Wednesday, June 30, 2010


F.I.F.A the governing body of football is getting worried as many Brazilians and Turks who come as refugees land up in European countries and then play for that country.Take the case of Germany alone, there are two from Polish origin in Miraslov Klose and Podlosky, two turks in in Mehut Ozil and khediera and a Brazilian in Cacau. So how many Germans are there in the team now 6 players only. And this is a trend everywhere In Portugal you have deco and Liesden, in Croatia Eduardo.


Before the 2010 world cup started a total of 6,532 players have been in the squad, while a total of 1,545 players have never played in a world cup or for the matter even put a foot on the pitch..What is most interesting is that seven footballers have had a very rare distinction of playing in the world cup for two countries.
1) Luis Monti. Argentina in 1930. Italy in 1938.
2) Atillio Demaria. Argentina. 1930. Italy in 1034.
3) Jose Santamaria. Uruguay. 1954. Spain 1962
4) Ferenc Puskas. Hungary. 1954. Spain in 1962.
5) Jose. Altafini. Brazil . 195 8 Italy in 1962.
6) Roberto Jarni. Yugoslavia. 1990. Croatia. 1998. 2002.
7)R. Prosinecki. Yugoslavia. 1990. Croatia.1998. 2002.


This is not the first time that a reigning champions were knocked out in their first round.
1938) Reigning champions Italy were knocked out.
1966) Brazil were knocked out that year mainly due to Hungary and attacks on Pele.
2002) France were knocked out in the first round without scoring a single goal
2010) Italy went out in the first round in south Africa.


The president of Nigeria Mr Goodluck Jonathan has dissolved the Nigerian world cup team. As it failed to win a single match in the group stages, it only drew 2-2 with South Korea.
but this might have major affect on Nigerian football. as F.i.F.A have already warned France not to mix politics with football. France was told it could remain isolated by F.I.F.A, if it did so and got the president to find out why France failed so badly in the 2010 world cup.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A few referees are banned from taking part in any of the other matches for the 2010 world cup. They are as follows.
1) The Italian referee Roberto Rosetti, for failing to see Carlos offside and letting the goal stand, and for giving Harry kewell a red card when the ball hit Harry Kewell on the chest.
2) The Uruguayan referee Jorge Lorriando for failing to give Frank Lamard a clear goal viewed by all.And also the assistant linesmanMaurico Espinosa for not giving that Lampard goal.
3) The French referee Stephane Lannoy sent of Kaka with a second yellow and followed by a red card.And also failed to see that Fabiano used the hand twice to score that goal verses Ivory Coast.
4) Mali referee Koman Coulbaly who was withdrawn after the Ghana U.S.A game for failing to give a clear maurice Edu goal.
And it serves them well , for spoiling the world cup. We do not want them in the 2014 world cup in Brazil. these and some others have already left for home from South africa.


The other day the head of Adidas came forward to defend the Jabulani ball saying that it was perfect and had no problems what so ever. But we can tell that it was terrible ball not fit to be used in a world cup stage. It was bouncing and gave goalkeepers a real tough time , many made blunders and it bounced out of their hands to often and easily.In the 2010 world cup only three or four free kicks have gone in the net two from japan and one each from Nigeria and Argentina. This is very ,very poor for a world cup. Compare the days of Zico , roberto Carlos and ohers. That days are history. So Adidas can not say it is good ball. Infact f.I.F.A sceretory has admitted it is a very bad ball and should not be used. But as they can not change the ball half way through the world cup all will have to bear with it.
If the head of Adidas said it was a bad ball, he would have been sacked the next day.


Se pp B latter the F.I.F.A. president has long last got up from his long slumber, and has finally agreed that goal line technology is needed by football world badly. As both England and Mexico were cheated by stupid blind referees who claim that they are doing a fine job.As technology has come in all sports like hockey, cricket, N.H.L.and athelatics and swimming. We are paying money to watch the match and not to get cheated Mr Blatter. Even last world cup he humbly had apologies to Australia , now wich country will he have to apologies in 2014? Techonology is a must, just keeping two referees behind each goal post will not help at all.As they will support the main referee and agree to what he says, same old story.


Sepp Blatter the F.I.F.A president has come forward to apologies to both Mexico and England and Mexico for the very bad referreing by their F.I.F.A employee . They cost englanda victory had that Lampard goal stood the englisg would need not go in front to score amd leave gaps at the back for Germany to score two more goals. Tevez was offside by miles.This is the second world cup in which Sepp Blatter had to come forward and apologies , in 2006 he had to do it to the Italian Garasso dived to get a penalty and win the match with Australia. Italy won the world cup by cheating no wonder they were booted out in the first round with France.
This will not do for us even if blatter kneels on his knees andsays sorry . We all demand goal technology to be introduced, i do not want it for offside or a hand ball , but it must be used for penalty and Goal doubts.Oh when will it happen Blatter wake up from your slumber or you will say sorry again at the next world cup in Brazil.

Monday, June 28, 2010


The Italian referee Roberto Rossetti says that the referees are doing a great job at the F.I.F.A 2010 world cup. But I doubt it very much they are just plain useless and made very bad decissions. The U.S.A. were robbed of a place in the quarter finals verses Ghana . The referee from Mali failed to give Edu a clear goal scored by the U.S.A. The referee was withdrawn by F.I.F.A , if he was doing a god job why did it happen. Rossetti gave a goal to Argentina scored by a header by Carlos Tevez, even when he was a few yards offside.The Uruguan referee and linesman failed to give the frank Lampard goal in the England verses Germany match it can be seen on the newspapers in India as well as the television replay.Only this stupid blind bat Sepp Blatter sits at each match and warms the seat for 90 minutes failed to see it go in. Shame on Blatter and F.I.F.A..They must hang their heads eternally in shame.Had that second goal stood Germanywould not win that match.
So what do you say now Mr Rossetti about the referees?


1) Chile got ten yellow cards in the group stages, the highest by any country.
2) While on the other hand Spain does not have a yellow or a red card in the group stages.
3) Brazil have made a total of 1678 passes in their group matches the most by any country.
4) The Ghana team is the youngest in the 2010 world cup, with an average of 24 years.
5) Brazil have played 70 world cup matches and lost only 14 matches.
6) England loss to Germany in a 4-1 loss is the highest since it let in four goals in 1954 world cup.
7) Spains xavi Alanso became the first Spaniard to get a yellow card.
8) In the year 1986 world cup in argentina a country did not get a yellowcard till the quarter finals.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


In the 2010 world cup Spain have yet to pick a yellow or red card , after 55 games.
The fas test goal scored in the 2o10 world cup has been by Steven Gerrard in 4 minutes verses the U.s.A.
The fastest goal by any African country was scored by kevin Prince Boateng of Ghana, who scored the goal in 5 minutes.
South Korea were knocked out in the group of 16 again. As South Korea have never beaten a South American country in its history.
The south Koreans scored the first goal by beating theUruguay galkeeper for the first time in this world cup.
It is for the first time that a player from Uruguay has scored more then one goal at a world cup. Forlan has two goals so far and Luis Saures has three goals.

Friday, June 25, 2010


1) Uruguay verses South Korea.
2) U.S.A. verses Ghana.
3) England verses Germany.
4) Argentina verses Mexico.
5) Holland verses Slovakia.
6) Brazil verses Chile.
7 ) Paraguay. verses Japan.
8) Portugal verses Spain.


These are the countries that have qualified for the group of 16 teams.They are as follows.
1) Uruguay.
2) Mexico.
3) Argentina.
4) South Korea.
5) England.
6) Germany.
7) Ghana.
8) U.S.A.
10) Japan.
12) Slovakia.
13) Brazil.
14) Portugal.
15) Spain.
16) Chile.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The Nigerian footballer Samy Ki eta is now getting death threats the reason being that he was shown a red card, which lead to Nigeria loss and eliminated from the 2010 world cup. The anger back home was all on the player Kieta for having his foot raised on the opponents thigh.He is now getting death threats and may be even knocked out for good. It did happen in the 1994 world cup the U.S. A. Where the late Columbian footballer Andrea Escobar was shot in Columbia for scoring a own goal in the match with the U.S.A.All Escobar did was come sliding in with a thought of kicking the ball out of the goal , unfortunately it went inside the net. And he was shot , was it justified ? Was human life so cheap to kill for a thing that he did not intend to do.


Italy the 2006 world champions were knocked out in the first round. Along with France as well who were also last in their group like Italy. The 2006 finalists were knocked out in the first round this has never happened before. But yes Champions have failed to reach the group of 16 bef0re, Brazil in 1966, France in 2002 and Italy 2010.But the minnows Slovakia beat Italy in a 3-2 win in which Italy was outplayed. Italy also conceded three goals in a world cup for the first time in a world cup since 1970, when they lost to Brazil 4-1.This is how the group finished. Paraguay, Slovakia, New Zealand , Italy.Fabio Cannavaro Gennaro Gattuso and Marciello Lippi have retired.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Argentina in their game with Greece was a very good game from a neutral persons view . Greece defended very well and Argentina had many chances, and on the bench Maradona was getting nervous and tense , dancing like a chicken without a head. But the goals did come in contreversial style though. The Demachele goal should not have been allowed to stand as it came from the hand of Messi, not that Messi knew much about it before it flew in the back of the net.Let me ask what were the referees seeing?The linesmen and the fourth referee would always support the referee as if they are gods and so will F.I.F.A. after all they are F.I.F.A employees and are paid 750 pounds a match. But wake up mr Blatter football must have monitors asin hockey, cricket and other sports, to stop these shameless blunders by F.I.F.A. That day will never come. And countries places are stolen from the group 16 or quarter finals.


The referee in the match between Brazil and the Ivory coast should be banned from the game by F.I.F.A as they are doing to some of them, like the Mali referee in the U.S.A match.Here Kaka was on a yellow card and all that the Ivory Coast striker wanted was have him sent of, their striker gently touched the back of Kaka, this happens in all games but the striker Abdul Kader Keita fell dramatically to the ground as if Kaka hit him with a cricket bat and did his acting of agony pain as if in labour and the referee sent Kaka off.It was Keita who should be fined.I will take your memory back to the 2002 world cup in which Rivaldo fell to the ground and holding his face from a gentle touch by the Turkish player. F.I.F.A. fined Rivaldo 750,000 pounds for the play acting.What is F.I.F.A. going to do to Keita? Both Drogba and Mr Erricson should be ashamed of choosing and encouraging such players. The same referee allowed Luis Fabiano to score a second goal after it was a clear hand ball.Fabiano admitted it as well.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


1) Hungry. Elsalvador. 10-1. 15.6.1982.
2) Hungry. South Korea. 9-0. 17.6..1954.
3) Yugoslavia. Zaire. 9-0. 18.6.1974.
4) Sweden. Cuba. 8-0. 12.6.1938.
5) Uruguay. Bolivia. 8-0. 2.7. 1950.
6) Germany. Saudi Arabia. 8-0. 1.6.2002.
7) Hungry. West Germany. 8-3. 20.6. 1954.
8)Turkey. South Korea. 7-0. 20.6.1954.
9)Uruguay. Scotland. 7-0. 19.6.54.
10) Poland . Hati. 7-0. 19.6.1974.
11) Portugal. North Korea. 7-0. 21. 6. 2010.


These are the biggest winning margins ever in a world cup.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Over the years there have been footballers who have been told to pack their bags and return home ,during a world or Euro cup.The interesting thing to note here is they have all been very good players.
1) Uli Stein of Germany, was upset that Franz Beckenbauer in 1986 chose Harold Toni Schumacher as the goalkeeper before him. Uli Stein called him a clown , he was told to pack up and go home.
2) Anelka attacked the French coach Jacquea Santini, saying that Santini will have to kneel down and apologise. But Anelka was in the wilderness from 2003 to 2010 world cup,to be sent back again by Raymond Domenech.
3)Edgar Dravids told Guus Hiddink in the euro96, that he should nt be mnipulated by such assholes likeFrank deBoer , Ronald Deboerand Dennis Bergkamp, he was sent back.
4)Eric Cantona he called the coach Michael Henri a bag of shit remarks earned Cantona 10 months suspenssion by the French Federation.
5) In the 202 world cup Roy Keane told the coach Mick McCarthy he should stuff the world cup up his ass.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The French world cup team and and their hopes of winning the world cup have all but faded now.With the French striker Nickolas Anelka sent back to France for a foul languge used on the coach Raymond Domenech after the half time game verses Mexico, in which Mexico won the game 2-0.Anelka was substituted at half time. But all the French footballers suported Anelka , as it was leaked to the press by a traitor according to Patrice Evra.It should be a team matter and not leaked out. Anelka flatly refused the accusation, saying those were not his words , but made up by the press. And on the press he was sent of.The players nhave refused to train and went back into their bus , and pulled their curtains.The French Football Federation. the F.F.F.Evra blaims the football fitness coach Robert Duverne as the traitor. The F.F.F.ofical Jean Lous Valentin has resigned, saying this is a scandal for France, for football as well.
This is the curse of the Republic of Ireland people , who were cheated of a place at the world cup, and Blatter refused a replay even after Henry requested it. Serves France well. Lauren Blanc will take over as the coach, the players demanded it.

Friday, June 18, 2010


The real reason England are having a horrible time at the 2010 world cup in South Africa , can be put to one main problem. The English Premiere League has more players from abroad then from England itself.So when all the English top players like Rooney, Gerrard , Terry and Lampard played to gether they were lost of ideas . And to make matters worse it was that horrible Jubalani ball. Adidas and F.I.F.A may defend the ball but let me ask how many free kicks did go in the net? The anwer is one in 23 matches, gone are the free kicks of Roberto Carlos and Figodays. Strikers say they kick one way the light ball goes the other way . Where will the goals come from?
The English tried hard and yes far to many yellow and red cards this world cup.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


1) North Korea 1- Italy0. The two time world champions Italy were beaten in England 1966 cup.The odds was put at 1000 to 1 in Italys favour.
2) 1950 U.S.A defeat England 1-0.The goal was scored in the 38th minute.
3) 1990. Cameroon defeated Argentina, the reighning world champions.
4) 1994. Republic of Ireland defeated Italy 1-0. in the U.S.A.Italy was beaten in the first game for the first time.
5) 2002. senegal defeated the reighning world champions France 1-0. in South Korea. Theearly injury to Zidane was the end of France. they failed to qualify for the second round or even score a goal.
6) 2010. Spain the Europen champions and touted to win the cup with Spain loosing to Switzerland 1-0..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


1) The Australian footballer Craig Moore was in the world cup team, even as he had no club.
2) In the Brazilian verses North Korea match, it was the highest ranked team and the lowest ever to reach a world cup. Brazilian rank first N. Korea are ranked 127 th in the world.
3) The Australian goalkeeper Mark Schwatzer parents are German, they came to Australia when he was a child.
4) In the Honduras team at the world cup 2010 there are three brothers playing, Wison, Jerry and Johnny Palacios.
5) Jerome Boateng has cut out all relations with his brother Kevin Prince Boateng, it was for Prince Boateng tackle that ended Michael Ballacks world cup, Kevin Boateng plays for Ghana and Jerome Boateng plays for Germany.


I often wonder where these referees as are chosen by F.I.F.A come from they are just plain dum idiots. Take the case of the Mexican referee Mr Marco Rodriguez, he showed theAustralian footballer Tim Cahil a straight red card in the 56th minute of the match between Australia and Germany, at that time the score was 2-0 in Germanys favour.Tim cahil was sent of for bringing down Bastian Scheinstteiger , it was a straight red card shown. But Cahil did not show his studds , they were in the turf and the legs were bent , he brought the German down with his thighs, there was no mallice there at all.The stupid referee does not even no therules as there were no studds showing no chance of breaking a leg , the leg was bent and Cahil id not come slidding with both legs stretched out. Even Scheinstteiger said it was not a red a card , the referee should have warned Tim Cahil and shown a yellow card. he was just showing yellowand red cards without warning, that fool may not have known English.
This is the best part when Tim Cahil asked the fourth referee if it wasa red card, he replied he did not see it. What did he see the boobs of Mrs Blatter and Mrs Platini. Mind you these referee are paid well by F.I.F.A . Just putting a banner of fairplay will not do Mr Blatter.Referees should also be fair.


This years ball used in the 2010 world cup ,is made by Adidas and is called the Jubalani ball. It is a terrible ball far to light with a very heavy bounce once it touches the ground it goes high and over the net. The goalkeepers are having a hell of a time controlling the ball with uneven bounce to it.
We have not yet seen a single goal taken by a free kick all have gone to high, I personaly feel there will be no goals scored by free kicks, it may be a thing of the past, as at each world cup the ball has become lighter and lighter. Gone are days of the famous freekick takers like Zico, Roberto Carlos, David beckham and Revileno.
But sadly Adidas and F.I,F.A have defended the bad ball.I also feel the golden boot scorer may only score five or even less goals this year as strikers also are missing the net by miles.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Adrian Mutu the Romanian and former Chelsea striker has lost his final appeal for failing a drug test, as he had used cocaine. He served a nine month ban for it.So he now must pay atotal of 14 million pounds. to Chelsea.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sadly for Ledley King and Rio Ferdinand their world cups are over. But Fabio Capello is largely to be blamed for the pressure put on the goalkeeper and it is now showing. There was no need what so ever to have chosen both Ledley King and Rio Ferdinand for the 2010 world cup, as both have had a injury season with many months missed out. Just as they were players with sacks of experience will not do , they should be fit to pay a full month of football with the worlds best footballers as well as roughest ones as well.Now he can not call on any one, he could call Dawson to replace Rio Ferdinand.Will the absence of these two players mean a miss for England to win the world cup?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The greatest world cup team ever, and there are five Brazilian footballers in that team.
1) Dino Zoff. Italy . Goalkeeper.
2) deffenders. Cafu . Roberto Carlos, Bobby Moore. Franz Beckenbauer..
3) Midfielders. .Johan Cruyff. Zinedine Zidane. Jarzhino. Ronaldo.
4) Strikers. Pele. Diego Maradona.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There have been many great free kick takers over the years, this is the list of the top 10.It includes 5 Brazilians.
1) David Beckham.
3) Christiano Ronaldo.
4) Ronoldhino.
5) Roberto Carlos.
6) Rivelhino.
7) Paul Gasscoingne.
8) Zico.
9) Zinedine Zidane.
10) Sinisa Mihalovic.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


In this top ten goalkeepers of all time. Not a single goalkeeper comes from South America or Africa.
1) Iker Casillas. Spain
2) Ray Clemence. Wales.
3) Gianluigi Buffon Italy.
4) Dino Zoff. Italy.
5) Lev Yashin. Russia.
6) Neville. England.
7) Pat Jennings. England
8) Peter Shilton.
9) Peter SchMechiel. Denmark.
10) Gordon Banks.


Spain who is a favorite along with Brazil to win the world cup in South Africa are told that each player can get huge bonuses for winning the world cup final on 11/7/2010. Or they can also get a sum of 144,000 dollars just for reaching the final on 11/7/2010.
But many people and some politicians are very angry over this amount.As we must remember that Spain, Portugal and Greece are all in big financial problem, and recently Greece was bailed out by the E.U. In Spain people are not getting their pension regularely, so they feel this is crimnal waste of money.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Manchester City are ready to give Robhino in exchange for the Swedish striker Zalatan Ibrahimovic from Barcelona. As Ibrahimovic is worried that he may not get a starting place at Barcelona, now that David Villa has arrived from Valencia for 42 million pounds. And Barcelona are not going to let Villa sit on the bench after spending so much money on him. Manchester City are also willing to give Barcelona 1o million pounds as well. As Robinho did not settle at Manchester City under Roberto Mancini, While zalatan ibrahimovic played at the San Siro under Mancini.


The Spanish giants Barcelona want to buy the Spanish player Cesc Fabregas , from Arsenal for a miserable amount of 30 million pounds. Their reasoning is quite silly. They say Arsenal got him dead cheap when he was discarded from Barcelona youth team, he was a unpolished diamand then, but Arsene Wenger and Arsenal got him polished and made a star.The other point is that their budget for the year is finished as they spent 42 million pounds on David Villa, who will take Henrys place.So only 30 million pounds remain to spend. Here the best thing is forget Fabregas for a year or two and then buy him as the only player next year.Arsenal want 60 million pounds , they have come down by 20 million pounds.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Many are unaware that the cunning fox Sir Alex ferguson also has managed Scotland in the world cup. It all happened in the 1986 world cup qualifier against Wales . Their then coach of Scotland Jack stein suffered a heart attack after drawing 1-1. And Sir Alex Ferguson came forward to be the coach of Scotland that year. We only know the twentythree odd years spent at Manchester United.


Oliver Kahn the goalkeeper of Germany was a vastly talented but eccentric goalkeeper.He played for Germany from 1994 to2006, and made 86 apperances for Germany. He played his club football for Bayern Munich. He has won eight Bundesliga medals, a Champion league medal and a Europen cup medal as well. He also remains the only goalkeeper ever to win a Golden ball award, from 1930. The Golden Ball is given to the best player in a perticular world cup.
How good he was and greatly missed as Bayern Munich have failed to find some one to take his place between the sticks.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Jose Mourinho the new coach of Real Madrid was told that he will not get more then 45 million pounds to spend this summer. And not 70 million as promised. So he has been told to sell players in exchange. So Gago and Rafael Vander Vart will be given to Liverpool to get Steven Gerrard. And he wants to give Kaka to Chelsea in exchange for the 31 year old Lampard. Will these clubs in England agree is a another matter altogether. Other footballers he wants are Maicon and Diego Milito.


It is jokingly said that the captains of England in the world cup are cursed, with injuries.
1) 1982 . It was Kevin Keegan.
2) 1986 . It was Bryan Robson.
3) 1990 . It was Bryan Robson
4) 1998. It was Alan Shearer.
5) 2002. It was David Beckham.
6) 2010. It was Rio Ferdinand.

Friday, June 4, 2010


F.I.F.A have told North Korea as they have named only two goalkeepers in their 23 player list. the idea of the coach was to keep kim Myong Won who is a striker as a back up goalkeeper. Now f.I.F.A says that he can only play as a goalkeeper and not as a striker, his usual position.And their group has Brazil and the Ivory Coast as wellas Portugal called this years group of death.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Gary Lineker the English striker and captain of England in the 1990 world cup in Italy. Played for England from 1984 to the year 1992. It was his penalties verses Cameroon that got England to the Semi finals.He played a total of 80 games for England and also scored 48 goals for england. he is the second top scorer after Sir Bobby Charlton. He is considered as the best english striker ever, in the 1986 world cup he scored 6 goals and won the Golden Boot. The only English footballer to win it in history.
He is also the only player to win the Golden boot with three clubs. They are Leicester City, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur. He is also the second player in football history who never got a yellow card or even a red card in his entire football career. The only other player to do this is the lateSir stanley Matthews.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The Spaniard coach of Liverpool has now parted ways with Liverpool club.They have given him three million pounds. the root of the problem was the two yankees George Gillet and Tom Hicks. these two brought this mighty football club to its knees. When Rafael Benitez wanted a good purse to buy players, the board agreed . Can you imagine the money promised to Rafael ? The amount was just 5 million pounds. what players can you buy with 5 million pounds.
Rafael is just to happy to leave , his loyalty towards Liverpool can not be questioned. The Italian Juventus giants offered him a salary of 8 million pounds and a spending purse of 70 million pounds, he refused to to join , as hewas given false promises. But it is not all gloom and doom for the Spaniard. Inter Milan are calling him to replace Mourinho.
Liverpool are 337 million pounds in the red.And daily they pay 100,000 on interest only.The fans say they will not buy season tickets now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


1) The Italian coach Vittoria P0zzo is the only coach to coach Italy to two world cup triumphs, he did it in 1934 and 1938. This has never been done by any other coach in world cup history.
2) In the 1964 world cup in the U.S.A. The Russian Oleg Salenko scored a total of five goals , in the match verses Cameroon. This is the highest number of goals scored by a player inone match.
3) Brazil and West Germany have reached the world cup final 7, seven times. The most by any country so far.
4) The world cup has been won by Europe and South America only. No country from Africa, Asia, Australasia or North or Central America have ever won the world cup.
5) In the 2010 world cup all the previous winners will be taking part. England, France, West Germany, Italy, Brazil , Argentina and Uruguay will all be there.
6) Brazil has played in 92 world cup games and scored 201 goals.
7) The two giants Brazil and Germany have played only one final in the F.I.F.A history in 2002 , which Brazil won.