Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Finally West Ham United are going to get the stadium, built and used for the 2012 Olympic games in England. It was two way tussle between West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur. Now west Ham United will get the stadium on ninety nine year lease, it is a over sixty thousand stadium, they can then move to it after 2016 only after work is done on it.


Bruno the former Fulmenesse goalkeeper in Brazil was sentenced to prison for a long period of twenty two years. The reason for landing in jail shows just how low he has fallen. He was jailed for killing his model girlfriend. And falling down to the level of a savage . He not only killed her but fed her flesh to the dogs. He was going to get a few more years, but the judge reduced a few years as he admitted his guilt to the savage and unpardonable act. But Bruno will spend twenty two years in a over crowded jail, as all Brazilian jails are.His time will be just hell there.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The Arsenal fans should think long and hard before they wish to sack Arsene Wenger as this will open their eyes. The German giants wanted the services of Arsene Wenger. So their president Uli Hoeness then, went to Nice to have a meeting and finalise everything with Wenger.The meeting did go well and almost everything was agreed. But at the last moment there was a hitch and the thing collapsed like a pack o cards . Arsene Wenger then went to Japan for a short spell. He returned to to Arsenal where he has been from 1996. But what did the Germans see in him. This is what they say. Arsene wenger has a very sound mind of the game, the way the club should be run and balancing their books, he also gives chances to youngsters to shine and develop as well. And the most important thing he always hon ours a contract , and has never broken one for th sake of money.He is a all round manager. Even Real Madrid wanted Arsene Wenger, but he told them politely I have a contact to honour. So Arsenal fans just be aware.


Mr Neville Neville , the father of famous footballers Gary and Philip Neville , has been arrested for sex assault in Bury. The lady police women did confirm that a sixty three year old man was indeed arrested for sex assault and is on bail till may. Mr Neville Neville is also the agents of both his sons Philip and Gary Neville. His daughter Tracy to was a netball player and represented England.He is a sportsman in his own right as well.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Kristen Nematandani , becomes the first Nigerian footballer to win the African Cup of Nations in 2013, he is the only Nigerian footballer to win the cup both as a player as well as a coach. This was Niger as third African cup of nation win.


The Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie has called U.E.F.A cowards, after Luis Nani was sent of with a straight red card for a very high foot , with all studs showing. The question now is what action will U.E.F.A take? Will they fine and ban Robin Van Persie for few games ,or will it be hindred pounds and a single match ban as he is now a Manchester United player. We know what happened to Arsene Wenger and RobinVan Persie in a Champion League match verses Barcelona, a few years ago, Wenger got three match ban for arguing with the referee on the sending of. We also know in the Champion League match played a few years ago between Chelsea and Barcelona, the referee was from Norway Tim Henning Ovrebo, who did not give Chelsea two clear penalties for hand ball, he also sent of Eric Abidal for bringing the last man Nicklas Anelka. But video replay showed Anelka brought down Eric Abidal. It is no secret Spanish clubs are favored by U.E.F.A.Chelsea lost the game. Dider Drogba was fined heavily and had a few game ban as well. He called the referee a F------gCheat. Dider drogba was fined for bringing disgrace to U.E.F.A and football. Now will U.E.F.A fine and ban Persie the same way or will t5hey be cowards and be gentle on him as he is now a Manchester United player.

Friday, March 22, 2013


The European governing body of football, U.E.F.A , have gone and fined Alex Ferguson 8,500 pounds for not speaking to the press after Manchester United lost to Real Madrid in this years Champion League.This is disgusting , it clearly shows Manchester United have the U.E.F.A and the English F.A in their pockets, and are buying trophies , just like Manchester City. Nani got a game ban when he could have got more. Let me remind you Ajax got 35,000 pounds fine, just because their fans put up a banner showing a Arab with a sack of money. Lazio got a big fine for racial behavior by their fans. Arsene Wenger got three match ban for the argument he had with the referee in the champion league match Arsenal Verses Barcelona , played at Barcelona, when Robin Van Persie said he did not hear a whistle.Here Robin Van Persie spoke against the referee after the match, w2hat is his punishment? Is it one pound. Any way Manchester United will pay the fine. Mr Platini be aware football has lost its charm it is now match fixed like cricket Arsene Wenger got a few match bans for kicking a bottle in disgust. It is clear U.E.F.A and the F.A have lost their marbles for good. And nothing was done to Rio Ferdinand for using his weight and pushing a player. The referee just did not see it , how convenient.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Manchester City tried buying trophies by spending big and getting into big loss each year Yes they won a F.Acup and a E.P.L trophy on goal difference from Manchester United. But players saw the trouble and Richard Dunn and Stephen Ireland moved on.They then sold Mario Bolotelli. And now Edin Dezko, Joleon Lescott, Carlos Tevez, kolo Toure , Emmanuel Adebayor all left. Now the big shock for City is that Yaya Toure the best footballer from box to box wants to leave, his reason is petty , as David Silva has got a new contract his contract talks are stuck.And the club did not pay his air ticket when he flew to collect his Africans Footballer of the year. But that was his trophy he should pay for it. But let me ask him who paid his weekly salary of 250,000 pounds as weekly salary during the two months of the African cup of nations. It was Manchester City , who paid that time he did not complain. Another player to be shown the door is Samir Nasri.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The president of the Italian club Napoli based in Naples has finally said that their famous goal scoring machine Edison Cavani , who is from Uruguay , is indeed for sale in the summer for a huge amount of sixty million pounds. But he also made it very clear , he said any club willing to spend this huge amount of sixty million pounds on one player must really be nutty. And Manchester City looks the club most likely to do the sale.As Roberto Mancini has made it very clear to Carlos Tevez that his contract will not be renewed . And Carlos Tevez is very keen to go back to his roots in Argentina and play for his childhood club Boco Juniors.


The French footballer Kareem Benzema has flatly refused to sing the French national anthem, mind yo he is organically of Algerian decent, like many others . He should decide which country he wants to live and play for , it is either France or Algeria. After all a dog can not serve two masters. Playing for France to make his name and fame and money. He should play for Algeria , Zinedine Zidane, Samir Nasri all played for France , to get fame and money. As it is very certain Algeria would not qualify for a world cup very soon , they last did it ages ago and defeated West Germany then. Kareem Benzema should never ever be allowed to play for France again , and wear their famous blue Jersey again.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Frank Lampard has scored his goal number two hundred for Chelsea. It came sadly against West Ham United. in the nineteenth minute. Then the coins and missiles were sadly thrown at him, the reason being Frank Lampard started his football career at West Ham United and was sold to Chelsea eleven years ago. But he has to still score two more goals to equal the Chelsea record of 202 goals set forty five years ago , by Bobby Tambhay.


It is very possible for the big Ivory coast player , even considered as the best box to box player in the world , to leave Manchester City in a weeks time. He has given the club time of a week to sign or he will be on his way out. He joined Manchester City from Barcelona for 25 million pounds, and was getting a yearly salary of eleven million pounds. But how did things come to such a stage? He says he is not respected , not wanted or loved. But are these the true reasons? It could be these. David Silva got a new contract , even after he joined later from Valencia.And his contract talks a stretching with no no end. This year he won the African footballer of the year, and he had to pay for the tickets from his pockets. Or is this the true reason he is not getting a new contract? Manchester City want to trim their wage bill to fall in line with FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY RULES.


A Greek footballer Giorgos Katidas, who plays his club football for A.E.K Athens . Has now been banned for life from international games. His big mistake was doing the NAZI salute after scoring the winning goal. He says he is innocent and is not racial or he did not know what it ment , he was showing it to a friend.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


These are the top 10 richest footballers in the world. 1)David Beckham. 175. Million Pounds. 2)Lionel Messi. 115.5. Million Pounds. 3) Cristiano Ronaldo. 112. Million Pounds. 4) Kaka. 66.5. Million Pounds. 5) Ronoldhino. 63. Million Pounds. 6) Samuel Etoo. 52. Million Pounds. 7)Wayne Rooney. 50. Million Pounds. 8) Zalatin Ibrahimovic. 47. Million Pounds. 9) Rivaldo. 45. Million Pounds. 10) Rio Ferdinand. 42. Million Pounds.

Monday, March 11, 2013


The big stories going around in the press is that Rooney will be sold in the summer to save money. The relations between Alex Ferguson and Rooney have never been the same since Rooney wanted and demand a new contract fee of 250,00 pounds a week. Ferguson got Robin Van Persie , Javier Hernandez, Danny Welbeck and Rooney as well as strikers now .Feguson got Wayne Rooney from Everton for 36 million pounds. There is talk that they will be willing to sell him for 25 million pounds, and then get the Polish striker from Borussia Dortmund for 18 million pounds.They want to cut that 250,000 pounds a week. But Ferguson says he is not selling Rooney.But have not heard that story earlier from Ferguson. He said he would not sell David Beckham , but he did sell him to Real Madrid for a huge amount, after he kicked a boot at Beckham in the eye after Manchester United lost to Arsenal, in the F.A. He said he would not even sell Real Madrid a virus leave alone Cristiano Ronaldo, but he sold him for 80 million pounds to Real Madrid in the end. So be ready for a sale in the end , as the club are in big debt anyway. The Polish striker Robert Lewdownski could join. As Manchester City want Edison Cavani.


There was a big debate after the champion League match between Real Madrid and Manchester United played at Old Trafford.In the fifty sixth minute Luis Nani was sent of with a straight red card , for a very high boot with all studs showing. Now when two players clash this way it is very dangerous, for when a person uses his hand he knows how much force is used, but when the leg is used you just can not tell how much force is used, and when both clash the force is much more. Luis Nani could have broken some ribs of the player. Let us see what former referee from Italy says Pierlugi Collina , once the worlds best referee and now appointed to judge the standard of refereeing says the Turkish Referee Cuneyet Cakir did a very good job in that match . But he did make one mistake , that was not showing Rio Ferdinand a red card for showing disrespect to a U.E.F.A referee. So the Manchester United fans can stop crying. Their big friend referee Howard webb was not there sadly.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Lionel Messi the Barcelona wizard has now broken a new record according to his club Barcelona . He has now gone and scored in seventeen consecutive matches , breaking the previous record set way back in 1930 by a Pole Theodor Pewterek , who in 1930 scored sixteen goals in consecutive games. But this is by Barcelona on their website it has to to be approved by F.I.F.A records.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Wayne Rooneys future looks very bleak at Manchester United. It all started way back two years back when he wanted a new contract and got very greedy indeed, he wanted a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds, mind you the club is not strong financially just plain greed that's all. He was on the bench in a champion league match , in the group of sixteen verses mighty Real Madrid. Ferguson wanted Ryan Giggs to play his one thousand football match. So what of that keep a midfielder on the bench and start Wayne Rooney. But it looks very clear that Rooney and Ferguson do not see eye to eye, and to make matters worse Robin Van Persie is at the club and scoring more goals along with Javier Hernandez . And once you rub Ferguson the wrong way , you just had it, ask Teddy Sherringham and Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Or is it Fergusons plan to sell Rooney and save the weekly salary of 250,000 pounds he gets. So he can buy Cristiano Ronaldo again.


The U.E.F.A has decided to take action against Manchester United, after they lost in the second leg match to Real Madrid, at OLD TR AFFORD. In this match the Turkish referee showed a straight red card to Luis Nani in the 56th minute for a very high leg on Alvaro Arbelo and all the studs were showing.The rules clearly say it is a bookable offense . But in the 2010 world cup final between Holland and Spain, the Dutch midfielder Nigel De Jong also did the same thing with his studs all of which were on Xavi Alonso's chest. Here the referee Howard Webb did not send him off , but admitted after the final whistle he should have shown a straight red card. The reason for U.E.F.A action is Sir Alex Ferguson failed to come and speak to the press after the match as he should in fact he let the assistant manager do it. The ban may be for more as Rio Ferdinand clapped sarcastically at the referee after the final whistle. And speaking to the ;press is compulsory under U.E.F.A rules.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


U.E.F.A have warned Manchester United fans not to use the laser beams on the Real Madrid players, or they could face heavy fines or even bans. After all U.E.F.A , and its president Michal Platini , are only thinking of fining players and clubs. But if he is so keen to stop the laser ray problem used in matches , then he must go to see the matches there . It is common in Barcelona and Real Madrid games , by heir loyal fans and it is also common in Italy as well. But one thing is clear it is not used by fans of clubs in the E.P.L.


The debt of Liverpool F.C is now 87.2 million pounds, this is under the new owners. This lead to fears that Liverpool will be heading back to the days of big loss under the ownership of the two previous American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet. Under that pair of owners the Liverpool debt reached 350 million pounds. This is why Arsene Wenger does well he sells players as well as buys them cheap. Liverpool have hardly sold any players, fans feel in a few years their famous club would be in a real problem , not much different from Tom Hicks and George Gillet days.All dark and gloomy days at Liverpool again.

Monday, March 4, 2013


The famous jersey number 7 made famous by footballing giants such as Eric Cantona, Bryan Robson, George Best, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Antonio Valencia. Only Valencia does not fit it it should have gone to Nani.


Ryan Giggs the Welsh midfielder who was a one club footballer with Manchester United, for over twenty years and is also the most decorated footballer in history. When Manchester United play Real Madrid in this years second leg of the champion league, in the group of sixteen. He will then have played one thousand football games. They include E.P.L matches, F.A matches, Carling matches , Champion League matches , also matches for Wales and friendly matches as well. It will be a record standing for years to come for sure.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


The media is a buzz with stories of a Arab Consortium willing to buy Arsenal Football club for a record 1.5 billion pounds. This would be a record for a club in fact twice the amount paid by the Glazers , who paid 800million pounds for buying Manchester United, mind you the Glazers took a huge loan to buy Manchester United, are paying huge yearly interest on it, in other words milking Manchester United. But the Arabs have said that Arsenal must qualify for the champion league first for a buy. But let me make it clear the Arsenal owners do not want to sell the club , right now. Both Stan Kroenke the major share owner and the second one Ullisher Usminov will not sell their shares.Neither have the Arabs even met or even spoken to Arsenal board. Standing fifth in the E.p.L is not bad at all , as they can still reach the forth place. The Arabs will only splash silly money on silly players, like Manchester City.


It is no secret or rocket science, history tells us that three in five footballers do go bankrupt , once they have hung up their football boots. Even after getting a weekly salary of say thirty thousand pounds. The main reason for this is leading a lavish life even after hanging up their boots. Another reason is two in five footballers have divorces after hanging up their boots , leading to a huge hole in their pockets. The other reason is being wrongly advised by people who new nothing of good investments. This leads to drugs, drinking and even depression.

Friday, March 1, 2013


As the saying goes the grass is not always green on the other side. First it was Emmanuel Adebayor who left Arsenal to join Manchester City , he was sold for 25 million pounds.But a few years later he was given to Real Madrid on loan, the following year he was on loan again at Tottenham Hotspurs, who eventually brought him with both both Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs paying his salary. Now it is turn of Samir Nasri who joined Manchester City from Arsenal for 24 million pounds , and a weekly salary of 170,000 pounds.But now both Roberto Mancini and Samir Nasi are unhappy with each other. But now P.S.G are keen to bring him back to Paris. But City are keen to cut the money from the huge salary he takes, and he is on the bench. The big question is will Roberto Mancini be there next season?