Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Manchester United have been a one man van this year. But Sir Alex Ferguson will not agree here at all. The one man van I call is Robin Van Persie , till today he has scored 26, twenty six goals for Manchester United. Beside Rooney the other two strikers Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez hardly scored any goals this season. So let us be honest without those 26 goals , would Manchester United have won with a record total points. Mind you he was Arsenals goal scoring machine the previous year with 37 goals.Then how Ferguson hated him , now he is the darling of Manchester United fans have a poor memory indeed, Javir

Where will Robert Lewandski go next season?

The Polish striker Robert Lewandski who plays his club football with the German club Borrusia Dortmund. He has said very clearly that he will not sign a new contract with the German club.So where would he go was the question. Manchester United were keen on him at first and it was reported that Wayne Rooney would be shown the door instead as Rooney has been on the bench quite often , beside Ferguson and Rooney no longer see eye to eye.Or with a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds and FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY around the corner . Ferguson was told to trim wages and sell players. The German club want 80 million pounds for Robert Lewdanski.But the Pol has said he will be in no hurry to join as he would like to see who goes out first. With Wayne Rooney , Danny Welbeck,Robin Van Persie Javier Hernandez he may get a bench role only. The fellow German giants Bayern Munich wanted him as well. But Borrusia Dortmund will not listen to them at all, as they have pinched their young player Mario Gotze from below their own noses. Bayern Munich will now look at the bad boy of football Luis Suarez as a replacement.


The Dutch striker Robin Van Persie , who spent eight years at Arsenal, when he joined them from the Dutch club Feynoord for a sum of 2.75 million pounds mere peanuts. But as he had only one good year of those eight the rest of them he was injured.Was sold to Manchester United for a huge 24 million pounds, for a injury prone player. But after Robin Van Persie got out of the Manchester United bus at the Emirates stadium, he made a very big mistake and instead of going to the visitors dressing room , he walked straight to the Arsenal dressing room the one he used for eight years. Robin Van Persie face was all red , but he did meet up with Arsenal staff and players. Arsene Wenger joked may be the food at Arsenal is better, so are the staff and players. But such things happen in sport, recently the Formula 1 driver Luis Hamilton drove his Mercedes car into the Maclaren pit, as Hamilton was a Maclaren driver for a few years. But this could even have been more embarrassing to Robin van Persie and Manchester United had he even scored a own goal as some have done.

Friday, April 26, 2013


The Spanish giants Barcelona were defeated in their first leg of their semi final match with a score of 4-0. to the German giant Bayern Munich, the goals were scored by Arjen Roben , and Mario Gomes scoring a goal each , and two were scored by Thomas Muller. Both Barcelona players as well as fans called it a disgrace.But please there was nothing disgraceful about it, it was a match played with a club on the verge of winning a triple trophy. But the record books show that the last time Barcelona lost a match with a 4-0 score was way back in the year 1997 , it was fifteen years ago. But the second leg will be played at THE NOU CAMP Barcelona , with over 95,000 attendance and hostile ones , pressure will be on the Germans. Here we must not forget that written legs are more tougher. Arsenal defeated Bayern Munich 2-0, and Bayern Munich made it by scraping through on the away goal rule. But one thing is very clear it is very premature to say that Barcelona days are over.As they are the only club in Champion League history to play each year since it started in 1950. The last match Barcelona lost 4-0 was in 1997 to Dynamo Kiev.So do not expect another 4-0 score in favour of Bayern Munich.


The famous Polish striker Robert Lewandowski was playing for a Polish football club called Lech Pozon, way back in the year 2010. He did attract the interest of the then Blackburn Rovers manager Big Sam Alardyce. Sam Alardyce flew to Poland a few times to get a first hand view of this young footballer. He liked what he saw and a agreement was made with the club Lech Pozon for 4.5 million pounds.Alardyce gave this footballer the nickname Rushie . That is Polish for Rush. As he played very much like the great Welsh striker of Liverpool in the golden period of Liverpools Ian Rush. But sadly mother nature was going to play a big part in this young footballers career. There was a volcano eruption in Iceland and the ash was thrown high in the sky , and all flights were cancelled, The young footballer was stranded at Frankfurt airport. At this time Borussia Dortmund offered the 4.5 million pounds, the deal was done and Robert Lewandowski has been in the German club since then.


The football rules set by F.I.F.A states that a footballer can get three match ban for violent conduct on the pitch.But here Luis Suarez , of Uruguay and Liverpool got straight ten match ban. Both Liverpool and Luis Suarez were taken aback by the harsh punishment given to Suarez.He got it for biting the Chelsea player Banislav Ivonovic. But other footballers have broken the legs of another player and have escaped with three match ban. Roy Keane in his book states he broke the leg on purpose. But here we must remember that in 2010 Luis Suarez while playing for Ajax of Amsterdam bit the ear of the P.S.V. Eindhoven player, midfielder Otman Bakkal. The Dutch F.A gave Luis Suarez a seven batch ban. It was for the second time he did it that he got a ten match ban.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


1) Sir Alex Ferguson. 34 Million Pounds. 2) Roy Keane. 29.1. Million Pounds. 3) Arsene Wenger. 29. Million Pounds. 4) Roberto Mancini. 21. Million Pounds. 4)Giovani Trapottani. 21. Million Pounds. 6) Seven Goran Eriksson. 16. Million Pounds. 7) Steve Bruce. 14. Million Pounds. 7) Mark Hughes. 14. Million Pounds. 9) Harry Redknapp. 13. Million Pounds. 10) Rafael Benitez. 12. Million Pounds Now we must note that Roy Keane , Mark Hughes and Steve Bruce all played their football under Sir Alex Ferguson at one time or the other.


The Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has a major anger problem and needs treatment fast.But he is not taking it.But both Liverpool board and Luis Suarez thought the ten match was far to harsh. As the ban for violent conduct on the field is a three match ban. But instead of taking treatment he is running from the problem. THE DAILY STAR has reported that the agent of Luis Suarez Pere Guardiola , has fixed a meeting with the Liverpool board asking for a transfer to Bayern Munich.And the new manager of Bayern Munich will be Pep Guardiola. P.S.G are also keen to buy him as Zalatin Ibrahimovic may leave P.S.G. to join Manchester City.And the selling price of Luis Suarez is fixed by Liverpool at 35 million pounds for a troublesome player.Both Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson would not buy him. Alex Ferguson said he was a big disgrace.


Since the year 2004 Forbes is monitoring the wealth of football clubs and footballers. 1) David Beckham. England. 33.1. Million Pounds.P.S.G. 2) Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal. 28.5. Million Pounds. Real Madrid. 3) Lionel Messi. Argentina. 26.4. Million Pounds.Barcelona. 4) Sergio Aguero.. Argentina. 13.6. Million Pounds. Manchester City. 5) Wayne Rooney. England. 13.3. Million Pounds.


From the year 2004 Forbes has seen to the top ten football clubs. And from 2004 it was Manchester United that always lead the table. But this year the Spanish giants Real Madrid have taken the top spot.Even though Spain is on its knees economically 1) Real Madrid Spain. 2.18 Billion Pounds. 2)Manchester United. England. 2.09 Billion Pounds. 3) Barcelona. Spain. 1.72. Million Pounds. 4) Arsenal. England. 880 Million Pounds 5)Bayern Munich. Germany. 860 Million Pounds. 6) A.c. Milan. Italy. 634 .Million Pounds. 7) Chelsea. England. 595. Million Pounds. 8*Juventus. Italy 458. Million Pounds. 9) Manchester City. England. 455. Million Pounds. 10) Liverpool.. England. 430. Million Pounds. .


This is a list of ten footballers in the E.P.L to get the longest bans in E.P.L history. Both Joe Barton and Luis Suarez appear twice in the list. 1)Eric Cantona for kicking a Crystal Palace , he got nine months . 2) Vinnie Jones got six months and three years os being suspension in 1992. 3)Joe Barton got twelve mkatches for kicking Carlos Tevez , Sergio Aguerro and headbutting Vincent Kompany/. 4)Paulo DiCanio got eleven matches for pushing referee Paul Alcock. 5 5) Luis Suarez got ten match ban for biting Banislav Ivonovic. 6) David Prutton got ten match ban for pushing referee Alan Wiley. 7) Ben Thatcher goteight months for elbowing Pedro Mendez. 8) Luis Suarez gets eight match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra. 9)David Batty gets six match ban for pushing a referee. 10) Joe Barton got six match ban for attacking Ousmane Dabo. To this must be added Rio Ferdinand , who got a eight match ban for failing a drug test in 2004/2005.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The Uruguayan striker who plays his club football with Liverpool , just got a ten match ban and was fined according to the F.A rules. Which states a player can only be fined two weeks salary, no matter what the offence. But Luis Suarez has said the entire fine should go to the Hillsboury foundation , for the Liverpool victims. But was the fine and ban fair enough? Mind you this was for Luis Suarez biting the arm of the Chelsea player Banislav Ivanov, but the referee failed to see it. But I would like to take your memories to a boxing bout between Mike Tyson and Evander Holafyied. In that match Mike Tyson bit the ear of Evander Holified. Mike Tyson was fined two million dollars and was banned from boxing for life. Will we such a punishment in football?


Luis Suarez needs help very badly of controlling his anger on the field.In the E.P.L match between Liverpool verses Chelsea , Luis Suarez bit he arm of the Chelsea player Banislav Ivonov.Yes Suarez did apologize to Ivanov , but Ivanov refused to take the apology.Yes these things must not happen on the pitch, as these footballers are role models for kids around the world.. But the Club and Players along with the P.F.A. PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION have all come forward to help Luis Suarez get his anger under control. He has been given a very long ban, he has got a ten match ban. Usually the F.A give three match ban for any violent conduct. And as he has done it before he has been given ten match ban. This will hurt Liverpool points in a big way as he is very good player and scores goals when needed.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


this is the list of the ten richest clubs in EUROPE. 1) Real Madrid. 512.6. Million. 2) Barcelona. 483. Million. 3) Manchester United. 395. Million. 4) Bayern Munich. 368. Million. 5)Chelsea. 322. Million. 6) Arsenal. 290. Million. 7)Manchester City. 285. Million. 8) A.C.Milan. 256. Million. 9) Liverpool. 237. Million. 10) Juventus. 195.4. Million.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Kanu the Nigerian striker who played many years for Arsenal and won the F.A. Cup for Portsmouth in 2008 in the final verses Cardiff . And as Portsmouth were relegated from the E.P.L , and had nine points deducted as they were under the administrator. Portsmouth had several buyers over the years , but their financial mess remained. Kanu filed a case against the club for three million pounds. And now that he is thirty six years old and finally decided to hang up his boots for good. Kanu has made a very generous decision he has wiped out the three million pounds the club owed him , withdrew the case for good. He said he saw the state of the club and , as life goes on . He has also hung up his boots .


It is reported in the CAUGHT OFFSIDE ,that the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will buy a new striker in the summer. And the one most likely to join is the Bosnian Edin Dezko, who plays for Manchester City.But Dezko is unhappy at the club as he joined Manchester City for 27 million pounds, he has scored 38 goals in 102 games , and 43 goals came after he came on as a substitute. Arsene Wenger had got two strikers Oliver Girroud and Lukas Podolski but they did not fill the boots of Robin Van Persie. The price will keep Wenger from buying him, as Manchester City want to get back the 27 million pounds they paid Wolfs burg. There are two German clubs also interested in Edin Dezko, they are Borrusia Dortmund, in case Robert Lewdanskileaves, and Bayern Munich both say they will not give a blank cheque to Manchester City. But we must remember one thing very clearly, Arsene Wenger is a person who does not tell the press which player he will buy. He just buys and then tells the press.

Monday, April 1, 2013


The big question is will Liverpool manage to hold on to their Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez , who is their main goal scorer? As he is a very good striker and fit only to play for a club, playing in the champion league. It is reported that Bayern Munich are keen to buy him next year. And Bayern Munich have a new coach next year . It is the Spaniard Pep Guardiola. And to make things difficult for Liverpool the agent of Luis Suarez is the brother of Pep Guardiola, who will convince Luis Suarez to join the German giants Bayern Munich.