Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Muer.The Italian Giants Juventus also called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN, want to unload their 33 year old goalkeeper. As he has been injured recently and weekly salary is to much for them, he gets a weekly salary of 1,25,000 pounds.
As he will be on a free transfer , Arsenal are keen to get him. As the other goalkeepers are costly Arsenal w3ill have to pay 20 million pounds, for Jose Reina, Manuel Neuer or even the Ajax goalkeeper. But Arsenal will not pay Buffon 1,25,000 pounds a week.
Manchester city are also keen to have Gianlugi Buffon.
But for arsenal jens Lehmen the 41 year old goalkeeper who came out of retirement was rusty and made a few blunders.


Barcelona have steadily increased the price of money that they will pay Arsenal for their Spanish captain Cesc Fabregas, it has increased from 32 million pounds to a 45 million pounds and not a penny more for him.But it was bound to happen as he would want to go back to Spain.
But we must remember that Arsenal paid Barcelona peanuts for him, the amount was 700,000 pounds.And this figure actually increased as F.i.F.A came between the clubs to fix the price.
But why do Barcelona need Cesc Fabregas ? The answer is that the great master xavi Hernandez is now 31 years old, and even as he plays so very well today, his body is aging and may not take the beating anymore , so Barcelona always buy a player to replace someone down the line.
But the president of Barcelona has said due to the huge debts over the years players will have to be sold as well, so who will go in the summer?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Juventus the giant of Italy, who are called THE OLD LADY OF TURIN.Are now looking out for a new coach as they have slipped down this year. And are rebuilding their team.
Those in the shortlist of managers are the Napoli manager Walter Mazzari, Luciano Spaletti . Roberto Mancini is living on borrowed time as Manchester City have problems in the back with Micah Richards out, Boateng out and Paulo Zabelatta in Argentina as his father had a serious car crash and is in the hospital.
It could well be between Roberto Mancini and Walter Mazzari, as Luciano Spaletti says he wants to honor his contract with Zenith St Petersburg Luciano Spaletti was the former coach of A.S. Roma.,


Arsene Wenger the arsenal manager , always takes his side to japan in the end of each season. After all he spent a few years coaching a club in Japan, before he joined Arsenal in the year 1996.
And when he came to Arsenal Alex Ferguson taunted him . Arsene who ?He soon found out.
While other clubs like Real Madrid go to the U.S.A. Arsenal chose Japan.
This year it will be not there as Japan suffered a huge Tsunami and nuclear giving leaks of huge radiation.

Monday, March 28, 2011


The Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard is going to apologize to Roy Hodgson , when Liverpool play .West Brom. He knows that Hodgson was treated shabily by the club and they sacked him after six short months, for their favorite Kenny Dalgalish. The fans wanted Dalgalish right from the start.
As Gerrard said it was us players that let Liverpool down by failing to score enough goals early in the season.And hodgon was not there to score the goals, even jamie Carragher said it is us players who let down the Liverpool fans and this big club as well
My memory goes back to a similar mess at Tottenham Hotspur, they then had a Spaniard as a coach called Junta Ramos, he did not know much English, so the club started loosing games till he was sacked. They then brought Harry Redknap , and they started winning and were in the champion league. Mind you both had the same teams, just a change of managers would not make them win . These clubs shamelessly wanted their managers sacked, to get one of their own choice.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Jose Mourinho the person who calls himself THE SPECIAL ONE. Has now said that he is willing to come to the E.P.L. And his agent Jose Mendez has said that now there are chances of only two clubs willing to hire him as coach.But he is going to be very, very costly indeed. He wants a salary of 20 million pounds yearly and he wants a transfer kitty of 150 million pounds.
The clubs he is interested is most likely Chelsea and Manchester United in the future. He is today the highest paid manager in the world with a yearly salary of 10 million pounds.
But he is a person who will only manager very big clubs, and champion league clubs.So Manchester City are out.He has four years at Real Madrid , but they have a hire and fire system at Real Madrid,and if he fails to win anything this year he will be shown the door.


The San Paulo 38 year gold keeper Ruggiero Ceni , who is a Brazilian and was their reserve goalkeeper in the 2002 world cup in japan, he was booked then for taking his jersey out.
But he has now scored a hundred goals. This is a record number of goals to be scored by a goalkeeper. It came with a free kick in the match verses Corinthians, it ended 2-1 .In the favor of San Paulo.


The U.E.F.A are plain dictators.
They gave the Arsenal manager Arsene wenger a one game ban, this followed the dispute between the referee Massimo Busacca after the champion league match between Barcelona verses Arsenal. Wenger was angry as the referee killed the game by sending of Robin van Persie ,for kicking the ball , after the dutch man was offside marginally.
Wenger used words which were bad, but so did the referee used those very words to Arsene Wenger,.
So legally speaking the referee should be banned and fined just like Arsene Wenger. But nothing was done, or will be done. As he the referee is a U.E.F.A employee you see. Platini should hang his head in shame, that is if he has any shame.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Roberto Mancini the Manchester City manager has come forward asking the owners for a further 1000 million pounds to buy players. It has not gone down with the club chairman.
As the club has already spent 300 million pounds , this will make it 400 million pounds on players.
Mancini says that the players he has at City are not good enough to win the E.P.L or the champion league. This is not true as he has the best players as well as the most overpaid ones as well.

Friday, March 25, 2011


The Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov is in talks with Manchester United over a new contract. He wants a three year renewed contract with a increase in the weekly salary from 1,100 pounds to 1,400 pounds ans a three year deal. But the Glaze5s with their new scheme to save money will not increase his weekly salary at all. And will give him a two year deal only, he says he is the top scorer with 20 goals.
Berbatov has found himself on the bench sulking to often loosing his place to Javier Hernandez.
His 20 goals may not get what he wants, as Ferguson did not renew the contract of Ted Sherringham , after he was the top scorer a few years back with 24 goals, he then played for Spurs.


Petr Cech the Chech Republic goalkeeper , who plays his club football with Chelsea , has come forward to say that Arsenal had rejected him earlier before he joined Chelsea and was the goalkeeper at Renee's . The main reason was that Petr Cech was not getting a work permit to play in England, so Arsenal had no alternative but to reject him.


David Villa the Spanish striker who plays his club football with Barcelona , has now becomes Spain's all time goal scorer. He has now scored 46 goals for Spain, so breaking the earlier record of 44 goals held by the great Raul Gonsalves.. In the 2010 world cup he scored 5 goals.
He scored his first goal for Spain in 2005.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The Italian Giants A.c. Milan have told their midfielder and world cup winner Andrea Pirlo , to cut his weekly salary as he is now getting a weekly salary of 100,000 pounds a week. And as he is 31 years years old, he has refused, leading to speculations that he may move either to Barcelona or Manchester City.
Roberto Mancini wants Andrea Pirlo to fill the place of Patrick Vieira, who will finish his career in the M.L.S.
Manchester City are willing to pay Pirlo a weekly salary of 130,000 pounds a week.
Chelsea to are keen to have him.


Arsene Wenger has decided to sell some players i the summer, partly to balance the books, as well as to get rid of players that have failed to live up to promises shown earlier.And to use the money to get better players. Those on the way out are these.
1) Manuel Alumania.
2) Denilson.
3) Gael Glichy.
4) Tomas Rosicky.
5) Noclas Bendtner.
6)Sebastin Squllaci.
7) Emanuel Ebooue.


The richest managers were announced.They include Raphael Benitez , who is not one now as well.
1) Jose Mourinho. His earnings were 13.5 Million Euros.
2) Josep Guardiola. His earning were. 10.5 Million Euros.
3)) Raphael Benitez. His earnings were.10.2 Million Euros.
4) Fabio Capello. His earnings were. 8.5 Million Euros.


The list of the highest paid footballer for the year 2011 is out. England footballers are the highest paid footballers, there are 7 in the lit of 20. The highest paid footballer is as follows.
1) Lionel Messi. His earnings was 31 Million Euros.
2) Christiano Ronaldo. His earnings was 27.5 Million Euros.
3) Wayne Rooney . His earnings were 20.7 .Million Euros.
Two other famous football stars fell down.
5) David Beckham. His earnings were . 19. Million Euros.
6) Thierry Henry. His earnings were . 13.6. Million Euros.


Jose Mourinho the so called SPECIAL ONE. Has made it very clear that he is coming back home to the season. And the clubs that he could be a manager are very few. They are Chelsea, Manchester United , Manchester City or even Tottenham Hotspur.
But as he says England is the best place to be a manager, neither Italy or Spain , were so good.
But we must remember that he only manages a big and rich club, that will be willing to spend big on buying players and selling players he does not like. And not many clubs can afford it during the recession times. So it will be Chelsea or Manchester City .
Roberto Mancini is living on borrowed time , the owners have spent 300 million pounds on players , and still not yet in the top four in the E.P.L. Chelsea is more likely as Carlo Anchelotti may move to A.S. Roma . And Manchester United are in 109 million pound debt.
So where will the SPECIAL ONE go?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The hated Glazers have really milked the Manchester United club, of 400 million pounds to pay their interest on their big loans which they took to buy Manchester United.
Manchester United have 50 million fan base all over the world, it has a sitting capacity of 75,000, which is always full. So they should making sacks of money, but it is not so. Their last years debt was 108.9 million pounds.
Before the Glazers brought Manchester United , the club was not in debt nor did they have to pay any interest to anybody. The Glazers failed to see a recession strike the U.S.A.


These 16 famous and talented footballers cost 400 million pounds.
1) Fernando Torres . 50 Million Pounds.
2) Andy Carroll. 35 Million Pounds.
3) David Villa. 34.2. Million Pounds.
4) Edin Dzeko. 27. Million Pounds.
5) James Milner. 26. Million Pounds.
6) Mario Boletelli. 24.5. Million pounds.
7) Yaya Toure. 24. Million Pounds.
8) Darren Best. 24. Million Pounds.
9) David Silva. 24. Million Pounds.
10) David Luiz. 23. Million Pounds
11)Luis Suarez. 22. Million pounds.
12)Angel Di Maaria. 20. Million Pounds.
13)Yohan Gorcuff. 19. Million Pounds.
14)Ramirez. 18.3. Million Pounds.
15)Mezut Ozil. 16. Million Pounds.
16Milos Krasic. 13 Million pounds.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The loss by Manchester United for the year 2010 was 108.9 million pounds. The reason for this is that no players were sold, and they paid of interest of 30.2 million pounds on the 230 million pounds on Payment In Kind. And the 80 million pounds for the selling of Christiano Ronaldo is there.
So Manchester United say that they have 165 million pounds in the bank, and they are in a healthy state of finance. This year they will have to sell players as some retire and others are 37 and 36 years old.


In the E.P.L history the club to make the biggest loss for a year was Chelsea in the year 2005. That year the loss was 132 million pounds.
This was just after the Russian Billionaire Roman Abrahimovic purchased Chelsea and brought in Jose Mourinho as manager. And the big spending started, With Petr Cech Dider Drogba, Paulo Ferrier., Carvalho,

Monday, March 21, 2011


Alex Ferguson who was serving a five match ban from the lines . but this made no difference what so ever, as usual Manchester United are favored by the English F.A. Or they are Dead scared of this man, it is a big shame.
Ferguson was sitting above Fabio Capello row, and he used the telephone several times , a old white phone, both had the same cordless phone. And as the match progressed and Bolton Wanderers held on , the old Fox got more nervous and there were more calls.
This is absolutely senseless on the part of the F.A,. It served no purpose at all , as Ferguson did job from the back row. So either no phone should be allowed at all , in any form no cell phone either. Or let him stay in the dugout and and fine him instead of 300,000 10, 00000 pounds . Mind you he has done it before and will do it again. That is Manchester United and Ferguson.
No phones allowed by Ferguson or Manchester United staff , as 4 matches remain. I doubt the F.A will do anything they are spineless .

Sunday, March 20, 2011


John Terry the Chelsea captain has got back the England's captains armband for the match between Wales and England. Fabio capello has decided to give the armband back to John Terry.
The reason being that the other two players who wore the armband are now injured, Rio Ferdinand is a long time injury and Steven Gerrard has undergone a groin operation.
But let us see why the captaincy was taken in the first place, it was reported by the press that John Terry was sleeping with the former girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, and in five minutes at a meeting between Fabio Capello and john Terry , it was decided as he was a bad role model he lost the captaincy. Now all of a sudden as there is a shortage of a leader for England .
What John Terry was doing was all correct now, then the armband should not have been taken away in the first place. The Italian cabbage man is totally confused.


Kevin Friends the referee for the match between Liverpool verses Sunderland gave a penalty in favor of Liverpool. The Liverpool player was tripped outside the penalty area, but the player fell inside the box. First the referee Kevin Friends gave a free kick from outside the box, this was the correct decision , but the linesman who was on the side and did not have a good view as Friends had decided it was a penalty and the referee then changed his mind. The culprits were Luis Suarez the talented but very dirty footballer from Uruguay, who was pleading with the referee to give a penalty. This is a player who bites players years, and used his dirty hand at the world cup 2010 to prevent the ball from going in the net. Even the Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher said it was not a penalty.
It is clear technology must be introduced as soon as possible, even if slows the game we want a fair result.Friends and the linesmen should be banned for ever as they do not know the rules even. Note corner kicks the ball must be in the circle, now it is kept outside the circle and nothing said.
The F.A should be ashamed, all they want to do is fill their begging bowl , to fine players and managers.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Sir Alex Ferguson has now managed Manchester United for many years, and in the Champion league game, in the group of 16, in their second leg game.This was a milestone for Alex Ferguson it was match number 100 for him. It came in the match verses Olympique Marseille.
And to manage 100 games is some record with one club, the only other manager that can do it is the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who has been 16 years with Arsenal.


The American Glazer family, owners of Manchester united, are now thinking of a a new pay scheme, with the players, and it has not gone well with the players.
Players will not get a rise in weekly salary when they are renegotiating a new contract. But they are going to get more financial incentives for the number of appearances and honor won.There is another plan to pay the players according to the minutes played.
So when players are rested or rotated by Ferguson they will loose a lot of money. Even players good costly ones like Owen Hargreaves , Michael Owen Rio Ferdinand will not get money when injured. Owen Hargreaves gets 80,000 pounds a week , and he has not played for over a year.
Another plan is to restrict staff from having free breakfast at Carrington training camp.
But one thing is clear this will not attract good and famous players, they will go to Spain or Italy.
Glazers did it with the Tampa bay Buccaneers.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Over the years there have been Goalkeepers ho have played in their late 30s or even in their 40s.It could be said it is a case of old wine getting better with age. Here are some of them.
1) Dino Zoff. At 40 years. He won the world cup in 1982, the only goalkeeper ever to lift that cup.
2) Peter Shilton was 40 years in 1990 world cup.
3) David James was 39 when he played in 2010 world cup.
4) Jen Lehmen is to play for Arsenal at 41 years.
5) David Seamen was 39 years in the 2002 world cup.
6) Kevin Pool holds the record for the oldest goalkeeper in England football he was 47 years old.
7) Gigi Buffon is 33 years old.
8) Bret Fridel is still going strong.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sir Alex Ferguson has got a five game ban, and also fined a total of 30,000 pounds.The reason he is fined and banned by the F.A. is because he criticized the referee Mark Atkinson in the match between Chelsea and Manchester United, he claimed that Atkinson should have sent of the Chelsea player David Luiz.
It now means And he will be the first manager ever to be banned for a match at Wembley he will miss five games, four E.P.L.


The German giants will be looking out for a new coach for the new season in June, as they have parted ays with their famous Dutch coach Luis Van Gaal, a experienced coach, who was in Holland, Barcelona, Bayern Muich and in Italy as well.
Now there are two names in the shortlist of the club, one is mark Hughes known as Sparky, and the other is the Bayern Leverkussen coach Jupp Heyneckes . But Mark Hughes will be without a contract at the end of the season, so he will be free.


Fabio Capello wants to reinstate John Terry as the captain of England, as Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand are injured, long time injuries to.
Gerrard has had a groin operation and Rio Ferdinand has not recovered from his back trouble as yet, and as he is over 31 years old ,there is a big fear that he may not recover properly soon. It could even end his football career for good a bit to early.


Ashley Young the Aston Villa and English footballer is no hurry to sign a new contract with the club, in fact he has told friends that he wants to move on, as there is no chance that Aston Villa will reach the top four places,anywhere soon.
He will decide about his future at the end of the season, and Gerrard Houlier has admitted that he may loose him in the summer.
There isevery chance Ashley Young may join Manchester United in the summer, as Luis Nani dropped a bombshell, saying he wanted to leave Manchester United.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Steve Bruce wanted Andy Carrol the Newcastle United striker, when he was the manager at Wigan, before his move to Sunderland. The manager at Newcastle united was Joe Kiennar.And the asking price was 4.5 million pounds. But sadly at that time wigan did not have that type of money to spare. Andy Carrol was sold in the last day of the january transfer window, which automatically increased his price to 35 million pounds, which was a record for a English footballer.


Luis Nani wants a new contract with Manchester United, even after he signed a new contract a year ago , and there are three years to more to go. Ferguson always keeps the good players in the team and signs a new contract when there are two years remaining.
Money has gone into the heads of these footballers, they play well one year then they want a huge amount. Nani is now asking a new weekly salary of 100,00 pounds a week, the same as Dimitrov
Berbatov, who gets 100,000 pounds a week. A few years ago Emmanuel Adebayor was flying in one year scoring goals at Arsenal, here to greed got the better of him , he wanted the same salary as Theirry Henry. Now he is on a loan at Real Madrid from Manchester City.
Manchester United have flatly rejected Nani asking , so Nani has threatened to leave for Italy or Real Madrid. But even Manchester City are keen to buy him.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Sir Alex Ferguson has almost decided that the Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea the young goalkeeper , who plays his club football at Atletico Madrid, the selling
price is 15 million pounds.
Yes it is a big gamble to take this young player for Manchester United, when Manuel neuer is also there to buy.The Ajax goalkeeper is also up for sale.Another proplem is that these Spanish footballers get home sick, like Antonio Reyes, Jesus Nawas, and now it is reported in the press that Fernando Torres is also homesick.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This is the best team made up of only Arsenal and Manchester United players. And they were really good.
1) Goalkeeper . Peter Schmeichel..
2) Right Back . Gary Neville.
3) Left Back. Ashley. Cole.
4) Center Backs. Tony Adams.
5) Center back . Japp Stam.
6) Left wing. Ryan Giggs.
7) Right Wing. Christiano Ronaldo
8) Central midfielder. Patrick Vieira . And Roy Keane.
9) Strikers. Thierry Henry, Eric Cantona. Dennis Bergkamp.


The special one Jose Mourinho wants to come back to England, so naturally clubs are waiting with their red carpets.But remember that he works with a club who throws a lot of money on players.
The clubs that are waiting are 1) Chelsea, 2) Manchester United, 3) Manchester City, 4) Liverpool and 5) Tottenham Hot spurs.
1) Chelsea coach Carlo Anchelotti may go back to Italy and Roma,as they have a new owner there.
And the Roman Abrahimovic has money to throw on the team .
2) Manchester City, after spending over 300 million pounds and in a loss last year of 121 million pounds, players with huge salaries and no silverware.Mancini may be out, after all Mourinho replaced mancini at Inter Milan.
3)Liverpool, Dalgalish is a coach till the end of the season,no trophies in years.
4) Manchester United as Ferguson may retire as he has nothing to prove now.
5) Tottenham Hotspur, as harry Redknapp has a case on him, he said it is weghing heavily on him. He may take over from Capello as well.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Alex Ferguson knows very well that the Manchester united side is aging , so he has decided to spend big in summer. Those who are on his radar are Ken Rod well from Everton, he first offered 15 million pounds, but it was rejected, the new one is 25 million pounds. The others are Ashley Young from Aston Villa, he will be even costlier then Rod well. As Ashley Young was the only player in the E.P.L. Eleven who came from a team that was not in the top four in the E.P..L.
Ferguson also wants all the players back who are on loan in the summer..As Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes may play only one more year.And vanDer Sar is retiring, and Owen Hargreaves will be released free, as he has failed to recover.


Peter walton the referee for the match between Birmingham City and Ever ton, forgot to take the yellow and red cards in his pockets for the match. but when he wanted to book the Birmingham player Jordan Mutch with a yellow card he realized that he had forgotten to bring them. The fourth referee came on the pitch to give them. In the end he showed two yellow cards.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


The statistics between Arsenal and Barcelona show where the match was won and lost.
1) Shots on Target. Barcelona12. Arsenal o.
2) Shots of target. Barcelona 17. Arsenal. 0
3) Touches in opposition half. 688. Arsenal105.
4) Touches in opposition box. 47. Arsenal 2.
5)Successful passes in opposite half.529. Arsenal 45.
6)Top 6shots. Messi4, Villa 4, Alaves 3, Adriano 2 Alfelly 2..
7) Top 6 Driblers Nasri 12, Messi 12, Wilshere 7, Iniesta 5, Abu Diaby 3, Alaves 2.
Chances created Pedro3, Xavi3, Adriano2, Messi2,Iniesta2, Villa1.
8) Top 6 Tackles. Mascherano7, Koscieny 5, Adriano 4, Busquets 4, Alaves4, Wilshere4.
9) Top successful passes Xavi121, Iniesta 97, Mascherano 81, Alaves 79, Abidal 75.
So we now kno why Arsenal were out played and out thought by barcelona.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Since the Champion League games since the year 2003 there have been a total of 981 games, with 1,962 teams taking part, but Arsenal became the first club not to manage a single shot inany form since the year 2003.
But in this match of 16 between Arsenal and Barcelona , Barcelona saw to it that they did not allow Arsenal to even breath properly, or do their magical smooth passes.Barcelona had 74 percent of the ball, and made a total of 871 passes to Arsenals 288 passes.
Xavier Mascherano said Barcelona wins because of the referee, this is wrong anddangerous to say and we have our doubts of the neutrality of this stupid blind referee.


Both Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri will face U.E.F.A charges for their foul language on the referee. But the referee was a failure on the pitch , and failed to send of Eric abidal for pressing Robin van Persies neck, the football law clearly says any touching and pushing gets a red card straight, this fool of referee did not know the rules,and made many bad decisions in the game, he killed this champion league., Abou Diaby was shown a red card for pushing kevin Nolan in the E.P.L. It is clear Barcelona was favored.
The only good thing is that U.E.F.A have said that the referee Massimo Busacca will be evaluated of his refereeing . But my question is what will be done nothing will be done, his blunders will be swept under the carpet, shamelessly and sadly by U.E.F.A , mind you the referee used the same language as arsene Wenger , two different rules apply here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The Switz referee Massimo Busacca was a very poor referee in the champion league match between Arsenal and Barcelona. He sent of Robin van Persie with a controversial second yellow card, followed by red.It was for kicking the ball as he failed to hear it. Those who know football will also Know that Barcelona has the biggest stadium , with 95,5000 people whistling, shouting and dancing it is possible not to hear the whistle. instead of sending of , common sense should have prevailed, a stern talking would have been better.
We know in the champion league we get jokers as referees who kill the champion league. 2009 Barcelona won verses Chelsea when the referee then, Tim Henning Ovrebo failed to give Chelsea two penalties, and he sent of Eric Abidal, when Nickolas Anelka should have got a red card.
In the Arsenal verses Barcelona match Abidal clearly presses Robin Van Persies neck, this is a red card offence, insread this bat of a referee showed nothing,
Are you watching the match mr Micael Platini.Do not kill the game and steal the result with the help of referees.And Messi did the same thing as Persie, no card came out.


On the match between Manchester United and Liverpool played on 6/3/2011. Liverpool won the game 3-1.
the dutch man Dirk Kuyt scored his first hat trick in a Liverpool jersey, since he moved to England from Feynoord Holland in 2005.
Edwin van der Sar let in three goals for the first time since 2005.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Barcelona are famous for their short passes.They make a tight diamond shape, with Lionel Messi sitting in front and xavi Hernandes doing his graceful passing to Andrea Iniesta and sergio Busquets, Barcelona made 266 passes compared to Arsenals 82 passes.Xavi passed the ball to Sergio Busquets 22 times, and recieved the ball from him 18 times, Xavi passed the ball to Messi and Iniesta 15 times each.
The distance run by Barcelona was 725 miles. Arsenal ran 718 miles.
The average top speed was 19.08. M.P.H. Arsenal speed19.08. M.H.R.
Ball Possession 40 Min. 15 Seconds. Arsenal Po session 26.Min 39,Sec.
Ball Possession. 61 . percent Arsenal possession.39 percent.
Passes attempted 773. Arsenal pass attempts. 423.
Passes completed 629. 81 % Arsenal passes completed. 299. 71 %
Runs in the area 12. Runs in the Area 14.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The English F.A. should hang their heads in shame, as it is now clear the referees favor Manchester United, we saw that Wayne Rooney was not shown a red card for the elbow used, by Mark clattenburg . In the match between Arsenal and Sunderland played on 5/3/2011 .Arsenal suffered from very, very bad refereeing, here the guilty referee was Anthony Taylor a referee from Manchester. All he wanted to do was to see to it that Arsenal failed to get their three points ,to close the gap with Manchester United. He failed to give a penalty to Arsenal when Titus Bramble pushed and brought down the last man Andrey Arshavin. According to F.I.F.A rules, when the last player is brought down, a straight red card follows and a penalty is given. forget the red card or penalty, this blind man,or bat failed to show a yellow card.Arshavin scored a clear goal, it was not offside.As the replay confirmed it.
Will the F.a demote this referee and the linesman to the third division football , so that he can learn the rules properly.Or both should retire.
In the 2010 world cup in South Africa 8 referees were sent packing home for wrong decisions. Will the F.A. be like this? No NEVER.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Andy Carrol the Newcastle United striker was almost sold for a million pounds in 2009.
The Newcastle club wanted to sell players who were having a costly weekly bill, or those who were not performing well
Andy Carrol scored 3 goals in 14 games.. But this year hescored17 goals in 39 games, and helped the club to be promoted. He was sold to Liverpool for 35 million pounds a huge profit.
1) Damien Duff was sold to Fulham for 3 million pounds.
2) Jose Enrique joined from Villarreal for 6.3 million pounds.Wanted to sell him for 3.5 million pounds.
3)Jonas Gutierrez was for a 3 million pound sale.
4) Fabric o Coloccini was a 3 million pound sale. To save his 70,000 pound a week salary.
5) Habib Beye joint Aston Villa 2.5 million pounds.
6) Obafemi martins was sold for 9 million pounds.Basoong to Spurs for8 million pounds.
7) there were no takers for Alan Smith and Shola Ameobi.. Joe barton was for1.5million pounds.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Manchester United have decided to release Owen Her graves in the summer, as he has failed to make a complete knee recovery. he joint Manchester united from Bayern Munich for a sum of 18 million pounds.He had undergone two knee operations on both the knees, but it failed to heal. He only played a few minutes before the trouble came to haunt him again.
He will be allowed to move free in the summer.


Kolo Toure made one big mistake , he failed to get a prescription from a doctor for the diet pill , of his wife which he took.Then the punishment would be lighter.Just saying you are a religious Muslim and a very good family man will not do o get you out.As a footballer he failed to read the medicine properly.
Now if the second sample tests positive he may face two years of ban.His football is over.


The referee Danien Rubino showed a tital of 36 red cards in a match in Argentina, the game was between the two clubs called Claypole verses Victoriano Arena.The game was 2=0 in favor of Claypole. then a brawl erupted the referee lost his head as well as control of the players. He showed 36 red cards for the 22 players, the staff of both teams. as well as all the substitutes.
The previous record for the most red cards in a match was in 1993 in a game in Paraguay, there 20 red cards were shown.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Kolo Toure has tested positive,and the F.A will now wait and see for the result of the B, Test and if that to is positive , he can very well expect a long ban, even a two year ban from all football.
Kolo Toure joined Manchester City from Arsenal for roughly 16 million pounds, and now gets a weekly salary of 120,000 pounds.But now he has lost the captaincy to Carlos Tevez, and his place as well in the team to Vincent Kompany.
Now all will depend on his second test, at 29 years of age,he may not play in a Manchester City jersey for a long time.He has let the club and fans down very, very badly.


It is quite possible that A.s.Roma will be sold and the person coming to take the managers oost will be Carlo Anchelotti.. A lot will depend on the new owners, how much they will pay to buy the club, and how much they will spend on players. The the new owners are owners of the American baseball team The Boston Red Sox.
Then if Carlo Ancheloti does leave Chelsea for Italy, that then open way for The Special One to come back to Chelsea, Jose Mourinho would leave Real Madrid, as he is now 10 points behind Barcelona.And some time ago he had a big bust up with Jorge Valdano.
Roma is the first Italian club that will be sold to a non Italian.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


1) Ryan Giggs has 21 Major trophies to his name, 11 E.P.L cups .2Champion league cups, 4 F.A. Cups, and 4 Carling cups.
2) Ryan Giggs has made 862 appearances for Manchester united. He broke Sir Bobby Charlton record in the year 2008.
3) Ryan Giggs has scored a total of 158 goal, for Manchester united.As he has been a one club player all his life.He is also the only player to score 11 consecutive years as a footballer..

4) Ryan Giggs has played a total of 51,427 minutes in the E.P.L. Or 36 days of football.
I doubt any player will play for this long time and break this record.


In a astonishing career of 20 long years that started in 1991 when he came as a substitute for Dennis Irwin, the match ended in 2-0 defeat to Everton
During this time he has played along with 135 Manchester United team mates, some have retired others have moved on. They include Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke and Rudd Van Nistelrooy.And Bryan Robson.Players with roughly every alphabet were thetre in the list.