Monday, May 31, 2010


Wallter Zenga the Italian goalkeeper for the 1990 world cup held in Italy Remained undefeated for a period of517 minutes in all, the first goal he let in in the world cup came in the semi final against Argentina. The goal scorer was Claudio Caneigga. We can say that he almost played six games before letting that goal in. That win by argentina led to them meeting West Germany in the final, which the Germans won on a penalty


1) In the F.I.F.A . world cup history thee is only one case in which two brothers managed their country . They were the Brazilian M0reira brothers.Zeze and Alimore . Zeze was in charge of Brazil in the 1954 world cup and Alimore in 1962.
2) The total of 853 matches were played to bring it down to 31 countries.
3) In the 2010 world cup qualifying matches5602 players were tried. Holland used just 25 players in all. But Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia and Peru used 56 players.
4) 310 referees were used for the qualifiying matches.
5) 650 Linesmen were used.
6) 200 Teams took part in the 2010 qualifiers , the previous record was 194. countries.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Real Madrid have sacked their Chilean coach Manuel Pelegrenni after just one year on the job. Real Madrid are famous for Hiring and firing their coaches at the end of the season. The reason being there was no silverware this year, even after spending 250 million pounds on players.
Lready Kaka and karem Benzeema want to leave Real Madrid for the E.P.L. Florentina Perez just did not give the players and the coach to jell. Let us look at Arsenal and Manchester United.Their coaches are there for years Wenger has been at Arsenal for 14 years and Ferguson over 22 years.In these years how many coaches did Real Madrid hire and sack., plenty of them?
Their new coach is Jose Mourinho who gets eight million pounds a year, and a compensation of 8 million pounds was paid to Inter Milan.He has already given his shopping list, another year of spending by Real Madrid. But we must remember that Real Madrid finished second.So money did not get trophies .

Friday, May 28, 2010


Fernec Puskas the Hungarian footballer was born in 2/4/1927. He played for Hungry from1945 to 1956. He is refered as the greatest striker ever. The main reason is that for Hungry he played a total of 85 games and he scored a total of 84 goals for Hungry. While his club football was played mainly at Real Madrid in Spain along with the great Alberto de Steffano. This pair helped Real Madrid win five champion league cups. So now Real have a total of nine champion league cups.For his club in Hungry and for Real Madrid he scored a total of 514 goals in 529 games.He was voted by the football magazine as the greatest footballer of the 20th century.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Arthur Antures Coimbra, or better known as the White Pele or even better as Zico.He was born in 3/3/1953. He payed as a midfielder, he played a total of 72 games for Brazil, from 1976 to 1986.And he also scored 52 goals . He was considered as the worlds best dribller.He was considered the best footballer of the early 80s.Also as the best free kick specialist ever, able to bend theball with both pace and accuracy. Zico is also considered as the worlds best footballer not to win a world cup,heplayed for Brazil in 1972, 1982 and 1986 world cups.


In the 2010 world cup qualifiers there was a total of 853 games in all, there were a total of 2344 goals were scored .And a total of268 countries were elimanated, leading to 32 countries who qualified for the world cup in South Africa.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


In the football world cup history, there have been only four footballers to score goals in two world cup finals.
1) Vava . Brazil. He scored in 1958 and in 1962.
2) Pele. Brazil. He scored in 1958 and 1970.
3) Paul Breitner. W. Germany.he scored in 1974 and 1982.
4) Zinedine Zidane. France. He scored in 1998 and 2006.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ces Fabregas and his father both came out today to tell arsenal to respect Cesc Fabregas desire to leave Arsenal , and to Join Barcelona, that the transfer should be done before the world cup. as the price may shoot skywards on the players show at the world cup.
But both of them should also respect the five years on his contract that remains. Arsenal have fixed the rate for Fabregas as 80 million pounds, the same price for Christiano Ronaldo. But Barcelona want him for 30 million pounds only, and this is peanuts Arsenal will not sell for this.
but we must see if Barcelona want him or do the two candidates for Barcelona, want to make cesc Fabregas a pawn in their election games. You can be sure he will be with Arsenal in august.
let us look at the footballers who left Arsenal for greener pastures Jose antonio Reyes, Matthew Flamini, Alexander Hlep. they have all faded and Flamini and Reyeshave failed to even get a place in the world cup2010. Hlep from Barcelona is back at the club from where he joined Arsenal Stutgarrd on loan.

Monday, May 24, 2010


1)First world cup winner Uruguay in 1930.
2)The first goal in a world cup was scored by French man Lucien Laurent , who scored the goal in 1930 . In the 4-1 win over Mexico.
3) First hat trick was scored by the American Bart Patenaude, in ta 3-0 win over Paraguay in 1930, at Montevido.
4) The first player to be shown a red card in a world cup was Placido Galindo of peru. The referee was the Chilean refereeAlbert warkan. In the match with Romania.
5) The first man to miss a penalty in a world cup was the Argentinan Fernando Paternoster. While the MexicanManuel Rocquettas Rossa was the first person to score a penalty in a world cup.
6) The top scorer in the 1930 world cup wasGuillermo stablie of Argentina with six goals.
7) The mexican Manuel Rossa was the first unlucky culprit to score qa own goal, in a game with chile.
8) The first referee in a world cup was the Urugayan Domingo Lombardi. Almejda rego of Brazil and HenriChristophe of Belgium were the linesmen.


Jose Mourinho has taken over as the new coach at Real Madrid. Real were very desperate to knock out Barcelona from the Spanish perch. They are paying him 8 million Euros a year, and will also give a shopping purse of 100 million pounds.And he will also have a free hand at the club.The shopping list is long and very ambitious to.
The players included are Ashley Cole, Michael Essien, Petr Cech, Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard, Robin Van Persie, Emmanuel Adebauyor , Diego Milito, Wesley Sneijder, Julio Ceaser. And of course Cesc Fabregas.but I doubt he will get them all.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Dino Zoff was born in 1942.He was voted as the best goalkeeper in Italy of the 20th century.
He played for te following clubs, Udinasee from 1961 -1962, Mentoue 1963 to 1967.Napoli 1967 to 1972. And for Juventus from1972 to the year 1983. he also played a total of 112 games for Italy, and59 games as captain for Italy.. He has also conceeded a total of 91 goals for Italy. he also holds the world cup honour of winning the world cup in 1982. At the 1982 world cup, Zoff becomes the oldest player and captain to lift the world cup, he was in 1982 he was 40 years 4 months and 14 days old.


In the history of the champion league from 1950 , only three coaches have won the champion league with two different clubs.
1) Ernst Happel who won it with Feynoord in the year 1970. And with hamburg in 1983.
2) Ottmar Hetzfeld won it with Borrisa Dortmund , in the year 1997. And with Bayern Munich in the year 2001.
3) Jose Morinho won it with F.C.Porto , in the year 2004. And with Inter Milan in 2010.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Tom Henning Ovrebo the refree from Norway for F.I.F.A. has now retired from refereeing, as he was not selected as one of the referees for the 2010 world cup , in South Africa.
The reason for not sending him to South Africa is because his standard of refereeing was just terrible for words. In the Champion League semi finals between Barcelona and Chelsea, he made howlers after howlers. Like he failed to give Chelsea a few penalties, when they were clear ones. A handball in the box. But the funniest one was when he showed Eric Abidal a straight red card for bringing down Nickolas Anelka, who was the last man. But replays show it was Anelka who brought down Abidal. So Abidal missed the final.And Barcelona won the match and reached the final where they outplayed manchester United.
Chelsea were charged and Drogba called Ovreba a Disgusting F---k---gcheat, and Bosingwa called Ovrebo a theif. Both were fined and banned as well. Nobody will miss Mr Ovrebo on the pitch, better for F.i.F.A as well.

Friday, May 21, 2010


We can compare the cash between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. It is in Million of Euros.
Bayern Munich . Inter Milan.
1) 289.5. Million. Turnover. 196.6. Million.
2) 69.5. Million. T.V. Rights. 15.7. Million.
3) 159.3. Commercial Revineue. 52.6. Million.
4) 60.6. Million. Match Day. 60.6. Million.
5) 20.2. Million. jersey Sponwsorship 11.5. Millin.
6) 69,000. Average attendance. 55,149.


Lev Yashin , who is considered the greatest goalkeeper ever. Was always called the Black Spiderman as he always wore black jersey and black shortsand stockings.He was born in the U.S.S.R on 22/10/1929. He played a total of 812 games for Russia , he kept a total of 480 cleansheets, and saved a total of 150 penalties.He was Russias goalkeeper from the year 1954 to the year 1967.He also played in three world cups 1958, 1962 andand 1966. He was also in the team for Russia in the year 1960 when they were crowned Europen champions in 1960.
Even now he is talked of the highest class as a goalkeeper.


For the 2009-2010 the Real Madrid president Fiorentina Perez brought in a new coach from Vilarreal, The Chilean Manuel Peligrenni.And he spent a huge sum of money on players like 80 million dollars on Christiano Ronaldo, 35 million on Kareem benzeema and 60 odd million pounds on Kaka.The entire total was 250 million pounds on players alone.But they considered Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder as surplus sadly. But the truth is they needed the money, so these players were not sold to Barcelona, who showed intrest in them. But Sneijder was sold to Inter Milan for 20 million pounds and Robben was sold to bayern Munich for 35 million pounds. But we know it was mainly due to these players Inter Milan and Bayern will clash in the champion league final on the 22/5/2010. A big blunder I would say.
And sadly Real went a year without a trophy again.


The Spanish striker David Villa , who used to play his club football at Valencia has now signed a new four year deal at Barcelona. With a possible increase by a year. Barcelona wanted him as a striker since last year but Valencia and Barcelona failed to agree terms. Barcelona then exchanged Samuel Etoo for Zalatan Ibrahimovic. But this year their striker Henry will leave Barcelona for the New York Bulls. Barcelona have put a buy out clause of 200 million Euros in Villas contract. They stole him from the noses of Manchester United. The reason could be Villa wanted to play in Spain only.


First of all we must remember Manchester United did not get the full 80 million pounds for the sale of Christiano Ronaldo, the club got only 70 percent, Romaldo got 20 percent and the agent got 10 percent. The balance has been used by the Glazers to pay the bank heavy interest. The G;azers if not careful will have to pay a huge amount of 1.1 billion pounds,, by the year 2017. They took a loan of 138 million pound in 2006 to buy Manchester United. The interest was first only 14.25 percent but due to breaking of fiscal rules , the interest has risen further by a another two percent, or 16.25 percent. So the 588 million pounds will now be 662 million punds. All because the Glazers in their great wisdom were not in a hurry to pay their mortgage early. And the amount will keep increasing each year. No wonder The Red Knights have more wisdom, and have decided to keep their hands of Manchchester United.
Eric Cantona told the Glazers in 2006 . Go and buy the Cocoa Cola company.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Arsenal want 80 million pounds for their captain Cesc Fabregas. They got him from Barcelona as he was 16 years old and unwanted by the club. AS usual Arsene Wenger can see a unpolished stone and get them cheap and polish them and then make a big sale . He got Fabregas for just 500,000 pounds and is now asking a sum of 80 million pounds for him.The same amount Real Madrid played for Christiano Ronaldo. But Barcelona are only willing to pay 30 million pounds, which is far to little, even Manchester City had a 25 million pound turned down for James Milner.
The reason why Barcelona are only offering 30 million pounds is they say Arsenal stole Fabregas from below their noses, so 30 would do. But they forget Fabregas has five years left on his contract and not four years. Even the free transfer of Yaya Toure is not working out as Toure wants to join his brother Kalo Toure at Manchester City, now will Barcelona give Hlep free as well as cash?


1) Chelsea. 762. million pounds.
2)Manchester United. 717 Million pounds.
3)Liverpool. 394 Million Pounds.
4)Fulham. 207. Million Pounds.
5) Portsmouth. 123. Million pounds.
6)Aston Villa. 114. Million Pounds.
7) Tottenham Hotspur. 80 . Million Pounds.
8) Wigan Athletic. 69. Million pounds.
9) Bolton. 67. Million Pounds.
10) West Ham. 48. Million Pounds.
11) Sunderland. 46. Million pounds.
12Everton. 41. million Pounds.
13) Manchester City. 37. Million pounds.
14) Arsenal. 26.5 .Million Pounds.
15) Blackburn Rovers. 20 Million pounds.
16)Stoke City. 17.4. Million Pounds.
17)Hull. 15. Million Pounds.
18) Burnley. 13. Million Pounds.
Birmingham. 2.83. Million pounds.
Wolves. 0.3. Million Pounds.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Barcelona are willing to offer Arsenal 30 million pounds , but Arsenal want 50 million pounds for Cesc Fabregas. Arsene Wenger says that as clubs are willing to pay 30 million pounds for James Milner , so Cesc Fabregas is clearly worth 50 million pounds.
So it is intresting to note that F.I.F.A fixed the amount for Fabregas to join Arsenal , which was peanuts 500,000 pounds was the price. He has scored 50 goals in those seven years. 79 percent of the games Arsenal won when Fabregas was playing. So 50 million pounds is a huge huge profit, just as Arsene wenger always does.


Cesc Fabregas the Arsenal playmaker and captain wants to leave Arsenal for his boyhood club Barcelona.But Arsene Wenger will demand a nice amount of money plus a player. The latest was 30 million pounds and Yaya Toure in exchange. But the latest one is Barcelona will give up their Sweedish striker got from Inter Milan for 40 million pounds, as a exchange player.
But we must respect Fabregas decission, as his fans. After All heis a Spaniard and has spent seven good fruitful years at Arsenal,sooner or later he would want to go to Spain, so let him go , Arsenal may even get 40 million pounds for him.
So let us see who will come the other way, will it be Yaya Toure or Zalatin Ibrahimovic?


The Spanish champions for the year 2009-2010 are Barcelona, they made twice in a row. They beat Real Madrid by three points. The main reason for this was that Barcelona got 99 points out of a 114 , which was there to grab. Lionel Messi scored a total of 34 goals in this season, and so equaled Ronaldo Limas record of 34 goals scored back in 1997.
The main reason was that in both the El CLASSICOS or The CLASSIC between Real Madrid and Barcelona were won by Barcelona.
Even after spending 250 million pounds and a new manager in Manuel Pelegrenni , they went trophiless this year.
While Barcelona have developed players from their youth , there were seven homegrown players in the El Classico game, Real had only Iker Casillas from their youth, the others being the 34 year old players Raul and Gutti. And next year they could be even stronger with both David Villa and Cesc Fabregas joining Barcelona.


Michael Ballack agent Michael Becker has said that they may sew Prince Boateng , over the injury Ballack got in the F.A. cup final,Ballack is now for six to eight weeks and will not play in the world cup 2010. But they should realize that this is a game and there will always be a chance of serious injury. Then Ballack should sit in Germany and should not take part for Chelsea or the world cup.
but we must remember players from Cameroon and Ghana are quick and strong , so europen footballers will get hurt. You can not go filing cases all the time you are injured.
Ballack must be more sporting, take the case of david Beck ham he also misses the world cup, but he is not sueing any player. These things happen on the field nobody does it on purpose.


The F.A. Cup for the year 2010 was between Chelsea and Portsmouth. That is this years E.P.L. Winner and the club coming last in the table, also a the first club in the E.P.L to be under a adminstrator for going in debt. While Chelsea club is one of the richest in the world , with costliesyt players ever. So on the paper they were bound to give a hiding to Portsmouth, we expected something like six to seven goals. As Chelsea scored seven verses Aston Villa and eight verses Wigan Athletic. But we were in for a far better game , David James , often called calamity james stood like a wall, along with the defence till the 59th minute when Dider Drogba scored a great dipping free kick that finaly beat David James. This was a big relief to the huge Chelsea fans, they then thought that the flood gates would open, but nothing happened . Chelsea won the F.A. cup with a miserable goal only.
But it had its sad moments as well ,the German Michael Ballack was tackled by the Portsmouth defender Kevin Prince Boateng, that damaged the ankle . So sadly Ballack will miss the 2010 world cup. The German press came heavily on Boateng and the injury.

Monday, May 17, 2010


In the the 2010 world cup in South Africa, there will be two brothers taking part in it. Kevin Prince Boateng will play for Ghana in the world cup, while his brother Jerome Boateng , who plays for the German club Hamburg will play for Germany. Both Germany and Ghana are in the same group so they will play their game on 23/6/2010.
These brothers have a father from Ghana and they have a German mother. And as they have not yet played any international matches , they can play the world cup for these two countries.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Spanish midfielder who plays his club football at Everton in England is now wanted by the Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger. The main reason being that Barcelona are keen on buying Cesc Fabregas , so Michael Arteta would be a good replacement, only thing is that he is 28 years old. And Manchester United to are keen on him,as sir Alex Ferguson is now looking for a good replacement for Paul Scholes , as Scholes is 35 years and has got one year on his contract left.Michael Arteta has a high weekly salary of about 45,000 pounds weekly.


The Brazilian winger Jairzino is the only footballer ever to score a goal in each of the matches he played in the 1970 world cup , in Mexico. Brazil won the world cup then making it their third in the Pele era. No footballer has been able to do this from the time the world cup started in 1930.
But strangely he did not win the golden boot in the 1970 world cup. That year the boot went to Gert Muller of West Germany who scored 10 goals.
Jarzino is alsp the person who discovered Ronaldo Lima at a very small club and got him to Gremio. It was from here he went to P.S.V. Eindhoven taken by Sir Bobby Robson, and then to Barcelona as well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mr Sullivan and Mr Gould have sacked the West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola , he was the manager for two years. But we must remember that Zola had no experience asa manager before. And he had a tight purse and had a very very average team , beside Scott Parker and Robert Green there was no one of any class. Their sponsorer went bakrupt adding to the trouble.
And both Mr Gould and mr Sulivan said the entire team was for sale except Scott Parker. But let me remind you Robert Green is in the England team, and Fabio Capello will not take him unless he is good. Even if West Ham had Jose Mourinho as the manager they would have done just as badly. the owners of West Ham should be glad that Zola was fighting a battle of survival all through the year, and managed the drop and got 35 points. So it is clear Zola is not to blame at all. Unless goals are scored teams will be relegated.


The top scorer in the E.P.L for the year 2009-2010 was the Chelsea striker Dider Drogba who scored a total of 29 goals. There were two midfielders who were in the list of top scorers they were Frank Lampard of Chelsea with 22 goals and Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal with 15 goals. but Fabregas broke his leg and missed many mathes due to injury. The top scorer among the defenders was the Arsenal player Thomas vermaelen who scored 8 goals in the season.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Fabio Capello the Italian c, but manager of england for the world cup 2010 in South Africa, has sent out a total of 41 emails to players he feels fit for the world cup. darren Bent the Sunderland striker also gets a call. But the biggerst suprise was he has even called Owen Hargraves who was a long time injury case at Manchester United this year. Another big suprise was the calling of the Liverpool center back Jami Caragher who retired way back in 2007, as he fell of with the then english manager steve Maclaren.
Fabio Capello clearly has a headache in the defence, Rio Ferdinand and Ledley king have been long time injuries to their clubs, with groin and back for Rio and a bad knee for King. It is a joke at Spurs King plays a game and then misses two or three games after that. So capello clearly told caragher Your country needs you, so come back please. Jami caragher has said yes all the better for football and England.


Chelsea are the 2009_2010 E.P.L . winners. As they defeated Wigan athelatic in some style on the last day with a 8-0 thrashing and a hat trick from Dider Drogba , who also won the golden boot with the most goals this year.Chelsea scored a total of 103 goals in this season, so beating the previous record of 93 goals set in 1963.
This was the first time Carlo Anchelotti won the E.P.L cup in his very first season.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


The Liverpool football cub had a loss of 54.9million pound loss, that is the loss was 34 percent more then the 2008 figure.As 41 million pounds went to pay the clubs intrest 351.4 million pound debt it owed the banks, The Royal Bank of Scotland and the U.S.A Wachovia . And paying of senior staff mainly cheif executive Rick Parry,a sum of 4.3 million pounds. And the Liverpool club has to pay144.4 million pounds to its parent company another 8.1 million pounds has to be paid by the two American owners.
But it was not all gloom and doom at Liverepool .It made a huge sponsor contract with Standard Chartered bank worth 80 million for 4 years for the Jersey, it will show only next years auddit. Last year the club came second in the E.P.l. they got474.6 million pounds for that. and a 3.4 million was made due to transfer profit, Xavi Alonso was the big sale.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The American family that own Manchester United have refused to sell the club that has a debt of 716 million pounds in debt. And it has also taken 504 million pounds in bonds , to help keep the ship sailing. As the anger grows at Manchester United, against the Glazers, more gold and green scarves can be seen. And the Red knights offered to buy the club for 1.5 billion pounds, and this year they want to buy so many players, and kick out the players that failed like Berbatov and Carrick.
Next year fans have been told not to buy tickets , as the stadium will be empty and it will hurt the Glazers.


It is more likely now that the Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez will no longer be joining Juventus the Old Lady of Turin. It appears even the salary and 70 million pounds , purse offered to buy players was not enough to tempt him. It appears he would not have full powers over at Turin.
So now Juventus are looking for a Italian managers to take up the job. And one person sujested is the former A.S..Roma coach Luciano Spaletti.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Spain have a very rare distinction . As they become the only country in the world and F.I.F.A history to hold the world number one ranking of F.I.F.A.Even though their country has yet to win a world cup in their time. The highest they have ever reached so far is the forth position in the 1950 world cup in Brazil.
Many ask why is it so? As Spain have the top richest clubs in the world Real Madrid and Barcelona. But in Spain the country and the people are divided region wise, and they do not mix easily . Like Catolonyans, the Basque region and Madrid area. And in the past half the Spanish team were from Real madrid , Barcelona and Athletico Madrid. So the dressing room and on the field they would not mix freely.


Tony Carr has developed great players at West Ham United academy for the past 30 years. He was honored the other day and the old footballers who moved on were there.He started out young at the academy and polished the shoes of Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters. Now the players West Ham later sold were geniuses and they made a neat amout of 80 million pounds, and do not for get the small players.
1) Rio Ferdinand sold for 18 million pounds to Leeds United.
2) Frank Lampard sold for 11 million pounds to Chelsea.
3) Joe Cole sold for 6.6 million pounds to Chelsea.
4) Jermain Defoe sold for6 million pounds to Tottenham Hotspur.
5) Glen Johnson sold for 6 million pounds to Chelsea.
6) Michael Carrick sold for 2.75 million pounds to Tottenham Hotspur.
We must not forget playes like Fredie Kanoute who plays for Seville in Spain, Paulo Dicanio Lazio and Anton Ferdinand andDavid James. So Fabio Capello will have 7 players from West Ham.They cost 80 million pounds.


After the second leg champion league match between Barcelona and Inter Milan, which Inter won due to the first leg win.It is no secret that the barcelona fans just hate the shadow of Mourinho and his outspoken talk before matches. He is taunted in Barcelona as the translator, as he was a translator for sir Bobby Robson during his time at Barcelona . His car was spat and kicked at , the car was vigorously shaken , just as Mourinho was shaken inside. The police had to come in large number to control things.
It happened when he was in England and coach of Chelsea. The question of Barcelona being lpoor loosers is not correct, if he joins Real Madrid next year and both clash you can see it again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The Manchester City players are promised 70,000 pounds each as a bonus if they beat Spurs in their match and end up forth in this years E.P.L. table. The main players are also promised extra bonuses such as the main players Carlos Tevez ,Craig Bellamy and Shay Given are the main ones to benefit. In fact Shay Given will get 100,000 pounds as he was mainly responsible for their 63 points. Roberto Mancini will also get his share.


In the second leg of the semifinal between Bayern Munich and Lyon, the Germans came with a one goal lead. This was played in Lyons on back yard, and the day belonged to the Croatian striker Ivica Olic who was in wonderful mood and also scored a beautiful hat trick to send the French team packing. Even though it was not all one sided Sydney Govou gave the Bayern players trouble with his speed and trickery.But just two minutes into the game Olic robbed the ball from cris but missed the chance. The first goal came in the 26th minute a apass by Robben to Muller and then Olic who beat Hugo Loris with his left foot. Then the second goal was scored in the 67th minute by Olics right foot. Cris the Brazilian captain of Lyon got a yellow card in the second half for a minor offence, he then clapped at the referees face, leading to a second yellow followed by a red.The third goal of Olics was scored in the 76th minute with a good header, he then had his head cut after heading it in. Please note Bayern were missing Franck Ribery for this game.
Bayern Munich will now play Inter Milan in the Final on may 22nd.This is Louis van gaal chance to win the champion league with two clubs , he won it with Ajax in 1995. If he does then he will be just the third man to do it with two clubs.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Sir Alex Ferguson is mad at the Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, for making a mistake in their E.P.L. match verses Chelsea. Gerrard made a back pass to Reina, but as it was spotted quickly by Dider Drogba who then scored the first goal.Ferguson claims that it was done so that Chelsea would get all three points and make the title slip from Manchester Uniteds hand.
But knowing Liverpool club and Steven Gerrard who has been at Liverpool from the start, they are a proud team that take their football seriously this would not be done on purpose.


As a another season comes to a end the top 10 footballers have been chosen.They are as follows.
1) Wayne Rooney. Manchester United.
2)James Milner. Aston Villa.
3) Florent Malouda. Chelsea.
4) Carlos Tevez. Manchester City.
5)Scott Parker. West Ham United.
6) Joe Hart. Birmingham.
7) Braislav Ivanovic. Chelsea.
8) Bobby Zamorra. Fulham.
9) Thomas Vermaelan. Arsenal.
10) Gareth Bale. Tottenham Hotspur.


The Valencia striker David Villa has decided to join spanish giants Barcelona in the summer for a sum of 30 million pounds. Valencia are in need of funds as they are 500 million pounds in debt, and do not have any funds to build a new and larger stadium. This now makes the way clear for Henry to leave Barcelona and join a club in the U.S.A.
Last year all three giants were chasing David Villa. Chelsea, Manchester United and Barcelona.Now Barcelona will be a team to be feared next year.