Friday, August 31, 2012


Roberto Mancini is sick in the head for sure. Manchester City have spent a total of fifty three million on average players on the last day of the transfer window a total of six players. And still he is grumbling and moaning for missing out on the main big stars. He has got Javi Garcia for 16 million pounds, Ken Rodwell for 15 million pounds, Scott Sinclair for 6 million pounds, Maicon for 3 million pounds.Matija Nastcce for 12 million pounds. And also thirty two year old discarded goalkeeper Ian Wright for free. See if you can find any real stars in the six footballers. But he did miss out on Robin Van Persie 24 million pounds, Eden Hazard 32 million pounds. He has only sold Emmanuel Adebayor for 5 million pounds. But Manchester City will be paying the weekly salary of Adebayor partly , which comes to 90,000 pounds. This is clear Mancini is a poor manager only can spend some one elses money.


The champion league group stages for 2012/2013 are as follows. A) F.C.Porto. Portugal. Dynamo Kyiv. Ukraine. P.S.G. France.Dinamo Zagreb. Cro9atia. B)Arsenal. England. Schalke04. Germany. Olympikos. Greece. Montpellier. France. C) Milan Italy. Zenit Petersbugh. Russia. Malaga. Spain Andrelecht. D) Real Madrid Spain. Manchester City. England. Ajax. Holland. Borussia Dortmund. Germany. E) Chelsea. England. Juventus. Italy. Shakhtar Donestsk. Ukraine Nordsjaaelland.Denmark. F) Bayern Munich. Germany. Valencia. Spain. Lille. France. Bate Barislov. Belurus. F) Barcelona. Spain. Benfica. Portugal. Celtic . Scotland. Sparak Moscow. Russia. H) Manchester United. England. Sc. Braga. Portugal. Cluj. Romania. Galatassaray. Turkey.


Englands most expensive footballer Andy Carroll who joined Liverpool from Newcastle for a record 35 million pounds. But he was a failure at Liverpool, and on the last day of the transfer window he flew by helicopter to join West ham on a years loan. West Ham United will have a chance then to buy him at 17 million pounds. That is half the price Liverpool paid Newcastle United. But there is a hitch to the deal , the sale of 17 million pounds will only go through if West Ham United are not relegated this season.


The Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbtov , who joined Manchester United for a huge 30.75 million pounds from Tottenham Hotspurs . He formerly played at Bayern Leverkusen. But he lost his starting place to Javier Hernandez and now Robin Van Persie , makes it more difficult for him. He was wanting to leave but Ferguson was not willing to do it. The Italian club Fiorentina wee given permission to speak to him, but the Italian giants Juventus also showed keen interest in Berbatov.Now when Forentina are paying for Berbatovs ticket he should at least honor them.. He says that he wanted to play in a champion league game, and as Forentina came thirteenth last year he was keen on Juventus. But along came Martin Jol manager at Fulham and buys him Berbatov underwent a medical as well at Fulham, but he has taken a massive pay cut in the move. Firentina and the people of Florence are angry, rightfully so at the betrayal. Fiorentina have said they are happy he is not at Fiorentina, he is not fit to wear their famous blue jersey.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


F.C. Porto have flatly rejected 50 million Euros or 39.5 million pounds , for their Brazilian striker called Hulk. He gets this name from the actor in the movie called the INCREDIBLE HULK. The Russian club Zenith Petersberg had made that offer. People say that the player is overrated , but we must take into account that players got on the lst day are always costlie , distress buying comes in the picture.


The winner of the 2012/2013 Champion league will be rolling in money. It is expected to cross the one billion pounds this year. Last years winner Chelsea won 48 million pounds.


Sheikh Mansoor the owner of the English club Manchester City, seems to have gone and got the wrong club in the end. Manchester City each time the transfer window opens in June and in January they are always buying a Arsenal player or two and for huge amounts such as 25 million pounds.Also wages are higher at Manchester City then Arsenal. They had bought about six players already , and in this transfer window they wanted to buy Robin Van Persie, they had offered him a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds. But they did not get him, and the relations between Roberto Mancini and Bryan Marwood was hit badly, in fact they were not even on talking terms, and the sheikh had to broker peace. So it would be cheaper for the sheikh to buy Arsenal instead a club in the champion league for 15 years.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


There is no doubt about it that these young footballers are getting far to greedy. Take the case of Theo Walcott of Arsenal. He is getting a weekly salary of 50,000 pounds, and during contract talks Arsenal offered anew deal of 75,000 pounds, but he wants 100,000 pounds a week. Has he thought for a moment if he was indeed worth 100,000 pounds. He is a very over rated player, only has pace , a lot is needed to prove himself. Another mercenary on the way to Manchester City. Do not blame Arsenal or Arsene Wenger as these players leave, it is the players who do not want to sign a new contract. So Arsenal have no choice but to sell them and make money.


It is reported in the METRO that Arsenal are willing to sell their winger Theo Walcott for 15 million pounds to Manchester City, and the Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko joining Arsenal in the other way. As Manchester City want a winger as they have sold Adam Johnson , and Arsenal want a proven goal striker to get their season back on track. As both Lukas Plodloski and Oliver Giroud have failed to score a goal as yet. But Arsenal fans should be patient as both will click soon.


The Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov who joined Manchester United from Tottenham Hotspurs for a English record of 30.75 million pounds.But is now being sold to Fiorentina for five million pounds, a loss of over twenty five million pounds. He did score goals for Manchester United, he won the golden boot, the year Manchester United won their nineteenth title. But things became hard for him with the arrivals of Danny Welbeck , Javier Hernandez and now Robin Van Persie, even the injury and two month lay out of Wayne Rooney could not help him. Relations got sour between Ferguson and Berbatov, Ferguson hardly giving Berbatov a chance, and refusing to sell him. Berbatov sat and sulked, Ferguson laughed away. Nothing new of Ferguson who not only froze Berbatov, but ask these they will tell you. Paul Ince Jap Staam, Lee Sharpe, Ruud Van Nistelroy, Juan Sebastin Veron, Teddy Sherringham . But one thing is clear Berbatov was wasted at Manchester United . And do not expect Robin Van Persie to score 30 goals again, it was Alexander Song who supplied 11 assistsThe only footballer in the E.P.L to score 30 goals in two years has been Alan Shearer with 30 odd goals at Blackburn Rovers in 1995 and with Newcastle United.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Both former Chelsea strikers Dider Drogba and Niclas Anelka moved to the Chinese league after their playing days in Europe were well and truly , both were well into their mid thirties by then. This season they joined the Chinese club called Shanghai Shenhua. They were promised huge weekly salaries. But now there is problem with the main shareholders , the chairman Zhua Jun has 28.5 percent of the club. He was promised that if he invested money in the next two years , he would have 70 percent of the shares. Now that has not at all happened, and there is a very strong possibility that both these players would leave the club.


Manchester United will have a new sponsorer for the year 2014/2015 on wards. It is the American car company called Chevrolet . The car company has also given each regular team player a car to use. But Sir Alex Ferguson has put his foot down on it saying that footballers who are under the age of 23, twenty three will not be allowed to use a car. So Danny Welbeck, Phil Jones, Cris Smalling and the two DSilva twins will not be allowed to own or drive these sleek cars. In a way it is correct as more and more young footballers are getting caught for drink driving offences as well as for speeding.


Tottenham hotspurs chairman David Levy failed to sell his Croatian midfielder Luka Modric last year for forty million pounds to Chelsea, Spurs had brought him for sixteen million pounds. They have now sold Luka Modric for about thirty million pounds. The deal is Real Madrid will pay Tottenham Hotspurs twenty five million pounds straight away , and five million will be paid in instalments. So David Levy is poorer by ten million pounds. Levy has made a statement that Tottenham Hotspurs and Real Madrid are now in a partnership. Does this mean that Gareth Bale is the next one to join Real Madrid. Here they have sold Lika Modric before getting a replacement for him, and only a few days for transfer window to close.

Monday, August 27, 2012


This indeed a very big fact that many players have left Arsenal to join clubs in Europe to win trophies, there is no hiding this fact from any one at all. These players have won a total of silverware 44 , forty four medals in all.While on the other hand Arsenal players have failed to win a single trophy or medal since the Exodus started. But one thing should be understood these players who left Arsenal for trophies joined clubs mainly Chelsea , Manchester City and Barcelona. Manchester City and Chelsea have oil billionaires as owners , and spend without a thought. Arsenal have used their money from stadium and selling of players and advertisements . No RICH SUGAR DADDY HERE. Arsenal have their own new stadium built recently, it is a 60,400 capacity stadium . At the same tim Liverpool, Everton, West Ham United, Chelsea and Spurs can not build a stadium, or for the matter even share a stadium. Banks told Liverpool and Everton to share a stadium like the San Siro, shared by the Milan clubs. And by the way the Emirate stadium was built during the recession, just think of the money Arsenal pay interest for the loan taken to build it. And still Arsenal make profits. Arsenal will have to sell players each year to pay the bank.


This summer Arsenal sold their Dutch striker Robin Van Persie to Manchester United , for 24 million pounds, not bad deal for a 29 year old player, got from Feynoord for 2.75 million pounds, good profit. Arsenal make profit, not like Manchester City who paid Arsenal 25 million pounds for Emmanuel Adebay, and then sold him to Tottenham Hotspurs for five million, City will also pay 90,000 pounds weekly to Adebayor as weekly salary, Spurs pay 80,000 pounds. But now Arsenal have got just two points from two games, and fans are already after the players and manager. But Real Madrid have got just one point in two games, these things happen in the early season as the new players need to gel together it takes six weeks to two months to understand each other. Arsenal and Real Madrid fans must be patient as language is a problem as well.


The Croatian midfielder Luka Modric has now gone to Real Madrid for 33.3 million pounds.It was good business for Tottenham Hotspurs all right. But he was highly over priced as a player, and it has made the replacements Willans club increase their price to 20 million pounds for a wastly unheard of player. But what we should realize here is that Luka Modric scored 17 goals in atotal of 150 games. Not that good at all.So you judge for yourself.And as Real madrid have a good midfield players he will just warm the bench and ask for a transfer or loan in a years time. Remember Nuri Sahin , who has joined Liverpool on a loan, and can be got for 15 million pounds after the loan period.That is why Arsenal did not take him , 15 million pounds for a player who was not even on the bench at Real Madrid?

Sunday, August 26, 2012


At long last the transfer deal of Luka Modric, the Croatian midfielder, makes his move from Tottenham Hotspurs to Real Madrid for a total of 33.3 million pounds. this is very well short of the demand made by David Levy, he was asking 40 million pounds for the play maker.But now has got less. In fact Chelsea had offered Spurs 35 million pounds for Luka Modric last year, so a loss of two million pounds this year. The big question will be , will Luka Modric get a game at Real Madrid or will he warm the bench.Then 33 million pounds for a bench warmer is far to much.


This is a list of seven costliest footballer from the E.P.L. 1)Theirry Henry. From Arsenal to Barcelona. For 16.1 Million pounds. 1)Joleon Lescott. From Everton to Manchester City. For 22 Million Pounds. 3)Owen Hargreaves. From Bayern Munich to Manchester United.For 17 Million Pounds. 4)Cesc Fabregas . From Arsenal to Barcelona . For 35 Million Pounds. 5) Darren Bent. From Tottenham Hotspurs to Sunderland. For 10 million Pounds. 6)Cristiano Ronaldo. From Manchester United to Real Madrid . For 80 Million pounds. 7)Robin Van Persie. From Arsenal to Manchester United. For 24 Million pounds.

Friday, August 24, 2012


It was reported that Tottenham Hotspurs had wanted to buy the Valencia striker Roberto Soldado , who had scored 26 goals last year.But Tottenham Hotspurs have only one striker in Jermaine Defoe, but they have got Emanuel Adeboypr for 5 millin pounds. The manager of Spurs Andrea Villas Boas was willing to pay the full buy out clause of Roberto Soldado , which was 30 million pounds or 50 million pounds.But it was flatly rejected by Valencia.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tottenham Hotspurs have paid Manchester City 5 million pounds.But Manchester City paid Arsenal 25 million pounds for him.They got him from Monaco for 4 million pounds.At Manchester City he was getting a weekly salary of 170,000 pounds. The transfer talks went on for a long time. So who pays what ? Manchester city will pay 95 ,000 pounds a week as part of the salary, Spurs will pay 80,000 pounds a week as balance of the salary.Emmanuel Adebayor will still get 175,000 pounds a week. Just imagine Manchester City paid Arsenal 25 million pounds , sold him to Tottenham Hotspur for 5 million pounds. And they become a club still paying a major of his fee after selling him. Wenger and Arsenal are laughing away.


Emmanuel Adebayor should be aware that many footballers who changed their loan deal to permanent deals had flopped badly. 1) Midu. 2) Robbie Keane. 3) Kevin Cambell. 4) Yakubu. 5) Rosenthal.


Manchester United striker Dimitrov Berbatov, who is from Bulgaria, and had joined Manchester United from Tottenham Hotspurs for a record price of 30.75 million pounds, a English record still. But has sadly found himself playing from the bench, and this year it will be even tougher to get a starting place, as younger players like Javier Hernandez , Danny Wellbeck, Wayne Rooney , and now Robin Van Persie are there and age is catching up. Last year he started mainly in the Carling cp and the F.A. Cup. There are clubs waiting to buy him like Sunderland, West Ham and Zenith St Petersburgh. But the the main problem is that he is asking a weekly salary of 110,000 pounds, plus the club must pay Manchester United the transfer fee. At the end it is possible that Berbatov could move to the Florence club Fiorentina.


The Spanish footballer Santi Carzalo was asked since he was small in size , he can not make it in the E.p.L with Arsenal.But short footballers were even better. 1) Paul Scholes. 2) Jermaine Defoe. 3) Aaron lennon . 4) Gianfranco Zola. 5) Carlos Tevez. 6) Dennis Wise. 7)Diego Maradona. 8) Ronaldo Lima.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The former Juventus player and former coach of Siena in Siera B , and at present coach of Juventus got a ten month ban from the judge who tried the case . The judge said it was a fair that Conte should be banned , he felt that the ban should have been for more then ten months. Antonio Conte will miss the entire season in Italy this year. The assistant will take over.


Arsenal and Arsene Wenger , according THE DAILY STAR , are targeting to buy the Spanish winger Jesus Navas , who plays his club football with F.c.Seville in Spain. Wenger was persuaded by the new Spanish Arsenal player Santi Corzala, who joined Arsenal in the summer. He is likely to replace Theo walcott, who is in his last year at Arsenal.Arsenal are willing to sell him then let him go as a free agent next year. Walcott is wanted by both Chelsea and Liverpool, Chelsea is the more favouriye destination of Theo Walcott. After all it is greed by these young footballers that cause their doom. Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adeboyor are good examples . The grass is never greener on the other side. The problem for Arsenal is that the buy out clause for Jesus Navas is 35 million pounds, some amount Arsenal do not pay for any footballer, but next year it could be cut to half.


Over the years footballers have had their names spelt wrongly , and a club spelt their name wrongly as well. 1 David Beckham was spelt as David Beckam. 2) David Bentley was spelt as David Betnely.. 3) Anderson had his name spelt as Andesron. 4) Santa Cruz had his name spelt as Satna Cruz. 5) The club Crystal Palace spelt their name as Chrystal Palace.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Like many young footballers of today, they are all disloyal to their clubs, just as soon as a bigger club and ofer comes along they want to move on.Even if they are not on the bench even. Take Alexander Song , for example, he was brought by Arsenal for just one million pounds, and was sent on loan to Charlton Athletic . But according to Paul Mearson a former footballer , who says that when you compare him when he joined Arsenal and today after providing eleven assists to Robin Van Persie , you can just admire how Arsenal have developed him. So he should have left gracefully, as players come and go , but Arsenal will remain.


The Cameroon midfielder Alexander Song has joined Barcelona for 15 million pounds, or 19 million Euros or 23 Million Dollars. He also left Arsenal to win trophies at Barcelona , but he will not get a place on the bench even.And he has already missed the golden area of Barcelona under Pep Guardiola. Or will his story sadly be he same as Aleksander Hlep , who is now in the football wilderness, after his big dream move to Barcelona from Arsenal. Arsenal made 15 million pounds for a player they got for one million pounds.If he thinks he can make it into the first team like Cesc Fabregas did, then he is highly mistaken.


the Spanish midfielder David Silva , who plays his club football with Manchester City in the E.P.L.Has now his attempt to sign the new contract has stalled.His contract expires in 2014, but David Silva and his agent wants a weekly salary to that of Yaya Toure and Carlos Tevez of over 200,000 pounds. He is now getting a weekly salary of 130,000 pounds. Manchester City are not keen to increase the salary as they are trying very hard to follow THE FAIR PLAY rules. And there has also been stories in Spain that Barcelona are very keen to buy David Silva as a long time replacement for their 34 year old genius Xavi Hernandez. It has been the trend of players at City to milk Manchester City as far as possible , Nigel DeJong was one of them.

Monday, August 20, 2012


All clubs buy and sell their players during each transfer window. And little noise is made, as these players come in and go out of the revolving window, and hardly any noise is made f these players. But one thing is noticed here when ever Arsenal do sell their players , the press and fans jump on the back of Arsene Wenger,. Wenger always balances the books.You can not say that at Chelsea or Manchester City.When Robin Van Persie moved to Manchester United for 24 million pounds , and with his huge salary for the next four years Manchester United would have paid 40 million pounds, for a 29 injury prone footballer. Ferguson could have got him free , and saved forty million pounds, for a club in debt.Wenger waited one year to get Marone Chamakh from Bordeaux. Song wanted to join barcelona, so what is the purpose of keeping a player who is not happy, and who sulks away in the dressing room.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Alexander Song the Cameroon midfielder has left Arsenal to join up with Spanish giants Barcelona, the price is 15 million pounds.Arsenal got him for one million pounds. The point here is that Arsenal and Arsene wenger it particular get these young talent very cheap and then develops them as stars, which attract big clubs in Europe like Barcelona, Manchester United and so on.They are good now so clubs come knocking at Arsenal door. Football clubs are a business as well as there to win trophies.Arsenal never sell players cheap or on a free transfer.Like Chelsea did with Drogba, Bosingwa and others.They do not let players get old at the club. In fact the rule at Arsenal is once a player reaches 30 years he will get a one year contract only on performance, will it be renewed .Even the great Dennis Bergkamp was to follow this rule. Arsenal are not a feeder club, they then should not be in the top four each year, they have been the only third club in the world to play 15 years in a Champion league.They have won many trophies as well, and was a constant threat to Manchester United , before the oil clubs Chelsea and Manchester City arrived with their bottomless well of spending.And huge losses in millions. Arsenal make profits each year. Let Song go to Barcelona to fill the boots of Keita. But the midfield with all-players Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets Masccherano , so he can fight for his place.

Friday, August 17, 2012


The buying of Robin van Persie for 24 million pounds and a weekly salary of over 200,000 pounds is a real gamble. After eight years at Arsenal he had only one injury free season , in which he scored 37 goals for the club.And paying this much for a player who was on his last year of contract at Arsenal, was a criminal waste of money, Ferguson could have got him cheap in january or even free at the summer window. To expect Rooney and Persie to each score 30 odd goals the next four seasons is being daft .Players do not score thirty goals each year. Mind you Persie is 29 years old, on his last contract, so the one question I would ask football fans is why did the giants of Europe like A.C.Milan , Inter Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid , come knocking at Arsenals door? It was simple he was a injury prone player and not worth 24 million pounds. By the way Manchester United are in debt,the Glazers are milking the club, the shares of Manchester United have failed in the U.S.A But joy of the buy was that Ferguson stole Robin Van Persie from the noses of Manchester City.


The Manchester United fans , and the team mates of Robin Van Persie , should not expect to much from the Dutch striker this year. As scoring 30 or 37 goals in a season can not be expected from a footballer every year. Better players then Persie have failed to do it. Like Theirry Henry, Dider Drogba, Zola, Andy Cole . The only player to do it in the E.p.L is Alan Shearer, who scored 30 odd goals in two seasons.


Alex Ferguson has made some very big buys indeed as the manager of Manchester United , and sadly some were super flops. 1) Dimitrov Berbatov.Cost 30.75 Million pounds.108 games 48 goals. 2)Rio Ferdinand. 29.3 Million pounds. A mixed bag with a failed drug test. 3)Juan Sebastin Veron. 28.1 Million pounds, 51 games 7 goals. 4) Wayne Rooney. 27 Million pounds. 5)Anderson 20.4 Million pounds. Failed his worth. 6)Ruud Van Nistelroy19Million Pounds, 150 games 95 goals. 7)David Gea 18.9 Million pounds. A complete flop. 8)Michael Carrick 18.6 Million pounds. Still to prove himself. 9)Luis Nani,17.3 Million pounds, got to replace Ronaldo. Did well last year. 10)Owen Hargreaves. 17 Million pounds. Was released to injury. 11) Robin Van Persie 24 Million pounds.He will never be able to score 30 goals in a season. It is a once in a career thing. You all judge for yourselves.


It was not at all for Robin Van Persie to choose Manchester United as his new club. As he had scored 30 odd goals last year, he was only having a year left on his contract. He was sure big clubs would come in a line to buy him, and get his signature. Nothing like that ever happened only three clubs wanted him they were Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus. The problem with Juventus was they were not very keen , and only offered 8 million pounds.Add to this their coach Antonio Conte has been banned for ten months for match fixing. Manchester City owners told Robert Mancini to sell players first then buy, and these mercenaries stayed on. And there was a problem between the two players Robin Van Persie and Emmanuel Adebayor, as Adebayor had his studs on the face of Persie , he was not keen to join City.So it was all Manchester United only. But to pay 24 million pounds and pay a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds to a 29 year old player is crazy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Both the clubs Arsenal and Manchester United have agreed the sale of Robin Van Persie, he was sold for 22 million pounds and with add ons it will reach 24 million pounds, not bad deal for a thirty running footballer. In eight years at Arsenal he was injured for seven years. Only one full season in which he scored 37 goals for Arsenal.So the sale was very good, as he joined Arsenal for 2.75 million pounds from Feynoord. Robin Van Persie has been promised a weekly salary of 200,000 pounds for four years , that will make the deal worth 40 million pounds, ridiculous. As the club is in big debt and the shares of Manchester United are doing very, very badly . By the way have Manchester United ever thought of the FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULE? And there was also talk that Javier Hernandez would move to Arsenal, and he is younger. Ferguson must remember that footballers who are golden boot winners , never do well again. Take Dimitrov Brbtov, Carlos Tevez , for example

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The dutch striker robin Van Persie could well be on his way from Arsenal to Manchester United. Arsenal were asking a price 0f 20 million plus add ons. Both Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger sat across the table to settle the deal, no agents were involved. It is said that that it could be all ironed out before the start of the new season on the 18/8/2012. As the player is 29 years old running 30 years , and a injury prone player as well. Twenty two to twenty five million pounds is a very, very good deal indeed for Arsenal. But as he has been promised 200,000 pounds a week as a salary , there is always a chance he will be another player getting 200,000 pounds a week and not even sitting on the bench. Remember Dimitrov Berbatov. who is rotting at Manchester United and not getting sold either.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The arsenal striker and captain Robin Van Persie , had scored 30 goals last year. He won both the Golden Boot and player of the year. He was so sure that many big clubs in England, Germany , Italy and Spain would make a line to take him in their clubs. He was in for a very, very rude shock indeed. Only three clubs came forward for buying him. They were Juventus with eight million pounds.Just imagine for a player to score 37 goals last season, and Luka Modric is to be sold for 40 million pounds, with two goals in the whole season. Roberto Mancini was clearly told by Brian Marwood, that he would have to sell a few players before buying any one.And nobody wanted to leave City , because of the money. Now only Manchester United is left, Arsenal want 30 million pounds for their striker, But Manchester United were offering only 15 million pounds. But in the latest development Sir Alex Ferguson will meet Arsene Wenger , personally for a settlement.The latest is 22 million pounds and things added on. In the end Arsenal will be the winner , as Robin Van Persie has been at Arsenal for eight years and seven years he was injured, Arsenal have spent seven million pounds on his treatment table. As the Dutch striker thought of it

Monday, August 13, 2012


Usually footballers just long to join Manchester United , and play in their famous red jerseys .But here are a list of footballers who rejected their chance to play for Manchester united. And Alan shearer rejected it twice. 1)Alan Shearer joined from Southampton to Blackburn Rovers. 2) Lucas Moura joined from sao Paulo to P.S.G. 3)Ronoldhino, , Joined from P.S.G TO Barcelona. 4) Xavi Hernandez . Barcelona, He still plays for Barcelona. 5)Paul Gaqscoigne . Joined From Newcastle United To Tottenham Hotspurs.


Italian footballer Emmanuele Pesoli has chained himself to the gates of the Italian F.A.And also has gone on a hunger strike. Pesoli who plays for the club Verona in Italy. Last year he was playing for the club Siena, who are now relegated to the second division , this year. He is not the only person punished. Even the coach of Siena Antonio Conte gt punished. But this year Antonio Conte was the manager of Juventus, he has now got a ten month ban from all football. This happens only in Italy , maybe the Mafia play a hand in it.Juventus was demoted and had points deducted , they also so a exodus of players as well.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Tottenham Hotspurs are real hypocrites, they want 40 million pounds for Luka Modric a midfielder and will not negotiate one bid, and make the price less. But when they wanted to buy the French goalkeeper Hugo Loris from Lyon they are crying and say the 15 million price is to high. Spurs are now trying to buy a goalkeeper from Inter Milan , just because he is past his best as he is 32 years , and is the Brazilian Julio Ceasar. Inter Milan want to get rid of him as his wages are to high, it is 85,000 pounds after taxes are cut .


The Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini is indeed a very frustrated man these days, not only is Manchester City frozen in the transfer market, but big clubs are coming to ask for Matrio BNolotelli, after he did very well in the EURO 2012 cup. Even the player he wanted to buy from Arsenal, Robin Van Persie is now long since slipped from his fingers , and Manchester United look the only club that want him. Juventus are now without a manager as Antonio Conte has got a ten month ban. Brian Marwood the sporting director at Manchester City i, insists that players will have to be sold first , before they can buy. But none of these mercenaries want to leave the club.A big mess of their own making.


Antonio Conte the former Juventus player and now the manager of Juventus. Has been given ten month ban by the Italian F.A. for match fixing for the year 2011, when he was coach at the second division team Siena , or Sira B team. But two other players were acquitted, and found not guilty of match fixing. It now leaves problems for the Juventus club, often called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN. They must find a good manager soon, as the transfer of Robin Van Persie will then fistle out. And he will go to Manchester United as they are the only club who have made a bid for him. Eye brows could be raised as last year Juventus went the entire season without a defeat.And this is not the first time it has happened , recently they were relegated and had points deducted as well.


It is reported in the press, TALK SPORT. That Barcelona are very, very keen to get the Cameroon midfielder Alexander Song from Arsenal. It is mainly to replace Keita. But if these stories are indeed true , then Barcelona could be in trouble with U.E.F.A. As Alexander Song has over three years of his contract left at Arsenal, and if Barcelona have indeed spoken to Song then Arsenal have every right to report Barcelona to U.E.F.A. We know very well last year Alexander Song paid a big part in helping Robin Van Persie score 37 goals, with those accurate long passes to Robin Van Persie. Yes who does not want to play for Barcelona ?

Thursday, August 9, 2012


The Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has said that Kaka can leave Real Madrid , as he is considered as a surplus at Real Madrid. As he will come behind Mezhut Ozil and Angel di Maria. But he made it very, very clear that kaka will not be given free or cheap either, clubs will have to pay the correct price set by real Madrid. After all Real made a very huge price for him when they got him from A.c.Milan. Another point that will play a part in the Kaka transfer will be when Luka Modric, will join Real Madrid from Totenham Hotspurs.


The Everton footballer Tony Hibert has finally scored his first goal for Everton, also called THE TOFFEES. Yes he did score a goal but it took him a total of ten long years and a total of 309 games to do it. It came in a testimonial game between Everton and A.K.Athens, a Greek club. And new boy Steven Naysmith , who joined Everton from Glasgow rangers, as the Rangers were demoted, due to financial problems.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The Italian giants A.C. Milan recently sold their two big footballers . The big Swedish striker zalatan ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, the Brazilian. Both were indeed sold for huge money. But the main reason they were sold was to balance their books, and to fall in line with the FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY rule. At least they have made a start. Chelsea, P.S.G, and Manchester City are least bothered.


The Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has now signed a four year contract at Liverpool.Even though the old one expires in 2015 . He has now tripled has wages at Liverpool. He will now get a weekly salary of 120,000 pounds. That will easily put him in the top earners at Liverpool, along with Steven Gerrard. The Italian giants Juventus were very keen to get a world class striker of their Darling who retired this year Allesandro Del Piero.They also tried for Robin Van Persie. as well. It was a surprise that he did sign a long contract as he still has the Patrice Evra incident on his mind.And some said moving to another club would help him.


The chase this summer of the Brazilian footballer called HULK, as he resembles the actor who acted as the Incredible Hulk. Chelsea were not willing to budge from their 30 million pounds for Hulk, but F.c.Porto wanted 40 million pounds and nothing less. But now the Russian giants Zenit Petersburg have come forward and willing to pay the 40 million pounds for Hulk and Bruno A laves will be part of the exchange.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It is reported in the U.s.A that THE STANDARD CHARTERED BANK, is guilty of money laundering , to a enemy country Iran. The amount is not small , yes it was over ten long years. The amount is 250 billion U.s.Dollars or 160 billion pounds. Now The Standard Chartered Bank is the long time sponsorer of the football club Liverpool, they are paying Liverpool 20 million pounds a year. The deed was made in 2009 when Rafael Benitez was manager of Liverpool , and is to run on till 203/2014. The Bank shares took a big hit all over the markets. Now if Standard Chartered Bank do loose their licence , then Liverpool will not have no sonsorer , or they will be like West Ham United , when they did not have one the players wore their numbers on their jersey front as well as back. But one thing is clear as Iran is no friend of the U.S.A or England. If guilty they will loose their licence for sure, and people may loose their money.


Arsenal have signed the Spanish footballer Santi Corzala, from the Spanish club Malaga. The fee is not at yet disclosed but it is said that he is a Arsenal record buy, it is reported to be 16 million pounds, plus add ons.Arsenal will pay 12 million pounds now and the rest will be given as bonuses .He now breaks the previous record for the costliest Arsenal player, he was the Russian Andrei Arshavin, who was a flop at Arsenal. Before joining Arsenal Santi Corzala took the opinion of several players who played in Arsenal and are Spanish footballers playing in the E.P.L. They are Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, Jose Reina and David Silva . He also asked Robert Pires a former Arsenal player who played with him at the Spanish club Vilarreal. He also spoke to the former Arsenal player and captain Cesc Fabregas, all had god things to say of Arsenal, the club and the E.P.L , which is different to Spanish football. The delay in the transfer was due to the Spanish club Malaga , which is in big financial trouble and delayed settling his dues. Infact Arsenal wanted him last year from Vilarreal , who were relegated last year , he then joined Malaga .

Monday, August 6, 2012


This sure is funny ans of many clubs boldly say that the Arsenal football club is pure rubbish, no trophy for seven years. But let me remind you all of something, Arsenal do not have a sugar daddy, like you Manchester City , P.S.G and Chelsea have. But when these clubs want to buy footballers they come knocking at the door of Arsenal. And mind you they are paying big money like 25 million pounds a player. This year there is line for Robin Van Persie , his price between 20 and 30 million pounds. The players taken from arsenal hardly contribute anything, they are on the bench ask Samir Nasri.


Roberto Carlos the great Brazilian defender has now gone and retired at the age of 39 years. Roberto Carlos had 129 caps for Brazil and won the world cup with Brazil in 2002 and also won two Copa Americas , and a few champion league titles with Real Madrid. He was a terror with his standard free kicks , called the Banana Kick. He played for Palmeris and then Real Madrid, where he played for eleven long years . He then went back to Palmeries in Brazil , he then played for a short time for Fenerbanche in Turkey.He ended his football career in Russia with Anzhi Machakala. He quit the Brazilian team after the 2006 world cup. As he was blamed for letting the French footballer Theirry Henry score a goal and knock out Brazil in the quarter final.


The Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has now admitted defeat , in not getting money from the club to buy the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie from Arsenal. For over 20 million pounds. The city owners made it crystal clear to Mancini , that he would have to first sell a few players to generate funds, and to fall in line with FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY rules of U.E.F.A. But these greedy footballers or mercenaries just did not want to leave city . Only Wayne Bridge moved on a loan. If you look at the transfer of Manchester City this year, they have failed to buy a single big player so far.Their own mess indeed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Arsenal are on the verge of signing the Spanish footballer who played for Spain in the Euro 2008 and 2012 , as well as the 2010 World cup. He is basically a midfielder, he can use both his feet either left or right feet .He can also play on either wings, or as a defensive midfielder. He is a corner and free kick specialist. Last year while playing for Malaga verses Real Madrid, his free kick was a beauty he beat Iker Casillas all ends up. Added to this skill he is a very technical player with great accurate passing vision as well. So he will be a great addition to Arsenal.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Real madrid manager Jose Mourinho has told the Turkish footballer Nuri Sahin that he is a surplus at Real Madrid , and is now free to go. Earlier Arsenal were keen to have him on loan, but faced competition from Turkish giants Galatasary . And Arsenal was clearly his destination this summer. But now Jose Mourinho has come forward to say that he can leave Real Madrid with his blessings, and now he could be moving to Arsenal free.


The Italian Alberto Aqulani who joined Liverpool, with the idea that he would replace Xavi Alonso, who was sold to Real Madrid for thirty million pounds. But sadly Aqulani was absolute failure at Liverpool, he was then sold out on loan to Juventus and A.C.Milan as well. He is finally sold this summer to Fiorentina.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Real Madrid are keen to make swoop for the Manchester United winger Luis Nani who has now lost his place to Antonio Valencia. And for many matches has come as a substitute only.To make things difficult Luis Nani has not yet signed a new contract. Real Madrid are offering 19.7 million pounds for him.And by the way the agent of Luis Nani is none other then Jorge Mendez , the agent of Cristiano Ronaldo as well as Jose Mourinho, this surely makes things more exiting.


The Tottenham Hotspur manager Andrea Villas Boas , has said he will not allow Luka Modric to play in the E.P.L. unless he can prove his state of mind. This is ridiculous he just wants to find a excuse to keep him on the bench or even out.As he and David Levy consider him as a rebel player. But here it is David Levy whose state of mind must be examined, he refused to sell Luka Modric for 40 million pounds to Chelsea. And this year he refused to sell him to Real Madrid, for 38 million pounds, away from the E.P.L mind you. And do not forget the crazy sacking of Harry Redknapp.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Manchester City are keen to sell their defender from Serbia Aleksander Korolov to Italy for a total price of 6.2 million pounds. But you must remember that he has now lost his first place to Gael Glichy, and that he was got for a total amount of 17 million pounds, this is a clear loss of 11 million pounds not a small amount anyway. And besides he is getting a big fat weekly salary for sitting on the bench.Will he want to move on to another club in Europe.


The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger manages the club very well without out any mad buying or or any inflated weakly salaries like Manchester City , Chelsea or P.S.G. These clubs do not pay any respect to U.E.F.A FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY rules.These club are using their money of the oil tycoons to fund their players buying and weekly salaries.And not from any earnings of selling any footballers or endorsements . Chelsea took a total of fifty odd years to win their second E.P.L. Manchester City took forty six years to win their first E.P.L title. So all titles were brought at a huge price. Arsenal never have won their many titles with oil or owners money .It is sell players and then buy players. And if Manchester City and Chelsea are not careful they could very well go the Glasgow Rangers way, the club that won the most trophies in the world with 54 trophies , today is playing in Scotland third division.Do not go to far you silly City and Chelsea fans have a look at home, at Portsmouth . They defeated the mighty Chelsea in the F.A. Cup .But they had points deducted and are still under a administrator . City can not even sell players , all want to stay on and be like leeches to get big pays. Even players like Nigel De Jong who was wasted by Bayern Munich, even though this was his last year, so is it with Kolo Toure as well.


The Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho , who personally took over the transfer deal of Luka Modric from Tottenham Hotspurs , has failed in his attempt . The Spurs chairman David Levy has stuck foxed on a selling price of 40 million pounds Real had offered 32 million pounds plus two players, but even when it was increased to 38 million pounds, that is 30 million pounds cash and eight million pounds as add on, this to did not work.David Levy has stuck firmly to his 51 million Euros or 40 million pounds. Mind you Luka Modric is a midfielder and not a striker , and he scores less goals then Gareth Bale even. David Levy must remember that he got Luka Modric from Dymano Zagreb for 16 million pounds, so he should be happy with the money doubled in value. But if David Levy is not careful Real Madrid could buy Wesley Sneijder from Inter Milan, for a cheaper amount. It is very clear David Levy do not want to dell Luka Modric , so ask a silly price to keep him.The biggest mistake Levy has done is sack Harry Redknapp, when Redknapp took over the club they were struggling relegation, but Redknapp got them to champion league spot. Modric will sulk, and will be sold on the last day on 31/8/2012.