Thursday, July 30, 2009


The Liverpool fans are getting more restless each day, their anger is on the two American owners Mr Tom Hicks and Mr George Gillette. They feel that the two Americans are only intrested in their own buissnes interests and least intrested in the mighty Liverpool club. Now that both the R.S.B Bank has given them a one year period to return the money taken on a loan.
As the founder of Share Liverpool F.C. Founder Roger Taylor says that this is not good in the Liverpool clubs intrest as Banks wil happilly give them money , but it is only debt over debt and that is not good.So all the Liverpool shareholders must pay 500 pounds per share , nd then run the club. As it is done in Spain with F.C. Barcelona who pay 5000 pounds for a single share.
Mr Taylor says that Liverpool owners promised to buld a larger and better new stadium , but that idea is shelved.Ecen a Banker came up with the idea that Everton and Liverpool both should pay money equally and build a new stadium, like the San Siro , owned by A.C.Milan and Inter Milan.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tom Hicks and George Gillette have renegociated terms for a further year in which to pay their loan , taken to buy the Liverpool club. They owe The R.B.S Wachivoa290 million pounds, and 60 million pounds to another bank.So the total of the loan is 350 million pounds.The talks between the two American owners and the banks were long prolonged with fears for the fans that the banks would call in their loans.
But the anual figures of the Kap Holding the parent company of the Liverpool clubshow a huge loss of 42.6 million pounds in august. The interest would be 36.5 million pounds.
And to add to their voes they have failed to sell footballers Like Xavi Alanso and Javier Maschareno both wanted by Real Madrid and Barcelona, this would generate money , on 29th th Rafael Benitz is willing to sell Xavi alonso to Real Madrid for 30 million pounds, he wanted 35 million pounds.And they also brought Glen Johnson for 17 million pounds and got back Veronin back from loan.
In this year the bamnks will ask for their money back , Gillete already sold 80% in his N.H.L team the Montreal Canadiens. And Mr Tom Hicks will have to decide whether to sell his baseball team The Texas Rangers or N.H.L team the Dallas Stars. to pay up the money So in the mean time they Liverpool can not build a new stadium .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The following footballers have been declared as the footballers of the decade.
1)Gianluigi Buffon. Parma, Juventusand Italy.
2) Iker Casillas. Real Madrid. Spain.
3) Oliver Kahn. Bayern Munich . Germany.
1) Cafu. Roma. A.C. Milan . Brazil.
2)Fabio Canavaro . Parma, Inter, Juventus, Real Madrid . Italy.
3) Roberto Carlos. Real Madrid , Fenerbache. Brazil.
4)Ashley Cole. Arsenal , Chelsea England.
5) Rio Ferdinand, West Ham, Leeds United,Manchester United . England.
6) Lucio, Bayern Leverkuson , Bayern Munich, Inter Milan. Brazil.
7Paulo Maldini. A.C.Milan . Italy
8) Alessandro Nesta. Lazio , A.C. Milan. Italy.
9) Carlos Puyol. Barcelona Spain.
10)Gianclura Zamborotta. Juventus , A.C. Milan, Barcelona. Italy.
11) Javier Zanetti. Inter Milan.. Argentina.
1) Michael Ballack . Bayern Leverkuson, Bayern Munich , Chelsea. Germany.
2)Luis Figo . Barcelona , Real Madrid, Inter Milan. Portugal.
3)Rino Gattuso. A.C. Milan Italy.
4)Steven Gerrard. Liverpool. England.
5)Kaka. SanPaulo ,A.C. Milan, Real Madrid. Brazil.
6)Claude Makelele. Celta Vigo, Real Madrid, Chelsea. France.
7)Pavel Nedved. Lazio , Juventus. Czech Republic.
8)Andre Pirlo. Inter Milan, A.c. Milan. Italy.
9) Ronoldhino. Gremio, P.S.G. Barcelona, A.C. Milan. Brazil
10) Patrick Vieira. Arsenal , Juventus, Inter Milan. France.
11 Zinedine Zidane. Juventus, Real Madrid . France.
1) Samuel Etoo. Real Mollorca, Barcelona. Cameroon.
2) Theirry Henry . Arsenal, Barcelona. France.
3)Lionel Messi. Barcelona. Argentina.
4)Christiano Ronaldo. Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid. Portugal.
5) Ronaldo Lima. Inter Milan, Barcelona, A.c. Milan. Brazil.
6)Andreiy Shevchenko. A.C. Milan, chelsea. Ukraine.
7) Francesco Totti. Roma. Italy.
8) Ruud Van Nistelrooy. P.S.V. Manchester United , Real Madrid. Holland.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Both Ferguson and Mourinho have pridicted the comming football season.
Both Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson are well known to play mind games before matches . Mourinho is very certain that Manchester City will definately knock out the top four in the E.P.L and win the title this year,With the type of players they have broughtit has given Mark Hughes one big headache. There over six strikers including Robinho and Craig Bellamy, who will play , who will be on the bench and who will be in the dressing room. The big problem is that no players were sold , so their salary and the new three costly strikers will cause big problems.
Ferguson has labeled Manchester City as a arrogant team and will not cause any threat to the top four or Manchester United.He is quite right money will not get you trophies.
So we will have to wait and see what happens.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The Togo striker Emanuel Adebayor and former Arsenal striker claims that the Arsenal fans chased him out of Arsenal to Manchester City. This is not at all true as he wanted to leave Arsenal last year and join the Milans clubs, but they lost intrest in him as his form dipped and the goals also dried up, from the 30 he scored that year. His big drawback is that he would try and score a goal by kicking the ball straight instead of kicking it in the corner of the net, he has even kickedthe ball straight into the goalkeeper , which has angered the fans, fans hold such things against the player.
And Arsene Wenger is famous to buy players cheap and sell them for a good price. He joined Arsenal from Monoco for a total of 6or 7 million pounds, and he is sold for 25 million pounds. Yes Arsenal needs money to pay for the stadium they built THE EMIRATES.
Now what has he to do to pull Kolo Toure to Mancherster City?

Friday, July 24, 2009


Arsenal and Manchester United are each fined by U.E.F.A a total sum of 5,000 pounds.They were fined for the bad behaviour by their respective fans, after a Champion League match last year . In the end of the match a Arsenal fan hit the Manchester defender Nemanja Vidic on the face with a plastic bottle, and a Manchester United player through a smoke bomb onto the pitch. I do agree that the amount are peanuts for each club, but what wrong did the club do? Those two fans should be banned for good and fined as well.U.E.F.A will not learn only clubs and players are always fined these fans get out free.


The Glazers have taken a loan of 1.1 billion pound loan from banks and hedge funds , to buy the Manchester United Football Club.
They have to pay back a yearly sum of interest on it amounting to 43.4 million pounds. This could have been one reason they had to sell Christiano Ronaldo for 80 million pounds. And also the buying of players this year was very dull.MThe only player of fame brought was Michael owen from Newcastle United , as they were relegated and Owens contract had come to an end.So he was free.And one other player not very well known.Owen replaces tavez who has moved to Manchester City.But Owen is a injury prone footballer , he was out injured in each year for the past five years.And Antonio Valencia replaced Christiano Ronaldo, let us see if he will fill those shoes now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The Arsenal fans must understand that in football, players will get injured, with both minor and major injuries before and even during the season, all clubs face it every year and not Arsenal alone.
Samir Nasri broke his fibula, while practicinghe wanted to kick the ball from one player but the player finaly kicked Nasri and not the ball. These things happen , last year Christiano Ronaldo was out for 6to8 weeks after a ancle operation after Euro 2008.
Arsene Wenger never spends money in the range of 40 million pounds, he makes stars out of youngsters, take Henry, Vieira, Hlep, Flameinni , Adebasyour. These all were sitting on the benches as extras with not much hope, but see where they are now. Even Nickolas Anelka he was brought from P.S.G for 50,000 pounds ands sold to Real Madrid for 23 million poounds.No manager will dare bring younsters and give them a chance like Arsene Wenger does.Arsenal have reached the Champion League semifinals last year and the F.A cup semifinal last year and they never had a big none or costly player in their team.
SO THERE IS NOTHING F---K wrong with Arsenal my fellow Arsenal fans lets trust Wenger.


Alex Ferguson says that Carlos Tevez is not worth the 25million pounds, that Manchester City have Paid.Here he is all wrong , Tevez is worth every penny of it. The main problem was that Ferguson always kept him on the bench in the E.P.L,the F.A, and Champion league matches but he allowed him to start only in the Carling cup, this hurt Carlos Tevez very much. And if you look in the last year Carlos Tevez has come from the bench and scored many important goals for Manchester United, infact it was Carlos Tevez who helped them win the E.P.L.At the same time how many goals did Dimitrov Berbatov score , Ferguson should ask himself that question is he worth the 30.70 million pounds he spent on him.The main problem was that Carlos Tevez was not owned by a club but a company.So it was hard to bargain.
This is a clear case ofsaying the grapes are sower, as Ferguson could not keep Tevez h, he is saying now that Carlos Tevez is not worth the money. Then why did Ferguson bargain with the company for Tevez if he was not that good?
Carlos Tevez has said he will laugh into Fergusons face when he scores at Manchester City.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tomas Rosicky the Czech Republic and Arsenal midfielder who was out injured for over 18 long months with a terrible kneee and hamstring problem, he also underwent three operations on the knee. It was so bad at one time , that both Arsene Wenger and Tomas Rosicky felt that he Rosicky would have to retire for good. But both them would not agree that all was lost and over for Rosicky.
Rosicky has come forward to thank Arsene Wenger and the loyal Gunners fans, and has promised to repay their faith in him , on the football pitch this season. In the game verses Barnett Rosicky played over 70 minutes.
Last season Arsenal missed both Eduardo and Rosicky greatly this year it will be different.

Monday, July 20, 2009


The president of Barcelona Mr Joan Laporta and the chairman of Inter Milan Massimo Moratti, both had a dinner in Milan together to sort out some future of afew footballers. The Sweedish striker Zalata brahimovic would be sold to Barcelona for 40 million Euros or 56 million dollars. The price was adjusted as the unsettled Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo would then join Inter Milan free and also the winger from Belarus Alkesander Hlep, who played for both Arsenal and Struttgard would be given to Inter Milan on a years free loan. Along with this Inter Milan agreed to sell their Brazalian defender Maxwell for 4.5 million Euros or 6.4 million dollars. Maxwell will take the place of Sylvino another Brazilian who played for Arsenal as well. Sylvinho has retired at 37 years of age.


1) Christiano Ronaldo. From Manchester United to Real Madrid. For 94 million Euros.
2) Kaka. From A.C.Milan toReal Madrid. For 68 million Euros.
3) Karim Benzema . From Lyon to Real Madrid. For 35 million Euros.
4) Carlos Tevez . From Media sports investment company to Manchester City 29 million Euros.
5) Diego. From Werder Bremen to Juventus. For 24.5, million Euros.
6)Felipe Melo. From Florintina to Juventus. For 24.5 million Euros.
7) Glen Johnson. From Portsmouth to Liverpol.For21 million Euros.
8)Roque Santa Cruz.From Blackburn Rovers to Manchester City.For 21 million Euros.
9Yuri Zhirkov. From C.S.K.Moscow to Chelsea. For 21 million Euros.

10) Antonio Valencia. From Wigan To Manchester United. For 18.5 million Euros.
11) Emanuel Adebayor. From Arsenal to Manchester City. For 25 million Euros.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


F.I.F.A has now finally decided that they will now put a cap on all football club spending. They have done this after this years mad spending by Real Madrid and Manchester City, even though a a major recession is going on in the whole world. They now know that the bridge between the very rich clubs and normal clubs are getting wider.
Another thing noticed by F.I.F.A was that there were only 20 to 30 percent of agents used by footballers were really approved by F.I.F.A , the rest were all illegally used such as fathers, brothers and friends. This will all change and things will be crystal clear in the future.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Real Madrid have purchased Christiano Ronaldo for a record 80 million pounds.Now they have agreed to pay back the huge amount to Manchester United in four instalments, which is fine.
But some years back Arsene Wenger got Nicolas Anelka from P.S.G. in France for 50,000 pounds and sold Anelka to Real Madrid for then a huge amount of 23.5 million pounds, and here also Real Madrid promised to pay in instalments, but Real Madrid failed to keep their word to Arsenal. And Arsenal had to take the case to F.I.F.A., and then Real Madrid cleared the amount to Arsenal.
But here the amount is four times amount, and the whole world is facing a recession, and add to that Real Madrid have spent over 210 million pounds with a further 30 million to be spent on Xavi Alonso .
Will Real Madrid do the same thing as they did do Arsenal?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Sir Alex Ferguson wants another striker at Manchester United to replace Carlos Tevez who left for Manchester City, Even though he got Michel Owen on a free transfer, he is always a injury prone striker. Ferguson wanted the son in law of Diego Maradona from the Spanish club Athletico Madrid for 30 million pounds , and Ferguson was also willing to give the Spanish club the winger Nani. But the Spaniards are not willing for that , they want a striker for a striker , so they want the Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov in exchange, they are willing to make the amount less , upto 20 million pounds and Berbatov. But Ferguson can not risk that as Carlos Tevez and Christiano Ronaldo both strikers have left Manchester United , and Owen is a risk.
But this talk has failed as on13/7/2009 Ferguson has said he will not buy ant more players this year. So the purchase of Sergio Aguero is cancelled.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


The Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo who was offered a contractat Manchester city has now missed it.As Manchester City told Samuel Etoo and his club Barcelona to make up their minds , if he was ready to join Manchester City from Barcelona toget a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds a week after tax cuts. But Samuel etoo became to Greedy anf wanted a cut of the transfer money about 12million pounds, and the deal was not going through, the main reason I feel it did not work was Samuel Etoo wanted to play for a club thatis in the champion league or U.E.F.A. And City are not in either.
Yesterday City gave Barcelona 24 hours to decide as the 24 hours elapsed then City said they are no longer intrested in Samuel Etoo. So it has slipped through his fingers , and now Etoo is negogiatting a new contract at Barcelona , who have clearly said they will give a new contract but will not increase his salary.

Friday, July 10, 2009


When you compare the two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid , one thing is very clear , Barcelona are a club that develops young players from their youth team, such as Lionel Messi, Andrea Ineasta , Xavi Hernandes , Victor Valdes , Bjorn kirk. While on the other hand each year Real Madrid spends millions on footballers from other countries. For the past two years or more Real Madrid spent huge amount on settled and known Dutch stars all were costly, this year they have spent over 200 million Euros. And what has angered the fans is they have failed to buy a single Spanish player. Last year in the Champion League in a match verses Liverpool, there were more Spaniards on the Liverpool side and bench compared to Real Madrids side. This is a worying matter for the president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez, if nothing is done as now fans are showing their anger they may revolt ina few years against the club.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


As both Christiano Ronaldo and Kaka have joined Real Madrid for the comming season. Real Madrid sold their Jerseys at the Real store.
Ronaldo who has number 9 on his jersey, which was made famous by Alberto Stefano, and later by Luis Ivan Zamarano and Ronaldo Lima.They sold 3000 jerseys in three hours , or 15 jerseys were sold every minute. And by the evening all were sold, each jersey costs 85Euros or65 pounds.
But at the same time Kakas jersey with the number8 sold only600 in the first day.
And in England the new Manchester United striker Michael Owen failed to sell a single Jersey in the first day at Old Trafford. And there were three hundred of Ronaldo jersey number 9 were stolen, a loss of 23,500 pounds.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Michael Platini and the U.E.F.A have decided to ban Dider Drogba and Jose Bosingwa, Drogba got fourU.E.F.A games ban and Bosingwa got two games ban. It was the correct decission as these footballers are rolemodels for millions all over the world.
But what I would like to ask U.E.F.A and Platini , what they have done about the referee Tom Henning Ovrebo, he was just plain disgusting, insulted the jersey of the referees. He failed to give Chelsea four penalties, incluiding a handball in the box. He also sent of Eric Abidal of Barcelona for as he claimed that Abidal brought Anelka but it was Anelka who brought down Abidal, Abidal was a shown a straight red card and he missed the final dueto this stupid referee. This is the same referee who was told to pack his bags at the Euro2008 for not giving a goal for Italy verses Romania scored by Lucas Toni.I ask why such a referee was allowed to referee a semifinal U.E.F.A match? And I would like to know why the red card against Abidal was not withdrawn, as they admitted there is no need to see the video to know mistakes were made.What have you done Mr Platini this referee?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Michael Platini , the U.E.F.A president has said that spending by some rich clubs is getting out of hand and some smaller clubs will not be able to match the spending of the rich clubs.For example this summer Real Madrid have spent 218 million pounds on new summer transfers, and they are also targeting the French winger Franck Ribery, who plays for Bayern Munich . The German club have set the ammount of 69 million pounds as the selling price, and Ribery has been long on Real Madrids shopping rader .So if Real Madrid buy Ribery then they will have spent roughly 300 million pounds, at a time of global recession this is madness.
U.E.F.A must force a cap on all clubs in their summer spending. This can be donein the U.S.A in the N.F.L and in theirMajor League Baseball this cap on spending is very much there. So let us have it in football to.
Let us look and see for example in the E.P.L the last time a small club won the E.P.L was in 1995 it was Blackburn Rovers. now it is the same four clubs Arsenal , Chelsea , aLiverpool and Manchester United , in Spain it is Barcelona and Real Madrid, and in Italy it is the two Milans.This is boring and things must change for the better.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


The Real Madrid president Florentino Perez wants to make a super league containing only the very rich clubs, like Real Madrid,Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona and the two Milan clubs.
This is very wrong and U.E.F.A should come heavily on Real Madrid, as they want to kill this beautiful game of football.
Now what will happen there will be a big gap between the rich clubs and the other ones. Now they want be able to compete with the rich clubs. Then The champion League wil be quite boring as we have a idea who will win the cup, it will be the rich clubsnaturally.
At the rate of which Real Madrid are buying footballers, they will have to sell at least ten players, all the Dutch team members are for sale, like Robben, Vander Vart.
But I would like to tell Perez that just having costly footballers want do, we saw what happened to Real Madrid when the y had the Galaticos team , they did not win the champion league.And have not reached the Semifinals for the last seven years.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Sir Alex Ferguson has taken a big gamble and has decided to choose Michael Owen, the former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Newcastle and England striker . He will replace Carlos Tevez, who has joined Manchester City.
Ferguson is gambling on Owen, as the past few years have been injury years for Owen, and Sam Allardyce, and Fabio Capello have written of Owen as past history, with no future in the English team.And Allardyce did not want to touch him , to replace Roque Santa Cruz. But Fergusonand Arsene wenger are two managers who will give good footballers a chance.
Back in 1993 Ferguson got a French midfieldercalled Eric Cantona from Leeds and he wore the famous number7 jersey, and Manchester fortunes changed their drought of 23 years without a trophy, he also got Roy Keane from Nottingham Forest, and these two players changed ManchesterUniteds record books. They have won 25 trophies in 23 years.
Michel Owen is a proven goalscorer, so I feel the risk is worth taking even as he is a small man he gets ampal number of goals with his head and poaching them as well.
The biggest looser will be Sam Allardyce,as Owen was a free transfer from Newcastle as his contract was over and they were relegated last year.And Big Sam has not yet replaced Roque Santa Cruz yet.Now if Owen can do well he can play for the world cup in 2010. He has signed for two yearsat Manchester United.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


The Spanish giants Barcelona may give their Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo a new deal , etending his stay at the Nou Camp by a another two years. But they have made it very clear to both etoo and his agent that he will only get the same weekly salary at Barcelona which he got all these years.The weekly amount will be 110,000 pounds only.
But Manchester City are still keen on Samuel Etoo, and are ready to pay him a salary which will be the highest ever paid to a footballer, even Christiano Ronaldo gets 200,000 pounds a week, Etoo would get 250,000 pounds a week.
But the agent and Etoo are not happy with the offer made by Barcelona, he says he will leave Barcelona next year.
What could be keeping Etoo away from the Manchester City deal, is that they have not qualified for the champion league or for Europe either The U.E.F.A cup either.This was the case with Kaka , who joined Real Madrid.


The truth has come out from the horses mouth, why Luis Phil Scolari was sacked as Chelseas coach, Scolari says that some big footballers at Chelsea did not aprouve of his methods of training, we must remember he had the South American methods, and was not a bad coach he won the 2002 world cup iJapan for Brazil.And was Portugals coaach for five years.
But these Chelsea players Petr Cech, Dider Drogba and Michel Ballack disagreed they joined together and played badlyand Cech leaked in goals. After the sack and Guus Hiddink took over the team started winning matches a complete turn around.But the footballers got big money each week , but what they did was very unsporting and unfair. Infact The F.A should investigate them.