Wednesday, November 21, 2012


1) Chelsea have spent 86 million pounds on compensation on sacked managers since 2oo4.More then Everton spent in their whole history. 2) Chelsea had eight managers in their 70 years. From 1905 to 1975. 3) Chelsea have now sacked 9 managers in 9 years.. 4)Chelsea sacked 7 managers to win 7 5) The life span of a Chelsea coach under Roman Abramovich is 8 months , only Jose Mourinho and Carlo Anchelotti stayed more then a year. 6) Chelsea have 9 managers in 9 years.Manchester United had 9 managers since 1937.


It has happened again Chelsea have sacked their manager Robert Di Matteo, just because he did badly in the Champion league match between Chelsea and Juventus, played in Turin Italy. But has the sacked manager done badly? No not at all Chelsea had won the F.A.Cup and Champion league last year. This was the first champion league cup ever won by Chelsea.. Now the question is who will take over at Chelsea. Pep Guardiola may join only in the new season. So who will be the manager for a short time. One manager the Chelsea board have in mind is the Spaniard Rafael Benitez, the former Liverpool manager. Now the question people are asking are is he good enough?Well he has won the Spanish league with a club beside Real Madrid and Barcelona, the club was Valencia. And he also won the champion league with Liverpool. So not bad at all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It is quite possible that we may see another manager at Chelsea, we could see the Italian Robert Di Matteo getting sacked as manager in january. The reason being Chelsea the ruling Champion League winner have been knocked out in the qualifying stages , and they lost their last match to Juventus with a score of 3-0. And this becomes the first time in Champion league history , that is from 1950 , that a ruling champion club is knocked out in the first round itself. The Russian owner takes his Champion league games seriously , as it brings in millions of pounds for each stage. And last year it helped Chelsea to make a small profit of 1.4 million pounds. Now who will take over at Chelsea? The two managers in mind of the Russian are Pep Guardiola , and the other Spaniard Rafael Benitez.


This could well be the most cont reversal goal in the match between Shakhtor Donetsk and Nordsjaellands . The trouble arose in the 26th minute of the match , Willan then passed the ball back to the Noordsjaellands goalkeeper, it was after the player Marten Nordstrand had received treatment, but Luiz Adriano unsportinglly pounced on the ball and scored a goal to make it 1-1.


Jose Mourinho the manager of Real Madrid will reach a milestone in his managerial career , when Real Madrid play Manchester City. He will be taking charge for his hundredth match in THE CHAMPION LEAGUE. And at the age of 49 years he will also be the youngest to do it. 1)Carlo Anchelotti was 51 years old then. 2)Arsene Wenger was 58 years old then. 3)Ottmar Hitzfeld was 58 years old then. 4) Alex Ferguson was 62 years then.

Monday, November 19, 2012


This is the truth the Manchester Uniteds wingers Luis Nani, Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia have all been very disappointing, with Ryan Giggs now 38, thirty eight years and most likely to retire at the end of the season, his skills and pace will be missed. Ashley young and Antonio Valencia have been injured as well. But the big question who will take their places ? It is almost certain Luis Nani who joined Manchester United to fill the place of Cristiano Ronaldo will certainly be sold to generate funds along with Javier Hernandez. But the wingers who may join Manchester United are Tom Ince, the son of the famous Paul Ince, Wilfred Zaha and also the Colombian winger Joseph Rodrigues. But one thing is clear they will not come cheaply Wilfred Zaha will cost 20, twenty million pounds, and Joseph Rodrigues will cost Manchester United 26 , twenty six million pounds from F.C.Porto.


The Italian midfielder who was playing for A.C. Milan in the year 2009, was very close to joining Chelsea, so close was he to join Chelsea he was even talking personal terms with Chelsea. And the Chelsea manager then was his former A.C.Milan manager Carlo Anchelotti. But things sadly went wrong at the last moment and A.C.Milan pulled out from the deal, at that time Andrea Pirlo was 30 years. Today he is 33 years old and almost in the twilight of his career, he has now joined the Turin club, Juventus called the old lady of Turin.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


We always look to see the list of youngest footballers to play for England, so this is the list of the oldest players to be capped for England. 1) Leslie Compton. Club Arsenal. Age 38 years 64 days. 3)Kevin Davis . Club Bolton Wanderers. Age 33 years 200 days. 3)Bill Nicholson. Club. Tottenham Hotspurs. Age 32 years 113 days. 4)Allenby Chilton. Club Manchester United. Age 32 years 21 days. 5)Lea Osman. Club Everton. Age 31 years 181 days. 6) ArthurAlenby Chilton, Bill Nic Willis.Club Tottenham Hotspurs. Age 31 years 243 days. Please note Leslie Compton is the brother of Dennis Compton the famous English cricketer both the brothers played football for Arsenal.


In Serbia two clubs and both were leading in Serbia called RED STAR and PARTIZAN BELGRADE are now in deep financial crises , and they are not the only ones to be in a meltdown. In Scotland it was Glasgow Rangers who had won the most trophies by a club in football, with 54 trophies, not even Real Madrid did so.Even now Motherweell have been issued with winding up notice failing to pay taxes.And in the future more will clubs will collapse as players get greedier. The Prime minister has also asked their main sponsor Gazporm to increase their money paid to their clubs.

Friday, November 16, 2012


In the sixteen years that Arsene Wenger has been manager at Arsenal, many fantastic players have joined the club and also many talented footballers have also slipped from being Arsenal players due to some reason or the other. The names that come to my mind are as followd. 1) Petr Cech. He was not taken as he could not get a work permit then. 2) Yaya Toure. He also did not get a work permit in England. 3) Cristiano Ronaldo. He had a trial at Arsenal, but joined Manchester United instead from Sporting Lisbon for 12.4 Million pounds. 4) Zalatan Ibrahimovic. He refused to take atrial at Arsenal, as he wanted to become a direct striker at Arsenal.But with four strikes already like Theirry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvian Wiltord and Kanu. He then joined Ajax instead. May be missed , but rest is history.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


It is now very clear indeed that the days are numbered for Fernando Torres at Chelsea. The Russian owner of Chelsea has finally lost faith in the Spaniard fernando torres, and he has every right to be so. Torres has cost the club fifty million pounds and he has failed to deliver with goals. The player chosen to fill THE EL NINOS shoes is Radamel Falcao Garcia, He to will cost roughly fifty million pounds. 1) Fernando Torres has played a total of 85 games for Chelsea and scored 19 goals. 2) Radamel Falcao has played 71 games for F.C.Porto and Atletico Madrid and has scored 69 goals.


Twelve years ago a young Zalatan Ibrahimovic came to Arsenal, Arsene wenger gave him the famous Arsenal jersey with the number 9 on it. But Arsene Wenger told him he would like to try Zalatan Ibrahimovic out on the pitch. Here the big ego of the big Swede came in , he just walked out of the pitch insulted. But Arsene Wenger was perfectly correct in wanting to try him out. Zalatan Ibrahimovic then joined Dutch giants Ajax instead, from there he has moved a great deal all over Europe, he has played for Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, A.C.Milan and now P.S.G. But he must be bitterly disappointed with his move, the year he left Inter Milan to join Barcelona , Inter Milan won the Champion league, and when he left Barcelona, after his big ego clashed with Pep Guardiola , Barcelona won the Champion League. So a Champion League medal still eludes the big Swede This was reported in THE SUN. Zalatan ibrahimovic wanted a starting place at Arsenal, but with great strikers like Theirry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvan Wiltord and Kanu , all great strikers, Ibrahimovic rejected the move and went to Ajax.


Mario Bolotelli is now out of Manchester City team in January. He was out parting for twelve hours, and that just before the match played between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs, played on 11/11/2012. Yes it is true that he was clearly told that he was not in the plans of Roberto Mancini in the match with Spurs.But he should know very well that a striker could be injured and he would be needed at any time. But he went to party for twelve hours at Panacea Restaurant , and mind you it was very near to stadium where the match was played. Now he is out And Manchester City will have to break the bank to buy Radamel Falcao Garcia for 46 million pounds.


Raheem Sterling, who has Jamaican peronts and his mother wanted him to play for Jamaica and not England. He was a troublesome boy when he was small, so at five he was put into Vernon Home Special school, he was five years old with long plaits and bigger grin from ear to ear. He gave the teacher Mr Cris Beschi ample trouble, and Mr Beschi told him clearly if you do not mend your ways in seven years you will either be in jail or be a footballer. As he loved football and had a good pair of feet. He first joined Queen Park Rangers,, but he was spotted by the Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez, and a deal was done between Queen Park Rangers for his sale for 500,000 pounds, with add ons which could reach 2 million pounds. The boy has done well he was selected to play for England verses Sweden in a friendly match,he is the third youngest to debut for England, after Theo Walcott, And Wayne Rooney. Raheem sterling was 17 years and 342 days.


The Glazers have been accused of taking 140 million pounds from the money generated by their shares in the U.S.A. The watchdog Sec says the Glazers are pulling the wool over the eyes of the fans . Glazer also repaid 10 million from a loan, but he took the 10 million back as a dividend. Now there are a total of seven Glazers in the manchester United club, so between them all they collected 16 million pounds. This is plain milking of Manchester United.Their debt this year is 560 million pounds, yes it was 800 million pounds five years ago. The fans are happy as they win trophies.


the Spaniard Jose Pepe Reina who plays as goalkeeper for Liverpool in the E.P.L, could now move to Arsenal in the January transfer window. As he has now lost his place at Liverpool , after he was injured to the big Australian goalkeeper Brad Jones. In fact Arsenal wanted to buy him in the year 2010, but the deal collapsed as the then two American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett , then refused the deal. The two Americans in the year 2010 were looking to sell the club. And they made it very clear to Jose Pepe Reina , that he would not be sold , as he was needed to be in the team so that the club could be sold . Pepe Reina puts it this way I was a trading chip by the club.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Arsene wenger is very keen to buy the Spanish striker Christian Tello , who plays his club football with the Spanish giants Barcelona, as his contract is coming to a end at the end of this season. So as he has not signed a new contract he will be free to talk to any club in January. Barcelona are willing to sell their young striker who is only twenty one years old. the striker is scoring goals for Barcelona when he gets his chances , but his big worry is that if rumors are to be believed. Then the Brazilian striker from Santos, Neymar is now ready to play in Europe and Barcelona is his destination. Anyway Arsenal do need a a talented striker who will net the ball in the net to keep the club in Champion league next year.


In the 1994 world cup in the U.S.A , in the match between Brazil and Holland, the new rule came into force that if a player is not interfering with play , he can not be offside.Here Romario was clearly offside but he was not interfering with play Bebeto then scored the second goal for Brazil. Then the most famous world cup celebration was done Romario , Bebeto and a third player rocked their hands as if rocking a imaginary baby in a cradle.It was to welcome Bebetos son Matheus who was recently born. Today that baby has grown to a eighteen year old talented footballer and plays for the Rio club Flamingo, he plays as a attacking midfielder, he has been caled up to play in the under 20 team for Brazil. you can be sure of some Samba magic.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Referee Mark Clattenburg very confidently states that the English F.A. will not take any action against him, in the John Obi Mikhail case. This is of course understood , as Mark Clatttenburg is employed by the F.A, so how can the F.A go against him, he is their employ after all. But Alex Ferguson supported Clattenburg from the moment on the pitch itself. No surprise here Clattenburg has gifted a few games to Manchester United, the goal not given when Pedro Mendez hit Roy Carroll in the chest and clearly went in over the line. In the Chelsea Manchester United match he showed Fernando Torres the second yellow card , followed by a red card, after Johnny Evans kicked Torres in the shin, so Evans who was on a yellow card should have got a red. Ferguson and other managers will always support the referees , or they will get a back lash from them. But one question I ask , Why is the F.A keeping Mark Clattenburg from refereeing a game for the third week running. So clearly something is wrong there can not be smoke without the fire.


The Italian manager Roberto Mancini , who is manager at Manchester City, behaves just like a beggar who has won a hundred billion pound lottery ticket. He is so excited with the oil money of the Sheikh Mansoor, whose wealth is believed to be a trillion pounds. They both just want to buy any and every player in the news , mind you they do not sell a player first they keep buying players, all they have to know a manager is interested in a particular player , they then offer a higher price as a higher weekly salary. The squad is a very big one and many players are unhappy for not getting a starting place. Chelsea wanted Falcao , so Roberto Mancini flew to Madrid to speak to Falcaos agent Jorge Mendez. Silly behavior I must say.

Monday, November 12, 2012


The Spanish club Atletico Madrid , are now in financial crises ,for some time now, they sold Sergio Aguero to Manchester City for 38 million pounds, and got Radamel Falcao from F.C.Porto in Portugal, yes he is a proven goal scorer in Europe. But they are now willing to sell him for 46 million pounds .A few clubs can only afford him. They are P.S.G. Manchester City and Chelsea. But Chelsea were told that they would have to use Fernando Torres as part of the deal. Fernando Torres started his career at Atletico Madrid, and joined Liverpool in 2007 , he was brought by fellow Spaniard Rafael Benitez. But Fernando Torres was sold to Chelsea for a record 50 million pounds.But he failed to shine like he did at Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, it could be the record price, which was more of a millstone around the neck of Torres. The Spanish club want to get money on selling their star as well as cut out the huge weekly salary of the Colombian.


This is a real worry indeed for Real Madrid as a whole, as their star striker Cristiano Ronaldo was seriously injured in the match played on 11/11/2012 between Real Madrid and Levente. Actually Ronaldo was trying to foul the Levente player David Navarro , and David Navarro had his elbow hitting Ronaldo in the eyes, there was heavy bleeding from the eyes and even as he scored the goal , he was withdrawn at half time. The big worry for both Ronaldo and the club is that beside bleeding, he also lost vision in both eyes . So he will take no part in the weekly friendly match Portugal verses Gabon, yes he was in Portugal in Lisbon. The tests done on Ronaldo at Madrid will let us know how soon he will return to the Real Madrid team.


The E.P.L season for 2012/2013 started non 15/8/2012 . And a total of eleven games have been played so far, but this year so far two clubs in the top E.P.L have yet to register a outright win and collect their first three points. The two clubs are Reading and Queen Park Rangers, who sit eighteenth and twentieth in the E.P.L table. Queen Park Rangers have played Eleven games won 0, drew 4 lost 7 games. And got 4 points only. Reading have played ten games Won 0 , Drew 6,lost 4 and have six points. So in three months the last time two clubs in the old E.P.L started three months without a win , goes back to the year 1983/1984. That year the two clubs in the record books no longer in the E.P.L. They are Leicester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers. In the end of the season Leicester City fifteenth and Wolverhampton finished last twenty second.


The Mexican Javier Hernandez has only got a total of 303 minutes in seven games for the club, he has fallen behind wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie , Danny Welbeck , it is reported that the Italian club Fiorentina who are playing without a striker as Dimitrov Berbatov ditched the Italian club and joined Fulham. Jaier Hernandez could be sold along with Luis Nani to generate funds to buy Robert Leowdanski from Borrusia Dortmund. So the rumors are that Javier Hernandez is also wanted by Arsenal and Borrusia Dortmund as well.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Roberto Mancini flew to Spain for a meeting with Jorge Mendez the agent of the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao, this was their second meeting, Atletico Madrid are facing financial problems, last time they sold Sergio Aguero to Manchester City for 38, thirty eight million pounds.But Falcao will cost 46 million pounds , and he wants a six million pounds as salary as well. But things could get complicated as Jorge Mendez is also the agent of Jose Mourinho, and Real Madrid are keen to buy him as well.Chelsea to are keen to get him, as they have not filled the vacum left after the departure of Drogba. But City will have to sell a few players first like Mario Bolotelli and Edin Dzeko first before buying anyone. Radamel Falcao has given a hint about his future for the next season, he says The future is not in my hands, only God knows for which club I will play next year.


Since the Russian billionaire Roman Abrahimovic brought Chelsea in the year 2003, he has seen yearly losses , but the year 2012 saw a long last profit of 1.4. Million pounds.But he has a total loss of 631 million pounds. 2003 loss was 87.8 million pounds. 2004 loss was 14 million pounds. 2005 loss was 80.2 million pounds. 2006 loss was 74.8 million pounds. 2007 loss was 65.7 million pounds. 2008 loss was 44.4 million pounds. 2009 loss was 70.9. million pounds. 2010 loss was 63. million pounds. 2011 loss was 67 million pounds. 2012 profit was 1.4 million pounds.


Lionel Messi the Arentinean and Barcelona striker has now scored 76 , seventy six goals in one calender year, when he reached 76, seventy six goals he overtook Peles total of 75 goals scored in 1958. But Lionel Messi will still have to score more goals, as he will have to break the great West German goal machine scorer called Gerd Muller , who has scored 85 goals in one year.He did it in 1972.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Sir Alex Ferguson has asked his club Manchester United to score a hundred goals or more in the 2012/2013 season. It is indeed a tall order by the Scott manager. As Chelsea scored 103 goals in the 2009/2010 season.While Manchester United have scored their highest number of goals, it was 97 goals in the year 1999/2000 season. Manchester City have scored their highest number of goals in 2011/2012 which was 93 goals only.


The Welsh footballer Robbie savage who played for Leicester City, Derby County , Blackburn Rovers and Birmingham City, and who was always a crazy over cars and had good collection of cars from a Mercedes Benz m, Porsche and Ferrari as well. And he once greatly angered his team mates by showing up for training in a jazzy Mercedes Benz, but now he had to buy a car made in South Korea at a auction, for a low amount of 300 pounds, and it was a ten year old car to. He now works as a broadcaster in the media.


The French footballer Yaan M,Villa , who was once wanted by Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.He was also dubbed as THE NEW PATRICK VIEIRA. But sadly things have gone all wrong for him. He was in the EURO 2012 French team, but a injury in the early stages ruled him out of the French team. He was later arrested for slapping a aquantance at his house. But now he faces a twenty one month ban by the French Football Federation, or F.F.F, for breaking curfew hours and going out late at night. Now this means he wwill now be allowed to play in the middle of July 2014, that means he will miss the 2014 world cup in Brazil.


According to THE MIRROR the Italian giants Inter Milan are keen to buy the French right back Bacry sagna from Arsenal in the January transfer window. Now Bacry sagna has turned into a contract rebel, refusing to sign a new contract. Mind you he is the same man who complaiined that Arsenal were selling their best players , like Robin Van Persie and Alexander Song. Persie was sold for 24 million pounds, which is huge, nobody will pay 24 million pounds for a 29 year injury prone player with only one good season of eight seasons at Arsenal.Arsenal sell players and buy new ones.They do not use club or owners money. You can be very sure that Manchester City or Chelsea have contacted him , to replace Ashley Cole. Arsenal do not pay players 100,000 pounds as weekly salary, this means costlier tickets.


Eleven famous Yankees to play in the E.P.L, what did surprise me that they included three goalkeepers. 1)John Haarkes . Played for Sheffield Wednesday, Derby, West Ham United, Nottingham Forest. 2)Cobi Jones Played for Coventry. 3)Kessey Keller. Played for Milawall, Southampton, Fulham Leichester, and Tottenham Hotspurs 4) Brad Friedel. Played for Liverpool,Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspurs. 5) Carlos Bocanegra . Played for Fulham. 6)Brian McBride.Played for Fulham. 7)Tim Howard. Played for Manchester United and Everton. 8) Landon Donovon. Played for Everton. 9)Claudio Reyna. Sunderland and Manchester City. 10)Clint Dempsey. Played for Fulham and Tottenham Hotspurs. 11)Jonathan Spector. Played for West Ham United and Birmingham City.


The rich E.P.L club Chelsea made their very first profit since theclub was brought by the Russian billionaire. This is for the financial year ending in june 2012.The amount is a very small amount it is 1.4 million pounds, something better then nothing.. The reason for it is winning the Champion League last year, and another point was not getting another manage and so pay a hefty amount as compensation. Another reason of making profit was Dider Drogba, Nicklas Anelka, Bosingwa and Solomon Kalou left the club so big weekly salaries were saved.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Chelsea are eyeing a real good replacement to Dider Drogba. And the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao Garcia was to costly at 46 million pounds. It now appears that the Spanish striker David Villa , who plays his club football with Barcelona, and is also 30 years old. david Villa and Lionel Messi had a big argument after the Champion League game, which Barcelona lost to Celtic 2-1.And this is the second time the pair have clashed, it happened after the match with Granada. Now it looks quite possible that Barcelona will Sell David Villa , who was out last year with a broken leg and has not been the same since It now looks like Barcelona will sell David Villa and buy either Radamel Falcao or Neymar.


A former striker called Michael Branch , who started his football career with the youth academy at Everton, and then later also played for Manchester City, Birmingham City and Wolves. He has now been arrested for selling drugs. He admitted in court that he was selling cocaine to another man, he has now got seven years in jail for drug trafficking. A sad end of a story.We can see more footballers behind bars like this, they are so used to the rich life, and when they retire and their money dries up they turn to this. A report stated some time ago that there are 166 footballers behind bars for crime and drugs, including South America as well.


Steven Gerard the Liverpool captain , is now ready to become only the sixth player to play a hundred games for England. He will reach this honor of hundred gamesfor England when he plays a friendly match verses Sweden. The other six to do it are 1) Sir Bobbt Moore, 2) Sir Bobby Charlton, 3) Peter Shilton, 4) David Beckham, 5) Billy Wright and 6) Steven Gerard.


The former Spanish and Barcelona player Pep Guardiola , who has now taken a years break from football. His agent has now said that he is now keen to take over as a manager once again. So the clubs that could have him are 1) Manchester City, 2) Chelsea , 3) and A.C. Milan. Everybody knows what he did at Barcelona , in a short period of four years he had won fourteen major trophies with , something no other manager has done in four years. He always had a one year contract at Barcelona, and not a five or three year contract. And he also paid keen interest in the youth team players. Another club or two that could use him are Chelsea and Manchester United.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It is indeed very good to hear of footballers who have not forgotten the clubs and their roots in football. The Spanish football club REAL OVIEDO, now playing in the third tier in the Spanish football teams. Now Real Oviedo have found themselves facing financial hardships. The reason being that the Spanish economy has collapsed along with Portugal and Greece. Now three footballers who spent their early years at Real Oviedo , and are now doing well in the E.P.L. These three footballers Michu, Santi Carzola and Juan Mata who now play in the E.P.L have come forward to buy shares of the club to help it financially. Juan Mata, who plays for Chelsea. Michu who plays for Swansea. Santi Carzola who plays for Arsenal. Ten years ago Swansea was in the same position, they then sold shares and got them selves out of their financial mess.


Arsenal fans are angry at Arsene Wenger for not spending millions on players, we must remember that spending millions of pounds on greedy footballers is not the corrct way. Clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City are owned by billionaires who are throwing money and buying players. Whether they are needed or not is another matter. Take Chelsea they won their first E.P.L after fifty years under Jose Mourinho. And Manchester City won their first E.P.L after forty four years, both after their sugar daddy's arrived. While Arsenal have rules like the club must sell players to buy another player, no owner can pay for a player. All trophies won by Arsenal have been won this way. Wenger finds good talent develops them as stars, buying them cheap and selling for a huge profit. For example Nickolas Anelka was got from P.S.G for 500,000 pounds sold to Real Madrid for 23 million pounds.Robin Van Persie 2.75 million pounds , sold to Manchester United for 24 million pounds. Has any other manager done this? The fans must remember that there is one E.P.L trophy,one F.A cup, one Carling cup, one Champion league and one Com unity shield. And twenty clubs to win one cup only each.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The Brazilian footballer Andrea Santos who is used by Arsenal as a left back.Has now found himself in hot water and could be very well sold in the january transfer window. The trouble started at half time when Santos and Robin Van Persie walked to the tunnel , it appears that the idea was Robin Van Persie , to offer his jersey to Andrea Santos. But the exchange of jerseys is done in the E.P.L at the end of the match and not at half time. The fans were angry with Robin Van Persie , who last year always said he would stay at Arsenal, so did his wife and parents say so. Andrea Santos says the idea of swapping jerseys was not his, but it was the idea of Robin Van Persie . The funny thing in this is that in the E.P.L jerseys are exchanged at the end of a match, and not during half time.


Manchester United are very keen to get the Colombian winger James Rodriguez, in the January transfer window. As Alex Ferguson wants to replace Luis nani with James Rodriguez. James Rodriguez is often refereed to the great Carlos Valdarrama. He plays his club football with F.C.Porto, in Portugal. In the beginning the buy out clause was 24 million pounds, but the club F.C.Porto are now making a fresh contract with a buy out clause of 36 million pounds.Which is steep. The question I ask is where is the money going to come fromas they had reported some time ago that Manchester United did not have any funds for the january transfer window.. So it looks like Luis nani and Javier Hernandez will have to be sold to generate funds.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Chelsea have cooled their interest in buying the Colombian goal scoring machine Radamel Falcao Garcia, but the Spanish club were asking a huge sum of 46, forty six million pounds for him. But now Chelsea are looking elsewhere for good young strikers. These ones will cost much less for Chelsea. The strikers in mind are Lomic Remi of France and fellow Colombian footballer Jackson Martinez. Chelsea are hoping to get each player for 15 to 20 million pounds.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Alex Ferguson tells Arsenal fans to respect Robin Van Persie. But he must know traitors do not get respect. Here you can ask Luis Figo and Michael Ladrup , both left Barcelona after agreeing to stay and then joining up with their Rivals Real Madrid. A banner welcomed Michael Ladrup which said JUDAS LADRUP. And a pig head and whiskey bottle greeted Luis Figo when he went to take a corner kick.After that he never took a corner kick verses Barcelona. Here Robin Van Persie said he loved Arsenal. His wife said he loved Arsenal and would not be leaving Arsenal. Even his parents said he would not leave Arsenal.So the entire family are big liars.So why should anybody respect him. Robin Van Persie played eight years for Arsenal and was injured for seven years.Only one year he scored 30 odd goals. But Arsene Wenger has requested the Arsenal fans not to boo Persie.


According to a report in THE SUN paper Real Madrid are willing to sell Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer. The selling price is a huge amount it is a massive 150 million pounds. And the club that is willing to buy him will have to pay a huge weekly salary of 300,000 pounds a week, that will come to a unheard figure of 228 million pounds. But the clubs interested in this huge sale are few in fact the only clubs with money are P.S.G and Manchester City. But P.S.G have made it very clear they are not at all interested in this buy.So it leaves Mancheste City open to buy.


Roberto Mancini , the present manager of Manchester City was in secret talks with the French club Monaco , who are now in the second division in France. The talks went on secretly for a period of three months and Roberto Mancini was very much tempted to sign for the French club.He was promised a salary of 8 million Euros., or 6.4 million pounds.Now that would have made him the third highest paid managers in the world. That means the only other two higher paid managers would have been Carlo Anchelotti of P.S.G. and Guus Hiddink of the Russian club Anzhi Machkala. But what made him to sign a new contract at Manchester City was City had won the E.P.L by a goal difference last year against Manchester United.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Chelsea got their full revenge on Manchester United in the League cup. The score was 5-4 after extra time. For this match the referee was Lee Mason, and he was very well aware that the world as very much watching him for this match. After the horrible refereeing of mark Clattenburg , who showed two red cards , and the one shown to Fernando Torres was very bad decision , as replay clearly shows that after Torres kicked the ball Johnny Evans caught Torres on the shin, and was given a red card for diving. In the match Chelsea was given two penalties, and the goals were 5-4. The referee gave extra time and Ramirez scored the winner with a beautiful header. Here we saw Ryan Giggs the old man of football who is serving Manchester United for roughly 24 years, and he has scored in each year he has played.


In Italy the match between Juventus and Catania , in which Juventus again did win this match very narrowly , by a score of 1-0. And Catania were denied a very legal equalizing goal , by the linesman and referee. I must remind you that a few years back Juventus were caught up in a big scandal in match fixing, they were demoted to the second tier, and first had 19, nineteen points deducted, but it was finally reduced to nine, and a year later they were promoted. But they lost their two trophies and Champion league sport.And there was a big exodus of famous players. And now Napoli are being investigated by the authorities of MATCH FIXING. In Italy only Inter Milan have not been demoted because of a scandal or being the last three clubs in the table. You can expect it this in the land of Mafia.


Michael Ballack the former German captain , who played for Bayern Leverlusen , Bayern Munich and Chelsea. He was caught over speeding in his Audi four wheel drive U.7 car. He was caught speeding at the speed of 13 1M.P.H. when the speed limit was only 75 M. P.H. It happened in Spain in the town of Trujello on 17/10/2012. Now Michael Ballack was getting a weekly salary at Chelsea of 120,000 pounds.And 80,000 pounds after tax deduction. But his lawyer shamelessly says in court at the hearing . that Michael Ballack has no money to pay the fine. This is a disgusting. 1) Michael Ballack has money to go on a holiday in Spain mind you.It costs money. 2) He was driving a four wheel drive Audi U7.It is a costly car and consumes a lot of petrol.If he is not having the money why drive a car? 3)He has played in Europe for twenty years with very big clubs and for Germany as well.What a fall. Michael Ballack if he has no money must have his car auctioned to raise money for the fine.He must file at once for Bankruptcy protection.If this is true.