Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Over the years Arsenal has had many talented strikers, but these stand out over the rest.
They are Ian Wright,, Dennis Bergkamp aand Theirry Henry.
1) Ian Wright was a famous striker and knownfor his speed and skill for poaching goals.He broke Cliiff Bastins record forthe most goals scored for Arsenal.
2) Dennis Bergkamp the Dutch footballer , who was brought from Inter Milan after a unhappy time in Italy.
He was known as the None flying Dutchman, aafter the 1994 world cup when his plane was cought in rough air.. He never flew again . He even missed U.E.F.A matches , and played the return matches at Highburry.He was none for his silky passes and he holds the record for the most aassists in the E.P.L.With a total of 166 passes.
3) Thierry Henry the french wizard who was brought from Juventus after a unhappy time there. Hee presently holds the record fforthe most goals at Arsenal.
THIERRY HENRY. 226. 370. 0.61.
IAN WRIGHT. 185. 288. 0.64.
CLIFF BASITIN. 178. 395. 0..45.
DENNIS BERGKAMP. 129. 423. 0.29.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Liverpool are in talks with a kuwaity billionare Nasser Al- Kharif., He is the worlds 46th richest man.
The main reason for the talks is that the two American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet jr were not at all popular owners at Liverpool, the fans did no like them as they said thetwo were only intrested in making money of the club and not intrested in the club at all.
The two arein debt to tune of 350, million pounds.
So Liverpools financialcheif Philip Nash and comercial director Ian Ayre have now gone to the middle eastfot talks and a possible 400 mllion piound deal .So let us be patient and see what happens.


Suliman Al Fahim the owner of Manchester City and has now eyes on Chelsea as the talk goes the owner of Chelsea Roman Ambrahovic intrest in the club has decreesed recently..
Suliman Al - Fahim along with five German investors now plan to buy Chelsea football club. AsScolari and some players do not see eyeball to eyeball, and Ambrovic has been rumoured to have lost20 billion pounds inthe Russian share market.
There is also a possibility that Suliman Al Fahim might have realized he was hasty and brought a small club instead of Manchester City., according to me Newcastle would have been a better buy.

Friday, January 23, 2009


THe condender for the post of the president of Real Madrid for a second time is Florentino Perez, who was famous when Real Madrid had their famous Galaticos like Zinedine Zidane, David Becham, Michel Owen, Luis Figo and Ronaldo. But it must be remembered that with all these stars they failed to win the title , forthe years Perez was Real Madrids president from 2000-20006.
He is also known for buying Luis Figo from under the table from Barcelona .Which has now led to an understanding between the two clubs, of not repeating it again.
His promise is o bring Real Madrid to the top of the Spanish La Liga. And for thjis he ha plans to buy Kaka from A.C.Milan and Cesc Fabregas rom Arsenal. And to have a strong experinced coach thetarget is Arsene Wenger the manager of Arsenal. But Arsene Wenger never breaks a contract and Wenger has already rejected the offer on two ocasstions.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Robhino the Brazilian striker at Manchester City has been fined 320,000 pounds by his club, which is exactly two weeks salary.
The problem arose after Robhino left the training camp at Tenerife, and went back to Brazil.
Robhino says he had asked the club for leave so that he could spend his 25th birthday i Brazil with his family.
The question now is wether Robhino left in anger after the club failed to get fellow Brazilian footballer Kaka? Or did Robhino go after ggetting an oral permission to go.
The club officer Parry Cookhas told him to return to Manchester City to Play New Castle United.this week.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The long awaited sale of Kaka from A.C.Milan to Manchester City collapsed as Milan now say Kaka was never ever keen to move away from the San Siro.
But why did it collapse? Firstly why did he not say from the beginning that he did not want to leave A.C.Milan. Manchester City would not have spent time and money.
secondly why did Milan allow the talks to proceed i f he was not for sale.
The price rose gradually from 75,million pounds,100 million pounds and finally to 108 million pounds.
and finally Kakas father who is his adviser flew down for talks.
I personally feel the Milan fans played a big part in the outcome of the talks.They had banners saying Kaka is priceless . Leave your hands of Kaka.
But the winner is definately football , because 234 million pounds on a player is just plain madness, how many clubs can afford it?So I am glad it failed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The E.P.L started a fresh in 1992 , and the records are refered from 1992 the new E.P.l.
From the year 1992 today a total of 194 hat tricks have been scored in the E.P.L.
The first hat trick in 1992 was scored by Eric Cantona for Leeds United verses Tottenham Hotspur.
The fastest hat trick in the E.p.L was scored by Robbie Fowler in 4 minutes 32 seconds , for Liverpool verses Arsenal.
The most hat tricks is by Alan Shearer who scored 11 hat tricks for Blackburn Rovers and New Castle United.
The only player to score a hat trick on debut for his club is Jermaine Pennant who scored a hat trick for Arsenal.


During the match between A.C.Milan and the Club from Florence called Fiorentina, played at the San Siro in front of 65,000 thousand fans and which could also be Kakas last match for the club.
The talking point was the referee Robert Rosetti. He originaly gave a penalty to Fiorentina as he thought that the Milan goalkeeper ChristianAbbiati brought down Steven Jovetic. But Rosetti discused with the linesman and then cancelled the penalty.
Yes I have yet to see a stupid Referee in the E.P.L ask his linesmen for their assistance.
Take the case in the match of Aston Villa. which was won by Villa by two goals and both were illegal goals, the first goal James Milner used his hands when he dived , the second was a penalty . But the foul was comitted outside the dee , only the player fell in the box. Such howlers by these dum referees are a disgrace , to football will the English F.A. kindly wake up.

Monday, January 19, 2009


The E.P.L. championship as it is known today , started in the year 1992. And from 1992 to 2008, the champions have always been the big four clubs . That is Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. But in the year 1994-95 Blackburn Rovers became the first small club to win the E.P.L championship, and till today no small club has ever won the title.
This win by Blackburn Rovers was mainly due to the services of Alan Shearer , he was later bought that year by NewCastle United for a world record at that time.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Now that Manchester City have almost completed the sale deed of Kaka now it is in the final stages wiiith his father also flying down to Milan.
This is what Manchester City will have to pay out in all,as it increased from 100 million pounds to 108 million pounds. And another 108 million pounds will be kept aside for Kakas salary for another five years.Add to this27 million pounds will go for the agents fee as well as the signing fees.
the whole total works out to 243 million pounds two hundred and fourtythree million pounds.
Kaka may put a clause in hid contract that Manchester City must qualify for the champion league next year.


There are two main footballers on the Real Madrid radar to buy in june. They are both from Manchester United club in England.
1 ) Carlos Tevez the Argentinan striker who is loosing patience with his club over a newcontract and always being a substitute. Real Madrid are keen to buy him as he is a good player and gets important goals for the club.
2 ) Christiano Ronaldo the Portugese winger is the second player they very badly want. They had talks with Ronaldo in the summer , but the transfer then did not work out. Ronaldo now says that he has agreed oraly with Real Madrid to move to Spain in the summer.


Arsenal may have to spend a record amount on one player in the january transfer window. Last year they lost their main strength in the midfield, with the departure of Gilberto D,Silva , Matheu Flameni and Aleksander Hlep. And to make matters worse for the club their influential captain Cesc Fabregas is out for three long months.
In the summer they bought Sameer Nasri, but one player will not do so Arsene Wenger is trying to get the Russian playmaker Anderi Arshivan, from Zenith Petersburgh. Dick Advocatt is asking for 20 million pounds for the player, and it is well knownthat Arsene Wenger does not spend so much money on one player, and that to when the world faces a credit crunch.
The previous record spent for one footballer has been 13 million pounds for the french striker Sylvian Wiltord who was brought from Bordeaux in 2003.
Arsene Wenger is very keen to get Andrei Arshivan as Arsenal have never had a player to hold the midfield since Dennis Bergkamp retired.
So let us see how much they compromise as today is already January 15th.It should be done in the next week.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


There are several theories why Kaka may leave A.C.Milan and join Manchester City.
1) That Kaka and Ronoldhino , who joined A.C.Milan from Barcelona in the summer , did not gell very well with fellow Brazilian Kaka.
2) Once Kaka was called the golden boy of A.C.Milan , and Sylvio Beruscoloni said that kaka was not for sale at any price. But things have changed at Milan with Alexandre Pato taking over the title of the Golden boy.
3) 100 million pounds was very tempting amount to any club , plus Kaka gets 75 million pounds.
4) There is talk that Carlo Ancheloti may join Manchester City as the coach as under Mark Hughes they are placed fifteenth in the E.P.L table.
5) That David Bechems contract at A.c.Milan could be extended. But this sounds far fetched and the weakest reason
Even if Kaka is sold he has put his own condition to the owners of the club.
1) Robhino must remain at the club, and he can not be sold.
2) Kaka has given Manchester City atwo year period of time in which the club must reach the champion league without fail. These are his main ones , now his father has flown down to Milan for the final talks of the transfer.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


A team of people have come from Manchester City football club to A.C.Milan .
The talk going around the football papers is that , City and the rich sheikh from Dubai are willing to offer A.C. Milan 100 million pounds for the Brazilian playmaker Kaka, and his salary would be a whooping 500,000 pounds a week. Somebody has said if we are ready to pay footbasller 500,000 pounds a week as a salary for just to kick the ball it clearly shows how very insane we are.
But Kaka says he has no intention to leave A.C.Milan, and wants to be captain of Milan one day.And he does not want to make the same mistake like Robhino who was sold fromReal Madrid to Manchester City for32.5 million pounds. And the club is languishing at the fifteenth place in the E.P.L
But there is a talk the Manchester City people mainly came to talk about the Goalkeeper Nelson Dida.And Kakas name poped up.Below are the few big transfers.
1) Zinedine Zidane from Juventus to Real Madrid for a sum of 47 million pounds.
2) Luis Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid. for a sum of 39 million pounds.
3) Hernon Crespo from Parma to Lazio for 34 million pounds.
4) Robhino from Real Madrid to Manchester City for a sum of 32.5 million pounds.
5) Christian Vieri from Lazio to Inter Milan for 31 million pounds.
6) Dimitrov Berbatov from Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester United for a sum of 30.75 million pounds.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Dois Riachos Alagoas or better known in the football world as Marta Vieira daSilva, is a Brazilian lady footballer and who has won the F.I.F.A footballer of the year 2008 for ladies.
She is the other lady footballer to win the award three times . She has won it in 2006- 2007- 2008.
The only other lady footballer to win the award thrice is the German footballer Brigit Prinz who won the award in 2003-2004-2005.


The F.I.F.A footballer of the year 2008was won by the young footballer from Portugal, called Christiano Ronaldo. who plays his club football in England with Manchester United. He becomes the third footballer from Portugal to win the award, after the great Eusibo and Luis Figo.
The winners in the past eight years are as follows.
1) 2008 Christiano Ronaldo. Portugal. club Manchester United.
2) 2007. Kaka. Brazil. club. A.C.Milan.
3) 2006.Fabio Canavaro. Italy. club. Real Madrid.
4) 2005. Ronoldhino. Brazil. club. Barcelona.
5) 2004. Ronoldhino. Brazil. club. Barcelona.
6) 2003.. Zinedine Zidane. France. club. Real Madrid..
7) 2002. Ronaldo. Brazil. club Real Madrid.
8) 2001. Luis Figo. Portugal. club. Real Madrid.
9)2000) Zinedine Zidane. France, Club. Juventus
Please note Zinedine Zidane and the Brazilian Ronaldo Lima are the only players to win the award three times. Ronaldo Lima is the youngest footballer to win the award at 20 years.
Fabio Canavaro is the only defender to win the award as well as the oldest footballer to win it.


Gianluigi Buffon the Juventus and Italian goalkeeper , comes from a very sporting family.
1 ) Adriano Buffon , Gianluigis father was a weightlifter.
2) Maria Stella his mother was a discus thrower.
3) Veronica his sister played volleyball.
4) Guendolina his sister also played volleyball.
5) His uncle Angelo Mosocco played basketball.
6) Lorenzo Buffon is a cousin of Gianluigi buffons grandfather, Lorenzo played 89 times for Inter Milan, and also played for A.C.Milan. He also played 16 times for Italy.

Monday, January 12, 2009


1) Gianfranco Zola hasn been told to sell his top footballers to make money for the club.And to start by next season with a fresh team.
2) The Welsh striker Craig Bellamy , would very well want to join Tottenham Hotspur even though they are willing to pay far less money . Maanchester City are willing to pay 14 million pounds for him.
3) The former Liverpool left back John Arne Riise , who now plays his football for the Italian club A.S.Roma . Is now very much wanted by New Castle United.
4) Michel Owen has now agreed to make a move to Manchester City. And at Manchester City he will get a weekly salary of 90,000 pounds.
5) Glen Johnson has signed a new four year contract with Porthsmouth some time ago . But there is a buyy out clause for a ten million pounds a release clause this cold very well see him of from Porthsmouth to Liverpool in the early summer.


Fredie Kanoute the famous striker from Mali. Who made his name as a good striker with West Ham United along with Paulo Dicanio the famous Italian, and who moved to Spain and now plays for the Spanish club Seville, along with the Brazilian Luis Fabiano.
Has now got himself in trouble , just because he has mixed religion and sports together.
During his latest match for Seville , he showed out a jersey which he wore under his white Seville Jersey, a black one with the word PALESTINE in several languges. The Spanish football governing body has taken a serious view of the whole thing. Yes Fredie Kanoute is a muslim and support the Palestinans, but not in the pitch. Fredie Kanoute says I do not mind doing it. I only wanted to support the people of GAZZA.
Now Fredie Kanoute will be fined and Banned as well. The Spanish F.A. Have yet to decide on the amount and the length of the bann.


In the match between Manchester United verses Chelsea, which was played on 11/1/2009. Christiano Ronaldo headed in a goal in the 45th minute from a corner kick , taken by Wayne Rooney it was a short corner passed to Ryan Giggs, who then kicked the ball for Ronaldo to head in a neat header but the referee and linesmen disallowed the goal.
But let us see why the goal was not allowed?
Firstly the ball must be still in the place where the corners are taken, this was moving, secondly Rooney passed the ball backwards to Giggs so the corner was taken from the wrong place. Referee HaroldWebb disallowed it. But Vidic scored a header in the corner kick that was retaken.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Italian club Juventus also called The Old Lady have now decided to sell their jewel in their crown their goalkeeper Gianlughi Buffon , for over 100 million pounds, which will be a new record of some kind in football history. The Main reason to sell Buffon , is because Manchester City have come knocking on the door, as Casper SchMichel wants to leave the club, and Joe Hart has made some blunders like once he kicked the blue balloon instead of the ball , which lead to a goal. And he always leaves his towel in the back of the net , which is a good target to aim and score a goal. But the main reason that Juventus wants to sell Buffon is to get over 100 million pounds , so with that money they want to buy Lionel Messi from Barcelona for 75 million pounds, and also have some money to buy other footballers.


Carlos Tevez the Atgentinanan striker, who is now feeling unsettled at Manchester United, all the more after the arrival of the Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov, has been now given a chance to leave Mancheater United . And the Spanish Giants Real Madrid are willing to give Tevez a yearly salary of 25, million pounds .
We must always remember that Sir Alex Ferguson does not like Real Madrid at all. As they have beaten Manchester United several times in the champion league matches in the past. And all the more he hates them as they tried to get Christiano Ronaldo last year.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


The Italian giants Juventus , often called the Old lady of Turin. Has now decided that it has to break the bank to buy a footballer.
The main reason they want to do this is that they want to replace the Czech Republic footballer, Pavel Nedved, who is a very talented midfielder , and was brought by Juventus from the Italian club Lazio.He was bought to replace the French midfielder Zinedine Zidane, who left for Real Madrid. Now that Pavel Nedved will soon be retiring from football in a year or two.
So now they want to break the bank to buy Lionel Messi the Argentinan footballer who plays for the Spanish club Barcelona.
Juventus now are willing to spend 75 million euros to buy Messi, this will be a club record.
But the big question is will Barcelona sell Lionel Messi?

Friday, January 2, 2009


Shay Given the Irish and Newcastle United goalkeeper wants to leave Newcastle , all after the hiding Newcastle got at the hands of Liverpool the game ended in 5-1 in Liverpools favour. This Given says has been his worst game.
Even though he joined Newcastle from Blaclburn Roversfor a sum of 1.5 million pounds eleven years ago and has been a very strong and loyal servant at Newcastle United. Given compared with other goalkeepers is small in size , while the rest are all over six feet in height, he is not so tallbut he makes it up in a agille body., with sharp reflections and wonderful eye, he has kept Newcastle in the game single handedly on many a time.
Now Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City all want him as he is bound to do well in any club.
The trouble at Newcastle is that beside Michel Owen , thje players are an average team and have weak defenders, and the burden falls more on Shay Given, even as he has a contract till 2011. Let us see if he will move in this January or in the summer.? The club are not keen to sell him.