Saturday, March 28, 2009


The largest number of goals ever scored in a world cup qualifier match is by an Australian team. They had toplay two matches in a few days , but yes the teams they played against were weak teams like Samoa which was 250th in F.I.F.A s ranking. In the first match they scored a total of 22 , twentytwo goals. And in the second match Australia scored 31 thirtyone goals, with a player scoring 15, fifteen goals. So in two matches a total of 53, fiftythree goals were scored.

Monday, March 23, 2009


The fastest goal ever scored in any football match anywhere in the world , is held by an Australian, in a match played between Adelaide City and Sydney club. The scorer was Danny Murray , who scored the fastest goal in the history of football in 3.4 seconds of the game since the whistle was blown by the referee , it was a direct kick k Or we can say the ball landed in the net before the echo of the whistle of the referee faded. , it was that quick just that one kick.


In the match between Manchester United and Liverpool , which was eagerly awaited by all, as Liverpool had knocked out the Spanish giants Real Madrid with a impressive score of 4-0. All wanted to see what would happen.
Manchester United wee on top of the E.P.L. and enjoying themselves . As they had last conceded a goal on 1/11/2008 , when they lost a match with Arsenal. That day the French midfielder Samir Nasri scored the two goals for Arsenal.
But Liverpool scored four goals, and Edwin Van Dersar was beaten after roughly1350 minutes , this is some record for a goalkeeper. Usually at Old Trafford Manchester will let in only one or two goals at the most , four goals was far to much to let in..

Friday, March 20, 2009


Sir Stanley Matthews was a giant in football history, who played club football till the very ripe age of 50 years. Today footballers at30years fins it difficult to get a new contract.It just shows how very fit he was.
Sir Stanley Matthews was born on 1/2/1915 . And died on 23/2/2000, at the age of 85 years.
Where club football was concerned he played for two clubs only.Stoke City and Blackpool..
Stoke City. 1932 to 1947. 259, games and 51 goals.
Blackpool . 1947 to 1961. 391. games and 17 goals.
Stoke City. 1961 to 1965. 54. games and 11 goals.
For England he played from 1934 to1957.
In a total of over 700 games which was indeed a large number as in those days there were fewer clubs and matches were also fewer, then today. But Sir Stanley Matthews never ever got a yellow card or even a red, as he was always called the gentleman tackler . When he was playing with Duncan Edwards once for England, as when Stanley Matthew made his debut in 1934, Duncan Edwards was not even born..
Sir Stanley Matthews won the first Europen Footballer of the year, and was the first footballer to beknighted , while he was sill playing football..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


All over the years Italians have always been very proud of their football and their home grown footballers. But now things are a little diffrent , and it could well change for the worse in the years to come.
For if you look in the Champion league match, in the knockout stages in the group of 16. There was not a single Italian footballer in Inter Milan team. not only have they lost that match to Manchester United by a score of 2-0. This is the second straight year in which an Italian club failed to reach the quarter finals . All the four English clubs qualified.
Sadly will the Italian clubs be knocked out next year also?

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This match between Manchester United and Liverpool , held on14/3/2009 , was a very eagerly awaited match. Liverpool had just knocked out the Spanish giants Real Madrid 4-0. in the champion league ,and Manchester had knocked out Inter Milan.
The match started as a cagy game and thje liverpool goalkeeper Jose Pepe Reina brought down Park and Christiano Ronaldo converted the penalty. Till this game in every game that Christiano Ronaldo scored , Manchester United have always won that match. But it was not to be that way at all.
The Serbian defender Nemjana Vidic made a mistake giving Fernando Torres a chance to skip past the big serb defender , who was considered by Alex Ferguson and the Trafford crowd as the most reliable player for his club.
Would Liverpool settle for a draw? It did not seem so , Gerrard, Kuyt and Tores gave a tough time to the Manchester defence.Then near the half time Steven Gerrard was briught down by Patrice Evra, it was a clean penalty as Evras legs were entangled with Gerrards. The penalty was taken by Gerrard into the corner the ball was kicked. Inthe second half Vidic made a second error and got a red card, this was his second red card which he got verses Liverpool this year. The free kick was taken by Fabio Ooreilo, it was a beauty of free kick Edwin Van dersar just stood still and watched the ball land in the nets high corner, and the fourth came from the substitue Dossena.
This win was the first by Liverpool at Old trafford Manchesters own ground in five long years. And it also was the largest marginal win for Liverpool in 75 , seventyfive years history.
Edwin Van dersar was finally beaten after 15 , fifteen games the first goal was scored against him. Now the title race is wide open only four points and one game to play in Manchesters favour.The match finished 4-1, for liverpool win.

Friday, March 13, 2009


This match clearly shows the value of the away goal. These two clubs played a first leg and that game ended 2-2.. That match was played in Spain , and Porto scored two goals and Atletico Madrid also scored two goals . But in the return leg both played a boring scorless goal. The match ended 0-0. And Porto moved to the quarter finals.
The eight teams that have reached the quarter finals are as follows.
7) F.C. PORTo.


In the group of 16 matches this was one match which was more intresting and more balanced game.
Barcelona had come to this game with a slender one goal lead, but they were oing to have a ball of a time where goals were concerned. And they came from Henry in the 25th minute, and 27 minute, Lionel Messi in the 40 th minute, Samuel Etoo in the 43 minute and Keita 90+5 minutes. Lyon also scored goals by Makoun i the 43 minute and Juninho in the 48th minute. Then the game became a little rough and dirty tackles were made , it all ended with heBrazilian Juninho being shown the red card. And then Lyon failed to score any goals and defended more as they had a man less.
The game ended in Barcelonas favour with score of 5-2 and an aggregate 6-3.


In the second leg between A.s.Roma and Arsenal was held with Arsenal having a a as a lead. And always one goal is never ever going to be safe , there should always be a second goal to be safe.
That one goal was soon wiped out by Romas Brazilian defender Juan in the 9th minute of the game. Arsenal are always nervous and have always conceded goals in the first 20 odd minutes. Now the score was 1-1 on aggregate, and even after 120 minutes of playing they had now decided to settle for a penalty shoot out. And Arsenal won the penalty shoot out 7-6.


In the group of 16 , in the match between the leaders in Italy and England was well played game. Manchester United finished the game in the first few minutes of each half. The first goal came in the 4th minute by a Giggs corner and a Vidic header. The second goal came in the second half early few minutes. by a headert from Christiano Ronaldo. .
But the Italian team played a far better second half, but a goal eluded them. Ferguson was given tense moments by his own team as they sat on their laurels, and made silly and wayward passes in the midfield. Ronaldo on two occastions kicked the ball without looking or knowiung where the ball wouldgo. And it went into the crowd behind him.
So Manchester won the match 2-0.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Chelsea carried a one goal advantage into the game, and how important it was .
Juventus the old lady from turin lrled the game by two goals , with goals from Jaquinta and a penalty scored by the ageless Alessandro Del Piero . But it would not save the Italians as the Chelsea tteam equaled with goals from Dider Drogba and one from Michel Essien as the Essien goal was scored after a injury and layout of the game for over a period of six months.He showed no signs of being rusty at all.
The goals were scored by Jaquinta 19th minute, Alessandro Del Piero 74th minute penalty. This made Piero equal top scorer with Alberto Di Stefano with his 51 fiftyfirst goal in his illustrious carrer in the champion league . Only Raul is ahead with 64 goals.
Chelsea defeated Juventus 3-2 on aggregate.


In the The match between Bayern Munich and the club from Lisbon was a complete one sided affair. The Lisbon team failed to do their homework and went down in a big way. Again the German giants thrashed the Lisbon team with a margin of7-1. and in the first leg Sporting Lisbon lost the game 5-0.
This is a new record set in the champion league Bayern Munich have defeated Sporting Lisbon by an aggregate of 12-1. This breaks the record set in the year 2004 by Olympique Lyon who then beat Werder Bremen in an aggregate of 10-2 , The scores then were 3-0 and 7-2.
The goals were scored byPodloski, 8th and 34th minute, Polga own goal 39 minute,Van Bommel 74th minute , Klose82 minute penalty, Muller 90 minute.
Mouthino 42 minute.


In the group of death in the group of 16 clubs Real Madrid faced Liverpool away. And the Real Madrids fans were more nervous of the two, the main reason was even after winning nine champion league games , they have failed to reach the quarter finals in the past four years would this be the fifth time they would miss out.?
This time Liverpool would be fresh of their
ess in the first leg, which ended in a 1-0 win for the reds.
Liverpool were determined to settle the game soon, and in the first thirty minutes, Liverpool outran, out played, outscored and the first goal was scored by Fernando Torres in the 16 th minute. Stephen Gerrard scored the second goal with a penalty and he added a third in the28th and 47th minute then Dossena than added the fourth in the 88th minute. The liverpool team won the game with a 5-0 on aggregate.
There could well be more goals for Liverpool, but it was Iker Casillas who stopped many shots.
The penalty was questinable as the ball hit a Liverpool player on the body and then struck Gabriel Heinze on the arm without hisknowledge. Real Madrid players protested long and hard , but for no use.
The other point was that Xavi Alanso comitted a fowl , and a bookable offense to, but the yellow card was shown to Javier Mascherano for kicking the ball, and Alanso got away scott free. Mascherano now misse the quarter final first leg match.
In the end Real Madrid have now failed to reach the quarter finals for the fifth straight year , I am sure some heads will role in the club.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sepp Blatter the president of F.I.F.A , says that there must be a change by the Europen clubs where choosing footballers are concerned.
As on today the eurpen clubs are having more footballers from other countries, then having footballers from their own countries.
For example the top fout teams in England have a majority of players from African countries and Europen countries. For Arsenal and Manchester United have either players who are on the verge of retirement like Paul Scholes , Rio Feerdinand and Gary Neville. And at Arsenal only Theo Wallcott is there , to make it to the English team for a world cup class of players, same at Chelsea and Liverpool. At Liverpool there are more Spaniards then Real Madrid had in their clash, in the champion league.
Sepp Blatter says now clubs must have six players from outside the club and five home grown players. Then only can England Spain and Italy produce Players of class to play in a world cup.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


The Arab billionaire has made it clear that his target in the summer market could very well be the ArBarcelona gentian wizard at Barcelona, Lionel Messi.He has said he will offer a hundred million pounds to barcelona in the summer, to join Manchester City. As he had failed to buy Kaka from A.c.Milan. in January. He had also promised Kaka a weekly salary of an unheard amount of 250 thousand pounds a week. , so close was the transfer made that Kaka had called his father from Brazil for the final deal.
But it collapsed at the last moment , the main reason was that Manchester City was not a club with a chance of reaching the champion league . And they dont look set to reach it this year either. While Barcelona on the other hand have reached the final every year for the last 59, fiftynine years , from the time the champion league started in 1950, and the only club to do it in history. Neither Manchester United or Real Madrid have suceeded like Barcelona here.
There is also talk that the Owner of Manchester City will bring in Framk Raijkaard the former Barcelona manager in place of Mark Hughes in the summer.
But in the end all the money power of Al Fahim will not help to get Lionel Messi to Manchester City. With the partnership with Samuel Ettoo Messi has scored 17 goals in 21 games. , and the runner up of the footballer of the year, which would not be posible at Manchester City.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Stephen Harper the New Castle goalkeeper first joined New Castle in the year 1993, but his place in the side was as always as a substitute goalkeeper the reason was that the ever sharp alert, agile, and sharp keeper Shay Given was always a first choice goalkeeper , from Ruud Gulitt days. He had to be given out on loan to several clubs as Given took the goalkeeper job .
But now after an groin injury to Shay Given only did Harper get a real chance. The number of games between1993 and 19999 campion League game with Juventus are many.
Some say it could be 924 games from 1993 to the time Given had a groin injury.
Now stephen Harper is back as the first choice keeper as the Irishman has been sold to Manchester City for big amount.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In the champion league first leg in the group of sixteen . The Spanish giants Real Madrid played the english club Liverpool. But to many this will sound funny as the Liverpool coach Rafael Benietz had more Spanish footballers playing for Liverpool then Real Madrid had playing for them. As the trend goes now if the coach is from one country the majority of players also come from his country. You can also see it at Arsenal.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


The English and Chelsea captain and central defender has now created a new record in the E.P.L. .
He now becomes the highest goal scorer for a defender in the E.P.L. . John Terry has now scored his 31st goal of his career . He scored it on Saturday the 28th of februry 2009, in the match of Chelsea verses Wigan Athletic.