Saturday, October 31, 2009


F.I.F.A has now short listed a total of 23 footballers for the footballer of the year 2009. There are 6 from Barcelona,6 from Spain 6 from Chelsea and only one from Italy Gianluighi Buffon.
1) Michael Ballack. Germany. Chelsea.
2) Gianluighi Buffon. Italy. Juventus.
3) Iker Casillas. Spain. Real Madrid.
4)Deigo. Brazil. Juventus
5)Dider Drogba. Ivory Coast. Chelsea.
6) Michael Essien. Ghana. Chelsea.
7)Samuel Etoo. Cameroon. Inter Milan.
8) Steven Gerrard. England. Liverpool.
9)Thierry henry. France. Barcelona.
10)Zalatan Ibrahimovic. Sweeden. Barcelona.
11)Andrea Iniesta. Spain. Barcelona.
12)Kaka. Brazil. Real Madrid.
13)Frank Lampard. England. Chelsea.
14) Luis Fabiano. Brazil. Seville.
15) Lionel Messi. Argentina. Barcelona.
16) Carlos Puyol. Spain. Barcelona.
17)Frank Ribery. France. Bayern Munich.
18)Christiano Ronaldo. Portugal. Real Madrid.
19) Wayne Rooney. England. Manchester United.
20)John Terry. England. Chelsea.
21) Fernando Torres. Spain. Liverpool.
22)David Villa. Spain . Valencia.
23) Xabi. Spain. Barcelona.

Friday, October 30, 2009


The former coach of Inter Milan Roberto Mancini and the chairman of Inter Milan Massimo Morratti have parted ways after a codial shakehand. Roberto Mancini has been given a sum of 11 million Euros as a compensation as they had sacked him and brought in Jose Mourinho in his place.
This will increase the rumours that Roberto Mancini is most likely to take up the coaching job at Real Madrid. But Roberto Mancini agent says Real Madrid have not yet made any contact with him.So we shall see what really does happen at Real Madrid now.


When Real Madrid was defeated and humbled by a village team . We should see a little deep into the team. There were a total of 14 , fourteen footballers used by Pellegrenini in the match with Alcaron . They were totally valued at 150.5 million Euros, and only Raul and Guti came free from the youth team. Between them the players have played a total 465 international games for their respective countries, and won a total of mimimum 95 trophies amoung the 14 players. No wonder the fans are hopping mad at all at Real Madrid.


Real Madrid are a rich, famous, popular and also proud club with plenty of ambition , soo if they see that they are slipping down in the La Liga table , they do not mind to higher and fire the coach.Now they are in a fix after spending 253 million pounds in the summer and failing to get Arsene Wenger from Arsenal , they chose Manuel Pellegrini the coach of Villarreal .Now his job is in danger they say that he has two matches to save his job . The one against Getafe on saturday and the champion league return leg verses A.C.Milan.
Roberto Mancini and Lucciano Spalletti were in Fiorentina Perez mind. But now a third man as coach is also there he is Luis Aragones the former coach of Spain when they won the Euro 2008.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


In the match between Real Madrid and Alcaron in the Copa Del Rey cup, in which mighty Real Madrid were humilated4-0. Now the fans do want the sacking ofcoach Manuel Pelligreni for this defeat. But sacking coaches will not solve the problem, Reals main problem was Guti his game was horrible, his ego is to big in the dressing roomand on the pitch. You can say it is a cancerous like thing.
The other problem and the real one was the selling of the two Dutch masters Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder in the summer, these two are known goal scorers and goal provders as well. Both are doing well in their clubs in Germany and Italy.
Keeping Dudek in the goal was not wrong he is a good goalkeeper both at Liverpool and Feynoord he did well. It was the defence that failed in their job here did not followw their men and stick to them.One even scored a own goal.
Pelligreni did a very good job at Vilarreal he brought the small team up inthe spanish La liga , after he left they are struggling, so this speaks volumes he is a goodcoach even Robert Pires who joined Villarreal from Arsenal has said two months is not enough to sack a coach please be patient sack some players instead.


Already Real Madrid is in deep thoughts of sacking their Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini. And all this will greatly depend on the next two matches which Real madrid play . They play Getafe in the La Liga and then they play A.C.Milan, if they looseboth of them then Manuel Pellegrini is sure to be sacked . Real Madrid are known to have a very little patience with their coaches you can see how many have come and gone at the Bernabaeu. Former Real Chilean striker Ivan Zamarrano pleaded yesterday to the Real fans and board to show patience and give the coach full support.
But sacking the coach is not the answer it is the eleven players who score the goals.
It will cost Real Madrid if they do sack Manuel Pellegrini a good amount of 11 million Euros and do not forget Real Madrid paid Villarreal 4 million to buy out his contract, so 15 million Euros will go down the drain.


The English football club Porthsmouth are banned from buying any players till they pay up all the debt they owe to other football clubs. They owe both Arsenal and Liverpool money for these two players Lassana Diarra and Glen Johnson. They are also at the bottom of the 2009-2010 E.P.L. But there is no gloom and doom yet. A pair of men have come forward to buy the clun from the Saudi Owner Ali Al Fariaj, a person who knew nothing of football.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


After Real Madrid lost their champion league match verses A.C.Milan, and were humilated and booed after the match with a third division side Alcaron. People are talking that Real Madrid that are knownto hire and fire coaches far to easily are now on the look out for some coaches to choose from the list is a short one only two names are there.
Both these coaches are Italians and have good experience i their field and both are not attached as well with any club.
The names are Roberto Mancini and Lucciano Spalletti .
Roberto Mancini was the coach of Inter Milan for many years and they won the scudetto also.
While ucciano Spalletti was the coach of A.S.Roma for many years and left recently. The talk was why he left was Spalletti wanted to get the Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy from Real Madrid but Roma were not keen as he was past 30 years.


Real Madrid are the Spanish giants and have been so for many decades and have won both the Spanish League and Champion League most times. They play in the capital of Spain Madrid, and their players are all costly and professional footballers while Alcaron footballers are part time footballers , or they have been discarded players from big clubs as they did not have the class or the quality.
Now where the money is concerned Real Madrid have a yearly budget of 420 million pounds , while Alcaron have a budget of 1.1 million pounds or1.6 million dollars.
Their stadiums a small one of 3,000 sitting capacity only. While the Real Madrid stadium is a huge fortress with well over 70,0000 seater.
No wonder when Real Madrid lost 4-0 in their own backyard in front of their fans, the fans were in no mood to forgive the team and club bosses .The director Jorge Valdano had to plead to be united with players and club .


Both Jorge Valdano and the Chilean coach of Real Madrid have pleaded to the Real Madrids fans to remain united and support the club, as Real Madrid lost in the Copa Del Rey cup to Alcoron , a team that has always played in the third division, it is a village teamwith a astadium of three thousand only. While Real Madrid had all their stars , a team costing 250million pounds and only Kaka and Ronaldo were absent. Real was considered the team of the century, but they lost to Alcoron with a score of 4-0, it could have been much more with a shot hitting the post and two going very close.
This is not expected With Raul, Vander Vart, Diara, Benzeema, Gutti Cassillas and the others.
Now the talk is that in the week if Real Madrid loose to Getafe then Peligrenni will be sacked and shown the door, even before he could find a proper starting team.


Chelsea want to buy the Argentinan striker Sergi Aguero , who is also the Argentinan coach and legend Deigo Maradona son in law.Sergi Aguero plays his club football in Spain for the Atletico Madrid club. Last summer they refused to talk to Chelsea at all but now they have come forward to listen to Chelsea and have fixed a price for Sergi Aguero which is a large sum of 42 million pounds for a 21 year old footballer , quite high I must say.
But there is a hitch in this deal Chelsea were banned from buying, or taking any footballer on loan till January 2011. As Chelsea have appealed against the ban , the case will come for hearing in the month of december.If Chelsea loose their appeal in december then they will have to wait patiently till 2011 january to buy. Their plan was to get him in as a striker for the future as Dider Drogba who is already 31 years old.


The mighty Spanish giants Real Madrid were humbled by the second division club Alcoron,and it was not won by a snall margin they beat Real Madrid by a a huge score of 4-0. And they haaad all their top players as well for the match.Real Madrid have now nade it a habbit of throwing away matches in the Copa Del Rey matches, the last trophy Real Madrid was in 1993 over sixteen long years. Real may say that this Copa Del Rey cup is not important for them the champion league cup and the Spanish la liga cup is more important. But look at Barcelona for them every cup is important. Last year Barcelona became the first Spanish club to win all three trophies in their history.
Real Madrid have now in their last five games have lost two and drew two games, and with Ronaldo injured with an anckle problem this years champion league cup may also be lost.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The Inter Milan fans are angry, as they feel that their club is a big one in Italy in the Seire A but when it comes to the champion league it is a different thing all together, they are not at all the same team even with smaller known clubs they scrape through with a draw. This year to history is repating it self they are in te bottomof the table.
The last time Inter Milan won a champion league is well and truely long agomore then thirty long years have passed.Jose Morinho has not been able to win here with Chelsea or Inter Milan his last Champion league win came in 2004 with F.C.Porto.
The fans now in anger say that Jose Mourinho is not at all the special one as he claimed , but mainly an over rated coach and the costliest coach today.
Inter Milan last won the Champion League in the year 1964, and in the year 1965 40 long years have passed.


David Beckham will again join A.C. Milan in the month of Januarty on a loan, just as he did last year, it will be the Los Angles Galaxy of season. Last year David Beckham was a big success at Milan.
The main reason of this loan at Milan is to give the English coach Fabio Capello some more chances to see Beckham play. As he will get a last chance next year to play for England in the world cup in South Africa.
Milan says it is all done and only the signature of David Beckham is needed on the contract paper.We must remember that David Beckham who is 34 years old is on the wrong side of it, a injury could well end it all for him.


This champion league game played between the Spanish giants Barcelona and the Russian minnow saw the Spanish giants loose by a score of 2=1. This is considered the biggest upset in the champion league history, as Barcelona is the only club in Europe to play in the champion league every year from the time it started in the year 1950.
As we all know that football is not only of skill and control of the ball and good tactics by the manager , another important point is good luck. And here Rubin Kazan had their big share of it, as Xabi Hernandes says that Rubin Kazan had only two clear shots at the goal, but they counted , while Barcelona scored the first goal by Zalatan Ibrahimovic. They Barcelona kept the ball with their fast passing and also had a giant share of possession and the well known players from all over the world.
This match was also played in their own stadium the famous Camp Nou.
This defeat for Barcelona has opened the gates for all four teams in group G.

Monday, October 26, 2009


The match played on 25th /10/2009after a angry march at Anfield by the Liverpool fans against the two American club owners was well attended .Liverpool came to this game with four losses in four matches, and with Steven Gerrard and Torres injured.but in the bus Benitez decided that Torres would play even though he was only 80 percent fit, with the help of painkillershe played. While Berbatov partnered Rooney, sadly Berbatov this season has not played as if he was worth 30.70 million pounds.
For Liverpool both Lucas and Javier Maschareno did their job well along with Yossi Benayoun who kept feeding their forwards.
For Manchester both Carlos Tevez and Christiano Romaldo were greatly missed.The first goal came in the 65th minute by a beautiful pass by Benayoun to Torres, who out ran out played Rio Ferdinandand kicked the ball high into the top of the net. Ferdinand was not the same Rio of old a concern to Ferguson and Fabio Capello as well.The drama continued with Vidic getting his second yellow card and marching orders, so did Maschareno follow.Vidic has now been sent of in the past three games verses Liverpool and Maschareno his second game. Owen came on for Berbatov butcould not deliver the goal. The second goal wa scored in last minutes of the game with Lucas passing the ball for N Gog to score a calm goal.Pepe Reina ran all the way of the pitch to hug and jump on him, this just shows the preasre that was lifted from the players.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


On sunday 25/10/2009 the loyal Liverpool fans came out in the thousands to support their club, even at these difficult times. They organised the silent march to Anfield in protest against the the two American owners of Liverpool F.C.Mr Tom Hicks and Mr George Gillett. The fans blame them for the problems at the club and their big debt now they face. Now if they can not get funds they may have to sell their cream of players like Steven Gerrard , Fernando Torres, Javier Mascherano and Dirk Kuyt. This the fans will not like. Already Real Madrid have offered 30 million pounds for Gerrard.
The main reason for the march was that both the owners would be at Anfield for the match verses Manchester United,.

Friday, October 23, 2009


The Brazilian striker Robhino , who played for Real Madrid in Spain and now plays for Manchester City, under Mark Hughes. Now Mark Hughes has agreed to give Robinho to Barcelona on a loan . The agreement is almost complete, Barcelona will pay Manchester City a sum of 3.5 million pounds for the loan , with a possibility of a permanent transfer in the summer, for a sum of 35 million pounds. You must remember that Robhino joint Manchester City for 30 million pounds. But Barcelona are keen to finalise the deal before the African Footballers in Barcelona leave for the African cup.
And another reason is that Robhino has been having a tough time after the arrival of Adebayour.


Christiano Ronaldo is likely to become the first footballer ever to become a billionaire, after Tiger woods.Foreign tycoons have offered Ronaldo 16,000 pounds every minute he is on the pitch. This will work out to 1.5million pounds a game, which is huge for a 24 year old footballer.
Real Madrid are planning a of money making games in the middle east, withChristiano Ronaldo the main attraction.Oil rich barons fromUzbekistan, U.A.E, Saudi Arabiaand Quatar are willing to offer upto a huge sum of three million pounds per game to Real Madrid during the Spanish clubs winter break.But the main hitch will be if Ronaldo does go on that trip with the Real team.According to reports they will pay Real Madrid three million pound fee that would be divided 50-50 between Ronaldo and the club Real Madrid.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The champion league game between A.C.Milan and Real Madrid ,was clash between two old giants who have won the title 16 times between themselves.A clash between the Spanish giants and the ageing Milan team,the talk was would Milan have bite in their teeth without Kaka.This match was good one but to have two goalkeeping errors by Iker Casillas is very rare indeed . And there was one from Milan veteran goalkeeper Dida.

First it was Dida who fumbled with the ball and gave Raul a chance to score a goal , which he happily took.Then it was the turn of Iker Cassillas to make those two costly blunders.You must remember Cassillas has a great deal of expeience as a goalkeeper. To be exact he was playing for the Real Madrid team before he even got his driving licence.The first one was he completly misjudged a Anrea Pirlo long range dipper .In the second goal Cassilas came forward , and so gave the Brazilian Allexander Patoa chance to score. But the Dutch man Royston Drenthe scored the equlizer, but with two minutes left Pato scored the winner. Allesandro Nesta played his champion league game after a long lay of.So money does not win matches MRForentina Peres.


The Liverpool can not afford to sack their Spanish coach , for the simple reason they can not afford to pay the huge amount of money as a compensation.Now that the chances of winning the E.P.L this year has faded really fast, even before the christmas break.
Rafael Benitz had signed a new contract at Liverpool for five years in march 2009.
And if they sack Rafael Benitz , liverpool will then have to pay the Spaniard 20 million pounds. Which is a very huge sum to pay at a troubled times.
Liverpool owners Tom Hicks and George Gillete owe the banks 245 million pounds in debt alone, and in the summer they paid off 60 million pounds as interest only.
Benitez had signed a new contract in march 2009 for five years and getting a salary of 4.5 million pounds a season.
George Gillette has come forward after Liverpool lost in the champion league to O. Lyon in 2-1 loss.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


There is great gloom and doom at the famous Liverpool club. AS they have fallen by the wayside this year again, so it looks like they will have no E.P.L trophy for twenty years.But there is more serious worries beside injuries to Stephen Gerrard and Fernando Torres. This time it is financial problems, in a very big way to.The two American owners of Liverpool Mr George Gillette and Mr Tom Hicks, have been given till June 2010 to pay up their money taken on loan to buy Liverpool. The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Wells Fargo bank have told the two owners that they must generate funds quickly.
So George Gillette has sold 80%percent of his share in his ice hockey team he owns. And Liverpool have parted ways with their long time sponsoror Carlsberg Beer. And their new ones will be The Standard Chartered Bank which is realy a good one.
And even if this does not work Liverpool will be forced to sell players like Stephen Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Javier Mascherano and Dirk Kuyt.
To generate funds hopefully George Gillette flew to Saudi Arabia to meet with prince Faisal bin Abdullah.But nothing came out of it.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Samuel Etoo the Cameroon striker , who played for Barcelona and as transfered to InterMilan in the summer. Has said that his agent Jose Maria Mesalles will now ask Barcelona to pa a sum of two million Euros to Samuel Etoo as a compensation. But Barcelons say that only Spanish footballers have a right for a share when they get tranfered from one club to another.And all can not get this compensation.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


There are many footballers who have missed out in winning the champion league medal in their illustrious careers. This is the list of the top 10 playerswho have not won the trophy.
1) Roberto Baggio.
2) Ronaldo Lima.
3) Gianluigi Buffon.
4) Dennis Bergkamp.
5) Pavel Nedved.
6) Frank Lampard.
7)Ruud Van Nistelroy.
8) Lillian Thuram.
9)Javier Zanetti.
10) Michael Ballack.
But please kindly note many of these players have reached the champion league final. Or they have only won the U.E.F.A. medal.


Sir Alex Ferguson warns of football clubs spending to much.He says that Chelsea and Liverpool have spent more then Manchester United, on new players. But Manchester United have won more trophies then any other club in England.
Here Ferguson is talking common sense, let us have a look at them.
1) Chelsea have spent 558,190,000 pounds.
2) Liverpool have spent 415,355,000 pounds.
3)Manchester City have spent 9396,110,000 pounds.
4) Tottenham Hotspur have spent 379,385,000 pounds.
5) Arsenal have been the only club to not spent millions of pounds . They have made a profit.


In the match between Sunderland verses Liverpool. A goal was allowed by the referee Mr Jones.When the F.I.F.A law says it should not have been given, instead a dead ball should have been given, as a object entered the pitch in the shape of a a bright red beach ball.The goal came in this manner, when the Sunderland striker Darren Bent kicked the ball and it came of Glen Johnsons foot, it sruck a beach ball before going into the net. So Legally speaking the goal should not have stood.
These referees do not even know the rules, but simply get money for each game by the F.A.