Monday, September 29, 2008


The match between Manchester City and Wigan Athlatic was once again spoilt by the blind refereees , who else.
This time Steve Bennet was the culprit. Here Bennet gave a penalty in favour of Wigan Athlatic. When that cheat of a player through himself , for the whole world to see , only Steve Bennet failed to see it.
This is a howler pf all howlers ever seen on a football pitch. No wonder Arsene Wenger is demanding that monitors be used. So the F.A. better wake up, three blunders of all blunders in three matches is far to much . Just Scott Stylis apoligising will not do for us , as the three points were stolen by Ronaldos dive and also at the other three matches . But what should be done? The answer is just give these jokers the boot and forcethem to retire at fourty years and not the fourtyfive years as is today.
Another solution is to use Asian referees forE.P.L games.
We must not forget that these referees are paid for it , so at least iwant them to be honest in their work .


The substitute bench of Liverpool was valued at 30, million pounds and at the same time the Everton bench was valued at only five million pounds. Yes indeed Liverpool are a richer club no doubt.
Then if you take into consideration the price of the Liverpool players such as Gerrard, Kuyt, Carragher, Pepe reina, Xavi Alonso , Robbie Keane, Agger, Mascherano, Fernando Torres, Ryan Babel and thje others .
So naturally the game with Everton was a one sided game


Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Manchester United is the biggest cheat and shameless diver playing club football today he has no intention to mend his ways, and stop diving and getting free kicks and penalties.
We very sadly saw it in the match between Mancheste United and Bolton Wanderers. It absolutely shameful for Ronaldo , Alex Ferguson and Gary Neville , the captain. Who failed to correct Ronaldo to this day.
Last year he scored foutytwo goals to win the Europen Footballer Of The Year.
I realy do wonder if Dennis Law and George Best cheated this way? The answer is never they played very well and scored all the goals fairly. Not like this cheat of today. I ask without his famous dives how many goals would he score. This penalty was the first this season.
But what I cant understand is why does a player who has so much talent, speed, skill and control of the ball, needs to stoop so low as Cristiano Ronaldo has sadly done.
My big question is what is Michel Platini the preaident of U.E.F.A , and Sepp Blatter the F.I.F.A president doing.
Recently Arsene Wenger the Arsenal coach demanded that monitors be in use as the standard of refereeing has fallen to their lowest it can ever get down to.
But what must be done about it ? My sugestion is harsh but simple for players like Ronaldo.
They should be shown a red card straight away and get six game ban . That is If in a E.P.L they dive then six E.P.L games , if in a F.A cup six F.A cups and if in a champion League six champion league games . And their wekly salary should be paid to the team that lost because of Ronaldo or for the matter any other player.
Are you going to wake up from your slumber Mr Platini and take stern action against Ronaldo and the other divers.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


The match between Manchester United and Bolton Wanderers was held on the 27/9/2008.
It was well balanced game at first with both sides having their share of chances and also both msses a few chances. The Bolton goalkeeeper Jaskolianinin was by far the the busier of the two goalkeepers and the score stood at 0-0 well into the second half.
It was then Manchester United and Cristiano decided the best way was to dive and get a penalty. He shamlesly did that and got a penalty even when Samuel got the ball with his foot. The referee Scott Stylis should be booted out of the F.A. list as a referee. Because he failed to show Ronaldo a direct red card. And the sadest thing is Ferguson is encouraging Ronoldo to dive and win penalties and free kicks . I wonder how many of his fourtytwo goals came from diving. This would not be tolerated at Arsenal and other clubs.
It is the duty of the coach to nib this kind of bad sportsmanship from football..
And after the penalty the Bolton Wanderers players went foerward to score, and so left gaps and Wayne Rooney then scored the second goal. This was Rooneys78 goal for Manchester United, it then works out at seventeen goals each year since he moved from to Manchester from Everton.


The match between Liverpool and Everton, which was played on 27/9/2008. This game turned out to be a complete one sided game, so one sided was the game that the Liverpool goalkeeper Jose Pepe Reina just did not touch the ball in the entire game, leave alone making a save.
For Liverpool both Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, the EL NINO TheKID both returned from injury.
The game had to wait for the second half play for the first goal to be scored by Torres who also added a second goal and he opened his account for this season.
The referee for the game was none other then the illfamous Mike Riley, the ever contreversial Mike Riley. In the second half he showed a straight red card to the Australian , Everton player Tim Cahil when all the comentators repestedly said along with the T.V comentators that a good talking and yellow card should have been shown. So once again Mike Riley has spoilt a game .

Friday, September 26, 2008


The NewCastle have now chosen a new coach to suceed Kevin Keegan who left after a period of eight months as head coach. The then caretaker coach was mr Cris Houghton who was both assistant coach under Kevin Keegan and also as assistant coach under the Dutch coach Martin Jyol at Tottenham Hotspur.
The name of the temprory coach of Newcastle is an Irishman named Joe Kinnear. He was the coach of Luton and also Wimbeldon. He also worked with Nottingham Forest. But has not been at a club since 2004.
Mr Joe Kinnear has agrred to be coach for the month of october only. As Mike Ashley has clearly told him he expects the sale of the club through the bank called SEYMOUR PIERCE , to come through soon, so a long time coach would be unfair and he might have to manage six to eight games at the most before the sale goes through..
The good point is that now with a coach the players can concentrate on their football and score goals and climb the ladder with points.


West Ham last year in the last game allowed the Argentinan striker Carlos Tevez to play in the game.Even though he legaly was not allowed to play ,he scored the winning goal and West Ham survived and Shefield United were demoted.But this week Shefield United won their case and are to get thirty million pounds as compensation.Now the Shefield United players have decided to file a case as footballers against the club , as they each say they have lost millions of pounds thid year as they are playing in the second division. They have consulted a lawyer named Mr Cris Farnell and will file the case in the Court of Arbitation For Sport in Manchester.This isnot the only problem facing the new coach Gianfranco Zola. Their striker Dean Ashdon is injured in the Carling cupand will be out for six weeks.Carlton Cole was arrested for drunk driving.And their former sponsorer X.L HOLIDAYS , has gone bankrupt and now the players where their number in the front of their jerseys where X.L once was . This also means money will be very tight for Zola in the january transfer window.


Michel Owen has said the right thing that Newcastlemust find a coach as soon as posible, and to get things back on track . As Newcastle are now langushing second from the bottom.
But as the club is up for sale, the club canot give a one year conract or a two year contract . The coaches want a secure job like any one else.. But the owner Mike Ashley has contacted the Bank SEYMOUR PIERCE to find a buyer. This is the same bank that sold Chelsea, Ashton Villa and Manchester City.
There were three names short listed. They were as follows 1) TERRY VENABLES. 2) GLEN HODDLE.3)DAVID OLEARY.. Both Glen Hoddle and Terry Venables have rejectd the jo as they dont want to be coach ffor each match but David , O Leary is willing to be coach. David O LEARY was coach of Leeds United and Ashton Villa. While Glen Hoddle waa s Englands coach. And Terry Venables was Englands assistant coach uner Steve Mclaren. We shall now see who will be chosenas coach.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Europen Chamipionship will haave a change from the year 2016. But as the plans are made for the next Euro tournament, to be held in 2012 that year there will only be sixteen teams as this years Euro 2008.
But from the year 2016, the number of countries taking part will be doubled to 24 teams.
It has been agreed by all the U.E.F.A sitting members.
The former German footballer and coach of Germany has said. It is almost said and done , all it needs is the rubber stamp of U.E.F.A on the agrement to be stamped.
But what are the advantages to have 24 , twentyfour teams taking part?
Now teams like England that missed the 2008 Euro narrowly will get a better chance to make itin 2016 onwards.

And people can see more matches and the contest will turn more tougher.


In the world cup qualifier between England and Croatia, which was played on the 10th of september in Croatia.
The English striker Emile Heskey fouled the croatian Niko Kovac. Following this incident, the Croatian fans started their ugly racial abuse in their monkey chants. Emile Heskey said these croatian fans are just plain ignorant people.
F.I.F.A. herd the case and fined Croatia 15,ooo pounds. And clearly said racial remarks of any kind will not be tolerated in any form.
But is 15,000 pounds as a fine enough? The answer is NO.. The amount to the croatian football federation is peanuts.
I personaly feel the fine should have been a larger amount , it should have been50,000 fifty thosand pounds andthree points deducted from the countrys points for the world cup. And Croatia shouldplay the nex world cup qualifier in a empty stadium .
With these points being deducted then only will it hurt them.
In a freindly between Spain and England these players were also treated to monkey chants they were Ashley Col, Shawn Wright Philips and Emile Heskey. Rio Ferdinand blamed F.I.F.A for not taking enough and stern action against them.


The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has a knack of finding good young talent and also giving them a start in their football career . We saw it clearly in the match between Arsenal and Shefield United in which the the Gunners thrashed the Blades 6-0.
The beauty of the game was that the unexperienced out played the experienced Blades. This was the youngest Arsenal team ever to be sent out , and the average age of the team was just nineteen years in age.
In the thrashing against the Blades the goals came from a hat trick from the young Mexican player Carlos Alberto Vella, and a two goalsby Nicholas Betdner. There was a ocean of diference inthe passing and the footwork between the two clubs it was a exibition match..So this third round match was a complete one sided one in the carling cup.
The future is good at Arsenal youngsters have come from the youth and have done well and will be there for a few yeara.


As the owner of Newcastle has now decided to sell the club , and has approached the SEYMOUR and PIERCE bank to find a good customer for Mike Ashley, a sudden customer has arrived from Nigeria . It is a company and Mr Cris Nathaniale from the Nigerian company says, we are a good company and serious company as well, and very well intend to buy the club. After all it is a proud club with a good and proud fans.
The gossip in the football world is that they are willing to buy Yakuboo from Everton to partner Michel Owens and Martins as well.
And here is the big talk of all that Kevin Keegan is willing to come back as the coach at Newcastle United even if the Nigerians are the new owners of the club.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Jammie Carragher the Livepool and and former England famous defender has now written his autobiography.
In it he writes that the two American owners of theclub, Mr Hicks and Mr Gillet are only and mainly intrested, along with the Spanish coach Rafael Benitz just to make money and only more money. With the intrests of the club and players coming second.
It is quite alright to write a book, but I feel that the time was not correct, as you see he is still playing for Liverpool under their contract and after all they are paying his weekly salary.
I strongly feel he should have released the book after his retirement from club football , and as he is the vice captain to Steven Gerrard , he should set a good the youngeer players.


Mike Ashley the English owner of the football club NewCastle United, has niw decided to put the club up for sale. This all happened after the coaach Kevin Keeganleft the club, and the fans revolted against Ashley and there was a talk of that Mike Ashley recieveddeath threats leading to this decission.
Ashley had gone to the middle East, to find a prospective buyer.
He has now contacted a famous bank to help him find a prospective buyer.
The name of the bank is THE SEYMOUR PIERCE. And the chairman is Mr Keith Haris.
The Seymour Pierce , also sold Chelsea football club to the Russian Roman Abromovich in tjhe year 2003.
It also was involved in the sale of Ashton Villa to Randy Lerner and Manchester City to the former Thai Priminister. Thaksin Shinawatra..


On the last day of the season 2007-08. Between the clubs Shefield United or as they are called the Blades.
The Argentinan footballer Carlos Tavez was not eligible to play in that perticular match. But not onlydid he play in that match he also scored a illfamous goal. That goal was a savior to West Ham , as they survived and it was Shefield Unitedthat was demoted in the new season Carlos Tevez was then sold to Manchester United for over 32, million euros.
But in September 2008 a court has ruledin Shefield Uniteds favour.
Now what will happen? Shefield United have hinted at asking West Ham for 30 million pounds as compensation, or will it be more or will there be a compromise.
But what happens is poor Zola will have to sell some players in the january window , to make some money to pay up. Or there will be no buying in the month of january, the talk was that Dean Ashdown, and Robert Green would be sold or the clunb. But Icelander who owns the club has promised not to walk out of the club we shall wait and see.


Elias Figueroa the famousChilean footballer was born on25/10/1946. His playing position was as a central back. He played his club football in Chile from the year1964 to 1982.
In Peles list of 125 best footballers ever played ,there are only two footballers from Chile in that list. They are Elias Figuueroa the defender and the sriker Ivan Zamarona.
He has played seventy times for Chile, and is considered their greatest defender ever.
He has also played in atotal of three world cups for Chile. They were the 1966 world cup, the 1974 world cup and 1982 world cup.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Michel Plahi attacked his fellow french man Arsene Wenger . Platini disagrees with Wenger that video replays should not be used to get an outcome of a match. While on the other hand Arsene Wenger, who is a through gentleman insists that a video replay is a must today. AS the standard of refereeing has gone down rapidly, which is a disgrace to football, F.I.F.A and U.E.F.A. AS tese two governing body for football do nothing even when the referee make howlers after howlers. After all they are their paid employees. And everything will be swept under the carpet.
Take the case at the second division game between Watford and Reading. The ball crossed the boundryline and I repeat not the goalline. The F.I.F.A rule clearly states. That for a goal to be scored the entire ball must cross the goalline. Here the blind referee and the two linesmen agreed it was a goal , and the goal stood. the match ended in a draw. But the Reading coach sportingl agreed for a replay , but the F.a. say that the rule does not allow a rematch. So the game stood at a draw . But Mr Michel Platini has forgotten people are paying theirhard money to watch matches, and they are not there to be cheated by Mr Michel Platini who says if there is a replay the joy of the game will be lost.
Joy will be lost yes. But Mr Michel Platini should seriously ask himself why do these referees kill the joy of the match.
In a match between Manchester United and Tottnem Hotspur.Pedro Mendes hit along hard ball onto Roy Carrol chest , the ball then rolled over the line and the goal did not stand.


The English giant club Manchester United was fined a sum of 25,000 pounds by the english F.A. This was after the match between Manchester United and Chelsea played on the 21/9/2008 .
The reason they were fined 25,000 pounds was because seven Manchester United players recieved yellow cards and at the same time there was only one Chelsea player to get a yellow card.
But Sir Alex Ferguson says therewas nothing dangerous in the Manchester United play . But Rio Ferdinand last minute injuy time attack on drogba was not at all called for and he deserved a yellow card.


Kevin Philip of Sunderland club and England, got the petname Super Kev in the year 1999. That was his first yuear ever in the premiere league. and as Sunderland was asmall club,which just managed to survive from relegation nothing fantastic was expected from them that year.
But history was to be written that year. With a young striker called Kevin Philips making his debut and Thomas Sorenson , the assistant goalkeeper to Peter SchMichel the Gtreat Dane in the goal . The football world was in for a shock.
Kevin Philips just could not stop scoring goals kept coming in alltypes, cheecky,fantastic ,free kicks,headers and just tap ins.But they kept coming.
That year 1999 he scored a total of 30, thirty goals. The highest by a debutant in the E.P.L. ever.The best goal that year was verses Newcastle united , on a wet, rainy and miserable day. Yhe wet sliding pitch did not help either but it was Kevin Philips who scored the winner in a 2-1 game.


Michel Chopra is indeed very greatful to the Sunderlands famous coach Roy Keane, or as he is often called Keano. Chopra came as a substitute in the natch with Middlesbrough . He came and played a cameo role scoring both the goals , in the second half. It was after he arrived on the pitchin the second half that the game came to life. And Gareth Southgate was more frustrated by the minute.
But why is Michel Chopra so greatful to keane? The answer is that Keane told Chopra to get admitted in a rehab centre quicky to get over his gambling addiction. And now he got a chance to play his normal game . Perhaps other coaches would not have given Chopra a second chance.


Monday, September 22, 2008


The top scorers in the English premiere league started only in the year 1993. The winners are as follows..
1993 Teddy Sherringham.
1994 Andrew Cole.
1995 Alan Shearer.
1996 Alan Shearer. .
1997 Alan Shearer.
1998 Michel Owen, Dean Sutton, and Dion Dublin.
1999 Jimmy Hassalbaink. Michel Owen, and Dwight Yorke.
2000 Kevin Philips.
2001 Jimmy Hassalbaink.
2002 Thiera Henry.
2003 Ruud Van Nistelrooy.
2004 Thiera Henry.
2005 Thiera Henry.
2006 Thiera Henry.
2007 Dieder Drogba.
2008 Christiano Ronaldo.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The clash between the two English giants Manchester United and Chelsea , was played on 21/9/2008,at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea were defending a record of not loosing any game for the last eightyfour games . Or would it be number eightyfive wins on a trot.
As every one waited for the players names to appear, Chelsea fans were in for a shock, their famous new playmaker Deco was injured during training. He always hold the midfield and can make things happen out of nowhere.
When the match started , Chelsea lost their ever reliabledefender Ricardo Carvalho. As the match proceededthere were chances at both ends. Then the Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech after making a good save low down , he spilt the ball letting the South Korean winger Park Jung to score the goal.
Asthe match progressed the Manchester goalkeeper got injured. In the second half Cristiano Ronaldo came on and as he found it difiult to make an impression, he started his dirty and shameful game of diving and getting free kicks with an intention to score a goal. Mike Riley booked him straight away , but as he is such a habitul cheat he must get a red card straight away.
Scolari made two important substitutes ,in Drogba and Saloman Kalou . The equalizer came in the the eighthyth minute, when Wayne Rooney comitted a fowl near the box and Chelsea equaled in the freekick , with Kaoluheading the ball behind the net.
The game was a bad tempered game , wih Mike Riley on several ocasions stopping the game to speak and calm the players down. Manchester United recieved seven yellow cards and Chelsea got one yellow card only.


Stephen Clarke has paid Chelsea the compensation for breaking his contract two years early.
But West Ham and Gianfraanco Zola are delighted ,to have him as their assistant coach. As Zola and Clarke played together at Chelsea under Claudio Ranierri .
West Hams choice of Zola as head coach came as a suprise to many, and including me . Zola was a wizard on the pitch, and had large amount of shills and control of the ball. But the one thing he did not have for this job was eexperience . Zola has never ever coached a club at any level, in any country, not even in the second or third division club. So this is the real drawback for Zola.
But he is still very popular in England as well as Italy.
After his contact expired under Claudio Ranierri, he then left for an Italian Club and signed a contract. But Chelsea missed the bus by about a day , as they came to Italy with a new contact to sign Zola was already a member of a Italian club, so the deal fell out.


It was a case where coaches of two clubs had resigned , due to the mistake made by the club owners. Of deciding to dell and buy without, the coaches knowledge. While West Ham have appointed a full time coach in Gianfranco Zola . Newcastle have a caretaker coach.
On the pitch Zola had brought an Italian footballer called Daniel DiMecheli , who opened the scoring with two goals,forZola and Shay Given could do nothing about it. Newcastle were all but chasing shadows . And realy looked a club in disaray . It stood at 3-0 till Michel Owen scored a consolation goal.
But all is not well at West Ham . If you noticrd it carefully they had no sponsorers on their jerseys. Which was a company called X L . COM. The X.L company also had a buisness off arrenging and taking their clients on holiday pacages and tours in their own X.l Airliners. But sadly X.L. faced the oil problem like us all and asthhe price of oil went up the X.L company collapsed , and is now under an admimistrator .
So the players had their numbers on both sides of their jerseys.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Peter Beardsley the former legend of Newcastle has strongly requested the Magpie fans to stay away from the owner Mike Ashley, and not to forget one important thing when Newcastle was in debt and in problem it was Mike Ashley who stepped in and reduced the debt .
It would be nice to see that the anger of the fans does not affect the players or the results either.
So it would be better towait and watch patiently , as Mike Ashley has said the club is for sale. We have no idea who the new buyer will be .

Friday, September 19, 2008


Jose Marcelos Salas was a famous Chilean footballer. He played along another famous Chilean striker called Ivan Zamarona. The pair were called SASA and ZAZA.
He was born in the Chilean city of Temco , on24/12.1974.
He joined the Argentinan giants called River Plate. He did not get a warm welcome in Argentina , because till that day no Chilean footballer had done wll or shone in Argentinas football club. Even the the great Diego Maradona was critical of the move. But Salaswho then finaly joined River Plate from 1996 to 1998.
Actually Salas was scouted by the old rival of River Plate , it was the club Boco Juniors.
Salas was going to do one thing well when he joined the club , he would let his football do thetalking for him.
Salas was the clubs great contibutor in goals , to make the years between 1996- 1998 very special years ,as they were the Argentinan football champions. He scored a total of 26 goals in 51 games
Salas and Zamarona helped Chile qualify for the 1998 world cup in France. And he also scored four goals for Chile in the world cup. It was because of Salas and Zamarona that Chile reached the second round in France.
In the year 1998Salas wassold to the then Italian giants Lazio. Now Lazio hadnot won the Italian scudetto since 1973-1974 season. Salas played for five years at Lazio , during that time lazio won the scudetto cup, a Europen super cup and also the Italian cup in2001 and a cup winners cup.
He was sold to the Italian giants Juventus ,but sadly he got injured and had a very bad time there he scored only a total of two goals in fourteen games and was sold back to River Plate in Argentina for a sum of 12 million dollars, or10 million euros.
. But the knee problem came back to trouble him , so in the year 2005 he returned to Chile.To club where he had first started called UNIVERIDAD DE CHILE. In 2006 he led the club to the final but lost out in a penalty shootout.
He still has a desire to play for the Chilean team.For which he has scored 35 goals in65 games
He now owns athird division club called CLUB UNION TEMUCOO.


Four time champion league winners Bayern Munich did not have an easy game against the Romanian team Steaua Bucherest . And the Bayern coach Jurgen Klinsman had a great deal of anxious moments, till the goal as scored in the fifteenth minute by Daniel Van Buyten. So for seventyfive minutes Steaua put preasure on Bayern , but the ball hit the goal post and gave the Bayern fans a big fear . But Klinsman knows one goal is never enough , but he has the joy of having away goal in Bayerns fafour for the return game.


This match was proberbly the best of the day , was a well hard fought , and a sesaw game. The Itakian club Fiorentina started the scoring , by the Italian footballer Alberto Giraldano. The first goal took twelve minutes to score and the second goal arrived in the fourtysecond minute. Perhaps Fiorentina thought that they had the game and all the points were in the bag for them. But they were in for a very rude shock as the French club Lyon came back not once but twice, with goals from Frederic Piquonne in the seventythird minute and the equalizer in the eightyseventh minute by Karim Benzema, who is refured to as the new Zidane at Lyon.
We should have expected a fight of the game from Lyon as they have won the French title seven yrears ina row.


The two time champion F.C. Porto faced Turkish team Fenerbache at their home groundin Portugal.
Porto are a more settled team now, gone are the old players under Jose Mourinho . The new players have come and settled well, and this time they gave a better report of themselves then what they did for the past two years.
They played and passed the ball well to beat the Turks, the first goal was scored by Lisandro Lopez in the eleventh minute and the second came in the thirteenth minute the goal scorer wasLucho Gonsalves. But the Turks scored one back byDaniel Guiza in the twentyninth minute. There was a gameon our hands , witha goal comiLINOo to make it absolutely safe.


Thischampionship was quite a miss match as all know Real Madrid are not only Spanish Giants but also giiants inany form of football , they beside Manchester United , are the only two clubs to make a total of 300, million euros this year.
While their apponents were minows and appearing for the first time in the champion league.
The match was held at Reals ground the famous Bernabau .
The first goal did not take time to come , the defender Sergio Ramos scored the first goal in the eleventh minute. And the Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy scored the second to make the game safe. As all know that one goal is never safe enough.. The game as expected was all one sided.


In the 2008-2009 champion league match . The Red devils played against the Spanish team called Villareal, but their pet name is The yellow Submarines . They are so called after the Beatle number The Yellow Submarines, ans they wear full yellow uniforms.
The Manchester United had some glorious chances Johny Evans hit the wood work from a Ronaldo corner.
Christiano Ronaldo wasincluded in the substitute bench as this week they play Chelsea. The big question was what kind of welcome would Ronaldo get ,after the summer transfer drama of Real Madrid would it be fresh in the Old Trafford faithfuls. At 65th minute Ronaldo arrived gladly to the cheers and not the jeers. The game ended scorless at 0-0..Three seasons earlier the Yellow Submarines three years earlier saw Manchester United failed to progress fromthe group stages and were knocked out in the first eround for the first time ever.


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Arsenal visited Ukraines capital Kiev to play their first leg, in the champions league .It is no secret Arsenal are terible travellers to the Soviet Union , and have always done poorlyon these travels. And this was no exception either.
It was an open game till the 64th minute when the refree made another howler, and awarded a very dubios penalty against Arsenal. The Guiena striker Ismael Bangoura,scored the second half penalty.
We must remember Arsenal have always suffered at the hand of referees. Last years champion league game verses Liverpool.The Arsenal winger Aleksander Hlep was brought down in the box by the Dutch playerDirk Kuyt, but the referee Petr Vink did not give it . But in the return leg Babel was pushed by an Arsenal player and thereferee pointed to the penalty box and Arsenal were kicked out last year.
But then cometh the hour cometh the man , the captain William Galas to score the equalizer in the 88th miute and so snatch a valuble point for Arsenal.
So the game ended 1-1.


The Italian giant Juvetus made a return to the champion league after a gap of one year , as they were demoted to Siera B the second division of the Italia league . Theywere demotd and also had points deducted for a match fixing scandal.
The game was held in Turin in the Del Alppi stadium.
The match was heading for a tame draw ,till the darling of the crowd and always a savior for the Old Lady , Juventus scored a one and only goal by Alesandro Del Piero, in the 75 th minute of the game to calm the Turin crowd nerves .
The match ended 1-0.


We have seen this in the past and I am sure we shall see it in the future as well. The referees are giving the wrong players the red card, not only that they are getting away with it . And both F.I.F.A and U.E.F.A are doing nothing , absolutely nothing about it.
In this years champion league ,at Scotland Glasgow,between Celtic and Aalborg. The Italian referee Matteo Trefoloni ,showed the red card tothe Australian defender Michel Beauchamp, fordenying the greek playerGeorgios Samaras a scoring goal with eleven minutes to the end of the game. But televisionreplay clearly shows that the tripping was done by a another Michel a Michel Jacobson , and not the Australian who was booked.
The Austalian Michel protested srongly, and the game was held up for a while., and Michel Beauchamp has every right to be disapointed as he was not at all involved in the trip in any way.
Now what will the two Presidents do Mr Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini do?
The answer is nothing as the referees are employed by U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A. It will be swept under the carpet.
But I strongly feel the referees should be fined a bit ofcourse not as heavily as the footballers and they should face a few game bans as well.The sadest thing is the referees do not ask the fourth referee and even if they ask they will suport the referee., as if they are gods and do not make mistakes . We saw John Terry get a red card wrongly in their last .


After the departure of Stephen Clarke to West Ham as an assistant coach ,Chelsea have replaced him with a former player called Ray Wilkins, as Chelseas assistant coach to Scolari..
Ray Wilkins is 53 years oldand had playedat Stamford Bridge for a period of six years from the year 1973. And was also an assistant coach to the Italian footballer Gianluca Vialli. Vialli first played for Chelsea and later coached Chelsea., Wilkins was his assistant coach then.
During hiss playing days at Chelsea, he played 198 games for them and was also their captain at 18 years of age.
He then moved to Manchester United in the year 1979. He won the F.A. cup with Manchester United four years later.
He also won 83 caps for England. At club level he played for A.c.Milan, Rangers,P.S.G. in France and Queen Park Rangers.
The former England player returns to the game after loosing his place as the under 21 coach to Stuarrt Pearce .Theformer coach before Wilkins was Peter Taylor
Wilkins first game this week will be verses Manchester United, his old club.


At Athens in the match between Intermilan and the Greek team Panathinaikos. It ended in Intermilans win. The Italian outplayed the Greeks in allparts of the game. This match brings the Intermilan coach Jose Mourinho in a champion league game after a long time. He las was a Chelsea coach.And has a desire to win it after his F.C.Poto win The game ended in a 2-0 win for Mourinho.
The first goal was scored by the former Roma player Mancini . The second goal took some time to come and in the second half, Jose Mourinho made some substitutes he bought on Figo, Adriano and Sully Muntari the big strong Ghanian who came from Manchester City thisyear.
The Brazilian striker Adriano scored the second goal , past the goalkeepers legs and there was nothing Mario Galinovic could do about it.
Adriano was always a starting striker for Intermilan and Brazil , but it took a sad turn for his career. He started drinking after his girlfreind left him and later when his father died. There was a time when Adriano was almost given on loan to Arsenal, when Henry departed for Barcelona. Both RobertoMancini and Dunga did not choose him , even as a substitute. Thankfully all those bad days are hopefully over for good and Adriano can concentrate on his careerpropely.


In the 2008-09 Chamion league first round ,the Spanish club returned after a gap of eleven long years. And it was a triumphant entery to. The Spainiards beat the ruling Dutch champions and giant , convincingly by a score of 3-0.
the hero of the day was the Argentinan footballer Sergio Aguero who was very impresive indeed he not only scored two of the three goals, he also held the team together and led by example. The only loss for Atletico Madrid was the injury to their famous Uruguain player Diego Forlan
But P.S.V Eindhoven have some new players. The main change was the goalkeeper , who has replaced the Brazilan goalkeeper Gomes, who has now joined the English club Tottenham Hotspur in the new season. Gomes was the Dutch goalkeeper of the year last year, so the new goalkeeper has big shoes to fill.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In this match Barcelona came under preasure before the whistle was even blown. AsBarcelona have sold some top players ,likeDeco ,who was now thirtyone fora big amount to Chelsea, and also the great Ronoldhino to A.C.Milan . As Ronoldhino was letting his night club life interfear with his play at club level. And Barcelona will never tolerate nonsense from any player , so he was sold .The new Barcelona team are still having teathing trouble in Spain . So we can imagine the tention as they had only scored one goal.And prasure was on the coach.
The Mexican Rafael Marquez scored a header in the first half. Samuel Etoo scored the second one in a penalty kick. But Sporting Lisbons Tonel scored a goal back., in the 72 minute. Then Barcelona were nervous and the defence were vulnerable a, all over again . It was finaly left to Xavi to scorea goal , just three minutes from the end of the game and carm Barcelonas nerves.


In the champion league match between A.S. Roma from Italy and C.F.R. 1907 Cluj of Romania,was held in theOlympic stadium of Rome. A.S.Roma are well known all over the world with big stars.While the Romanians are the babys of the champion ship, asthey are playing their first champion league game ever.
Roma took the lead through a goal by Christian Panuccis goal. The Roma joy was soon dark and gloomy ,as the Argentinan Juan Culio scored a pair of goals .
But you must remember that Roma were missing their central defenders, who are always Romas first choice . They were Philippe Mexes ans Juan.. They also missed out Romas darling talismaFrancesco Totti. This made Roma a second team through out.
The return leg is bound to be more exciting.


Anil Ambani the buisness tycoon from Bombay India and who now stands as the sixth richest man in the world . He had a big desire to buy the English football club New Castle. But unfortunately the club ,and the owner Mike Ashley, who is a self made billioare ran into trouble after the manager Kevin Keegan resigned after a period of eight months at the club.
Now Newcastle are a very proud club and the Magpie support is very strong. Things became bad at the club , Mike Ashley was pulled by the police for drinking. , and then let of with a stern warning.
Mike Ashley has now got death threats as the club have failed to buy players in the transfer window , and got only defenders. The owner now has had enough and has now gone to U.A.E. to find a prospective buyer.
In all this terib and ugly mess. Mr Anil Ambani has decided he has nothing to do with Newcastle, but is now very much intrested in another English Club which does need foreign funds. The club is EVERTON. Also called the TOFFEES.
Now let us wait and watch which club Mr Anil Ambani does realy buy.


In the other match between the English club Liverpool and the French club OLympique Marseille , was a much better and equally matched game , the French club had improved since last years meeting between the two of them.
The first goal was scored by the French club a, and the scorer was Lorik Cana.
The Liverpool s influential skipper Stephenhadto save Liverpool witha brace.The second goal was a penalty after the Dutch player Ryan Babel was brought down. In this match Pepe Reina the Liverpool goalkeeper had to make a few saves , to keep Liverpool in the match. Last year Liverpool beat Marseille by a score of 4/0 win.. So this time it ended more dificult. Mamadou Niag,header missed by a wisker ,and Bakri Kones speed kept Liverpool on their toes . And their one ,two passes were very good and at times Liverpool were stretched. It needed Gerrard to come from a minor groin injury, to save Liverpool again. Last time Liverpool beat Marseille 4/O


This years champion league started on 16/9/2008.The first game was between the English club Chelsea verses the French club Bordeaux. The score was Chelsea 4- Bordeaux _0.
The English club was far superiorttheo the French as the French made a apearanc after a long gap of time.
Frank Lampard headed in the first goal in the fourteenth minute, from a Jose Boswigas corner kick, the second goal was scored by Joe Cole who tapped in theball in the net from a Frank Lampard corner. By now Bordeax were chasing shadows and the Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech was a mere spectator. Florent Malouda scored the third goal , just eight minutes before the end and the icing on the cake was a Nickolas Anelka goal in the injury time.
So the match ended 4 _0

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ever since the world cup started in 1930 in Uruguay and is held every four years. But there was a short break from 1938 to 1950, because of the world war two.
1) 1930 Uruguay was the host and also the winner.
2) 1934 Italy was the host and also the winner.
3) 1966 England was the host and also the winner.
4) 1974 West Germany was the host and also the winner.
5) 1978 Argentina was the host and also the winner.
6) 1998 France was the host and also the winner.


Since the F.I.F.A. world cup started in 1930, and is held every four years. But there was a break from 1938 to 1950. This was because of the second world war and no country came forward as hosts.
But it may suprise many that so far only seven countries have won the world cup.
They are as follows.
1 Brazil Five times.
2 Italy Four times.
3 Germany Three times.
4 Argentina Two times.
5 Uruguay Two Times.
6 England One time.
7 France Onetime.
But we must remember that each world cup there are a total of thirtytwo teams taking part, and all have a chance. But this clearly shows these South American countries and a few Europen countries are far superior to the rest.


Stephen Clarke of Chelsea, has spent twenty odd years both as a player and as a assistant coach at Chelsea club . He worked under Jose Mourinho , Avram Grant and now Luiz Scollari..
Clarke played football from the year 1987 to 1998, when he retired from football.. To be an assistant coach to the famous Dutch footballer Ruud Gullit ,in the year1999. But he was sacked after some trouble in the club. Then Sir Bobby Robson took over and Clarke served as his assistant coach till he left after Robson had a disagreement with the Newcastle United president Mr Shepard over the selling of Gary Speed to Bolton Wanderers, without Robsons knowledge . Which led to Clarke return to Chelsea.
Now the main problem facing Clarke and Chelsea is that Clarke has two more years on his contract, but Clarke wants to join West Ham United, to be an assistant coach under Gianfranco Zola . Chelsea are now demanding that Clarke pay a sum of of five million pounds, if he wishes to leave. West Ham are saying that it is to high , and that 1.4million pounds is a just amount to pay. Chelsea will not let him go easily as they have a new coach this year.
Frank Lampard has come out to support Clarke , ( Saying every one has a dream and a right to achieve it so let him go.)
Now the big, big problem facing West Ham United is that the company that sponsor them the X.L Company has gone bankrupt .
Clarkes main plan is to coach under Zola and one day be a manager of the team on his own.

Monday, September 15, 2008


The E.P.L clash between Liverpool and Manchester United on 13/9/2008, was eagerly waited by many. The Liverpool fans were more cautious knowing very well that the last game they won over Manchester United was away back in 2004 and they had to thank John O, Shea for that own goal. Jammie Carraigher stood in for the injured captain Stephen Gerrard , and the El Nino Fernando Torres was also injured. The scales were in favour of Manchester United with their new buy the Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov made his debut. Manchester United took the lead through a Berbatov pass and a Carlos Tevez goal. in the third minute. But in the thirty fifth minute, the goalkeeper Edwin Van Dar Sar just charged out and as he missed the ball, the ball took a deflection from Wes Browns leg into the net and this time another own goal.. But Ryan Babel came as a substitute and scored the winner.
But we must go back to the start of the match and in the tunnel Alex Ferguson used all his dirty methods to put preasure on Rafael Benitz by saying oh you have spend to much money on Robbie Keane to which Benitz replied yes and you have spent to much money on Berbatov 30.7 million pounds to be correct.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The captain of the Ireland football team is Robbie Keane. He has played all his club football in the English E.P.L.
He started his football with the club called Wolverhampton, his next club was Coventy City. His next club was in the Seira A , with the Italian giants InterMilan. He was then given on a loan to Leeds United. But after a while the deal was made a permanent , move to the club. But the club Leeds United went into financial trouble and top players like Lee Bowyer Jonathan Woodgate , Danny Mills and Paul Robinson and Robbie Keane were sold to make money for the club.. He was then sold to Tottnem Hotspur, till 2007 . That year the coach Juande Ramos and Robbie Keanes relation turned sour and he was sold to Liverpool for a sum of20,million pounds.
After all these transfers , the total for Robbie Keane has been 58 million pounds in total over the years.


The English football club Stoke City has been in the second division of the football clubs. They got them selves promoted to the premier league this year that is 2008- 2009.
They have produced some brilliant footballers in the past, such as the following.
1 Sir Stanley Matthews.
2 Geoff Hurst.
3 Peter Shilton.
4 Gordon Banks.
Sir Stanley Matthews played for England, and in his playing career he never received either a yellow or a red card. The only other English player to do so was Gary Lineker .
Geoff Hurst is the only footballer to score a hat trick in a world cup final. He scored three goals verses West Germany, in the 1966 world cup final at the old Wembley Stadium..
Peter Shilton was a famous goalkeeper for England, and was the goalkeeper during the 1986 world cup . Which saw the Argentinan captain Diego Marodona , score a goal with the help of his hand in the quarter finals. And he then said that it was the hand of god goal. And it is so called even today.
Peter Shilton is the most caped player for England with 126 caps, we must consider that he is a goalkeeper and not a striker.
Gordon Banks was the famous goalkeeper for England in 1966 world cup . But later on around 1970 he lost an eye in car crash ,which sadly ended his football career . But he now works for the Stoke City Club.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The Manchester United fans are singing away, that Dimitarov Berbatov is the new Cantona. Which I do not believe as Berbatov is a good striker and very skilled but he will not match Eric Cantona in any way as Cantona was able to encourage the team and also get the best of them. Which Berbatov will not do.Cantona was feared and respected by the Manchester United fans , he was also very bold and very outspoken. Like hen the Glazer family came to buy Manchester United , The KING ERIC said, Go tell the Glazers to buy the Coco Cola company. Mind you Cantona had long left Manchester United. But it only shows how loyal he was to his club, that gave him so much joy, money and fame . I doubt if Berbatov will support Manchester United when his playing days all over.


The Abu Dhabi United Group, who are the new owners of Manchester City, before the start of the new season .
It is reported that they have ten times more money then the Russian owner of Chelsea. Thiscan be clearly seen as they bought Robhino from Real Madrid for a record English club buy for over 32 million pounds. so sure were Chelsea of buying Robhino that they were even selling jerseys of Robhino with his name and number. But he went at the last minute to Manchester City.
The owners have offered 133 million pounds for Christiano Ronaldo .
As the south American world cup qualifiers are going on , the new owners chartered a private jet to bring back Robhino,Jo, Elano and the Argentinan Zyaletta ,so they would be in time for the games on Saturday verses Chelsea.
It is fearful who Manchester City may buy when the transfer window opens in january.
The important thing is will the club decide who to buy or let the coach Mark Hughes decide who to buy.If it is the company who do it as itlooks now , there will be trouble later.


The turf at the goaline at the old Wembley is to be auctioned for. a sum of one million pounds.This turf is so costly as it is the only world cup final in which a player has scored a hattrick. The English footballer Geoff Hurst scored three goals in the 1966 final verses West Germany. So the price is one million pounds.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


There has been a drought of goals at the world cup since roughly 1974 world cup onwards. Now only a total of six goals are scored by the winner of the golden boot. But at the 1954 world cup was the Hungarian footballer Sandor Kocsis with a total of eleven goals to win the golden boot. And in the 1958 world cup the French footballer Just Fontaine scored a total of thirteen goals a record which still stands.
But why is this so? Now that F.I.F.As new rule the goalposts are now made wider, just to encourage players to score more goals after the 1990 world cup.
There are a few reasons for this result to be there every time. One reason is that teams are happy to get a one goal lead and then just defend even though this is dangerous , as one goal is never ever safe. We see this result even in the Euro cup games.
The other reason is also quite possible , for the drought in goals . That each world cup Adidas the maker of the football are making the ball lighter , which has caused a great deal of problems to the free kick specialists as the ball sails over the bar to easily. The great Brazilian defender and their free kick taker grumbled after the 1998 world cup, over the ball being to light. Earlier he was a tearer to the goalkeepers with his famous banana free kicks. These are his sad words ( All my hard practice has gone in vain , as the ball goes some where else then where I want it to go , all because the ball is to light. ) We have even seen penalty shots , where the ball sails over the bar. .The best reminder is the penalty kick Robetto Baggio missed in the 1994 ,final verses Brazil.
In the 1958 world cup match between Austria and Switzerland saw a total of 12, twelve goals being scored , 7 by Austria and 5 by Switzerland . That is history , we will never ever see so many goals scored in a single match ever, no matter how broad the goalposts are.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The host for the 1954 world cup was Switzerland.
The world cup was held from June 16 th to July 4th.
There were a total of 16 teams from 4 confederations.
There were 6 venues in 6 cities, in the host country.
There were a total of 26 matches played.
There were a total of 140 goals scored at an average of 5.4, per match.
The Attendance for the tournament was 889,500.And at an average of 32,211 per match.
The golden shoe went to Sander Kocsis of Hungary he scored a total of eleven goals., 11 goals.
The winner of the world cup was West Germany , their first cup. They also won in 1974, and 1990.
The runners up was Hungry.
Austria came third.
And Uruguay came fourth.
Group H saw for the first time all four countries from one continent. They were England, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland. the host all in one group.
All were sure that Hungary ,and Puskas would lift the world cup but it was the West German captain who lifte the cup . In the match called the battle of Berne..
In the quarter finals between Austria and Switzerland saw a total of twelve goals being scored it ended 7-5.. This is still a record now teams score two or three goals and are satisfied with it.
Uruguay 4and England 2.
Hungary scored 4 goals and Brazil scored 2 goals.
West Germany scored 2 goals. and Yugoslavia -0.
In the Semi finals. Uruguay 2 , Hungary -4, goals.
West Germany 6 goals. Austria 1 goal.
Third Place Uruguay 1- goal. Austria 3 goals.
The Final West Germany 3 goals and Hungary 2 goals.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


There were a total of 529 games played by the English club , Manchester United., before any footballer could score any goal against them.
The club that finally achieved it was Blackburn Rovers. And the scorer was a young player who was originally came from the Arsenal youth team and was given on loan to Blackburn Rovers,to mainly get experience . He is now a Blackburn Rover player.Was David Bentley.
He scored the fist goal with a wonderful free kick. And the coach Mark Hughes said he is the new David Bechem.
The second goal was gifted to Bentley as there was a big mix up between Rio Ferdinand and the goalkeeper . Both of them blamed each other for the blunder. The third goal was scored by Bentley, who tapped it in the back of the net.

Monday, September 8, 2008



The sixth world cup was decided in 1950, to be given to Sweeden in the year1958.
The World cup was held from june 8 tojune 29.
There were a total of 16 teams from three confederations.
There were twelve venues in twelve cities.
The world champion was Brazil , for the first time.
Runners up Sweeden.
Third place France..
Fourth place was West Germany..
The number of matches played were 35.
The number of goals scored were 126. They were scored at 3.6 per match.
The Attendance for the tournament was919,580. Or at 26,274 per match.
The top scorer for this world cup was the french footballer Just Fontaine who scored a total of 13 goals , which is a record to this day as ffrom the 1970s the most goals scored is 6 goals by a player . The record for the most goals scored by a player in the world cup is 15 goals by the Brazilian Ronaldo. But he played in 1998,2002, and 2006 world cups.To score them.
The highlight of this world cup was the arrival of Edison Arentas di Nascimento or PELE on the world cup stage at seventeen years.
Israel took a walkover as Turkey, Indonesia and Sudan refused to play Israel .
The West German Captain Friz Walker had to limp of the field with a knee injury verses Sweeden, It also ended his football career .West Germany played with 10 men as the substitute rule by F.I.F.A came only in 1970., as a regular rule.
In the Quarter finals France beat N Ireland.
WestGermany beat Yugoslavia..
Brazil beat Wales..
Sweeden beat the U.S.S.R.
Sweeden beat West Germany 3-1.
Brazil beat France 5-2 . with a hattrick by Pele , and two by Just Fontaine.
The third place was won by France who defeated West Germany 6-3..
In this game the German Erich Juskowiak became the first West German to get a red a football game after the country was devided.
In the final Brazil beat Sweeden 5-2 , with goals from Pele,Vava , and others. The match was Peles ande the Jules Rimet trophy was for Brazil.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


The big question on every ones mind at St James Park at New Castle is will the owner of the club sell it out and leave. As the fans just could not take the departure of Kevin Keegan lightly as they are aver, very proud club with very loyal supporters .
The latest news going around is that the owner of the club Mike Ashley is willing to sell the club.
And the prospecting buyer is none other then the Indian Billionaire Mr Anil . D. Ambani .. For those who do not know about him . He is the sun of a billionaire the late Dhurubhai Ambani. Mr Ambani is the sixth richest man in the world with a wealth estimated to be around 21 billion sterling. He is the head of the Reliance comunications and many others forms of business .
The paper The Sunday Mail , said That Mr Ambani s representatives would meet the owner Mike Ashley for talks on monday 8/9/2008. As the Fan hate was to much for Mike Ashley , after the departure of Kevin Keegan.
The Sunday Express said Mike Ashley first wanted 400 million pounds but would settle for 300 million pounds in the end , and he would also reinstate kevin Keegan as the coach to get back the Magpie fans back for good.
As many English Clubs are being sold to foreigners. Such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United,West Ham United and Manchester City.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Now that Kevin Keegan has left as the coach of Newcastle United. The hunt is truely on for a new man to take up the job.
The few names that are going around are David Moyes, the present coach of Everton who has not yet signed a new contract at Everton.
Another name was the former french footballer and coach of Juventus and Monaco Deider Deschamps who is unattached at the moment.
The third name in the news is a former Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur player he is the Uruguayan , now the assistant coach to Juande Ramos at Spurs.whose name is Gustavo Poyet, the reason for his name to be linked with the job is that Dennis Wise and Gustavo Poyet played at Chelsea together in the late nineties .
Or even Frank Raijkard the former Dutch footballer and coach of Barcelona may land up at New Castle.
But who ever comes will have a real hard time solving the mess at the club. For this has always been a proud club and has a lot of strong and loyal fans.

Friday, September 5, 2008


It was a sad and gloomy day at King James Park at NewCastle. Forthe man who was called in the month of january as the MESSIAH for a second term as club coach. He was the famous Kevin Keegan, the only Eng..lish footballer to win the Europen footballer of the year on two different times. Keegan had now resigned ,leading to anger by the fans. The root course was the sale of the midfielder James Milner to Aston Villa for a sum of 12, million pounds.And Kevin Keegan was not told of the sale and Milner was a few stars beside Owen, Martins and Givens.Even in the last game of Keegans in charge which was verses Arsenal . Arsenal won the game 3-0. But as it was the only third game of the season , there was nothing to worry as Arsenal had seventy percent of the ball.
This has happened in the past as well.When Sir Bobby Robson was coach , New Castle sold Gary Speed toBolton Wanderers and then Robson walked out of the club, after saving it from coming in the second half of the table.
Even at Chelsea the Russian owner wanted to buy Shevchenko from A.C.Milan for 30,million pounds, against the will of Mourinho, and when he asked for more money he was told Arsenal have sold Henry ,and still they reached group of sixteen in the champion league.And Shevchenko was a star at Milan but a super failure at Chelsea.
In the 1980s the owners just gave the money, and did not interfere with the management and training. But now the owners now want to choose and sell the players leading to a mess like at New Castle.
Both Sam Alardycee and Keegan inherited very average teams.. And the biggest mistake was to bring Dennis Wise to New Castle he did not serve any purpose. Sadly Both Keegan and Alan Curbishly are the first and second coaches to be sacked this year, for no fault of theirs.
Manchester City owners are also doing the same thing and as they are ten times more richer then the oil baron Ramon Amorovinch owner of Chelsea , want to pay 133 million pounds for Christano Ronaldo without giving a chance to ask the coach , whom he wishes to buy. If this continues E.P.L. will be in a big mess.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


The manager of Liverpool Rafael Benitz , the two owners of the club Liverpool , Mr Hick and Mr Gillitt and the president of the club Mr Perry, can not seem to see eye to eye. And the most common problem appears that Benitz still wants to buy more players . His choice are often on the costlier side when you compare with Arsenal. And add to the problem is that the team is full of players just sitting on the bench.
And even since Benitz joined Liverpool in 2004, 2005. Yes they did win a champion league cup in 2005, and that is long ago. Those stars have long since gone, such as Dudeck, Smicer,Kewell, Crouch, Risse, Garcia, Haman and others. He has bought footballers who are costly like Fernando Torres 28 million euros, Dirk Kuyt undisclosed , Xavi Alonso , Oozy Benayouin, Lucas, Veronin ,Reina, Agger Javier Mascherano.,Robbie Keane for 18 million pounds, so he had to sell Crouch to make some of the moneyby selling him to Porthsmouth.
Fernando Torres first refused to come to the E.P.L..And told Wenger that he was happy in Spain . But as Benitz is Spanish he agreed to leave Atletico Madrid . But the Spanish club demanded that Luis Garcia be given free in the deel.So Liverpool lost a player.
To make some money there was talk that the club as selling Xavi Alonso to Juventus , but the deel failed , and the one at the end of the season with Arsenal also fell through.
Benitz wanted to buy some players as the loyal Anfield crowd are getting restless as the E.P.L. cup has not been won by Liverpool in 26 oddyears , the last time was the Ian Rush and Ray Clemence era.
Liverpool want to build a new stadium , which would be larger the Anfield stadium. Their aim is to make a larger one like the Arsenals Emirate stadium.
The stadium will cost a lot to build and even after it is ready.Arsenal has benifitted in the extra money. But Wenger has said for the next twenty years we will have to pay by selling one or two players early . This year Alexander Hlep was sold to Barcelona for a undisclosed amount.
So there is unrest in the office ,and now it has spilt into the Anfield ground and the scoree are draws or Gerrards
last minute goal..
So Benitz , and the owners must settle the problem at the earliest.And clean the air for good..


1 The Italian club play for a trophy called the Scudetto.
2 The Italian clubs Intermilan and A.C.Milan were originally one club till the year 1908, when they broke of as two different clubs.
3 The club to win the most scudetto trophies is the Turin club Juventus . Also called the old lady. They have won the most scudettos a total of 27 times in all.
4 A.C.Milan and Intermilan play their football matches on the same ground the famous San Siro. So the games have to be so played they both dont clash..
5 Thye only club to remain in the Seira A. Is the Milan club InterMilan . All the other clubs including the Seira A, giants Juventus, A.S.Roma and A.C.Milan, have all been relegated at some time or the other..Because of less points or due to some scandal or the other the last big one to go down was Juventus..
6 The most of the Europen Footballer of the year have been chosen when they played their club football in the Italian Seira.A. Even the Spanish clubs have not produced so many Europen Footballers of the year.


1 Zinedine Zidane from the Italian club Juventus was sold to Spanish giants Real Madrid for45.62 million pounds in the year 2001 . This is still the highest amount ever paid for a footballer.
2 Luis Figo was sold from Barcelona to Real Madrid for a sum of 37 million pounds in the year2000.
3 Hernon Crespo was sold from Parma to Lazio for a sum of 35.5 million pounds.In the year 2000.
4 Robinho was sold from Real Madrid to Manchester City. For a sum of 33.87 million pounds.In the year 2008.
5 Gianluigi Buffon was sold from Parma to Juventus. For a sum of 32.6 million pounds. In the year 2001.
6 Christian Vieri was sold from Lazio to Intermilan in Italy for a sum of 32 million pounds.. In the year 1999.
7 Dimitar Berbatov was sold from Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester United, for a sum of 30.75 million pounds in the year 2008.
8 Andriy Shevchenko was sold from A.C.Milan to Chelsea.for a sum of 30 million pounds. In the year 2006.
9 Rio Ferdinand was sold from Leeds United to Manchester United for a sum of 29.1 million pounds.In the year2002..
10 Gaizka Mendieta was sold from Valencia to Lazio .For a sum of29 million pounds.In the year 2001.


1 Robinho. Brazil. Real Madrid. to Manchester City. 32.5 million pounds.
2 Dimitar Berbatov. Bulgaria. Tottenham Hotspur. to Manchester United. 30.7 million pounds.
3 Jo. Brazil. C.S.K Moscow . to Manchester City. 16.2 million pounds.
4 Robbie Keane. R. Ireland. Tottenham Hotspur. to Liverpool. 18 million pounds.
5 Ronaldinho. Brazil. Barcelona . to A.C. Milan. 16 million pounds.
6 Roman Pavlyuchenko. Sparta Moscow. to Tottenam Hotspur. 12.5 million pounds
7 Samir Nasri. France. Marseille. to Arsenal. 12 million pounds
8 Deco. Portugal. Barcelona. to Chelsea. Amount not known.
9 Alexander Hlep. Belarus. Arsenal. to Barcelona. Amount not known.


Each year at the end of the season ,to the 31 of august clubs are allowed to buy and sell footballers.
But sometimes there are players who joined for a small amount and then bloomed into big stars and big clubs come knocking on their doors with a big offers. This is about two different players.
1 The Bulgarian striker joined the English club Tottenem Hotspur fro a German club and did very well . He made a lethal strike pair with Robbie Keane, But then things became sour as the Manchester United manager had an eye on him as , Ferguson sold the injury prone striker Luis Saha , and he now only had Rooney and Tevaz as strikers, he now needed another one. But the Ronaldo and Real Madrid saga took up all the time Ferguson had.
And as there seemed there would be no transfer at allin the end. Berbatov was just sulking away at White Heart Lane like a spoilt child. He refused to turn up for practice and then he did not even play in he opening games.
Berbatov simply forgot he was getting a weakly salary from the club. And he forgot that kids look upto these footballers as their idols .
2 Gareth Bar, andlk that even Arsenal wanted him to replace Gilberto, Hlep and Flameni.
Buthe did the opposite of Berbatov he reported for training and took part in the opening games and also wore the captains arm band proudly. He told hiss loyal fans I am a Aston Villa player first and I will always be a Aston Villa player.
You can judge for yourself who would be loved more and respected.
In the end Berbatov move to Manchester United for a sum of 30.7 Million pounds.


Arsene Wenger the French coach of Arsenal holds a diploma in engineering and a masters in economics, and has he not used them well. He is one manager who believes in finding young talent and then developing them into stars.and he usually finds these talented stars sitting on the bench of clubs. He bought Nicholas Anelka from P.S.G for 500,000 pounds and sold him to Real Madrid for over 23.3 million dollars. And with this money he bought Henry, Pires and Willtord. The rest is history.
The other thing he is always keen on is that the Emirates ground should be well watered and the grass should be lush green. As it helps the footballers to run and make their swift and graceful passes Even at Highbury it was kept green and the passing of Henry, Vieira, Overmars , Bergkamp and Pires are very well known there was a time when Dennis Bergkamp was known as The silky Dutchman.
But when Arsenal play other smaller clubs they suffer in their passes as the ground has a wicked bounce and the goalkeeper have a horrid time like they had at Wigan Athelatic.


When the team of the year was announced , there was only one player who was from a club beside the usual big four clubs. Which are Manchester United, Arsenal , Liverpool and Chelsea.. Ashley Young was the only player selected from the smaller clubs as he plays for Aston Villa.


The Liverpool captain Stephen Gerrard had to undergo a groin surgery in the month of august.But both Liverpool and Gerrard failed to inform Fabio Capello the head coach of England .
Even though the operation went of well, Capello was upset and he had a right to be so., as many world cup qualifiers are coming up for England .
But where Liverpool, Rafeal Benitz and Gerrard went wrong was they felt that as Liverpool was paying Stephen Gerrards weekly salary and also for the operation , there was no need to tell anybody else. This was absolutely wrong as now Fabio Capello is in a fix as Gerrard is a very influential player at both club and country level.. And we all know very well a single goal can get a country to a world cup or they can loose it. Like last world cup David Bechem scored a fabulous free kick goal verses Greece ,so England played in the 2006 world cup..
The F.a. are ready to sack a coach if he fails to qualify take Steve Maclaren was sacked for not letting England reach the Euro 2008 cup.
So I personally feel Liverpool should have sent Capello a mail or made a phone call.


Every year at the end of the season till the end of August , usually it is August 31..It is then that footballers are bought and sold for millions of dollars,depending on their skill and talent.
This year Arsenal bought the french defender Michel Silvestare from Manchester United for a sum of 750.000 pounds. Michel Silvastare was no longer getting a starting place at Manchester United, after the arrival of Patrice Evra and Vidic.
So Arsene Wenger decided to buy him as a defender to partner his country man William Gallas, as they both play for France. And this would let Kolo Toure play as a midfielder, as Gilberto, Hlep and Flammeni have all moved away.
This is the first transfer between Arsenal and Manchester United since 1974 after a period of 24 years. That time a player moved to Manchester United from Arsenal.


The host for the 1962 world cup was Chile.
It was held from may 30 to June 17.
There were a total of 16 teams from 3 confederations .
There were a total of 32 matches played.
And there were a total of 89 goals scored at 2.78 per match.
The attendance was a total of890,074 or28,098per match.
The top scorers were Garrincha, Vava, Leonel Sanches and Dragon Jerkovic who all scored four goals each.
The champions were Brazil.
runners up Czechoslovakia.
Third place was Chile .
And the fourth place went to Yugoslavia.
The quarter finals Chile beat the European champions U.S.S.R.
Brazil defeated England 3-1.
Yugoslavia defeated West Germany1-0.
Czechoslovakia defeated Hungry
In the third place match Chile defeated Yugoslavia 1-0.
In the final match between Brazil verses Czechoslovakia Josep Mosopust scored the opener against Brazil but Brazil like the previous final came back to win with goals from Amarildo, Zito and Vava . The first goal was due to an error by the Czech goalkeeper


The 1962 world cup was supposed to be played in Chile and F.I.F.A chose it in 1956.
All went on well till 1960 when Chile suffered from a severe earthquake , which was of 9.5 magnitude, and the worst won the world ever had in the 20th century. Both Chile and the football stadium lay in ruins.
But one man had a vision for success he was the president of the organizing committee said these words ( AS we do not have anything we will do everything in our power to rebuild.) His name was Carlos Dittborn. And rebuild Chile did.. And the stadiums and Chile were ready in a span of two years for the 1962 world cup. But sadly a month before the world cup started Mr Carlos Dittborn died a stadium is named after him in Chile.