Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This years list of nominees for the Ball o Order has one very important name missing from that list. It is the Argentinean footballer Diego Milito, who really did well last year. And it was his goals that let Inter Milan win their first champion league from the year 1965.


Patrice Evra the French captain and the Manchester United left back has been offered a new contract to stay at Manchester United. It is a four year deal, and will keep him at the club till he is 33 years old, as he is 29 years now. This means that both the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid will not be able to buy Evra. Ferguson has increased the weekly salary from 70,000 pounds a week to 100,000 pounds a week.
Patrice Evra was the one who called Wayne Rooney a traitor, and said that he was not wanted in the club at all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This may come as a surprise to many, as England are famous for their football. Not a single manager from England has won the E.P.L. The winners are as Follows.
1) Arsene Wenger. France.
2) Sir Alex Ferguson. Scotland.
3) Kenny Dalgalish. Scotland.
4) Jose Mourinho. Portugal.
5) Carlo Ancheloti. Italy.


This may come as a surprise to many, as England are famous for their football. Not a single manager from England has won the E.P.L. The winners are as Follows.
1) Arsene Wenger. France.
2) Sir Alex Ferguson. Scotland.
3) Kenny Dalgalish. Scotland.
4) Jose Mourinho. Portugal.
5) Carlo Ancheloti. Italy.

Monday, October 25, 2010


After all the talk of not signing Rooney did sign a new contract for five year, that gives him a huge weekly salary of 250,000 pounds for a five year period. but money was not the problem . As Manchester City were willing to pay much more, they offered a weekly salary of 280,000 pounds . But After speaking with both Alex Ferguson and he spend thirty minutes on the phone with Joel Glazer the s0n 0f Malcolm Glazer. It was agreed that the Glazers would invest in players. So in the January transfer window Ferguson has 100 million pounds to buy players. And Ferguson has promised that he would clear up the dead wood at the club. So Michael, Owen, Michael Carrick, Anderson, Park Juung., Gary Neville, Edwin Van dersar will be sold. But the future of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs may stay one more year. Even their spare goalkeeper will beshown the door with Wes Brown, and even Owen Hargreaves.


After all the talk of not signing Rooney did sign a new contract for five year, that gives him a huge weekly salary of 250,000 pounds for a five year period. but money was not the problem . As Manchester City were willing to pay much more, they offered a weekly salary of 280,000 pounds . But After speaking with both Alex Ferguson and he spend thirty minutes on the phone with Joel Glazer the s0n 0f Malcolm Glazer. It was agreed that the Glazers would invest in players. So in the January transfer window Ferguson has 100 million pounds to buy players. And Ferguson has promised that he would clear up the dead wood at the club. So Michael, Owen, Michael Carrick, Anderson, Park Juung., Gary Neville, Edwin Van dersar will be sold. But the future of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs may stay one more year. Even their spare goalkeeper will beshown the door with Wes Brown.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Socrates the former Brazilian captain , and the older brother of Rai, who played in the 1994 world cup. Was a qualified doctor.But a chain smoker as well.
The former Romanian captain Gheorghe Hagi was a qualified dentist.


In Peru four footballers fainted when they were given drinks laced with sedatives. It was a crunch promotion match in Peru, the side Peruvian side Hijos de Acosvinchos lost nearly half the side in a crunch promotion match.It happened after they gulped down the drinks given by the oppasing coach during the break in play.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Wayne Rooney has signed a new contract at Manchester United. It is a five year contract that will give him a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds a week, the same as Christiano Rinaldo. the big difference is that Christiano Ronaldo is scoring goals at Real Madrid., while Rooney is facing a goal drought he has not scored a single goal from open play for eight months, it came in march.
It was funny, Wayne Rooney did not want to stay in england due to the scandal and the hounding by the press. Alex Ferguson seemed quite sure Rooney would stay.And he said Let us put it to bed tonight, He was very sure about it. This looks all made up to me.
Manchester United had orally agreed to pay Rooney 1,500 pounds a week , and make him the highest paid player after John Terry. But 250,000 a week is to much for a club , who are in 83.6 million pound loss this year. And this high salary does not mean Rooney will score goals.
Manchester city player Yaya Toure gets 185,000 pounds a week, which is the highest in the E.P.L till Rooneys new 250,000 pounds a week.


There is always a different opinion on who is the greatest, between Pele and Mara dona
Pele scored 77 goals in 92 games for Brazil. And is the only footballer to score over 1000 goals.
Diego Maradona has scored 34 goals in 91 games for Argentina.
Pele has won three world cups while Diego Maradona . has won only one world cup in 1986, that to with the help of the ill famous hand of god goal. That knocked out England in that quarter finals.
Pele was clean footballer. While Diego Maradona was thrown out of the 1994 world cup in the U.S.A for failing a drug test, the drug was ephedrine .He was always a controversial person, his drug and night life is well known in Italy during his Napoli days.
He refused to admit that he had a son , whom he had in Italy, but the D.N.A settled the case, the son plays for Napoli now. So the records stand out to show Pele is better by miles.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It is now crystal clear Wayne Rooney is leaving Manchester United, and both club and fans are angry. A advertisement at Old Tr afford said It took 100 years to build , but pulled down by Rooney. This is all nonsense one player can not make a club. And if a player wants to leave no matter how good he is , let him go. But the big question is who will replace Wayne Rooney? The two names are Fernando Torres and the Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez , but Suarez will cost Manchester United 30 million pounds , a huge amount as Rooney is out of form. So they can sell him for less.
Real Madrid have rejected his huge wage bill 12 million pounds a year. Now only Manchester city and Chelsea are there to buy him. Let us see what happens.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that Rooney will not sign a new contract, and will move in January.There is a possibility that Rooney will be sold along with Anderson and Michael Carri ck, to generate funds, as last year Manchester united made a loss of 83.6 million pounds. And as their debt continues to rise they will have to sell players.
Chelsea and Manchester City , Real Madrid and Barcelona are keen to have Rooney. Chelsea are offering only 20 million pounds, while Manchester United want 35 million pounds for him.
Spain looks more likely destination. Jose Mourinho has said to ring him the moment Rooney wants to leave.. His price would have been even higher, but he is now out of form since the world cup.And scored his last goal for Manchester United in March.
Manchester United may say anything , that Rooney want be going, but they said the same thing with Christiano Ronaldo, Ferguson said he will not sell even a virus to Real Madrid. But when 80 million pounds came he was sold.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Now it is clear Wayne Rooney will not sign a new contract at Manchester united soon. Both Manchester City and Real Madrid have come forward with a attempt to buy the unhappy player. Real Madrid have offered 20 million pounds, plus two players Karim Benzema and Lassana Diara. Now that Paul Scholes and Ryan Gig gs are reaching the end of their glorious careers , D iaria would be useful. As Owen Hargraves may not make a complete recovery, so he will be forced to retire early. And Michael Carrick and Anderson may be sold.
Manchester City want Rooney for 50 million pounds and another 50 million pounds as salary.They have offered 300.000 pounds a week to Rooney. But the big question is will Ferguson sell Rooney in the E.P.L. He sold Carlos Tevez , who is the top scorer in the E.p.L.


this year Everton and Liverpool started very badly in the E.P.L.when they clashed on 17/10/2010 both were in the bottom above West Ham. The last time these both were at the bottom together was in 1898 , that year they were relegated. But this time Everton came out victorious right in front of the new owner of Liverpool Mr John Henry. It was baptism by fire for the American owner. The big talk that his baseball team from Boston The Red Sox are champions , but do not forget Mr Tom Hicks also owned a baseball team called The Texas Rangers.
Liverpool have only six points this season,and Wolverhampton are ahead of them on Goal difference.
The best thing to do now is to sack Roy Hodgson and pay him the three million pounds.
The talk in the football world is that the Dutch coach Frank Raijkard could come in from Turkish club Galatsary. Fernando-Torres has lost all confidence.


Hawks are flying over Old Trafford to get Wayne Rooney from Manchester United, there was talk that Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea , Manchester City and Inter Milan want Rooney. Real Madrid said that they were willing to buy Rooney for 50 million pounds and that Karim Benzema would go the other way.. It is very clear that the relation between Rooney and Ferguson are beyond repair and they have not spoken for over a moth. But Jose Mourinho says he does not want him , as he already has a perfect team. Ferguson is to cunning and will not sell Rooney to either Chelsea or Manchester united . So both Barcelona and Inter Milan are there left.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Wayne Rooney may be on his way out of Manchester United in the January transfer window. As Ferguson and Rooney are no longer on talking terms, and Ferguson is no longer letting Rooney start a match.Ferguson says that Rooney has a injured ankle , but he is training and running well on the pitch.Ferguson never forgives or forgets his players. Both of them are not on talking terms since the sex scandal came in the press.Rooney could be out like David Beckham. Mr Gill says all these talks are nonsense, but we know the truth.The Daily mirror has said both the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona want him, while nearer home Chelsea and Manchester City want him. Chelsea want him to replace Dider Drogba, who is now 33 years.Meanwhile City are also willing to pay anything to get him.City are willing to pay a unheard amount for Rooney,it will be a huge 300,00 pounds weekly salary.
But he may move to Spain away from the glare of the media, his wife has agreed to move to Spain.
Now ryan giggs, Paul scholes, gary Neville are all old.

Friday, October 15, 2010


The two American former owners of Liverpool, George Gillett and Tom Hicks are blamed for the mess at Liverpool. And for Buying bad players. But this is not tue as they won the champion league in the year 2004-5. And Liverpool had players like Fernando Torres, Xavi Alonso, Pepe Reina, Dirk Kuyt. And Liverpool came second in the E.P.L in 2008. And you can not come second if you have bad players.. The two of them spent roughly 300 million players, this has not been brought in the media. And most of the Liverpool players played for their country in the world cup.
The fans were angry because a new stadium did not come up. But there was a recession going on , which was not there when the the pair brought the club.
Now was Liverpool sold for 300 million at a distress sale, as they were to get a buyer by the 15/10/2010. How much money has John Henry taken on loan to buy Liverpool. It will be same old story another American owner who knows nothing of football and the club.


Wayne Rooney the Manchester United striker may soon find himself axed from the team. Because he is bringing his family problems on to the pitch, and has failed to score a single goal from open play since the month of March. He has scored one goal this season a penalty.
Ferguson is well known to kick out players who rub him the wrong way as many have seen it.
Teddy Sherringham, Andy Cole, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Diego Forlan ,Jaap Stam, Sebastien Veron and Roy Keane are well known examples. If stories are to be believed, Real Madrid are offering 75 million pounds. and Christiano Rolando is calling him to Spain at Real Madrid. But Jose Mourinho is not so keen to have him.
Another factor is the media in England are hounding Rooney about his private life.Like there was a picture of Rooney holding the shopping backs for his mother in law.And in Spain footballers do not pay so much tax, in England they pay 50% as tax. That is why the best footballers are in Italy and Spain.


It looks very clear Roberto Mancini has lost his senses. Just supporting Nigel De Jong after he breaks the leg of Hatem Ben Arfa in two places. Mancini says there is nothing wrong in that tackle, but the sliding tackle with studs showing is a bookable offence , under F.I.F.A rules. And the refree Martin Atkinson did not even give a free kick or a yellow card. Has Martin atkinson the right to referee a game ? He is blind as a bat and stupid, he should not be the fourth referee either.
But some good came out of this ugly scene. The dutch coach has baned Nigel De Jong from two Euro cup qualifiers.A nd now Nigel De Jong wants to retire from international football.
The sooner he does so the better for football. We do not want any beast playing on the pitch. He also broke the leg of Stuart Holden in a friendly. And who can forget that Kung fu kick on Xavi Alonso chest with all studs showing, he was lucky he did not break a rib.
As he is pondering long and deep over his future, he knows in his heart what he did was bad and wrong.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Even Liverpool have won the case against the two American owners in the High court, it is not the end of the matter. They can still appeal in court. But the question I would like to ask is Mr Henry says that he will pay 300 million pounds to buy the club. But if this money is also taken on loan, like the two previous owners or the Glazers at Manchester United. The Singapore billionaire is willing to pay much more for the club as well as for new players.
Or will it be a case of falling from the pan to the fire. And the fans all upset again.
Or have we forgotten the R.S,B. the final day to sell is 15/10/ 2010. it will be 9 points deducted straight away. In other words Liverpool points will be - 3.


Fabrizio Ravenelli the Italian footballer who played in the 1990s, was called The White Feather as he had all white hair prematurely . In Italy he played for big clubs like Juventus , Lazio and others. He also played in England for Middlesbrough and Derby County. And in Scotland he played for Dundee United.
But now Dundee United are in big financial problem and have asked fans and old players to donate generously,Ravenelli has promised to contribute as well. But sadly it was not enoughh to prevent Dundee United going into the hands of the administrator .

Monday, October 11, 2010


Barcelona want 30 million pounds for their young midfielder Oriol Romeu, a young 18 year old player who has attracted int rest from the Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger , who can spot talent early. But Barcelona are not keen to let the kid go. As it is once bitten twice shy . Barcelona let Cesc Fabregas leave Barcelona early and cheap, now they want Fabregas back, but arsenal is not letting it happen easily.
Barcelona are willing to pay 30 million pounds for Fabregas, the captain of Arsenal and a player who plays for Spain at the world cup. But at the same timeOriol Romeu is in Barcelonas B team as he can not get in, with players like Xavi, Inesita, Mascherano and Bosquets there.
Asking 30 million pounds for a B team player with no experience in the big games is madness, yes Barcelona need money as they are in the red now.But this is crazy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The Dutch footballer says that the English club Tottenham Hotspur are far better then arsenal. I flatly disagree, they have spent far more on each player then Arsenal. But Arsenal only have few real stars like Arshavin and Samir Nasri. But let us ask . When was the last time that Tottenhan Hotspur won the F.A cup or even reached it. when did they reach the top four in england. Arsenal are there each year. Arsenal have even reached the champion league final once, where they lost to Barcelona. And in this years Carling cup 4th round a young Arsenal got four goals past Tottenham Hotspur and knocked them out. Figures explain that it will take a few more years to be of the same class as Arsenal. Till then he can only hope that they are the same.


The main problems facing England is that they do not have a natural leader on the pitch . Those have just disappeared, those like Bryan Robson, Alan Shearer, Tony Adams and David Beckham are not there anymore, so the youngsters can not look up to anyone. Another problem the English players score very few goals, leave it to Rooney and Gerrard to get the goals.


The hoped deal between Liverpool and the American Mr Henry, owner of the Boston Baseball club called the RED SOX. Is now on the verge of collapse, how many times have we seen this.Mr Henry has made it very clear that if Liverpool are put in the hands of a administrator , he will walk out of the deal. This means Liverpool will be deducted 9 , nine points or in other words Liverpool will be standing with minus 3 points as on todays total.
And as Mr Hicks has gone to the high court the verdict should be out this week. The talk is it is a 50-50 chance for both to win.Then in this case by the 15/10/2010, then the Royal Bank of Scotland will take over Liverpool and sell it to the party they like.
There is every chance Liverpool will be demoted , like Portsmouth was last year.

Friday, October 8, 2010


This year Manchester United have made a huge loss, it is 83.6 million pounds. But last year they managed to make a profit of 48 million pounds , greatly helped by the huge sale of Christiano Rolando to the Spanish giants Real Madrid for 80 million pounds.
This year the story is different, they are paying higher interest as the Glazers defaulted on the date. And the interest increased from 14.25 to 16.25. here they paid 40 million pounds on interest only.
Another reason for the loss is that they did not do well in the champion league last year.


The two American owners of Liverpool have spent 260 million pounds on players. The trouble was that Rafael Benitez spent this money on a lot of players some were good and and some were average, but we must not forget that he brought good players as well such as Dirk Kuyt, Jose Pepe Reina, Xavi Alonso, Danniel Agger and Fernando Torres.But some were costly and useless like Roberto Aqulanni, Lukas Levi. While some were sold as they were not settled at Liverpool like Jermaine Pennant, Yossi Benayoun.
Even though Fernando Torres is very good and scored a lot of goals, he is very fragile and is out injured for long periods. Liverpool are now in the relegation battle but it is to early. The question is how much will the new Yankee spend on This is what we have to see now.Liverpool?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Both F.I.F.A and the F.A should make a new rule. That a player who is rough and to wild on the pitch like Nigel De Jong should be given a ban from all forms of football. For the period the player who has a broken leg. For example as the French player at Newcastle United Hatem Ben Arfa , is out with a broken leg at two places, and had undergone two operations .And will be out for six to eight months. Here Manchester City must pay Newcastle for both the medical bill and Ben Arfas weekly salary.
Manchester City say there was nothing wrong with the tackle, and were in a big hurry to renew De Jongs contract. He has broken Stuart Holden leg as well a real animal on the pitch.


The Manchester City can really go crazy at times, I feel they have far to much of money, as they were declared the richest club owners in the E. P. L. The sheik h beat Mr Mithal the owner of Queen Park Rangers.
The English club Manchester City has offered to buy Gerrard Pique the product of Barcelona youth team , for huge unheard amount of 90 Million Pounds for a defender. This is unwise for a striker yes, but not for a defender. But will Barcelona sell him?


The Liverpool fans are all exited that they may finally get a buyer before 16/10/2010. But the fans have all seen this before, buyers coming from Syria, China and Dubai . And no sale being made at all. The new buyer is a American a self made billionaire, Mr Henry, he owns the baseball team The Red Sox from Boston. What will worry the Liverpool fans is that he is another Yankee who wants to buy Liverpool as a business. And he may not know a thing of football, will he divert the money from Liverpool to Boston?
Another problem is that he wants to buy Liverpool for 300 million pounds.That leaves the two American owners 144 million pounds at a loss. Both say it is unreasonable and will go to court.
So will it be the same story again, the deal falling of in court.As 144 million is a huge amount.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


1) David Beckham. 125 . Million Pounds.
2) Michael Owen. 40. Million pounds.
3) Rio Ferdinand. 34. Million pounds.
4) Sol Campbell. 31. Million Pounds.
5) Ryan Giggs. 27. Million pounds.
6)Wayne Rooney. 25. Million pounds.
7) Steven Gerrard. 22. Million Pounds.
7) Frank Lampard. 22. Million pounds.
9) John Terry. 19. Million pounds.
10) Patrick Vieira. 18. Million Pounds.
11Dider Drogba. 18. Million pounds.
12)Paul Scholes. 16. Million pounds.
13) Fernando Torres. 15 . Million pounds.
Nicolas Anelka. 14. Million pounds.
14) Petr Cech. 14. Million pounds.
14) Joe cole. 14. Million pounds.
14) gary Neville. 14. Million pounds.
18) Michael essien. 13. Million pounds.
Emile . Heskey. 13. Million pounds.
18) Damien Duff. 13. Million pounds.


Wayne Rooney the Manchester United striker , could very well e out of the club. As there is no movement where his new contract is concerned.Alex Ferguson has always had a principle to settle a new contract fast for the very good players at Manchester United, like Giggs and scholes. There was a oral agreement made between Rooney and the club before the world cup, Rooney was to get a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds a week. But his bad form at the world cup and at the E.P.L . He has scored just one goal since June and that was a penalty. To make matters worse his private life is in a mess, his involvement, with two hookers whose boyfriends were gangsters are scary for the club.
Ferguson is known to knock out players who do not fall in line. Roy Keane, Diego Forlan , Jap Staam are past players. There was talk that Diego Forlan who shown in the 2010 world cup, and is scoring goals in Spaiin may join the E.P.L.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The dutch footballer Nigel De Jong has got away after breaking the feet of the Newcastles French footballer Hatim Ben Arfa, in two places. The referee Martin Atkinson the blind bat saw nothing wrong what so ever with a tackle with al studs showing. So the English F.A are not doing a thing about it what absolute disgrace to the F.A. Nigel De Jong should be banned from football for six moths till Ben Arfa will make a come back , that is six to eight months.
The stupid English F.A. failed to see the dangerous tackle, but it was noticed by the Dutch coach who has dropped Nigel De Jong for the European qualifiers.
This is the same player who kicked the Spaniard Xavi Alonso in the chest. And refree Harod Webb failed to show a yellow card. The F.I.F.A rule clearly says that a card must be given when all studs are shown , nothing was given. This man is not fit to be on football pitch, he is a ani,al.


F.I.F.A. the world governing body of football has banned Nigeria from all forms of football. The reason being according to F.I.F.A rule Political leaders can not get involved in any way where the football is concerned. And after Nigeria did very badly in the 2010 world cup. The president sacked the entire team. The Nigerian team who are called the SUPER EAGLES, have a new name back home. They are called in disgust THE SUPER CHICKENS.
Nigeria was planning a team for the African cup of nations . The country was Guyana. They will now not be allowed to do so.
My big question is why France left out so easily, after the disastrous 2010 world cup. Here to the French president spoke with the French rebel players. but France is not banned. Is it because Nigeria are a black players and France white. Then the talk of kicking racism from football will not work Mr Blatter.

Monday, October 4, 2010


In the match between Manchester city and Newcastle United , the referee Martin Atkinson was very very bad and partial towards Manchester City. This referee was demoted by the F.A. for a match for showing a straight red card, when a yellow would have been enough. Lets see his blunders.
1) Williamson the Newcastle player clearly got the ball outside the box. It was not a penalty. If it was a penalty then Williamson should have been given a red card for bringing the last man Tevez down. Not even a yellow card was shown.
2) In the 6th minute Ben Arfa had a leg broken in two places, F.i.F.A rule clearly states when a player comes sliding with studs showing , he should get a card.Nothing was shown here
3) He failed to give newcastle a penalty when Lescott brought down Amoeboi in he box.
the english f.A must force such referees to retire.This is a disgrace to football. Was this match fixed?


Lionel Messi won the golden boot award. Lionel Messi scored a total of 34 goals. While Chelsea striker Dider Drogba and and Udinese Italian player Antonio di Natale each scored 29 goals only.
Lionel Mess i becomes the second player from Barcelona to to win the Golden Boot ,after the Brazilian Rolando in the year 1996-1997 won it.
Lionel Messi joins the the very few footballers to win all all three football awards.The others being Marco Van Baste,n Rolando, Christiano Rolando. They have all won The Golden Boot, European footballer of the year, and the F.I.F.A footballer of the year.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Manchester City have made a huge loss , just as it was expected. The loss was a total of 121 million pounds, while their wages was 133 million pounds. and their turnover was only125 million pounds. They have spent 300 million pounds on buying players. Their last years loss was 92.5 million pounds.
Now if they do not balance their books fast, the new U.E.F.A rule that comes into force next year, will bar them from taking part in the champion league, or Europa League as well.
The only way for them would be to sell some players, or give them on loan.


Both France and Spain want the son of the famous French footballer Zinedine Zidane to play for their countries. Enzo the 15 year old son, is named after Zidanes favorite footballer from Uruguay called Enzo Ferncesccoli . Enzo plays for the Real Madrid youth team. And as he has been living in Spain during Zidanes Real Madrid days, and as his mother Veronica is Spanish, the coach of the Spanish under 16 and under 17 team said that he intends to call him to play for Spain. And as Spain are both the European and world champions , they have a better chance to get him. French football is at its lowest level in years. But the future will remain on which country Zidane wants his son to play for. You can see him at Real Madrid in a few years time.