Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Referee union in England want to support Mark Clattenburg over Chelsea players accusing him of Racial slurs, but the fumiest thing is that all these referees were not even on the pitch or at Stamford Bridge, so how will they be able to justify what Clattenburg said, and some was said in the referees room.Referees can not blindly support each other without knowing or hearing in person. This is disgusting on the referees. Yes they are all employed by the F.A who pays their wages but no need to lick shoes here.


In the league cup played between Arsenal and Reading.The crowds were in for a big surprise , Reading took a big lead by half time Reading were in full swing scoring almost at will, with the first goal from Jason Roberts,. At half time the score stood at 4-0 , something unthinkable for the Arsenal fans. The Arsenal fans were so disgusted with their team players, many just walked out of the stadium. What Arsene Wenger said is uncertain but the results were soon there for all to see the match ended 4-4, after 90 minutes. In the A.E.T. Arsenal scored another three goals. Reading are the first club in either the League Cup or the F.A. Cup to score five goals and still loose the match. The total of 12 goals is the highest in a cup match , since Hull City beat Whitley in 1996 , with a score of 8-4. Reading have played Arsenal ten times and have never won a game verses Arsenal.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Theo Walcott the English footballer who plays in the E.P.L with Arsenal, has now become a contract rebel, who is refusing to sign a new contract , and it expires in june. He says it is not at all about money, it is about his position on the pitch. He is now getting a weekly salary of 60,000 , sixty thousand pounds, but Arsenal have decided to increase it to 75,000 seventy five thousand punds, but Walcott has said he wants a weekly salary of 100,00 pounds . This Arsenal are not willing to meet, as they have a very strict wage structure since 2000.The last player to get a weekly salary of 100,000 pounds was Cesc Fabregas, who was captain as well. To compare Fabregas to Walcott is like comparing sand and gold .There was big difference in their play. So Arsenal have given Theo Walcott till November to sign. Just like the other players who left Arsenal for more money, then they say we changed clubs to win trophies after all. Yes who stopped Samir nasri, Gael Glichy, Alexander Song, Robin Van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor from winning a E.P.L. They became plain MERCENARIES. Now footballers are so greedy that 166 of them are behind bars in Europe and South America, getting involved with drug lords.


Mark Claattenburg a referee in the match between Manchester United and Chelsea, and a hopeful referee for the 2014 world cup in Brazil.Is a controversial referee . 1) In the 2005 E.P.L match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs.Where Pedro Mendes scored a goal after it hit the Manchester United goalkeeper Roy Carrol, and rolled yards in the net. Both linesmen also did not see it cross the line. The F.I.F.A rule says a ball must cross entirely over the line for a goal. 2) 2007. He sends of Tony Hibert of Everton , after initally wanting to show a yellow card.But changed it to red after speaking to Stephen Gerrard. 3) 2008 He was suspended from the referee jobas there was a probe into a failed business , where he owed his partner 60,000 pounds.He was pulled out of the F.A Cup between Manchester United and Portsmouth , later he was sacked by the Professional Game Match Officials.The P.G.M.O. 3)2009 Februry reinstated as a select group of referees on appeal, but suspended for eight months from August 6 2008, for issues relating to his failed business affairs. 4) In December 2009 in a match between Manchester City and Bolton Wanderers. He asked the City bench How do you work with Craig bellamy all week. He sent of Craig Bellamy in that match after showing him two yellow cards. 5) 28/10/2012 He is accused of using inappropriate language to two Chelsea players John Mikel and Juan Matta.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Lionel Messi the 25 year old footballer from Argentina, who plays his club football with Spanish giants F.C.Barcelona in Spain has now scored three hundred and one goals in his career. That is two hundred and seventy , 270 goals for Barcelona and thirty one goals for Argentina, in 419 games.He has now scored 13 goals in this season. He has now scored 73 goals in all competition in 2012. That is two goals less then the great Pele with 75 goals for Santos and Cosmos in 1959.And 12 goals less then Gerd Muller who has scored all time record with 85 goals for Bayern Munich and West Germany in 1972.


The referee union has decided support Mark Clattenburg fully. So why shouldn't they? They are all employed by the English F.A and are also payed per game by the F.A. But one thing is clear if they do not support Mark Clattenburg , the F.A will demote these referees to referee the second division or will not referee at all for over a year. Next week will show who will referee the Arsenal verses Manchester United game on 3/11/2012. No surprises Manchester United will win, with the help of the referee. As the chairman of Manchester United is on the board of the F.A who appoint the referees the best thing is to see that no club member is on the F.A to favour their clubs.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


In the E.P.L match played between Manchester United and Chelsea, played on 28/10/2012 It was a match played between the top twp teams on the table, and we football fans and the neutral watchers like me wanted a good referee for this game so that it would not be killed by the referee, and the referee should know that a match of this proportion, cards should not be shown so easily. The referee for the match was Mark Clatenburg thousands of people had eyes on him. Manchester United scored the first goal as it hit David Luiz and went in the net. The second goal was scored by Robin Van Persie. But Juan Mata scored a beautiful free kick goal in the dying minutes of the first half. Eight minutes in the second half Ramirez scored a strong headed goal.Things then got dirty Ashley young went down to easily and Ivonovic got his red card, a yellow would have done here.The second red card was shown to Fernando Torres after Johnny Evans tripped him lightly. It was unjust one.The game was dead and Manchester United had a better chance now. Again the referee failed to see the elbow used by Robin van Persie on David Luiz.It is becoming a habit with him. the law states a yellow card should be shown. The third goal scored by Javier Hernandez should not have stood at all, as he was in the net and came running , he was in a offside position by miles, the world saw it but not Clattenburg or the two blind bats called linesmen Manchester United are favoured by the referees and the English F.A.The reason is the chairman of Manchester United is the head of the F.A.And they appoint referees and linesmen. And referees who were in charge when Manchester United lost, never refereed a Manchester United game for over a year, some were even demoted. Last match between Chelsea and Manchester United ended 3-3, thanks to the Manchester United favourite 12th man Howard webb who gave Manchester United two penalties to make it 3-3. Webb has given 18 penalties to Manchester United. So it is trophies gifted to Manchester united by the F.A. Shameful and disgraceful, Ferguson should hang his head in shame. One Ryan Babel put referee Howard Webb on the twitter wearing a Manchester United jersey.Clattenburg is reported to the F.A over his language toto John Obhi Mikal

Friday, October 26, 2012


Jose Mourinho the Real Madrid coach has asked the club president to find fifty million pounds for the purchase of the Welsh winger Gareth Bale, from Tottenham Hotspurs. Luka Modric has been also pleading to Gareth Bale to join him at Real Madrid, as they are the Spanish giants , and play yearly in the champion league. But the big questions that remain is will Real Madrid get Gareth Bale so easily, and fifty million pounds for a player is indeed very high. The only alternative is to sell players, as Mourinho is very upset at the start that Real Madrid have made this year they are now forth in the table and their arch rival Barcelona have a eight point lead over Real Madrid. So players most likely to leave are Kaka and Mezhut Ozhil.


The former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berulsconi , the media owner and also the proud owner of A.C.Milan. He brought the club and saved it from going bankrupt, he then appointed Argo Sachi as coach, who got the famous three Dutch footballers to A.C.Milan Ruud Gullit , Marco Van Basten and Frank Raijkard, and A.C.Milan went a year undefeated.THE INVINCIBLE. He is sent to jail for four years for evading tax and in a tax fraud.


Manchester City again are doing badly in the Champion league, after all they have spent over a billion pounds.And they have the biggest squad .And pay several players over 200,000 pounds as weekly salary. In the match Manchester City verses Ajax of Amsterdam City scored the first goal by Samir Nasri.But they failed to score and improve from that early goal. Roberto Mancini tinkered around with the defense and made many tactical moves, sadly it back fired at him. In frustration he sent all four strikers on the pitch to get the goals but failed. It was Mario Bolotelli 24 million pounds, Sergio Aguero 38 million pounds, Carlos Tevez 27 million pounds Edin Dechko 26 million pounds. Valued at over 118 million pounds only. But why did Manchester City do badly , simply because the Ajax team are from their famous youth academy and trained by their coach Dennis Bergkamp, known as THE SILKY DUTCHMAN . Because Dennis Bergkamp when he played at Arsenal he would make these Silky passes to Henry to score goals. The Ajax coach is none other then Frank De Boer , another player who came from Ajax Golden boys like Marc Overmars, Edgar Davids, Clarence Seedorff and Dennis Bergkamp So Ajax thrashed Manchester City 3-1, and now City have just one point and could be out of the Champion League in the first stage only.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


According to THE DAILY MAIL , the Spanish club Valencia want to take John Terry to Spain. As he is out of contract in June. We all know that he has been abused and treated very badly by the F.A., press and fans as well. Now Valencia are keen to get him free , all footballers desire to play i Spain. Valencia chiefs have said talks are going on for the past fifteen days, and there have already been two meeting and a contract ready to sign.It is for a year and a half and another year added on, that will please John Terry well. The English football will be the looser big time.


Lionel Messi is called the greatest footballer of all time, and his record stands to prove it,Pele says he has not won three world cups or scored 1283 goals like him.But Pele scored all the goals playing for santos and Cosmos, not in Europe. 1) At 24 years Lionel Messi has won three Ballon D Or awards. 2) Lionel Messi has scored 14 goals in the Champion League in 2011/2012.Jose Altafani did it in 1962/1963. 3)Lionel Messi is the only player to score 5 goals in a champion league match. 4)Lionel Messi only player to win Champion League top scorer for four years in a row. 5)Lionel Messi has nine Hat Tricks in a calender year 7 for Barcelona two for Argentina.Lionel Messi has won three Champion league titles , and Spanish League Titles. 6) Lionel Messi has scored 21 Hat Tricks for Barcelona , 15 in the Spanish league 6 Hat Tricks in the Champion :League. 7) Lionel Messi has overtaken Rivaldo , two years ago as top scorer for Barcelona. 8) Only three footballers have won the BALLON DOR three years in a row.They are Michel Platini, France, Johan Cruyff Holland and Lionel Messi Argentina.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Italian giants Juventus, also called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN, are keen on the Spanish winger from Athletic Bilbao, Florent Lorent This club in Spain is very famous as they only have footballers playing for the club from Bilbao , and no foreigners play for this club.That is why they do not reach the top four clubs in Spain. But Juventus are known for their scandals and famous demotions as well, having lost two of their titles in a row. Their coach of Juventus Antonio Conte was banned for match fixing recently. But Antonio Conte wants the Spaniard winger and is willing to pay him a weekly salary of 145 thousand pounds, something Arsenal will not do. Antonio Conte also is very keen to get Theo Walcott ahead of Luis Nani, both are contract rebels.


Serbia have decided to sack the entire Serbian staff of the Under 21 team. The reason was for the brawl that followed England winning the match 1-0 and a 2-0 on aggregate. Serbia have admitted that the result on the pitch was not good , and what followed afterwards was even worse. Serbia will do their own investigation , and so will U.E.F.A do theirs , films will be seen to come to a conclusion . Michel Platini has personally warned Serbia, that their action was disgusting.As they were fined in 2007.


Mezhut Ozil the German midfielder of Turkish origin, has now got himself in trouble with his sponsorer Nike. As he was caught wearing white Adidas shoes in the match between Germany and Republic of Ireland.He wore white Adidas shoes , as the three stripes world known mark of NIKE were missing. He has also been seen wearing the Adidas boots in matches played for Real Madrid.. A court in Amsterdam has said that Mezhut Ozil will have to pay a daily fine of 122,000 pounds each day. It is far to steep I must say.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The scrap has started in all truth to buy the next Luka Modric. The sixteen year old Croatian who plays for the Croatian club Dnimiao Zagreb, the club that Luka Modric came from. The player is a sixteen years old and named Allen Halilovic. The big clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United and Manchester City are all showing interest in him. But the 12 million pound price is a bit to high for the clubs, they value him at six or eight million pounds. He was once referred to as the Croatian Lionel Messi, but now he is now more compared to Luka Modric.


Real Madrid the Spanish giants are keen to to get their fellow Spaniard David De Gea , from Manchester United , David De Gea joined Manchester United , for a huge 18.3 million pounds from Atletico Madrid, he was got to replace Edwin Van DerSar, who had retired . But David De Gea has still to make himself the number one goalkeeper at Manchester United.Alex Ferguson is now using the rotation method to find out his number one goalkeeper. But now it appears Real Madrid are keen to get David De Gea as their assistant goalkeeper to Iker casilllas , who is now in his thirties.


In a lower division match in Paraguay , between the two clubs Teniente Farina verses Literrted, the referee Nestor Gullien showed two red cards to two players from either team. But the players continued their brawl on the pitch, and soon all the twenty two players got involved in the brawl,. The referee then showed 36 red cards to all the players on the pitch as well as all the players on the bench. The referee and linesmen all ran for cover.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Arsenal have at last won some trophy, it was for THE CLUB OF THE YEAR. It might not be worth much , but to all Arsenal fans it means a great deal . As it was given out to the best run club in England, and they did it without all those oil dollars.


The Serbian F.A has told all their players , staff, coaches and everyone who was connected with the team during the under 21 world cup qualifier verses England, which England won in the last minute goal. The English footballers like Danny Rose were racially abused with monkey chants . and he was shown a red card after the game was well and truly over by the Turkish referee. The English second manager to Stuart Pearce was kicked about.So were the English players. The Serbian F.A said that they want the reports in three days time , to do their own inquiry . U.E.F.A will do their own inquiry.


This is plain ridiculous the English F.A have gone and fined the English and Chelsea left back Ashley Cole 90,000 pounds, for tweeting and calling the English F.A names. Ninety thousand pounds for this is idiotic, after all it was his personal view and What about freedom of of speech here. Even Serbia were fined only a little over 16,000 pounds in 2007 under 21 world cup qualifiers. Niclas Bedtner was fined 80,000 pounds for wearing underwear with a betting company Paddy connection. Looks like F.I.F.A , U.E.F.A and the F.A just want to milk the players and managers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Ashley Cole the Chelsea and England left back, has so far refused to sign a new contract, as Chelsea have followed Arsenal in the rule that a player once he reaches thirty years of age he will then get a one year deal only, but Cole wants two year deal. Carlo Anchelotti of P.S.G , and former Chelsea coach wanted him for a three year deal, but the plan failed as Leonardo did not show much interest in Cole. So it leaves Manchester United and Manchester City to buy him. But Manchester United do not have any funds for a player in the January window, so Luis nani and Javier Hernandez will be sold to generate funds. Even Real Madrid's Jose Morinho wants him to replace Sergi Ramos, after all it was Mourinho who got Ashley Cole to Chelsea from Arsenal. P.S.G were offering Ashley Cole 23 million pounds for three years.


U.E.F.A have got their priorities all wrong here. For Example U.E.F.A fine players and countries for racial abuse from 16,000 to 36,000 pounds.At the same time managers and players who question wrong decisions get big fines and bans.Arsene Wenger got a very huge fine for questioning the referee. in a match verses A.C.Milan. But this just shows how they are just stupid.The Danish striker Niklas Betner in the Euro 2012 , in the match verses Portugal he showed a betting logo on his underwear. And he was fined 80,000 pounds for it . U.E.F.A are just plain greedy now.


At Belgrade in the under 21 world cup qualifiers to be held in 2013. England defeated Serbia 1-0.But it was to much to stomach for the Serbian fans. The black player Rose was racially abused by the Serb fans with monkey chants which was sickening. Serbia were fined over 16,000 pounds in 2007. But the scene turned ugly and a disgrace to football and U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A. Here the players attacked the English players and kicked them in the legs, even the assistant coach of England was kicked about by these Serbian animals. Now the Turkish referee knew nothing of the football rules, he even showed a red card to Rose for kicking the ball , after the final whistle. The referee should be kicked to Turkey and loose his licence , to make matters worse the security just sat and watched the players kicking the English team and staff.After all the English team were guests in Serbia, just shows how Serbia treat their guests utter disgrace and unpardonable. Will Michael Platini and Sep Blatter wake up from their slumber and act fast. The Serb football team and all Serb clubs should be banned for ten years and be fined one million pounds.As they were fined 16,000 pounds in 2007. And the Serbs are saying why should we say sorry, we did nothing wrong. Compared to the Serb footballers John Terry is very much a saint then.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Senegal have been eliminated from the African Cup Of Nations, which was to have been played in January 2013. During the qualification match between Senegal verses The Ivory Coast, played at Darkar. The Ivory coast striker Dider Drogba scored a brace, the second was a controversial penalty, this goal lead to the pitch invasion by the fans. The match was then abandoned , the aggregate then stood at 6-2 in the Ivory coast favor. According to F.I.F.A rule . If there is a pitch ination like this and players and staff are threatened the referee can abandon the match. Here stones and missiles were used.


The muslims have threatened the muslim players at Newcastle United , that they would face Shariah law if they wear the new jerseys next year sponsored by Wonga. Who are a bank and charge interest on money. But if we go back for a few years NORTHERN ROCK was the sponsorer of Newcastle united, and they were a bank that folded up affected by the recession. The present sponsorer VIRGIN MONEY, another bank that charges interest. And the E.P.L is sponsored by THE BARCLAY BANK, and it charges interest.And the monthly player of the month and the manager of the month , win trophies given by Barclay Bank. I will take you back even further Newcastle United were sponsored by THE NEWCASTLE BREWERIES , before Alan Shearer joint Newcastle United from Blackburn Rovers.Muslim do not drink either. Here we must remember that the clubs are making contracts on sponsorers for a few years . And the footballers do not have a voice in it. So kindly leave these footballers alone PLEASE.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is very ken to get the Danish goalkeeper from Leister City. As he will be a replacement to their long serving goalkeeper Iker casillas. Casillas was from the youth team at Real Madrid , and is now 31 years of age. He was standing between the goal posts for Real Madrid at the age of eighteen. In other words Iker Casillas was playing for the Spanish giants Real Madrid before he even got a driving licence. The goalkeeper in mind for Jose Mourinho is Kasper Schmmichel, the son of the famous goalkeeper for Denmark and Manchester United, Peter Schmichel, who was called THE BIG DANE.


It is reported that the big Serbian defender who plays his club football in England , for Manchester United, could now very well be sold the the stinking rich Russian club Anzhi Machkala . He has been promised a salary of 12 million pounds, after taxes are all deducted.It is very tempting indeed. And he has been getting injured each year for long periods, which has made a big difference in the results for Manchester United. The big question is will Sir Alex Ferguson risk the selling of this big defender?


The famous English football club F.C.Liverpool have at long last decided to redevelop their football stadium at Anfield , at a total cost of 152, one hundred and fifty two million pounds, according to THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, it will be a massive 60,000., capacity stadium. But Arsenal have a their famous Emirate stadium which has a sitting capacity of 60,500 sixty thousand five hundred, and Manchester Uniteds OLD TRAFFORD which has a capacity of 70,000 seventy thousand. While Manchester uniteds fans fill the stadium as well as Arsenals fans, Anfield has never been full , these days . Earlier on Cris Harris a banker who sells football clubs, had suggested to both Liverpool and Everton to share the money to build a stadium. Like the famous SAN SIRO in MILAN Italy. But that did not work out.


Ashley Cole the left back who is 31 years old now. And has decided that he will not agree to the Chelsea new rule, that says players over thirty years of age will get only one year contract. Mind you Arsenal have had this rule for years. Even though he is considered the worlds best left back. Chelsea want to replace Ashley Cole with the left back from Cameroon Benoit Asou Ektoo , who has just over a year left on his contract, and he has lost his place to the Belgian Jan Vertonghen , for 10 million pounds he could move to Chelsea. But where will Cole go to? 1) Real Madrid, as Jose Mourinho got Cole from Arsenal.To replace Sergio Ramos. 2) P.S.G. His old coach Carlo Anchelotti over there , with sacks of money. 3) The third place is Manchester United as Patrice Evra, has almost come to the end of his career. 4) Manchester City is still there, money.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


1) Sir Bobby Charlton. 49 Goals. 106. Games. 2) Gary Linekar. 48. Goals. 80 Games. 3)Jimmy Greaves. 44. Goals. 57 Games. 4)Michael Owen. 40. Goals. 89 Games. 5) Wayne Rooney. 31 Goals. 77 Games. 6)Tom FRinney. 30 Goals. 76 Games. 7) Nat Laftrose. 30 Goals. 33 Games. 8)Alan Shearer. 30 Goals. 63 Games. 9)Vivian Westwood. 29 Goals. 23 Games. 10)Steve Bloomer. 28.Goals. 23 Games.


It has been now reported that footballers are in jail serving their time for selling drugs or for getting involved with the powerful drug cartel. It is reported that there are a total of 126 footballers behind bars either in South America or even in the U.K.This may note be the final figure which we have. The main cause of this is, that the footballers fall prey to money to enjoy a lavish style of living. But a footballer career is a short one thirty three years , or if he is really good it is 36 years.With injuries shortening their careers as well. But there was a good experience for one footballer at least, he educated himself behind bars, and when released the drug cartel wanted him back. But he flatly refused to join and make the same mistake. A sad state for our footballers indeed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has now become the first player to score in six consecutive EL CLASSICOS. There have been one hundred and sixteen EL CLASSICOS played between Barcelona and Real Madrid.


Paul Elliot the former Charlton Atletic defender could soon become the first black chairman of a English club, a big milestone indeed. He was also the first black captain of Chelsea, the first black footballer at Celtic and also the first black footballer , to play for a Italian club. He is also the award winner of the M.B.E. and also the C.B.E. In football in the E.P.L there are only three black managers , even though they have dozens of black footballers who were vastly talented. There are only three black managers in England Cris Houghton of Norwich City, Cris Powell of Notts City and Keith Curle. But mind you there are a total of ninety two clubs in England, and England has produced a lot of black players.


The Russian billionaire Roman Abrohimovic who owns the Chelsea football club ,has now gone and given the green signal to go and buy the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao Garcia , from the Spanish club Atletico Madrid. The Spanish club bought him from F.C.Porto in Portugal for 35 million pounds. Atletico Madrid needed him as a replacement for their Argentinean striker Sergio Aguero. Who was sold to Manchester City for 38 million pounds. Falcao is scoring sacks of goals in the lat two years. And he even scored the goals against Chelsea in the SUPER CUP. The match between the CHAMPION LEAGUE winner verses the EUROPA CUP Winner. When Fernando Torres was got for fifty million pounds from Liverpool , 46 million pounds for this classy striker would well be worth it.After all Torres scores goals in fits and starts.

Friday, October 12, 2012


The most common question asked by football today is really who is a better footballer Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Yes both are young and score sacks full of goals each year. My personal view is that it is Lionel Messi by miles. Last season Lionel Messi scored a total of 73 goals, which is indeed a massive achievement, consider Robin van Persie scored 37 goals last season. Lionel Messi is more humble as well, he always says it was won because of his team mates. Ronaldo has never mentioned his team mates. Ronaldo is famous for sulking, diving and winning penalties or a free kick as well. Lionel Messi has no scandals where his private life is concerned , he still loyal to his one Italian girlfriend. Ronaldo has a string of them . He even fathered a son to a waitress. After All these footballers are role models to the younger generation, so they should be good ones. Jose Mourinho can say what he wants on his countryman Messi will win the title this year.


The four muslim footballers, like Hatem Ben Arfa, Demba Ba, Cheik Tiote and Papssis Cisse have been warned that they may face shariah law . For wearing the new jerseys worn by Newcastle United and sponsored by Wonga, a company that charge interest. Charging interest is not allowed in Islam. But these Islamic leaders are forgetting a few things here , the former sponorer VIRGIN MONEY also charged interest as it was a bank. The whole E.P.L is called BARCLAY , sponsored by the BARCLAY BANK that charges interest. These four players should either play on and honor their contracts or play for a club in either Iraq or Iran or Saudi Arabia Here the Islamic leaders who make such silly laws as they should know the sponsor deal is between Newcastle United and the bank WONGA.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


1)Most consecutive E.P.L appearances 310 by Bred Freidel. From 14/8/2004 to 10/2/2012. 2) Most consecutive wins 14 matches . From 10/2/2002, to two games in the next season. 3) Most consecutive games without a win. Derby County, 86 games. 4)Most consecutive games won at home , Chelsea. 21/2/2004 under Claudio Ranieri and after three managers later in 20008. Liverpool beat Chelsea 1-0. 5) Fastest hat trick in the E.P.L is scored by Robbie Fowler of Liverpool on 28/8/1994. It was against Arsenal. 6)Most consecutive games without conceding a goal is 14 matches by Edwin Van der Sar in the year 2008/2009., playing for Manchester United. 7) Longest serving manager Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United 25 years. Fred Evans manager of West Brom Albion 1902 - 1948. 8) Shortest serving Manager Less Reed Charlton Athletic 14/112006 41 days. 1 win. 9)Most league match scoring consecutive goals Ruud Van Nistelrooy , with ten goals. 10)Largest undefeated run in the E.P.L Arsenal 49 games from 7/5/2003 to 24/10/2004.


The Colombian striker Radamel Falcao Garcia, who plays his football in Spain with the Madrid club, Atletico Madrid. But even as he was a top goal scorer last year and his goals helped Atletico Madrid defeat Chelsea. But now his club is cash strapped , and as his weekly wages are also very high the club is struggling to balance the books He was mainly brought in to replace the former striker at Atletico madrid Sergio Aguero, who was sold to Manchester City. But one thing is very clear and he will not come at all cheap, for any club. It is said that the bidding will start at a huge 60 million Euros, or 48 million pounds. With this price and also his huge weekly salary there will only be a few clubs who can afford him in the January transfer window. Only P.S.G and Manchester City can afford his price and weekly salary. City have to many strikers, or Mancini must sell Mario Bolotelli, but who wants this fool.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini was in Spain recently, to watch the match personally played between Atletico Madrid and Malaga. The reason he was in Spain was to watch the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao Garcia score a good goal in a 2-1 win for the Madrid club. Falcao is valued at 45 million pounds, his buy out clause is fifty million pounds. But the president of Atletico Madrid is in no hurry to sell his star player, who last year scored thirty eight goals. This has lead to speculations at Manchester City that the Italian has finally lost patience with Mario Bolotelli. In fact to make matters worse for the Italian , Boloelli just walked out of the game verses Sunderland, when he was substituted .He then flew back to Italy right away. Last year it was Carlos Tevez who gave trouble to the Manchester City club, this year it is mario Bolotelli turn. The Atletico presient is very cool over the Mancini presence, he says they are in no hurry to sell Falcao, who has a contract till 2016.

Monday, October 8, 2012


The former West German and F.C.Kolin striker Dieter Muller is now in a coma , after he suffered a major heart attack at Home. He scored 231 goals from a total of 326 games. He is very much remembered as the striker to score six of the seven goals for Kolin in the year 1977 in a match between Werder Bremen and Kolin. This record is very much standing today.


The referee for the match between Manchester and Newcastle United, played on 7/10/ 2012 and which Manchester United won with a score of 3-0. we must remember that it was Newcastle United that beat manchester United once and in the second match drew 4-4 . This lead to points as well as goals, leading to Manchester City winning the E.P.L in 2011/2012. In this match Howard Webb was the chosen referee as usual when Manchester United played. Howard Webb showed a blind Nelson eye on the elbow used by Robin Van Persie on Cabaye. Other club say a Arsenal player would have seen a red card straight. So it clearly is proof that the F.A support Manchester United in a big way. As the joke was Manchester United 12th man Howard Webb saw nothing at all wrong. Once even Ryan Babel the Dutch winger put a poster of Howard Webb in a Manchester United jersey blowing the whistle. Babel was fined and warned. I personally feel the English F.A are bunch of jokers, they consider mainly on banning a player and fining players and managers, another set of mercenaries. And also on racial claims. The F.A should improve the level of referees and wipe out diving . Then if the standard of refereeing improves then how will Manchester United win their title number 20? The culprit here is having David Gill on the F.A , when he is the chairman of Manchester United.After all all referees are paid and employed by the F.A. Hope you all see the real ugly picture now. Now the F.A has said that Robin Van Persie will not be charged for elbowing Yohan Cabaye. Just as I thought it would be.

Friday, October 5, 2012


This is the list of the best 20, twenty goalkeepers in Europe made by THE DAILY TELEGRAPH. Some goalkeepers are doubtful ones and the one goalkeeper omitted from the list is the American goalkeeper, Bret Fridel , he is forty years old and still playing as main goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspurs , Hugo Loris has not yet got a game in the E.P.L. 1) Iker Casillas. Spain and Real Madrid. 2) Gianlughi Buffon. Italy and Juventus. 3) Victor Valdes. Spain And Barcelona. 4)Petr Cech. Czech Republic. And Chelsea. 5)Fernando Muselera. Uruguay. And Galatasry. 6) Marten Skeltenberg. Holland And Roma. 7)Joe Hart. England . And Manchester City. 8) Cristian Abiatti. A.c.Milan. 9) Manuel Neuer. Germany . And Bayern Munich. 10) Julio Ceaser. Brazil. And Queen Park Rangers. 11) Jose Pepe Reina. Spain And Liverpool. 12) Hugo Loris. France. And Tottenham Hotspurs. 13)Samir Handonovic. Slovenia. And Inter Milan. 14)Diego Lopez. Atletico Madrid. 15) Tim Howard. U.S.A. And Everton. 16)Wocjech Szczesny. Poland And Arsenal 17) Rene Adler. Hamburg. 18) Sergio Romero. Argentina. And Sampodoria. 19)Morgan De Sanctis. Napoli.. 20) Wilfredo Caballero. Argentina.


The big question on everybody's mind is will Manchester City win the E.P.L again. But from what we are seeing it does not look at all likely. Last year their defense with Paulo Zabelata, Vincent Kompany, Joleon Lescot , Koralov.Were all very strong and was like wall , and very few goals leaked in.But this year it is not the same. Manchester City have failed to keep a clean sheet so far in twelve games. In the Champion League this year they have only two draws and two points .The club spent fifty three million pounds in the summer on players. In the Champion League match verses Borrusia Dortmund , Joe Hart their goalkeeper won the man of the match, he saved not less then twenty two shots , from the goal, it was all heroic keeping in a one man band. But what went wrong? This year they sold their attacking holding midfielder Nigel De Jong, and his replacement Jarvi Garcia is not good enough. Yaya Toure is off color in a few matches as well.


There was a article in THE INDEPENDENT. That the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie was Manchester Uniteds greatest signing. Far early to say that , after all only eight games are played. He did cost 24 million pounds and is 29, twenty nine years old, a bit to costly and a very big gamble, as he was a injury prone player at Arsenal. But the Manchester United fans should not get carried away there were many better players like the following. 1) Eric Cantona, 2) Roy Keane, 3) Sir Bobby Charlton. 4) George Best. 5)Dennis Law . 6) Ruud Van Nistelrooy. 7)Peter SchMichel. 8) Dennis Irwin 9) Bryan Robson. 10 Duncan Edwards.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Sir Alex Ferguson is very keen to do business with the Spanish giants Real Madrid. He wants to sell the Mexican striker Javier Hernandez , called the Little Pea.. He is thinking of buying some defenders from Real Madrid like Raul Alibol, Varana and a very close watch is also put on Sergio Ramos and his problem with Jose Mourinho. Another player also looked at is the Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin, who is on loan at Liverpool. Another player Alex Ferguson wants is Kaka on loan.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The most common question on peoples mind is why are Manchester United favored by the referees? The answer is very simple my the head of Manchester United board David Gill is on the F.A board, and all referees are employed by the English F.A. The referees who were on duty in a game lost by Manchester United will not be allowed to referee a Manchester United match again, some like Mike Dean Mark Clattenburg were even demoted to the lower level. Howard Webb has refereed most Manchester United games , and he has given 18,eighteen penalties in Manchester Uni teds favor. The Wigan Spanish openly said referees favor Manchester United, he was fined 10,000 pounds. At the same time Alex Ferguson complained about the Tottenham Hotspurs match ending early. Ferguson was not fined. Clubs that suffer most are Arsenal and Liverpool.


It is a well known fact that the English F.A are a big joke no doubt about it. In the John Terry case verses Anton Ferdinand , John Terry got a four match ban for racial abuse. But the English F.A rule book number 6.8 states When a case has been taken to court and decided there it can not be taken to the F.A. Here John Terry was declared not guilty by the Westminster Magistrate, the learned judge gave the verdict not guilty in favor of John Terry. But the stupid F.A gave a four match ban , that is just one more match to a red card shown. It is a well known fact that the forth referee always agrees to the decision made by the referee.After All they are all paid by the F.A for each match.


Sir Alex Ferguson now wants to buy the Polish striker Robert Lewdanski , from Borrusia Dortmund in the summer. As the Polish striker has made it clear he will not sign a new contract for the German club. Both Ferguson and and his assistant will be closely watching the striker in the Champion League game verses Manchester City. But the big problem facing Manchester United is that they do not have any money for the transfer window in January so the position will be same in the summer. Sir Alex Ferguson has decided to sell Luis Nani as well as Javier Hernandez to generate funds to buy this player.But the big problem facing Manchester United are that both the wingers Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia are out injured,And Ryan Giggs is well and truly past his best. But my question is why should he be interested in signing a new striker when they already have four strikers, he should get a good defender as Rio Ferdinand is well and truly over the hill, he has lost pace and Vidic is frequently injured.