Thursday, December 30, 2010


Both the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona want the Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas , in this January transfer window. Mourinho has made Fabregas his main target , and has said Real Madrid will offer 35 million pounds for the Arsenal play maker. While Fabregas who came from the Barcelona youth team have said that the Jersey number 4 which Jose Guardiolla wore during his time at Barcelona will be kept ready for Fabregas. Last summer to Barcelona wanted him, but it fell on deff years, Arsene Wenger flatly told Barcelona that Fabregas has a contract till 2015.
But the big question where will Fabregas play at Barcelona ? With players like Xavi, Iniesta there.


The year 2010 world of football has come to an end.So the best eleven players who shown for both club and country were chosen. The Big surprise was that not a single player from England, Holland or Italy made it.
1) Goalkeeper. Iker Casillas. Spain and Real Madrid.
2) Defenders. 1) Carles Puyol. Spain and Barcelona.Nemanja Vidic. Serbia . Manchester United.Sergio Ramos . Spain and Real Madrid. Danny Alves. Brazil.Barcelona.
Mid fielders. Xavi. Spain and Barcelona.Christiano Ronaldo. Portugal . Real Madrid. Thomas Muller. Germany.Bayern Munich. Gareth Bale. Wales . Tottenham Hotspur.
Strikers Lionel Messi. Argentina. Barcelona. Diego Forlan. Uruguay . Athletico Madrid.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Mario Boletelli the Italian striker who plays his club football in england with Manchester City, has said that he is home sick and has a desire to return to Italy, and play for either A.C.Milan or his old club Inter Milan.
He has always been a talented footballer , but he has also been a troublesome player both on and off the pitch, with bust ups with players as well as with coach Roberto Mancini. But the chances of releasing him are slim , as the club spent 24 million pounds in getting him, and they will not get that much if they sell him . The club looks for new strikers as well with Emanuel Adebayor, Roque Santa Cruz leaving the club.They have started talks with Wolfs burg for their striker who may cost 35 million pounds.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The E.P.L. match between Arsenal and Chelsea played on 27/12/2010 was a very important match for both the big clubs.The winner would take a firm grip for the title.
So it was a cagey game in the first half, both teams playing cautiously . But the goal did come in the 44 th minute scored by Alexander Song. Chelsea were pressurized from then on. would the game have more goals? In the matter of the next 15 minutes the game took a major turn with Cesc Fabregas scoring the second with a few passes with Nasri , the third goal was scored by Theo Walcott who made his speedy runs on the sides and harassed the Chelsea players,.
Chelsea were a frustrated team , and it lead to open argument and a fight on the pitch between John Terry and Didier Drogba, this should not happen on the pitch , but this is the second time the players have fought between themselves on the pitch. It shos all is not well at Chelsea. Balislav Ivonov headed a consolation goal at the end. Arsenal had 61 % of possession to 39%. and Drogba who has scored 13 times in 13 matches failed to score, and the goals were scored by non strikers.


1) Wayne Rooney. 24. Manchester United. 250,000 pounds a week.
2) Christiano Ronaldo. 25. Real Madrid. 217,308. pounds a week.
3)Zalatan Ibrahimovic. 29. Barcelona. 200, 000. pounds a week.
4)Yaya Toure. 27. Manchester City. 185,000. pounds a week.
5) Lionel Messi. 23. Barcelona. 175,000. pounds a week.
5) Samuel Etoo. 29. Inter Milan. 175,000. pounds a week.
7) Kaka. 28. Real Madrid. 167.307. pounds a week.
8) Emanuel Adebayor. 26. Manchester City. 142,307. pounds a week.
9) Karim Benzema. 22. Real Madrid. 142,307. pounds a week.
10) Carlos Tevez. 26. Manchester City. 134,615.


1) Wayne Rooney. 24. Manchester United. 250,000 pounds a week.
2) Christiano Ronaldo. 25. Real Madrid. 217,308. pounds a week.
3)Zalatan Ibrahimovic. 29. Barcelona. 200, 000. pounds a week.
4)Yaya Toure. 27. Manchester City. 185,000. pounds a week.
5) Lionel Messi. 23. Barcelona. 175,000. pounds a week.
5) Samuel Etoo. 29. Inter Milan. 175,000. pounds a week.
7) Kaka. 28. Real Madrid. 167.307. pounds a week.
8) Emanuel Adebayor. 26. Manchester City. 142,307. pounds a week.
9) Karim Benzema. 22. Real Madrid. 142,307. pounds a week.
10) Carlos Tevez. 26. Manchester City. 134,615.


Patrice Evra the French and Manchester United defender , should zip his mouth up. He was boasting that the Manchester United team was far superior to Arsenal, and the Arsenal team are are youth academy with youngsters who have no hope of winning the title this year. But then Manchester United should have defeated Arsenal in a very convincing manner with a big goal margin, but that did not happen. They defeated Arsenal late in the game with a single goal from Park, it was headed in and not scored by any great skill of control or dribbling , and it came late in the 80th odd minute.
But Evra should know that Arsenal do not have big and costly players in their team.
But Arsenal beat mighty Chelsea by 3-1 goal score. Not bad for a youth academy.
And Arsenal have made a profit not Manchester United or Chelsea.

Monday, December 27, 2010


the welsh winger Gareth Bale is now wanted by many clubs in Europe, all big ones like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter Milan, who can forget the way bale out ran Maicon in both the legs of the champion league, that day Inter Milan were humiliated , after all they are the reigning champions.
But the club Tottenham Hot spur have put a huge price on his head , in a attempt to keep him. The manager Harry Redknap wants 50 million pounds for Gareth Bale now. But Bale says he is happy at the club and has signed a long term contract


Sir Alex Ferguson did make a strange decision he dropped their striker Dimitrov Berbatov their Bulgarian striker for the match with Arsenal. And this was after Berbatov had scored five goals in the previous match.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


The Italian giants Inter Milan have sacked their Spanish coach Rafael Benitez, just after six months in charge. He joined Inter Milan from Liverpool. This year Inter suffered injuries to top players, as well as some joint Real Madrid after the previous coach Jose Mourinho took over Real.And Inter are doing badly this year.
Inter have replaced Benitez with the Brazilian footballer and former coach of A.C. Milan Leonardo.

Friday, December 24, 2010


the former Italian ans inter Milan defender Marco Materazzi, who was head butted by Zinedine Zidane at the 2006 world cup final, it was not certain why it was done, some say that the Italian said things about Zidanes sister, even a lip reader was used.
But at the 2010 champion league match between Inter Milan and Real Madrid, which was plaid at the San Siro.Both met at the hotel where Real Madrid players stayed. As Zidane who played for Real Madrid for years is now one of their staff.
So it looks like everything is now settled between them.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The former Italian footballer and manager of Italy from1975 to 1986, has died at the age of 83 years, he was not well for some time now. he won the world cup for Italy in the year 1982 inSpain, the hero of that world cup was Paulo Rossi. In that world cup Italy started slowly but with wins over Argentina, Brazil and then Italy beat West Germany 3-1 in that final.He was according to Rossi Italy's greatest footballer of the 20th century. He played 104 games for Italy, and also lead Italy to the 4th place in the 1978 world cup in Argentina.
His passing away was on the same day of the death of Vittorio Pozzo , who died 42 years ago. Vittorio Pozzo lead Italy to world cup wins in the years 1934 and 1938. Vittorio Pozzo becomes the only manager to lead a country to two world cup wins in succession, no other manager has done it so far.


The main trouble at Manchester City , is that they have spent far to much on many players, some are very good like Tevez, but some are average like Jo. And to many players so they are not getting a chance to play . Like they have spent 25 million pounds on Emmanuel Adebayor and he is not on the bench even, what a waste of money and talent, and when they do not play there will be rift in he players and the club. And they want to spend another 50 million pounds in January, but this time they will sell players like Adebayor, Bridge and Shawn Wright Philips for that. And the new rule comes into affect in 2012 by U.E.F.A , they must balance their books, they will have to sell players and use that money to buy players only. Even Lescot is rotting away , mind you they paid heavily for him, and Lescot thought that the grass was greener at Eastlands, what a rude shock for him. Was Carlos Tevez act of giving a transfer letter simply to boost his weekly salary?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Samuel Etoo the Cameroon striker who plays his club football in Italy with Inter Milan, has now won the African footballer of the year for the fourth time, and this is a record as no african footballer has won it for four times. Yes George Weah and Abedi Pele both won the title only three times. Samuel Etoo had won it also in the year2003, 2004 and 2005, when he played for Barcelona.
Samuel etoo beat dider drogba and Asomah Gyan for the title

Monday, December 20, 2010


The Spanish giants Barcelona are eying the-young Brazilian Danielson , and are willing to pay Arsenal 12 million Euros. the possibility is that Barcelona ,it is rumored are willing to sell Andrea Inesita to Manchester City for a world record 100 thousand pounds, will the Arab owners loosen their purses now.
Arsenal will use this money to buy Joleen Lescott from City, who is not happy there, and he is not getting a start either.


A young football goalkeeper in the lower division of English football club committed suicide by hanging himself after his fiancée cheated on him ,with his team mate. the team mate is none other then Paul Terry 31, the elder brother of John Terry.Dale Roberts 24 years old, killed himself after his 25 year old partner Lindsay Co wen had an affair with Paul Terry , his team mate at Rushden And Diamonds. Reports In The Daily Mail, Lindsay left Roberts in may, after Paul Terry slept with Lindsay, while staying at the couples home. Angered and upset Roberts refused to play along side Paul Terry the cheating team mate, for the the conference club, and terry was quickly sold to Darlington in August. Roberts did not want to be another Wayne Bridge.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Qatar Royal family is now keen to buy the famous football club Manchester United, for 1.5 Billion pounds. And they have big plans , such as to crush their fellow Arab owners at Manchester City, they promise to make the club debt free. And to give Ferguson huge amounts of money, unlimited cash to buy new players.
The Glazers can make a huge profit.
The royal family have the ownership of Harrods, and big stake in the car companies Volkswagen and Porsche as well. But they also are looking for other clubs like NewcastleUnited Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea.
Here one more e.p.L club has a foreign owner.


Barcelona the Spanish giants are going to make a very big bid for two Spanish wizards on the pitch, they are Ces Fabregas and Fernando Torres, as Torres plays for Liverpool and Fabregas for Arsenal. Fabregas was born in the Catalan city , and came from the Barcelona youth team. while Torres played for Athletic o Madrid.
But you may wonder where Barcelona would get the money as they were in a mess financially recently .But for the first time in 111 years Barcelona will be sponsored on their Jerseys, it will be the Qatar foundation that will pay Barcelona 125 million for it, the highest paid to any club in the world. But Arsenal will not let Fabregas go so easily, as he is on a contract till 2015. while Jose Mourinho wanted Fernando Torres at Real Madrid. But that is not likely as he played for Madrids rivals athletic o Madrid .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Manchester have made it very clear to carlos Tevez , that they have no intention of letting him leave the club in january. and as Roberto Mancini has gone to Italy fr a minor eye operation, he plans to meet Tevez and talk it over with him. Already they have stripped the captaincy from him.And they have told him that if he does leave in January, then they will sue him for a huge 50 million pound case, as that is what he will owe them for the amount of the contract remaining.
Tevez has said he will leave as it is not a matter o f money.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The 2022 world cup that has been given to Qatar , will now have new problems,and many may not like it at all.
The main problem will be playing a world cup in the 45 or 50 C. temperature in June.
There will be no alcohol , or for the matter beer allowed in that country.
Another problem is they will not allow prostitutes there.
And gays and Lesbians also will not be allowed there at the world cup time.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Carlos Tevez the famous striker from Argentina, who plays his club football at Manchester City, has his transfer paper for a move in the January widow. As he is a costly player about 30 million pounds. Which club will afford him. Ferguson said he was a over paid and rated player, Liverpool do not have money to spend like this, and Arsenal do not spend 30 million pounds on a player. So Chelsea only remain, it was not at all a coincidence , that when Carlo Anchelotti said he hadfunds to buy players. Then Carlos Tevez asked for a transfer,it looks fishy. Real Madrid want a striker , as they are managing with Karim Benzeema alone for a while as the strikerHiguain is out fr months after surgery.. Barcelona are the other club. Tevez has said very clearly if Manchester City do not let him go, then he will quit football for good and retire.
But if a player is not happy , there is no use keeping him back.


Carlos Tevez the Argentinean striker who plays club football at Manchester City , has now finally given in his transfer paper for a move in January. The reason for this is that he is not at all happy with the manager Roberto Mancini, and some of the club executives.And the other point is he is very homesick and misses his wife and two little daughters a great deal. At city he gets 286,000 pounds a week, and 1.5 million as a bonus. But Tevez says money is not all in life. the youngsters at City think having a costly, mobile, car and a mansion is all in life, it is not so.
But the Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona are most likely to get him now. Barcelona have a better chance,As he is not interested in the E.P.L anymore even though Spurs want him, he wants to leave England after playing for West Ham, Manchester United and Manchester City.
Barcelona are first choice, as Barcelona has promised to let him visit Argentina couple of times a year.And Bojan Krikic will join Manchester City, as city is now looking for a striker , as Adebayor, Bellamy will leave.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Barcelona the Spanish giants , who have a debt of 369.5 million pounds .And was the only football club that did not have sponsoror . for the past 111 years, has been forced to do so so now, mainly due to the economy collapsing in Spain , and their previous sponsoror going bankrupt.
Now the Qatar Foundation, a non profitable company will pay Barcelona a 125 million pound , a record for this, but the UNICEF logo will stay. The deal is for five years from 2011 to 2016..
This is a r ecord as Manchester United as well as Real Madrid make 20 million pounds a year , Barcelona will get 25 million pounds a year, Bayern Munich get 23 million a year from Deutsche Telecom. Chelsea get 13.6 million pounds from Samsung. Real Madrid get 19.3 million pounds from B.Win, Manchester United get 19.5 million pounds from A.O.N.


Blatter has called England spoil t and arrogant over the loss of the bid of the 2018 world cup bid.
The B.B.C program before the bid, declared that there was corruption in F.I.F.A. But then if all was clean and transparent , then why were Mr Amos Admu , who is a Nigerian and Reginald Temanil suspended from F.i.F.A , and they were also each fined as well, Amos was fined 6,250 pounds and Reginald was fined 3,125 pounds. Was it because these two were going to vote for England, and not Russia and Qatar , the oil and gas money played a big part in it,
In Qatar I wonder who will fill the 12 rand new A.C. stadiums . As they have a population of 1 million only, and in their clubs only players play who have retired from football and not wanted in European clubs.


The German and Schalke goalkeeper Manuel Neuer who is 24 years old, and is wanted by both Manchester United as well as Bayern Munich, he has now been promised a huge increase in his weekly salary , to keep these two giants in their own countries away. He now gets 32,000 pounds a week as a weekly salary, bu the club has decided to increase it to 80,000 pounds a week.And keep him at the club for another year, after which they will cash on him.
As Edwin van Der Sar will retire at the end of this season at the age of 40 years. But the girlfriend of Neuer will play a part in where he goes.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


F.i.F.A have second thought of having the world cup in June 2022, where the temperature is 45.C. to 50.c. They now want it held in the winter. But at that time clubs are playing or the transfer widow is there to look into.
they should have known that the weather would be ve, very hot and unplayable. Does F.i.F.A allow Air Condition stadiums in its laws, or because of gas money all rules will be thrown out.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


the French and Arsenal midfielder,who is scoring a lot of goals this season , has been offered a new contract by arsenal. It is for a five year deal. and it is worth 21 million pounds,Nasri will get a weekly salary of 80,000 pounds. Considering the strict salary rules at Arsenal, it is very good indeed.


Manchester City has come forward with a plan to offer Barcelona a 70 million Euro for their midfielder Andrea Inesita, they are sure with the financial problems of barcelona , they may part with their Jewel . Andrea Inesita is along with Lionel Messi and Xavi are in line for Ball O Dor. It is unlikely Barcelona will sell him.


Newcastle united have sacked their coach Chris Houghton. It came as a big surprise to al, after all last year Newcastle united were relegated and after just spending one year down, Chris Houghton guided the club back into the E.P.L. and he was not at all bad this year, they even defeated Arsenal. and they were in the top ten teams in the E.P.L table.
But the owner of Newcastle united Mr Mike Ashley had other ideas, and the talk is that he already had a replacement in mind, when he sacked Houghton. That is why he delayed in renewing Houghton contract.
the two persons most likely to take his place are Martin ,O Neil and Martin Jol. Martin Jol has resigned his post as coach of Ajax as well.
Nowthere is talk of revolt by the players as well.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Russian world cup chief executive Alexy Sorokin was very confident, so confident was he that he boldly said Russia had already won the 2018 bid. He told this to the English team in Zurich 24 hours before the bid, he also said Russia have enough votes to win. No wonder the world says the bid was fixed.
The claim made by former diplomat was spot on.
But was it Russian oil and gas money that greased the palms of F.I.F.A voters. Mind you Russia and Qatar winner for 2022 are the first and second country with the most gas money.
Got the picture bright and clear.


Britain's worst football team has been A.Cornish , after conceding 227 goals in just 11 games.While Madron F.c suffered a demoralizing start to their season, they lost their match to Illogan Reserves 55-0 according to the Daily telegraph.
Temporary manager Alan Davidson 68 admitted his team is very bad. They have scored only two goals , and the goal average is minus 225 goals.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Blackpool the club in the E.P.L, who are the surprise of the season this year, have now been warned by the F.A. that they can have points deducted as well as face a fine.
The reason for all this is that Blackpool have failed to install underground heating system, as their grounds were covered with snow heavily, and their game verses Manchester United was postponed due to heavy snow on the entire pitch making it unplayable.


Barcelona had to travel by train and bus as well as there was a Air strike in Spain. Barcelona thought their match was cancelled as to this problem, but their game was very much there that day.Barcelona managed to make it to Osusono a few minutes before the game started.
Sitting for so many hours all cramped , did not affect their play.Barcelona won the game 3-0, with the help of a brace from Lionel Messi.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Adrian Mutu the Romanian footballer , who was sacked by Chelsea in 2004 for taking the drug cocaine. he now plays his club football in Italy with club Fiorentina ,after he served his ban.
Chelsea have now filed a case against Adrian Mutu , in the U.S.A . They are attaching his three luxurious houses, hoping to get it and so they can get their 15 million pounds. As Mutu was tols to surrender the amount in a Swiss Bank, and he has failed to do it.


Was the idea of giving Qatar the 2022 world cup a good one? It as not at all good, only oil and gas money that greased the F.i.F.A palms got it for them.
The country has a population of one million, and they want to fill 12 new A.C stadiums with a crowd of 50,000 each.
Let us also see what the F.i.F.A rules say. It says that the temperature should not be over 32 .C. as it is dangerous for the footballers who may have to play 130 minutes.and the stadium should be good open ones , not closed A.c stadiums. The temperature reaches 45 to 50.C in June and July.the months the cup is held. And usually only a country that has qualified for a world club can bid to hold it, Qatar has never progressed far in the qualifiers , and stand 18th in the world.If it was to be given to a middle east country, then Kuwait, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia have qualified.
F.i,F.A after giving Qatar the host, they have put on their thinking caps and now want it in January, but many countries like england, Spain are playing in January.

Friday, December 3, 2010


The English media released the corruption going on in F.I.F.A , and it is a mighty big shame Mr Blatter and F.i.F.A should hang their heads in shame. England got one miserable vote, to hold the 2018 world cup. After all the media job is to net its readers know all the news, and corruption is big news.
England has done the right thing by deciding never to be a country bidding to host a world cup, till F.i.F. A clean up their act .
So Russia in 2018 , and Qatar in 2022. But remember that the world cup is held in June to July, the hottest months in Qatar, where the temperature reaches 45 degrees. Lets enjoy the fun then.
Has Qatar ever qualified for a world cup? Or was it oil money that greased F.I.F.A hands, as they were already corrupt.
England are winners and held it 40 odd years ago so they should have got it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Mourinho had high hopes of winning the El classic o verses Barcelona at the Nou Camp. But his trump card Ronaldo failed to shine. The other reason is Real do not develop youngsters like Barcelona , here Jefferen Suarez scored the 5th goal.
The real reason Barcelona are so good is because they have fantastic patient passing. they no where each player is and work like a clock. The passing was really good. Barcelona in the match made 694 passes in all, while Real Madrid made 331 passes in all. Barcelona scored a goal after 29 passes in all.It was from the back to into Reals net.
Jose Morinho must zip his mouth he loves to attack managers like Wenger and others. He sure came crashing down.And it is well known that Mourinho will not work at small clubs, he will only work for clubs with money, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan.


The El Classico or was it Hell Classico. Barcelona out played , out thought mighty Real Madrid. It was played in the Barcelona Nou camp in front of 98,0000 fans ,who came tosee them beat their hated enemies Real Madrid. Before the match Mourinho boasted tha Ronaldo would be the star of the el Classico, and Ronaldo said as Barcelona had scored 8 goals against Almeria , let them try that with us, Barcelona almost scored the8 goals. Ronaldo and Real madrid were chasing shadows , and then letting their tempers get the better of them, a total of 13 yellow and 1 red card Real had 8yellow and one red ramos was sent of.
xavi opened the scoring followed by two goals by David Villa, Pedro joined the party. And the fifth was scored by new boy from Venezuela Jefferren Suarez , that goal took 29 passes before netting it. Barcelona had 7 world cup players from Spain in the team, Real had three players, but the goalkeeper Iker Casillas was mostly plucking the ball from his net. It was Pep Guardiolas 5 El Classico win in 5 games. This time Messi failed to score a goal but he made two , and so Real Madrids 25 game winning run ended. For Mourinho it was a Hell Classico and back to the drawing board. One thing was clear the money did not help Real here, as they fail to produce youngsters like Barcelona.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Jose Mourinho the Real Madrid coach has been banned and fined as well, he will face one game ban and is fined 40,000 Euros. He got it for seeing that Xavi Alonso and Sergi Ramos were shown red cards in their game in a game verses Ajax. But at the same time Xavi Alonso and Sergi Ramos were also fined 20,000 Euros, or 25,900 Dollars.


West Ham united the Hammers may be at the very bottom of the E.P.L. But in the Carlingcup quarter round, on a very cold and snowy day with snow falling steadily , the crowd were in for a shocker .The old boy Jonathan Spector who was a Manchester United player, but was sold four years earlier, scored two goals and Carlton Cole who has failed to score a single goal in 18 eighteen long months, also joint the party by scoring two goals and ending his drought of goals.
yes the Manchester United team were young and ill experienced , but as Ferguson rightly said there are no excuses at this stage.. yes Robert Green did make some very good saves as well.


The Chelsea football club settled all matters with Ray Wilkins, to both sides satisfaction.
But even as he was sacked in the middle of the match, which was indeed very sad.
This clearly shows the Chelsea owner Mr Roman Abrahimovic may have a lots of money , as he is a Russian oil Barron. But one thing is clear money will not get you the class, this is certain, and we all saw it with the shabby treatment given to Ray Wilkins.