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Eric Cantona the former French football captain was born in Paris on24/5/1966.In France he played for a few clubs like Bordeaux , and Olympique Marseaille.He then came to play for the English Club Leeds United. He was a very hot headed player on and off the pitch . The Leeds coach was trying to buy the defender fro Manchester United but was told Irwin was not for sale and as the Leeds coach had enough of Cantona , he was sold to Manchester United for a small sum of 1.2 million pounds a record at that time.Cometh the hour cometh the man for Manchester United who awoke the the sleeping beauty from her long slumber . Because it was twenty six years since Manchester United had won the E.P.L cup . Cantona and Ferguson changed all that. They won their double , both the Premiere league and the F.A.cup. It was Cantona who tought the young players such as Giggs, Paul Scholes, Philip Neville, Gary Neville, David Bechem, and Nicky Butt, how to play and have a desire to win.
But as usual Cantona was never far from trouble. He did a king foo kick at a spectator over something he said as the man was a Crystal Palace fan. He had to do 120 hours community service and banned from playing till 1995.Manchester United won the double in 1996 he won the F.A.cup single handedly verses Liverpool scoring the winner.
When Michel Platini was coach of France he made Cantona the captain along with David Ginola, the great dribler. But as France faild to qualify Platini resigned then Gerard Houlier took over, butwhen failed to qualify for the 1994 world cup he was sacked and Amie Jacquet took over and Cantona and Ginola never ever played for France Jacquet had other ideas and chose Patrick Vieira and Zinedine Zidane to replace them , not a bad choice I must say.
Cantona had once called each and every French football board member as idiots he lost the captaincy and was banned for a while.
He loved Manchester Unted and the fans, the fansloved him in return and lovingly call him to this day as King Eric. How he loved Manchester can clearly be seen .
When the Glazer family came down from the U.S.A. to buy Manchester United Cantona angrily told the Glazers (Go back to the U.S.A. you Glazers and buy the Coco Cola company leave your hands of Manchester United . There was a talk that Eric Cantona would one day succeed Alex Ferguson as Manchester s coach angrily he replied not as those Glazers own Manchester United . WE must note with pride that Cantona is French and not English . Still the love for the club that gave him fame and wealth he has not forgotten.
It is said that 1.2 million purchase ofCantona was the biggest bargain in E.P.L History.
The Press was always around Cantona for they knew with Cantona news was not far of.
He made this statement once When the seagulls fly over the trawler they know sardines will be thrown overboard.
In 1997 he threw a bombshell by announcing his retirement from football and joining movies.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Over the years we have seen many skillful, talented and great footballers . But we also some who are wild on the pitch and get a number of yellow andred cards ,which least disturb them.These are players who have one thing in their mind and that is to play and win every match. Herw I am not talking of footballers from Africa who are stronger and more rough compared to Europen foorballers.
The list is quite intresting as they all are loved by both their fans and apponents. The footballers are as follows.
1 Eric Cantona.
2 Wayne Rooney.
3 Patrick Vieira.
4 Dennis Wise.
5 Hristo Stoichkov.
6 Edgar Davids.
7 El Hadji Diouff.
8 Joe Barton.
9 Robee Savage.
Eric Cantona and Patrick Vieira were known to retaliate if they were held back or had their Jerseys pulled which often led to yellow cards. Edgar Davids was always involved with the refrees and always ready to argue with them for small things and when he was not even the guilty party this also led to yellow cards and if he was later booked he got a red card often , because of this habbit.
Hristo Stoichkov the great Bulgarian footballer was alays a hot headed player on the pitch always ready for anargument with both players and the refree as well . Once while playing for Barcelona in Spain he stamped on a refrees foot as he was shown a red card, he wanteed a yellow card . He was banned from playing for six weeks.
Robee Savages and Joey Barton are similar in play as they are known for their rough tackeling.
El Hadji Diouff is one person who is strong rough and a bit wild on the pitch. And he gets quite upset if others take the ball from him , he has been fined repeatedly for his rough game and has also served a ban and paid a heavy fine for repeatedly spitting at an opposite sides player.
The great goalkeeper from Parugay Luis Chilavert was another player who was banned and fined for spitting and fighting with Roberto Carlos.
Wayne Rooney once clapped at the refreees face ashe got a card. so he got a second yellow card followed by a red. They play this way as it gets the best out of them.


In the year1995 the French football magazine discontinued to give the footballer of the year award, as they were now elgible for the Europen footballer of the year as long as they played for a Europen club.It is now given by the Confedration of African Football. The C.A.F. And Fredric Kanoute is the only Europen born footballer to win the African Footballer of theyear as he plays his football for Mali, his fathers country.

1993 Rashid Yekini. Nigeria.
1994 Emmanuel Amumke. Nigeria.
1995 George Weah. Liberia.
1996 Nwankkwo Kanu. Nigeria.
1997 Victor Ikpecha. Nigeria.
1998 Mustapha Hadji. Morocco.
1999 Nwankwo Kanu. Nigeria.
2000 Patrick Mbama. Cameroon.
2001 El Hadji Diouf. Senegal.
2002 El Hadji Diouf. Senegal
2003 Samuel Etoo . Cameroon.
2004 Samuel Etoo. Cameroon.
2005 Samuel Etoo. Cameroon.
2006 Dider Drogba. Ivory Coast.
2007 Fredrick Kanoute. Mali.
Please kindly note that Samuel Etoo of Cameroon is the only African footballer to win the trophy three years in a row. No body has done this or won the old trophythree times in a row.
2001 El Hadji Diouf. Senegal.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


The African footballer of the year was first given in the year 1970 by the French Football Magazine. It was given from the year 1970 to the year 1994.It was the form of the golden ball and was discontinued in1995. The footballer named Abedi Pele from Ghana has won it on three sucessive years the years were 1991, 1992, and 1993. The Cameroon goalkeeperThomas Nkono is the only goalkeeper to win the trophy twice.And GeorgeWeah from war torn Liberia has won it twice. This makes him the only player in football history to win the African Player of the year, The Europen footballer of the year and also the F.I.F.A player of the year. We must note that Liberia has not yet qualified for a world cup to this very day. So the feet is all the more admirable.

1970 Salif Keita. Mali.
1971 Ibrahim Sunday. Ghana.
1972 Cherif Souleymane. Guiena.
1973 Tsimen Bwanga. Zaire.
1974 Paul Moukila. People . Rep of Congo.
1975 Ahmed Faras. Morocco.
1976 Roger Milla. Cameroon.
1977 Tarak Dhiah. Tunisia.
1978 Abdul Razak. Ghana.
1979 Thomas N Kono. Cameroon.
1980 Jean Mangaonguene.Cameroon.
1981 Lakhder Belloumi. Algeira.
1982 Thomas N Kono. Cameroon.
1983 Mohmed Al Khitab. Egypt.
1984 Theophile Abega. Cameroon.
1985 Mohmed Timoumi. Morocco.-1992 Abedi Pele. Ghana.
1993 Abedi Pele. Ghana.
1994 George Weah. Liberia.

Friday, July 25, 2008


It is a known fact that Alex Ferguson is quite stingy when it comes to buying footballers. The two mentioned here are the Luis Saha purchase from Fulham and Arjen Robben purchase bid.
Fulham was purchased by the Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al Fayed. The owner of Harrods.He appointed a former French player Jean Tigana as coach , he bought two french footballers from France Luis Saha and Stead Marlblanque. Fulham survived2001 season and have beenin the E.P.L. In2003 they were almost were relegated, but Saha and Marlblanquekept scorring goals. Cris Coleman took over as coach and as Saha caught Ferguson's eye he offered fulham just 4 million pounds for Saha which was far to low as you must also remember he was transfered from METZ in France to Fulham for 2.1 millio pounds and after a lot of bargaining in which Cris Coleman called Alex Ferguson The biggest bully in the E.P.L. Saha was finally sold to Manchester United for a sum of 12.8 million pounds . where was 4 million pounds and 12.8 million pounds.
Alex Ferguson was looking out for a winger to replace the great Ryan Giggs who was now in his thirtees and age was catching up with him . Ferguson wanted to buy the Dutch winger Arjen Robben from P.S.V. Eindhoven. So Arjen Robben and theP.S.V. chairman came down for talks at ManchesterUnited. Alex Ferguson was very keen to buy Robben who along with team mate Metiz Ketzman who were called at P.s.v still lovingly as Batman and Robben because of their speed,passing ,understanding and lethal finishing. Ferguson offered for Robben just 7 million dollars .To which the P.S.V chairman replied for that amount you will only get a jersey with Robbens name and number on it.Chelsea's owner then bought Robben for a sum of 18 million dollars twice the amount Ferguson offered.


1 Derby County.
2 Huddersfield.
3 Ipswich Town.
4 Leeds United.
5 Notts County.
6 Oxford University.
7 Old Courtusiens.
8 Royal Engineers.
9 Southampton.
10 Wimbeldon

Thursday, July 24, 2008


THE f.a.cup has been won by mant teams. Here the list is as follows with most winners leading the list.
1 Manchester United. 11. times.
2 Arsenal. 10 . times.
3 Tottenham Hotspur. 8 . times.
4 Aston Villa. 7 . Times.
5 Liverpool. 7 . Times.
6 Blackburn Rovers. 6 . Times.
7 New Castle. 6 . Times.
8 Everton . 5 . Times.
9The Wanderers. 5 . Times.
10 WestBromwich Albion. 5 . Times.
11 Bolton Wanderers. 4 . Times.
12 Manchester City. 4 . Times
13 Sheffield United. 4 . Times.
14 Wolverhampton Wanderers. 4 . Times.
15 Chelsea. 4 . Times.
16 Sheffield Wednesday. 3 . Times.
17 West Ham United. 3 . Times.
18 Bury. 2 . Times.
19 Nottingham Forest. 2 . Times.
20 Old Etonias. 2 . Times.
21 Portsmouth. 2 . Times.
22 Preston North End. 2 . Times.
23 Sunderland. 2 . Times.
24 Barnsley . 1 . Time .
25 Blackpool. 1 . Time.
26 Blackburn Olympiic. 1 . Time.
27 Bradford City . 1 . Time.
28 Bunley. 1 . Time.
29 Cardiff City. 1 . Time.
30 Charlton Athelatic. 1 . Time.
31 Clapham Rovers. 1 . Time.
32 Coventry City. 1 . Time.


1976 Southampton 1 Manchester United. 0
1977 Manchester United. 2 Liverpool. 1
1978 Ipswich Town. 1 Arsenal. 0
1979 Arsenal. 3 Manchester United. 2
1980 West Ham United. 1 Arsenal. 0
1981 Tottenham Hotspur1 Manchester City. 1A.E.T.
replay Tottenham Hotspur. 3 Manchester City. 2
1982 Tottenham Hotspur. 1 Queen Park Rangers. 1. A.E.T.
1983 Manchester United. 2 Brighton. 2 A.E.T.
replay Manchester United. 4 Brighton. o
1984 Everton. 2 Watford. 0
1985 Manchester. United.1 Everton. 0
1986 Liverpool. 3 Everton. 1
1987 Coventry City. 3 Tottenham Hotspur 2 A.E.T.
1988 Wimbeldon. 1 Liverpool. 0
1989 Liverpool. 3 Everton. 2 A.E.T.
1990 Manchester United. 3 Crystal Palace. 3 A.E.T.
replay Manchester United. 1 Crystal Palace. 0
1991 Tottenham Hotspur. 2 Nottingham Forest. 1 A.E.T.
1992 Liverpool. 2 Sunderland. 0
1993 Arsenal. 2 Sheffield United.0
1994 Manchester United. 4 Chelsea. 0
1995 Everton. 1 Manchester United.0
1996 Manchester United. 1 Liverpool. 0
1997 Chelsea . 2 Liverpool. 0
1998 Arsenal. 2 Middlesbrough. 0
1999 Manchester United.2 New Castle. 0
2000 Chelsea. 1 Aston Villa. 0
2001 Liverpool. 2 Arsenal. 1
2002 Arsenal. 2 Chelsea. 0
2003 Arsenal. 1 SOuthampton. 0
2004 Manchester United. 3 Millwall. 0
2005 Arsenal. 5 Manchester United. 4 . On penalty shootout.
2006 Liverpool. 3 West Ham. 1
2007 Chelsea. 1 Manchester United. 0
2008 Portsmouth. 1 Cardiff City. 0

David Beccham best Free Kicks

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Eusebio the Greatest


The F.A.Cup is the oldest cup played in England it also has teams from Wales and from the first, second and third division of the English league.
This list of F.A. cup winners are from the year 1946 . The year after the world war two.

1946 Derby County 4 Charlton Athelatic. 1 A.E.T.
1947 Charlton Athelatic. 1 Burnsley. 0 A.E.T.
1948 manchester United. 4 Blackpool.2.
1949 Wolverhampton Wanderers.3 Leicester City. 1.
1950 Arsenal. 2 Liverpool. 0.
1951 New Castle. 2 Blackpool. 0.
1952 New Castle. 1 Arsenal. 0.
1953 Blackpool. 4 Bolton.Wanderers.
1954 Westbromwich Albion. 3 Preston North End.2
1955 New Castle. 3 Manchester City. 1.
1956 Manchester City.3 Birmingham City. 1
1957 Aston Villa. 2 Manchester.. United.1
1958 Bolton Wanderers. 2 Manchester United. 0
1959 Nottingham Forest.2 Luton Town.
1960 Wolverhampton Wanderers. 3 Blackburn Rovers. 0
1961 Tottenham Hotspur. 2 Leeicester City. 0
1962 Tottenham Hotspur. 3 Barnsley. 0
1963 Manchester United. 3 Leicester City. 1
1964 West Ham United. 3 Preston North End. 2
1965 Liverpool. 2 Leeds United.A.E.T. 1
1966 Everton. 3 Sheffield Wednesday.2
1967 Tottenham Hotsour. 2 Chelsea. 1.
1968West Bromwich Albion.1 Everton. A.E.t. 0
1969 Manchester City. 1 Leicester City. 0
1970 Chelsea. 2 Leeds United. A.E.T. 2
replay Chelsea 2 Leeds. United. 1.
1971 Arsenal. 2 Liveerpool. A.E.T. 1
1972 Leeds United. 2 Arsenal. 1
1973 Sunderland. 1 Leeds United. 0
1974 Liverpool 3 New Castle. 0
1975 West Ham United. 2 Fulham. 0

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The F.A. Cup is the oldest cup played for in England ,teams from Wales and Scotland to take part. The F.A.cup is a rotating cup. Early on if both the teams were tied inat the final minute, then there would be a replay the next day. This rule no longer followed. Now the rule is to play for thirty miutes as extra time and then go to penalties.
This list of F.A. Cup winners are from the year after the fitst world war to the start of the second world war.

1920 Aston Villa . 1. Hudersfield town. 0 . A.E.T.
1921 TottenhamHotspur.1 Wolverhampton. 0.
1922 Hudersfield town. 1 Preston North End. 0
1923 Bolton Wanderers. 2 West Ham United. 0
1924 New Castle . 2 Aston Villa. 0
1925 Sheffield United. 1 Cardiff City. 0
1926 Bolton Wanderers. 1 Manchester United. 0
1927 Cardiff City. 1 Arsenal. o
1928 Blackburn Rovers. 3 Hudersfield town. 1
1929 Bolton Wanderers. 2 Porthsmouth. 0
1930 Arsenal. 2 Hudersfield Town. 1
1931 West Bromwich Albion. 2 Birmingham City. 1
1932 New Castle . 2 Arsenal. 1.
1933 Everton. 3 Manchester City. 0
1934 Manchester City 2 Porthsmouth. 1
1935 Sheffield Wednesday. 4 West Bromwich Albion. 2
1936 Arsenal. 1 Sheffield United. 0
1937Sunderland. 3 Preston North End. 1
1938 Preston North End. 1 Hudersfield Town. 0 A.E.T.
1939 Porthsmouth. 4 Wolverhampton. Wanderers. 1

Monday, July 21, 2008


The F. A.Cup is the oldest cup played for in England. Itwas first held in 1872.In this tournament clubs from Wales Ireland and Scotland take part.Here clubs , beside those in the E.P.L take part,it includes team from the first,second and third divisionalso take part. This gives teams that are minnows achance to play with the E.P.l teams,some times we see minnows knocking out strong teams and also playing a Cinderella run knocking out several big teams . As we saw last year Barnsley and Cardiff City in 2007, 2008 FAcup they beat Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.And the final was between Porthsmouth and Cardiff City.
The Finals from1872 are as shown below/
1 1872 Bolton Wanderers.1 Royal Engineers. 0.
2 1873 Bolton Wanderers.2 Oxford University.0.
3 1874 Oxford University.2 Royal Engineers. 0.
4 1875 Royal Engineers. 2 Old Etonians.0.
5 1876 Bolton Wanderers. 3 Old Etonians. 0
6 1877 Bolton wanderers. 2 Oxford University 1.
7 1878 Bolton Wanderers. 3 Royal Engineers. 1
8 1879Old Etonians. 1 Clapham Rovers. 0
9 1880 Clapham Rovers. 1 Oxford University.0 )
10 1881 Old Carthusians. 3 Old Etonians 0.
11 1882 Old Etonians. 1 Blackburn Rovers. 0
12 1883 Blackburn Olympis. 2 Old Estonians. 1.
13 1884 Blackburn Rovers. 2 Queen Park Rangers. 0.
14 1885 Blackburn Rovers. 2 Queen Park Rangers. 1
15 1886 Blackburn Rovers.2 West Bromwich Albion.0
16 1887 Ashton Vill. 2 WEstBromwich Albion. 0
17 1888 WestBromwich Albion.2 Preston North End. 1
18 1889 Preston North End. 3 Wolverhampton Wanderers0
19 1890 Blackburn Roverts. 6 Sheffield Wednesday. 1
20 1891 Blackburn Rovers. 3 NottsCounty. 1.
21 1892West Bromwich Albion. 3 Ashton Villa. 0
22 1893 Wolverhampton Wanderers.1 Everton. 0
23 1894 Notts County. 4 Bolton Wanderers. 1
24 1895 Ashton Villa. 1 West Bromwich Alion.
25 1896 Sheffiel Wednesday. 2 Wolvrhampton. 1.
26 1897 Ashton Villa. 3 Everton . 2.
27 1898 Nottingham Forest.3 Derby County. 1
28 1899 Sheffield Wednesday. 4 Derby County. 1
29 1900 Bury. 4 Southampton 0
30 1901 Totnem Hotspur. 3 Sheffield United. 1
31 1902 Sheffield United. 2 Southampton.1
32 1903 Bury. 6 Derby County. 0
33 1904 Manchester City.1 Bolton Wanderers. 0
34 1905 Ashton Villa. 2 New Castle. 0
35 1906 Everton. 1 New. Castle. 0
36 1907 Sheffield Wednesday. 2 Everton. 1
37 1908 Wolverhampton Wanderers. 3 New Castle. 1
38 1909 Manchester. United. 1 Bristol City.
39 1910 New Castle. 2 Barnsley. 0
40 1911 Bradford City. 1 New Castle. 0
41 1912 Barnsley. 1 West Bromwiich Albion. 0
42 1913 Ashton Villa. 1 Sunderland. 0
43 1914 Barnsley. 1 Liverpool. 0.
44 1915 Sheffield United. 3 Chelsea. 0

Friday, July 18, 2008


As they have the European footballer of the year , it is but fair to have the south american footballer of the year as most of the best talented players come from south america.
A Chilean footballer, a Brazilian and an Argentinean are the only ones to win it thrice. They are Elias Figueroa, Zico and Carlos Tevez. And the Brazilian brothers Socrates won it in 1983 and his younger brother Rai won it in1992.
1971 Tostao.
1972 Cubillas.
1973 Pele.
1974 Figuerao.
1975 Figuerao.
1976 Figuerao.
1977 Zico.
1978 Kempes.
1979 Maradona.
1980 Maradona.
1981 Zico.
1982 Zico.
1983 Socrates.
1984 Francescoli.
1985 Romeritto.
1986 Alzamendi.
1987 Carlos Vallderrama.
1988 Paz.
1989 Babetto.
1990 Amarilla.
1991 Ruggeri.
1992 Rai.
1993Carlos Valderrama.
1994 Cafu.
1995 Francescoli.
1996 Chilavert.
1997 Salas.
1998 Palermo.
!999 Saviola.
2000 Romario.
2001 Requlme.
2002 Cardozo.
2003 Carlos Tevez.
2004 Carlos Tevez.
2005 Carlos Tevez.
2006 Matias Femandez.
2007 Cabanas.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hristo Stoichkov was a very famous footballer both In Bulgaria as well as in the world.He won the F.I.F.A. footballer of the year, in 1995, and is the only Bulgarian footballer to be in Peles list of 125 best footballers of all time.
Besides Playing for C.S.K Sofia . He played for Barcelona from 1990 to 1995 . He was a sriker in Johan Cruiff dream team which also included footballers such as Romarrio, Ronald Koeman, Michel Ladrup, Nadal, Amor, Antonio Zubezerata , Josep Gaerdolia. Barcelona won theSpanish La Liga four years in a row the copa del rey twice. He was a very hot headed player was always seen as arguing with teammates and the referee once in a game for Barcelona he was shown the red card by the referee in his anger he stamped the referees foot, he was banned for two months. In 1992 Barcelona defeated Sampodaria in the Champion league final by 1-0score.
This was Barcelonas only champion league trophy till 2006. Even though they are the only cl;ub to play every year in the final.
He then moved to Parma for a year 1995 to 1996. The Barcelona fans took him back to their hearts. He was as famous as Johan Cruiff, Diego Marodona and Johan Neeskens,
Stoichkovs and Bulgarias glory year came in the 1994 world cup. Where they knocked out Germany in the quaterfinals and lost to Italy in the semifinals by 2-1 score.They then lost to Sweeden fot the third place. Their Euro 1996 was not so bad but they were all run over played badly in the 1998 world cup age had caught up with them . I the 1994 world cup Stoichkov , Balakov and Letchkov were chosen in the 1994 world squad of players.
Stoichkov was born inPlodiv Bulgaria . On8/2/1966.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Iker Casillas the Spanish goalkeeper of both Real Madrid and Spain , was born in Madrid on 20/5 1981 . He is a goalkeeper who is smart , agile, brave with quick feet and a strong arm.

He made his debut for Real Madrid in the year 1999 , replacing the previous goalkeeper Bodo Illenger. He became the youngest goalkeeper to play in a champions league game ever. In the year 2000 in the match between Real Madrid verses Valencia he was 19 years and 4 days. Real Madrid won the match 2-o.

In februry 2008 he signed a new contract with Real Madrid that will keep him at the club till 2017 ,and with an automatic extension if he plays 30 competitive matches during the final season

He was unused in the Euro 2000 cup. But was selected in the2002 world cup to replace Santiago Canizares who was injured when a aftershave bottle fell on Canizares leg and he needed stitches.On june29/2008 Casillas became Spains first goalkeeper captain to win the Euro cup after beating Germany 1-0. Casillas was a goalkeeper for RealMadrid before he got his driving license

After the 2008 Euro cup final in which Spain beat Germany 1-0 . Iker Casillas became the first Spanish captain and as a goalkeeper to win the Euro cup.

This may surprise many of you Iker Casillas was standing between the Real Madrid goalposts before he even had a drivers license.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Sir Alex Ferguson is known very well for treating footballers shabbily after they have served their term at Manchester United. When the Dutch footballer Ruud Van Nistelrooy was bought from P. S. V Eindhoven . He then got Teddy Sherringham out refusing to give him a new contract, he said Sherringham was to old. But Sherringham joined Totnem Hotspurs where he scored 26 goals the most at Totnem hotspurs. He then played for Porthsmouth and West Ham , where he was responsible to keep them in the Top level .Not bad for an old man.
The other players treated shabbily are many such as Andy Cole , Dwight Yorke .He even kicked a football boot on David Bechems face causing a tear above the eye that needed stitches. All because Arsenal beat Manchester United in the F.A.cup. Bechem then left for Real Madrid. Alex Ferguson then bought Luis Saha from Fullham in the hope Saha would replace Ruud Van Nistelrooy .After Nistelrooy had a tough time to keep his place he moved to Real Madrid where he shone, but Luis Saha turned out to be a injury prone footballer.
After the American goalkeeper Tim Howard was doing well he was given on loan to Everton because Edwin Vander Sar came from Fullham.


The F.I.F.A president Sepp Blatter has openly said that Christiano Ronaldo is a slave at Manchester United.And if the player wishes to leave the club he should be allowed to leave.Ronaldo has scored a total of fourtytwo goals last year , but to expect him or for the matter any one to repeat the feat is not possible. And if Ferguson is expecting Ronaldo to score another thirty five goals this year he is just dreaming. The winger has undergone a ancle operation and may not be the same this year , as he was a utter flop in the EURO 2008.
Real Madrid has come calling at Manchester United for the purchase of Christiano Ronaldo and as usual Alex Ferguson has been to his old dirty ways of showing a cold shoulder to Ronaldo.He has not spoken to the player for over two months. This is all to childish.
We must remember that Ronaldo was bought from Sporting Lisbon for a sum of 12 . 24 million pounds. Now the story goes the Real Madrid coach mr Shuster offered to pay 100 million euros. For Ronaldo while Reals president mr Calderon said 100 million euros was far to much for any player so 70 million euros would be a better figure. Look at the prfit made .
Now if the player is not going to be happy why hold on and make his life hell at Manchester after all it is every players dream to play for Real Madrid some day.
Ferguson has always treated players badly once their time is over , or if they wish to leav e for example Juan Sebastin Veron , David Bechem, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Gabriel Heinze and Jap Stam. Jap Stam said FERGUSON TREATED HIM LIKE a peace of meat.
At Barcelona they always have famous and talented stars one such player was the Brazilian Ronaldo Lima, and he wanted to move on to greener pastures , to Intermilan in Italy , Barcelona were not so keen but as Ronaldo was keen to leave they made Ronaldo Lima pay 29 million dollars and settle the amount from Intermilan. So I feel Christiano should also buy himself out. And play at a club where he will be happy.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Arsene Wenger also has a few other principles as a manager . One is that he will always honor a contract , and he will never buy himself out of a contract as some managers have done in the past. The other good one he does is that when he gives a footballer on loan to another club to gain experience he always makes a clause that in case in the future Arsenal and the club in which the player was given on a loan play each other the one given on a loan can play against Arsenal. While other managers like Alex Ferguson and José Mourinho would never allow their footballer on loan play against them of fear and the player watched the game from the stands.


Now as the buying and selling of players have started after the playing season is over. People always say that Arsenal do not spend money on big players in a season . But the fans must know that the Arsenal club have a few rules which they follow for years. One is that once a player reaches the age of thirty years he will get a one year contract only ,but it can be renewed at the new season . Even the great Dennis bergkamp did this till he was almost forty years , in last year he came for only twenty odd minutes due to his age. The second rule has always been find young talented stars who do have potential to shine and to find players who are rotting away sitting and warming the benches and make them good footballers.
I shall give a list of footballers who became club heros and world famous. At Arsenal.
1 Nicholas Anelka was bought from P.S.G for 500,000 pounds and sold to Real Madrid for 23 million pounds.
2 Marc Overmars was bought for 5 .5 million dollars and sold to Barcelona for 36 million dollars.
3 Patrick Vieira bought from A.C.Milan for 3.5 million pounds and sold to Juventus for 13. 7 million pounds.
4 Thierry Henry 10. 5 million pounds and sold to Barcelona for 16 .1 million pounds.

5 Allesander Hlep 4 million dollars sold to Barcelona for 23.5 million dollars.
Arsenal clearly do not believe in spending big amounts on one player. Manchester United spend lavishly for example Luis Nani bought for 17 million pounds. Owen Heargreaves 17 million pounds. and he scored only two goals in the entire season. Luis Saha 14 . 3 million dollars. Carlos Tevez undisclosed Michel Carrick 15 million dollars.
Arsenal have to follow this policy of selling some players each year to make money , as they have to return the money borrowed to build the beautiful Emirate Stadium. This selling players after buying them cheap and developing them as stars an example i the unheard footballer Emmanuel Adebayor , who was bought for roughly 4 million dollars and may be sold to Barcelona for 31 million euros, not a bad sale after all. You can see the difference between Manchester United and Arsenal, where the buying and selling is done.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Gaetano Sciera was a very famous Italian footballer. He played as a defender.
He was born on 25/5/1953. HE DIED IN A CAR CRASH IN THE CITY OFSkierniewice in Poland. On 3/9/1989 at the age of36 years. He had gone to Poland as a scout , looking for young talent, for his old club Juventus. He played only for two clubs n his club days, they were Atlanta from1972 to 1974 and Juventus from 1974 to 1988.
His playing position was as a sweeper and so good he was that he kept out the great Franco Baresi from the natinol team for a period of four years. Franco Baresi got a chance only after he retired from the natinol team. He played for Italy for a period of 12 years, from1974 to 1986.
As a defender he was a very graceful, talented, tactful and was renownedclass and sportsmanship, he was never ever booked in all hisplaying days.
He was oneof five players in Europe history to win all natinol and iternatinol trophies recognised by F.I.F.A and U.E.F.A. Along with Danny Blind, Sergio Brio ,Antonio Cabrini, andStefano Taccossi.
AND HE NEVER WAS ruthless in his tackles likeother defenders.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


In the nineties, there was a famous group of singers in England called the SPICE GIRLS. And one of them Posh Spice later married the captain of the England football team David Bechem.
At the same time as the Spice girls, there were a few famous footballers who played for famous club called Liverpool. They were David James , Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman. These three footballers were called THE SPICE BOYS. Because of their late night party, and disco life.
Later on the spice girls broke up for reasons of their own. Now these three footballers also broke of from the Liverpool club, and joined difrent clubs. Robbie Fowler joined Manchester City as a striker and David James joined Manchester City as a goalkeeper. While Steve McManaman joined Real Madrid as a winger.
There used to be a joke at Liverpool ( That it was more easier for the Spice Girls to reunite then the Liverpool Spice Boys to reunite.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


1. 1987. Jean Plaff. Belgium.
2. 1988. Rinat Dasayev. U.S.S.R.
3. 1989. Walter Zenga. Italy
4. 1990. Walter. Zenga.Italy.
5. 1991Walter. Zenga. Italy.
6 . 1992.Peter SchMichel. Denmark.
7. 1993. Peter SchMichel. Denmark.
8. 1994.Michel Preud Homme.Belgium.
9. 1995. Luis Chilavert.Parugay.
10.1996. Andreas Kopke. Germany.
11. 1997. Luis Chilavert.Parugay.
12. 1998. Luis Chilavert. Parugay.
13. 1999.Oliver kahn. Germany.
14. 2000.Fabien Barthez. France.
15. 2001. Oliver Kahn. Germany.
16.2002. Oliver Kahn. Germany.
17. 2003. Gianlugi Buffon. Italy.
18. 2004. Gianlugi Buffon. Italy.
19. 2005. Petr Czech. Czech Republic.
20. 2006. Gianlugi. Buffon.Italty.
21. 2007. Gianlugi Buffon. Italy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The 1984 EURO CUp was held in France .The dates were from 12 june to 27 june.There were eight teams taking part in the Euro 84. They were France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, West Germany, Belgium , Yugoslavia and Romania.
There were a total of 41 goals scored at 2.73 goals per match. The fastest goal of the tournament was scored by the French footballer Michel Platini , it was scored in 3 minutes and it was scored against Belgium.
The biggest suprise at the Euro1984 was the absense of Italy and England. Italy won the F.I.F.A 1982 world cup.And England instead of playing the Euro 84 went on a South America tour. Another suprise at the Euro84 was West Germany failing to reach the semifinals. The first semifinal is considered by many as the most intresting game in Euro cup history. It was played between Portugal and France. France scored through Jean Francois Domerque, but Portugal equalized through Rui Jordao in the74 minute . The game went to extra time. Rui Jordao scored his second goal in the 98 minut, but with twelve minutes remaining Jean Domerque scored a goal . But Michel Platini scored in the very last minute. So France won the match 3-2.
In the other semifinal both Spain and Denmark were a equally balanced team, Soren Lerby scored the first goal for Denmark after 7 minutes , but Macheda of Spain headed in a equalizer in the sixtyth minute . Spain then defeated Denmark 5-4 on penalties.
the final was played in Paris on june 27. France were reduced to ten men when Yvon Le Roux was shown a red card. Michel Platini scored a freekick goal then Bruno Bellone, scored in the 90 minute. France beat Spain 2-0. This was Frances first Euro cup.

Monday, July 7, 2008


This famous footballer is known the world over as just Johan Cruiff.He was born on25/ 4/1974.His age is 61 years old. He played for two main clubs Ajax Amsterdam and F.C. Barcelona in Spain. With Ajax he played a total of 240 games and scored 190 goals. And with Barcelona he played a total of 143 games and scored 48 goals. And for Holland he played 48 games and scored 33 goals. He also coached Ajax from 1986 to 1988. He coached Barcelona from 1988 to 1996.
At Barcelona at the NOU CAMP he is refered to as the EL SALVADOR or THE SAVIOUR.
He won no less then twelve trophies for the club . With players such as Zubi Zerata , Ronald Koeman, Nadal, Amor, Romario, Stoichkov, Bakero, Guadiola and many others the Real Madrid hold on cupsin Spain was halted for a while.
Cruiff openly said that he chose Barcelona over Real Madrid as he could not play for a club associated withGeneral Franco. Barca fans liked him all the more as he gave a catalian name to his son JODI CRUIFF who later played for Barcelona and also Manchester United.
In his last year Cruiff had to undergo a double bypass surgery, allbecause he was achain smoker and smoked twenty to thirty cigerattes a day. He said (football gave me everything but cigarettes almost took it all away) He is a campainer against tobacco products. He is now a chain chupa chup lolipop sucker it is a Spanish lolipop.
He joined Ajax on his tenth birthday, and after that there was no looking back for Cruiff,
In 1972 Ajax beat Intermilan 2-0, with Cruiff scoring both the goals. In 1973 Ajax beat Juventus to win the champion league., as well. In 1973 Cruiff was sold by Ajax to Barcelona for a sum of six million Dutch guilders or two million dollars. The first time a player was sold for over a million dollars. It was at Barcelona he scored a famous goal against Atletico Madrid . Cruiff leapt in the air facing the opposite side of the goal and kicked it with the right heel scoring a goal it is called till today as the Phantom goal or the Imposible goal.
Johan Cruiff has won the Europen footballer of the year in 1971, 1973 and 1974. which is a record held jointly by Marco Van Basten and Michel Platini.
In 1999 Cruiff was voted as the Europen player of the century, and he comes second as the world player of the century behind Pele

Friday, July 4, 2008


1 The Dutch footballer and coach Rudd Guiltt is the first foreign coach in the E.P.L. towin the oldest cup which is played for in England today the F.A. cup. He won it for Chelsea in the year 1997.
2 Emmanuel Adebayor the footballer fron Togo , but who plays his club football in England, with the club Arsenal. Is the only footballer in E.P. L. history to score two hattricks verses the same club in the same year. He did it verses Derby county, in the year 2007 2008.
3 Gary Speed the Welsh footballer holds the record for the most matches played with E.P.L. clubs.
Everton . 58 matches.
New Castle United 248 matches.
Leeds United 213 matches.
Bolton Wanderers 121 matches. So Gary Speed has played a total of 740 matches. This does not count matches played with Shefield United. As they are not in the E.P.L.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


U.E.F.A paid asum as usual after theend of the Euro2008 tournament. The payment was made in Euros.
They paid a sum of 7. 5 million euros to Spain for winning the tournament
Germany were paid a sum of4.5 million euros for coming as a runner up.
The semifinalest each received a sum of 3 million euros.
The quater finalists each got a sum of 2 million euros.
And the group stage winners got a sum of a million dollars each.


After theEuro 2008 played in Austria and Switzerland. The countries who came in the top four placces recieved a cash bonus for their services. The countries were Spain , Germany, Turkey , and Russia.
1 Turkey players got 450,000 euros each.
2 Germanys players got 250 ,000 euros each.
3 Spains players got 214 , 000 euros.
4 Russia players got 120, 000 euros.
Please kindly note that each Turkish player got the most a total of 450, 000 eueos. Even sincce they failed to reach the Euro 2008 final..


The EURO 2008 was held in SWITZERLAND and AUSTRIA. It was held from june 7 to june 29. There were a total of 31 matches played , and a total of 77 goals scored, at a rate of2. 48 goals per match. The top scorer was DAVID VILLA of SPAIN with 4 goals. Which also included a hattrick , also the only hattrick scored in the EURO 2008 tournament.
The attendence for the tournament was a total of 1,40,902 spectators at 36,802 per match.
The EURO 2008 was won by SPAIN who defeated GERMANY 1 -0. The goal was scored by FERNANDO TORRES .There were many suprises at the EURO 2008 for examle FRANCE and ITALY fell by the way side . GREECE the ruling champions failed to win a match and so for the first time since the tournament started in 1960 , did a ruling champion fail to reach the quater final. PORUGAL also failed. And CHRISTIANO RONALDO , THIERY HENRY, and LUCAS TONI were big flops. The CROATIAN IVAN KLASSNIC the only footballer to score two goals has had a double kidney transplant . the only player to do so in a major tournament.
There were only two goals scored with free kicks . MICHEL BALLACK and DE ROSSI. The DE ROSSI free kick took a deflection from HENRYS leg
LUIS AROGONES is the oldest coach at 69 years and337 days. The previous record is held by the GERMAN OTTO REHAGGAL the coach of GREECE. The oldest player and the oldest goal scorer in a EURO CUP is the AUSTRIAN IVAC VASTIC at the age of 38 years.
The EURO U.E.F.A. SQUAD was chosen at the end