Saturday, June 30, 2012


Chelsea are keen to buy the Croatian play maker Luka Modric from Tottenham Hotspurs, as Luka Modric is very keen to play witha club in the Champion League. According TO THE EXPRESS the Spanish giants Real Madrid have come forward with only 20 million pounds. But Chelsea have come forward with a sum of 36 million pounds. You must be wondering why so much ? The answer is simple, as Chelsea are looking for a replacement for the ageing Frank lampard, who is now already thirtythree years old.


The actual hero of the Euro 2012 was not any golden boot winner , or a any briliant goalkeeper who really did shine during the tournament. But the Italian striker Antonio cassanno was the real hero to me.He plays now for the Italian giants A.C.Milan.He had had a blockage of the artery leading to a heart problems. He under went heart surgery and had to regain confidence and skill back to impress the Italian coach and he did it well to to be the eccentric player Mario bolotelli strike partner.


Manchester City are very keen to axe the former Manchester city captain Kolo Toure, who is from the Ivory coast. He was brought from Arsenal for sixteen million pounds and played three years for Manchester City, and he played forty nine games for them. That is for each game he played he got a massive 326,560 pounds. And he joined arsenal for 160,000 pounds. good sale Arsene Wenger. Now another mercenary whom Manchester City want to sell.. Like Adebyor, Edin Dechko, carlos Tevez, Roque Santa Cruz, Korolov. In short another footballers career wasted. Now once he goes will his brother Yaya Toure stay on.

Friday, June 22, 2012


In the first quarter final match between Portugal and the Czech Republic. It was a very cagy match and naturally both were nervous in the early minutes.And it looked more or less the game would end a goalless game, leading to extra time and even penalties. As no match ended in a 0-0 score in the EURO 2012.Was history going to be made. But in the 76th minute Cristiano Ronaldo headed in a wonderful goal to clinch victory, and march into semi finals. This is the eighteenth headed goal in the EURO 2012, seventeen was a new record.


Arsenal are keen to hold on to their 18 year old star, Alex, Oxalde Chamberlain. They got him from Southampton , even though Manchester United were also keen to get him. In this one year he spent at Arsenal he did so well that he won the man of the match between both Manchester United and ans A.C.Milan as well. He was even given a chance to be in the English team at the Euro 2012, and he has done very well. Arsenal are keen to keep good young talent at the club,after the Samir Nasri, and Robin Van Persie drama.We must go back to the old Arsenal days when the French midfielder Mathue Flamenni did the Samir Nasri act and joined A.C.Milan, but today Flameni is released by A.C.Milan.Just a plain full circle. It is said his weekly salary may rise from 15,000 pounds to 50 to75,000 pounds.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Dider Drogba the big striker from the Ivory Coast, who was playing formerly with Olympique Marseilles and later with Chelsea, has now moved on at the age of 34 years to the Chinese club, called Shanghai Shenua. He will join them from July, and it is said he will be getting a weekly salary of 300,000 pounds. This club also has Niklas Anelka , his former team mate at Chelsea. Dider Drogba has now signed a two and a half year contract with the Chinese club, that will keep him there till he is 37 years roughly.


1) This is the first time in Euro cup 16 countries that no match has ended goalless 2)Wayne Rooney was suspended for the first two matches played by England. 3) These three 1) Helder Postiga,Zalatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo,joined the list of players to score at three European Cup championship.They join the others to do it. 1Theirry Henry 2) Jurgen Klinsmen, 3) Nuno Gomes, 4) Vladimir Smicer. 6) 6 minutes, the time it took the Czech Republic to score two goals against Greece.No country has ever scored two goals in the first forteen minutes. 7) It took Andrei Shevchenko of Ukraine , had the ball for rfifteen seconds, it was enough to score two goals verses Sweden.Mario Gomes of Germany needed four more minutes to score two goals. 8) There were 17 headed goals , already a Europen Cup championship record. 9) The Dutch defender Jetro Willems is 18 years 72 days, the youngest ever to play at a European Championship.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The EURO 2012 Quarter finals will be as follows. 1) Czech Republic verses Portugal. 2) Spain verses France. 3) Greece verses Germany. 4) England verses Italy.


U.E.F.A are investigating the behavior of the German fans.This is the second time it has happened at the Euro 2012. It first happened during the match between Germany and Denmark. The German fans were guilty of throwing paper balls on the Portuguese players. U.E.F.A has already fined Germany 8,000 pounds for this offense. The latest one was for unauthorized banners, and Nazi posters as well as for wrong chanting s . The fine will be decided later. But one thing is very clear the U.E.F.A coffers are getting full pretty fast. By the way Germany go into the quarter finals, being the only country with a hundred percent, they have yet to let a goal in.


The top man in F.I.F.A president Sepp Blatter, has now come and demanded that goal line technology should be made available soon. Mind how how he changed his tune. In the 2010 world cup in South Africa, and in the match between Germany and England, the clear goal scored by Frank Lampard was not given, even though the ball had gone miles into the net, for the world to see. Only F.I,F,A referees and linesmen failed to see that goal. When England complained to F.I.F.A Blatter replied, Oh these things do happen you see. In the 2010 world cup seven referees were sent home packing. Football will be better with goal line technology, the sooner the better. Because both FI.F.A and U.E.F.A are getting disgraced by these blind referees.There was behind the goal line.


The eight countries for the 2012 quarter finalists are as follows. 1) Spain. 2) Italy. 3) England. 4) Germany. 5) France. 6) Portugal. 7) Czech Republic. 8) Greece.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It has happened all over again , very sad indeed. In the match at the EURO 2012 between England and Ukraine, England were leading through the headed goal of Wayne Rooney. As the main striker for Ukraine Andrei Shevchenko,was still suffering from a knee problem, Marko Devic took his place. And he scored a very clean goal, the entire ball crossed the goal line. According to F.I.F.A rules , the entire ball must cross the line. Here John Terry then cleared the ball after it crossed the line in the 62 nd minute. But shame oh shame on U.E.F.A and it blind good for nothing referee, the goal was not given. Mind you in the new rules a referee stands behind the goal just in case of such big blunders.Replay clearly shows the ball crossed the line. England got all three points , these cheats had no sporting spirit to say that it was not a goal. Now goal line technology must come as soon as possible. And yes Michel Platini must resign as president of U.E.F.A. England must remember how they felt in the 2010 world cup when the Frank Lampard goal was not given verses Germany. Mind you U.E.F.A have had five referees on the pitch , just to prevent a thing like this happening. So it is clear all the referees will agree with the main one, even if it is wrong. Michel Platini says goal line technology will not be allowed , as it will be a play station then. Then continue with these blunders and points being stolen by U.E.F.A, who else. It is a absolute shame and disgrace to football. Has the referee been told to pack his bags and leave the Euro cup? In the 2010 world cup seven referees and linesmen were sent home from South Africa.


As Manchester United are getting tired of Luis Nani failing to sign a new increased contract, even though his contract expires in 2014 only, the club have offered him a new weekly salary of 130,000 pounds. But Nani has just not moved forward to agree a new contract. last season also saw his place taken by Antonio Valencia. Now Alex Ferguson is looking out for a replacement, and the scouts have spotted the Colombian winger James Rodriguez , who plays his club football with F.C.Porto in Portugal.He will cost Manchester United 20 million pounds.


U.E.F.A have fined the Croatian football association 64,561 pounds. This was after the match between Italy and Croatia when a banana was thrown on the pitch, and the disgusting monkey chants.This is one of the largest fines for racial abuse.Croatia have been fined for this earlier in the 2010 world cup Croatia was fined for the fans making monkey chants at Emile Hes key. The fine this time was indeed very high, as it came after the danish striker Nicklas Bendtner was fined for wearing underwear with a advertisement for Paddy Power, his fine was 80,000 pounds. You can see the wisdom of these fools THE U.E.F.A , as there was a lot of angry mail on U.E.F.A for fining Bentner so much.


The Spanish giants Barcelona have signed a six year old prodigy from Brasil. .His elder sister put up the details on the website. Barcelona then called him to their famous La Masia for their trials. He did very well in the trials and did cast a big impression on the club who are known to develop big stars. The problem is that as a small six year old boy is liable to fall homesick, being miles away from home.This happened to Lionel Messi ho also joined the La Masia from Argentina as a kid. When this little boy reaches the age of eighteen, the age they are allowed to play in Spain, then Lionel Messi will be retiring, the new star will be ready for Barcelona.


As it was expected the Bookmakers Paddy Power have come forward to pay the entire fine which U.E.F.A have put on Niklas Bendtner.It is a very huge 100,000 Euros. Yes they can pay the fine, which they did very happily.But they can not do a thing about the one match ban which Bendtner will have to face, it will come in the next match in the world cup qualifying match. But here U.E.F.A should hang their heads in shame, they talk so much about stopping racial taunts. But in the match between Manchester City and F.C.Porto , Mario Bolotelli was racially abused . But U.E.F.A only fined F.C.Porto 16,000 pounds, what a shame. One thing is clear U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A only want to make money by fining players.

Monday, June 18, 2012


U.E.F.A have now fined the Danish striker Niklas Bendtner 80,000 pounds. The mistake he made was that he showed a advertisement under his shorts , with the words Paddy Power. This is illegal and U.E.F.A rules do not allow any private advertisements by footballers. The reason could be they want to protect their main sponsorers. But the fine is very huge won for the offense, as Russia were fined 120,000 pounds for attacking stewards on the pitch and for Russia failing to control their fans. F.c.Porto were fined 16,7000 pounds when their fans racially abused Mario Bolotelli. It looks very much like U.E.F.A want to make hay while the sun shines, as there was a poor sale of tickets due to fear of racial and crowd violence.


The Dutch football team were eliminated from the EURO 2012. This has come as the biggest shock of the tournament so far, they failed to score even a single point.And goals were very few about two only. They had a very strong team both on paper as well as on the field. We must remember that they were runner up to Spain in the 2010 World cup in South Africa.Great things were expected from these talented footballers, like Robin van Persie, Rafael vanDerVart, Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben and Mark Van Bommmel and Nigel De Jong. Now the reason has been given, that there was a lot of infighting in the dressing room. One story is the Dutch captain was Mark Van Bommmel, the son in law of the Dutch coach.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


U.E.F.A the European football governing body has now filed charges against Croatia. The problem was against the match with the Italians. Mario Boletelli was abused and even a banana was thrown on the pitch. There were also monkey chants against the black Italian striker. Now it is not known as yet whether there will be two charges against Croatia or one. But U.E.F.A have clearly said disciplinary actions are now in progress. The verdict will be given on a later day. This is a bad EURO CUP, there was trouble earlier between Poland and Russian fans, Russia was fined 120,000 Euros.Russia also face charges over racial abuse of Czech Republic player. Michel Platini was so sure nothing like this would happen in Euro 2012 , what a fool.


The EURO 2012 cup played between Denmark and Portugal, where Cristiano Ronaldo was to shine , turned out to be a nightmare for Ronaldo . Luis Nani gave two beautiful passes and he only had the danish coach , in his way of a goal, and kicked it straight on the goalkeeper.Every time he got the ball the Danish fans chanted Lionel Messis name. Ronaldo always clams he is better then Messi.But records state otherwise this year Messi has scored 73 goals the highest for player in Europe.Ronaldo had 60 goals only. Ronaldo is boastful arrogant, and his private life is not good at all. while Lionel Messi far more humble and always says it was a teams effort when he wins trophies or a award.Messi could easily win his BallonD or this year his forth. Ronaldo failed in both the World cup in 2010with just one goal against North Korea.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Before the Euro match between Croatia and Italy.Two talking points. 1) Italy have never ever beaten Croatia since 1991, since Croatia was formed as a independent country. 2) Which famous midfielder is more better the Italian Andrea Pirlo who is 33 years old.Or is it the Croatian midfielder Luka Modric. Both fantastic play makers in their own right.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


It has come as a very rude shock for the Tottenham Hotspur fans and players about the sacking of Harry Redknapp. 1) Harry Redknapp wanted to be the manager of England for the Euro 2012.Even when he was contracted to the club.Signs of disloyalty. 2) The loosing of 13 points to Arsenal that got the third spot in the E.P.L and Tottenham Hotspurs loosing their forth place to Chelsea. 3) Another problem could very well be money, as Harry Redknapp has problems with Portsmouth as well, where money was concerned.David Levy the Chairman might have seen something in the accounts. , that alarmed him. 4) Luka Mordic did not sign a new contract he knew Redknapp would be sacked sooner or later. 5) The case where harry Redknapp opened a account in Monaco , at a bank in his dogs name Rosie 47.Could have raised whether funds were misused at Spurs as well.


U.e.F.A have come down heavily on the Russian football Association , for failing to control their fans , in the 2012 EURO CUP match played verses the Czech Republic. A Steward was also attacked. The fine by U.E.F.A was 120,000 Euros or 150,000 U.S.Dollars. But this is not all the trouble Russia have. U.E.F.A are also investigating racial abuse on the Czech Republic player. And to make matters worse , before the match between Russia and Poland, there were street violence and Hooligans fighting, with many injuries some even critical, leading to a few arrest as well. This is not good news for Russia in any way, as F.I.F.A are watching things closely as the 2018 world cup is to be played in Russia, these things will not be tolerated then. Actually U.E.f.A have also deducted six points from Russia , for the next Euro Cup, as Russia have three days to appeal this fine. And any more trouble they will loose six points in the next Euro Cup qualifier. I feel the biggest mistake was to hold the 2012 Euro cup in these former soviet block countries, as anger is well high against Russia.


Harry Redknapp the Tottenham Hotspurs coach was sacked , after a long meeting with the Chairman David Levy.It came as a surprise to many, as he had one year left on his contract and was wanting a better and longer one. Harry Redknapp joined Spurs after the Spanish coach Juande Ramos was sacked in 2008, and Spurs had a very bad year just escaped relegation. Redknapp joined Tottenham Hotspurs from Portsmouth. There was talk that he would succeed Fabio Capello as coach of England. But the big compensation was to much for the F.A. And Tottenham were robbed by Chelsea, for the forth place, as they won the champion league. This lead to his departure. Now you can expect a exodus of players leaving, like Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and so on.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is the fastest six goals, ever to be scored in the Euro cups from the year it started in 1960. 1) The Russian Dimitri Kirichenko, scored verses Greece. On 20/6/2004. It came in 1.07. 2) The Russian SergeiAlenkinov, scored verses England.On 18/6/1988.It came in the 2.7. minute. 3)Alan Shearer. Scored it verses Germany on 26/6/1996.It was scored in 2.14 minutes. 4) The Chech Republic player Petr Jiraceck scored it verses Greece on 12/6/2012.He scored it in 2.14 minutes. 5) Michael Owen. Scored it verses Portugal 2.25 minutes. It was on 13/6/96. 6) The Bulgarian .Hristo Stoichkov .scored this goal verses Romania.It came in 2.27 minutes.On 13/6/1996.


The name Van is very conman in the Dutch names. So the last time Holland played a match without the name Van in it was in 30/4/1905, ages ago. Players like Marco Van basten, Edwin Van der Sar, Mark Van Bommel, Giovanni Van Bronchurst, Robin Van Persie, Rafael vander Vaart, Ruud Van Nistelrooy. The match between Holland and Belgium ended 4-1 in the favor of Holland, played on 30/4/1905.


The mighty golden boys of Holland, find them selves in disarray. This is nothing new it happens for the Dutch team in each tournament over the years. And it is no surprise to the football world that Holland have only won a single trophy , that to way back in the Euro1988, with Gullit, Marco van Basten and Frank Raijkard. It is their egos that spoil it for them. Even in this Euro 2012 in their match with Denmark , they played like a group of individuals and not as a team, so they even had more chances, but failed to score, they had long shots at the goal and were selfish. The Danes scored that one precious goal. Another problem is that the managers son in law Mark Van Bommel is made captain, not popular, Jan Huntelear was a substitute causing a division, Gullit, Marco, M in the team

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


If Robin Van Persie wants to leave then let him go, sell him for a good price.He just had one good season and he wants more money, not happy with a weekly salary of of 130,000 pounds offered by Arsenal. Now the Italian giants Juventus , also called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN, have now employed their former player Pavel Nedved, to speak and and use his charm to convince Robin Van Persie to join Juventus, who are now willing to pay him a weekly salary of 180,000 pounds. Pavel Nedved was brought by Juventus to replace the great French play maker Zinedine Zidane , who was sold to Real Madrid. But Manchester City to are keen to buy Robin Van Persie, they are willing to pay 25 million pounds and pay Robin van Persie a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds. And the Russian club Anzhi Machakala are willing to to pay Robin Van persie 400,000 pounds as weekly salary. But one thing is clear he will not be long at Arsenal. With Luka Podolski joining and Oliver Giroud to join after the EURO 2012. He just had one season and his head spun, he has never scored 30 or even 20 goals in a season since joining Arsenal in 2004.


Samir Nasri the French footballer or better to call him a MERCANERY, as he left Arsenal for manchester City for money only, he is mostly on the bench there. In the EURO 2012 match which France played against England. England suffered many injuries, and to add to the trouble their striker Jermaine Defoe had to fly back to England as his father died.But he came as a substitute, but imagine his state of mind? The match ended in a tame 1-1 draw, England scored the first goal through Joleon Lescott in the 30th minute, samir Nasri scored the equalizer in the 39th minute. But Nasri showed us his character by shouting to the English bench To shut your gob in French. He will be hated and booed next season , just watch last year it was only Arsenal fans, this time it will be at all the grounds. Serves him right. He has a awful tongue and no respect what so ever.He was made at Arsenal by the Arsenal club, he never was called by the French board before. But he must learn to respect his clubs. Look at Cesc Fabregas , who still talks highly of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. Even Ronaldo talks highly of Ferguson and Manchester United. Samir Nasri should remember it is the English who pay his weekly 170,000 pounds, not France.So when he has his breakfast , he should be grateful to the fans. But his bad mouth and even verse teeth , dentists may be costly in England and France so come to India it is cheaper. He should remember that he is not worth 25 million pounds, only Manchester City would pay that much , 8 to 10 million was more correct price.

Monday, June 11, 2012


The U.E.F.A and their president Michel Platini are just plain spineless , and are not at all in a hurry to take stern action against these racial taunts by some crazy fans. There is no doubt about it racial attacks were made on the Czech Republic player , in the match between Russia and the Czech Republic. In the training ground of the Dutch team , players were abused while they trained. The Dutch captain Mark Van Bomell said in anger they would all appeal to the referee and walk out. In the Italian verses Spain match, the black footballer Mario Bolotelli was also abused by monkey chants, the referee did nothing in the match. These are shameless that U.E.F.A have not taken strong action against these culprits.


There was a article in THE METRO that Arsenal will be willing to buy back samir nasri. To me the article is rubbish. 1) Arsene Wenger will not buy a player back once he sells him. 2) Wenger knows very well if he does buy him then THE EMIRATE STADIUM would be empty of fans. As the relation between Samir Nasri and the Arsenal fans has hit rock bottom. 3) He is a mercenary wants 170,000 pounds a week and more.Arsenal will not pay anything like this.


Here are some truths of the Euro 2012 CUP. 1) The Italian who is the coach of The Republic Of Ireland, Giovanni Trapottoni, who played for Italy in the 1962 WORLD CUP at 23 years then. But today he is the oldest coach to coach a country in a European championship.He is 73 years and 85 days.He beats the previous record set by the Croatian Otto Baric , who was 71 years and 2 days 2) The two smallest countries taking part in the 2012 EURO CUP are Croatia and Republic of Ireland. The fastest goal to be scored in a Euro cup was not scored by the Croatian Mario Manddzukicv , who scored the first goal verses Republic of Ireland 2.30 seconds. The record is still held by the Russian Dimitri Krichenko in 1.7 seconds . it was verses the 2004 Euro Winner Greece. 3) The youngest player to play in a Euro cup was the Dutch player in 2012 Euro Cup at 17 years and 42 days.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sadly several politicians and European leaders are to boycott the matches played in the Ukraine. Those joining will include the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the English prime minister. The reason being the former prime minister of Ukraine Yuilla Tmsonchesky is given a unfair trial and is now imprisoned.His daughter to is protesting.


Sepp Blatter the president of F.I.F.A said that there is no racism in football. This fool is dreaming . It is very much there the John Terry and Luis Suarez case are good examples of it. Michel Platini president of U.E.F.A has said any player leaving the match would be booked, fine about it. But what is the punishment to the abuser of the footballer by U.E.F.A ? Or are U.E.F.A trying to fine the players and generate more funds. But may I know what action the referee take on these culprits.Do not tell me it does not happen in these countries. The great Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos was abused , a banana was thrown at him. I would honestly love to see Sepp Bllatter and Michel Platini , being surrounded by over a hundred of these abusers, they would soon run away and change their mind for good. But what if the abuse continues on the pitch and the whole team walk out, then what.?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Last season a lot was said of Arsenal and its manager, many wanted his head even. And in the month of October Arsenal the proud club was standing seventeenth in the table. But they finished third and won a Champion league spot for the fifteenth year in a row. Only three other clubs have done this played in the Champion league for fifteen straight years. They are as follows. 1) Manchester United. 2) Real Madrid . 3) Arsenal. Not bad at all for a club that does not spend madly on players, but develops talent.A club that has a principle in first sell a player and then buy one player.They also have to sell players to generate money to pay for the money taken to build the EMIRATE STADIUM. So please realize they are not a feeder club at all.


Michel Platini the president of U.E.F.A, said in THE GUARDIAN, that matches in the 2012 EURO Cup would be temporally halted by the referee if there is the slightest of Racial attacks on players. But both Platini and former referee Collina have said, it made very clear to the Euro Cup referees that they would have power to act only, they can stop the match even. But it is made crystal clear that the players have no power what so ever on the pitch.Like Mario Bolotelli said he would walk out of the pitch if anybody through a banana at him.Any player walking of the pitch would get a card, mostly a red card.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The Spanish midfielder David Silva , who plays his club football with Manchester City. Jose Morinho the coach of Real Madrid, wanted to buy him but david Silva refused to join Real Madrid. No footballer in their right sence of mind would refuse to wear the famous white jersey of Real Madrid. Real Madrid have won nine Champion league titles, and thirty two Spanish titles.While on the other hand Manchester City have not won a single Champion league, they have won only two E. .P.L titles in their history, the second title was won in 2011/2012 on goal difference. So it is all about money that is keeping him at Manchester City. Another Mercenary like the rest at City Samir, Nasri, Sergio Aguero and so on.


The big talk is will the Dutch and Arsenal striker leave Arsenal? At the age of 28 years , and he has a year to run on his contract still.And there is no sign of a of a break through in the talks, of a new contract, at 28 years this is his last contract with a big club. Manchester City was the big club that wanted him . They wanted to pay Arsenal 25 million pounds and pay him a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds, plain madness. Robin Van Persie must remember he was at Arsenal for eight years, and in most of it he was injured.Many clubs would have long since sold him. Now Juventus want him. But even as they went through out the season undefeated, it is a tarnished club. Often involved in match fixing. They were demoted one year in 2006 and had 19 points first deducted, but they were reduced to nine points. Once again they were in trouble their coach Antonio Contee was called by the police, and the captain of Lasio Steven Maurie was arrested with other nineteen players. So Robin Van Persie should remember that the grass is never green on the other side, look at Adebayor, Kolo Toure .

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Rio Ferdinand can cry all he wants for not be selected by Roy Hodgson for the EURO 2012. Now even with defense injuries mounting, Rio Ferdinand is waiting and hoping against hope, that at the old age of 33 now, that he will go to the Euro 2012 . Even with Gary Cahil the young Chelsea defender having two fractures in the jaw in a friendly match. Rio Ferdinand was not called up it went to the Liverpool back the young Martin Kelly. Ferdinand claims that it is mainly due to racial reasons. But this is not the truth, as he is now 33 years to old for plans for the 2014 world cup. This season Ferdinand was poor, failed to track his opponents and even went to sleep, and was the cause of Manchester United loosing the E.P.L. And we must not forget Rio Ferdinand showed no respect for football, in 2004 he failed to go for a drug test, the F.A then handed him eight month ban in the E.P.L. that year Chelsea won the E.P.L. Rio Ferdinand has no right to grumble,, it is Micah Richards who should grumble. But please note Micah Richards has been silent all this time.


Fabrice Moumba , the Bolton Wanderers footballer who had a cardiac attack in a F.A. Cup between Bolton Wanderes and Tottenham Hotspur. As he is making good progress he was invited to THE SANTIAGO BERNABEU to watch a charity match between the oldies of the Real Madrid team and the Manchester United team. Players such as Zinedine zidane, Roberto Carlos, Redondo, Luis Figo, Fenando Hiero, Dwight Yorke and other less known stars came in large numbers to play and support the charity.


There was a great deal spoken about the Belgian golden boys of football. But these same golden boys failed to qualify for the EURO 2012. Players such as Vincent Kompany, Marone Fellanni, Thomas Vermaelen, Juan Vertongen, , Eden Hazard and the other players , should have at least qualified for the EURO 2012. These players are drawing huge weekly salaries so they should be good.


Harry Redknapp becomes the first unlucky coach in history, to loose his Champion league spot , after coming forth in the E.P.L. but he lost it to Chelsea, who had won this years Champion League, they defeated the German giants Bayern Munich on penalties to lift the trophy.

Friday, June 1, 2012


The Chelsea owner Roman Abaromohvich has paid a very huge price for sacking Andrea Villas Boas.He was at Chelsea for just seven months at a weekly salary of 125,000 pounds. But he paid him all his dues that is a huge twelve million pounds. He also paid F.C. Porto ten million pounds to get him last year. Adding the seven month salary and 24 million pounds , it works out to 32,thirty two million pounds. We must also remember he sacked other coaches like Carlo Anchelotti , Avram Grant, Fillipo Scholarri, Jose Mourinho.


At long last the Hulk deal is almost done at last.F.C.Porto wanted forty million pounds for Hulk, but Chelsea were willing for only thirty five million pounds.At the end Chelsea and Porto did a compromise and settled the deal at thirty eight million pounds. But we must remember that Hulk as well as Eden Hazard were the chosen footballers of the Russian owner Roman Abrahimovic.And not by the Chelsea coach Di Matteo.Or for the matter the new coach of Chelsea either. Hulk is believed to be the player to replace Drogba. I doubt if he will do it. As he is running twenty six years, two he may not have the Drogba pace. And he is a one footed player. But even the great Diego Maradona was one footed as well.