Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Samuel Etoo wants a total of 12.5 million pounds , if the move from Barcelona to Manchester City should work out.
Barecelona have Etoo for one more year, and then he is a free agent for a transfer, But so greedy is he and his agent, they fail to see that at a time of recession very few clubs can afford his fancy demands, and beside Manchester City no other club will pay 250,000 pounds a week as salary after tacks are cut.
Next year Barcelona may not make any cash on Etoo, but will any club then be able to afford his fancy fees and crazy demands of his agent as well.
Barrcelona will buy a replacement for Etoo,now , either aBrazilian will join Barcelona from Palmeries and be given on loan to Valencia , and they will buy David Villa for 37 million from Valencia.
And in the long run Etoo who will be 29 or 30 years then will be the looser in the whole saga.


These footballers who are making millions of pounds a year are not satisfied, after Christiano Ronaldo it Samuel Etoos turn. Barcelona want to sell their star striker from Cameroon , to Manchester City for 25 million pounds, and City have promised that they would pay Samuel Etoo a weekly salary of 25 thousand pounds, which is much more then what Real Madrid is paying Christiano Ronaldo weekly, Ronaldo gets 20 thousand pounds a week, and was sold for a world record of 80 million pounds You can compare for yourselves , that Samuel Etoo who is already 28 years of age, has indeed got a very good offer, but he wants another 5 million pounds of the transfer money. He says if he does not get it , he will stay and complete his last year that remains on his contract and leave as a free transfer.
Barcelona had diffrent ideas, they wanted to sell Etoo for 25 million pounds and buy a young Brazilian , whom they are negotiating a deal with the Club from Brazil called Palmeris for Whiz Keirrison for a total of 13 million pounds.They would then buy David villa for 37 million pounds, from Valencia , who are now cash starved 37 million pounds would help Valencia, and the youngster Whizz Keirrison would be given on loan to Valencia. Samuel Etoo would also get extra money as Bonuses and on goals scored. And the 25 thousand pounds is after tax cuts , what more does he want.
Next year no club will come forward like this as a global recession is going on.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Christiano Ronaldo will complete his world record transfer from , Manchester United to Real Madrid, for a record transfer amount of 80 million pounds on 1/7/2009, and he will sign a six year contract, or he will be a Real Madrid player till the year 2015. But Real Madrid have put a clause in his contract , a buying out amount by another club . And the amount is a massive one billion pounds. And he will be presented to the Real fans at the Santiago Bernabeu on 6/7/2009.
Ronaldo was on vacation in the U.S.A , when the offer was made by Real Madrid to Manchester United on 10/6/2009, by Florentino Perez Reals president, he has gone on a spending spree, with buying Kaka for 56 million pounds, Ronaldo for 80 million pounds and the centeral back Raul Albirol from Valencia for 12 million pounds. And he still wants David Villa, Xavi Alonso, Franck Ribery we shallwatch and see if he gets them.
Ronaldo was bought by Manchester United , when he was in Sporting Lisbon for 12.2 million pounds.Now Ronaldo will get a yearly salary of 11 million pounds at Real, Manchester only paid him 6.38 million pounds yearly.He will be the highest paid football player ever. Ronaldo scored 118 goals for manchester United in 292 games.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Even though Christiano Ronaldo has not yet joined Real Madrid from Manchester United , and is on a holiday , so he has not signed his contract with his new club Real Madrid. But Real Madrid have got the contract all ready, and and have already decided the amount in case a club wants to buy Christiano Ronaldo. The buy out clause is a huge staggering amount, and many clubs may not be able to afford it. The amount is a Billion pounds.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Over the years there have been big upsets in football over the years, and here are some of the big ones.
1950 World cup in Brazil, Brazil was to become champion but lost to Uruguay 2-1.
1954 World cup Hungry lost to W.Germany 3-2. Earlier They beat the Germans 8-3.
1966 World Cup North Korea defeated the mighty Italians.1- 0.
1990 World cup Cameroon beat the champions Argentina.
1992 EURO CUP. Denmark replaced Yugoslavia as they were disqualified because o the civil war.And the Danish team were called from their holiday. Then Denmark won the EURO 1992.
1998 World cup Spain lost to Nigeria 3-2, after leading 2-0 to Nigeria.
2002 World cup Senegal beat the 1998 world champion France 1-0.
2004In the Euro cup outsiders Greece runaway with title and the Euro Cup.
2009 The U.S.A beat the 2008 Euro champions Spain 2-0.Spain is top country by F.I.F.A, and were undefeated for three years and thirty five games , spoilt by a bunch of Yankee boys. This was in the confederation cup in South Africa.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The Liverpool football club which had a debt deal with The Royal Bank of Scotland a sum of 350 million pounds by 24/7/2009. But things are looking good for Liverpool and the fans as well, as the fans had a bad relation with the two American owners..
Now the Royal Bank of Scotland has said it will refinance the club. The main reason is that George Gillette had sold his 80 percent of the share he had with the N.H.L team called THE MONTREAL CANADIENS , and report say he made a profit of 178 million pounds. And this was enough to let the Bank give them the green signal.
While the other partner of Liverpool is Mr Tom Hicks who owns the Baseball team Texas Rangers and the N.H.L team The Dallas Stars , and there are talks Mr Hicks may sell one of them to generate money for the Liverpool football club.And the two banks will be happy that the two of them have funds.
But the other bank whom they owe money to the Wachavio bank has so far not made any statements.
Meanwhile Liverpool have appointed a new managing director Mr Christian Parslow will be over all manager, he will work with Rafael Benitz on the buying and aso selling of players.

Monday, June 22, 2009


It is reported that the co owner of the Liverpool club George Gillette Jr had to sell his stake in the N.H.L. team The Montreal Canadeins ,, as he owned 80 percent of the club, the other 20 percent was owned by the Molson brothers , who had a brewery buisness .
The main reason was as they were running short of funds , and they had taken a big loan from the R.S.B and had to return the money.
Now there is talk that both Xavi Alanso the Spaniard and Javier Mascherano , are up fpr sale ,to generate funds, Mascherano agent is in Spain and is having talks with Barcelona , and Real Madrid may want Alonso.
Gillette has not declared the amount he has sold The N.H.L. club for , but there was a report that he has made a neat profit of 178 million pounds.
Now that he has funds Rafael Benitz can buy players, and keep the fans with the club, they were getting angry and had a plan to buy the shares from the two American owners.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Christiano Ronaldo has not yet signed up for the Spanish giants Real Madrid. He has been promised a world record as a salary which is 200.000 pounds a week. aand this is also after tax cuts.So Ronaldos agent Jorge Mendes is still wanting more money, so there is no sight of a soloution and so no signature either. The real sticking points are . Ronaldo wants the bonus payment, which is based on personal sponsorship, and other comercial deals and also sale of Jerseys , Ronaldo wants 55 percent of the revinew That is what the clubs give usually. Even Kaka is getting 50 percent of the sale only, this is the usual practice of all clubs in Europe.
Ronaldo is suposed to join Real Madrid on a six year contract , in the sixth year his salary will increase by 25 percent or plainly he will get a weekly salary of , the figure is scaring it is 557,000 pounds a week and that to after tax is all cut. I fail to see why he is cribbing and wanting more.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The U.E.F.A President Mr Michel Platini have decided to ban Dider Drogba one report said for six U.E.F.A games this year one said four games.
Let me take you back to the semifinal of the U.E.F.A cup last year in the second legin the match between Barcelona and Chelsea. The referee for the game was a man from Norway MrTom Henning Ovrebo, he was a utter disgrace as a refereehe failed to give Chelsea four penalties including a hand ball in the box, he even showed a straight red card to Eric Abidal, he claimed Abidal tripped Anelka outside the box , but the video shows that Anelka tripped Abidal. Abidal missed the final due to his howler.
Actually it should have been Chelsea verses Manchester United in the final. This is a shame . Drogba called the referee a Fucking disgrace after the match and Bosingwa called him a theif. Yes three valuable points were stolen by the referee and U.E.F.A for Chelsea. It was a sad day for U.E.F.A and football. Because they admitted after the nmatch. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEE THE VIDEO TO KNOW THAT MAJOR MISTAKES WERE MADE.
Then what have Mr Platini done ? Aftwer all this is the same referee who was thrown out of the EURO2008 in disgrace for not giving Italy and Lucas Toni a goal ove Romania.
But beside banning the two Chelsea players what has U.E.F.A done to the referee, to improve the standard of refereeing matches. This sweeping of mistakes and bringing the game to disgrace is not right. But it very clearly looks like matchfixing has come in football. For in the final Manchester United played for just 8 minutes, no mManchester United plays that badly anywhere in the world.
U.E.F.A must get up from its slumber and must not sweep things like this under the carpet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Now that Christiano Ronaldo has now joined Real Madrid from Manchester United for a world record price of 80 million pounds.The move had started with the former Real Madrid President Roman Calderon ,getting a gentlemanly promise that Ronaldo would join Real Madrid this year.
Last year Alex Ferguson was angry, and told Real Madrid that Ronaldo was not for sale at even 120 million pounds, and he would not sell Real Madrid even a virus, seems the recession and the Glazers loan for 1.1 billion pounds is the reasdon for the sale.
But what will be Ronaldos salary at Real Madrid , itis a six year contract.He will recieve a weekly salary of 183,000 pounds a week for five years and in the sixth year he will get 556,000 pounds a week.
Based on todays gold price Real Madrid think he is worth 50 times his 13 stone weight in gold. But the big question is with both Kaka and Ronaldo will Real win any trophies as some nine footballers will have to be sold to generate funds.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Spanish giants Real Madrid are now forced to sell nine players, this was mainly because the new president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez has splashed out a huge sum of money on two players. Hehas spent 150 million pounds on Christiano Ronaldo, whom he brought for 80 million pounds and Kaka for 65 million pounds.And he also wants to buy David Villa from Vaslencia for 40 million pounds.
Those who are now shown the door are 1)Ruud Van Nistelrooy, 2) Klas- JanHuntelaar, 3) Rafael Vander Vart.4) Royston Drenthe, 5)Javier Saviola, 6)Arjen Robben, 7) Gabriel Heinze, 8) Mahamadou Diara,9 ) Wesley Sneijder.
Drenthe, Robben and Nistelrooy get atotal of 10 million euros as salary between them.
But the big question is will Real Madrid get the 36 million Euros, which they paid Chelsea for Arjen Robben.We shall now see who goes where in the summer transfer.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Now we come to footballers who did really well at their clubs, then they impressed big clubs to buy them, and they were real flops. The biggest one is Andreiy Shevchenko who was a very good footballer at A.C. Milan and he scored sacks of goals. But when he joined Chelsea he scored only 9 goals.
1) Andreiy Shevchenko joined Chelsea from A.C.Milan for 30 million pounds. in 2006.
2)JuanSebastin Veron joined , Manchester United from Lazio for 28.1 million pounds
in 2004.
3)Ian Rush joined Juventus from Liverpool 3.2 million pounds in 1987.
4) David Mills joint West Brom from Middlesbrough for 516,000 pounds. in 1979.
5) Gaizka Mendieta joined Lazio from valencia for 17 million pounds in 2001.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


There have been cases where some good footballers, failed in their first club, but did very well in the other club. This is the list.
1) Dennis Law from Torino To Manchester United in 1961. For 115,000 pounds.
2) Kevin Keegan. From Liverpool to Hamburg. in 1977. For 500,000 pounds.
3) Zinedine Zidane. From Juventus to real Madrid in 2001.For 45.62 million pounds.
4Chris Waddle. From Tottenham Hotspur to Marseille. For 4.25 million pounds. in 1988.
5) Roy Keane . From Nottingham Forest to Manchester United. for 3.75 million pounds in 1 1993.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Over the years footballers have been sold from a 1000pounds to todays record sale of Kaka for 65million pounds.

1905. Common. 1000 POUNDS.
1922. Puddefoot. 5000, pounds.
1922. Cresswell. 5,500,pounds.
1928. Jack. 10,800.pounds.
1932. Ferrerya. 23,000.pounds.
1952. Jeppson. 52,000. pounds
1954. Schiaffino. 72,000. pounds.
1957. Sevori. 93,000.pounds.
1961. Suarez. 1,52,000. pounds.
1963. Sormani. 250,000. pounds.
1968. Anastusi. 500,000. pounds.
1973. Cruiff. 922,000.pounds.
1975. Savoldi. 1.2 million pounds.
1976. Rossi. 1.75. million pounds.
1982. Maradona. 3. million pounds.
1984. Maradona. 5. million. pounds.
1987. Gullit. 6. million pounds.
1990. R. Baggio. 8. million pounds.
1992. Papin. 10. million pounds.
1992. Vialli. 12. million.pounds.
1992. Lentini. 13. million pounds.
1996. Shearer. 15. million pounds.
1997. Ronaldo. Lima. 19.5. million pounds.
1998. Denilson. 21.5. million pounds.
1999. Vieri. 32. million pounds
2000. Crespo. 35. million pounds.
2000. Luis Figo. 37. million pounds.
2001. Zidane. 45.6 million pounds.
2009. Kaka. 56. million pounds.

Monday, June 8, 2009


As the new season starts ,there is talk of some big footballers changing their clubs.
1) Gianlugi Buffon. JUVENTUS.
2) Maicon. Tnter Milan.
3) Nemanja Vidic. Manchester United.
4) Ricardo Carvalho. Chelsea.
5) Kaka. A.C.Milan.
6) Christiano Ronaldo. Manchester United.
7) David Villa. Valencia.
8) Franck Ribery. Bayern Munich.
9) Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal.
10) Zlatan Ibrchimovic. Inter Milan.
!1) Carlos Tevez. Manchester United.
12) Samuel Etoo. Barcelona..


The four big English football clubs, Manchester United, Chelsea , Liverpool and Arsenal. Have all made big losses due to various reasons ,it is mainly big spending on big footballers and which have not paid them well back. One example is Owen Hargraves of Manchester United , who was brought from Bayern Munich for over 17 million pounds, and due to a serious knee injury has sat out for over a year, but his salary will have to be met.
1) Manchester United owners The Glazers have taken afrom banks in millions, that is 649 million pounds and the hedge funds 50 million pounds.
2) Chelsea owe Roman Amorovich 701 million pounds.
3) Liverpool owe 421.6. million pounds , and they also owe the banks on loans taken by the two American owners Mr Tom Hicks and George Gillette jr a sum of 36.5 million pounds.
4) Arsenal owe 416 million pounds, but please note this amount is mostly for the money taken on loan to build their new Emirate Stadium.And not on mad buying on footballers.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The Liverpool football club owned by the two Americans Tom Hicks and George Gillette jr saw their auditors report show a neat loss of 42 million pounds.
This has greatly angered the Liverpool fans, who now consider the pair , as complete failures where the Liverpool club was concerned, and their anger is well understood. It now seems that Rafael Benitz is no longer going to have the money to challenge Manchester United , in the year 2009-2010.And to make matters worse he has to sell some footballers , against his wishes, and the desire of the fans. Now both Xavi Alonso is to be sold to Real Madrid, and Xavier Mascherano the hard working midfielder , who feeds the others is to be sold to Barcelona to make mmoney, even Ryan Babel will be on his way out.They will not be a team that played so well last year. It is indeed sad.
The question is will these three players solve the money proplem ? which I doubt, more will be shown the gate, and no new players of class coming in.

Friday, June 5, 2009


The Vice president of the Italian club A.C.Milan was in Spain at Real Madrid .The Vice President Mr Adriano Galliani, first it was said that Mr Adriano Galliani was there to attend a dinner in honour of Real Madrids new president Florentina Perez. but the media smelt a rat as Mr Bosco Leite was there for a meeting held on 2/6/2009, and after four hours of hard meeting it was decided that Kaka would be sold for a record price for a footballer it would be 65 million pounds, or 92 million dollars. And that Kaka would then get a 13.5 million dollars a year for a period of five long years.
But the British media had a story that Chelsea would Highjack Kaka from Real Madrid. But in all this millions of dollars talk , Kaka has repeatedly said he is not going to leave A.C.Milan ever. So now we will have to wait and see who wins.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Real Madrid have now appointed the Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrni as the coach . Manuel Pellegrini , is a experinced coach who has worked in Chile, Equador, Argentina and Spain. In Argentina he was the head coach of the famous club River Plate. From Argentina he took over the Spanish club Villarreal. He is 55years old, and also a qualified civil engineer.He replaces Juande Ramos who had a six month job.
Now that Real Madrid have a new president mr Florentino Perez, who was there alsofrom 2000-06, when he brought the famous galacticos to REal, of Michel Owen, David Beckham , Zinedine Zidane,Ronaldo, Luis Figo.And Zidanes transfer then cost Real Madrid 75 mmillion Euros.And as he is a big talker and spender, so he has brought Zinadine Zidane as a advisor nd the former Argentinan striker Jorge Valdano as the new director general... Now we can see big spending by Real Madrid , he wants tobuy both Kaka and Christiano Ronaldo. He offered A.C.Milans Kaka arecord price of 65 million pounds.
But Manuel Pellegrini has taken Villarreal to the chanpion league a few times since he joined them, so he does have experience, or will he be just 8th manager to be shown the door in five years time will tell.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The former captain of the Czech Republic Pavel Nedved also hung up his boots at the end of the season and the last game for Juventus. He was brought in as a playmaker come midfielder , to replace the great Zinedine Zidane , who had been brought by Real Madrid for a still standing record. Nedved was brought from Lazio for a sum of 41 , fourtyone million Euros. And what a buy he turned out to be,he was more then capable replacement toi the great Zidane, he also spent eight glorious years at Juventus, and now that he is almost thirtyeight years old, and he has also been a very loyal player for for Juventus , he has won four titles with Juventus, but actually two as two were taken away and anulled due to some match fixing scandal. But both Nedved and Buffon staystayed loyal to Juventus as many footballers made an exodus to other clubs, as Juventus was demoted and had points cut out as well.Juventus have signed the Brzilian Diego came fro Germany and the Italian Sebastian Giovinco , who will mke regular starts and Nedved would have to sit on the bench.


The end of the season saw the curtains being pulled down on the illustrious careers came down on the careers of some wizards of football sadly all good things come to a end.
1) LUIS FIGO of Portugal, date of birth 4/11/1972 in Lisbon.Johan Cruiff signed Figo for Barcelona from Sporting Lisbon, and that was Cruiffs last signing before he was dismissed as coach.At Barcelona he won two league cups anda Europen cup winners cup, before his controversial move to Real Madrid for a then record of 56.1 million dollars.
At Real Madrid he won two league tiles and also the 2002Champion league.
He then moved to Inter Milan in Italy in the year2005, and has won fourleague titls. He has won the Europen footballer of the year , and F.....I.F.A footballer of the year in2001.
Paulo Maldini born 26,6/1968 in Milan.Made his debut for A.C.Milan in 1985 aged 16 years. Wins five Europen cups with Milan , and seven Italian league titles, equals the record of eight chmpion league final appearances in 2007. For Italy he has 126caps, captained Italy 64 times, retired from internatiional football in 2002, so misses the world cup wi in 2006.Maldini has scored the fastest champion league goal against Liverpool.Also becomes the oldest to score in a final against Liverpool in 2007.And also the oldest captain.

Monday, June 1, 2009

THE 2008-2009 F.A CUP FINAL.

This years F.A cup was played between Everton, the Toffees verses Chelsea, at the Wembley stadium under very hot conditions, the temperature was 41 celsius.And everyone was thinking what the result would be , with referee Howard Webb in the centre you could expect decissions not being fair.
And as this would be Guus Hiddinks farewell match at Chelsea, allwere nervous. But the fans were in for a shock, the first goal was scored by Evertonand that to in the 26th second of the game a new F.A fastest goal record it breaks the long standing recordrec record set by Bob Chatt of Aston Villa in 1895,this also takes away the fastest goal scored by Chelsea at the old Wembley, set by the Italian Striker Roberto Di Matteo who scored then in 41 seconds in 1997.
The Everton goal came from a mistake by Jon Obi Mikel who weekly headed a Steven Pienaars kick down to be headed back by Fellani, the ball then fell to Sahas feetwho scored by beating Petr Cech.Chelsea were stronger and scored in the20th minute, Lampard scored the winner in the 72nd minute, and Forlon Maloudas kickstruck the post from 30 metres.
Ashley Cole breaks arecord as he won his fifth F,A cup winner medal, he has three with Arsenal and now two with Chelsea.Drogba