real Madrid for 23 million pounds. 2) OMark Overmars 8 million pounds sold to Barcelona for 25 million pounds. 3) Emmanuel Adebayor for 4 million pounds sold to Manchester City for 25 million pounds. 4) Samir Nasri got cheap sold to City for 24 million pounds Kolo Toure got cheap sold to City for 15 million pounds. Thierry Henry sold to Barcelona for 19 million pounds. 6) Patrick Vieira sold to Juventus for 16 million pounds. 7) Cesc Fabregas got for 7000,00 pounds but sold to Barcelona for 38 million pounds. Has any club done so well in making money? Now Robin Van Persie may go, he joined Arsenal for 2.75 million pounds. Arsenal will only sell him for 20 to 25 million pounds.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Champion league winner Chelsea have lost the chance to buy the Battersea plot, as it was sold out to a Malaysian consortium . Chelsea who have been playing at Stamford Bridge from the year 1905, were looking to buy a bigger place, so to build a bigger stadium. The Malaysian party want to build a big hotel, shops and so on on the plot of land. Chelsea will now have to look for some other place now.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The Dutch striker Robin Van Persie has refused to sign a new contract at Arsenal He has become another mercenary, as he wants to join Manchester City , who have promised him a weekly salary of 220,000 pounds.So Arsenal will sell him for a profit as they got him from Feynoord for 2.75 million pounds. But he has just had one good season out of nine, in which he scored 37 goals.A thing he failed to do in nine years, he will be 29 years in august the rest of the years he was always injured, and Arsenal were there for him, ungrateful fellow. Manchester City just won a F.A and a E.P.L on goal difference nothing much to boast. With all the strikers at City sitting on the bench , one more to be added, City can not find buyers for players like Edin Dezko, Emmanuel Adebayor, Carlos Tevez, no club can pay their weekly salaries as they are all inflated salaries. What really did Robin Van Persie do at the EURO CUP 2012, it was plain terrible display by him.


The Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers , one of the big clubs in the world, with a record of 54 , fifty four titles the most by any club, . But are now facing bankruptcy and are kicked out by the other clubs in Scotland They are now in the lower division in Scotland.Players have cancelled their contracts and moved on , in two days two players Naismith joined Everton on a free transfer, and Ness joined Stoke City. Indeed sad days for a very proud club indeed.


The money rich club in France P.S.G, who are funded by the Qatar family have signed the Argentinean winger Equazil Lavezzi from Napoli for a huge amount of 30 million Euros. He will also wear the jersey number 11. Last year the two of them Edison Cavanni and Equazil Lavezzi scored sacks of goals.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The Spanish giants have gone and got defender Jordi Alba from Valencia for 11, eleven million pounds. Barcelona were looking out for left defender, as their French defender Eric Abidal , had undergone a liver transplant and his future in football was very uncertain. Jordi Alba was graduate from the Barcelona youth academy. He joined a small club before joining Valencia. Jordi Alba was part of the Spanish EURO 2012 winners, and also scored one of the four goals verses Italy.


Today there is a big comparing between the famous Brazilian team of 1970 and the team of Spain 2012. But one thing is clear Spain beat Brazil in their passing by miles. Not a single Brazilian made 400 passes in the 1970, while half of Spain's players made 400 passes or more. 1) Spain players.Xavi Hernandez 592 passes. 2)Xavi Alonso, 585 passes. 3)Sergi Busquets 455 passes. 4) Andrea Iniesta 446 passes. 5)Jordi Alba 410 passes. BRAZILIAN PLAYERS. 1) Carlos Albrto. 394 passes. 2) Clodoalda. 317 passes. 3) Rivelino 261 passes. 4) Pele. 249 passes. 5) Jairzinho. 221 passes.


Here are a only a few truths about the Spanish team. 1) 513 minutes since Iker Casillas last let a goal in.The last goal he let in was in a 1-1 draw with Sweden 2) Xavi Hernandez of Spain made a total attempt at620 passes. 3) 531 was the actual number of passes made by Xavi Hernandez at the EURO CUP 2012. 4) Spain made a total of 3,496 passes , at the EURO CUP 2012. 5) Iker Casillas has so far kept 79 clean sheets.


The final squad of the Euro 2012 was announced after the finals. 1) GOALKEEPERS.Gianluighi Buffon., Iker Casillas, Manuel Neuer. 2) DEFENDERS. Gerrard Pique, Fabio Conetrao, Philipp Lahm,Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Jordi Alba. 3) MIDFIELDERS.Daniele Rossi,Steven Gerrard, Andrea Iniesta, Xavi, Xavi Alonso, Sami Khedira, Sergio Busquets, Mezut Ozil, Andrea Pirlo. STRIKERS. Mario Bolotelli, Cesc Fabregas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zalatan Ibrahimovic, David Silva.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Spain are no longer the chokers or the jokers as they were called for years.After having big clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona , and having dozens of talented players they always failed in the world cups and the EURO CUPS. The past few years have seen another Spanish winning thee world trophies in a few years, two EURO cups and a WORLD CUP as well. In the 2012 Euro cup final played between Italy and Spain , it was all Spain , they beat Italy 4-0 in the final. It was the largest margin of victory. Goals from Juan Mata , Fernando Torres, David Silva and other did it. Xavi and Ineista held the midfield as usual. Juan Mata and Fernando Torres won their third cup winners medal, after the F.A. Cup, Champion League and now the EURO CUP. Fernando Torres becomes the first footballer to score the winning goal in two Euro Cup finals. Italy played with ten men as all their three substitutes were used up, when Thiago Mota had a hamstring injury. The flop of Chelsea Fernando Torres won the golden boot , beating Mario Gomes for it. He won it as he played less time.