Monday, August 31, 2009


The English F.A apologised to the Arsenal manager after Arsene Wenger was sent to the stands , in the dieing moments of the Manchester Arsenal game played on 29/8/2009 at Old Trafford. The referee who sent Wenger out was Mr Mike Dean.The reason was that Robin Van Persie scored the equalizer for Arsenal, but the linesman gave Willam Gallas offside , even though he was not intefeering with the game. Wenger then kicked a plastic water bottle. This was brought to the notice by the fourth referee Lee Probert.. Both Mr Keith Hackett the head of the premiere leaguereferee body and Richard Bevan the chief executiveof the league of managers association, have been told that Wenger will recieve an apology from the the premiere game match officals. Here actually referee Mike Dean should be banned for five games as a referee , as he favoured Maaaaanchester united by killing the game by showing to many yellow cards tonArsenal, failing to give a yellow card to Fletcher, for sliding in from the back on Anderiy Arshavin, it was a clear penalty not given even.The F.A better wake up such referees are useless.


This match was supposed to be an all one sided affair, on paper at least . More like a David and Goliath case.
All the Chelsea fans may not even realize that the eleven players in the Chelsea team and the three substitutes, was costing a neat amount of 162 million pounds. While on the other hand Burnsley entire team and their substitutes cost the club only six million pounds. So with all the best players on their side we expected Chelsea to win by at least six goals . But it was not that easy . The Danish Goalkeepeer stood loike a wall and fought the Chelsea strikers.It took Chelsea 46minutes to score the first goal by Nickolas anelka. The second was scored by a g0od header byMichael Ballack. And the third goal as scored by Ashley cole a good goal scored from a sharp angle. Jensen the burnley goalkeeper was realy good .


All matches between Arsenal and Manchester United will bound to have tension on and of the pitch as well, nothing differnt on 29/8/2009. For such games a good referee should be selected by the English F.A. Sadly the chosen man was useless as a referee , was to eager to show yellow cards on the arsenal players , he took out a total of six yellow cards for Arsenal. As usual Arsenal started the match a little hesitently. But once the rhythm was there they then kept their smooth passing for what Arsenal is so famous for, they missed teir captain Cesc Fabregas due to a hamstring injury and the mid field missed him greatly.
The chance for Arsenal came from Andreiy Arshavin , but Darren Fletcher came sliding in . This was Mike Deans big mistake in not awarding Arsenal a penalty then as it happened in the box. F.I.F.A law very clearly states that a sliding tackle from the back deserves a yellow card, nothing was given here which was wrong. Andreiy Arshavin then sent a 25yard kick like a cannonball, Ben Foster watched it helplessy go in.
Manchester United got a equalizer through a penalty , when Wayne Rooney was brought down by Alumania. Rooney scored the penalty/ Then a free kick by Ryan Giggs got the head of Abu Diaby and went into the net.Arsenal were not done yet afree kick by Robin Van Persie hit the post and bounced of. And in the injury time Robin Van Persie netted the ball but it was given as an offside as William Gallas had strayed offside, but he was not interfering in the play. The goal did not stand.
Things got dirty when Arsene Wenger was told to leave the stands for kicking a plastic bottle outside the pitch. But that is later what the F.A. Did.
One thing is clear Manchester United are playing as if their ship has no rudder, and winning thanks to the referee, favouring them. Ronaldo and Tevez have made a big difference , after their departure, Antonio Valencia has failed to the job , Ferguson paid Wigan 16 million pounds , a very bad buy indeed.


This years U.E.F.A super cup was held between last years Champion league winner Barcelona and the U.E.F.A winner Shakhtar Donestsk, a club from the Ukairne.Barcelona started well with their new striker the Sweedish striker Zalatin Ibrahimovic who replaced Samuel Etoo as the new striker .Both Lionel Messi and Zalatin Ibrahimovic , had a few chances but the ball never seemed to find the net, the best chances for Zalatin Ibrahimovic in the 81st minute and then in the 115 th minute, the ball being fired past the goalkeeper Andriy Payatov.. As the match was now gone into the extra time and still no sign of a goalcoming , all thought that it would now end in a penalty shoot out. But the sustitute Pedro Rodrigues 22 year old player who is developed from the youth team scored the winner in late injury time. It was Barcelona third win in the U.E.F.A super cup , and the fifth time a Europenchampion had beaten a U.E.F.A holder in 12 meetings since it started in Monaco in 1998.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Just as Arsenal really did miss Theirry Henry after he left Arsenal for Barcelona , in the very same way Manchester United are feeling the great loss of the spacey winger Christiano Ronaldo. Manchester United even when they won their games with one goal at Birmingham and five goals at Stoke, they were not at all convincing in any way. It was more like a rudderless ship , and Rooney had to save the day. The midfield of Michael Carrick and Anderson were really bad. But as Arsenal got over their problem so will Manchester United get over ,it, both are talented and strong teams.


The U.E.F.A announced their yearly club footballers of the year 2008-2009.
The club footballer of the year went to Lionel Messi of Barcelona. Spain.
The Striker of the year also went to Lionel Messi of Barcelona . Spain.
The Midfielder of the year went to Xavi Hernandez of Barcelona . Spain.
The defender of the year went to John Terry. Of Chelsea. England.
The goalkeeper of the year went to Edwin Van der Sar. Manchester United. Holland.
There was also a special award given to Paulo Maldini of A.c.Milan, for winning 5 Champion League cups with A.C.Milan in his twenty years at A.C. Milan Italy.And who retired at the end of last season , after playing for 20 years.

Friday, August 28, 2009


As there are only a few days remaining for the transfer window to close and the last few transfers are coming to a end. It is now rumoured that Chelsea are on the verge of making a huge transfer offer for the French midfielder Franck Ribery and it is a huge amount 65 million Euros. This will anger the chairman of Bayern Munich, as he will not have time to find another midfielde, and secondly Ribery has just recovered from injury, and will be ready to play in the Bundesliga on saturday.
This is football anything can happen here. Take the case of the Dutch winger Arjen Robbben, Manchester United wanted to buy Robben , but Bayern Munich stole him from below Fergusons nose.


Group . H.
15/16th SEPTEMBER.
20/21. OCTOBER.


The champion league groups and the dates are decided by U.E.F.A.
1)A.C. Milan.
2)Real Madrid.
4)F.C. Zurich.
1) Chelsea.
2) F.C. PORTO.
3) Atletico Madrid.
Group E.
2) LYON.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The English giants Manchester United are very keen to buy the Dutch winger Arjen Robben from Real Madrid , as Real Madrid think he is a surplus and they also want to make money , for that spent on Christiano Ronaldo and Kaka.
Real Madrid are asking for a sum of 26 million pounds, but Manchester Uniteed are offering only a sum of 11 million Euros for Robben which is far to low for such a talented winger as he can take on the wingers job from aging Ryan Giggs. But they are saying that Real Madrid should be happy with 15 million Euros. Which I very much doubt.
Now a there is a new saga to the Arjen Robben affair. The German giants in the Bundesliga Bayern Munich have acted swiftly and now negosiations are in a advanced stage, and I will not be suprised if Bayern Munich steel Arjen Robben below Fergusins own eyes.As Bayern will loose their French winger Franck Ribery to Real Madrid next year.


The U.E.F.A will now investigate the penalty that was given to Eduardo and Arsenal, in the match with Celtic played at the Emirate stadium on 26/8/009.
The E.U.F.A president Michael Platini has said it would look closely in the case, and if Eduardo did realy dive then he may face two U.E.F.A match bans.
That is why it is necessary to stop this diving in all levels, take the case of the E.P.L match Burnley verses Everton, in which Hibbert did glprious dive and that blind referee gave Everton a penalty , in which justice was done and Luis Saha missed it.
I would like to know what the referee will get as punishment for giving Arsenal that penalty. They will do nothing absolutely nothing as these stupid referees are the employees of U.E.F.A. They get a salary for each game and they are happy. Take the case of Chelsea verses Barcelona semi final , a wrong plasyer got a red card, four penalties were not given including a handball in the box. What did U.E.F.A do to that referee nothing Mr Platini just nothing this is a disgrace as Drogba called the referee you are a F---- Disgrace. Now Drogba faces two match bans .Not the refertee. Or why not make it a rule all two referees and the two linesmen must talk and then decide the penalty. Platini says best is to appoint a referee behind the goal to stop diving.Will it work never .


In the second leg of the champion league qualifying match between Arsenal and Celtic. Here Arsenal took a lead of 2-0 score from their first leg.
In the second leg the goals were scored by Eduardo,in a penalty , where hardly or no contact was made with the Polish goalkeeper Artur Buric, but the Spanish referee gave the penalty , scored by Eduardo, the second goal was scored by Emanuel Eboue and the third was scored by Anreiy Arshavin. Celtic pulled a goal back, it turned out to be a consolation goal , so Arsenal outplayed and outscored Celtic in all fields.
Only the dubious decission and penalty given by the referree spoilt the day.
M. Donatti has said that Eduardo should be banned for two U.E.F.A games .

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The Brazilian Julio Batista who played for Arsenal, Real Madrid and Brazil . has now follen out with his club coach Spalletti, at A.S. Roma in Italy. Now to fill the strikers post which will be left vacant , after Batista leaves Roma ,, is a serious worry to the club as Fransceso Totti has been injured often last season and is on the wrong side of 30 years, and has already retired from the Italian team.
One players name sugested was the Italian striker Lucas Toni of Italy and Bayern Munich. But in the talks with Roma and Lucas Tonis agent the big question the agent asked was it possible for A.S.Roma to pay Lucas Tonis fee, which is a huge one by any standard.The fee is 4 to 5 million euros a year, so if Lucas Toni makes a five year contract with A.S.Roma , then Roma will have to pay a huge amount that is 25 million Euros for five years.


Sir Alex Ferguson wants to strengthen his midfield after relations with the Brazilian Anderson turned sour, and there is a talk that Anderson can very well leave Old Trafford.As there is only a few more days left for the transfer window to close on the 31st of August 2009.
Now Ferguson has decided that he wants the Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder Luca Modric, to replace Anderson.As Luca Modric is a wonderful and valuable player a playmaker as you may say for the Lillywhites, Spurs. So Ferguson is willing to tempt Harry Redknapp, by giving 10 million pounds and Michael Carrick as free parcel in thedeal. Manchester United have brought many players from the Spurs team like Dimitrov Berbatov, and Michael Carrick as well. But Carrick failed to score a penalty verses Burnley. And we must remember that Manchester United paid Spurs 18 million pounds for him,so it will be 28 million pound deal. But one thing is clear the fans will never ever forgive Redknapp for this . So the chances are very slim for it to happen.


The F.A is going to investigate the violence that led to the stabbing of a 44 year old man, who is now said to be in a stable condition now.The trouble all started in the Carling cup between West Ham United and Millawall at Upton Park. there was also a small fire and the pitch was invaded thrice , leading the referee to call the players of the pitch. It started when WestHam United scored the equalizer , and when the Hammers went one up with a penalty, the fans invaded the pitch in anger.
Jack Collison the West Ham midfielder , said he was ready to play this match , even though his father was killed in a motorbike accident on sunday. Jack Collison came forward to tell the fans to take their seats and let the match go on. It ended 3-1.
The F.A has said it is to early to say who will be banned or punished. But the culprits will be banned from any match for lige, hooligans are not wanted in the football world.Zola said this is not good for football, it is not pretty to watch, and it is not entertaining like football the F.A, should come heavily on them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Once again Liverpool in their match with Aston Villa, were not at all a team that came second last year in the E.P.L. They just could not convert the many chances they had. And yes the absence of Xavi Alonso is clearly being seen anf felt by the players, they are no longer being fed well both Torres and steven Gerrard are missing him greatly.
The first goal was a own goal scored by the Brazilian Lucas, as the ball came from a Ashley young free kick , and it got diverted into the net, the second goal followed around the half time. There was hope for Liverpool when Fernando Torres scored his trademark goal in the 72nd minute, but then Steven Gerrard brought down Ashley Young in the box , Ashley Young got up and took the penalty, and so scored the third goal.
So Liverpool have lost two games and won one game, as it no looks they may have to wait more then a year for a E.P.L.trophy.Arsenal are going full guns.


Anderson the Brazilian midfielder has been told by Alex Ferguson that his wish to leave Manchester United can be a final one for him. It all started after Ferguson kept Anderson on the bench in the Comunity shield match with Chelsea, which Manchester United lost.Ferguson had decided to keep Anderson on the bench and to give rookie Gibson a start.It did not work out for Manchester United as they lost to Chelsea. Anderson was brought from the club in Portugal ,F.C. Porto in 2007 for 18 million pounds , and Anderson feels that if he was brought for 18 million he is fit to play and not sit on the bench. But Ferguson like many coaches say no player is higher then the club, so Anderson can very well leave Old Trafford, let us see what happens.
They the case of Drogba he was supposed to have been sold this summer, but he has got a new better 2year contract.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Many may be wondering why the Spanish club Athletic Bilbao , does not do so well in the Spanish La Liga . The answer is a strange one , as this club in Spain is a very proud club and will take only Spanish footballers in it, no footballers how good they may be will not get a place in The Athletic Bilbao side. Yes they may be far,far behind Real Madrid ,Barcelona and even Espanyol.Bilbao come from the Basque area of Spain where the political group ETA , is very active.


During the match between Wast Ham and Tottenham Hotspurs , played at Upton Park, the Hammers fans refused to forgive Jermaine Defoe . They booed him from the start to the finish , and when defoe scored the equaliser through a mistake by Carlton Cole, who kicked the ball back to the legs of Defoe , just after scoring the opener. The reason for the hammers to hate Defoe goes back to the year 9002. When West Ham were relegated from the E.P.L, and the three god footballers went elsewhere they were Poulo DiCanio who joined Lazio, Freddie Kanoute who joined Seville and Defoe who joined Spurs.
The second and winning goal was a good goal scored by Aron Lennon , as Spector tripped and fell, so Aron Lennon scored the winner. This is the first time since 1960, that Spurs have won all their three starting E.P.L.Games in a season.


Just like it was Christiano Ronaldo on every ones mind would he leave the English giants for the Spanish giants Real Madrid. Now it is whether Cesc Fabregas the spaniard and Arsenal captain leave the Emirate stadium soon.But we must remember that he is a very loyal footballer to the club, even though he came from the Spanish giant youth club Barcelona, and he was a discard not even getting place on the bench there, it was Arsene Wenger who has great vision in spotting young talent, got him to Arsenal , after the departure of Patrick Voeira for Juventus.
Fabregas very well knows that if he leaves for Barcelona, even for 40 million pounds , he may not get a regular spot there, with players like Xavi Hernandes and Andrea innesta so very well settled there.And Arsenal have a few rules they follow , once a player leaves Arsenal he will never be taken back again no matter how good he is. And the other rule is a player once reaches 30years , will then get a one year contract , never a two year one.
Yes Fabregas may leave one day for his homeland Spain , but I will not be suprised as he is only 22 years old, he will play for Arsenal another five years.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Both Manchester United and Arsenal have played three matches so far. And in those three matches Manchester United have so far scored a total of only 6 six goals, while on the other hand Arsenal have scored a total of 12 , twelve goals so far. While Manchester United have scored 5 five goals by their strikers , and only one by Nani.Their main scorers were Rooney, Berbatov and Owen. While at Arsenal only one goal has been scored by their strikers, that was by Eduardo , most are by their deffenders such as Gallas, Diaby and midfielder Fabregas . So Arsenal look more balanced team, but remember this is only the start of a nbew season, the correct picture will be availible only after 12 games are played.
As Manchester City after their big spending havenot been convincing at all. Winning by just one goal in each match will not do, They have brought many players.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Ashley Cole the Chelsea left back has now signed a new contract with Chelsea for a period of four years, he will be staying on at Stamford Bridge till about 2014. He will now become the highest paid defender in the E.P.L , earning more then Rio Ferdinand. Sadly it looks very much like Rio Ferdinand football career will come to an end, as he was often injured last year with a back problem and now he is injured again.
The Chelsea owner and club were forced to make this new high contract, as both the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid were knocking on his door to tempt him away from Chelsea. As he has played 74 times for England. But his salary at Chelsea has just gone over the roof , from the Arsenal days, but you must remember Arsenal do not through money like Chelsea , Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester United.
Ashley Cole new weekly salary will be 120,000 pounds a week.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This season Sunderland strengthened their strike force as last year Jones had to work all alone and many goals were missed. So this year they brought Darren Bent from Totnham Hotspurs as he Bent was fond to be a surplus striker , after Robbie Keane returned to Spurs after a short spell at Liverpool, He scored the first goal for Sunderland in the 19th minute. And once again Chelsea were one down like the first game. But the goals for Chelsea came all in the second half. The first was a corner kick from Lampard, Ballack tapped it in for the first goal in the 61st minute, then George McCartney fouled Drogba leading to a penalty, which was scored by Lampard who now equals Jimmy Greaves fifth all time scorer for Chelsea with 132 goals.The third goal was scored by Deco , the playmaker. It ended 3-1 in favour of Chelsea.


Manchester United visited the new boys Burnley , at their Turf Moore. Burnley is a club that has the thinnest purse to buy players, and nothing much was expected of them.
But they had decided from the start that they would give Manchester United a real fight.Michael Owen was chosen as a striker for this match, and Fabio Capello watched on from the stands, but to everyones supprise he was a complete failure , and around half time Ferguson decided that it was more then enough as they were by now chasing Burnley as Robbie Blake hade scored the one goal of the match, so Ferguson brought on Dimitrov Berbatov in the place of Michael Owen, but things did not change at all. Manchester had a glorious chance to equal the score when Patrice Evra was brought down , and a penalty was awarded in Manchesters favour. The supprise taker was Michael Carrick , and it was a very poor weak shot, saved by the goalkeeper. People wondered why Rooney or Giggs did not take the penalty, it was a costly miss.And could very well be Burnleys biggest win in the E.P.L history.Manchester tried hard and sent players forward but luck ran out , so did the time. It was Burnley first win verses Manchester United in 41 years.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson are just to stunned for words, as the news got out that their central deffender Nemnja Vidic advisor Mr Paulo Fabbri stated in the sspanish press that Nemnja Vidic wanted to join the Spanish giants Barcelona, and Barcelona had made no secret of their desire to get Vidic in the new season.
This comes as a big shock to Ferguson and the Manchester fans, as Rio Ferdinand, Wess Brown, Gary Neville and even Johnny Evans are injured , Vidic to missed the first game due to injury. Ferguson will now have to use a makeshift deffence in the next game.
Manchester United are trying to give Vidic a new contract with a lot of increase in the weekly salary as well as perks to hang on to him. But to move to Barcelona is always tempting, it is the only Spanish clyub in history to win all three cups in one year. Not even Real Madrid could do it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Arsenal began the first leg of their qualifying leg verses Celtic at Celtic Park. Now Celtic Park is famous for its history in which no English football club has ever won there.And before the game there were a few injury worries for the Arsenal fans . As Fabregas, Denilson, Sagna all had injuries. But on Teusday 18th august Arsene Wenger picked the same eleven players that played in their match with Everton, in which Arsenal won 6-1.But all had recovered by then.
In the first half the Scottish club made every effort to match the migty Arsenal team, and the goalkeeper Artur Boruc and the defence were kept on their toes. And as Arsenal pressed forward a goal was shore to come. It came this way Fabregas took a free kick from 25 meters the ball bounced from the back of Willam Gallas and went in the net, leaving artur Boruc wrong footed. After the second half the Celtic spirits fizzled out,there was a appeal for a hand ball in the box from a Celtic free kick that hit Bentners arm but the refree played on. The second goal came in the 71st minute, it was a Gael Glichy kick from the corner side that hit the outstretched leg of Gary Caldwell and went in, Boruc was again helpless.
Arshavin had earlier put the ball in the net with lob , but he was given offside.
Arsenal became the first club to beat Celtic in Celtic Park after 26 long years, the llast English club to win there was Nottingham Forest under the management of Brian Clough.In this match there was only one footballer from England on either side he was Danniel Fox of Celtic.


There is a lot of talk of Manchester City and its rich oil arab owners . Because of the amount of money they splashed out buying players.This year they were the second highest spending club after Real Madrid. But it come as a supprise to know that the people are the poorest in England , the richest are in Chelsea.
The Manchester City people drive in cars costing on an average only 5,000 pounds.
Their House is costing 132,000 pounds. And anual salary is about20,355 pounds.
Chelsea people were the richest their salary was 31,435 pounds.Their car was costing 17,000 pounds. And houses cost them 202,000 pounds.
The next clubs city and club areas after Chelsea was Tottenham Hotspur and then followed by Arsenal. This survey was according to Best

Monday, August 17, 2009


This match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs both the teams were well balanced ,But as Liverpool had sold Xavi Alonso to Real Madrid for a huge amount of 30 million pounds.The thought on every ones mind was the apsense of Alonso make a big differnce? And by the end it did make a difference as Fernando Torres was not fed well enough like in the old days and Rafael Benitz has no excuse for the poor show by Liverpools display. Robbie Keane had a total of four very good chances which he failed to take. But the goal did come in the end and it was the deffender Assou Ekotto who kicked brilliant ball like a cannonball into the net to scoore the first goal,till then Pepe Reina kept the score at 0-0, then afte4r the first goal scored by Spurs. Then in the second half Gomes ran from his line and brought down the new boy Glen Johnson who joined from Portsmouth, this lead to a penalty, and Stephen Gerrard scored it to draw Equal in the 56th minute. But the Joy was short lived 3 minutes later the new signng from Newcastle United Sebastin Bassong headed in the winner. Both the Spur goals were scored by deffenders.
But the big talkingt point here is was Sebastin Bassong legally allowed to play this match, as he was shown his second yellow card and should serve a one game ban, that is against Liverpool. The only possible reason he played was he was to be banned for Newcastle United game and as they have been relegated he was allowed to play. The F.A must look into it.In the end it was a poor show by Liverpool, hey were the only club from the top four clubs to loose their first game.


Manchester United started their defence of their title on 16/8/2009 -10 season. Their fans were very keen to see how their team would respond without Christiano Ronaldo or Carlos Tevez. With their deffenders Vidic, Gary Neville, Edwin Van dersar injured and Giggs Scholes, Nevile VandeerSar in their mid 30and 38 years even would they run as wellfor90 minutes. As they want to win the E.P.L for the fourth time in a row which has never been won before . Midway through the game Rio Ferdinand limped of with a suspected groin injury . They realy did miss Ronaldo greatly and Birmingham a club that was promoted this time stood bravely to the challenge the goalkeeper did very well. But in the 34th minute luis Nani sent the ball that hit the pole and then bounced back on the pitch, where Wayne Rooney scored the goal with a relief the match ended 1-0 in Manchester United favour. Antonio Valencia did not make any big impression on the game at all.


On the first day all eyes were on Manchester City , with the Arab oil money they had spent a total of160 million dollars on players like Carlos Tevez, Kolo Toure, Emanuel adebayor , Roque Santa Cruz and Garreth Barry. They w2ere second highest spending club this summer Real Madrid spent400 million dollars on players.
Adebayor scored a early goal in the 3rd minute of the game, they played with three strikers, Adebayor, Bellamy kept getting caught in an offside position due to his great pace. After 65 minutes Carlos Tevez joined in , but the second goal was scored by Stephen Ireland in the late injury time .It was the first time Manchester City won their Match at Blackburns ground called Eawood park in six long years.


The match on the first day of 2009-2010 season between Arsenal and Everton was the most eagerly waited match , as Arsenal came 4th and Everton 6th last year. Arsenal had sold bioth striker Emanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure to Manchester city. It was mgame bound to have a few goals in it. The first goal was scored by the brazilian Denilson it had all the class and Brazilian magic in it it was scored from 27 feet kick ,ending in the top cornerof the net. There were two headed goals from their deffender William Gallas and debutant Thomas Vermaelen. Cesc Fabregas scored a brace as well, and the icing on the cake was put on by Eduardo Dsilva , who came to play after the leg was broken by Martin Taylor over a year ago. A shot bounced of the post to be tapped in by the poacher Eduardo. The team was watched as they had gone four years without a trophy , and they sold a striker as well and Toure in deffence. This was the biggest defeat by Everton at the hands of Arsenal, and thi is the biggest score scored by a E.P.L team on the opening day ever. But so upset were the Everton fans that some went home at half time , when the score was 3-0. but there was still a suprise Luis Saha came in and scored a consolation goal in injury time so it ended 6-1. But one thing was clear Tim Howard was not at fault in letting the goals in. As they were all classy goals. Fabregas held out a arsenal jersey with the name of Dani Jarque , who was his friend died of a heart attack recentlyit had danis number21.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The 2009- 2010 E.P.L season started with the Hull City visiting the rich and talented Chelsea. Phil Brown the Hull manager did admit that they escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth. Hull had signed Stephen Hunt from Reading just a few days earlier. And every time striker Stephen hunt would touch the ball , he would be booed and jeered. The reason for the Chelsea fans to show their hate on Hunt , is taken back to october 2006 when Hunt challenged Petr cech their goalkeeper, this challange led to Petr Cech getting a skull fracture and keeping Cech out for a few months , Cech now wears a protection helmet all the time. The first goal was scored by Hull and as the ball came of the feet of John Obel Mikael it was Hunt who scored on the rebound. The fans were all the more angry, Drogba had missed a early chance, but in a free kick Drogba scored a dipping free kick in the 37th minute. Deco was brought as a substitute and in the injury time Deco and Drogba exchanged passes and then lobed the ball over the Hull goalkeeper Boaz Myhill head into the net, but Drogba admitted later that it was a intended pass , a lucky goal that broke Hull hearts. Carlo Anchelotti was relieved , as last year in a draw between Chelsea and Hull in Februry 2009 saw the sacking of Luiz Felipe Scholari.Anchelotti was a releived man.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Barcelona are very keen to get back Cesc Fabregas their former youth player , who came from their youth ranks, and was considered as surrplus there. Wenger ten got him to Arsenal , after the departure of Patrick Vieira, who left for Juventus. Barcelona were willing to make a offer for Fabregas of 40 million pounds plus a player.
As Wenger was not keen to sellhim, neither was Fabregas keen to leave Arsenal. The talk goes that Wenger asked Barcelona in exchange to sell Lionel Messi. And the asking price was 125 million pounds for Messi. Wenger said to expect such a sale between the two clubs a day before the E.P.L started. It is stupid to think it is possible.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This year in the E.P.L the promoted clubs are Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Burnley, of the three clubs Burnley purse is the thinnest, so much is not expected of them and before the ball is even kicked on saturday the 15th of August people predict that they will go down next year. It is indeed rare that all three promoted teams will survive that year, this has happened only once that all three clubs survived together in E.P.L history. But we have seen suprisses on the E.P.L tablees as well take hull for the first half of last year they wee sitting 7th in the table and along with Stoke got through . And clubs that were not suposed to go down like Newcastle United 12 months eaarlier went down.
In one year there was a big suprise in Ipswich , they were promoted that year not only did they challange the big four they even qualified for the champion league that year. But the following year they were relegated and have not climbed up again.
So this year we have to see if Manchester city and it big money can win them any plavce i the top four.We shall see.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The community shield was played between Manchester United and Chelsea. This was the first game of the 2009/10 season.And it would be a bigger test for Manchester United then Chelsea, with the departure of Christiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez, would they play like before? Luis Nani the one chosen to succed Ryan Giggs as winger as Giggs is now 37 and comes more as a substitute, as he did here also.Nani scored the first goal in the tenth minute and so calmed the Manchester nerves. But the equalizer came through a header by Ricardo Carvalho in the 52nd minute.The second goal by chelsea was conreversial, the Manchester defender Patrice Evra fell on the ground after a cynical fooul by the Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack. But as Evra was in pain on theWembley pitch the Manchester United players expected Chelsea to kick the ball out, but refereeChris Foy waved play on and Frank Lampard scored the second goal in the 71st minute , Wayne Rooneyy scored the equalizer in the 90th minute. The Manchester goalkeeper Ben Foster was repeatedly called to make big saves , as Edwin Van derSar has surgery on his broken hand. In the penalty shoot out Chelsea won it 4-1 . With Ryan Giggs and Patrice Evra missing their penalty kicks.This was Carlo Ancelotti his first silver ware as coach of Chelsea.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Dani Jarque the 26 year old deffender and captain of the Spanish Premiere Liga Espanyol , died in the hotel room in Coverciano , while talking to his girlfriend over the telephone.He had done training in the morning with the team , it was Espanyols tour of italy that had just ended. He was supposed to be a father soon.
Dani Jarque was from the youth team at Espanyol and was with them from the age of 12 years.He came from the small city town of Sant Boi near Barcelona, so he joined Barcelonas sister club Espanyol.
Dani Jarques death comes two years after The Seville midfielder Antonio Puerto died on 28/8/2007 in a game with Getafe.
The smiling face off Dani will be greatly missed as he helped Espanyol to win the Kings cup in 2006. And the U.E.F.A cup in 2007.
It is asad day for football , we who love th game and it players are sad at the great loss to football Dani is. R.I.P Dani Jarques we shall miss you greatly.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Arsenal are the only football club in the world , that does not spend millions ofpounds on it footballers, either in the summer or in January transfer window. The Manager Arsene Wenger believes in finding talent from the benches even if needed and youngsters get them cheap and sell them for a huge profit. No breaking the bank for a player.
1) Nicolas Anelka. Bought for 500,000 pounds. Playrd 65 games goals 23. sold to Real Madrid for 22.5 million pounds profit 22 million pounds.
2) Emmanuel Adebayor. Bought for 3 million pounds 104 games, goals46 sold for 25 million pounds.Profit22 million pounds.sold to Manchester City
3)Marc Overmars . Bought for 7 million pounds games 100, goals25. sold for 25 million pounds to Barcelona. Profit 18 million pounds.4) Kolo Toure .Bought for150,000 pounds, 225 games, Goals 9.Sold for 15 million pounds. To Manchester City.. Profit 14.85 million pounds.
5)Patrick Vieira. Bought for 3.5 million pounds.Games 279. Goals29. Sold for 13 .7million pounds to Juventus.Profit 10.2 million pounds.
6) Thierry Henry. Bought for 10.5 million pounds.Games 254. Goals 174.Sold for 16.1 million pounds to Barcelona. Profit 5.6 million. pounds.
The selling of Marc Overmars is still the highest paid for a Dutch footballer ever.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


People called Arsenal a selling club this year but it is not so. They sold their striker Emanuel Adebayor to Manchester City for a sum of 25 million pounds, but we must remember that he was got from Monaco in France for roughly seven million pounds. Wenger made a huge profit .And Emanuel Adebayor wanted to leave for Italy and join the either of the Milan clubs. Just one year he scored 30 goals for Arsenal then the form dipped and the goals dried up, He wanted the salary of Henry, which no club would give. As Henry scored goals regularly and made half chances as full ones ending in goals.
Kolo Tourie had only one year left on his contract, then Wenger would not have got that 15 million pounds he got this year for him. We must also remember Kolo Tourie is now 28 running 29 not many years leftfor him . Even although he was the last of the invincible Arsenal team, the only team in the E.P.L history that went a whole year without a defeat, not even the mighty, Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool did that in their glory years.Philippe Senderoeswas sold as he was a surplus and not at all that good for a defender. Last year he was on loan anyway so they sold him this year.
So Arsenal have justified themselves in selling these players.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Dider Drogba the striker from the Ivory Coast and Chelsea , who had a difficult time last year with injury as well as the famous words used by Drogba on the referee from Norway Mr Tom Henning Ovrebo, for being the worst refereeand due to him Chelsea lost that Semifinal verses Barcelona in the second leg of the champion league, he failed to give four penalties and a handball in the box. Drogba had called the referee a F ing disgrace.
The then Chelsea coach Mr Guus Hiddink said that they would definately sell Drogba because of his behaviour and language. But the Italian new coach of Chelsea Anchelotti has given Drogba a new three year contract and a increase in his weekly salary. It is 100000, pounds a week. He will be the third highest paid at Chelsea after John Terry, and Frank Lampard.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Now that REal Madrid have brought Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for 80 million pounds, a world record, the president of Real Madrid is very worried as Ronaldo in three games before the real Spanish season starts on August 30, had already 34, thirtyfour tackles on him. This lead the president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez to insure both of Christiano Ronaldos legs for a huge 90 million pounds.But there never was any need in England at Manchester United, It appears Real Madrid have to much money to throw around like this.This has also dwarwed the N.A.S.A space craft insurance which was only 50 million pounds and the 2004 Athen olympic games for 87 million pounds.
Here is the list of those and what was sponsored.
1) Christiano Ronaldo both legs for 90 million pounds.Footballer.
2)David Beckham both legs for 70 million pounds. Footballer.
3)Jenifer Lopez. Both her butts.27 million pounds. Pop Diva.
4)Jamie Lee Curtis, both legs. 2 million pounds.Actor.
5) Dolly Partons . Breasts. 600,000 pounds. Singer and Actress.
6)Bruce Springsteens . Voice.3 million pounds. Singer.
7)Merv Hughes. Moustache. 317,000. pounds. AustralianCricketer.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sir Bobby Robson was born on 18/2/1933. Birthplace Langley Park. Durham.
1950 / He joins Fulham.Makes 152 games scored 68 goals.He then moved to West Brom played 239 games scored56 goals.
In 1958 he played for England in the world cup in Sweden.He wins 20 caps for it.
In January 1968 takes over as Fulham coach, but is sacked in November.
In 1969 takes over as Ipswich coach.
1978 Ipswich win the F.A final with a 1-0 win over Arsenal.
1981 Ipswich win the U.E.F.A cup with a 5-4 aggregate over AZ Alkamaar.
1982 chosen as Englands manager.
1986 England reach the quarter finals , loosing to Argentina , in the in famous Maradona hand of god opening goal.
1990 world cup in Italy, England reaches Semifinals the highest since 1966 world cup win.
Takes over P.S.V Eindhoven , wins the dutch league in 1992
Short spell with sporting Lisbon. Joins F.C.Porto wins the league cup 1995, 1996.
1997 joins Barcelona wins cup winner and the LaLiga.
1998 joins P.S.V. Again. Joins NewCastle United in 1999,leads Newcastle to champion league.
2002 Is Knighted on the Queens birthday list.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Sir Bobby Robson the former Fulham and Ipswich player and the famous coach of Fulham and Ipswich, Sporting Lisbon , F.C.Porto, P.S.V Eindhoven, Barcelona , Newcastle United and England from 1982 to 1990. Passed away on the 31st of August 2009 at Durham .Due to multiple cancers that finally killed the greatest coach ever.He started watching Newcastle play from the terraces,but he is remembered more as a manager then a player he got a 13 year spell at Ipswich in which they won the F.A cup and the U.E.F.A cup.It was as Englands coach that he was remembered for in the 1986 world cup Argentina knocked out England wit the unfamous Maradona hand of gods goal. In 1990 England reached the Semi finals of the world cup, the closesest they have gone to after the 1966 winof the world cup . They lost to Germany in a penalty shootout with Stuart Pearce and Criss waddle missing theirs. He won titles at P.S.V. and two years in a row at Porto, Here as he did not know the language Jose Mourinho as his assistant as he knew both languages. He also won the trophy at Barcelona, he will also be remembered by football lovers for bringing Ronaldo Lima to P.S.V and the football world.
At New castle after they were at the bottom of the E.P.L and Guulit was sacked he got thejm to the champions league for two years in a row.And they also became the first club in Champion League history to loose their first three games and still qualify for the group of 16 teams.Last year with cancer winning all the time, Sir Bobby came to watch his beloved Newcastle play with a hope of seeing them survive, but they lost by one point and were relegated sadly as referee failed to give a goal scored by Mark Viduka. Newcastle is a shrine and funds have flown for his cancer trust 1.6 million pounds on friday came That is how popular he was. Rest in peace sir Bobby Robson.