Friday, May 29, 2009


Josep Gardiola the former Barcelona and spanish footballer made it into the history records. He won the Champion League cup defeating Manchester United 2 -0 in Rome. And in so doing he won all the three cups in Spain, The Spanish League, the Kings Cup and the Champion League cup. Winning all three cups has never ever been done by any Spanish teams, no not even Real Madrid.
And he did this without any experience as a manajor in the senior level.And when he won the champion League cup he was only 38 years old, so it makes him the youngest manager to win the cup. It also makes him the third player and manager of Barcelona to do this feet. The others are Johan Cruiff, Frank Raijkaard and Josep Gardiola.


The 2008-2009 Champion League final between Manchester United and Barcelona was game to see to believe, Barcelona had a make shift defence as Abidal was wrongly suspended and Alaves was also out.Manchester was in full strength.
But what we and Ferguson saw was something that does not happen to Manchester or Alex Ferguson often,They were shattered and battered to a pulp, and Fergusons thoughts went back 15 years back when Barcelona and Johan Cruiffs golden boys thrashed them.For the first eight minutes Barcelona were a bit nervousand Christiano Ronaldo had a freekick saved by Valdez as it slipped hecaught it on the rebounce,Then they Spanish giants got up from their nap and Manchester went in for theirsthe first goal came in the 10th minute by Samuel Etoo, then with Henry, Etoo andMessi making wave after waves of attackss, and Xavi and Inesta the brain and their slick passing in the centre kept the game . Ferguson saw the 45minutes rather nervously, he brought in Carlos Tevez for the start of the second half, but it was the same old story, then Giggs was replaced by Paul Scholes and Berbatov replaced Park,but there was no improvement in Manchesters play, they ran out of energy and ideas, Xavi hit the the woodwork with a free kick, was one goal enough.? But the second goal came in the 70th minute , as Xavi kicked the ball and little Messi jumped high in the air to head the ball in a corner of the net. Then the Manchester United Players started loosing their heads and also their discipline, they made bad tacles and Vidic, Scholes and Ronaldo were
shown the yellow card each.
Messi gave Evraand Rio Ferdinand a horrid time,Evra should take this as a lesson, he made fun of Arsenal saying the team were boys playing with men, here a small boy gave him hell and now sleepless nights.
Things do not look good at Manchester United Tevez was not on the private jet booked by the team, and Ronaldo may move to Real Madrid.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


A team of performance analysts at Castrol have taken great pains to compare both Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, and this is what they have revealed.
When Christiano Ronaldos free kickcan generate greater acceleration then a F1 car.While Lionel Messi runs up and down the field, in a season equals the distance from Barcelona to Madrid, and both cities are on either side of Spain.
Ronaldo maintains his body by lifting 20 tonnes or10 Audi cars.Messi on full flight has the weight of seven men.And when Messi jumps up he generates morepower then a cheetah does in full flight. Ronaldos trademark free kick, then the Barcelona keeper Victor Valdez will face a ball at32 meters a second, compared to a Formula 1car that does 4.6 meters per second.
Ronaldos speed is well known, he sprints 900 times more in a season then an Olympic sprinter does in a season..The Manchester defenders must cope withMessis agillity , he makes more turns and makeschange in direction in one game then a Formula 1 car competing in a grandprix at the Silverstone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2008-2009 E. P. L. TABLE.

TEAM. P. W. D. L. PTS.
MANCHESTER UNITED. 38. 28. 6. 4. 90

Liverpool. 38. 25. 11. 2. 86.

Chelsea. 38. 25. 8. 5. 83.

ARSENAL. 38. 20. 12. 6. 72.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Newcastle United are relegated this year, nothing wrong in that , even Manchester United , were relegated in 1977. But it was the way it was done.
As Newcastle United were relegated by a point and a goal.
I will take you all back to the match between Newcastle United and Fulham, the referee for the game was Howard Webb, a referee who has made big howlers as a referee, and the F.A. has done nothing to correct it.
In that match Fulham scored the first goal and late in the game the big Australian Mark Viduka did score a very neat goal by heading it in, the comentators also said it was a good goal, but Howard Webb ruled the goal out for reasons best known to him alone. And there was also no pushing in the box. But the truth remains Newcastle were robbed of goal as well as a precious point.
If Howard Webb had given that goal then it would be Hull city that survived the drop thanks greatly to the unjustice done by Howard Webb.
It is for no reason that Arsene Wenger had a argument with Michel Platini , Wenger wanted a monitor for the football matches as these blind bats called referees were making far to many mistakes. But Platini says it will make the game go slow.
Mr Platini we want honesty by referees and a good result, and not matches being fixed like in cricket.
So Phil Brown the manager of Hull must thank the one who saved Hull and may be his Job, for Hull it was a very big drop from the number 7 to 17 on the table.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Paulo Maldini the great defender of A.C. Milanand Italy will hang up his boots for good at the age of 40 years , and after playing 24 years in Italy for only one club, A.C. Milan, and 901 games, this sumdays match will be a very emotianal time for both Maldini and the fans, as he was considered by many as the worlds best deffender, he also holds the record of the most caps for Italy with a total of 126 caps for the Azzuris. He is the son of thefamous Italian footballer Ceasare Maldini., and was called by him in 1986 for the under 21 team.And made his Azurri debut on march31 1988. Maledini is also the most selected and favourite son of A.C.Milan.
Paulo Maldini has won seven Italian league titles with Milan and has also won five Champion league cupd with A.c.Milan, some footballers wait a lifetime to win just one champion League cup, so winning five of them is just fantastic.
He was born in 26/6/1968.And will retire after the match with A.s.Roma. Paulo Maldini will be greatly missed both on the pitch as well as the dressing room at A.C.Milan, where he made such a difference.

Friday, May 22, 2009


U.E.FA have made an official charge against the Chelsea fans for throwing missiles at referee, and both Dider Drogba and Jose Bosingwa for bringing the game ina bad name due t the language used against the referee Tom Henning Overbo of Norway. Things got heated after the match, as the referee was the worst one ever seen in U.E.Fa. U.E.F.A admitted the same day that there was absolutelyno need to see the video to find out if the referee had made a blunders after blunders, Chelsea were denied four penalties, Eric Abidal misses the final as this blind man gave him a straight red card for a very simple touch on Anelka,a yellow was not needed even.
You must remember that the clubs that reach the U.E.Fa each year are given a huge amount in a few millions, and it increases as they progress by a few million pounds each stage they move. And the finalists get about 35 million pounds to reach there ,No wonder Bosingwa called the referee a thief. And Drogba called him a F, disgrace to football.Now Drogba is to be sold because of this fool Mr Ovrebo and this man Michel Platini has done nothing whatso ever against the referee, U.E.F.A chairman and the president must hang their head in shame, We in India , a country which has not qualified for a single word cup can see the matchfixing going on.But not Platini.
Now Chelsea must respond on the 29/5/2009 and U.E.F.A will decide on the 10/6/2009. It clear Drogba and Bosingwa will be fied and banned , but nothing will happen to Mr Ovrebo, he is a U.E.F.A employee. The refree was kicked out of the Euro 2008 , because he failed to give Lucas Toni a goal, in a Italy verses Romania match.


Sir Alex Ferguson has had a marvelous time as a manager at Manchester United. For during the 23 years he has been there, he has won 25 trophies , something other managers can just dream to achieve. He has won every cup there.The list is as follows.
The E.P.L Eleven times.1993,1994,1996,1997,1999,,2000,2001,2003,2007, 2008, 2009.
The F.A.Cup Five times. 1990,1994,1996,1999,2005.

The Carling cup.Three times. 1992,2006, 2009.
Champion League . Two times. 1999, 2008.
The Cup winners cup. Once 1991.
Europen Super cup. Once. 1991.
Club world cups. Twice.1999 and 2008.
The total is 25.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sir Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United in 1986, from the Scottish club Aberdeen, nothing great was expected from him, but he has proven every one wrong and has changed english football for ever.He brought some giants in football , such as Ryan Giggs, Eric Cant ona from Leeds United, and Roy Keane from Nottingham Forest, these players awoke the sleeping giant for ever, and the E.PL has never been the same. The players from the youth team joined in, the Neville brothers, Nicky Butt, David Beckham. And he also got the Great Dane the goalkeeper Peter SchMichael,they were a strong side. But suddenly Eric Cantona retired , and Beckham took the famous jersey number 7as well as the free kicks.Till David and ferguson had a fight in the room after Manchester United lost a F.A match to Arsenal, David beckham left aafter Ferguson injured him with a shoe he kicked in a tantarum.David beckham then moved to Real Madrid . Christiano Ronaldo then took over the number 7 jersey, as well as the free kicks for Manchester United.
The number of trophies won by Alex Ferguson at Manchester are atotal of 25 , it wonderful achivement indeed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Arsenals French manager is staying at Arsenal, most likely till the end of his contract in 2011. Even though there were big fears at the Arsenal camp that he would be leaving for the Spanish giants Real Madrid in the summer. It all turned sour when the fans and shareholders started loosing patience with Arsene Wenger in a meeting as Arsenal have gone four long years without a trophy. The last one won by Arsenal was the F.A. Cup won in 2005 in a penalty shootout win over Manchester United.
Wenger was clearly upset , and said the way people were acusing him for the 4 year failure was as if he had killed a man.
The Real Madrid future President Fiorentina Perez, asked Wenger to take over, the terms were something no manager would have rejected as it was tempting.Perez told Wenger to make the terms for the contract all according to wengers choice and terms. And the cheque book would be his to choose as salary and bonus as well. Let us compare the two amounts the clubs are giving to buy any player of Wengers choice , and real would not ask questions. The purse by Real Madrid is a large 100 million pounds, and Arsenal has given Wenger 13 million pounds at the most to spend.
Any manager would have grabbed the offer, but not Mr wenger ,The loyal Mr Wenger,.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Barcelona appointed Pep Guardiola, a former captain and player at Barcelona , at Barcelonas golden boys under manager Johan Cruyffs team. That had famous footballers such as Romario, Stoichkov, Michael Ladrup, Ronald Koeman and Nadal.As he was only 38 yeaars old and did not have any senior experience as a manager many eyebrows were raised as Barcelona sacked Frank Raijkaard, a manager who brought two Spanish titles and the 2006 champion league tile with a win over Arsenal. Barcelona has played in every champion league for the 59 years and the only club to do it.
The first t5hing Guardiola did was to unload Ronaldhino to A.C. Milan and Deco to Chelsea. And he then brought in Danny Alaves,Seydou Keita, both from Seville for a sum of 44 million euros. He also brought Gerrard Pique from Manchester United for a undisclosed ammount.
He was given one task to break Real madrids strangulation hold in the Spanish Liga.
And they did it in style , and have already won two cups in a week and are now on a treshold of making history by winning the treble, with beating Manchester United on May 27th in Rome. In the 59 history of the champion league no club ever has retained the Champion League, so Barcelona have a very good chance if history repeats itself again.The bigest win was a 6-2 win over RealMadrid and 2-0 in the first leg.


The Spanish table is as follows.
CLUB P. W. D. L . F. A . Pts
Barcelona. 35. 27. 5. 3. 103. 31. 86
Real Madrid.36. 25. 3. 8. 81. 47. 78.
Seville. 36. 19. 7. 1o. 51. 39. 64.
Valencia. 35. 17 7. 11. 65. 50. 59
Villarreal.36. 16. 11 9. 51. 59. 59.
A. Madrid. 35. 17 . 7. 11. 47. 45. 58.


In Spain the 2008-9 champions were the Catalan Barcelona , whowon the championship as it was handed to them on a silver plate. The second team Real Madrid were defeated soundly by Villarreal in a #-2 score Robert Pi and Joan Capres, Cani, and Joan Capdevila scored for Villarreal.So in oter words Barcelona have won the title without the ball being kicked .
Barcelona have just one the Copa Del Rey or the Kings cup and the La Liga title all in seven days with the champion League verses Manchester United to be played on May 27th. This could very well be Barcelonas treeble titles.
With three games remaining Barcelona have 86 points, one more point then what Real Madrid set as a record last year.
PepGuaradolia require five from their final three games to break Real Madrids 107 goals set in 1990-91.
Barcelona scoring has been just magic. and the fans had a lot to see and cheer as well.
Thet twce gave Real Madrid a thrashing once at the Nou Camp and once at the Santiago Bernabeu , in the EL CLASSICO.
Barcelona have so far scored 103 goals ,therecord stand at107 set by Real Madrid ay back in 1990-1991 season.Out of these 103 goals 70 are scored by Samuel Etto, Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry. Making the three of them the most prolific goal scorers in Spanish League history.
Barcelona were so powerful that they scored six goals each verses, Real Madrid, Sporting Gijon, Valladolid, Malaga and Athletico Madrid.
They scored five goals againstAlmeria, and Deporta La Courana.
ANd scored four goals against Malaga,Valencia, Seville and Numancia.
The Spanish league t able is as follows.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


In Italy it was Inter Milan who were crowned the winners for the forth straight year. Even though they had sacked their coach Roberto Mancini, who served the club well and helped it to win a total of three scudetto under him. This was the new coach, a formerl Chelsea coach, Jose Mourinho ,who won his first scudetto and InterMilans 17th over all Scudetto. They were helped with A.c. Milan who had lost to Udanise in a 2-1 score line. Now Jose Mourinho has won the title with F.C.Porto, Chelsea and now with Inter Milan as well not bad at all.Inter Milan play Siena on sunday and as they have a seven point lead over A.C.Milan, who now have two games at hand.
CLUB P W . D . L. F. A P.
Inter. 35. 23 9 3 62 27. 78.
A.C.Milan 36. 21. 8. 7. 66. 27. 71.
Juventus. 35. 19. 10. 6. 62. 35. 67.
Fiorentina . 35. 24. 4. 11. 51. 35. 64.


Manchester United played a hard fort game verses Arsenal on 16/5/2009. And as Manchester United needed only a point from this game to crown themselves as E.P.L. champions for the third straight year in a row, and for the second time in the clubs history.
They also equaled the record set by Liverpool who had won 18 E.P.L cups . And Alex Fergusons XIth E.P.l cup since he took over at Manchester United in 1986.
But the match did not go at all his and Manchester Uniteds way, Patrice Evra who said that Arsenal are a bunch of babies playing against men, after the champion league semi final game which Manchester won. But Patrice Evra was given a tough time, Arsenal outplayed, out thought and even had a lion share of the possession of the ball as well. And as it ended 0-0 . Manchester got the one point needed for the title or they would have to play Hull next week for the title.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Barcelona won their 25th cup, and that to in style they beat Athletic Bilbao in 4-1 fantastic victory for Barcelona.
But the first goal came in the 9th minute of the first half when Gaizka Toquero , headed the ball in to score the first and only goal for Bilbao.
In the second half Barcelona took control of the game completly , in nine minutes Barcelona scored four goals all the Barcelona skill and passing.First Yaya Toure scored a classic solo girl, to equlize , then Lionel Messi, Bojan Krkic and Xavi Hernandes scored from a beautiful free kick.
Barcelona last won the Kings cup way back in 1998.Both Thierry Henry And Andrea Inesta were absent due to injury.And Eric Abidal was suspended .
Now Barcelona have won won cup , on Sunday they have to get just one point to win the Spanish La liga title they play RealMallorca. And then the big one The champion league cup verses Manchester United. on May 27.2009. As in history no club has won the Champion league cup two years in a row. So a treeble for Barcelona are looking very bright indeed.


The Argentinan striker Carlos Tevez may leave Manchester United at the end of the season, as no permanent agreement is comming from the Manchester club. Alex Ferguson says that they have put a new deal for Carlos Tevez and his agent. But both Carlos Tevez and his agent say flatly that nothing was given to make Carlos tevez a permanent Manchester player for next season, things have become sour, the players want him to stay so do the fans as he has been a regular goal scorer where ever he has played, and even got crucial goals for the club. The main stumbling block is that Carlos Tevez is not owned by any club, like the other footballers.And now the vultures are flying around Old Trafford ready to scoop Tevez up. Clubs like Real Madrid , Chelsea , Liverpool , Juventus and A.C.Milan have all shown interest in him.
Here the most sticking problem could very well be money at Manchester United.
Fans will now watch with keen intrest how the things do move at Manchester.


Bayern Munich the mighty german giants , had sacked their former coach Jurgen Klinsmann in the month of April. Klinsmann played for Germany in the world cups and was the coach of Germany during the 2006 world cup in Germany.
The new coach for the new season is a very famous Dutch man who was appointed by the Chairman of Bayern Munich, Karl Heinz Rummenigge anounced on 14/5/2009. But he wil take the job up only at the start of the next season.
The name of the Dutch coach is Luis Van Gaal, whois 57 years old, and has just lead AZ AZ Alkamaar to win the Dutch leaguefor 2008/9.A Z Alkamaar have released Luis Van Gaal without any conditions what so ever.
Luis Van Gaal is very experienced and sucessful as well, he was the coach of the Dutch giants Ajax for many years and they won the Dutch title many years in a row then. He was responsible for the golden boys of Ajax then the team had players like , Edwin Vandersar, danny Blind, Frank De Boer, Ronald DeBoer, Edgar Dravids, Clarence Seedorf,Marc Overmars, Dennis Bergkamp, Kanu, and George Feniddi. Ajax also won te U.E.F.A cup in the year 1992, and won the champion league with Ajax in 1995. He then moved to Spain with the Spanish giants Barcelona and won two Spanish titles with Barcelona. Then he was sacked over the Rivaldo incident. As Rivaldo wasa natural left footed player he always chose the left side, but Luis Van Gaal wanted him to play on the right side, Rivaldo refused, and was punished by making Rivaldo sit in the stands for a game , Rivaldo then left for A.C. Milan.And Luis Van Gaal lost his job. But one thing is sure Luis Van Gaal will do a good job at Bayern Munich, today even Frank Ribery Bayerns costliest footballer in history has openly said he wants to leave Bayern Munich, he cost the club 25 million pounds, from Lyon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Barclays, offers a trip for two to England to see Premier League team of choice for India’s top football fan

Mumbai, May 11, 2009: Barclays today launches its search for the Fan of India as it seeks to find the most passionate supporter of the Barclays Premier League in the country.

From Kerala to Kolkata, Mumbai to Mohali and Goa to Guwahati, India has some of the most fervent fans of Barclays Premier League football in the world. The Barclays Premier League is the most popular domestic football tournament anywhere in the world, with over 4.77 billion people watching it in over 200 countries. It also has many of the top players including World Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Barclays want to find fans that go to extraordinary lengths to support their favourite Barclays Premier League team or player. Do they practice the Cristiano Ronaldo step-over, create their own club anthem, or maybe perform wild somersaults like Newcastle striker Obafemi Martins?

Fans are required to explain in no more than 100 words why they are the Barclays Fan of India and can include slogans, videos or photographs to support their entry. Entries can be submitted by post, by drop box in selected Malls and Café Coffee locations, e-mail, or uploaded online by visiting;

All entrants in the Barclays Fans of India competition have the opportunity to win:
· A trip for two to watch their favourite Barclays Premier League team play ‘live’ in England during the 2009/10 season. This will include flights, 4 star hotel accommodation, tickets and transfers.
· 10 runners up will also receive a Barclays Premier League team shirt of their choice

Manchester United’s legendary midfielder Bryan Robson, a judge and ambassador for the Fan of India Contest, said: "I know that representatives from Manchester United have visited India several times in the not too distant past and are always amazed at the level of interest there is in the Barclays Premier League. It really is a hotbed of football. I think the speed and intensity of the league appeals to the Indian population, and I am looking forward to seeing how this is reflected in the entries for the Barclays Fan of India competition."

Liverpool’s Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina said: “Barclays Premier League supporters are the best in the world and will go to great lengths to follow their favourite team. Liverpool have a
huge following on the sub-continent so I'm hoping the Barclays Fan of India will be a Reds supporter and get the chance to come over to England and see me in action!"

The competition will run from May 12, 2009 through to June 2, 2009 with the winner of Barclays Fan of India announced in mid June, 2009.

Fans can log on to for more information on how to enter.

For further information please contact the Barclays Premier League Press Office:
Chris Soult: Tel: +44 (0)207 908 6475/+44 (0)774 5377 405

Adfactors PR:
Jitendra S Jha: +91 9920829216; jitendra.jha @
Arnold Wilson: +91 9769369420; Arnold.wilson @

Notes to Editors

Barclays Premier League
The Barclays Premier League is broadcast to 611 million homes in 211 countries worldwide, reaching a cumulative global audience of 4.77 billion. The Barclays Group is now in its eighth season of sponsorship with the Barclays Premier League, and the current term runs until May 2010.

For more information, visit:;

Barclays – Key Statistics
Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services, with an extensive international presence in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries and employs over 150,000 people. Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for over 42 million customers and clients worldwide.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Arsenal fans are upset that Arsene Wenger has not spent big money in buying costly players this time. But his policy has always been different from other managers. He believes in buying young and even didcarded players and then develop them as stars. He gets them cheap and sells them for a fortune. Example Nickolas Anelka was brought by him for 50,000 pounds from P.S.G. And sold to Real Madrid for 23 million . Thierrry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Alexander Hlep,Cesc Fabregas .Example Fabregas is a discard fom Barcelona, now Barcelona want Fabregas for 30 million pounds, and they will also give Allexander Hlep free.Henry was discarded from Juventus .
But I would like to bring some things to your knowledge .they are as follows.
Arsene Wenger has brought Arsenal into the champion league for the past eleven years, on a small team , and they have reached the quarter finals or as this years semi finals.Not bad for a cheap team of players.The Real Madrid team have failed to reach the quarter finals for the last five years in a row , and that to after spending madly o at least twenty players in three years, what do you say to that? In the Manchester United team Berbatov, Rooney, Tevez are worth 30 million pounds each Nani Hargraves, Carrick are 17 million pounds each .


Manchester City and the owners The Dubai company, and Mark Hughes , are getting carried away and trying to buy famous players at big amounts. Yes I do agree they have money and lots of it , they are said to be ten times richer then the Chelsea club owner Roman Amorovich. But the main difference is while Chelsea have already got stars in their team. While City are planning to buy big stars llike Kaka and others. But as Manchester city have not yey reached a champion league for a few years , now the chances are going to be more difficult to get players to join Manchester City, footballers would prefer to play for clubs that have a chance, or clubs that qualify each year for the champion league.
My advice is to get players and win games to reach either the Champion League or the U.E.F.A cup.Then only will footballers be tempted to play for Manchester City.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Tom Henning Ovrebo from Norway who was selected for the semi final second leg in the game between Chelsea and Barcelona He made far to many mistakes and as a referee without much experience should not have been chosen by U.E.F.A for this game. Please note will you, he made his debut as a referee in the Euro 2008, game, between Italy and Romania. And he was sent home after he admitted that he failed to give Italy a Luca Toni Goal.
24th minute Florent Malouda , was brought down bt Daniel Alaves, but he said it was outside the box.
26th minute , Drogba was brought down by Eric Abidal.
57th Drogba wasdragged back by Yaya Toure.
82 nd minute .Ball strikes Gerrard Piques arm, when under preasure of Anelka.. Pique admitted the ball touched my hand.
95th Ballack booked for a false appeal for penalty.
66th minute Eric Abidal is shown the red card for the slightest of touches , as Nicolas Anelka went tumbling all over the box.
I hope the secretry of U.E.f.A David Taylor will never appoint such referees for such important games, this refereee , made his debut inEuro 2008 only and not fit for a match of imense tention, no wonder he Drogba lost his head, and tongue as well.


We can very well say that the second leg , of the semifinal between Barcelona and Chelsea, the result was plain stolen from Chelsea by none other then the referee Tom Henning Ovrebo, from Norway. The blunders he made was just to bad and also as much as five penaltys were not given to Chelsea, which is very clear, the match was fixed so this year also two English clubs dont clash in the final.. One penalty you may not give, but five clear ones were looking fishy, like a tud on the jersey and bribnging the player down is a clear penalty.a hand ball by Etoo in the box was also a penalty.He showed a red card to Eric Abidal, for the faintest of touches on Nicolas Anelka, now Eric Abidal misses the final, because of this fool called Ovrebo.
As far as the match goes Barcelona played their usual game of passing and keeping possession, for large times, but the goal failed to come, chelsea scored first through midfielder Michel Essienin the 9th minute
In the first leg Barcelona were out thought, out muscled and here they were outplayed.
The Barcelona equalizer came deep in the injury time 93rd minute, after lionel Messi passed the ball to Andrea Inesta who scored a thunderus shot to the top of the net. So Barcelona got the equalizer and won on away goal, to break Chelsea hearts.
Drogba who lost his cool after the match at Tom Henning and abused him, yes the refree was a disgrace to U.E.F.A, football, He must retire or be forced to retire, he is a complete failure, he will get scott free and U.E.F.A and Michel Platini will pat him on the back , and sweep the blunders under the carpet,. And only poor Drogba will be fined and banned. If the refree is fair on the pitch, Drogba would not have said those words.
Gordon Taylor of U.E.F.A says the referees must be respected, I disagree the refree must earn that respect with good work, We never ever had trouble with Mr Collina as a referee.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


In the champion leagues semi final in the second leg , played at the Emirates Stadium, which has always been a fortress for Arsenal. And Arsenal have not yet lost a game there to the big three clubs.
But all that was going to change today, the first goal came in the third minute, Christiano Ronaldo passed the ball to Park , and the shift defender Kierron Gibbs slipped on the fresh wet grass , in the third minute to score the first goal. in the tenth minute Ronaldo took a good free kick, and the goalkeeper Alumani moved a little slowly, call it a mistake if you like. As Arsene Wenger put it the game was killed of in the 10th minute. The third goal started from the back with a header from Vidic ,collected by Ronaldo passed to Rooney and back to Ronaldo to score the third goal.But in the 73rd minute Darren Fletchertried to steal the ball from the back of Cesc Fabregasbringing him down, which led to a red card and a penalty sloted in by Robin Van Persie. The game ended in a 3-1,or 4-1 aggregate win for Manchester United.
But I would like to bring to your knoledge that Arsenal players are not that costly like Manchester United, who have players like Carrick, Nani, Anderssen Owen Hargraveas, Wayne Rooney and ChristianoRonaldo in the 17 million pound range. And Berbatov and Carlos Tevaz in the 32,30 million pound.The only costly Arenal player was Arshivan20 million pound. And still Arsenal have been in the champion league every year for the 12 years.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is may come as a suprise to many for the past six years, any club that has knocked out the Spanish giants Real Madrid, are then beaten by the eventul champions.Last year A.S Roma knocked out Real Madrid in the last 16, but A.S Roma lost their next game to Manchester United , who won the title in Moscow. But this year Liverpool knocked out Real Madrid, and then Liverpool lost to Chelsea , so there is a chance that Chelsea may reach the final and defeat Manchester United.
Let us see theppast few years shall we.
2008 A.S. Roma beat Real Madrid, but got beaten by Manchester United. The eventual winners..
2007 Bayern Munich beat Real Madrid, but lost to A.c. Milan,The eventual winners.
2006. Arsenal beat Real Madrid, but lost to Barcelona , eventual winners.
2005. Juventus beat Real Madrid, but lost to Liverpool, the eventual winners.
2004. Monoco Beat Real Madrid, but lost to Porto, the eventual winners.
2003. Juventus beat Real Madrid , but lost to A.C.Milan, the eventual winner.

Monday, May 4, 2009


In the second game in Spain at Real Madrids famous Bernabeu, Reals home ground, the home fans were in for avery rude shock, not only had thet lost at the Nou Campat Barcelona but here they lost by 6-2.. This is the worst thrashing Barcelona have given Real Madrid, and Casillas for the first time leaked six goals the previous hiding given was in 1974 in a 5-0 win. This was the first time Barcelona scored 6 goals agains Real Madrid. in 80 years.
Barcelona have scored 100 goals in 34 games.and are 7 goals short of the record set by Real Madrid in 1989-1990 .
In the match Real was nervous and Sergio gave the ball to Messi who passed to Xavi who missed. But the goals came from a brace each from Henry and Lionel Messi, and one each fro Carlos Puyol and and Gerrard Pique scored the sixth..Sergio Ramos headed in a Robben corner and Gosales Higuain scored for Real Madrid.
One thing is clear heads will start rolling from the tReal team as well as the board, we can havebig changes in the summer, and even players like Robben will be shown the door.


In the premiere league match between Arsenal and Porthsmouth, the second goal was a contreversial goal, thanks a great deal to the referee and the linesman, who were just plain stupid and dum.
The Russian playmaker Anrei Arshavin it seemedwas bvrought down i the box , and after the referee and the linesman discussed it for a very long time, they then decided that it was a penaltyand then Nicklas Bendtner converted it to make the score then 2-0.
But all this time Anrei Arshavin was very sportingly shaking his index finger at the refree , meaning that it was not a penalty and that he had slipped in the box, and was not at all brought down. But these stupid dum referees and linesmen thought otherwise, and his pleading fell on deff ears.The match then ended 3-0 ,in Arsenas favour. But how many footballers would have behaved like Anrei Arshavin?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


It is quite possible that England may very well have a Spanish born goalkeeper very soon .
The Arsenals Spanish born goalkeeper Manuel Alumania is soon going to apply for a English passport, and once he gets it he will be eligible to play for England. Now that David James , the regular goalkeeper of England is 38, thirtyeight years old, and is very well in his twilight years as a goalkeeper for England. And the other two are Paul Robinson of Blackburn Rovers and Kris Kirkland fom Wigan Athletic are themain goalkeepers in waiting for England in the 2010 World Cup.
But who is Manuel Alumenia ? He was brought by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger from the Spanish club Celti Vigo, as a second goalkeeper for Arsenal, and Jens Lehman, now that Jens Lehman has moved on to Struttgard a German club.
Manuel Alumania was a good goalkeeper and has improved a great deal. In the champion league semi final verses Manchester United he did a good joband kept 14 fourteen attempts from Manu players from scoring.. Let us see if he plays for England one day.

Friday, May 1, 2009


1) Michel Owen is very keen to leave New Castle United in the summer, and is even willing to cut , his pay by 100,000 pounds a week to buy out his contract..
This is mainly as Newcastle may be relegated next year.
2)Emanuel Adebayor is keen to move to A.C.Milan, next year. So Arsene Wenger is trying to get the Paraguayan striker Roque Santa Cruz from Blackburn Rovers, for a sum of 12, twelve million pounds, they were asking for 15 fifteen million pounds first.
Everton are keen to get Michel Owen from New castle next season, as they suffered a injury to their strikers Luis saha.


The first leg of the second semi final between Manchester United and Arsenal , was held at Old Tra fford.. It was also the 800 th game for Ryan Giggs in his long and ilastrious career.
As usual Arsenal are a nervous lot for the first twenty or twentyfive minutes, and this time it was not diffrent. They failed to clear their lines , first it was Silvestre , whose pass took a defection from Alexander Songs leg, and it fell gently for John O Shea to score the goal in the 18th minute of the match . At first it was thought more goals would be scored by Manchester United, who had a total of 14 dhots on the goal, to Arsenals 4 shots on the goal.
Ronaldo saw his long thunderous kick hit the bar and bounce over harmlessly, and he was getting frustrated as he could not score, he then started his usual diving and claiming free kicks, when the referee just did not bother he started throwing tantarums on the pitch and shaking his hand in anger , in front of his Manchester fans. Just a spoilt brat.
Giggs saw his goal ruled out for an offside. The person who saw to it that Manchester United have a single goal lead , to take to the Emirates stadium was Manuel Alumenia, who made four good saves. Ferdinand had a rib injury, onereport say he coughed up blood.. AS the second leg will be played at Emirates stadium, let me remind you all that neither Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester have won a game there, only small clubs have won, Hull Fulham and West Ham. have won.there..