Thursday, April 30, 2009


The Italian Serie A is to split from Serie B , and form a League called LEGA CALCIO. It will be based on the E.P.L. standard , which England follow since 1992.
The clubs could not come to terms with the other clubs in Serie B. And 19, ninteen of the Serie A clubs voted in favour of the new league. The only club to not vote in favour was Lecee , a club that is threatened with relegation.
It is well Known that the E.P.L is the richest and has three clubs in the semifinals , for the second year, while no Italian club reached the semifinal for the last two years. So the Italians are very keen that the bridge should be closed , and like in England television money is a big thing and the Italians want to follow them for the better of Italian football.


The Champion league first leg was vastly expected to be a quick, fast and entertaining match , between te Spanish Giants and the English team, Chelsea. But very sadly it was not to be so,Guus Hiddink came to the Nou Camp at Barcelona deciding he would get a draw , at any cost. He employed five full defence ,bringing Michel Essian as the fifth player. And Bosingwa was employed to keep the dangerous Lionel Messi quiet. for this Nicholas Anelka lost his place in the team.
And Petr Cech was all the ninety minutes on his toes, and it was mainly due to him Chelsea did not leak in a goal.
Barcelona started their fast moving game with many passes sometimes even over twenty of them.
While Chelsea useed a very negative move, that their goalkeeper Petr Cech made long kicks in the front to Drogba directlty, but Barcelona players only stole the ball away from them, and started their way passing again. Henry , Drogba , Ballack, Inesta, Etoo all had their chances. But Hiddnk forgot there were 95,000 spectators who paid hard cash to watchthe match. Ballack brought down Inesta whows the last man, ut the fellow german referee failed to show a second yellow as he had a yellow card earlier. Bad partiality by Wolfgang Stark the referee.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The glory days of Manchester United may well and truly be over. As the Glazer family from America , had take a ma huge loan of 1.1 billion pounds to buy the shares of Manchester United.
Now he will have to repay the capital amount of 1.1 billion pounds, plus there will be the large interest also to be paid back , till about the year 2013.
The Glazers have now two options , one is to sell the club, or to start selling some players each year, starting next season.
Arsenal are also doing this, as they have to pay back for the money taken to build the Emirate Stadium.. So they sold Patrick Vieira, the first year along with Robert Pires, then they sold Aleksander Hlep and lastly they sold Thierry Henry for 16 million pounds.
So the Glazers will have to do things like Arsenal fast.


The Spaniard Rafael Benitz has admitted for the first time that as the two American owners of Liverpool , ave not found any soloution to the money problems at Anfield. And that they owe ithe Royal Scottish Bank. 350 million pounds by the month of June. And the interest will be seperate.
Now that leaves Rafael Benitz with only one way out and that is as he says to sell a few players to make some money in the kitty. Already the Danish defender Danny Agger will be moving on in the summer, and has refused to sign a new contract.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Barcelona strikers are scoring goals almost at will. If you look at the number of the goals the three main strikers scored for Barcelona , it will suprise many. And no wonder they are in the top of the table.
Barcelonahave now a goal diffrence with the team that is comming second , their arch enemy Real Madrid, and the diffrence is a very healthy 38 goals between them , with five games to go.
The goals scored by, Thierry henry, Samuel Etoo, and Lionel Messi add up to a neat 90 , niety goals. And what about the other goals scored by Anrea Inesta, Xavi Hernandes, and Bojarn Kirk.
Lionel Messi has scored 34 goals.
Samuel Etoo has scored . 32 goals.
Thierry Henry has scored 24 goals.
total 90 goals.


The German giants Bayern Munich have sacked their coach, the former German footballer Jurgen Klinsmann, aaaaaafter the German footballers club, Bayern Munich lost their game and landed p third in the Bundesliga.
As Bayern are a rich, famous and ell known club in the world, they did not wait long to look for a permanent manager as a replacement for Klinsmann. As there is only five games left for this years Bundesliga to come to an end . Bayern have appointed JuppHeynckes as the head coach and the assistant coach will beHermann Gerland., for the last five games of the year.
The chairman of Bayern Munich another German player Karl Heinze Rummeniggee, has promised to appoint a full time coach in Klinsmanns place by may 31st.
He then went and contacted the French man , and arsenal, managers for the job. Amd told Wenger that the managers contract could be very well made all according to Wengers terms and conditions only. And he also promised him that there would be ample amount of funds for himto use, and his choice of players would depend on his liking and need on the pitch..
But as Arsene Wenger is a through gentleman, and does not like to break any contracts, as we must very well remember that Real Madrid have asked him three times to be their coach a job other managers would grab with open hands. he had thrice rejected their offer, and it came as no suprise he rejected Bayern Munichs offer.

Monday, April 27, 2009


It is no secret that the two American owners of the Liverpool club have big problems where the cash is considered , and they want to sort it out as soon as possible.
They have to pay the Royal Scottish Bank by early July the 350, million pounds taken on loan, for footballers like Fernando Torres , Dirk, Kuyt, Ryan Babel and the others. This 350 million pounds could very well be only the capital, the interest is diffrent.
Mr Hicks and Mr George Gillette , are trying to get a new sponsorer or two.So an Indian billionaire Mr Grandhi Malikkarjun Rao , who is also the owner of Team Delhi , in the I.P.L cricket, was contacted as he was known for branching out into sports, although he has made hismillions from, the airport and construction industry, so the 58 year old Mr Rao was invited to Anfield for talks , and there were first good signs that Mr Rao,s company called the G.M.R Group were very keen and were willing to shell out money to invest in a big clublike Liverpool who are now second in the table in England, just below Manchester United.
As Mr Rao is valued at 4.2 billion pounds, and Mr Hicks invited a representative fora match, they came and saw the Arsenal verses Liverpool game , and he sat in the directors box alonside the owners sons side Tommy, and you could very well see that the man was a liverpool fan..
But the followin day in India a Spokes person for the G.m.R. Grpup of companies hasdenied that they are so keen to buy out or sponser Liverpool in any way.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


The English footballer David Beckham is now the richest sportsman in the world. His wealth now stands at a whooping 125 million pounds or 184 million U.S. dollars. We can just calculate how much wealth he has amassed . The amount he has is 40% more wealth then the one time world heavyweight boxer Lenox Lewis.

Friday, April 24, 2009


The E.P.L match between Arsenal and Liverpool, was a very exciting match and it had to sadly end in a draw of 4-4. Which was a fair result in the end. To the neutral watcher and a football lover it was football what we want to see everyday.
It was also a match where the Arsenal playmaker , the Russian Anderi Arshavin scored a total of 4, four goals all the goals scoered by arsenal. The goals came in the 36 th minute,67th minute, 70th minute and in the 90th minute. This is also the first time in many years sixtyfour years ago , 64 . The player toscore all the four goals at Anfield then as Mr Dennis Westcott , from the club Wolverhamton Wanderers.
The main mistake with liverpool was that they made defensive errors that proved very costly. Javier Mascherano had the ball stolen from his feet by Cesc Fabregas , who flicked it to Arshavin to score the first goal, later it was the turn of Alvero and Arbeloa to hesitate and make costly mistakes and gift the ball to Arsenal
But Arsenal played this match without their regular strikers Robin Van Persie and Emanuel Adebayor. The goalkeeper Alumani , the spaniard was injured and the Polish goalkeeper Fabrianski took the golie job , and we can understand his nervousness as he made a mistake verses Chelsea in th F.A cup semi Final
The Arsenal defence was also in tatters, William Gallas , Gael Glichy and Johan Djohorou was also injured.
But Liverpool kept attacking and got their four goals to equalise from Torres49th minute and and 72nd minute. But it was the substitute Yossi Bennnayoun who scored the other two tat drew the match56th minute and 94th minute. both headers supplied by Dirk Kuyt. Attendance 44,424. referee Howard Webb

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


There was a lot of talk and great thin gs were expected from Dimitrov Berbatov . The Bulgarian striker when he joined Manchester Uniited from Tottenham Hotspurs for a huge fee of 30.75 million pounds.
And as he was not getting his transfer soon , he spent a great deal of time sulking away, as both the clubs argued to settle the transfer fee and meet the last date.
But very sadly Berbatov has been a flop at Manchester United, he has just scored 8, eight goals in 28, twenty eight games. Which is poor for one of his class and skill.He was a free scoring striker at both Bayern Leverkuseen and at Tottenham Hotspur, he made a lethal strike partner with Robbie Keane.
And now with strikers to partner him, like Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tavez , and Christiano Ronaldo, he has failed to get the goals.
The manchester United fans are angry that so much money 30.75 million pounds were paid for him and he let the fans down , in the F.A. cup semifinal where he failed to cross a crucial penalty, and so Manchester lost.
The fans also blame him for the loss of winning all five cups this year.
But Alex ferguson has come strongly in Berbatovs favour,, after all it was Ferguson who spent 30.75 million pounds to get him at Manchester United.


The OLD LADY , or better known as Juventus has been punished recently , for the bad behaviour of their fans. In a match between Juventus and the Italian leaders Inter Milan, the crowd supporting Juventus once again started their racist chanting against the black Inter Milan player Mario Balotelli who had scored the equalizer against Juventus.
But who is Mario Boletelli, is a black player , both his parents are from Ghana , and he plays for Italy in the under 21 team for Italy.
These ugly scenes of racial chanting should be banned as there is no place what so ever in this beautiful game of football.
Now the football governing body has told Juventus as they failed to control their fans, the next game Juventus plays in their home stadium called Stadio Olympico, this is Juventus new big stadium , after they shifted from their old DEL ALLPI stadium. As this is a biggewr stadium it is upto you to guess the loss of Juventus as not a single fan will watch that game. We know how Samuel Etoo walked out in a Barcelona game because of those monkey chants . And Messi and Ronoldhino had to passify him to play on with Carlos Puyol.

Monday, April 20, 2009


In the F.A semifinal between Manchester united and Everton , was exciting game. Sir Alex ferguson was in for a very rude shock, he was always bragging of Manchester United becoming the first club to win all five trophies in one year, something not achieved before in English history.
The match was a cagy affair, and the players to give Manchester United trouble and a freight were old ter Manchester United players, Tim Howard, Luis Saha, and the Everton Australian playerTim Cahil who went a few times to score a goal. Cahil ios well known for scoring important goals.
As the game ended aat 0-0, it then went to extra time, by then Ferguson as well as David Moyed decided it would be best to leave it for a penalty shoot out. But Ferguson had made some changes including Ben Foster in the goal
When it went to, a penalty shootout, the goalkeeper who had more nerves would do well.
. The penalty shoot out ended in favour of Everton THE TOFFEES.With both Rio Ferdinand and Dimitrov Berbatov missing their spot kicks. And Tim Cahil missing his kick. But the winning kick was byPhil Jagleika.
But as usual when the referee is Mr Mike Riley you can be sure of big mistakes being made. It clearly showed that the Manchester United player Welbeck was brought down by Jagleika, and all appealed for a penalty which was not given. Ferguson was hopping mad on the line .
Now Everton play Chelsea in the final , after a long gap of eighteen years.Chelsea had defeated Arsenal 2-1 in the other semi final.

Friday, April 17, 2009


The football fans are in to see a mouth watering semi final matches in the champion League. The best one will be the Arsenal verses Manchester United game. As they have not clashed at all to this semi final.
As their rivalry both on and off the pitch and also in the tunnel are well known, once a pizza came flying at Ferguson, and the old fights are well known between Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane..
So the first leg of the semi final Barcelona Verses Chelsea will be played on 28/4/2009. The second leg will be paid on 6/5/2009.
So the first semi final leg will be played on 29/4/2009 and the second leg will be played on5/5/2009/
Happy watching fans.


The second leg of the quarter final between Manchester United and F.C.Porto was played on the Porto ground, with the Porto stadium is known for uptil thisday no English club could beat Porto there, and it was playing on Fergusons mind as well as the Manchester United players. And it is well known footballers are superstitious .
The big relief for Fergusons team was the return of the wall, Rio Ferdinand from a lay of , it was back injury. And in that time Manchester lost a few games , and also leaked in a few goals.
For this game thje Porto coach was banished to the stands and not allowed to speak to his players before or during the game.Even phones were banned.
It started as a very cagy game as Porto had the away goal advantage. With Ryan Giggs on the left and Wayne Rooney on the right and Ronaldo and Berbatov in the middle, Ronaldo was given permission oto change and run freely. The goal came early in the first half from a wonderful 35yard thunder kick by Ronaldo into the left hand top corner of the net, the brazilian goalkeeper Helton was truely beaten all ends up.
As the Porto ground is called the Dragon, The dragon realy awoke from its slumbeer and started attacking from akll angles , But with Ferdinand back and Vidic along with Evra Manchester United held back the dragon . In the last 25 minutes it was all Porto , but sadly they failed to score that one important goal.
Both Vidic and then Berbatov missed easy chances , Vidics was a sitter, and he should have no excuse for that miss. Rooney passed to Berbatov to score the goal, but Berbatovs shot was a very weak one.
.. Goals Ronaldo 6 minutes.
Booked Evra.. Vidic.
Man of the match Christiano Ronaldo.
Attendance 50,000.
Referee Massino Busacca Switzerland.


The second leg of this years quarter finals between Arsenal and Villarreal, was eagerly watched by the Arsenal fans at the Emirate stadium. It brought memories of the match in which Jens Lehman, the Arsenal goalkeeper saved a penalty from the Villarreal free kick specialist Juan Ramon Riiquelme. Arsenal only had away goal , as the first leg ended 1-1. Arsenal had a major problem , as their defence was in a bad shape, with Sagna down with a virus and Gael Glichy and William Gallas out for a long time . Wenger then did a patch up job and Mikael Silvestre and a few new ones took the field.
Arsenal dominated and decided with these injuries attack would be the best thing to do, and they did it well. The main idea was to feed Cesc Fabregas the ball who made good passes to Theo Walcott, on the wings and Theos speed and passes were scaring Villarreal players. The question was not will a goal be scored but when would a goal be scored. The goal came early in the first half , Walcott callected a chip pass from Cesc Fabregas and very coolly chiped the ball over the goalkeeper into the corner of the net. The second goal was scored by Emanuel Adebayor , he first controled the ball , and then scored with the outside of the right foot. And here is a small fact not very well known that. Everytime Emanuel Adebayor has scored a goal , Arsenal has never lost that match.
Then sadly Arsenal were given a penalty , but the Villarreal player Sebastin Eguren argued with the referee over the penalty , and it ended in a red card for Sebastin Eguren in the 67th minute. Robin Van Persie calmly converted the penalty and Arsenal were 3-0 , in the 69th minute and Villarreal played tjhe rest of the game with only ten players.
Goals Walcott 10th minute , Adebayor 60th minute and Robin Van persie 69th minute.
Booked Gibbs, Silvestre., Eugren, Cani, Godin.
Red card Sebastin Eugren.
Goals 3-0. Agrregate 4-1.
ATTENDANCE 58,233. Man of the match Theo Walcott.
Referee Wolfgang Stark Germany.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Liverpool visited Stamford Bridge , Chelseas homeground, for the second leg of the champions league quarter final played on 14/4/2009. Chelsea had beaten Liverpool by 3-1 in the first leg and the crowd was shore of an entartaining match. It turned out to be just that a real thriller of a game some say that this was the best quarter final ever played.
Rafael Benitez was even willing to gamble and give Steven Gerrard a chance in the game, but he changed his mind as Gerrard failed to make a complete recovery. John Terry was suspended for this game, as he picked his second yellow after coliding with Pepe Reina in the first leg.
In this match the goalkeepers Petr Cech made a mistake in the 19th minute, when he thought that the free kick would go in the top corner . and so positioned himself for it. Instead Aureilio kicked a low one in to the net . Then it was the time of Pepe Reina to make a blunder, and he fumbled with a ball to let dider Drogbaa ballgo into his own net.. Xavi Alanso scored through a penalty , got the lead for Liverpool but not for long Alex kicked a thunderous free kick to make it even.
The Liverpool fans were sure of sneaking a victory when Lucas scored the third and then the Dutch Dirk Kuyt scored the forth. Liverpool fans were singing away theirsong YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE .
Then Frank Lampard came on the sceene and spoilt all the fun for the Liverpool fans. Frank Lampard scored the two goals to break the Liverpool fans hearts.
GOALS Drogba 52nd minute, Alex 57th minute, Frank Lampard 76th minute and 89th minute.
Goals Aurilio 19th minute, Xavi Alanso28th minute, Lucas 81st minute, Dirk Kuyt 82nd minute
Goals Aggregate 7-5. in Chelseas favour.
ATTENDENCE 38,286. Referee Luis Cartalego Spain.


The second leg of the quarter finals, of the champion league was played in the Allianz stadium, Munich. In the first leg held at the Nou Camp, Barcelona tore Bayern Munich to threads , with a 4-0 score. And the German team were discribed as rabbits running from the snake. Would history repeat it self again, not likely as they are a famous a proud club, and Jurgen Klinsmen would not let it be as easy as the first game.
The Germans started with an idea to score as many goals as possible and reduce the defacit. as Bayern have wiped out a defacit on seven times , comming from one goal defacits in seventeen games. Jurgen Klinsman said , to come back from a four goal defacit is very hard, and that to from a team in form like Barcelona was absolutely unrealistic.
Ribery and Lucas Toni attacked and kept attacking , but they missed scoring the goalin the first half. But the goal did come in the 47th minute. It ws the French winger Franck Ribery who went around Victor Valdes and scored the goal, breathing fresh hope in the team and game. The Barcelona goal , the equalizer came in the 73rd minute of the game, there 3were a total of eighteen passes between the Barcelona players such as Xavi, Inesta, Dany Alaves and Messi and it had to be pased to Keita who finally scored the goal. Lionel Messi is wizard on the pitch and he gave the Germans hell of a time.
You must remember that Barcelonas manager Pep Guardioala was shown a red card for protesting , to Howard Webb the referee , who booked Messi for diving in the box when replay shows Messi was brought down by Lell.So the manager watched the game from the stands.
With this win Barcelona now play Chelsea in the semifinals.
Goals Frank Ribery in the 47th minute. Keita in the 73rd minute.
Booked Lucio DiMichelli, Lell. Borowski.
Booked Danni Alaves, Carlo Puyol.
referee Roberto Rossetti.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Howard Webb the English referee is always known for the wrong reasons
He is known to show yellow cards and to give wrong penalties. We saw it in the champion league match between Barcelona verses Bayern Munich, In that match Lionel Messi had his legs clipt, and Barcelona players appealed for a penalty, instead he showed Lionel Messi the yellow card, for diving and sent the Barcelona Pep Guardiolla with ared card.But as usual the replay clearly shows that Lionel Messi was brought down.
Then on the E.P.L match between Aston Villa verses Everton,played on 12/4/2009. Here also he gave a penalty in favour of Aston Villa, the Everton player J.Lescott and the Villa player both went for the ball and the only mistake Lescott made was as the ball was very high in the air , Lescott, reased his leg to high, which kicked the Villa player, the Villa player had n chance of scoring a goal in any way . But he gave a penalty, for Barry to score and the match was a draw.
We in India can very well see this idiot of a referee , he then adds salt to injury by booking Phil Neville , for doing nothing wrong , not even touched a Villa player. This standard of refereeeing is terrible and an utter disgrace to the F.A , U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A, for appointing such stupid referees . We see it always in England referees, but not in Spain and German refereeing.
So Everton were robbed of three points by this referee Harrod webb.And it is a dam shame to the game. It looks more and more like match fixing has come in football to after cricket.
But what are you doing about this Mr Michel Platini, And Mr Sebb Blatter? Please dont sweep the refereeing under the carpet like before. I have a few suggestions like a referee must ask a linesman , before giving the penalty, A retired referee like Mr Collina must be employed to judge the fairness of the work of the referees.
In the Everton Aston Villa game the Everton manager David Moyes had some angry words for the fourth referee. and he had every right to be angry. But as usual the forth referee will always agree with the referee , as if they are gods and can not make mistakes.
But the F.A must realise that they pay a yearly amount to the F.A. whch is one tenth of their anual income. So Managers have a right to get fair treatment in a match and not get cheated by the F.A staff the referees.
Arsene wenger has always asked for a monitr like in cricket and swimming to find the winner.

Friday, April 10, 2009


The two leading English clubs Liverpool and Chelsea clashed in the first leg of the quarter finals. at Anfield. And as Liverpool were going great guns beating Manchester United by 4-1 . And also being in great form, great things were expected from Steven Gerrard and his Spanish manager.
Liverpool and their loyal fans were in for a rude shock. The first goal came early in the match it was a goal scored by the El Nino, THE KID. Fernando Torres in the 6th minute of the match.
Then Chelsea responded by a little known player called Branislav Ivanovic. Ivanovic scored the first goal in the 39th minute of the match., he leaped high and his height helped him to leap and head the ball into the net. He then headed in the second goal in an identical fassion, in the 62nd minute to take avery precious lesad as well as a away goal for Chelsea. But Chelsea was not yet finished with Liverpool , Dider Drogba scored the third goal to put an icing on the cake for Hiddink.
But as the match ended 3-1 in Chelseas favour Liverpool must realy score a few goals in the second leg at the Stamford Bridge.
But who is Branislav Ivanovic is a deffender and plays for Serbia. along with Vidic. He was brought by the Chelsea Manager Avtam Grant , who brought two players, Nicholas Anelka and Branislav Ivanovic from Lokomotiv Mosscow.


The first leg of the champion league between Barcelona and Bayern Munich, was held on the 8/4/2009 at the famous Nou Camp at Barcelona. It is a well known fact that The Nou Camp is not the best ground to Bayerns liking , it has a very sour feeling of the 1999 Champion league final played against Manchester United at the Nou Camp, That time Bayern Munich was leading Manchester United by a goal scored by Marcus Babel. But the English club Manchester United won the championship and the trophy that yearby 2-1 both goals scored by their famous Norweign player Ole Gunner Solzer , nick named the super sub .
This match was watched by over 90,000 fans.And Klinsmen had just suffered a 5-1 mauling in the Bundesliga.
The spanish attacked right from the time the whistle blew, and the goals came by Lionel Messi in the 9th minute, and in the 38th minute, Samuel Etoo was the provider, in tjhe 12th minute Lionel Messi became the provider, and Etoo scored the second goal, Thierry Henry missed a goal, but netted the ball in the 42nd minute.
There was a big moment of contreversy as the stupid blind referee Harod Webb booked Lionel Messi for diving, but replay clearly show Messis legs were clearly clipped .An apeal was made for a penalty, by the Barcelona crowd crowd , and staff. But Webb stood stubernly to his wrong decission, and shamelessly showed the red card to the Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola and banished him to the stands.
This match of Bayern Munich, was played badly by the team, they were left to chase shadows in the second half.. There were also a few changes in this team after their 5-1 mauling in the Bundesliga, philip Llahm and the young goalkeeper Michel Rensing were removed and Butt stood in the goal.
The great Franz Beckenbauer, the president of Bayern Munich said this is a catastrophe, and plainschool boy stuff.MRibery the French winger was unconsoloble, and it was left to fellow French man Thierry Henry to cheer him up. The big question is what about the future of Jurgen Klinsmen at Bayern Munich.?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


The first leg of the quarter final between Arsenal and Villarreal , was held in Spain. It was a match between the Gunners verses the Yellow submarines., because of the yellow uniform of Villarreal. It was also an emotional moment for the French winger Robert Pires, as Pires had spent five years with Arsenal.
The game was well matched. But Arsenal had earlyinjury problems , to both William Gallas, and the goalkeeper Manuel Alumania, the goalkeeper took treatment on the lines but was forced to leave the pitch, and the game changed complextion al over again in the favour of Vilarreal. The first goal came in the 10th minute of the game, from the Brazilian born but Spanish midfielder called Marcus Senna, he took a kick from 30 meters and the shot was thunderous cannonball, leaving Alumania no chance what so ever.
After Alumunia went out the Polish goalkeeper Fabrianski took over.
The first half was all Villarreal. And in the second half, it was all Arsenal with Gael Glichy hitting the post
Then it was left to the Spanish playmaker Cesc Fabregas to provide a beauty of a ball to Emanuel Adebayor, who controled it on his chest and then gave a bycicle kick into the corner of net to score a equalizer in the 66th minute of the match.
Now Arsenal will take away goal advantage to The Emirate stadium to play the second leg on April 15th.


In the quarter finals first leg in the champion league, the match between Manchester United and F.C. Porto, was played at Old Trafford to a crowd of over 77,000 fans. And the crowd wanted a win, as Porto had knocked them out of the tournament a few years ago.
The first goal was a beauty as it came only in the forth minute of the match, scored by Christian Rodriguez.
And as the English club in the E.P.L were leaking in far to manygoals for comfort, four by Liverpool, two by Fulham And verses Aston Villa it ended 3-2 in Manchester Uniteds favour deep into extra time. The crowd were tense, and got more tense, as Rio Ferdinand was injured , Johnny Evans and John O , Shea were making far to many mistakes at the back, their midfield also were not up to the mark, with wayward passes, and surrendering the ball to Porto far to often and far to easily. The equalizer had to come by Wayne Rooney , who collected the ball, from an error in a backward pass by Bruno Alaves, Rooney collected the ball and slotted it in.
Ferguson was clearly frustrated at the Manchester Players, he even left early before the half time whistle, to give them his famous hairdryer treatment in the room.
AS it was clearly Portos first half. The Trafford crowd asked for Giggs and TCarlos Tevez to be introduced , and Ferguson did so. The second goal game in the 85th minute scored by Carlos Tavez . Ferguson and the old Trafford crowde thought with five minutes left, they could hold the ball and kill the game. But they were in for a very rude shock , then it was the turn for the Porto substitute Mariano to come in the picture and to sore a goal in the89th minute of the game.
Porto were far better team, even after going 2-1 they kept attacking, Fergusons dream of all five trophies are now hangingona slendour thread, as if history is to be taken seriously , No British team have won against F.C.Porto on their homeground. Porto also have the two away goals, which means on the second leg in Porto Manchester must win by three goals a tall ask indeed.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Manchester United played Aston Villa on the 5/4/2009. It was a very important match for both the clubs. As Manchester United had come into this game , after loosing both their last games verses Liverpool and Fulham. And at the same time Aston Villa had let Arsenal take the lead back to the forth place.
And to make matters worse , Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes were suspended for this game with red cards. And to add salt to injury Berbatov had a injury and did not play.
The young Italian striker Federico Macheda, who was supposed to go on leave to Italy was told to cancel his leave and that he would be on the bench as a substitute.
The match was well into the end, with goals from Christiano Ronaldo , two goals . While Aston Villa replied with two goals from ttheir strikers.
It was at the end that Ferguson took a big gamble andbrought the young Italian striker on, and it payed him back Fedrico Macheda scored the winning goal.
So the winner of this gaame is Arsenal who now have six points over Aston Villa. While Manchester United are leading narrowly over Liverpool , but Manchester United have a game in hand.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


In the South American world cup qualifiers for the world cup in 2010 , in South Africa.There was a big suprise.
In the match between Bolivia and Argentina , played at LA Paz, at a very high altitude above sea level. The Argentinans were clearly feeling the height proplem.. they were puffing and panting by the end of the match. Bolivia also handed Diego Maradona the coach of Argentina his very first defeat since he took over as coach of Argentina. But it also was Argentinas biggest defeat ever in over sixty years.
And to add salt to the injury a Bolivian footballer also scored a hat trick..
The Argentinan goalkeeper Juan Carrizo let the first goal in in the 12th minute when Marcelo Martins scored the first goal.. But the Argentinans equaled in the 25th minute when Luis Gonzales who plays for Porto. scored a 30meters without much conviction but a wicked bounce saw the ball defeating the keeper Carlos Arias.. Bolivia then went 3-1 up with a goal fromDa Rosa, Botero scored the rest of his three goals in the 50th minute and the 66th minute.Torrico scored the sixth goal in the 90th minute. To make matters worse for Diego Maradona Angel Di Maria was sent of in the 63rd minute.
But Diego Maradona was very fair in his statement after the match. He said it was not the height but the Bolivian footballers were far better and that each goal that went in was a dagger in his heart.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


The list has come out of the ten richest footballers, and their earnings. Please note they are in Euros.
1 ) David Beckham. A.C.Milan. 32.4. Million Euros.
2) Lonel Messi. Barcelona.. 28.6. million Euros.
3) Ronoldhino. A.C. Milan 19.6. million Euros.
4) Christiano Ronaldo. Manchester. United. 18.3 million Euros.
5)Thierry Henry.. Barcelona. 17.6 . million Euros.
6) Kaka. A.C.Milan. 15.1 million Euros.
7) Zlatin Ibrahimovic. Inter Milan. 14.8. million Euros.
8 Wayne Rooney. Manchester United. 13.5 million Euros.
9 ) Frank Lampard. Chelsea. 13. million Euros.
10 John Terry . Chelsea. 11.7. million Euros.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Alan Shearer , the former England and Newcastle has taken over as the coach of Newcastle from Joe Kinnear, who had a bypass surgery in februry. . He has as his assistant in the coaching staff Iain Dowie the Q.P.R. coach
Alan Shearer wwas a legend at his time at St James Park, he was brought from Blackburn Rovers for a then record of 15 million pounds, and has played ten long years for Newcastle and scored a total of 206 goals for Newcastle United. He also took the club once to the Champion League , and becane the first club in History ever to reach the group of 16 teams in the knock out stages , after loosing their first two games.
Alan Shearer made no secret of the fact t5hat one day he would manage the Newcadtle United team, the team he loved .But has the call come to early for Shearer, that time will only tell.
We must remember one thing clearly, that all good players dont make good managers, we can see the case of Paul Ince. But some have shown at the job . Like Jurgen Klinsnman, Jyon Cruiff and Franz Beckenbauer.
Now that Newcasle are fallen to the last three this year, and beeing a proud club and having strong support., Shearer is brought in.
But why are they in this plaace now. Their main striker Michel Owen has played just four games for the club, and missed the rest due to an ancle injury, and the goals dried up. And kevin Keegan had left the club because the owner Mike Ashley did not want to spend for players. And the biggest blow was the departure of their goalkeeper Shay Givens and Charles NZogbia to Wigan.
John Hall the former Chairman and the person who Brought Alan Sheare to the club says.This a desperate time, desperate move, for desperate.times.
But all pundits stand on one point . That Alan Shearer will make an imediate impact on the club.