Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The liverpool captain and Englands midfielder , Steven gerrard was involved in a brawl at the Lounge Inn at Southport. And will have to appear in front of a magistrate along with John Doran and Ian Smith on the 29/1/2009.
The trouble all started when Gerrard and a few other Liverpool players went to the Lounge Inn to celebrate their win over New Castle United..Gerrard wanted to use the swipe cardfor the music , and only staff can do it., Marcus McGee refused to give the swipe card to Gerrard , in the fight that followed Mr Marcus McGee lost a tooth and had four stitches and a swollen eye. Mr Marcus McGee is a buisnessman and had gone to the Lounge Inn with his partner,for a drink.
Now let us compare the judgement by the F.A. When a Burnsley fan through a coin at Dider Drogba, and Drogba through rthe coin back at the crowd after he had scored the goal. Drogba was fined 16,000 pounds and got a three match ban.. Please note that in Drogbas incident nobody was hurt.While in Gerrards case a tooth and four stitches were needed . But The F.a. side Gerrard only because he scores goals for England and Liverpool and it is now very clear Gerrard got away because he was white and not a black footballer.
Here Fabio Capello, Rafael Benitz , and the .F.A. and players like, Ferdinand , Rooney and Terry support Gerrard and say this is all right , these players and the F.A. should hang their heads in shame if they have any shame at all.Drogba was told that he was a role model and his tossing the coin was not good behaviour. But Gerrards action was a gentlemanly act . These stupid English footballers should know that they might need Gerrard for the world cup qualifiers , but they must have the courage as well to say that he was wrong.
Look at Arsenals Manager Arsene Wenger, he took the armband from Willam Gallas for an Outburst in the room and not the field but here Benitz cowardly says he will support Gerrard all the way what a shame .


Jermaine Pennant the former Arsenal, Birmingham City and now a winger at Liverpool, but he has now fallen out with Rafael Benitez and can not even get a place on the substitute bench.
And as Real madrid needed some young players to strengthen their team as they have had many injuries, and Barcelona are running away with the title this year.
They wanted Jermaine Pennant , but as the two clubs did agree on a fee of 3.5 million pounds as a transfer fee, but they failed to agree on a weekly salary of 60,000 pounds a week, but Real Madrid were only willing to pay a weekly salary of 30,000 pounds only , so the transfer deel fell through..
For those who do not know it Jermaine Pennant holds the E.P.L. record for scoring a hat trick on his debut match for Arsenal..

Thursday, December 25, 2008


John Terry got a straight red card in the match with Everton , when in the 35th minute he came sliding in on Leon Osmond. The main cause , was that Chelsea had lost a game and drew a few more games . And this loss of valuble points did make both Alex and John Terry more frustrated and they came forard more and more. and then in a desperate attempt Terry came sliding in showing the studs , and this led to a straight red card for dangerous play, the referee for once Phil Dowd got it sport right.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Tony Adams the former Arsenal and England defender , who is now the full time manager of Porthsmouth, after the departure of Harry Redknapp for Tottenham Hotspur. Has now sold Lassana Diarra to the Spanish giants Real Madrid for a total of 20,million pounds. The Spanish club got Diarra to replace a few players who are injured and may have to miss this whole season.
Now Tony Adams wants to buy his former Arsenal team mate , the Brazilian Edu from Valencia in Spain as Edu has a big desire to return to the english premiere league after a few yeaars in Spain.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

GOSSIP FOR 23/12/2008

1) The Spanish giants Real Madrid have come forward with an offer for the Wigan Athletic winger Antonio Valencia., and are willing to pay a sum of 14 million pounds for him.
2) Tottenham Hotspur have shown intrest in the Middlesbrough Stewart Downing, and are willing to pay 15 million pounds for him.
3) Manchester City boss Mark Hughes will unload the following Elano, Jo, andTal Ben Haim. .
4) Mark Hughes has been given a grand total of 40 million pounds for his january shoppping. His list of players are 1Marco Senna ,2 Wayne Bridge,3, Craig Bellamy, and the very doubtful Roque Santa Cruz
5 ) West Ham United want to sell Craig Bellamy for asum of 12 million pounds,but Celtic, Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur are keen to get the speedy striker.
6) The new Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce has blocked the sale of Roque Santa Ctuz in january transfer window.
7 ) Tony Adams has sold Lassana Diarra to Real Madrid for a total of 20 million pounds. And with this amount he wants to get Jimmy Bullard from Fulham and Craig Oneil.
8) Michel Owen will definately leave New Castle United at the end of the season.

Monday, December 22, 2008


In the 2008-09, champion league draw for the group of 16 was drawn out. And there were some real good games coming up. The first leg will be held on februry 24/25. And the second leg will be held on march 10/11.
In fact you could say that some games would be mouth watering, and will be worth watching from a neutreal angleas well.
Main games to watch are where the two old foxes meet Sir Alex Fergusons Manchester United will play Jose Mourinhos Inter Milan. Chelsea visit Juventus , where Chelseas former coach Claudio Ranieri, is now ccmanager of Juventus. Arsenal play Roma. And Liverpool play Real Madrid this is the clash of two giants.
1 ) Manchester United England , verses Inter Milan Italy.
2) Cheelsea England verses Juventus Italy..
3 Arsenal England verses A.s.Roma. Italy.
4) Liverpool England. verses Real Madrid Spain
5) Villarreal Spain.verses Panathinaikos Greece.
6Sporting Lisbon Oortugal verses Bayern Munich Germany.
7) Atletico Madrid Spain. verses F.C.Porto Portugal
8) O.L. Lyon. France verses F.C.Barcelona Spain


1) Aston Villa manager Martin O Neil is very keen to buy the Welsh striker Craig Bellamy who played for Newcastle, and now is a striker for West Ham United
2 ) Both Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are very keen to sign the Russian footballer from St Petersburgh for a total of 20 million pounds. And till now in the race to sign Anderi Arshavin Arsenal have the brighter chances.
3) Liverpool will have to sell a few footballers from the club, as Rafael Benitz has been told . As the American Owners Mr George Gillett, jr and Tom Hicks have to repay a loan taken from te bank by the 25th of january,2009 the amount is 350 million pounds.
4) Another club willing to buy the Welsh footballer from West Ham is Manchester City , who are ready to pay 6 million pounds for him.
5) Manchester City want to buy the Italian goalkeeper in January from the Italian club Juventus, but Gianlughi Buffon for asum of 30 million poundsand a weekly salary of 200,000 poundsa week.
6) But Manchester City has lost out on the Spanish Striker David Villa from Valencia.As Villa says he would prefer a club that plays every year in the champion league

Sunday, December 21, 2008


The match between Arsenal and Liverpool was a very hard fought game with just a goal each being scored , Robin Van Persie scored for Arsenal and Robbie Keane scored for Liverpool.
But the talkiing point of the match was as usual an idiot of a referee called Howard Webb. Who showed a second yellow card which was followed by a red to theArsenal striker Emanuel Adeaboyor , when there was no need to show a yellow cardleave alone the red. All he did was defend the ball , and the Liverpool defender Alvero Arbeloa, fell down like a sack of potatoes. Or as Emanuel Adebayor put it that the Arsenal striker had put a knife in him.
I would remind you readers inthe match between Manchester City and West Brom , a City player stamped a West Brom player on the leg and not even a yellow card was shown, leave the red as the game continued as there was no injury to the player. Howard Webb should have done the same instead of showing cards as they are in his pockets.
The F.A. must act as the referees are making far to many blunders for our liking.And the red card should be widdrewn at the earliest..

Friday, December 19, 2008


1) Steve Bruce the Wigan Athlatic manager has told Harry Redknapp to please kindly forget about buying Luis Valencia , the winger who plays for Wigan Athlatic.
2) The English manager Fabio Capello is extremely glad with te jobdone inthe last year , England have done well since he took over and their big failure to qualify for 2008. Even the press are writing good things of Capello and the english team.
3) John Terry the Chelsea captain says he has got a good ten years of football left in him , and the big trophy missing for him is the Champion league cup, which they lost to Manchester United in the final last year.
4) the suprise story going around is that Slaven Bilic could very well have chance to suceed Roy Keane at Sunderland.
5) Steve Bruce and Wigan has agreed to get a free scoring Columbian called HugoRodallega Martinez for a sum of 4.5 Million Pounds.
6) Joe Kinnear says that Michel Owen will decide in 48 hours about his new contract. But I feel he will not rush into any decission as both Everton and Manchester City are waiting and watching like hawks , ready to pounce on him. As Michel Owen is a small player but he gets you many goals with his head.
7) Harry Redknapp will sign Steve Finnan, a former Liverpool, Fulham and he plays his football for Espanyol in Spain.He will get him on loan in january first.
8) Arsene Wenger has found annew young talent as usual in Steven Mouyokolo , he is a defender and plays for Boulogna.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Blackburn Rovers have appointed Big Sam Allardyce as the new manager of the club. Allardyce was the manager of Bolton Wanderers as well as Newcastle United for a short time. At Bolton Wanderers he followed a similar principle of Arsene Wenger , which was not to spend huge amounts on a single players. He used to bring good players who were older , and their clubs would not reneiw their contracts, such players as GarySpeed from Newcastle United, Ivan Campos and Fernendo Hiero of Real Madrid and the former Nigerian skipper Jay Jay Okocha.And still the club did well as they had years of experience.
The big question is will Big Sam make Blackburn Rovers survive like Harry Redknapp did with Tottenham Hotspurs?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The champions of Spains La Liga for the year 2007- 2008 was Real Madrid, and their former player , the blond German midfielder was their manager and they won the title. But unfortunately the 2008-2009 season did not go well for the Spanish giants, and to make things verse their Dutch striker and faamous goal poacher Ruud Van Nistelrooy was outfor the entire season , and there were injuries to their defenceand midfieldersas well. They even had to spend extra to get Rafael Vander Vart f rom from the German club Hamburg.
But unforunately their arch rival Barcelona got a good start and kept on winning their matches, and Real lost tttheir match in the Copa Del Rey match to a team from the second division, this was the first real sign that Real Madrid were not going to win the La Liga title this year , their loss to Seville increased the preasure on Schuster.
Then the EL CLASSICO came near and Schuster made a statement that Barcelona would be hard to beat when they clash at the Caamp Nou, As Barcelona are marching away with a total of 13, thirteen straight wins. This angered both the Royal Real Madrid fans as well as the Real board .
For a Real Madrid manager to suport Barcelona , and to say before the El Classico that Barcelona would definaterly win the title was to much . And this was the main reason why Bernd Schuster was Real Madrids manager, it was more done in anger and disgust at his words.


1) The Russian forward Anderi Arshav in wanted to leave his club , and now they have given permision to leave. And both Chelsea and Manchester United wanthim as there isa possibility Carlos Tevez may leave Manchester United , but if he gets his terms he may stay on.
2) Newcastle United have told Michel Owen that he will now get a four year contract and not a three year as earlier said.. And his salary will be 90,000 pounds a week and not 80,000 pounds as earlier said.
3) The Italian club Juventus want the following pair from Liverpool in the summer, they are Ryan Babel and Daniel Agger.
4) Real Madrid have said that they have got their man Lassana Diarra for 20 million pounds , but at the same time Manchester City say he has promised to join CITY for 18. million pounds.
5) Due to the financial problems at West Ham United they have been forced to sell some priced players, one such player is the injury prone striker Dean Ashton. Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City all are ready to buy him for 10 million pounds.
6 ) If William Gallas is no longer happy at Arsenal and wants to leave to join A.C.Milan, Arsene Wenger would buy the Ivory Coast defender , who plays for Le Mans.Named Gervinho.
7) The Arsenal striker Niklas Bendntner is wanted by Inter Milans boss Jose Mourinho.


The Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney was not even booked in the Champion League match against the Danish champions Aalborg. In that match Wayne Rooney stamped Kasper Giscard on the chest and the stud marks were clearly visible. But the referee failed to show a yellow card, for there have been times when players have got a straight red card for such an offence.
Let us see what the rule says. The rule clearly state when the studs are shown then a yellow card must be shown as it is dangerous and some one may break a leg. The Arsenal striker Eduardo broke his leg when Taylor stamped him with the studs showing.
But as this match was played at Old Trafford and the rules were quite different I think. The Manchester United players always pounce on the referee , especiallyRio Ferdinand, Michel Carrick and Ryan Giggs.The poor referee then supports the Manchester United players. Even Phil Brown the Hull manager has complained that when Manchester United play with other clubs the referee is always ball watching, and favouring Manchester United.
We in India a country who has never ever qualified for a world cup can see what is happening , which is asad and disgraceful thing for foootball governing bodies.
The U.E.F.A says that Wayne Rooneys incident was an accident, and there will be no further inquiry or fine.
But Taylor also did it by accident nobody goes breaking peoples legs.But Taylor got a straight red card , and Arsene Wenger at that moment afterthe match with Birmingham City said Taylor should never be allowed to play again.But Wenger the gentleman tyhat he is said later it was a pure accident , and those words were said when he was angry.
I often feel that manchesters matches are fixed referees make so many blunders and shamelessly apologise sheepishly next day. They have failed to book Christiano Ronaldo for his dives and to get free kicks and penalties.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1) Michel Owen has been told by the Newcastle United club that he should be ready to take a 25,000 pounds cut in his weekly salary. His previous salary was 1,05,000 pounds a week he will now get only 80,000 pounds a week. And they have put a a new contract for Michel Owen.
2) Manchester City have been talking with the Spanish club Espanyol on giving the Brazilian Elano on loan in january, with a plan to make him a permanent transfer later on.
3) The spanish giants Real Madrid are willing toshell out a sum of 25 million pounds for Ashley Young. The Aston Villa and England winger.
4) The sress of the manager job has taken its toll on Rafael Benietz and Filipo Scolari. Both had undergone kidneystone operations recently.
5)Chelsea boss has told Scolari there is no money to shop for players in january.
6) Manchester City Arab owners have warned Mark Hughes that City must come inthe top six places and qualify for the champion league or for U.EF.A.
7) Harry Redknapp wants Glen Johnson, Matthew Upson and Stewart Downing.
8) Juande Ramos at Real Madrid wants Lassana Diarra,Dider Zakora,Aaron Lennon and David Bentley.
9) As Porthsmouth are for sale and need funds,they may sellDavid James , Peter Crouch and JermainDefoe and

Monday, December 15, 2008


The football law clearly has seven reasons for the referee to show a yellow card , they are as follows.
1) It is shown for any thing considered unsporting .
2) Dissent by both word or by action. Even not giving the ball to the referee at half time is a yellow card.
3) Repeatedly breaking the rules, example serious fouls made repeatedly.
4)Delaying the start of the game.
5) Not moving back enough to the required distance., for corners and free kicks.
6) Entry or leaving the pitch without the referees permission.
7) A yellow card is also given for over celebrating, for example removing the jersey, and also for celebrating outside the pitch. As football grounds sometimes have running tracks for athelatics , going round the pitch, and thesr tracks get spoilt by the football stadiums.
There are seven main reasons to get a red card.
1 A serious foul play with the fear of harming a player, mainly with all the studs showing.
2) Violet conduct such as throwing a punch or a kick.
3) A player deliberately handling the ballto score a goal, or preventing an apponent from scoring a goal.
4) Even denying a player a chance to score a goal , by bringing down the player by the last man.,is either a freekick or even a penalty..
5) For spittiing at a player or the crowd.
6) For usingany abusive language or even making bad gesture,at anybody.
7) For receiving a second yellow card in thesame match is followed by a red card.. So the important thing is not to get a first yellow card for saying something or forthrowing the ball , and if a second yellow is shown a red followa automatically.


The Spaniard and former Seville and Tottenham Hotspur, and now the manager at Real Madrid , has this to say.
He just cannot unerstand what is happening at Tottenham Hotspur, and he finds it so very amusing .The reason being is that when he was the manager they failed to win matches and ere at the bottom of the E.P.L. And after the arrival of Harry Redknapp everything seems to have changed and changed drasticly for the better, they now keep winning matches and draw with big ones like the Arsenal 4-4, and Manchestewr United were held to a draw. This is something which was unthinkable at Juane Ramos s time there. The funy thing is that The clubs new manager Harry Redknapp did not buy any new players or did he sell any one.
I personaly feel the players did not like him or the language proplem was there , sothey wanted him out.


1 ) It looks very clear Paul Ince days as Blackburn Rovers are realy over , and we could very well see a new manager take over , for the saturday match verses Stoke City. The most likely sucesor cold be Greame Souness.
2) Jose Mourinho of Inter Milan has very strongly hinted recently that he would be happy to unloadthe Brazilian Adriano, or even do a swap with Chelsea by giving Adriano, and taking Dider Drogba to Inter Milan from Chelsea.
3) Middlesbrough are asking for the Welsh defender Gareth Bale as wellas 15 million pounds for Stewart Downing.
4 ) Michel Owen the Newcastle striker will open talks for a new contract with the club on the 16/12/2008, as Joe Kinnear has said that Owen is not for sale in January.
5) Tottenham Hotspur want to buy the striker from the French club Bordeaux named Fernando Cavenegili.For a total of 8 million pounds.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


This was the one hunded and fiftyseventh match between the two Spanish giants , Real Madrid and Barcelona. And when ever these two clash it is bound to exciting and the game and atmosphere is on a war footing. With mothing asked and nothing given.
This match was played on the 13/12/2008 at the Barcelona ground called The Camp Nou, which means New Fields.And the stadium of 90,000 thousand was packed like a sardine can.The streets of Madrid and Barcelona were deserted, but all the pubs in these two cities were overcrowded.
Barcelona with heavy hearts welcomed the Real Madrid team in the tradion welcome for the ruling champions.
A lot of things were said of the two clubs,as Barcelona had failed to win at the Nou Camp , they last beat Real Madrid in 2005. But this year it was different Barcelona had won fourteen straight games , and was the first club this year to qualify for the group of 16 clubs. While Real Madrid had lost both their matches to Juventus, and scraped through in the other.
the 13th was a rainy and damp day .But Barcelona were by far the better side in the first half Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandes and Henry gave a few anctious moments , but the goals failed to come by, the main wall for Real was as usual Iker Casillas Reals young goalkeeper. At one time it very much looked like it wouyld end in a draw, but it would not be so. There was a penalty awarded to Barcelona but it was left to Iker Casillas to save it.
Barcelona keptup their smooth and classy passing , and as usual they kept the ball possestion for long times frustrating Real, real to had their chances and missed some sitters. It was Puyol who with ten minutes remaining on the clock passed the ball to Samuel Etoo who did not miss beating Casillas all ends up.
Lionel Messi was the star of the game h e just cut his way around and both Sergio Ramos and Royston Drenthe were told to stick to Messi like glue. Messi was on the ball and Fabio Canavaro made a well judged sliding tackle.Michel Salgoda conceeded the penalty by bringing downSergi Busquets, but Casillas saved the penalty with his finger tips. Mesi was far quiter later on, then on the 91st minute Thiery Henry sent Lionel Messi clear, and messi sent a beautiful chip, beat the diving Casillas,.
Bernd Schuster had said before he was sacked . That Barcelona would be hard to beat, as they are 14 games without a loss.


1 ) Gary Neville the Manchester United winger, is not getting a regular starting place at the club, Manchester United.As he is round about thirtythree years or so , now the young Brazilian Rafael D, Silva takes his place. Another problem is at this age injuries take longer to heal and his days at Manchester are lnumbered.
But David Moyes and Everton could very well buy him cheaply at the end of the season, and he would be happy to join his brother Philip Neville at Everton.
2) The English club Sunderland are still wiiiithout a manager , but you will be suprised as some famous managers are shortlisted. They are Roberto Mancini, former manager of Inter Milan,and Louis Van Gaal , the former manager of Barcelona and Ajax, are shortlisted.
3) Everton are very keen indeed to get Michel Owen in the january transfer window as their regular striker , the Nigerian Yakabu is out due to an injury for the whole season and they do not have aregular striker.
4 )It apears that William Gallas days at Arsenal to are fast coming to an end with Arsenal in talks with Itaqlian club Romas defender called Philippe Mexes.
5 ) the Italian club Inter Milan is planning to shift from their regular stadium THE SAN SIRO. which they share with A.C.Milan,, from the year 1980 when they were one club. But the big Question is will They be able to make a stadium , in this difficult times with the credit crunch, and the economiclal meltdown affecting the whole world..
Now clubs like Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur, who have shelved their plans,

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sir Alex Ferguson has done twentytwo years as Manchester Uniteds manager, he so becomes the longest serving manager in English football history. Arsene wenger the manager of Arsenal is doing his twelveth year as the manager of Arsenal. And the third manager , who has served five years at Everton is David Moyes.
As Manchester Uniteds apponent on 13/12/ 2008 is Tottenham Hotspur. So let us compare , in those twentytwo years at Old Trafford Ferguson has done all those years in one stretch.
While there have been a total of nineteen managers or caretakers at Tottenham hotspur.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Barcelona and Real Madrid are sworn enemies on the pitch as well as out. It is so bad that if you are Real Madrid fan and want to watch Real play at The Nou Camp in Barcelona , and the cabbie finds you are a real fan he will refuse to take you there, and , the Real cabbie will do the same.
So you can imagine what goes on in the pitch.Let us go back over the years shall we.
The great footballer Alberto Stefano who won Eeight La Liga titles, five champion league cups and also two time winner of tthe Ballon Odr.. First agreed to sign and play for Barcelona but he then changed his mind. Barcelona have always claimed that the late dictator genral Franco had a big hand in the change of mind.
In the year 1957 Barcelona opened its famous Nou Camp which means New fields.
Over the years there have been many cases of footballers moving from Barcelona to Real Madrid, and also Real Madrid to Barcelona. Here are a list of famous player
1) The French player named Lucien Muller moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid, in the year1965.
2) The German blond Bernd Schuster first played for Barcelona 1980 to 1988, then he ended his career at Real. . Bernd Schuster then came as coach at Real Madrid in 2007, and was sacked in december 2008.
3) The Danish striker Michel Ladrup moved to Real Madrid from Barcelona in the year 1994. And when the two clubs played at Barcelona Ladrup was welcomed with posters , that said Judas Ladrup, you are not wanted .4) The Brazilian Ronaldo Lima left Barcelona for Real Madrid in the year 2002.
5) The Portugese winger Luis Figo, promised Barcelona that he would not move to Real Madrid , but the Real Madrid president Mr Peres did an under the table deel with Figo, and Figo went to Real Madrid for 37.5 million pounds. He had broken the Barcelonas hearts as well as a new record.
But Luis Figo got a terrible welcome at the Nou camp, when Figo took a corner kick, whisky, bottles, mobiles and even a pigshead were thrown by the angry fans. Never ever was Figo allowed to take a corner kick or a throw in at the Nou Camp, by the advice of the Real coach.
6 ) In the 2002 champion semifinal the two Spanish giants clashed Barcelona and Real Madrid , over 600 million people watched this game in which Real Madrid knocked out Barcelona with a 2-0 score . With goals from Zinedine Zidane a beatiful chip and the second goal by Steve McManaman..
In the year 2003 David Becham joined Real Madrid for a fee of25 million pounds. This was after Alex Fergusons tantarum, because Arsenal beat Manchester United, Ferguson kicked the boot on Beckham face, and David had to have a few stitches.
And Barcelona got the Brazilian Ronoldhino . On19/11/2005 thumped and soundly beat Real Madrid with a score of 3-0.. The first goal was scored by Samuel Etoo, and the second two goals were solo goals scored by Ronoldhino. At the end of the gameBarcelona fans saw something unthinkable Real Madrid fans gave Ronoldhino a standing ovation to the worlds best footballer.
In 2007 Frank Rijkaard was sacked , Ronoldhino joined A.C.Milan.
In the summer real Madrid were to busy chasing unsusesfully for Christiano Ronaldo, David Villa and Satti Cazorla.
Real Madrid sacked Schuster and got in Juande Ramos the former Sevilla and Tottenham Hotspur.
Joseo Guerdiola took over as coach of Barcelona in 2008.


1) Gerrard Houlier the former Liverpool and Lyon coach says he has no desire to take over as Sunderland coach.
2) Harry redknapp wants to sell the Russian player Roman Pavlyuchenko, who Tottenham Purchased in the summer for 13.8 million pounds. But he fears there want be any takers for him.
3) Chelsea are willing to unload Alex the Brazilian for another Brazilian defender Thiago Dsilva, the one on their shopping list is the Espanyol goalkeeper Carlos Kameni for a sum of 5 million pounds.
5 ) The Spanish club have told Manchester City to forget all about the Brazilian Striker Luis Fabiano , as they are not selling him for the money offered , which was 25, twentyfive million pounds.As Sevilla say he is not for sale.
6) Rafael Benitez has already written of Liverpools challenge for the year, he says, that to expect three good and powerful teams such as ,Arsenal , Manchester United and Chelsea all to collapse, is unthinlkable, it may go all the way to the wire like last year. For example Arsenal got 82 points and still came third.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It a well known fact that the Manchester United club get tremendous favours from the referees , when they play at their own ground that is The Old Trafford.
We will take the latest incident in the Champion league match , when Manchester United played the Danish club Aalborg. In this match Wayne Rooney stamped on the chest of Kasper Risgard, and there were clear studd marks on Risgards chest, The rules by F.I.F.A clearly state that when the studds are shown a yellow card must be shown as it is a bookable offence. But here not only were the studds shown there were studd marks on Kasper Risgards chest, for all to see. But the french referee Laurent Duhamel did not even book Rooney, if it was a Arsenal player a red card would have come flying, from the pocket. Here Rooney got scott free and went on to score the equalizer , . How very Unfair was the referee to Aalborg.
Ferguson just wants to win at any rate, we see Christiano Ronaldo, goals from dives and free kicks all the time. This ia indeed a sad case of plain cheats at Manchester United.
These referees simply say they have made a mistake , and get away with it.
F.I.F.a and U.E.F.A must take action and punish Rooney sevierly , with a big fine and three game bann, or even five game bann.
But I ccan tell you nothing will be done to the referee he will never ever be punished for his blunders as these referees are employed by F.I.F.A and U.E.F.A.


1) Avram Grant the former Chelsea manager has said that he had tried very hard to buy both Kaka from A.C.Milan and also the french midfielder Markh Ribery from Baqyern Munich.. But had failed in his attempt.
2) The Chelsea boss Luis Scolari has asked Chelsea to buyn the Egyptian striker Amir Zaki, for asum of 6 million pounds.
3) Wigan will try to get the other Egytian Mido to replace Emile Heskey, who may be sold to Aston Villa.
4)Alex the Brazilian centre back is wanted by A.C. Milan, Inter Milan and also Seville, for 10 million pounds.But will Chelsea sell him?
5) The Scotish club Celtic are keen to get Welsh striker Craig Bellamy, but will pay only 5 million pounds. But Manchester City will pay 6 million pounds.
6) Valencia have told Manchester City that David Villa is not for sale at any price.
7) Manchester City is willing to pay 10 million pounds for Matthew Upson, and if they fail to get him they will try to go and get Joleon Lescott, from Everton..


This match between Chelsea and CFR Cluj, was going to be tense match. As Frank Lampard was suspended for this game as he collected two yellow cards in the last game, and Dider Drogba was making a come back after injury
and the three game ban was on his mind after the coin throwing incident. The Chelsea crowd and Scolari were extremley nervous and there was hardly any sound at Stamford Bridge. The reason being that Chelsea were not certain of what would be their future. Because if in the other match between A.S. Roma and Bordeaux, had Bordeaux won that match Roma and Bordeaux would go in the group of 16 sixteen teams and Chelsea would get a U.E.F.A spot, which was unthinkable for theChelsea crowd.
The crowd sudenly burst to life when a goal was scored not by Chelsea but by Roma.
, and in the 71st minute Totti made it 2-0. Now Chelsea scored a goal in the 40tth minute by little Solomon Koalu, it was an undiy goal , tthe shot tried by Deco but faking to Koau to score. But Cluj scored in the 55th minute through Kone..Again things went dead, till Drogba came in the 65th minut to score the winner. Stamfordbridge found their voices again. and the match ended 2-1. in Chelseas favour.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Alex the Brazilian centre back defender for both Chelsea as well as for Brazil, has now gone frustrated as being a substitute centre back. As the place in Chelsea is usually played by John Terry and the Portugeese defender Ricardo Carvalho. He now gets a starting place at Chelsea , since Ricardo Carvalho has got a injury and will be out for some time to come.
Since Alex did not play regularly for Chelsea he even lost his regular place in the Brazilian natinol team. Dunga the Brazilian coach has dropped him.
Now Alex wants a transfer in the january window, the clubs showing intrest are the two Italian giants A.C. Milan and Intermilan. A.C.Milan are more keento buy him , as both Allesandro Nesta and Paulo Maldini are old and Nesta has not yet recovered from an injury. The question is will Scolari sell Alex?


Manchester City are in talks with a new sponsorer , for the club. The one who will most likely be the sponsorer is the Airline company called ETIHAD AIRLINES.
The deal is expected to shrink the record set by the American Insurance company, called A.I.G. Who are the sponsorers for the English giants Manchester United. This company A.I.G have felt the pinch , in the global economic meltdown. The agreement between Manchester United and A.I.G , was worth a massive 56.5 million pounds. The deel with Etihad Airlines could very well be much more then 56.5 million pounds.


1) Real Madrid have sacked their German coach Bernd Schuster, and have replaced him with the Spaniard Juande Ramos. The former sucessful coach of the Spanish club Seville. And the English club Tottenham Hotspur, where he was a utter failure, the main prroblemwas he did not know english. . His babtizim will be with fire this weekend match, as it is the battle of all battles the game is it with old enemy Barcelona. He has several injury worries.
2 ) West Ham United are ready to sell their top players so as to generate funds, thus who will be shown the door and will be sold are thecream of the club. Such as Craig Bellamy, Luis Boa Morte, Dean Ashton , Carlton Cole, Nigel Quashie,Lee Bowyer. So Zolla can raise over seven million pounds to buy the Italian player from Fiorentina Pazzini..
3) Harry Redknapp wants both Robert Green and Matthew Upson, to strengthen his club Tottnem Hotspur.
4 Real Madrids New boss Juande Ramos wants to buy some wide players for Real Madrid, the ones who have caught his eyes are David Bentley from Blackburn Rovers and Aaron Lennon from his old club Tottenham Hotspur. He would not mind buying the German Bastian Schweingteiger, from Bayern Munich.
5) Chelsea are very keen to buy the striker called Tungay who has realy shown forhis cub Middlesbrough., this year.
6) Paul Inces future as the Blackburn Rover will be decided soon as they have given him four games to prove himself.The game verses Wigan will be the final sraw. Ince says that the club has sold Bret Fridell and others without replacing them.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Ian Rush the former Liverpool player, who is very much considered a legend at Anfield, and Liverpool. Ian Rush played for the club between the years 1980 and 1990.. Those years are considered by many as the golden yars for Liverpool. In those eighteen years they won the E.P.L.cup many times. The next eighteen years were a drought for Liverpool, with Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United ,winning the cups. The only trophy won recently has been the Champion League cup, which they won in 2004, beating A.C.Milan on a penalty shootout, and the Polish goalkeeper Jersey Dudek being the hero then. It was Rafael Benietzs first year.
Rush was asked to name a woreld Eleven.This is his team.
1) Goalkeeper. Iker Casillas. Spain, and Real Madrid
2) Defenders1) John Terry , England and Chelsea.
Sergio Ramos . Real Madrid.
Jammie Caragher , England and Liverpool.
Ashley Cole. England and Chelsea.
3) Midfielders.. Steven Gerrard, England and Liverpool.
Andrea Inesta,. Spain and Barcelona.
Marcus Sena. Spain and Villareal.
Anderi Arshiwan. Russia and St PZenith Petersburgh.
Strikers. !) Fernando Torres,and Lionel Messi .Argentina and Barcelona.
It is also intresting to note that some very big playes were missing. Such as Petr Cech the goalkeeper,who was the goalkeeperof the year. Frank Lampard who was the Midfielder of the year. And the biggest suprise was there was no place for Chtistiano Ronaldo, the Europen footballer of the year.

Monday, December 8, 2008


This match between the two main clubs in race for the Spanish title, was very keenly waited as the other Spanish giants had a game in hand and played Getafe on sunday the 7th.
The match between Barcelona and Valencia was played on the famous Nou Camp. And in this match the famous Cameroon striker Samuel Etto was suspended , and it was left entirely to the famous French andformer Arsenal star to be the centre of the stage. And he did it in a grand style scoring a fantastic hat trick. The goals coming in the19 the 27thand79th minute, and one was scored by Dani Alves. The one goal in the ninteenth minute , with a pass from Yaya Toure, and finished with a deft lolob, bringing memories of his Arsenal days..The second goal invoved the Belarus player Aleksander Hlep, who neatly passed theball to Dani Alaves who then passedit neatly to the feat of Henry to score the second goal. The third goal was scored , as Henry toyed with the Valencia players.The Ball was put at Henrys feet on a silver platter for his , hat trick. Valencia were lucky as in the second minute Xavi Hernandes struck the goal post.
And to make things better for Barcelona Villlareal were held to a 3-3 draw against Getafe. And Valencia are now eight points adrift from Barcelona. .
Next sunday is the great El Clasico. The match between the two arch rivals and Spains greatest clubs, at present , Barcelona look like running away , with the LA LIGA title.
The best thing about Henrys hat trick is that just this week he settled a 8 Million pound divorce with his wife. You can see how strong his mind was to come and score three goals.


1) As Michel Owens career at Newcastle will come to an end , and he has no plans to stay at St James Park, once his contract is over. Now Chelsea have shown intrest in Owen. . Though Liverpool are more keen to buy Emile Heskey.
2) Arsenal have decided to increase the amount of the Spaniard Xavi Alonso the midfielder. Alonso was first wanted by Juventus but the deel fell through, and Liverpool rejected the amount offered first by Arsenal.
3) The Tottenham Hotspur boss Hary Redknapp has come forward to make an offer for the Irishman , and former Spurs striker, Robbie Keane, from Liverpool. But Harry Redknapp is willing to sell in rreturn Aaron Lennon and Jamie Ohara.Both jointly valued at 15 million pounds. That is Aaron Lennon who is worth 10 million in the market and Jaamie O Hara whomisworth 5 million pounds. Mainly as Redknapp needs a striker and Robbie Keane has floped at Liverpool , after a 20 million pound transfer from Spurs.
4)Juan Calio , from the Romanion Club C.F.R. Cluj, is called by has teammates and fans as Draculo. As the Romanian club is based in the same city that is famous for Count Dracullas castle..As he is the main goalscorer and saw Roma loose , with his goals.. Such a great threat is he , that Filipi Scolari has offered toresign as Chelseas coach, if they loose To C.F.R.Cluj, and fail to qualify.
5) the latest club in the E.P.L for sale is the Porthsmouth club.The Russian owner Shasha Gaydamak, has clearly said there want be any January clearing of players.Tony Adams has also said that there want be any firesale of players.
Manchester United want to get Karim Benzema from Lyon , for a price , which Lyon ask is 90, million pounds, Real Madrid have already said no to the buy.
6) The Spaniard David Villa may join Manchester City from Valencia for a total of 52 million pounds,Franck Ribery may also join Manchester City from Bayern Munich for 20 million pounds.
7) The new contract talks between Joe Cole,Dider drogba and Chelsea have not made any progress as the Russian owner has tightened his purses this january we may see a few stars sold from Chelsea for a change.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


1) Paul Ince the Blackburn Rovers manager may on saturday know his future as the result with Liverpool will decide his future at the club. If he looses the game then Blackburn Rovers will choose a new coach, with Greame Souness most likely manager to take over.
2 ) Both Rafael Benietz and Sir Alex Ferguson have said about six months is far to short a period for any manager , they should be more patient.
3) Manchester Citys Robhino always travels by bus in England. The secret is now out fellow Brazilian and teamate Jo says ( Robhino has not yet got the hang of driving a car on the left side of the road , he can only drive on the right side)
4 ) Mark hughes of Manchester City is willing tounload Jo who has not scored many goals back to C.S.K Mosscow.
5) Sunderland are looking for a new coach, to suceed Roy Keane, the ones in their minds are Phil Brown from Hull. And Sam Allardyce, or big Sam as he is called . the former Bolton Wandeers, and New Castle United manager.


This battle took place between Chelsea and Manchester United on the 26/4 /2008. and the score was 2-1, in the favour of Chelsea..
It all started when the final whistle blew and the referee Mr Willey was in his room. But Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, Park ji Sung, Patrice Evra and John O, Shea were running on the pitch. The Chelsea groundsmen told the Manchester United players to stay away from the grounds, this soon led to heated words and things became ugly, with Patrice Evra claiming he was abused with racial remarks, even Carlos Tevez says the camera will show how we were provked, I have never ever seen such a thing anywhere.
But at the hearing , it was not proven that any racial remarks were made and both the Chelsea groundman and Patrice Evra are seen almost coming to blows , and Evra had his tongue stuck out.
The punishment for Patrice Evra is a four match bann and a 15,000 pound fine. And Chelsea are fined 25,000 pounds. Manchester United may appeal.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Roy Keane the former Nottingham Forest, Manchester United and Celtic midfielder, he was also the Sunderland manager, till the 4/12/2008.
It was a well known fact that Roy Keane always wanted to win matches , even though he was a bit agressive on the pitch at times. But one thing was very clear with his game , he used to put heart and soul in those ninety minutes of a match.He did recieve a lot of yellow and red cards in his career. One red card stands out was in a match with NewCastle United and as the match was 0-0 in frustration he threw the ball in a throw in at Alan Shearer, and he got a straight red card for it.
During his time at Sunderland, when the games were tough ones and he started loosing points and slipped into the relegation three, Keanes beard started to grow thicker. Wether it was for goodluck we can not tell. As it is known that footballers are superstitous.


The credit crunch is slowly affecting one and all .. The latest football club to fall prey to it is the English club Porthsmouth. Porthsmouth had to go to Germany to pay a U.E.F.A cup match with a German club called Wolfsburg. But unfortunately they had to charteer an airline, as their regular airline in which they travelled , suddenly announced that they were gone bankrupt,. And to make matters worse they had to stay at a place which charged 65 poundsa night only per person.
I wonder what state of mind the Porthsmouth players were in , for they lost the game 3-2, with David James making a blunder once again. No wonder he is called Calamity James.
Last time it was West Ham United who faced these trobles. Maybe Harry Redknapp saw this money problem coming and so wisely moved to TottenHam Hotspurr even though they were struggling side.


1) Roy Keane the former manager of Sunderland , who resigned on the 4 /12/ 2008 , has felt that after the American millionaire Ellis Short , questioned the Keanes decission to spend seven million pounds, for various players. And now that the board were against him , only his old teammate Niall Quinn supported him. He then senta text message to the club saying he had resigned.
2) But now whowill take over at Sunerland as their new manager? You will be suprised, thatthereare several former and sitting managers who ant the job , in earnest. They are as follows, Sam Allardyce, David O , Leary,Gordan Strachan, Gerrard Houlier,Dick Advocaat,Alan Curbishly,and Steve McClaren. Quite a big list of managers to take over a club in relegation.
3) William Gallas , the French and Arsenal deffender, is now eeling out of place , and also freindless at Arsenal. There is a very strong chance that he will make a move from the Emirate Stadium . to either Italy , forA.c.Milan, or to France with P.S.G club.
4)Sully Muntari the Ghanian footballer who played at Porthsmouth in England , andnow plays his club football in Italy with Inter Milan uner coach Jose Mourinho, has dropped a bombshell by saying Michel Essien, his fellow Ghanian teammate is willing to join InterMilan and play for Jose Mourinho.
5) Steve Bruce the Manager of Wigan Athlatic has now fiied the price tag of ten Million pounds on Emile Heskey , Wigans sriker, as Steve Bruces club needs funds badly and this is one way of generating funds. Heskey is wanted by Aston Villa and some other clubs.
6) The Blackburn Rover board have yet to decide onhhhow patient to be with Paul Ince. But Sir Alex Ferguson has told them to be more patient and give Paul Ince more time to settle as a manager., at Eawood Park.
7) Kevin Keegan has taken legal action agaist the Magpies . As his solicitor claims theat Newcastle Umited owe Keegan8 ,eight million pounds, the remainder,of the amount of his contract, when he left St James Park.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


The Irish man Roy Keane, the former, Nottingham Forest, ManchesterUnited and the Celtic clubs. Has now resigned as coach of Sunderland on4/12/2008
His former teammate fellow Irishman Niall Quin , who played for Sunderland for many years, till a serios injury forced him to retire from the game. Quin is now the chairman of the Sunderland club. Niall quin had brought Roy Keane in the month of august 2006 , as the coach. It is no secreet that the letter was taken by Quin with a heavy heart.And to see a footballer of Keanos calibre, and his outspoken behaviour will be missed.
From 2006to the end Keane was serios of his job , he even spent a lot of money on players such as Jones, Chopra, Cisse, and the costliest was the scotish goalkeeper Gordan Scott. A total of seven new players were brought.
Keane got Sunderland promoted to the E.P.L. , but their main mistake was goals were scored few in number, but they started to leak in moregoals then they scored. The 4-1 loss to Bolton Wanderers, then made it clear to Keane that the time had come to leave, they then fell into relegation, and he said farewell to THE STADIUM OF LIGHT,
One main reason for less goals was Cisse was always far to selfish, and tried to score from odd angles , and not passing the ball to the man in the middle, who had a better chance to score.


1) Chelsea are very keen on the Egyptian striker Amir Zaki, who now plays at Wigan Athletic, and heis on loan over there. Chelsea are keenon him as the Dider Drogba, move to Inter Milan may materalize in the end.
2) Chelsea are also very keen on the French striker Karim Benzeema who now plays at Lyon.. Then in that case tey will have to sell Wayne Bridge, Alex, and Malouda.
3) Both the English clubs Arsenal and Liverpool, are very keen to buy a French midfielder who is called Paul Pogba, and he plays his football in France for a club called Le Havre. And Arsene Wenger is always known to look for ans to develop youngsters to big stars one day.
4) Blackburn Rovers are very keen to strengthen their defence as they have leaked in to many goals. They have an eye on former Fulham and Liverpool full back Steve Finnan, heis now playing in Spain for the spanish club Espanyol.
5) The former captain of Manchester United Roy Keane or Keano as he is lovingly called , will decide on the 4th of december about his future at Sunderland.
6The Club WestHam United which is facing financial problems , plus the Carlos Tevez saga, and the case by Shefield United, are now unloading footballers to make the money, those on their way out are , Dean Ashton, Lee Boyer, Luis Boa Morte,Danny Gabbidon, Davenport and Spector.
7) Both the two English clubs Newcastle and Tottenham Hotspurare now willing to pay SportingLisbon 20 million pounds fot their Brazilian sriker Liederson.
8 The Manchester United defender Daanny Simpson , sayshe will leave Manchester United, next year if he does not get a regular starting place.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It is indeed a great shame , that Englands leading club and the only club towin a trebble trophy. Has to bow down so low as , Ronaldois a habitual diver, and longs to score goals with free kicks and penaltys. This time he even went further with an attempt to score a goal using both hands.
It is shameful,that Alex Ferguson stands by Ronaldo , as if the referee Mr Webb was wrong, and says Ronaldo was pushed, and Ronaldo heard a whistle. Was it a trains whistle . Footballers who practice daily should know the sound of a referees whistle.
The Manchester all came around Mr webb like bees to support their fallen hero. Rio Ferdinand, Michel Carrick, Dareen Fletcher, and Dimitrov Berbatov, were all pleading and defending Ronaldo saying he was pushed. But clearly no one ever touched him , it was Dimitrov Berbatov who was pushed.
Come on Ferguson please punish Ronaldo instead of beeing so very stubid and suporttng him , when he is wrong.
Have a look at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, after the William Gallas outburst in the room Gallas lost the captains armband , and was punished by missing a game. I would challenge Ferguson to punish Ronaldo the same way and as he is not the captain he should loose three weeks salary. Ferguson will never do it.
We in India atleast want footballers to play fair ,. I dont know how it is played in Portugal and Scotland.
The F.A. should now come heavily on Christiano Ronaldo and Manchester United. His ban should be at least for 8 eight games., and 500,000pounds.


The Spanish and , Spanish giant club Real Madrids has flatly rejected a move by the English club Manchester City to buy the famous young goalkeeper in the transfer window. Even though the total amount offered by the Dubai Company is a hooping record of a sum of 150, million euros, which has never ever been offered to a footballer yet.
The previous record for any footballer has been 76, seventysix million euros, when Real Madrid paid that amount to the Italian giants Juventus. For the French midfieldercome playmaker Zinedine Zidane.
The goalkeeper now wanted by Manchester City is Madrids goalkeeper Iker Casillas. AndCasillas salary would be a massive 13, million euros a year.


1)Ronaldhino, the Brazilan and former Barcelona has said that he almost joined Manchester City in the summer, before he had made a move to A.C. Milan.
2) It is said that Manchester City and its boss Mark Hughes is going to spend a total of around 70, seventy million pounds on a striker, there are a lots of good and famous footballers in this list, likeCarlos Tevez, Fernando Torres, Samuel Etoo, Kaka,Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.Let us wait and see who will finaly join Manchester City.
3) Manchester City as well as Chelsea or on a race to get David Villa from Valencia, for over 23 million pounds.
4) Manchester City are keen to buy the Paraguayan striker Roque Santacruz from Blackburn Rovers. Earlier Manchester City had maade an offer for 12, twelve million pounds for the Paruguayan striker, but the offer was flatly rejected by Blackburn Rovers.Now Mancgester City will now be making an offer15n million pounds.And they will also be giving a defender Nedem Onuoha, free.
5) The Tottenham Hotspur coach Harry Redknapp is willing to make aoffer to Porthsmouth , for the goalkeeper David James for a sum of 3 million pounds to replace Gomes the Brazilian goalkeeper got from P.s.V. Eindhoven, as Gomes has made some blunders.
The NewCastle goalkeeperShay Given has made it very clear he is not joining Totenham Hotspurs, as he has served Newcastle for years.
6) Barcelona are now willing to spend 3 million pounds for a defender from Lens in France called Nadir Belhard.
7) Wigan Boss Steve Bruce has been clearly told to swell first then only buy any players as there is no extra money. So he wants to sell Emile Heskey for 7 , seven million pounds, and also get back the striker Marlon Kingwho is at present on loan at Hull.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Chtistiano Ronaldo won the Europen footballer of the year for 2007-2008. He is the third footballer from Portugal to win the award. The othe winners are Eusibo, Luis Figo , and now Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo also becomes the first winger to win the trophy in fourty years. Eusebio won it in 1965, Luis Figo won it in 2000, andChristiano Ronaldo for 2007-2008.
The other Manchester United winners are Dennis Law in 1964.Sir Bobby Charlton in 1966, and George Best in 1968.
The winners of the trophy since 1999 , are as follows.
1) 1999 Rivaldo, Brazil, club Barcelona.
2) 2000 . Luis Figo.Portugal. club Real Madrid.
3) 2001. Michel Owen. England. club Liverpool.
4) 2002. Ronaldo, Brazil. Club Inter Milan ,and Real Madrid.
5) 2003. Pavel Nedved . Czech Republic. Juventus.
6) 2004..Andrei Shevchenko. Ukraine. Club A.C.Milan.
7) 2005. Ronoldhino. Brazil. Club Barcelona
8 ) 2006.Fabio Canavaro. Italy. Club Juventus , and Real Madrid
9) 2007. Kaka. Brazil. Club A.C.Milan
10) 2008. Christiano Ronaldo. Portugal. Club Manchester United.,


1) Fransesco Toldo the former Italian and Fiorentina, and now the goalkeeper for Inter Milan, once scored a goal against Juventus, from a corner kick, inthe year 2006. So making him one of the few goalkeepers to score a goal.The other goalkeepers to do it are Paul Robinson, fot Tottenham Hotspur, Bret Fridell for Blackburn Rovers and Peter SchMichel for Manchester United.
2 ) Fernando Torres of Liverpool and Spain has scored a total of 24 twentyfour goals in 2007-2008season. The highest number of goals scored by a foregin player, while playing in his first year in England inthe E.P.L
3) West Ham United have not yet won a game against Liverpool for the past 45, fourtyfive years, That is almost half a century. And with their financial problems, and Sheffield Uniteds Case overthe Carlos Tevez saga, it could well be fifty years before they even win a match.
4) The Fulham club have never ever scored a goal at Anfield., in all these years.
5) Rafael Benitez has flatly said he is not intrested inMichel Owen , as Owens contract ends in january at Newcastle.Michel Owen is a small player and still gets goals even with his head. There are clubs waiting to pick him up . I feel he may land up at Aston Villa. as Martin O Neil has been given 18 million to shop for a striker or two. And he may land up there.


1) Arsenal has come forward to buy Yaya Toure, who plays for Barcelona in Spain , and plays a midfielder role.The amount Arsenal are willing to pay is six million pounds.He is the brother of Arsenals deffender Kolo Toure.
2 ) The Aston Villa manager Martin O Neil has been given a sum f 18 million pounds to shop for a striker in the january transfer window.The question is will he buy one or two strikers with that money.
3) As David Moyes had said earlier that Everton doesnot have money to spend in the january window. He has decided to take on Sweedens famous striker , who is now 37 years old. and will be a free agent.Henrik Larsson. Who played for Celtic and Manchester United.
4)The Ajax forward wil now definately not be comming to play in England in the E.P.L. Instead he will play in Spain in the Spanish La Liga, with the Spanish giants Real Madrid. The Forward Klass-Jan Huntelaar will prefer Spain , along with Robben, Sneijder and the other Dutch stars.
5) Robhino has asked his club Manchester city to buy a pair of Brazilian deffenders , such as Kleber and Thiago Silva.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Sir Alex Ferguson must stop crying and cribbing, that the referees do not protect the Manchester United team, especially when Christiano Ronaldo is tackled all the time.Come on Fergie this is football and all players do come under this type of tackle. The more talented you are the more will theybe tackled . It happened with Pele,Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldhino, Baggios,and Luis Figoalso, this is just a listof few players.
But I hope that the Manchester derby is still fresh in your mind. The Manchester City player Shaun Wright Philips was constantly attacked and repeatdly brought down by the Manchester United players, and they got many yellow cards for it. These things happen. But dontsay that only Christanom Ronaldo is given this treatment.


Christiano Ronaldo , the Portugeese winger as well as the Manchester United winger was recently sent of in the match between Mamchester United verses Manchester City the Manchester derby.
In this match the Manchester United players were always targetting the City players , mainly Shaun Wright Philips as he is similar threat like Theo Walcottand Christiano Ronaldo, with their speed and goal scoring service.
The referee Harold Webb was busy showing yellow cards to both teams .Manchester United got a total of over five yellow cards and a red card.One of the yellow card was given earlier to Christiano Ronaldo for a bad tackle on Shaun Wright Philips. But in the second half Ronaldo used both his arms to knock the ball down, with an intention of scoring a goal, like Diego Maradonas , hand of god.It is no secret that Ronaldo is the biggest cheat in football ready to dive and get a penalty, or a free kick, all he wants is to score a goal any how. I always say that such cheats should not be nominated for any award. Are you listening Mr Blatter and Mr Platini.
Now let us see what the F.I.F.A law says. Law no 12 on page 64 says. Any hand ball in the box delibretley touched is a yellow card , and if in the box a penalty. Now please kindly note Christiano Ronaldo was already on a yellow card a second yellow card , is always followed by a red,
And to make things worse these stupid Manchester United players tried to save Ronaldo by giving stupid excuses . Like Ronaldo heard a whistle , the referee whistle and the crowd whistle are quite diffrent in sound. The Manchester United have been hearing that referees whistle since they were ten years or so . The fans say Harold Webb sucks big time , oh no it is Ronaldo and his teammates who suck . Infact Ronaldo clapped and taunted Mr Webb when he got the first yellow card , he should have shown ared card then and there by law. Jusst as Wayne Rooney got for clapping some time ago.. Rio Ferdinand was shamelssly suporting Ronald as if he was in the right.
The F.A. Must look into it and fine Manchester United, for five yellow cardsand a red card.


Arsenal visited Chelseas home ground at StamfordBridge, on 30/11/2008. This was Chelseas fortress as they had gone eightyfour matches without defeat till Liverpool broke that record. And Arsenal last won there in 2004.
Arsenal came to this match in the fifth place after defeats by Stoke and Manchester Cty.Also there was the William Gallas incident very much in the air with the armband now on Cesc Fabregas, would there be a division in the team?
Chelsea were top of the table with a ten point lead ,and even with Drogba doing a three match ban for throwing a coin back at the crowd, and Joe Cole out with an ankle injury. Chelsea were very strong with Terry, Anelka, Lampard, Cech, Deco and the rest. Chelsea had a lot of experience and stars as well.While Arsenal had youth and less known stars in their line up, Theo Walcott was missing due to a dislocated shoulder.
The fans had their share of hate, the Chelsea fans taunted William Gallas who joined Arsenal from Chelsea , And the Arsenalfans taunted Ashley Cole for moving from Arsenal to Chelsea.
Arsenal were vulnerable in the defence as usual for the first twenty minutes. The goal came in a tragic way for Arsenal as Arsene Wenger had replaced Michaal Silvestre with Johan Djourous.
In the 34th minute the Chelsea winger Bosingwa centred the ball for Anelka to score but Johan Djourous, tapped the ball by mistake into the net.It was an own goal. the thought on everyones mind was howwould Arsenal respond.
And respond they did with Denilson passing the ball for the Dutch man Robin Van Persie to score a goal , there was a suspision of an offside but the referee Mike Dean gave the goal. And in another three minutes Robin Van Persie scored a lovely goal beating Petr Cech all ends up
Arsenal won the match 2-1.
There was a funny incident by the fourth referee , who should the wrong number for a substitute, the board showed No10 , this was the number od Joe Cole, who had an ankle injuryand was not even a substitute. The real number was 20 that as Decos number.
Scolari is still mad at the referee Mike Dean for giving that first goal , he has asked Dean to atleast say sorry. I dont think it will be coming , we have seen it all the time , and arsenal has suffered greatly with blind bats called referees.And Wenger has told Michel Platini that monitors should be used like all other sports.


1) Wigan boss , is willing to sell the former Liverpool striker Emile Heskey, back to Liverpool or even Manchester City, in january. So that he can make again as he will looseif he sells Heskey at the end of the season, when his contract expires.
2) The Argentinan striker Carlos Tevez could very well be on his way to the Spanish giants Real Madrid to replace the long time injured dutch player Ruud Van Nistelrooy , who will miss the entire season due to injury. And at Manchester United with Fergusons rotation system he , Carlos Tevez never did get a starting place at Manchester United.
3) The German and Bayern Muich striker Lukas Podloski , has a big desire to make it in the English premiere League, with a move to Mamchester City, for a huge sum of 12 million pounds.
4) Mark Hughes the manager of Manchester City has been told by Robhino that the places of Elano and Jo should be made secure first.
5)The two clubs Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are offering a huge sumof 12 million pounds forthe Middlesbrough player Stuart Downing.
6) Sir Alex Ferguson says he wants to very well remain as the head coach of Manchester United till the very ripe old age of seventy years and nothing will make him go. Only very bad health will hasten his departure.