Friday, September 18, 2009


In the champion league game in group F game between Barcelona and Inter Milan played at the San Siro in Milan , was to be a very eagerly awaited match for the football world. As Barecelona had unloaded Samuel Etoo to Inter Milan in the summer and Zalatin Imbrahovic joined Barcelona for 40 million pounds. It was a chess and cagy match. The iNTER Inter Milan also made a few changes with Luis Figo retiring from football.
Barcelona started their passing and attacking the Italian club. But their defence held strong, so did the Barcelona defence. And in the end the game ended 0-0. Mourinho was happy that they got a precious point in this match verses Barcelona ,and he was happier then Pep Gaurdiola.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The B group match saw the German champions Wolfsburg play C.S.K Moscow at its own arena. Here the home crowd witnessed the first hat trick scored by Grafite, they the goals came in the 35 th minute , the 40th minute and the third was a penalty late in the match it came in the 86th minute.But C.S.K Moscow did pull a goal in the 77 th minute.In this Match Grafite will be remembered as he scored a hat trick in his first ever champion league match.Very , very few have done this on their champion debut .
Alan Dezagoev got that away consolation goal in the 77th minute.


The group c champion league match between Real Madrid and F.C Zurich. was the most entertaining game of the two days. Everyone was looking at Real Madrid and the players they bought for over 250 million pounds, players such as Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzeema and others. There was a great deal of nervousness from Real Madrid and Ronaldo, but Ronaldo calmed the nerves with a goal in the 27th minute and with a good free kick inthe89th minute.Raul scored a goal in the 34th minute, and Gonzolo Higuain scored in the 45+1 minute.And Gutti scored in the 90+4 th minute.But it was not all Real Madrid all the way Real let a 3-0 lead evaporate to a 3-2. And the fans were angry, as Zurich scored the first goal from Xavier Margiraz in the 64 th minute penalty and Silvin Aegerter in the 65 th minute.


Manchester United played Besiktas in Istanbul in the champion league , it was suposed to be a easy game for the mighty Englisg club , but it was not so, Rooney and Berbatov failed to make any progresagainst the stuburn Turks whose defence stood very well. The English fans and players started getting more and more frustrated as the time passed, Ferguson even had to make a major change in the front , he brought Wayne rooney out and gave Michael Owen a chance, in the hope that Owen would score a goal, but it was not to be . But the goal did come in the 78th minute from none other then the old lad of Manchester United who served the club for years with a header, it was left to Paul Scholes to score and silence the crowds. Rooney was angry fot being taken of and threw a boot in disgust, there was talk that he may face action over this. But Ferguson has said no action will be taken against Wayne Rooney.
Now Paul Scholes who is 34 years old has said he wants to retire from club football, Ferguson wants to talk to Paul Scholes and convince Scholes to play one more year like Giggs who is 35years old.


The match between Arsenal and Standard Liege was exciting one. Arsenal had their top players absent for this, Andery Arshavin, Denilson, Robin Van Persie, Alumani. and Fabrianski were absent so they had a rookie goalkeeper who was nervous to make his debut in such a big match was understandable ,he shook like a leaf.Standard Liege scored the two goals in ten minutes time , Eduardo tried a fancy back heel pass only to let the ball land gently at Mangalas feet to score the first goal,Eduardo was only playing as a two game ban on him was over turned.The Arsenal fans wished the ban had stood. Then William Gallas brought down Jankovic for a penalty which he scored. Liege thought the game was dead and buried. But Niklas Bendtner scored in the 45th minute and then later on Alexander controled the ball and fell and it hit his arm for Veraemelan to score the equalizer,Liege players apealed long and hard for a handball as well as ofside. But the goal stood. Cometh the hour cometh the villan turned hero Eduardo in the dieing minutes headed the winning goal from Fabregas corner.Arsenal showed spirit to win.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Diego Forlan , the Uruguayan striker has now told the football world, why and exactly what happened between Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Can you believe that he was removed from Manchester United over a the studs of his boots. Ferguson wanted Diego Forlan to wear the long interchangeble studs, but diego Forlan was more happier with the smaller ones. The long interchangeble studs are good for the wet pitch.
And on the damp wet English pitch Diego Forlan missed a chance of scoring because he slipped on the ground.Diego Forlan went to change the boots to the long ones at half time.. But Ferguson caught him and that was the end of Diego Forlans Old Trafford Career. Ferguson with his tantarum in the rom saw Forlan never played for Manchester United. Forlan was sold to Villarreal in Spain and was brought in to replace Fernando Torres at Athletic Madrid. Forlan says that the hatchet is buried between him and Ferguson. And Ferguson now asks for help on South American footballers from him.


On the eve of the champion league match between Barcelona and Inter Milan.
The Barcelona president Juan Laportapa has said that Barcelona had called two famous managers to take over at Barcelona , after Frank Raijkard was shown the door at Barcelona. They Were Jose Mourinho the former coach of F.C.Porto and Chelsea, and the former Barcelona player in the 90s Josep Guardiola . And in the end it was decided that it would be Josep Guardiola as Barcelona coach. It was a big risk as Guardiola never coached such a big team as th mighty Catalian club of Barcelona.
But last year Barcelona won all the three cups in Spain as well as theChampion league.And this year they won the super U.E.F.A cup tyhe clash betwen The Champion league and the U.E.F.A winners.So Barcelona should be happy.


Peter Kenyon the executive of chelsea , who joined Chelsea from Manchester United in the year 2003. It was Kenyon who brought Jose Mourinho from F.C.Porto, and chelsea won the E.P.L. in 2004 and in 2005, after a long period of 50 years.
Kenyon has been in football for the past 15 years, and he feels that in his words . He will now do some gardening and think hard of his future, as he feels he has one more big challenge ahead of him.
He will work for Chelsea , but not as a executive for Chelsea.


Ryan Giggs the former winger and captain of Wales , and now he plays his club football with Manchester United in England. Ryan Giggs has now scored a minimum of at least a goal each year for the club. When you consider that he joint Manchester United way back i as a 14 year old boy , and has always bean a one club footballer , like Paulo Maldini who played for many years at A.C.Milan only, from a boy of 12 years.
But now we must also remember that Ryan Giggs is now 35 years old and at the twilight end of his football career.


Eduardo Dsilva the Brazilian born Croatian striker who plays his club football for Arsenal in England. Was banned by the U.E.F.A , on charges of diving and getting a penalty illegally , in the champion playoffs verses Celtic, in which the Celtic Pplayer Donatti wanted Eduardo to get a two game ban according to F.I.F.A law.Number 10.But now U.E.F.A feel that there was a slight contact with the Celtic Polish goalkeeper.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Fabio Capello the Italian and Englands football coach has been rewarded by the English football board for guiding England into the world cup. As England had missed out in the Euro 2008 , they all wanted England to qualify for the world cup in South Africa in 2010.
They have also told Fabio Capello that if England does win the world cup in South Africa, he would recieve a reward of two million pounds. Yes it is a big IF.


Over the years many big countries have failed to qualify for the world cup, in 1970 both Germany and Argentina had failed to qualify for the world cup. And A world cup without the Europen giants Italy and Germany, and the South American giants Argentina and Brzil are unthinkable , this year to Argentina are in trouble.
This is the second list .
England failed to qualify for the 1994 world cup as England lost to Holland, Norway and even low team as San Marino let a goal in in the injury time .
4) Yugoslavia were expelled and bannedfrom taking part in the 1994 world cup in the U.S.A due to the civil war and ethnic clensing. They were also expelled from the Euro 1992 games.
3) Scotland failed in 1970.
2) Holland failed to qualify for the 2002 world cup in Japan and S.Korea.Even as they had stars like Patrick Kluivert, Clarence Seedorf, Edgar Davids, Edwin Van der Sar, Frank and Ronald DeBoer, Mark Overmars, Dennis Bergkamp.They still failedby a point to make it.
1) France in 1994 failed to qualify for the world cup in the U.S.A.As they lost their last two games to Bugaria and Germany in injury time goals.


Over the years there have been big failures by famous countries not to reach the world cup here are a few of them.
10) The English football team from 1970 to 1980 failed to qualify for any tournament anywhere.
9) Holland failed to qualify for the 1986 world cup in Argentina, even after having big stars like Ruud Gullit , Marco Vanbasten, Frank Raijkard, De Wolfe.They did not make it.
8)The U.S.S.R failed to make it to the 1978 world cup , even when they had many players from the Russian club Dynamo Kiev, now in Ukraine. They failed to make it in 1978.
7)Italy failed to make it to the 1958 world cup in Sweeden. As in 1949 Italy lost a lot of footballers in a plane crash, called the Superge air crash.
6) Portugal failed to make it to the 1998 world cup in France , even as they were called the Golden boys of Portugal, with players like Luis Figo, Rui Costa, Joao Pinto, Jorge costa and Victor Bai Luis Figo , Marco Vanbasten,

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas who is only 28 years old has broken the record for the most clean sheets kept by a Spanish goalkeeper for Spain. Casillas has kept a total of 57 clean sheets in a total of 98 games, he so now breaks the 56 clean sheets for Spain previously held by Andoni Zubizaretta the former Spain and Barcelona goalkeeper, who kept 56 clean sheets in 126 games for Spain.Andoni Zubizaretta played in 5 world cups from 1986 to 1998.And Iker Casillas has played in 3 world cups.And when we consider that Iker Casillas is only 28 years old he will surely play many more games.
The record for the most world aperances is jointly held by the Mexican goalkeeper Antonio Carbajal who played from 1950 to 1966 a total of 5 world cups and the German Lothar Matthaus who played from 1982 to 1998 , a total of 5 world cups or 20 years.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Kanu the Nigerian striker is the only player to win the E.P.L with Arsenal, the F.A. Cup with Portsmouth , the champion League with Ajax of Holland in 1995. And also the U.E.F.A cup with Inter Milan , before he had his heart problem.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Michael Platini the president of U.E.F.A wants the Europen football clubs to balance their books, as some clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester City are just spending money , infact they both spent roughly 230 million pounds on footballers and Deolite have said that the 92 top clubs anual profit rose 350 percent in the year 2006/7.It was 779 million pounds, Manchester City have spent 220 million pounds in 12 months which is a huge amount.
Clubs according to Platini must learn to live within their limits. Take Liverpool have a debt of over 400 million pounds , Manchester United have a debt of 730 million pounds. So the smaller clubs will not be able to keep pace with the big ones.Chelsea have 700 million debt.
So clubs must use only what they make and thats all. Platini has said if a club fails to balance its books for three years in a row, then they will be expelled from Europen football competition.
And suprisingly all the main spenders have strongly supported Platini. Massimo Moratti of Inter Milan, Silvio Berusconi, and Roman Abramovich all come forward to support Platini .


In the friendly match between England and Slovenia . The match ended in a 2-1 total in Englands favour, it also made the footballers from Slovenia angry by the manner in which the second goal was given to England.As this match was a warm up for England , for their world cup qualifier verses Croatia on Wednesday.
The first goal was scored by the English striker Jermaine Defoe. But the Slovenians replied by a goal scored by a header with five minutes remaining of the match by Zlatan Ljubijankic . But adubiious penalty was given late in the game , when the referee totally misjudged the the mild clash between Wayne Rooney and Bostjan Ceaser after 31 minut minutes. It was actually Rooney fouled Ceaser, and not the other way Ceaser did not foul Rooney, Ceaser had a hand outstretchedand made no contact what so ever.Rooney tripped overhim and did not even appeal for a penalty. But Frank Lampard took the penalty scoring the goal in the 31st minute , Defoes goal came in the 63 rd minute. Ljubijankic scored in the 85th minute..

Monday, September 7, 2009


Both old and famous footballers who are legends in their own life, are now coming forward to play a charity match , the proceedings of this match will go to the Borgonovo charity foundation. It is mainly to collect money to find a cure for MotorNeurone disease, it is illness that affect the body muscle function, and the fformer A.C.Milan and Fiorentina player Steffano Borgonovo suffers from.
The match will be played at the Giuseppe Stadium.
The A.C.Milan squad. Ancelotti, R Baggio, Baresi, Boban, Carbone,Colombo, Costacruta,R Donodoni,Eranico, Fuser,F Gali, G Gali,Ganz, Lentini, Leonardo,Manarvi, Mussi,Nava,S,Rossi,Sacchi, Simone,Stroppa,Tassotti,Van Basten and Weah.
The Real Madrid squad.
Alfonso,Amavisca, Buyo,Butragueno,De Las Heras,Esnider,Gallego,Geni, Ivan,Juenma, JulioLorente,, Karanka, koke Contreas,Messas,Morales, Ramis, Sanches, Velasco, Victor.


Well after Chelsea were fined and banned from buying or taking any footballer on loan till the January transfer of 2011. Now it looks like Manchester United will also follow in the same way.As the French club Le Havare have now accused Manchester United of poacing their very young footballer Paul Poyba from Le Havare.
It is said that Manchester United have paid the father 100,000 Euros and the mother was paid 100,000 Euros as well and a new house in Manchester as well , the mother has already shifted into this house. Paul Poyba will get 4,000 pounds a week as salary once he reaches the age of 17 years when he will be allowed to play.
Roma former coach Luciano Spalletti had angry words for Ferguson as Roma boys were also taken from their clubs at 14,15 years. And also do not forget the Brazilian pair of D, Silva twins. As Manchester says this is all nonsense . So let F.I.F.A be the judge ,it took two long years for Chelsea to be punished . And some big clubs to may face the music like Real Madrid.


Jose Mourinho has been dethroned as the highest paid coach in the world, at Inter Milan in Italy, At Inter Milan Mourinho would get a yearly salary of about 11 Eleven million Euros. But the new highest paid coachin the world is non other then the Brazilian coach of the world cup winners in 2002 Brazil and as well as Chelsea in England. Luis Felipe Scolari has now joined a club in Uzbekistan and the name of the club is Bunydko , ast a yearly salary of 13, thirteen million Euros.
As Uzbekistan is another rich oil country we can see some hig prices for players and clubs.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The Spanish giants wanted to sign Arjen Robben from Real Madrid . As Real Madrid have now got the winger Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for 80 million pounds, Arjen Robben was then considered as a surplus player at Real Madrid. But Real Madrid were not keeen to sell Arjen Robben to their arch rival Barcelona, so they very cunningly sold him to the German giants Bayern Munich, he would then be there as a a player only in the Champion League only.


The Romanian striker Adrian Mutu who plays for the Italian club Fiorentina in Florence had played for both Chelsea as well as Juventus before joining Fiorentina.
He joined from Pharma for a huge sumand was brought by Jose Mourinho. He then fell out with Mourinho and was involved in a failed drug test for cocaine. Chelsea then fined him and also made face a lengthy ban from playing.
Now the Court of Arbitation have slapped a fine on Mutu which is 17 million Euros a huge amount for any footballer to pay. The figure was taken to the amount Chelsea claimed to have lost on Mutu in todays rate of the Euro.Mutu says today only four or five footballers will have that money to pay. Here we must remember the fee was decided by Chelsea and Pharma Mutu had no say in it , so the this is ridicolous .
Now Mutu and Chelsea have come to a compromise at the end. They will hold a football match between Fiorentina , Chelsea, Juventus and Steaua Bucarest.And the sale of tickets and the full telivision rights earnings will go to Chelsea to pay for Mutu.
But let me ask you all aquestion Adrian Mutu served his punishment by a huge fine and a long bann I think it was six months, Rio Ferdinand servesd eight months in 2004 for not doing a drug test. Did Manchester United treat him shabily , noand we have seen how well he served them. This is to harsh on Mutu even fans said they would come to pay for him how loyal of them.


Chelsea have been warned by F.I.F.A well in advance about the ban and fine Chelsea are now facing, mainly for the poaching of young and talented stars from smaller clubs around the world.Now F.I.F.A says that if Chelsea does go ahead and apeal against the ban as well as the two fines imposed on the club, it is okay. But incase it does apeal and then it does loose the case , in that case Chelsea could face a far longer ban and a two higher fines as well. F.I.F.A also clearly warn that this is just the tip of the iceberg and this case took two full years to end , even Manchester United are in the list.
This will be a wake up call to all clubs that poaching young talent will not be allowed, as in some cases 15 year boys are promised to join big clubs and the clubs talk to their parents.This must stop.


The highest paid non playing footballer in Italy is none other then Jose Mourinho THE SPECIAL ONE. Now Jose Mourinho becomes the highest paid non playing footballer in Italy . He is earning 9.6 million pounds a year, that is more than what Ronoldhino or even Francesco Totti make in a year.Can you imagine a manager getting that much?

Friday, September 4, 2009


The 15 costliest transfers in 2009 summer were as follows.
1) Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid for 93 million Euros.
2)Arjen Robben from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich. For24 million Euros.
3)Carlos Tevez from Media Sports to Manchester City . For 30 Million Euros.
4) Xavi Alonso from Liverpool to Real Madrid . For 34 Million euros.
5)Zalatan Ibrahimovic . From Inter Milan to Barcelona . For 40 Million Euros..
6) Wesley Sneijder. From Real Madrid to Inter Milan . For 15 Million Euros.
7) Felipe Meola. From Firentina to Juventus. For 20.5 Million Euros.
8) Kaka. From A.C.Milan to Real Madrid . For 67.2 Million Euros.
9) Mauro Zarate. FromAL Saad to Lazio. For 25. Million Euros.
10) Gareth Barry. From Aston Villa to Manchester City.For14 Million Euros.
11)Aly Cissoko. From Porto. To Lyon.15 Million Euros.
12) Kareem Benzema. From Lyon To Real Madrid. For 35 Million Euros.
14) Diego . From Werder Bremen. to Juventus. For24.5 Million Euros.
15) Alvero Negredo. From Real Madrid . To Seville. For 15 Million Euros.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Eduardo the Brazilian and now a Croatian , but plays his club football for Arsenal. Eduardo was banned by U.E.F.A for two champion league matches. Eduardo dived in the second leg of the champion qualifying match with Celtic, The Spanish referee gave the penalty , he thought that Artur Boruc brought Eduardo down. The U.E.F.A used rule 10/1 C in which it states that a player trying to deceive the offical will be banned for two games. Please kindly note will you that it says nothing of banning the coach , as Stan Collymore and others are after Arsene Wengers blood as well and want long term bans. It can only be two games Mr Stan Collymore.
My Question here is sinnce when did the law exist with U.E.F.A Players in the big clubs have got away scot free , players like Dider Drogba, Luis Figo, and of course Christiano Ronaldo , or do these big clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Chelsea have a different U.E.F.A rule book Mr Platini. Arsene Wenger wanted a moniter used as they now have it in all sports M r MIchael Platini said that would kill the game, if it had come this year we would not face this problems.
I would like to know why the referees do not consult the linesmen and the fourth referee before giving a penalty. Mr Gonsales defended his decission to give the penalty strongly, as he was wrong , U.E.F.A should bann him for two games as well.But this will never ever happen, as referees are U.E.F.A employees and are paid about 500 pounds per match.


The English club Chelsea are banned from signing any new player for the club till the January transfer window in 2011. This is because the French club appealed to F.I.f.A , over the signing Chelsea made of the Lens winger Gael Kakuta in 2007. F.I.F.A D.R.C. That is Dispute Resoloution Chamber have now said Chelsea and Kakuta will now jointly have to pay Lens club780,000 Euros or 682,000 pounds as compensation. Chelsea must now also paytraining compensation to Lens a sum of 130,000 Euros or 114,000 Pounds.
F.I.F.A D.R.C have also said that Chelsea induced Kakuta to brak his contract with Lens and Chelsea also played a part in it.
Chelsea have said they will look into the matter.
But what will happen to Chelsea is this , this summer they did not buy many players only a Russian deffender. So in the next two years Drogba , Deco and some others who are already 30 years will face problems.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The English premier league spent a total of 504 million Euros on their playersBut the clubs spent 100 million Euros more last year.
1) Manchester City and its Dubai oil money helped them to spend 140 million Euros. But at the same time they only recovered 13.62 million Euros from selling players.
2)Liverpool have spent 45.40 million Euros. And the club have recovered the same amount from sales. The sale of Xavi Alonso to Real Madrid for about 30 million Euros did help them. But the two American Owners of Liverpool have debt of over 400 million Euros.But at the same time Liverpool players like Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Xavier Maschareno have been given better wages to keep them at the club.
3) Manchester United have spent about 22.70 million Euros and have collected a total of 94.75 million Euros. They are not keen to throw any money around at these times.
But the Glazers are in a debt of over 730 million Euros.
4) Chelsea have spent 22.12 million Euros. and recoverd only6.80 million Euros.But both John Terry and Ashley Cole were given huge wage increase that is each will get 150,000 pounds a week as salary.
5) Arsenal have spent 11.35 million Eurosand have recovered 46.5 million Euros.Helped by the sale of Kolo Toure and Emanuel Adebayor.
The Primera Liga clubs have spent 477 million Euros. Real Madrid and Barcelona have spent a total of 75 percent of the money Spanish clubs paid.
1) Real Madrid spent 250 million Euros.
2) Barcelona spent110 million Euros.
3) Valencia the last club in Spain to win a La liga title beside Real Madrid or Barcelona in the year 2003.Have spent 7.5 million Euros.
Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have announced a record budget for next year of 400 million Euros.
In Italy Serie A clubs spent 422 million Euros. on players.
In Germany clubs spent 220 million Euros.
In France Clubs spent 245 millio Euros.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Both the Spanish and then Italian football clubs have a far better share of footballers then the English football clubs.
The main reason for this is that England have a larger tax payment by the footballers then in Spain or Italy. In England the footballers are now paying 40 percent of their earnings and from April 2010 it will be 50 percent, or half their earnings.
Because of this clubs will have to pay the players more as Arshavin has asked Arsenal for a better pay.


Stan Collymore the former Liverpool striker says that the Arsenal and Croation striker should be banned for a longer time then just two games. But Stan Collymore also says that Arsene Wenger should also serve a long time bann for supporting Eduardo DSilva.
But there must have been something in the fall of Eduardo Dsilva to let the Spanish referee give that penalty in Arsenal favour.As these falls happen fast on the pitch a monitor must be used. And as I have always said in these blogs of mine . That the referee must consult both the linesmen before giving a penalty even if some time is lost . I also would like to know if Stan Collymore never ever dived in his football career at Liverpool. Now if you take Christiano Ronaldo he always dived and got free kicks and penalties for Manchester United. If you are going to give long bans many footballers will not be playing, they will be banned.And will serve their long bans.


John Terry the England and Chelsea defender and captain , has now signed a new contract at Chelsea for a period of five years. Now that he is already 28 twenty eight years old, he will now be at Chelsea till the year 2014, and will also end his football career at Chelsea the club he joined as a 14 fourteen year old boy.
He will get a new weekly salary of 150,000 pounds a week. This will make him one of the highest paid footballer in Chelsea, may be getting a little less then Frank Lampard as the highest weekly paid salary among the Chelsea players.
There was a fear in the Chelsea fans hearts as the rich Dubai Company the owners of Manchester City , were very keen to tempt him from Stamford Bridge to their Eastlands, with a huge salary of 200,000 pounds a week. But gladly John Terry saw at Chelsea he would play Champion League matches and not at Manchester City.