Thursday, May 31, 2012


The deal between Chelsea and F.C.Porto has run into trouble. Chelsea were first told to pay forty million pounds to buy the Brazilian striker HULK. He gets his name from the movie THE INCREDIBLE HULK, as he has a similar face. But Chelsea wanted to get the price down and only pay F.C.Porto thirty million pounds. F.C.Porto flatly rejected the sum. Chelsea should have known that F.C.Porto would be angry with them for stealing their former manager Andrea Villas Boas , and then sacking him in a year.


It is indeed very funny footballers want to join clubs, only after the Euro 2012. The reason being they think they will really have a very good Euro 2012.But they are forgetting that a injury could spoil their dream in a moment.But they hope they can increase their market price very much at the Euros. Now Arsene Wenger wanted the French striker Olivier Giroud , and was willing to pay his French club fifteen million pounds.But the French striker says he will decide only after the Euro 2012. But all top stars of the Euro may not do well.Take the case of the star of 2008 Euro cup.The Russian Andrei Arshavin , he joined Arsenal for a club record of 15,fifteen million pounds. But during his time at Arsenal he was a flop.And now plays in Russia on loan. It is the simple case of these footballers getting greedier and greedier.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Chelsea have really started spending, and rebuilding their new team in earnest . They have got Eden Hazard for 35 million pounds.And they have completed almost ninety percent of the deal with F.C.Porto over the Brazilian HULK.His price s 40 million pounds. They now want the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao from the Spanish club Atletico Madrid, for a total of 50 million pounds.Atletico Madrid may sell Falcao as they are financially hard up. But already Chelsea have spent with these three 125 million pounds.But Chelsea have the highest wage bill in the E.p.L.In 191 million pounds, in the year 2010.


The wage bill of these footballers , who have become to greedy , and are asking huge wages, even if not having much experience. The wage bill of the E.P.L football clubs are the highest in Europe. The wage bill of Chelsea was 191. Million pounds in 2010. The wage bill of Manchester City was 174 Million pounds. in 2010. The wage bill of Manchester United was 153 Million pounds in 2010. That shows that the E.P.L clubs in England are spending 600 Million Euros more then other European leagues.


Chelsea claim that the deal for the Brazilian footballer HULK is ninety percent done. But I have a few questions who has chosen him the Chelsea owner or a caretaker manager .The price was forty million pounds.A amount to high for a player who has not played in the champion league top four clubs.He is joining Chelsea along with Eden Hazard , mainly because Chelsea were very, very lucky to win the Champion league this year. Chelsea have spent 75 million pounds on two players. I am reminded of a few players who joined Chelsea for big money and failed miserably 1)Fernando Torres,. 2) Hernon Crespo. 3) Andrei Shevchenko. 4) Sebastin Veron. Players joined clubs but failed. 1) Anderson. 2) Gervinho. There is no guarantee these players will settle down in the E.P.L.This is what happens when Roman Abrahomovic goes and buys these players and not the managers.


Mario Monti the Prime Minister of Italy has come forward to say that football in Italy should be suspended for a period of three years in Italy. He said it is disgusting with youngsters falling for this shameful thing of Match fixing. Even though footballers weekly salary have shot up through the roof , still they want more money.After all greed is the root of all evil. We all remember the ill famous scandal in Italy, six years ago involving Juventus, they were demoted to Serie B. But in Italy where the Mafia reigns this scandals will always be there.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The Lazio skipper Stefano Mauri and the former Genoa defender Omar Milanetto hve been arrested in Italy on match fixing charges in the Serie A . By the way these are not the only footballers involved , there are over nineteen of them under police investigation . They also include the Juventus coach Antonio Conte. This is by the no way a rare case of match fixing in Italy. Last year Atlanta were deducted six points and their captain banned for three and a half years. We also know that a few years ago Juventus , also called THE OLD LADY OF Turin, were also involved with match fixing and they lost both their titles as well as their stars. They even lost their champion league spot. They were then demoted and had nine points deducted as well.So as they have won the title and are in the champion league next year, we will have to see what does happen. Italian football is full of such scandals, and clubs being demoted for it.In Italy only Inter Milan have never been demoted.


The Belgian footballer has now decided that he would join Chelsea, from French club Lille for a total of 35.3 million pounds.It was huge price and his weekly salary of 170,000 pounds that scared clubs like Arsenal , Tottenham Hotspurs and even Manchester City. So it was a choice between Chelsea and Manchester United. But he decided to join the Champion League winner Chelsea instead. He will not just cost Chelsea 35.3 million pounds.There are other amounts to be added. 1)As his weekly salary is 170,000 pounds it comes to 9 ,nine million pounds, after tax it will be 4.6 million pounds. 2) His agent has asked for his charges as well 10 percent of the sale so he wants 6 million pounds. So in all it works to 78 million pounds.

Monday, May 28, 2012


As the 2012 Euro Cup starts in the month of June 2012 in Ukraine and Poland . There will be sixteen countries taking part in this tournament. But of all the big teams , both England and Portugal are the only big countries who have yet to win a Euro cup. Even tiny Greece won the 2004 Euro Cup, and it was a big surprise to the football world.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


It looks more or less like Luis Nanis days at Manchester United are over. And there was even talk of Nani being sold this summer mainly to generate funds , and fall in line with the FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULE, set up by U.E.F.A. Nani joined Manchester United after Cristiano Ronaldo was sold to Real Madrid for a record 80 million pounds. nani did well and you can say that he filled up the boots left by Ronaldo. But since last year Ashley Young is on one side and the Ecuadorian Antonio Valencia is on the other side, both are fast and tricky players, they also score goals. So Nani is now considered as surplus player.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


The Spanish giants Barcelona won the Kings Cup for the year 2011/2012. Barcelona defeated Atletico Bilbao.The score was 3-0. Two goals were scored by Pedro Rodriguez and one goal was scored by Lionel Messi.All came in the first half. This was pep Guardiolas fourteenth trophy in just four years time, just fabalous. Here Lionel Messi scored his 73 rd goal in the year 2011/2012. This is also a new record in Europe, it broke the previous record set by Gerd Muller of Bayern Munich who in 1972/1973 scored 68 goals. For those who are not aware Atletico Bilbao are a club from Basque region of Spain Known for the outlawd group ETA.This club only take footballers from the Basque region and there are no players from foreign countries. The coach is from Argentina.

Friday, May 25, 2012


John Butland the goalkeeper from the second division in England , was chosen as the third goalkeeper for England at the 2012 Euro cup in Poland and Ukraine. His stars shown brightly suddenly. The three goalkeepers chosen for England by their Coach Roy Hodgson were Joe Hart, Robert Green and John Ruddy. But John Ruddy broke his finger , so calling for John Butland. As England have a great shortage of English goalkeepers in the E.P.L, which lead to Robert Green a goalkeeper from West Ham United , a club just promoted to the E.P.L next year.


All football lovers are asking the big question is the Spaniard Roberto Martinez the correct choice as the manager for Liverpool.Liverpool were a big proud club , but have fallen by the wayside in the past few years.They have missed the Champion League spot for the past few years. After sacking their former hero Kenny Dalgalish , they are looking for a manager.Big ones like Fabio Capello, Frank De Boer and Pep Gaurdiola have flatly rejected the offer. They have now looking for managers from clubs that escaped relegation.Such as Roberto Martinez, from Wigan Atletico. who just scraped through each year. But we must remember some big managers came from small clubs, like. 1) Sir Alex Ferguson. From Aberdeen. 2) Arsene Wenger from a small club in Japan.


At long last goal line technology will come into place, it will start during the friendly match between England and Belgium to be be played on 2/5/2012. The Hawk Eye system will be used. It is the same system that is used in cricket. It givens a very clear and fair view if the player is run out . Football fans were crying for it for years, but it fell on deaf ears of U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A. If this Hawk Eye system was used in the 2010 world cup match between England and Germany, then the Frank Lampard goal would have very well stood.


Joe Barton the Queen Park Rangers midfielder would cost the club 11 , eleven million pounds if they sack him now. As he brought disgrace to the club and football as a whole for his violent conduct on the field, his sporting spirit is equally bad, he wanted to get a Manchester City player also sent of. As Joe Barton is today getting a weekly salary of 70,000 pounds , and has three years left on his contract , it works out to 11, eleven million pounds. But sadly the F.A rules clearly say a footballer at any club can not have is contract terminated because of getting a card, all footballers get cards yellow or red.This was what the lawyer told Q.P.R.And a club can only fine a player two weeks salary, no matter what the offence. We saw it done to Carlos Tevez, at Manchester City. But Queen Park Rangers will fine him for each offence, that is 140,000per offence. One thing is very clear Joe Barton is a thug and needs a doctor to help him soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


The Dutch striker Robin Van Persie , will soon enter his last year of his contract at Arsenal. The first meting with the Arsenal board did not go well as expected, a contract can not be signed on the first day for sure.It was more on which footballer Robin wanted at Arsenal. Now if he is going to ask a salary equal to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo , he will not get it.He wants 250,000 pounds a week. Something Arsenal do not pay any one. Arsene Wenger is ready to run Robin Van Persie contract out and then sell him as a free agent.. But then what happens? The Financial Fair Play rule comes into place.And any club that wants him will first have to sell players to use the money generated to pay him like that. And that is not going to happen either.So he will be stuck.For example the Russian club want to pay 45 million for himand pay 300,000 ponds as a weekly salary. This will not be there after 2013.


Joe Barton the Queen Park Rangers former captain , as Mark Hughes has now removed the captains armband. The F.A has now given Joe Barton a record 12, twelve match ban and a fine of 75,000 pounds as well. The first red card was shown by referee Mike Dean as Joe Barton elbowed Carlos Tevez, and as it was the second red card of the season a fourth match was added. Joe Barton later kicked Sergio Aguero, leading to a further four match ban. As Barton left the pitch he tried to head butt Vincent Kompany, another four match bans were added.Making a total of 12 matches next season of 38 games. Let us face the problem that Barton has a major problem and needs help badly. He even spent six months in jail.Causing Barton to miss last summers tour of the U.S.A.As he was not given a visa. Which club will have him with that salary to get into troble .

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The English club Tottenham Hotspurs, who sadly lost their fourth place in the E.P.L this year. According to U.E.F.A rules the club that wins the Champion League will automatically qualify for the next years Champion League, at the expense of the club that finished fourth. So next year Chelsea will make the four clubs from England. Now each club that qualifies for the Champion league is given 35 million pounds. Sadly next year Totenham Hotspur will also miss that fourth place, as well as 35 million pounds. Which is indeed sad. Daylight dacoity you can say.


In Italy and at the end of the season , the Italia cup was played between Juventus , THE OLD LADY OF TURIN verses Napoli, the club from Naples. It was at Napoli that Diego Maradona became famous in Italy, as he helped Napoli win the Siera A cup The Scudetto. This year Juventus were the Invincible s, as they went through a entire season with out loosing a single match. This was to be a farewell match for their darling player Alesandero Del Piero, who was to retire at the age of 37. But the match ended on a sour note for him as Napoli won the match 2-1. This was the first trophy won by Napoli in 22 long years.


The Liverpool club sacked their former hero Kenny Dalgalish as coach of Liverpool after roughly a year on the job. The year was a troublesome year for Liverpool.They spent a total of 110 million pounds on players . But sadly they were average players, like Stuart Downing , Henderson, Charlie Adams . To make matters worse their captain Stephen Gerrard, who scores sacks of goals for Liverpool, over the years was injured for long periods. Then The Uruguayan striker who has scored more goals then any other Liverpool player got involved in a racial abusing matter with the French footballer Patrice Evra, who plays his club football with Manchester United. Luis Suarez was punished by the English F.A with a ban of eight matches.During this time goals dried up for Liverpool so did they loose points. So in the end Liverpool finished eighth in the E.P.Ltable, which lead to Dalgalish getting the sack after a meeting in the U.S.A, with the club owners.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The Argentinean defender Paulo Zabaleta , who plays for Manchester City in the E.P.L.was wanted by Barcelona for the next season as the Qatar owned French club P.S.G have come knocking for Danny Alves, and Eric Abidal , had under gone a liver transplant It is a well known fact that any player in his right mind would grab a chance to play for the Spanish giants, both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Even the Welsh winger Gareth Bale has said that if Barcelona came calling for him, it would be hard to say no. But Zabaleta has refused to join Barcelona , the only club in Europe to play each year in the champion league from the first year of 1950.Real Madrid have failed to do so. Zabaleta gets 65,000 pounds as weekly salary, he is expected a increase in the new contract. This clearly shows that Manchester City players are plain MERCENARIES , they deny it say they want trophies , he could win trophies at Barcelona as well.


The Russian Billionaire who has made his money from oil. He then wanted to buy a football club in England, he wanted a good E.P.L club. The clubs shown to him by Mr Keith Harris the big banker that sells these football clubs, he sold Manchester City to Sheikh Mansoour.These were the following clubs shown. 1) Manchester United 2) Liverpool. 3) Arsenal. 4) Chelsea.

Monday, May 21, 2012


The Chelsea owner , the Russian billionaire has decided to spend a lot this summer, to replace stars who aged at the club. It is reported t Dider Drogba who is now 34 years old has left Chelsea to join a Chinese club, at a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds. He did not want to sit on the bench most of the season now. Other oldies like Frank Lampard who is 33 years will be getting one more year. But who will be targeted to join the club? The players are strikers Radamel Falcao, and Hulk. The two midfielders will be Eden Hazard and Luka Modric. It was reported earlier that Manchester City have flatly refused to pay Eden Hazard a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds.So chances of him joining Chelsea are brighter. But Chelsea should remember that financial fair play is now there , and they can not just buy players without first selling players. Now a major part of the responsibility will fall on Fernando Torres.


Harry Redknapp the manager of the English club Tottenham Hotspurs. has really had some bad luck. He was the first choice to take over as the manager of the England team for the Euro 2012, in Poland and Ukraine, butafter Fabio Capello the Italian who was the coach of England , but he resigned over John Terrys racial problems. The people of England then demanded that England should only have a English coach. But the English F.A , delayed their choice.The reason being a case was filed against Harry Redknapp when he was coach at Portsmouth, he had opened a bank account in the name of his dog.The bank was in Monaco. Roy Hodgson the former Liverpool and West Brom coach was chosen as Manager of England , for the Euro 2012. The reason Roy Hodgson got the job was because he was a free man, while the English F.A would have to pay Tottenham Hotspurs a compensation amount of tem to twelve million pounds to buy out Harry Redknapp. And now he has lost his fourth place in the Champion League, as Chelsea have taken it for winning the b2012 Champion League.


The English club Tottenham Hotspurs have been knocked out of the Champion League , for the year 2012,2013.Even though they finished fourth in the E.P.L, for the year 2011/2012. The four places in the E.p.L were as follows. 1) Manchester City. 2) Manchester United. 3) Arsenal . 4) Tottenham Hotspurs. But according to U.E.F.A rules the winner of the Champion League will automatically get the fourth place. And this year Chelsea came sixth in the E.p.L . But as they defeated the German Giants Bayern Munich in the Champion League finals, they got the fourth place.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


The Dutch striker Robin Van Persie , who plays his club football with Arsenal, and now has a year left on his contract. The first round of talks were held, but there was no progress , but we must remember that it takes time and one tea talk will not settle it. THE DAILY MAIL have now said Robin Van Persie is asking for a weekly salary of 275,000 pounds, that is the salary of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. It is hard to believe this story as Robin Van Persie is a very level headed man, and will not ask for this ridiculous salary, Arsenal have doubled his weekly salary to 130,000 pounds.275,000 pounds is madness. The first meeting Robin Van Persie had with the Arsenal board could be more on which player Arsenal should buy, that was all.

Friday, May 18, 2012


The Chelsea owner the Russian oil billionaire Roman Abaromovich has spent a billion pounds on the club with a big desire to win a Champion league cup.A trophy which Chelsea have failed to win in their history as a club. As they play the German giants Bayern Munich on 19/5/2012 at the Allianz Stadium the famous stadium of Bayern Munich. But the drawback facing Chelsea is that players are aging and there are four players who will be suspended as well. But he will very well be aware that U.E.F.A will be giving the winner of the Champion league final 50, fifty million pounds.Last years winner Barcelona got 45, fourtyfive million pounds, it has increased by five million pounds

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Manchester united have lost a huge 71 million pounds, for the last nine months . It is also made clear that the majority of the money was taken by the Glazer family to pay the interest and also to buy back the Bonds. Or in other words the loss was a huge 250,000 pounds paid a day., a huge sum to loose, and failing to win either the champion league or for the matter the Europa League, has also added to the loss for the past nine months. Sadly fans of this big proud club will be angry and ask for the ousting of the Glazers.


1) Sergio Aguero 38 Million pounds.From Atletico Madrid, in August 2011. 2)Robinho 32.5 Million pounds. From Real Madrid.September 2008. 3) Edin Dezko 27 million pounds. From Wolfsburgh. January 2011. 4)David Silva. 26 Million Pounds. From valencia. June 2010. 5) James Milner. 26 Million Pounds. From Aston Villa.July 2010. 6) Carlos Tevez. 25.5 Million Pounds. July 2009. 7) Emmanuel Adebayor25 Million Pounds from Arsenal. July 2009. 8)Samir Nasri. 24 Million Pounds. From Arsenal.August 2011. 9)Marrio Bolotelli.24 Million Pounds. From Inter Milan in July 2010. 10) Yaya Toure. 24 Million Pounds . From Barcelona. inJuly 2010.


Robin Van persie the Arsenal striker must always remember that when he joined Arsenal from Feynoord for 2.75 million pounds he was a unknown player , and it was Arsenal that made him a footballer that he is today. Arsenal are negotiating a new contract with him, they have agreed to double his weekly salary to 130,000 pounds, highest salary paid to a Arsenal player, Fabregas was the previous highest paid player with 100,000 pounds. But we must remember that it was the first set of talks and you can not expect it to be sorted over a cup of coffee it will take more talks. But Persie must be aware that this was his first injury free season in years. And as he will be 29 in Augusthe can not expect big contracts. Both Juventus and Barcelona have backed out, Juventus say they would prefer younger cheaper Edison Cavani. Barcelona say he is injury prone and a far to costly with his weekly salary.Real Madrid have failed to show any interest so far. That leaves only Manchester City who want him for 25 million pounds and a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds madness I must say. He should be loyal to his club.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Samir Nasri the French footballer who plays for Manchester City is a absolutely money grabbing mercenary . He says he joined Manchester City for trophies, but at Arsenal it was his job to score goals and win matches, as the goals were scored trophies would be won. Can you imagine spending 930.4 million pounds for a trophy, the wage bill of City is 1.52 billion pounds.Which is ridiculous. He left Arsenal to play at City for 170,000 weekly salary.This year he was mostly bench warming played fewer games, scored less goals then at Arsenal. At least Cesc Fabregas thanked Arsene Wenger and the fans for the happy time they spent there, so did Henry .These two had class in them. Not Samir Nasri, he has no class , he must remember that class comes in the blood and not with money.Even as he gets 170,000 pounds , he has failed to do his teeth they are bad.If he finds the dentists in England are costly , he can come to India to do it. Arsenal have not won a trophy for 7 years , so what? We finished in the Champion league 15 years in a row, something City will not do. Arsenal finished third this year but they were seventeenth at one time, some achivment. And Mind you Arsenal do not have big stars at their club, they develop stars, something City fail to do they just buy. So Nasri has no class or respect for the club that developed him at Arsenal, it was after playing at Arsenal he was selected for France, not that he has done anything France were knocked out in the 2010 world cup. But what do you expect from a imigrant from Algeria?


Last week Yaya Toure had reported in THE SUN that he would love to join Barcelona again.And Today the DAILY MAIL has reported that Yaya Toure could leave Manchester City for either Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, or even Barcelona. He has three years left on his contract , and gets a weekly salary of 260,000 pounds. This looks more like a shameless greedy footballer , who now wants 300,000 pounds a week.Moe of a mercenaries then a footballer. Or have the rats started leaving the sinking ship, their loss in two years 316 million pounds, and they have a yearly wage for the club is 1.52 Billion pounds. Which rat will join the exodus? Last week when Yaya toure said he wanted to join Barcelona, Roberto Mancini said he was misquoted. But now the agent supports Yaya Toure , what does he have to say?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It looks very much like Sheikh Mansoor bought the wrong club, he has gone and brought Arsenal players like Emmanuel Adebayor for 25 million pounds, Samir Nasri for 24 million pounds, Kolo Toure for 15 million pounds, Gael Clichy for 7 million pounds . He should have gone and bought Arsenal instead of buying Manchester City. He now also wants to buy the arsenal captain Robin Van Persie for a huge 25 million pounds and a weekly salary of 250 million pounds. Arsenal will stretch their weekly salary to 130,000 pounds for Robin Van Persie.Arsenal may sell him if he does not want to sign a new contract , he will be 29 years old soon. To pay 250,000 pounds weekly is going to be risky, as even if Robin Van Persie has won the Golden Boot with 30 goals, there is no guarantee he will score 30 goals again as he is a injury prone player and this year he has not been injured.The previous Golden Boot winners Carlos Tevez and Dimitrov Berbatov have failed to score even 20 goals again.


The awards were given to the best of the 20 seasons. 1) The player of the 20 season was Ryan Giggs. 2) The manager of the 20 season was Sir Alex Ferguson. 3)The team of the 20 season was Arsenal. THE INVINCIBLE S of 3003/2004. 4) Player to score the most goals in the 20 seasons was Alan Shearer.260 goals. 5) Most clean sheets of 20 season was David James, with 174 matches. 6) Match of the 20 seasons was Manchester United verses Manchester City, 2009/2010 the score was 4/3 in Uniteds favour.

Monday, May 14, 2012


In no way should Manchester City be excited of winning the E.p.L. As both Manchester United and Manchester City both scored 89 points, the title was won on goal difference only.They should have won it by by five to ten points to really boast. Only Micah Richards has come from their youth team, Joe Hart was brought.So all the players are there for the big money, all mercenaries only.City has a wage bill is a huge 1.52 Billion pounds.And they have spent 930.4 million pounds since 2008, they want to spend a hundred million pounds this summer on Edison Cavani , Eden Hazard. City will have to reach the Champion league fifteen years in succession , then they can boast.And mind you Arsenal do not spend such crazy money to win a cup.The costliest player Arsenal got was Arshavin for 15 million pounds.Arsenal have been in the top four each year since 1996, City without spending a billion pounds can not achieve it, it is a criminal waste of money. Manchester United lost the title to City mainly due to two results , City winning over Manchester United, and Manchester United drawing with Newcastle United4-4. Roberto Mancini had clearly said Carlos Tevez would never play in the City blue jersey. But when Manchester United had a eight point lead, he shamelessly sucked Carlos Tevez shoe and let him play score goals and assist for goals as well , just to win . Wenger and Ferguson would never stoop so low.They would have sold him in January even for a loss.Ferguson kicked out Paul Ince, Veron, Jaap Stam , Roy Keane and Teddy Sherringham as well. He did not suck their shoes like Mancini did. City fans should know the loss made by their club, in the first year it was huge loss of 121 million pounds, in the second year it was a record 195 million pounds, a total of 316 million pounds. If the Manchester City Sheikh finds the amount increasing hugely he may just sell the club. Then what will the noisy Citizen do?

Sunday, May 13, 2012


As was expected Alan Pardew won the manager of the year in the E.P.L.He took Newcastle United to the brink of the Champion League for next year, but had to be satisfied with fifth place. The player of the year 2011/2012 went to Vincent Kompany. The big Belgian defender and captain of Manchester City won the player of the year.


Sadly some real good footballers in Italy retired. 1) Alessandro Del Piero, who played for Juventus only, has retired at 37 years.He came from the youth team ,and was so good at a tender age that Juventus were ready to gamble by selling the great Roberto Baggio. 2) Alessandro Nesta of A.C. Milan , he played over ten years for A.c.MIlan, even though he suffered from ankle injuries. 3) Filippo Inzaghi who played for many years at A.C. Milan with his brother Simone. These two brothers are the only other brothers beside the Ronald and Frank DeBoer brothers to win a champion league medal. 4) Genarro Gatusso the BULL in the midfield of A.C. Milan also hung is boots.


Another great football season has come to a end. Here are the main winners. 1) In Holland it was Ajax. 2) In Italy it was Juventus. They went undefeated the whole year. 3) In Spain it was Real Madrid. 4) In England it was Manchester City. 5) In Scotland it was Celtic. Rangers were not counted as they were deep in financial trouble.And were under administrator. 6) In Germany it was Borrusia Dortmund.

Friday, May 11, 2012


The Spanish club from Madrid Atletico Madrid won the 2011/ 2012 Europa Cup by beating fellow Spanish club Atletico Bilbao. This Basque club in Spain has always had Spanish footballer in their club, no foreign footballers no matter how good they are will not be taken by this proud club. This year was a all Spanish affair. Atletico Madrid came out the winner with a score line of 3-0 Two goals were scored by the Colombian striker Radamhel Falcao , who joined the Spanish club from the Portuguese giants F.C.Porto. The third goal was scored by the Brazilian Diego. Falcao now becomes the first footballer ever to win the Europa League cup with two different clubs in two consecutive years.


The way Manchester City are spending their money on players, just to win a trophy is all madness. 1) Manchester City have spent from 2008 to 2011 a total of 930.4 Million Pounds. 2) The wages of the club is 1.52 Billion Pounds. 3) The debt of Manchester City is 1.39 Billion Pounds. 4)Manchester City pay a huge interest 92.7 Million Pounds on debt interest 5) Out of the 930.4 Million pounds.365.3 Million Pounds was generated by Manchester City 6) The balance 565 Million Pounds was paid by the owner of Manchester City. 7) They spent 400 Million Pounds on buying players. 8) Manchester City have spent 3.04 Pound for every Pound they earned. This does not make very good reading, is a trophy worth so much money, please note Manchester City were knocked out of both the Champion League as well as the Europa League, the old U.E.F.A cup. They may win the E.P.L this year on goal difference.


These are the invincible teams in football. That is going through a entire season without a loss.No club has done it in Germany or France. 1) In Italy Perugia in the year 1978/79. 2) A.c. Milan in the year 1991/92. In England only Arsenal have done it in the year 2003/4. 4)In Spain Real Madrid did it in the year1931/2. 5) Athletico Bilbao did it in 1929/30 6) In Portugal Benfica did it in 1972/73 7) F.C. Porto the latest club to do it in 2010/2011. 1) Please kindly note that many giants such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona and Inter Milan have failed to do it. 2) If Juventus do win their match against Atlanta they will also join this group of invincible s.


Manchester city want to spend a total of 100 Million pounds in the summer on players. They want Edison Cavani from Napoli, who will cost anything over 40 million pounds, Eden Hazard for 30 million pounds. This is ridiculous if any club wants to buy a player, City decide to buy him, without selling any player, they have the biggest squad in England , and also the biggest loss of 197 million pounds. But this year Financial Fair Play rule comes into force. So they have decided to sell eight players .such as Edin Dezko, Emmanuel Adeboyor, Kolo Toure, Nigel De Jong , Adam Johnson. But who will buy them with their inflated prices and huge weekly salaries?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

THE E.P.L MANAGER FOR 2011/2012.

The big surprise for the year 2011/ 2012 in the E.P.L was the most successive manager was not the usual Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger . The man who really did well as manager was Alan Pardew of Newcastle United.He brought them to the brink of Champion league, a thing Newcastle did was under the late Sir Bobby Robson He made good signings as well even though he lost his best players. 1) He lost Joe Barton , their captain and free kick specialist. 2) Jose Enrique joined Liverpool. 3) Stephen Harper their goalkeeper was out for a long time injury. 4) Stephen Taylor was also injured. Tim Krul was their rookie goalkeeper who really did well , big clubs in Europe want him

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Italian giants Juventus have now come forward to say that they are keen to buy the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie from Arsenal. The main reason is that they are now playing in the Champion League next year, after a gap of many years after their scandal and demotion as well. But it looks very unlikely that the Dutch striker will fall for it . He knows that careers of footballers were very much ruined in juventus as well as Italy. Players like Henry and Patrick Vieira went through hell at Juventus , just warmed the bench. Dennis Bergkamp had it tough at Inter Milan with Marc Overmars. Later all four joined Arsenal and the rest is history.Henry and Bergkamp scored sacks of goals Viera was Arsenal captain. Overmars the flying Dutchman was a terror on the field.He was sold for a record for a Dutch footballer of 25 million pounds.To Barcelona. Robin van Persie knows this is his last big contract , before he joins a smaller club. As he is 28 years old. There is every chance of him staying at Arsenal as he has brought a new house in London.


1) Sir Alex Ferguson. Wealth in 2012 was 32 Million Pounds. 2)Roy Keane. Wealth in 2012 was 29 Million pounds. 3) Arsene Wenger. Wealth in 2012 was 26 Million Pounds. 4) Giovani Trapattoni. Wealth in 2012 was 20 Million Pounds. 5) Roberto Mancini. Wealth in 2012 was 18 Million Pounds. 6) Sven Goran Ericcson. Wealth in 2012 was 16. Million Pounds. 7) Steve Bruce. Wealth in 2012 was 14. Million Pounds. 8)Harry Redknapp. Wealth in 2012 was 12. Million Pounds. New Entry. 9 )Roy Hodgson. Wealth in 2012.was 11. Million Pounds. New Entry. 9) Mark Hughes. Wealth in 2012 was 11. Million Pounds. 11) Martin O. Neil. Wealth in 2012 was 10. Million Pounds. 11) David Moyes. Wealth in 2012 was 10. Million pounds. New entry


There is no doubt that Barcelona are still a very strong side in the Spanish League. But the main reason they lost the Spanish title to their arch rivals Real Madrid , by a margin of seven points was mainly due to the long time injury of the star striker from Barcelona, David villa, he has missed almost the entire season and may also miss the EURO 2012. If Real Madrid has missed out Cristiano Ronaldo for the same period of time , then the title winners would have been some one else. But the good news for Barcelona was that Lionel Messi scored a total of 72 goals for Barcelona , breaking the 1972 record of 68 goals set by Gerd Muller at Bayern Munich.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The Russian oil billionaire Roman Abraomovic , who brought the e.p.L. club Chelsea in the year 2003 .Has promised to pay the players ten million pounds if hey beat Barcelona in the 2011/2012 Champion League Semi final. As they defeated Barcelona all the 25 players in the Chelsea squad are now promised a sum of 350,000 pounds , and the coach Danny Di Matteo will get 500,000 pounds. And as Chelsea have not yet won the Champion league in their history the amount for winning the final verses Bayern Munich will be much more.


Manchester City just fail to understand things. They want to keep buying top footballers for very, very high prices as well as weekly salaries. They now want to buy the Dutch striker from Arsenal Robin Van Persie for 30 , thirty million pounds, and they will also be willing to pay him a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds weekly. They also want to buy Eden Hazard for 25, twenty five million pounds. This clearly means that they will have to pay him a weekly salary of 180,000 to 200,000 pounds They have many strikers just sitting out on the bench and midfielders as well . Adam Johnson and James Milner are getting frustrated now, as they do not play regularly they can not play for England in the 2012 Euro for sure. Last year Manchester City had a record loss for a English club in any level , they lost a huge 197 million pounds. And the previous year it was a huge 121 million pounds. The 2011/2012 record will be even higher as Sergio Aguero was for 38 million pounds, Samir Nasri was got for 24 million pounds. Gael Glichy was for 7 million pounds and Savic was for 6 milion pounds. As these players have very high inflated weekly salary there are no clubs willing to buy them. Take the case of Emmanuel Adebayor , he joined Arsenal for 3 million pounds and was sold for 25 million pounds. He has a weekly salary of 170,000 pounds a week, as he is on loan with Spurs . Harry Redknapp says he can not pay this salary.


It is indeed strange how some of the E.P.L clubs can behave and play. It is indeed shocking. Over the years some players in the E.P.L see to it that the clubs do badly with the idea of seeing their coaches sacked.Let us see some of these clubs. 1) The Newcastle United team were not happy with the appointment of the Dutch footballer Ruud Gulitt. So they played badly and were at one time near the relegation drop. They then appointed sir Bobby Robson as coach .He came in the middle of the season , so no new players were brought. Newcastle United the following year played in the Champion League, the last time they did it. 2) Liverpool players were not happy with Roy Hodgson as coach , they played badly and last year were fighting relegation place. Same story Hodgson was sacked and paid eight million pounds as compensation. Kenny Dalgalish took over and Liverpool are in the top ten again. 3) Chelsea. The Chelsea players were many in their mid thirties and their boss Andrea Villas Boas was 24 years old. Chelsea players failed to see eyeball to eyeball with Andrea Boas, and thet played badly to get him sacked.After he was sacked Chelsea even won a F.A. cup. This disgusting sportsmanship as well as behavior . Steven Gerrard even public ally apologized to Roy Hodgson later in a match between Liverpool and West Brom Albion.


Liverpool have set a new record in the E.P.L . History. They have now missed a total of five of six penalties in this season. This is the highest number of misses for a football club since the E. P.L started in 1992.


The Turin club Juventus also called the old lady of Turin , have won the 2011/2012 Seie A title for the first time after a long period of nine long years. They had won it way back in 2003. The club was demoted for a match fixing scandal. And their cream of best players deserted them for better and bigger clubs, such as Barcelona, Inter Milan , A.c. Milan and Manchester City. Juventus was greatly missed in the Champion League for these nine years.They will surely put preasure on the Spanish, English and German clubs next year


The wonderful winning streak of the big Swede has come to an end after eight years. He had first won his club title with Ajax of Amsterdam in the year 2003/2004.He then won the league cup in three other countries. From Ajax he moved to Juventus in Italy, he won the SERIE A with them on two different years. But sadly Juventus were demoted to Serie B . And the cream of the players moved on . He then joined Barcelona , winning the Spanish league with them. He then joined A.c. Milan. He won the Serie a with A.c. Milan last year. But A.c. Milan lost to their old rival Inter Milan 4-2.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Dider Drogba, the striker from the Ivory Coast who plays his club football with Chelsea in England , has now set a new F.A. record. Drogba new record was set in the 2011/2012 F.a cup final verses Liverpool.He has now become the first and so far the only footballer to score a goal in four different F.A. finals. In the 2011/2012 F.A. cup final Chelsea beat Liverpool with a score of 2-1. The goals were scored by Chelsea players Ramires and Drogba. Andy Carrol scored one goal for Liverpool.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Jose Mourinho the Real Madrid coach who has just won the Spanish League from Barcelona , after a period of four long years. The Real Madrid fans got impatient as Real Madrid can not go four years with out a trophy. So now Jose Mourinho wants to add new players in the summer. And the the players he has targeted for this summer is the Arsenal pair Alexander Song and Thomas Vermaelen But it is very doubtful that the two will move to the Spanish giants, from Arsenal.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Lionel Messi the footballer from Argentina , who plays his club football with the Spanish giants Barcelona . Has set a new European record for scoring 68 goals in one season. He has now broken Gert Mullers record of 67 goals , which he scored for Bayern Munich in 1972/1973. So the record has stood for 39 long years.And with two games remaining the number could very well increase , or he may be given a rest to be fresh for the Copa del Rey final match. But we must take into account that Muller has a far better goal average compared to Lionel Messi here.


The German striker Lukas Podloski , who is of Polish descent like Miraslav Klose. Has now decided to join Arsenal from the German club Cologne. He joins for 10 million pounds, as he is very good and proven striker in Germany , Arsene Wenger got him cheap . The sale was confirmed much earlier by the press.But both the clubs strongly denied it.The reason was the German club was fighting relegation and were seventeenth in the table. And the clubs did not want to anger their loyal fans, with this shocking news. The big question is will this one buy by Arsenal do to keep Robin Van Persie? This was a very good buy indeed, as he is only 26 years old and ten million pounds was a bargain. Manchester City and Chelsea would have happily paid 35 million pounds for the same player.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Manchester City are the third highest paid football team in the world.They come behind Real Madrid and Barcelona where weekly wages of footballers are concerned. Manchester City pay an weekly average salary of 86,000 pounds , or 4.5 million pounds. While Barcelona and Real Madrid , the two mighty Spanish giants, do not have a individual owner , they are owned by their shareholders.While City is owned by Sheikh Mansoor. Manchester City had a loss in 2011 of 197 million pounds, a English record for any club. And the previous year the loss was 121 million pounds.It is far to large for any club. Another problem they face is that no other club can buy these players or , for the matter pay their inflated wages.Adebayor is not able to be paid by Tottenham Hotswpurs a weekly salary of 170,000 pounds.