Thursday, February 28, 2013


The goal line technology will come into force next year, all 20,twenty clubs must have it and also those clubs that are promoted that year. The two main goal line technology used is THE HAWK EYE and GOAL REF. It is approved by F.I.F.A and will very well be used in the 2014 world cup held in Brazil. Hope things that happened then in 2010 will be not repeated , 7seven referees and linesmen were sent home. And poor Mr Blatter had to appologise so very often , for some idiots mistakes.


Roberto Mancini wants to buy the Uruguayan striker Edison Cavani from Napoli, mainly to replace Mario Bolotelli who moved to A.C.Milan. But Napoli have made it very clear that any club who wants Cavani , should be ready to pay his buy of 52 million pounds. But now things have got really heated as the Spanish giants Real Madrid have entered the picture, and have already had a few talks with his agents.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


According to the magazine JUST TALK . The former president of Real Madrid Roman Calderon has said that Jose Mourinho could very well move on to the money rich French club P.S.G. And it is no secret that Jose Mourinho joins only clubs that has a lot of money to throw around. Real Madrid may also be tired of the rift caused between the players at Real Madrid, between the Spanish players and those from Portuguese speaking areas like Cristianio Ronaldo. Pepe, Marciellio .. And to make matters worse Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho have the same agent Jorge Mendes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The English F.A have admitted that they have failed to treat Sir Bobby Moore well, in his life time, they awake from their slumber after twenty long years. And that to after his death due to cancer. Sir Bobby Moore was the captain of Englands world cup winning team in the year 1966. And Gepff Hurst who scored a hat trick in the game said England has no chance of winning the world cup fpor two generations. The F.A. will do something I hope , after all they treated their hero very harshly in the end.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Arsene Wenger says he will be missed when he retires. And I quite agree with him. He has a Masters degree in Economics and he used it to buy and sell footballers well.He got players for 500,00pounds and two million and sold them for 25 million pounds.He saw talent at youngsters and gave them chances Tony Adams Jack wilshere are examples. He has built the famous Emirate stadium with a sitting capacity of over sixty thousand .Not only has he finished the stadium, he has paid back the money taken on loan, he did it by selling players each year for that. But City fans say Arsenal is a feeder club. Clubs like Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspurs are still looking for a stadium. He is the only manager in the E.P.L to take Arsenal a entire season without defeat. The INVINCIBLE S. Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City with over twenty times the money of Arsenal have failed to o it. Wenger has taken Arsenal to sixteen years in the champion league in a row, only Real Madrid and Manchester United have done it. He has taken Arsenal to a champion league final in 2006 verses Barcelona , they lost 2-1. Arsenal each year are making a profit.And the stadium was built during the recession time. So yes he will be missed greatly by football lovers. Fans want him to buy costly players but all costly players are not good , take Andrei Arshavin he cost Arsenal 15 million pounds a rcord, and has weekly salary of 85, 000 pounds, he is not even on the bench.Every player Arsene Wenger wants may not want to come to play in England as the tax is very high and the game is fast. Arsene wenger even wanted Yaya Toure and Petr Cech earlier before both became famous at Barcelona and Chelsea, but sadly both of them could not get a work permit. Arsene Wenger got Dennis Bergkamp from Inter Milan for just 7.50 million pounds, he was a rejected player, but at Arsenal he was history. His partnership with Henry is well known.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Matt Duke the 35 year old goalkeeper of the Yorkshire club Bradford , who is their hero both on and off the field.Matt Duke has overcome testicle cancer , and on the pitch he has been the club savior where penalties are concerned . The match between Arsenal and Bradford as well as the one with Aston villa will be well remembered, as he saved the club in the penalty shoot outs. Leading the club to the League Cup final verses the Welsh club Swansea. It was the first time either of these clubs played the finals at Wembley stadium.. The score stood at 3-0 in Swansea favour, then Matt Duke brought down Nathan Dyer in the box with his legs . This lead to a penalty as well as a Matt Duke getting his marching orders. It then ended 5-0 for Swansea.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that the period of Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic are well and truly over, both have had long injuries as well.And age to has caught up with them. Ferguson says Johnny Evans has done very well for Manchester United indeed. But the Brazilian Anderson , who joined Manchester United for a fee of 17, seventeen million pounds has been a real failure, he has had far to many injuries and even though he has played over 160 games for Manchester United , he has scored only nine goals in all very poor result indeed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


F.I.F.A have finally bowed down to the cry and anger of the public.In the 2014 world cup in Brazil, Goal line technology will be in place. And the blunders of these referees will no longer be there. Remember the 2010 World cup match between Germany and England, the Frank Lampard goal was disallowed it ended 4-1 win for Germany. Would England have won their only world cup in 1966 as one goal by Geoff Hurst was not a goal, very later Geoff Hurst himself admitted it. Also the 1966 world cup final between England and West Germany , holds a record which many do not know . It is the only world cup final in which a pl;ayer has scored a hat trick, one was illegal though. Better late then never , even if it is 47 years later.

Monday, February 18, 2013


PLAYERS. CLUBS. GOALS. GAMES. 1)PELE. SANTOS. 589. 605. 2)UWE SELLER. HAMBURG. 444. 519. 3)Sten Ball. Wolves. 306. 561. 4)GERD Muller. BAYERN MUNICH. 566. 600. 5) Raul. REAL MADRID. 323. 741. 6) EUSIBO. BENFICA. 638. 741. 7)Fernc PUSKAS. BUDAPEST. 374. 358. 8)ALFREDO STEFANO. REAL MADRID. 307. 397. 9) LIONEL MESSI. BARCELONA. 301. 365.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


As Emmanuel Adebayor was representing his country Togo in South Africa . But he stayed on for five days even after Togo were eliminated from the African Cup Of Nations. And as he was needed for the E.P.L match Newcastle United verses Spurs . Tottenham Hotspurs had charter a jet plane to get him in England for the match, he made it in time to sit on the bench. Emmanuel Adebayor should have been more sensible as their only striker Jermain Defoe had undergone a knee injury operation. His two weeks salary will be deducted.


Over the years only four clubs have won all the four trophies to be won in Europe, and held by U.E.F.A. The trophies are as follows. 1) The Champion League. 2) The Champion fair Cup. 3) The U.E.F.A cup. 4) The Europa League. And the four clubs to win it are as follows. 1) Juventus. 2) Barcelona. 3) Ajax. 4) Bayern Munich.


The Welsh footballer Ryan Giggs , who has played twenty one years for Manchester United and scored at least one goal each year, has now added another record to his name. He has now played one hundred and fifty matches for Manchester United in the Champion league. He now joins the group of other four footballers to do it.They are as follows. 1) Raul. 2)Javier Zanetti. 3) Clarence Seedorf. 4) Paulo Maldini. 5) Ryan Giggs.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This is the list of the top ten footballers to play for Real Madrid over the years. 1) Alfredo Stefano . 2) Fernc Puskas. 3) Iker Casillas. 4) Zinedine Zidane. 5) Raul. 6) Cristiano Ronaldo. 7) Emilo Butrejeno. 8) Ronaldo Lima. 9)Gento. 10) Hugo Sanchez.


Chelsea have got a rude shock , in their search for a manager.Their main target was Pep Guardiola but he has gone and joined Bayern Munich. Chelsea wanted Jurgen Klopp the manager at Borrusia Dortmund, but Klopp has flatly rejected the offer as he wants to honor his contract , which expires in 2016. Jurgen Klopp was manager with Mainz for seven years before joining Dortmund. So the Russian billionaire Roman Abromovich will now have to look elsewhere for a manager. So now remaining in the list are Diego Simone, Michael Ladraup, David Moyes, Ginfranco Zolo and others.

Monday, February 11, 2013


THE SUN appealed to get funds to to save Paul Gasgoine , who sadly suffers from illness of drinking.Yes he wasted his money . But England must not forget it was him who got England to the Semi finals in the 1990 world cup in Italy. You are not going to see England in a Semi final again for at least two generations. As the young footballers are not there.Like David Platt , Gary Lineker , Peter Shilton and Gazza. The F.A responded to the call and gave out 40,000 pounds. Steven Gerrard is leading the call to give money generously here. Jack wilshere has given 5,000 pounds. Joe hart, Ashley Cole, John terry, Frank Lampard will all donate. Old ones like Criss waddle, Jamie Redknapp and others will also pay , so will The BOBBY MOORE FOUNDATIOn. But Joe Barton the black sheep of English football calls Gazza a blood sucking leech.Barton should examine his own life first, a troublesome player on the pitch , who can not find a regular club, spent six months in jail.And the U.S.A refused to give him a visa , when Newcastle United visited the U.S.A. Cricketer Ronnie Irani donated generously and took by air with the help of others.


Arsenal are giving a sixteen year old Brazilian a trial at the club, at present he plays as a midfielder for Vasco da Gama.He is thrilled and his hero is Theo walcott. But as usual the Arsenal fans are not happy they want Arsene Wenger to buy proven players. But let me explain to these critics that proven footballers will be costly and their weekly salary will be equally high. The last proven footballer Arsenal signed was the Russian Andrei Arshavin. He cost Arsenal fifteen million pounds , and a weekly salary of 85,000 pounds, eighty five thousand pounds.Arshavin can not even find a regular place on the bench , let alone a starting place. The Brazilian Indio will be cheap and fill the midfield in the future , as Mikel Arteta will play for only a few more years , along with Thomas Rosicky. Arsene Wenger finds unpolished diamonds and polishes them as finished gems in football. Here fans should remember Arsene Wenger is only giving this kid a trial he is not buying him right now, he could develop for the future buy.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Even though there have been footballers who have played for only one club in their careers , this is the E.P.L list. 1) Ryan Giggs. Manchester United. 1990 . To Present. 2) Lie Tissier. Southampton. 1986 To 2002. 3)Steven Gerrard. Liverpool. 1998. To Present. 4)Paul Scholes. Manchester United. 1994 To 2013. 5)Tony Adams. Arsenal. 1983 . To2002 6) Gary Neville. Manchester United. 1992 To 2011. 7)Jami Carragher. Liverpool. 1996. To 2013. 8) Ledley King. Tottenham Hotspurs. 1998. To 2012. Knee Injury. Gareth kelly. Leeds United. 1991 To 2007.


The Welsh and Manchester United player Ryan Giggs who has played his club football for Manchester United, for twenty one years now. He now holds a fantastic record, not only has he played club football for twenty one years which is a long time he also has scored a goal in each of those twenty one years. It just shows his fitness and stamina it is a record that may not be broken in the new future.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yes it is true Arsenal has not won a trophy in eight years . So what about it! The last time Arsenal won a trophy was the F.A cup in the year 2005. After all there are only three cups to be won. But the Manchester United fans love to taunt Arsenal , mainly as they have been winning most trophies after them. Arsenal has done it without big spending the highest they have paid for a footballer is 15 million pounds for Andrei Arshavin. While Manchester United spend 18 million pounds on several players. The E.P.L has all changed after Manchester City and Chelsea ,Mooney owners paid from their own cheque book. By the way Alex Ferguson arrived at Manchester United in 1986 after the world cup.Manchester United wanted Arsene Wenger, but Wenger always honours his contract. Ferguson did not win a trophy that year it was in 1993 h won, after Eric Cantona joined the club and awake the sleeping giant. History states that Manchester United did not win a single trophy for 26,twenty six years a full generation. Today It is a one man van. Cut out the goals scored by Robin Van Persie , then Manchester United would be a mid team club.And were relegated once.


Lionel Messi has signed a new contract at Barcelona, that is by a further two years. That means he will be at the Barcelona club till june 2018 and he will be thirty one then. His salary will be 17 million pounds a year and 102 million pounds in those six years..His buy out clause is 210 million pounds. For any club to buy him in Spain where they are on their knees financially , he will be at Barcelona. The two things I noticed about him was his simple dressing and he was a right handed , I thought he was lefty.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The Europol that investigates the fair play in football for the world.First started investigating games played in Germany,Finland and Hungary. They watched a total of six hundred and eighty matches around thirty countries , and over thirty three thousand mails were inspected. And a total of four hundred and twenty five suspects were investigated. And so far a total of fifty people have been arrested, eighty search warrants have been issued. A number of criminal investigations are now in progress.. But we must remember betting is a big thing in football and cricket. For example in a single match in cricket between India and Pakistan the one day figure is 250 million dollars. The head of the F.A in Africa Kristen Nematandni has been suspended along with others for match fixing. The punishment should be life bans and clubs be thrown out of football for good , not a few years


Let us see who is better for Arsenal during their first year at the club.Was it the French striker Oliver Giroud or the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie ? Oliver Giroud has scored 14 goals in 34 games and also had 14 assists. Robin Van Pesie had scored 10 goals in 44 games. So I leave it to you to judge it.

Monday, February 4, 2013


The Danish paper Ekstra Bladet has come out to boldly state that the Champion League match between Liverpool and the Hungarian club was fixed. It states that the match played at Anfiel Liverpool verses Debrecen under Rafael Benitaz as coach.Vukasin Poleksic the goalkeeper of the Hungarian club Debrecen let the shot by Fernando Torres go gently on his palm straight into the path of Dirk Kuyt to score the one goal in the match, even though Steven Gerrard did hit the post once, Rafael Benitiz was in the last fifteen minutes making only defensive substitutes. Vukasin Poleksic admitted to match fixing in the match verses Fiorentina as well and was banned.


Match fixing has shown its ugly head in football to after cricket , cycling, and athletics and it is a shame. The report says that in the last three or four years 380 matches in Europe and over 300 matches in Africa were involved.It also says that 425 match officials, club officials players were involved as well. In matches in European League championship World cup qualifiers and European Championship held in England. This clearly means E.P.L clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal , Chelsea. All three big E.P.L clubs are in doubt of match fixing . It is no secret that Manchester United have the referees in the pocket , getting free kicks , penalties and having extra time added to extra time as well. But what to do about it? Just ban the guilty club , players and officials for life. Liverpool is another club to suspect.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Roberto Mancini is planning of a summer clear out of players at Manchester City. He has already sold Mario Balotelli and others could go Carlos Tevez has been told his contract will not be renewed , others being sold are Samir Nasri, Edin Dezko, Joleon Lescot, Scot Sinclair as well as Maicon. The future of Gareth Barry and James Milner are uncertain as well.Alexander Koralov will be sold.Dezko, Lescott. Roberto Mancini wants Cristiano Ronaldo, Radamel falcao and Edison Cavani as well. Roberto mancini can keep on dreaming , will these mercenaries leave City , or will these big ones join this circus called Manchester City.


The Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was the winner of the English Footballer of the year. He has won this title for the second time, joining Wayne Rooney as another footballer to win the F.A Footballer of the year twice. The winners were as follows/ 1) Steven Gerrard. Liverpool. 2) Danny Welbeck. Manchester United. 3) Ashley Cole. Chelsea.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Wayne Rooney has decided not to take any more penalties for Manchester united as he has missed nine penalties out of twenty eight penalties. He will now give the penalty job to Robin Van Persie.