Thursday, April 29, 2010


The French winger Franck Ribery has now gotten himself with trouble with the law. He paid a french hooker Zahia for the night on his 26th birthday at a five star hotel at Bavaria.He paid Zahia a muslim hooker 1,5000 for the night. But unfortunately she was under age and still not 18 years. Zahia proudly claims that she is not a prostitute but a call girl. And that she has no pimps , she keeps allthe money for herself and her parents were kept in the dark.
But as the scandal unfolded 18 under aged girls were arrested from Zaman night club iin the Champs Elysee.
This is bad news for French world cup as Sidney Govou 30 years, Karim Benzeema 22 years andHatem BenArfar23 years were all involved.
If Franck Ribery is found guilty he will face a three year jail term and a fine of 40,000 pounds. This will derail the French world cup plans, as he was the star of 2006 world cup.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Barcelona arrived at Milan to take on Inter Milan in the first leg of thesemi finals in the champion League. due to the volcanic ash , which came over many parts of Europe, leading to cancellations of air traffic ,Barcelona then made it to Milan by bus that took them a 14 hour journey, not the best way to prepare for football.The first goal was scored by Pedro for Barcelona in the 19th minute.Then the Dutch man Wesley Sneijder took a very good free kick to make it equal in the 30 th minute.Maicon then put Inter milan ahead in the 48th minute.Milito then put the nail on Barcelona coffin, in the 61st minute.
Now both Carles Puyol and Dejan Stankovic both picked up their second yellow cards so they will not play in the second leg.The credit for this result goes to Javier Zanetti who stuck to Messi like glue and bullied him to be almost a shadow. Mind you this is the same player who scored 4 goals verses Arsenal. But Morinho clearly admitted that his friend the volcano did its job well.


Sheikh Mansoor the Arab owner from Dubai of the English football club Manchester City, wants to bring the Spaniard Rafael Benitez from Liverpool. He wants to tempt him with a better pay purse and a better transfer bag. In other words he wants to steal the Spaniard rigjht from the noses of the Italian Old Lady Juventus.
So the people who will be most nervous will be the Liverpool fans. Players like Fernando Torres and Gerrard may join Manchester City, as the club is in England.


Roberto Mancini the Manchester City manager wants to sell some top players from the club in the summer. and they include Emmanuel Adebayor, Steven Ireland, Wayne Bridge and saun Wright Philips. Adebayor joined Manchester City from Arsenal for a record 25 million pounds.
And Manchester City want to spend 50 million pounds to buy the Spanish striker from Liverpool, Fernando Torres.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Over the years there have been many footballers who wore the famous number 10 jersey. This is the list of the very top 10 players. Please note not a single, German, Spanish or English footballer make it.
1) Michael Ladruap. Denmark. Barcelona and Real Madrid.
2) Pele. Brazil. Santos.
3) Ronoldhino. Brazil. Barcelona. A.C. Milan.
4) Diego Maradona. Argentina. Barcelona. Napoli.
5) Roberto Baggio.. Italy. Juventus. A.C. Milan.
6) Dennis Bergkamp. Holland. Ajax. Arsenal.
7) Johan Cruyff. Holland. Ajax. Barcelona.
8 )Zinedine Zidane. France. Juventus. Real Madrid.
9) Michael Platinni. France.
10) Fernec Puskas. Hungry. Real Madrid.


Cesc Fabregas the 22 year old Arsenal skipper and midfielder, who is wanted by the two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.He has been given a huge 3 million pound . His weekly salary has literally doubled by say 50 percent. It is now 110,000 pounds a week, from his earlier weekly salary of 60,000 pounds. This is the highest salary at Arsenal, a club known for paying reasonable salaries. Only Theirry Henry might have got more as a salary.
And I am sure had he not broken his leg, Arsenal would have won the E.P.L this year.


The Barcelona giants Barcelona want the french left back Gael Glichy. They want him to replace Eric Abidal, as the Brazilian Maxwell did not live up to expectations at the club. Barcelona are ready to also give Arsenal the young spanish striker Bojan Kirk as to make the deal a sweater one , Arsennal will always be happy to have a proven striker , which they lacked this year due to injury.


In the 2010 champion league semi final between Bayern Munich and Lyon, in their first leg played at Munich. Here due to air trafick being stopped due to the volcanic ash in the sky , Lyon arrived from France by bus. The french player Franck Ribery week got from bad to worse, as he was taken in with tthree other french footballers for questioning over having sex with a under aged girl.
On the pitch he was sent of in the 37th minute with a straight red card for stamping on the foot of Lisandro Lopez. He now misses the second leg , and could also miss the final if he gets a two or three match ban.Ribery has not yet madeup his mind for which club he will play next year.There was more drama on the pitch with Lyon having a man advantage. But the italian referee sent of Jeremy Toululan in the 54th minute. But then the only and winning goal came in the 69th minute with a tipical trademark kick , but the ball took a defection from the head of Thomas Muellar beating Hugo Loris.The glass dutch man as Arjen Robben is called, because he is injured far to easily and often.
The match was played to a full house of 66,000 people.And Lyon have still got a chance as away goal may not count here all is there to play in the second leg.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

THE E.P.L. TEAM OF 2009-2010.

The e.P.l team of the year is out for 2009-2010.
1) Goalkeeper, Joe Hart. Manchester city. Loan Birmingham City.
2) Defenders. Branislav Ivanovic Chelsea.Thomas Vermaelan Arsenal. Richard Dunn Aston Villa. Patrice Evra. Manchester United.
3) Midfielders Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal. James Milner Aston Villa. Antonio Valencia Manchester United. Dider Drogba Chelsea. Wayne Rooney . Manchester United.


This years P.F.A winner is the young Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney who has scored 34 goals. he beat Carlos Tevez, Cesc Fabregas, Dider Drogba to it. But last Year the P.f.A winner was Ryan Giggs, but he had scored only two goals. How was it given to him?
The young player of the year went to James Milner of Aston Villa.
And the former Leeds United , South African Defender Lucas Radabee who is 41 years, won the P.F.A Merit Award.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Barcelona the spanish giants want the Aston villa winger for a sum of 25 million pounds in the summer. Young joined Aston Villa from Watford for a sum of 9.65 million pounds in the year 2007. He is also the top earner inVilla with 65,000 pounds a week. Last year he also won the P.F.A.Young player of the year as well in 2009, in that same year he was included in the the best eleven footballers in the E.P.L. And he was the only player, who was not playing for the top four clubs to be selected.
This may now clearly mean that Barcelona are no longer intrested in the French man Franck Ribery.

Friday, April 23, 2010


There is a great deal of concern for Rio ferdinand the 31 year old central defender at Manchester united. he has had a bad season with back injury leading to missing a few games this year.
Fabio Capello has appointed Rio Ferdinand as Englands captain for the 2010 world cup.
But now after he consulted a specialist for his groin pain, it was found that his groin and bank pain were very much conected , and he has been told very clearly that gone are those days when he could be playing in each and every game. he will now have to choose the games carefully.
So Fabio Capello has decided to include Michael Dawson from Tottenham Hotspur for the world cup. Now the captains armband may go to Steven Gerrard.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The Italian giants juventus, often called the OLD LADY OF TURIN. Are now planning to redevelop their team and to discard some of the flop players of 2009-2010 season.
The English club Arsenal lost their chance to win the E.P.L this year mainly to injuries and goalkeepers that made super blunders. So Juventus have come forward knowing very well that Arsene Wenger the manager of Arsenal is desperate to get a goalkeeper of great class, So the aging Gianluigi Buffon is offered along with defensive midfielder Felipe Meola, the Brazilian was wanted by Arsenal, but Fiorentina was asking far to much money for him. So Juventus brought Meola and Diego as well, and both are blamed for their poor season.The only catch i the exchange , which arsenal may not agree to is that Juventus want Robin Van Persie for the two of them.
But as Arshavin has said that if Robin Van persie was not injured for so long Arsenal would have won the E.P.L.Only thing is that Buffon is 33 years old, but has won the goalkeeper of the year three times.


According to Forbes for the year 2008-2009 , Manchester united is the richest club in the world. It is valued at 1.19 b pounds or 184 b dollars. Real madrid are second with 859 million pounds or.132 b dollars. Third was Arsenal with 767 million pounds or 1.181 million dollars. Barcelona came forth in the 20 club list.Which included six clubs from the E.P.L.The biggest suprise was New Castle United was also in the list, we must remember that they played 2009-2010 in the second division. A.Cilan, Liverpool and Chelsea were in the top ten, but at the same time their profits fell by 19 percent as well.The club to make the biggest profits were the Italian club Juventus and french club Olympico Marseille, they both saw profits increase by 9 percent.
The data is counted from broadcasting rights, sponsorship and saleof tickets and merchandise only, not from selling players.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It is always the same in Spain and Scotland at the end of each football season there are always only two clubs fighting for the title. I Spain it is Real Madrid and Barcelona , while in Scotland it is always these two clubs fighting for the title there. In Scotland it is Celtic and the Glasgow club Glasgow Rangers.
you will really have to look far back at the record books to find out a football club that sttod first beside Real Madrid , Barcelona, Celtic and Glasgow Rangers.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As Ferguson wants to retire in the summer of 2011, Manchester united are looking for a longtime replacement, Few names have come up and the best choice according to the bookies is jose Mourinho , The Special One. Even though he has won trophies in Portugal, Italy and England. But Sir Bobby Charlton has a different view. as Ferguson joined Manchester United in 1986 from Scotland, Mourinho loves to change clubs every three or four years which Charlton is not happy about.Arsene Wenger to has come in the list as he has spent 14 years at Arsenal.
So let us hear of Fergusons own choice. Ferguson wants his country man David Moyes manager at Everton for 7 years as his sucessor.


Sir Alex Ferguson has told the Manchester united board that he will leave the club in the summer of 2011.And by that time ferguson will be 70 years old.He joined Manchester United in 1986, and the sleeping giants awoke, and have won almost 25 trophies.
There are a few names to succeed him.
1) Jose Mourinho, 2) Fabio capello, 3) Arsene Wenger, 4) Pep Gaurdiola, 5) Martin O, Neil, 6) Guus
Morinho was the best choice as he has won trophies, but his draw back is he wants a short term as coach, manchester want a long term one. Hiddink wants to coach country and not club.Wenger may stay at Arsenal.


The Bugarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov who joined Manchester United from Tottenham Hotspur for a huge amount of 30.75 million pounds, but has been a misfit and scored only a few goals , since joining in 2008. But hope is there around the corner as both Bayern Munich and A.C. Milan want him for a cut out price of 20 million pounds, A.C. Milan want him to replace KLas Huntelaar, who is a failure at Milan.
The big question now is is Ferguson selling Berbatov because he was a misfit at Manchester United or was it because they need money very badly , as they are in one billion pound debt.Last year they sold Ronaldo, who is it next year is it Nani?

Monday, April 19, 2010


The Romanian and Fiorentina striker Adrian Mutu has got a long nine month ban ,which will now last till 29/10/2010. Mainly for taking the drug SIBUTRAMINE, a drug used for slimming, but sadly it falls in the baned list of drugs by F.I.F.A.He failed two test drug tests in January after the matches verses Lazio and Bari.
In the year 2003 while he was playing for Chelsea he had failed a drug test as well, it was cocaine that time, he then got a seven month ban and was also booted out by chelsea, he joined Juventus for a short time, and finally joined Fiorentina .
Adrian mutu says that the nine months punishment is far to long for such a drug use it should be less time.


Arsene Wenger wants changes at Arsenal,after a disappointing season in 2009-2010.
The main places needed for change are striker, as Eduardo has never been the same after his leg was broken, and both the goalkeepers were making far to many mistakes and were having butterfingers. He has chosen the Marone chamakh from Bordeaux on a free transfer,but both William Gallas and Sol Cambell are 32 and 35 years, so a new defender is needed. one shortlisted is Gary Cahil of Bolton Wanderers and for goalkeepers post , Wenger has offered Manchester City 9 million pounds for Joe Hart, who has no chance at Manchester city as a goalkeeper aslong as Shay Given is there. And Niclas Bendtner misses many chances some are sitters.,


the two Giants of football Juventus in italy often called THE OLD LADY and Manchester United may make a swap in the summer break, Juventus will give Manchester United their old goalkeeper Gianlughi Buffon and Manchester will give Juventus Nemjana Vidic in exchange.
The reason being Ferguson wants a goalkeeper to replace Edwin Van der Sar who will be 40 years old this year and Vidic was getting to many red and yellow cards as well as it is reported by the press that Vidics wife was not at all happy with the English damp weather.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Manchester city are now offering joe cole a big juicy offer.Joe cole will be a free agent at the end of the season, Manchester City are now offering the 28 year old player who has failed to keep his place at Chelsea after a long injury. City have offered Joe Cole a weekly salary of 180,000 pounds a week, this will now make him the highest player in the E.P.L history it will also be paid for a period of four years as he is 28 years now.

Friday, April 16, 2010


The Spanish giants are after Arsenal youngster Gael Glichy as a left back for their club. Gael glichy has found it hard to get into the french team with both Patrice Evra and Eric Abidal in that position. but one thing will be certain if he does play for Barcelona soon then he will get a call faster for France then if he plays for Arsenal. but the sticking point is he has another two years to run on his contract, and this may suprise many he is wanted at Barcelona more then Fabregas.
The matches between Barcelona and Arsenal in the champion league , it was here he impressed pep Gaurdiola , who knows good young talent.


Here it has come at long last, the two unpopular American owners of Liverpool Mr Tom Hicks and George Gillett jr, have long last decided to sell the very proud club of liverpool. They have appointed a new chairman MrMartin Broughton, he is the chairman of British Airways to do the sale, they have also engaged Barclay to advise in the matter of sale.
The two yanks made big promises of a new stadium at Stanley park, and as they are in a 237 million pound debt , the stadium was long forgotten by the two. They also failed to find any rich investors.
Both of them sold their major share and even their N.H. L hockey teams as well as Mr Hicks sold his baseball team called the Texas Rangers.
But the big question is will a buyer be found? the Newcastle United owner Mike ashley put his club for sale before it was demoted last year, uptil now he has not found a buyer. The question is will Rafael benitez move to Juventus or Real Madrid.


The Spanish giants Real Madrid have made a offer to by Wayne Rooney from Manchester United, for a sum of 90 million pounds and rooney will also get a weekly salary of 250,000 pounds a week, that is equal to what Christiano Ronaldo earns. Rooney has got another two years to run on his contract and has said nothing about it so far. The main point that may tempt him to Madrid is he pays 50 percent of his earnings as tax, while in Spain he will pay only 25 percent as tax.The other point is to partner Ronaldo.
Fabio Capello is also wanted by Real Madrid , madrid won the title under Fabio Capello , but real madrid sacked him straight away, I hope he remembers how shabilly he was treated by Real Madrid, and chooses another club.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


There are now four footballers who are short listed for the P.F.A. Even though last years winner Ryan Giggs got it for scoring only two goals.Which was unfair.
The players this year are really among the goals.
1) Wayne Rooney. Manchester United.
2) Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal.
3) Carlos Tevez. Manchester City.
4) Dider Drogba. Chelsea.
And the four shortlisted for young footballer of the year are as follows.
1) Wayne Rooney. Manchester United.
2) Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal.
3) Joe Hart. Birmingham City, on loan from Manchester city.
4) James Milner. Aston villa.


It is now very clear that Cesc Fabregas , will not leave Arsenal this summer. The chairman of Arsenal Mr Peter Hill Wood had a important meeting with the Barcelona board . It was held on 6/4/2010 during the second leg of the champion league in Barcelona.
But it is clear he will leave Arsenal one day, but being a clever footballer he knows that today he may not get a place on the bench even, with Andrea Ineasta, xavi Hernandez and Yaya Toure.
But as Messi put it He may have his heart at Arsenal, but he has Barcelona in his blood, and he will one day play with Messi for Barcelona. But we must be patient as both are 22 years old only.


The Czech Republic and Chelsea goalkeeper has kept his 100th clean sheet as Chelsea , it was also his 180th game in the premiere league. He had joint Chelsea for 7 million pounds in 2004.
He joint Chelsea in 2004 , when Jose Mourinho was the coach of Chelsea.
The score in Cechs century of clean sheets came when Chelsea won their match with Bolton Wanderers , the game ended 1-0 in Chelseas favour , with a Anelka goal.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Spanish giants Real Madrid , claim to have got back the 80 million pounds that they spent on buying Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester united. In Ronaldos first year, Real madrid sold a total of 1.2 million jerseys. And they sold only one million pounds for David Beckhams jerseys in Beckhams first year at Real Madrid. but we must not forget one major point. That on the first day Christiano ronaldo was introduced to the fans at Madrid, over 350 jerseys were stolen, so that is a loss not counted for.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Real Madrid are already looking for a new manager for the next season, as they have gone another year without a trophy.
Just changing coaches each year and spending 250 million pounds on players will not get you trophies Mr Florentina Perez,. It has been ages since a player of class has come from their youth team the last ones I can remember are Raul and Gutti. Look at Barcelona how many are there in the team, Pedro , messi, gerrard Pique, Valdez, Xavi , Andrea Inesta,. And dont forget Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal, they were spotted early as unpolished gems and now they are polished gems.
Another thing is that the fans always support Barcelona players not like Real Madrid their fans are always ready to wave white scarves and call for the managers head. Just changing Peligrenni want do, as he is a good coach.We saw what he did at Vilarreal., please give him at least two years to get it right.

THE ELCLASSICO )N 10/4/2010.

The second El Classico of the year between Barcelona and Real Madrid was played at the Bernabeu, was watched by a 85,000 crowd, both the teams came with equal points and the one who would win this match will surely win the title. Barcelona and Messi came fresh after their 4-0 win over Arsenal. Real had only this cup to play for.
The match was not at all a classy one , it was a game of more missed chances and it showed Barcelona was full of confidence and Real lacked it.
Once again clubs and footballers made a mistake of trying to keep Messi quiet, but at the same time leaving the danger man Xavi clear to make his accurate passes.Barcelona scored two goals of eight chances, while Real madrid missed all their 15 chances Rafael vander Vaart missed a open goal to score. The two goals were scored by Lionel Messi and Pedro Rodrigues. Casillas had to make 2 very good saves and was more the busyer goalkeeper. Real madrids main weak spot was Alvaro Arbiloa, who was beaten often. Ronaldo hardly had a chance or did Higuain.
This was also the fourth El Classicco Barcelona won on the trot.


Diego maradona has had his costly earrings seized by the police ,because he failed to pay taxes. It was taken in september 2009. When Diego Maradona visited a weight loss clinic in Italy.
Maradona owed the tax department a total of 30 million pounds, as he played for the Italian club Napoli from 1984 to 1991. He also won the title with them in the year1987 and 1990, he also won the U.E.F.A cup1989.
Maradona owed atotal of 30 million Euros. 26.5 million pounds.Police also seized two Rolex watches worth 10,000 Euros or8,800 pounds.
A footballer from Palermo club Fabrizo Miccoli paid a total 25,000 Euros or 22,000 pounds for the earrings. As he says he is a great fan of Diego Maradona.


Sir Alex Ferguson wants Manchester united club to give him 60 million pounds to spend in the summer. this is a huge amount and is part of the 80 million pounds got from selling Christiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid.But the club is alr5eady in 716 million pound debt so this is crazy.
The money is needed for buying two main strikers Karim Benzeema and David Villa. As Dimitrov Berbatov was a failure, and is likely to be sold.For his 30.75 million pounds buy , he failed badly, he is more a lazy footballer, wants the ball to come to his feet and not chase the ball like Rooney does.
Ferguson missed out Benzeema , as he was sold from Lyon for 35 million pounds , but Real are ready to sell him for 25 million or less.We saw Manchester United lacked ideas at the absence of Rooney in the Blackburn Rovers game.

Monday, April 12, 2010


You can be ready for a mouth watering semifinal matches between Barcelona and Inter Milan and between Lyon verses Bayern Munich.

20/4/2010. Barcelona verses Inter Milan first leg.
21/4/2010. Bayern Munich verses Olympique Lyon. First leg.
27/4/2010. Bayern Munich verses Olympique Lyon. second leg.
28/4/2010. Barcelona verses Inter Milan.
FINAL. 22/5/2010. At the Santiago Bernabeu. At madrid.


In the second leg champion league quarter final match between manchester united and Bayern Munich, Rooney did play even after he had limped of the game in the first leg, it was a big gamble taken by Ferguson.Manchester had a away goal in their loss 2-1 last time. Here Rooney was the provider in the third minute for Gibson toscore a goal. Thigs were going very well for manchester till the 55th minute .Then tragedy struck Manchester United , Wayne rooney hurt his anckle and then limped off, but not before he saw Manchester United in a comanding possition with the help of Antonio Valencia Luis Nani scored two goals in the 7th and 41st minute.
But then the crowd were tense as all know about German football clubs, they do not give up till the final whistle. But then Viica Olic pulled one goal back in the 43rd minute and Arjen Robben got a second in the 74th minute. This was after Rafael dsilva was sent of for a second yellow card, inexperience showed clearly here, also the crowd knew Manchester United depended to much on Wayne Rooney for goals. Would they loose the E.P.L as wel?

Friday, April 9, 2010


The question on every ones mind is whether Lionel Messi is the greatest footballer ever. But here we must ask a few question, Lionel Messi has not won a single medal for argentina as yet, while at the same time the great Pele had already won the world cup for Brazil at the tender age of 17 , seventeen years.And also won the club awards with the Brazilian club Santos.


The referee and the linesman who made a huge mistake in the Chelsea verses manchester United in the E.P.L game named Mike Dean have been both been demoted and will be referee and linesman for the second tier game. This came after they failed to give Dider drogba offside, when all saw that Drogba was offside by miles.
like this practically all these referees will be demoted as they make howlers.
So wake up Mr Blatter and Mr Platini introduce replay technology olease.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


In the second leg of the quarter final between Arsenal and Barcelona , the footballing world would see a 22 year old striker Lionel Messi was responsible for changing the course of the game, as Nicklas Bendtner scored the opening goal in the 19th minute. But then it was all Messi He became the fifth footballer in champion league history to score four goals in a single champion league game.
After Simone Inzaghi,Marco Van Basten, Andrei Shevchenko and Ruud Van Nistelrooy.
But here we must remember Messi may be the heart, but Xavi Hernandez is the lungs and the brains of Barcelona. Let us have a look Xavi had made a total of 105 passes in the arsenal game , out of which 90 percent of them were accurate passes, you guess to who? It was mostly to Messi.
Arsene Wenger said that nobody on this planet could have stopped Messi that day, he was like a playstation.And paid great heaps of praise on the little genuis Messi.


The Spanish giants Barcelona are famous for their passing, and so also keep the ball more.let us look at this years Champion league ,upto the first leg of the quarter finals. Barcelona had made a total of 6,176 passes and the next best club in passing is the german club Bayern Munich , they have a total of 4,507 passes.
As players Xavi Hernandez has made a huge total of 915 passes, and Alexander Song has made 499 passes. In the second leg of the quarter final match , Barcelona verses Arsenal, Xavi made atotal of 105 pases out of which 90 percent of these passes was accurate.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In the history of the champion league , that started back in 1950. There have only been six footballers to score four goals in a single match.
1) Marco Van Basten. Holland. A.C. Milan.
2) Andrei Shevchenko. Ukraine. A.C. Milan.
3) Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Holland. Manchester United.
4) Sim0ne Inzaghi. Italy. Lazio.
5) David Prso. Croatia. Monaco.
6) Lionel Messi. Argentina. Barcelona.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This is the list of ten top footballers in 2007& 2008. The players are from 40 to 50.
41) Allesandro Nesta. A.c. Milan.
42) Klas Jan Huntelear. Ajax.
43) hernon crespo. Inter Milan.
44) Rino Gattuso. A,c, Milan.
45) Diego. Werder Bremhen.
46) Rodrigo Palicho. Boco juniors.
47) Philipp Lahm. Bayern Munich.
48)Zeffasen Farfan. P.S.V.
49) Clarence Seedorf. A.C. Milan.
50) Gary Neville. Manchester United.

10 BEST FOOTBALLERS IN 2007 &2008.

This list is of best footballers in 2007 and 2008, from 31 to 40.
31) Florent Malouda. Chelsea.
32) Javier Zanetti. Inter Milan.
33) Jami Carragher. Liverpool.
34)David Beckham. A.c. Milan. And L. Galaxy.
35) Fernando Torres. Athletico. Madrid.
36)Dejan Stankovic. Inter Milan.
37) Danielle de Rossi. A.S. Roma.
38) Paul scholes. Manchester United.
39) lucho Gonzalez. F.c. porto.
40) Jujhino. Lyon.


These are the ten top footballers from 21 to 30 in the year 2007-2008.
21) Carles Puyol. Barcelona.
22)Dider Drogba. Chelsea.
23)Ronaldo. A.c. Milan.
24) Andreiy Shevchenko. Chelsea.
25) Dimitrov Berbatov. Tottenham Hotspur.
26)Michael Ballack. Chelsea.
27) David Villa. Valencia.
28) Mahamod Diara. Real Madrid.
29) Andrea Pirlo. A.c. Milan.
30) John Terry. Chelsea.


In the first leg of the quarter final game between Arsenal and Barcelona was eagerly awaited at the Emirate stadium. As both teams have a similar style of keeping the ball and making crisp passes, both even make 39 passes to score the goal, it is a joy to watch.But that day arsenal were out played, outclassed and even outfoxed by the mighty Spanish giants.Barcelonas striker Zalatan Ibrahimovic scored early in the second half in the 46th minute and 59th minute.It was Xavi and Messiwho gave arsenal a great deal of worry with their passes, Ineista was injured for this match.
Arsenal then had trouble as William Gallas was carried off and Anrey Arshavin limped out in the 38th minute , both had calf problem. Wenger through his trump and got on Theo Walcott got a good goal back in the 69th minute and the equlizer was scored by penalty as Fabregas was brought down by Carles Puyol, who got a straight redcard, Fabregas scored the penalty with a broken leg in 86th minute. This just shows this youngsters class a desire for the game and team.As fabregas got a second yellow card he misses the second leg , so doer Carles Puyol and Gerrard Pique.

Monday, April 5, 2010


In the quarter finals of the champion league between Bayern Munich verses Manchester United in the first leg. Manchester United scored a suprisse early goal by Wayne Rooney in the second minute, and the German clubs are gamous for not giving up in any games. It was a hard fought game and at times it was cagey as well. bayern munich then got their long awaited equalizer. It came in the form of a free kick taken by Franck Ribery, the ball defected from a player and caught Edwin Van der sar on the wrong foot in the 77th minute. manchester United kept Bayern out of the box area for long periods. But then old memories came into the sold out crowd of 66,000 viewers . It was the 1999 final between Bayern Munich and manchester United, that year Manchester United won the cup in the injury time for a score of 2-1.
Then at injury time and tired legs Patrice evra made a mistake allowing the Croatian striker Olic got through and scored the winner in the injury time ,at 90+ 2 minutes.
As Arjen Robben was injured Ribery had to play a major role and could not break the defence.
Wayne Rooney hurt his anckle and will be out for a month.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The big question on the mind of everyone is . whether Arsene Wenger the Arsenal manager allow the captain and influential player Cesc Fabregas to play in the champion league quarter final against Barcelona with a fractured leg.
Medically speaking it is impossible for a footballer to run around for 85, eightyfive minutes of the game with a broken leg. We must remember that in the E.P.L. game verses Birmingham City Fabregas took a bad knock at the same spot from Gardner.
Carlos puyol tackled fabregas on the same spot and cracked the fibula.After Fabregas was brought down by Puyol he showed greaat skill and character for a 22 year old youngster to get up and score a penalty with a broken leg.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Let us compare these two footballers who are real wizards on the pitch.
AGE 22 YEARS. 22 Years.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sir Geoff Hurst has finally admitted after a period of 44 long years, that the goal he scored against Germany in qa 4-2 total should not have been given and that the Russian linesman Mr Torif Bakhramov did make a big mistake in giving that goal. As it also is the only time in a world cup final that a footballer has scored a hat trick.
The big question is why did Sir Geoff Hurst wait for 44 long years to tell the truth.
This clearly means that electronic technology is badly needed in the football by F.I.F.A. I hope you two, Mr Blatter and Mr Platini are hearing and having second thoughts on technology now.