Sunday, February 28, 2010


Arsenal visited Stoke City at their famous Britania stadium. They came knowing very well that it would be a tough match. As Stoke are a tough team to play against. And Arsenal are known to be nervous in the first twenty odd minutes. And history repeated it self all over again. Stoke had Rory Delap and his famous long throws to cause heaps of problems for Arsenal.In the 15th minute a long Rory Delap throw took a wicked bounce and Pugh was clear to head the ball in for the goal. Arsenal then settled down and did their passing , it was only a matter of time before arsenal would get the goal. It came from a Fabregas kick conectted by a Betdner header beating Sorenson. In the second half Arsenal got a penalty as the ball hit a Stoke City players hand in the box and fabregas scored the penalty. Then the game took a sad turn when the young Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey broke his leg by a Shawcross tackle. but what was suprising is That he is not known for bad a wild tackles, and there is talk that Capello will call him for the friendly with Egypt. There was still time for Arsenal to score a third goal. Bedtner unselfishley centred the ball for Thomas Vermalleen to score the third. This now makes Vermalleen to bevcome the top deffende to score goals in the E.P.L . this year.


The clash between Manchester City and the E.p.L leaders Chelsea was eagerly waited. Mainly because it would be the first time Terry and Bridge would meet face to face after Terrys scandal. The first goal was scored by Frank Lampard a low goal in the corner of the net. But Terry was out played and outhought by the skilful Carlos Tevez who scored a goal from no where, here the Chelsea goalkeeper Hiliaro who was kee ping the goal as Petr Cech had a calf injury.City went in front with a a Bellamy goal. Chelsea had penalty in which Lampard scored his second goal. Anchelotti brought in Juliano Belletti as a aetra defence,but he only proided City with a s penalty as he was the last man to bring down gareth Barry a red followed and Tevez slotted home the penalty. more was to follow as Michael Ballack also got a red card.And Chelsea were to 9 men. Bellamy scored hissecond and also Citys 4th goal.
This match will be remembered for a few things, it was Manchester Citys first at Stamford Bridge in 56 years. And also for Wayne Bridge not shaking John Terrys hand.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Porthsmouth thre E.P.L football club has now gone under the administrator , who has promised to save the club.The club has been 60 to 70 million pounds in debt, they wetre not able to pay the players their weekly salary, or for the matter pay up their electric bill either.
They are the first football club in the E.p.l history to be in the hands of a adminstrator. They also face a direct nine point penalty, which makes little difference to them as they are already sitting at the bottom of the E.p.L table.What is the future for both the many players as well as the club will now have to be seen.Mr Storrie has promised to step down.


Arsenal have made a pretax profit for the sis months ending in november 2009. There was a clear profit of 10 illion pounds, compared to the year 2008. and at the very same time Arsenal debt also shrank from 332.8 million pounds to a total of 203.6 million pounds only.
We must give full credit to Arsenal staff for acheiving this. As we must remember a big recession was also going on. And other clubs like Manchester United and Liverpool have a joint debt of 3.billion pounds. And 47 clubs in U.E.F.A were in debt. While Chelsea owner cleaned their huge debt with a equity fund.
I wish more clubs did what Wenger does . That is sell players and then buy only.And no big mad spending. Porthsmouth are into a adminstrattion as well.


barcelona visited Stuttgart for their first leg champion league match in their group of 16. Even though Barcelona is the reigning champion , we must remember that very few clubs have won the cup two years in a row.Stuttgart had done their homework .
The Brazilian born german internatinol Cacau was the constant threat right from the start, he even got the first goal in the 25 th minute with a header. The Spanish club played rather badly for champions, the only attempt at goal was from Messi. The first half was stuttgarts as they out played barcelona , and Jens Lehmen was a suspectator in the goal.But after half time talk Barcelona was a different team altogether , Messi made some good runs and there lehmen was more on his toes, the attacks did pay off,Barcelona equalized through goal from Zalatin Ibrahimovic in the 52 minute , the first shot of his was superbly saved low down by Lehmen but it was slotted down into the net.
Pep Guardiola says that barcelona must improve in the return match.But they go happy with a away goal in Barcelona favour.


Wayne Bridge the Manchester city and England left back has decided to step down from the 2010 world cup for England. the reason being that man John Terry , the man who slept with Bridges sons mother vanessa Peronchel. Now that the left back Ashley cole broke his anckle , so Bridge was first choice to take Coles place But bridge can not bear to shake hands with terry , as John Terry has so far shamelessly refused to apologise to Bridge even. You can imagine if Terry and Bridge have to share the same hotel room or next one.What about them on the pitch as both are full backs.
According to me Fabio capello should have the courage and drop john Terry, as he was dropped for the 2002 world cup as there was a case against him.if england managed with out him then they can do it again as well.
I am proud of bridge who did not let the world cup come between him and his principles.There were other footballers who retired early from England mainly Paul scholes and Jamie Caraghaer.Managers have tried to call them back but they have refused for good. Now the player who will benafit is Leighton Baines.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Chelsea visited InterMilan for their champion league match at the San siro.both the managers Carlo Anchelotti and Jose Mourinho both managers with teams that have won the champions league before , Mourinho with F.C.Porto and and Anchelotti with A.C..Milan.The Italian giants were surely going to face a tough match from chelsea with their mean deffence.
But the first goal came in the third minute of the game , the ball was was passed by Sneijder to Diego Milito to score in the third minute only , but Chelsea were not worried and Drogba came the nearest to score with a thunderous free kick that hit the post.. Early in the second half chelsea had a claim for a penalky turned down, as Solomon Kalou had his hels clipped, the referee waved on play, but replay shows he was clipped. But then Lolous dismay turned to joy as he scored a equalizer in the 53rd minute but then the winner came from a Cambiasso goal.
peter cech was injured in the 61st minute and was carried out, to be sustituted by Hilarro.
It was supossed to be a match between the two African giants Drogba and Etoo, sadly both did not get to much of the ball to add to their champion goal tally.
Inter Milan had 46 percent possession Chelsea had 54 possession.Inter Milan had 6 attempts at goal Chelsea had 8 attempts at goal.Attempts of goal inter had 6 , chelsea had9. corners Inter 0 Chelsea3.The one goal will not worry Chelsea but the injury to Cech will worry,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ashley Cole the England and Chelsea left back feels cheated and let down as he is fined 200,000 pounds and may be fined another 400,000 pounds . The offence was that he brought girls to the Chelsea hotel room for sex. Ashley says that Chelsea did not fine John Terry for doing something similar, only Fabio Capello took away Terrys captains armband.But ashley must remember one thing that John Terrys affair did not take part in a hotel , which Chelsea was paying the charges.Or was Terry The special One to get out so lightly.Anyway cole has a broken anckle and as he recovers those salary will go as he recovers.He will know his future at chelsea by this week after a meeting with the board, and he may also be sold , both Barcelona and Real Madrid are keenly watching the developments.


According to the U.E.F.A report of 2008. The 18 clubs in the E.P.L. made the most losses among the Europen clubs, the second most highest looser was Spain. The country that made the most profit in europe that year was the german Bundesliga . The E.P.L loss was 3.5 billion pounds or 4 billion euros. Please note only 18 clubs were counted as both Porsmouth and west Ham did not have a licence that year from U.E.F.A due to their financial loss.
There are atotal of 714 clubs under U.E.F.A. The E.P.L made 11 percent profit mainly from television . But at the same time they were in 18 percent loss due to the very high wages paid to the players, and they want more take Joe Cole Chelsea arewilling to pay him in the new contract from 80,000 pounds a week to to 100,000 pounds, but he wants 120,000 punds and so has not sighned a new contract. Manchester United and Liverpool owners have taken huge loans to buy these clubs, a grand total of 1 billion pounds , between them. Both the American owners like us never saw the long recession comming as well.
47 percent of the clubs in Eorope have made a loss. And do not for get 2009 and 2010 report is left to come, which is not going to be any better either.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Keith Harris the banker , head of Seymour Pearce bank, this bank sells football clubs, he sold four clubs mainly Manchester City twice and was trying to sell Newcastle United for Mike Ashley as well , but the recession came in and the sale was stopped.
Keith Harris has said that just by protesting outside Old Trafford will not serve any purpose. The best and only thing to make the Glazers feel the pinch is to stop attending matches of Manchester United , all seasonal tickets should be torn .And the seets should be empty at the stadium.
In the year 1998 at Barcelona all the white hankies came out and seats were empty at the Nou Camp , the President resigned soon after.
There is to be a big joined protest in March before the Manchester United verses Liverpool match as both are facing similar problems. Banners like Yankee Cheats get out will be commen.


Ashley Cole the England and Chelsea left back, often refereed to as the best left back in the world. Has both family and football trouble , both over bringing girls to the Chelsea hotel room. The Russian owner is very strict and has appointed a party to look into the matter. Now not only will he be fined 400,000 pounds. But if there is truth in the story that he took the American Ann Corbitt to the bus and Chelsea hotel room in Seattle he could very well be shown the door. This is the same owner who did not hesitate to sack both Adrian Muttu for a cocaine offence, and the man who sacked Jose Mourinho the Special One.
But the two Spanish giants are watching like hawks , both Real Madrid and Barcelona want him.And the talk going around the football world is that Jose Mourinho will join Real Madrid next year.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Lukasz Fabianski the Polish and Arsenal goalkeeper in the Champion league match verses F.c.Porto, conceeded a soft goal letting it pass through him. Then to make matters worse he handled a backpas fromSol Campbell leadingto a early free kick a goal as well
In the champion league match in2000 A.c.Milan verses Leeds united. Dida madea costly error by misjudging a long shot from Lee Boyer Dida dropped the ball and then saw it cross the line.
In the the 1990 world cup in Italy the Columbian goalkeeper Rene Higuita in the match verses Cameroon , higuita came to the half line and Roger Milla dribbled the ball as the keeper failed to kick the ball.leading to Columbia getting knocked out.
In 2001 in the Match between Arsenal and Manchester United Fabian Barthez kicked the ball directly back to Henry who scored it. Four minutes later he failed to clear the ball fromPatrick Vieira letting Henry score. The Arsenal crowd chanted Give it to Henry.


Ashley Cole the Chelsea and England left back was fined 200,00 pounds last week. But now there are new alligattions that Ashley Cole had taken the American Ann Corbitt into the Chelsea hotel room , in June 2009 during Chelsea tour of the U.S.A. But as the Football Association has a rule that a player can only be punished by the club diducting two week salarry of the footballer. But here Chelsea say that this is a another case altogether as the girls were different and it happened on two different places and times. And now Chelsea will come harshly on Ashley Cole as they will double this fine to a huge 400,000 pounds.
Chelsea are taking the matter very seriously as there are reports that Ann Corbitt was not alone in the Chelsea hotel, as there was a minibus with both footballers as well as a few girls in the bus at Seattle and they were also in the hotel.
Many Chelsea players may feel the pinch and their purses may get lighter.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Ashley Cole the English and Chelsea left back , also called by the english press as the love rat. Has now been fined by the Chelsea owner, the Russian oil tycoon Roman Abrahomovic ,for all his sex scandals a grand total of 200,000 pounds. As Ashley Cole has just signed a new contract of 100,000 pounds a week, the fine is a two week salary total.


The hard working Argentinan midfielder Javier Maschareno has told the english club Manchester City, that he is not intrested in moving to Manchester city from Liverpool. he told the owners that they should remember one thing. And that it is possible to buy players , but it is altogether another thing , as you can not buy History.


It is clear now that the Sweedish referee Martin Hansson should not be chosen as a referee for the 2010 world cup. He has proved it again that he is a poor referee , can not handle matches of such as champion league and world cup. This is his third major , major blunder.
1) He gave liverpool a penalty scored by Gerard. He then went into hiding and refused to answer the phone.
2) The hdouble handball of Henry, in the world cup qualifier.He said he could not see . Then he should have known that at the time Malouda took that kick there were two french players offside. Or did he not see that as well.
3) The champion League Arsenal verses F.C.Porto. He allowed Porto a quick free kick efore the wall was ready. Photos show Michael running to take the kick , with Hansson hand up and the hand with the whistle down. The F.I.F.A rule says that the refere must give a signal and then blow the whistle.The player can not kick before that. It did not apply here.It is clear now that the match was fixed and Porto paid cash to Hansson.
But Blatter supports him martin Hansson. and will take hime to South Africa as a referee.We shall see howlers after howlers there.
martin Hansson should retire from refereeing and be a firefighter only.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sepp Blatter and F.I.F.A must not let Martin Hansson referee a game again. As if that game between France and Republic of Ireland was not the howler of howlers. Referees are suposed to keep their eyes on the ball . But there he was not. Also in the match between Arsenal verses Porto, in the second half he gave a free kick, which was taken quickly , before Arsenal made a proper wall even. And the kick was cleverly taken by Michael ,the ball went to Falcao to score the goal
Please note readers that THE f.I.F.A rule clearly states that the referee must give a signal before blowing the whistle. Not here it was taken far to soon to give a signal as well as to bllow the whistle
F.I.F.A should be ashamed of themselves for suporting the referees just because they are employees of F.I.F.A. If this nonse goes on with the help of Blatter and Michael Platini France will win the 2010 world cup no need to blow the whistle even.


The champion league match between Arsenal and F.C. Porto was played on 17/2./2010. The Arsenal team had five players missing due to injuries, a striker Bendtner just returns from injury to.Arsenal are known to start the first 20 odd minutes in a nervous jittery mood.We saw it again.The first goal was scored by the Arsenal goalkeeker Lukas Fabianski who dropped the ball into his net from a Silvestre Varela corner in the 10 minute. but Arsenal got their equalizer from the oldest man on the pitch Sol Campbell who is35 years old. Fabregas had a corner kick which Rosicky headed down for Sol to score from. Tomas Rosicky was bundeled down in the box, but Tom Hansson the referee failed to give a clear penalty.Please note this is the same referee who failed to see the handball of Henrys twice. Why F.I.F.A employed him for this game I failed to see.
he winning goal came from a comic manner, Sol Campbell gave a backpass and Fabianski used his hands. This lead to a free kick taken cunnily and fast before the wall was ready, itwas taken by Michael to Falcao who slotted it in .The game ended at 2-1 in Portos favour.The referee allowed the free kick to be taken early. Fabregas said after the maytch this was mistakes made by street children playing football, it was shameful.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It is always the case when ever Barcelona or for the matter Real Madrid have president elections , these two clubs and their standing candidates make all sort of promises of bringing this and that player to their club. This year it is Barcelona who have papers saying all things of bringing Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal.And the price is steadily rising from 20 millionpounds to30 then 40 n0w 45 million pounds it may reach 60 million as well.
But remember if this is true then he , Arsene Wenger would sell them. Barcelona once offered two strikers as well as 30 million pounds.
Let us have a look at some players who left Arsenal. May I ask you readers where are THEY now.Aleksander Hlep, Matheu Flameni, Kolo Toure, Adebayour, Patrick Vieira,Theirry Henry.
Wenger would happily sell. If a player wants to go Arsenal will make big money see Anelka he plated at manchester City and Bolton Wanderers.Some other players who wanted to leave w3ere sold like Emmanuel Petitt and Mark Overmars who was sold from Arsenal to Barcelona for 25 million pounds , this is the highest ever paid for a Dutch footballer ever.
Wenger does not believe in clinging to players if they want to leave. We saw Berbatov sulk away at Spurs, we also saw Lescott sulk at Everton till he moved to Manchester City.
In the end do not forget Fabregas has a contract to honour and he has a very levelled head for a 22 year old.


In the champion league in the group of 16, played on the 16/2/2010 at the San Siro, it was a match in which Manchester United had upto now never won at the famous San Siro. The first goal did not take long to come, it came in the 3rd minute , as Ronoldhino s free kick took a wicked defection from Carrick leg and the ball went in.But the manchester players were guilty of giving the ball far to easily , it was then left to the old boy Paul Scholes to score the equalizer in the 36th minute. Ferguson was a relieved man . But in the second half the game startd the same way with A.c.Milan attacking with shorts from Huntellar which was twice saved by Vander Sar smartly.The suprise was David Beckham wwho was a main suspector hardly played a major role .Milan had far to many chances both rio Ferdinand and Johnny Evans gifting the ball far to easily, to the anger of Ferguson.Then it was left to Rooney to score and get that lead the first goal in the 66th minute and his winner came in the 74th minute both good headers.There was still a twist Clarence Seedorf scored Milans second goal in the 85th minute.
Possession A.c. Milan52%. Manchester United 48%.
Attempts on target. Milan 8. Manchester United 4.
Attempts of target Milan 9. Manchester United 9.
Corners. Milan. 6. Manchester United 4.
fouls . Milan 14. Manchester United 17.
Yellow cards Ronoldhino . Milan. Manchester United Rooney and Carrick.
Red card 0 . ManchesterCarrick got the red card for kicking the ball in injury time.
Attendence . 80,000. Referee. Benquernace.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The arsenal football club have a few rules, such as no mad buying footballers at a huge price like Real Madrid or Manchester United,.As costly players also have high weekly salaries as well.Another rule is that players once they reach 30 years will only get a one year contract at a time, no two year contract will be given. Even the great silky Dutch man Dennis Bergkamp got one year at a time, and he played at Arsenal till he was 39 years old.Another rule is that no player will be taken back at Arsenal once they leave the club.
But this January they broke that rule to take back their former defender Sol Cambell on a free transfer.And he is 35 years old. Maybe because all the defenders were injured .


John Terry and Wayne Bridge must realize that they will have to kiss and make up as soon as possible and make the Three lion team England united in the dressing room, for the world cup.But if they are going to be enemies still,then as Wayne Bridge has to replace Ashley Cole on the left back position.The sooner they do it the better.
But what if they do fail to kiss and make up? Then the best thing for Fabio Capello to do would be is to sack both of them and choose two other players to fill up their place.
Not many players wilbring theirwives for the world cup, I can promise you all.As Terry can not be trusted he needs rehab very badly like Tiger Woods needed it.

Monday, February 15, 2010


A.C.Milan the famous Italian Club , has now got a new sponserer . The previous one was the Austrian Betting site called B.WIN.They also sponsered Real Madrid.Milans new sponserer is the EMIRATES AIRLINES. They will start in June 2010. The deal is worth 60 million Euros, 52 million pounds or 82 million dollars.
The Emirates also sponser Arsenal, Hamburg and Paris Saint Germain.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


After Fabio Capello sacked John Terry after a three minute meeting and then chose Rio Ferdinand as the new english captain. My big question is was it correct to do so.For you see Rio Ferdinand should be a very good role model, but in the year 2004 , Rio Ferdinand just refused to go for a drug test and was punished by the F.A with a 8,eight month bann. This is indeed a long time in the E.P.L , this lead to Chelsea winning their E.P.L cup for the first time in fifty long years.And they won it the following year as well.
It is very well known F.I.F.A looks down at drug cheats.In my oppinion the captain should be Steven Gerrard and the vice captain should be Frank Lampard.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Racism has stuck out its ugly head in Italian football all over again. The Inter Milan player Mario Bolotelli, who is from African parents og Ghana and is adopted by Italians has suffered where ever he plays. In a match between InterMilan and Juventus, the Juventus fans taunted him by chanting There are no black footballers in Italy. So Juventus were fined and had to play a single match behind closed doors. Even Ghana have asked Mario to play for Ghana , which he has rejected. He wants to play for Italy in the 2010 world cup.
Italy better stop this racism attacks or they may even fail to get a chance to hoist the Euro Cup.


The English coach fabio Capello has a big problem now. As his full back Ashley Cole who plays his club football at Chelsea, has now broken his anclkle in the match with Everton. It is also decided that Cole will now go for asurgery and will be under the knife. he will then be out for a total of three months. That means he will come to play at the end of May.Now there will not be enough time to get i nto match fitness. As we see Lescott and gael Glichy both have not been the same after their two month break from injury. The replacement will be Wayne Bridge. My question will he Terry and Bridge play well sise by side after Terry cheated Bridges girlfriend and slept with her?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


People must understand that all comes do not have the same amount of money. Chelsea and Manchester City have 15 to 20 times more money then Arsenal. And all clubs have different policies, Arsenal have theirs which is not to spend like 30 million pounds on a striker, they always get young and cheap players who shine. arsenal simply do not reach the Champion league 12 years in a row.Manchester City are 92.6 million pounds in debt the first year , what about their second year loss. Look at manchester united mess 716 million pound debt plus 504 million pound debt from bonds. They will have to return that as well.Arsenal fans ask where is the money from the sale of Adebayour and Tourie. Please do not forget the loan for the Emirate Stadium has to be payed yearly. So players will be sold to do that. Arsenal is the only club that is not in debt due to buying players. And please remember this costly players have a costly weekly salart to.
Take Maroune chamakh Bordeaux wanted 13 to 15 million for him but arsene Wenger got him free.Simply we do not call him the Professor.He has a Masters in Economics.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


William Galas the french defender who plays for arsenal , may leave the club in the summer. The reason being that william Galas is now 32 years of age . And Arsenal have a rule that once a player reaches the age of 30, thirty years he will only get a one year contract not a two year as William galas is seeking to get. This also happened to Robert Pires, and as Arsenal refused to give in , he then joined Villarreal in Spain, he still plays there. Even the great Dennis Bergkamp got a one year contract only andhe played till he was 39 years at Arsenal. So let us see what happens now.
But if Arsene wenger puts it on the table the the board may consider it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ramon Calderon the former president of Real Madrid,now says that he did the deal for the signing of Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester united for a record amount of 80, million pounds even after Sir Alex Ferguson and hisbig talk of ,That he would not sell Real Madrid even a virus leave alone Ronaldo. But Ramon Calderon says he did the deal way back on 8/12/2008. even though both Barcelona and Inter Milan both wanted to buy Christiano Ronaldo.
But then Ramon Calderon was caught in vote rigging for the presidents post.And Florentino Perez did the final deel.But it is now clear Manchester united sold Ronaldo because of the financial mess of the Glazers.


It is absolutely clear now John terry does need help badly. It is not just his cheating with eight or nine girls but he must get admitted for rehab and get completely alright, as the world cup is now fast aproaching. His wife Toni can see that the new rules are followed. She wants John Terry to return directly home from practice or a match. but John will become a total rebilous man if kept in a cage like a animal. Now other things have come out, which are not good.The Daily Express states that John Terry has taken a mortgage last year for a sum of 3.95 million pounds on his 2.25 million pound house in Oxshott, Surrey in july 2003, has been dogged by rumours of his gambling proplems. but his friends say he no longer bets on the scale he used to do in the past.But the worrying thing is he still has a number with the bookeepers.


F ranck Ribery the french winger who plays his club football with the german giants Bayern Munich, says he would like to move on and would not like to have a fresh contract. He is more keen to join Barcelona , and Real Madrid also want him. But his team mate Arjen Robben at Bayern Munich has warned him of joining Real Madrid . And Robben should know better as he played for Real Madrid. He told Ribery that he would be sitting on the bench more often as they have a big team, and he will have to fight for his place there. But Ribery wants to join Barcelona as Theirry Henry his friend has told him that barcelona is better.

Monday, February 8, 2010


John Terry is reported to have paid the former girlfriend of Wayne Bridge a sum of 400 thousand pounds to keep her lips all sealed up and not to tell the press her side of the story for money.he may have to pay all the eight girls the same amount or more each.
But that is not all the talk in town is that John Terry could very well loose a sum of 200 million pounds from endrossements only . People are all reporting to the companies falsely saying they were representing John terry on his behalf, with out Terry knowing anything.
Here it is a clear old case Fame and shame all go together. We saw Tiger woods , Kobbe Brynt also.


The match played between Arsenal and Chelsea on 7/2/2010. was a lovely game to watch from a neuteral point of view.Even though Chelsea won the game 2-0.And both the goals were scored by Dider Drogba in the firs t half.It was not at all Chelsea for the90 minutes.AS both Samir Nasri and Anderi Arshavin had a few good chances of their own, so did Fabregas have his as well.But Petr Cech was by far the busier goalkeeper.
Arsenal had 56percent of the ball possession, while Chelsea had only 44 percent ball possession.
Arsenal had a total of 6 attempts on the goal.Chelsea had only 3 attempts on the goal.
Arsenal had a total of 8 attempts of target. Chelsea had 6 attempts of target.
Arsenal had 4 corners. Chelsea had 8 corners.
The point to remember of the 3 shots at the goal drogba scored twice, that what counts.And most of the game was in Chelseas half.


People are blaming Arsene Wenger for not getting a striker in January. But Wenger will buy the right striker also the price c.ounts for him. They say he should have brought Maroune Chamakh the Morroccon striker , who plays for Bordeaux. But if he did that then Marone Chamakh could not play for Arsenal in this years Champion league games, and the price was high as Bordeaux knew Arsenal needed a striker badly.Now Marone Chamakh has come forward to say that he would love to join Arsenal in the summer as a free agent.He prefers Arsenal to Liverpool.
Anyway this years january transfer was the poorest in many a year.Not a single big club inSpain, Italy, England or Germany splashed out the money, mainly they were all on loans.All are saving their money for the June signing.



Sunday, February 7, 2010


Arsenal are ready to make a new five year contract for Cesc Fabregas, the Spanish captain of Arsenal. Even though thre is a three year remaining on his contract. The Arsenal club are willing to make a 30 million pound deal with him.They are also willing to pay him a weekly salary of 120,000 pounds a week.This is the highest Arsenal have ever decided to pay their player. Not even the great Henry, Patrick Vieira or Dennis Bergkamp were paid this much. The main reason is that as Fabregas is Spanish he will naturally have a desire to return to Spain one day, but not now as he is only 22 years and both Barcelona and Real Madrid want him. But if he goes there he knows he may sit on the bench with Xavi , Ineista and other midfielders already settled .But Arsenal has been a club known not to splash money like Chelsea or Manchester United. Now Manchester united say they will sell Michael owen whom they got free . But they say they can not pay his weekly salary.

Friday, February 5, 2010


John Terry has been sacked from being captain of England. It all started after the press disclosed John Terrys affair with French model Vanessa Perronchel, who was former partner of Wayne Bridge. Fabio Capello just had a 12 minute talk with Terry face to face , and then come to the decission of sacking John Terry. The new captain of England will be the present vice captain Rio Ferdinand ann the new vice captain will be the Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard. The main reason of the stripping of Tery was to make sure the team was united during the world cup in South Africa. But the Chelsea coach Carlo Anchelotti has no problems and Terry will continue as captain of Chelsea.


The Euro cup is getting bigger and more popular each time. With the number of teams going to increase in the 2016 Euro Cup.
The 1992 Euro Cup generated a total of 41 million Euros.
The 1996 Euro cup generated a total of 147 million Euros.
The 2000 Euro cup generated a total of 230 million Euros.
The 2004. Euro cup generated a total of 852 million Euros.
The 2008. Euro cup generated a total of 1.3 billion Euros.


Arsene Wenger and myself strongly believe that there is no need to splash a lot of money like Manchester united and Manchester City just to win. We all know it has landed Manchester United in over 700 million pound debt. They now will sell players to generate funds, but it will nothelp them. It is alwaysbetter do what the Professor does, find good players from around the world get them young and cheap and keep them for a few years and develop them . And if need be sell them for a good price.Wenger always gives the youngsters a chance to play in the Comunity shield and the Carling cup, where else will they get a chance to play?He has got discarded players like henry, vieira, Fabregas and Anelka . He got anelka for 500,00 pounds and sold him to Real Madrid for 23.5 million pounds.This is the way to balance yourbooks . he got Overmars cheap and sold him for a record for a Dutch player , to Barcelona for 25 million pounds. Manchester city and Mr Cook are dreaming that money will get the club to the top , it is not so.And can CITY reach a Champion league for ten years in a row.Even Spurs have not got there.Dream on Mr Cook.


Manchester City are tempting their main players with a huge juicy carrot , to reach the champion league next year, to win the F.A cup and Carling cup . Each of their main players will get one million pounds each, at a time of recession and a loss of 92.6 million pounds in the first year this is not realistic , but plain crazy . Because next year report will show a bigger loss then this year that is for sure.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Aleksander Hlep the Belareus footballer has this to sayand warn footballers.He was brought from the German club F.c.Stutgartt to Arsenal by Arsene wenger to replace Robert Pires who was 30 years old.And at arsenal once you are thirty years you will get only one year contract. Pires wanted atwo year one. Hlep was a good footballer with quick feet. Later as arsenal want money to pay the money taken on loan for the Emirate stadium, Hlep was sold to Barcelona. But as Barcelona are Barcelona with a big team ,hlep was not getting a regular starting place at Barcelona. He has now left Barcelona and has now taken a complete circle and is now playing again for F.C. Stutgartt.Where he started his career. So this will be the faith of players who join big clubs and do not get a place in the first team. We are seeing it with Luis Nani and Ryan Babel, both want to impress their country coaches for the 2010 world cup.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


People are still talking about the wonderful year the Spanish giants Barcelona had in the year 2009. They became the first club in Spanish history to win all the three titles in that year. And they won in all six titles , just fantastic.Yes we must also remember that Guardiola never did manage a club before this.
What he did was simple as he played for Barcelona under Johan Cruff in the early 90s with players likeRonald Koeman, Romario, Stoichkov, Michael Ladrup, Nadal, Amor , Sanches, Zubizeratta.he is now using the same method Johan cruiff had used and how it has payed rich dividents.And yes he had a very good team as well with youngsters comming in as well.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The French striker Thierry henry has gotten away without any fine or even ban for using his hands twice in a world cup qualifier against Republic Of Ireland. The reason given was the referee did not see it or mention it to F.I.F.A.
I would like to know what was the referee doing along with the two linesmen and the fourth referee, they are all paid for doing a just and honest job, sadly it was not so. France had to come out winner by hook or by crook. Now we can see this disgraceful stanard of refereeing in the 2010 world cup in South Africa, and France will be the winners natutually.What a shame for F.I.F.A.


The sale of footballers in the month of january 2010 was most likely the poorest in years.Even big clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona were quiet. Most likely these clubs were worried of the recessionand only players were transfered on loan times, like a six month or a years period on loan. And many players wanted to impress their country coach to get a place in the world cup.Even players like Robhino and Robbie keane had to go on loans.Most of the clubs brought players in the two million or three million pound only. Only Smalling was for seven million pounds from Fulham.The last day saw only 20 million pound transfer. Which was really peanuts.Or most likely clubs will spend only in the summer.

Monday, February 1, 2010


John Terry is not far from Tiger Woods in his sex scandals.It goes back to 1999.
1) Terry had a five month affair with 42 year old blonde promotion model Jayne Connerey.
2)March 2002.Glamour girl Nicola Ulian was seen sneaking into Terrys hotel room when Chelsea played Liverpool.During their five month affair.
3)September 2003. Alleged to have bedded 18 year old model Rebacca Ryan , in the Manchester hotel where England stayed for their Euro 20004 qualifier match.
4)January 2004. seen kissingtopless model Linsey Dawn.McKenzie.
5)May 2004.Former porn star Karina Clarke 29 and model Emma Kearney 31 said sex was wild and a little rough.
6)November 2004. Started a six monthfling with model Lauren Pope.
7)September 2005. Terry had a two month fling with Shalimar Wimble. He used wayne bridges house.
8) November 2005 . 17 year old Jenny Barker, she performed sex act in Terrys 100,000 bentley.


John Terry the Chelsea and England football captain, has been in the wrong side of the law on many a time.Here is the list.
1) 2001, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Eidur Gudijohnsen and Judy Morris , were accused of insulting behaviour towards Americans, a day after the Illfamous 11/9/2001 attack on the U.s.A.
2) Both John Terry and Judi morris were charged for assault at a night club , and the F.A did not consider Terry for selection for the 2002 world cup in Japan.As the court case was pending.
3)2009. Johns mother Sue Terry and motherin law Sue Poole were caught shop lifting together.
4) 2009. Johns father Ted Terry was caught passing cocaine to a undercover newspaper reporter.
50 2010. John Terry is caught in a sex scandal involving former Chelsea team mate Wayne Bridges ex girlfriend., named VanessaPerroncel . Who was also a unergarment model. Vanessa got pregnant , and had to be taken by John terry , from a side door , to have a abortion done.The best thing for Terry would to hand the captains aarmband to Capello to choose from Rooney orGerrard.