Sunday, November 30, 2008


This match between Manchester United and Manchester City was the 150th derby between the two clubs. And Manchester City had just defeated Arsenal with a score of 3-0. Wold Manchester United be the next big club to follow Arsenal?
The match was so called as Ronaldo verses Robhino. But it was more Wayne Rooneys match, as jhe was waiting patiently to scoreit so it was heavy on his mind , it had taken him seven matches to reach the magical number of 100 goals.
The City team were more nervous in the first twenty minutes and Manchester pressed on . But the goal was a untidy affair as the city players did not clear a Joe Hart save the ball wastaken by Rooney to score the goal.
Cristiano Ronaldo could not do much Ferguson even risked Berbatov who has just recovered from a hamstring injury.
As usual Joe Hart always leaves his towel at the centre of thebackof the net, an easy target to aim for the apponent.
Manchester United recieved over five yellow cards and Ronaldo got a second yellow for handling the ballin the box.
But referee Harold Webb should have sent Ronaldo straght after he got his first yellow card, because Ronaldo clapped at Harold Webb face for the yellow card.
The match ended in Manchester Uniteds favour as 1-0.


In the match between Inter Milan and the Greek club Panathinaikos , on paper was a very easy game for the Italian team with all its big stars on paper it was suposrd to be a walk in the park for Jose Mourinho, and his boys. As the Greek club have hardly any big stars compared to the Italian team. But it was not so. Inter Milan lost this march by one solitary goal, scored by Jose Sarriegi in the69th minute.
Jose Morinho was justhopping mad at his team even as Inter Milan have qualified for the 16 knockout stage.
Mourinho just lambasted his players left and right as he does not like to loose any games.


The champion league match between Liverpool verses Olympique Marseille, was a very exciting match. As both teams were swift in their passes and both went forward again and agan, with a clear intention to score goals, and not to defend and make the game a boring one.And Liverpool were very keen to get all three points and get into the knockout group.
The deadlock was finaly broken in the 23rd minute by the Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, who headed a Xavi Alonso cross into the net. This goal completly changed the mood of the two teams. Olympique Marseille went into top gear ,with a keen desire to score the equalizer but one thing Marseille lacked were the finishing touch to sore a goal , the attempts were week and the Liverpool keeper Jose Pepe Reina had no difficulty insaving these week shots. Ryan Babel header also went wide at the end as we all know that one goal is never ever safe.And many goals are scored in the injury time.The game ended 1-0 in Liverpools favour.But now Marseille are now going to face U.E.F.A charges for bad discipline by their own fans as a cigrette lighter was thrown at Steven Gerrard, after he scored the clean goal.

Friday, November 28, 2008


In the past games in the Spanish la liga , was not going very well for the mighty Spanish Giants Real Madrid, they were knocked out of the CopaDel rey by a team from the third division, because of this and their arch rival Barcelona leading in Spain , and being the first club to reach the knockout stages, group of sixteen clubs.There was a lot of preasure on the German coach Bernd Shuster, and Real Madrid will sack the coach even if they win the Spanish title. Fabio Capello was an example.
But in the match against Bate Borisov , tension was high, and their Captain and the darling of Real Madrid for many years Raul Gonsalves scored the goal in the 7th minute, to ease real fans and Bernd Shusters nerves and they held on till the final whistle.With Drente and guthi missing easy chances to score goals . That one goal took Raul to64 goals in the champion league, equal with Filippo Inzaghi of A.c.Milan.


Manchester United and the Spanish side Villarreal , who are also called the YELLOW SUBMARINES. Because of theirfull yellow uniform, after the Beatle song.
Ths was the fourth time these two clubs have met in the qualifing rounds , and each time it ended in a draw. Would it end the same way this time to?
AS usual the very good talentedfootballers are always targeted, players like Pele, Ronoldhino,Maradona, Eusibo all had their share of it, today it was Christiano Ronaldos turn, even Joan Capdevilla was shown a straght red card , which was the right decission, as Joan Capdevillas all the studs were showing and it left not only the stud marks on Ronaldos leg , but also a lot of pain. They had to play for eight minutes wthout Capdevilla
In the game Wayne Rooney the striker even dived to get a penalty, please note Rooney never does all this usually to get penalties. He even apologised to Alex Ferguson over the dive.
History repeated it self it ended in a goaless


This match between Arsenal and Dynamo Kiev the top side from Ukraine , who now takes part every year in the Champion league , are definately any pushover side. And Arsenal had their own troubles with fivedefeats so far , as well as the captain William Gallas loosing the captains armband to Cesc fabregas the twentyone yeaar old spaniard.Because of an outburst by Gallas over thee spirit of his teammates .
The Arsenal side are qa very young side with the average age of 23 years , with Gallas only 31 years old.And Arsenal lost their speedy winger Theo Walcott, due to a dislocated shoulder.
The game was a cagy affair andtheDynamo Kiev goalkeeper was a good one called Bogush. Arsenal had a goal disallowed after William Gallas had the ball in the back of the net for an offside call.
As the time passed Arsene Wenger and the young gunners were more the anctious players. Dymanov Kiev had a player shown the red card , for pushing the referee to take a freekick early, this was silly and no need to touch the referee.
The substitutes ere made late in the match, and the Dane NiklasBendtner came on , then Cesc Fabregas , took a free kick and the ball landed at Bendtners feet in the 87th minuteand he scored the crucial goal. The Dynamo Kiev players objected that Fabregas had taken the free kick to early. But their pleas were turned down
The joy was there on Arsene Wenger , ahorrible week had a good ending, they moved to the knockout stages.



Raul of Spain and Real Madrid equalled the number of goals scored by the Italian Fillippo Inzaghi which is 64 goals.
1) Fillippo Inzaghi . Italy , and A.C.Milan. 64 goals.
2) Raul Gonsalves . Spain and Real Madrid. 64 goals.
3) Gert Muller. West Germany. 62 goals.
4) Andriy Shevchenko. Ukraine. A.C.Milan 61 goals.
5)Ruud Van Niistelrooy.Holland. Real Madrid. 60 goals.
6)Eusibo.. Portugal. Benfica. 56 goals.
7)Henrik Larsson. Sweeden. Helsingborg. 56 goals.
1) Raul Gonsalves Spain . Real Madrid. 62 goals.
2) Ruud Van Nistelrooy Holland. Real Madrid. 60 goals.
3) Andriy Shevchenko . Ukraine. A.C.Milan. 56 goals.
4Alfredo Di Stefano. Argentina. Spain .Real Madrid .49.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


1) A.C.Milan are very keen to buy the French and Arsenal defender Willam Gallas for a sum of 5 million pounds in the january transfer window. The main reason Anchelotti is so keen to get Gallas is becaause he is an experinced defender, and he had some small problems at Arsenal which was blown out of propertion by the press.But the main reason to get him is because Paulo Maldini , who is fourty years old has said he will play only one more year,and Allessandro Nesta is still out with a knee injury and has not rercovered ,and Nesta to is old.
2) The Danish footballer Niclas Bendtner is now wanted by the Sparta Mosscow club in january , as the Brazilian striker Vagoner Love has decided to move on to any cclub that is keen to have him in january.
3Harry Redknapp the Tottenham Hotspur manager wants to buy Stuart Downing from Middlesbrough for eleven million pounds.
4) Mark Hughes the Manchester City manager is willing to pay Sevilla ,a sum of twentyfive million pounds, for the Brazilian forward Luis Fabiano.
5) Newcastle United want to bring the Norwegin defender who played for Liverpool and is now at Roma , on a loan in january
6) The West Ham United owner Bjorjalfur Gudmunsen has been told to sell the club beefore he goes bankrupt. As the Saqga of Carlos Tevez and 30 million by Sheffield United is getting a larger problem for West Ham United.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


1) Dider Drogba from the Ivory coast and Chelsea could very well be on his way from Chelsea to Inter Milan in Italy in january.. And the Brazilian striker Adriano could very well join Chelsea in a deal worth a total of 30 million pounds.
2 ) Manchester City also wanrt Ashley Cole the former Arsenal and now Chelsea winger, for a sum of 20, million pounds.
3 ) Arsene Wenger is now looking seriously for a centre back and is now seriusly thinking of getting the Argentinan centre back from the Spanish club Sevillea, named Fedrico Fasio.
4 Both Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are looking to buy the young 21 year old Welsh internatinol goalkeeper from Wolverhampton, whose name isWayne Henneesey.
5Now both Real Madrid and Manchester city are chasing a striker called Ricardo Oliveira who plays for Real Zaragoza in Spain , and both the clubs are willing to shellout a sum of 16 million pounds for him.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The credit crunch which has affected the whole world now, in ssome way or the other.Has affected football clubs in a big way.
Like in Spain Levante and Celti Vigo have now clearly fall in the red, and many smaller clubs may follow as the days pass by. So far the two giants in Spain Real Madrid and Barcelona seem to be very safe indeed. But others may not be so .
Take the English club West Ham United, they can not even find a sponorer and they are in big troble, as the owner is from Iceland , wherer banks ,and his are in trouble.
The Russian owner of Chelsea olso felt the meltdown in Russia their share market lost heavily, the story is that Roman Amorovich has lost 12, million pounds in the share market , and a nother Russian lost 24, million pounds in their share market.
Both Liverpool whose debt now stands at 350 million pounds to the R.S.Bank and to an American bankWachovia a already collapsed bank.. Chelsea loss is over 770 million pounds.
We may soon find out that in the new season many small clubs and those who spend lavishly may soon be in the hands of an administrator.


1) Nicholas Anelka the French and Chelsea striker says that the best strike partner he ever played was with the former Nigerian and Arsenal sriker called Kanu. And Ncholas Anelka should know, because he has played at Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bolton Wanderers, P.S.G and Chelsea.
2 ) The manchester City boss Mark Hughes shopping list for january his getting bigger and longer. The latest added names are Kolo Toure from Arsenal and Lukas Podoloski from Bayern Munich.
3) The Newcastle midfielder Charles NZogbia wants to leave the club and join the french club P.S.G.. But the Newcastle club have made it very clear that they dont want to sell their goalkeeper Shay Given.
4) Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that he very much turned down a chance to meet his hero Frank Sinatra , just because he was upset as Manchester United had lost a game to Charlton Athlatic, that day.
5) Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are both very keen for a danish defender called Mathias Jorgensen, who is only eighteen years old and he also made his intenatinol match for Denmark when the played and lost to Wales . He plays for the club F.C.Copenhagen.
6) Manchester United had given Tottenham Hotspur Fraizer Cambell to theSpurs as part of the deel for the sale of Dimitrov Berbatov, but now Manchester United want Fraizer in January and not at the end of the season.

Monday, November 24, 2008


The match between Chelsea and Newcastle was suposed to have been an entirely one sided affair. It was a match between the top club in the E.P.L and a club which was struggling and and which was already up for sale with the help of a bank called Seymour Pearce.
On paper Chelsea was definately the better side with astring of costly players, and very talented ones to.
But this is football ,and it did not work out that way at all.
Yes the match was an entirely one sided game, how one sided you can see by the stastics. Chelsea hhad 24 shots on target, and 12 shots of target, and at the same time Newcastle did not have a single shot on target and had 2 shots of target. Chelsea also had a goal disallowed as Joe Cole was clearly offside.
The Newcastle defence did a good job they were a wall against, Anelka, Cole, lampard and Deco.But the hero for Newcastle was clearlyShay Given, There was an incident in which Given cought the ball with both his legs behind the goaline, but the important thing was the ball did not cross the line, when he fell down. The law clearly states that for a goal to be scored the entire ball must cross the goaline. In the end Scolari was cleary frustrated at the draw


1) Fulham have never ever scored a goal at Anfield Liverpools home ground.
2) Chelsea have never conceeded a goal n the second half of a match in the 2008,2009 season.
3) No big club such as Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea have won a game at the Emirate stadium. Only the smaller clubs such as West Ham United , Hull, and Fulham have defeated Arsenal there.
4) The former Welsh captain Ryan Giggs , who has played all his club football for Manchester United, from the age of fourteen years. When Alex Ferguson went to his house and convinced him that his future lay at Manchester United, and not at Manchester City as he was about to sign that contract.
But he is in talks for a new contract. As he will turn 35 tthirtyfive years old.this year
5 ) In the match between Arsenal veses Manchester City. Arsenal had seven top players injured and Fabregas was suspended. And William Gallas had a one game punishment for his outburst. Now you can judge why they lost.


1) Arsene Wenger has appointed Cesc Fabregas as the new captain of Arsenal to replace Willam Gallas , after the outburst by Gallas.
2 ) The Spanish giants Real Madrid are short listed two men as managers at Real Madrid to replace the German maanager Shuster. They are the French man Arsene wenger of Arsenal and the spaniard Rafael Benitz the Liverpool manager , as Real are not doing well this year.
3) Manchester Citys Welsh manager Mark Hughes has a fat cheque book so he wants to buy John Terry from Chelsea for 60,million pounds and is also ready to give Terry a record weekly salary of 200,000pounds a week as a salary.
4) The Chelsea owner Roman Amorovich is still angryat Manchester City for stealing Robhino from right under his nose , so sure were they that they had Robhino . That Chelsea even printed Robhinos jersey.. He now says he will not sell Wayne Bridge to Manchester City.
5) Rafael Benitz has very clearly told the Italian club Lazio to kindly forget all about Javier Mascherano , as Lazio had offerd 20 million pounds for him . Benitz has said that the Argentinan captain is not for sale either in january or inthe near future.
6) Michel owen is ready to take a pay cut , so as to make it possible for him to move in the january transfer window.
7) Nicholas Anelka says he left Arsenal to teach the arsenal fans alesson as the fans failed to vote Anelka as the person to replace the great Ian Wright.But the truth may be quite different . As Anelka was brought from P.S.Ggfor 50,000 pounds and was sold to Real Madrid for 23 million pounds.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


1) William Gallas the French and Arsenal defender has his captains armband taken away from him over his recent outburst at the Arsenal players after their loss to Aston Villa match. The captains armband has now gone mto the French defender Gael Glichy , as Kolo Toure is injuredand not at all fit for the game against Manchester City. And at the same time Cesc Fabregas will not be playing on saturday as he has now picked up five yellow cards and will miss the game verses Manchester City .
Arsene Wenger has refused to select William Gallas for The Manchester City game and has very cleary told Gallas to,stay at home.
2) Mark Hughes and the Manchester City owners have a fat cheque book this january. And they are after Gianlughi Buffon for a sum of 50 million pounds , and could very well reach 63 million pounds a record. But Juventus are saying Buffon is not going anywhere in January or in the summer even if he is thirty years old..
3) The Manchester City players are quite a worried lot these days as Micah Richards says Many players would be sold and so many new costlier players would take their place
4) There is talk that Alan Shearer the former Newcastle star and darling of the club is already working on his new set of assistants when he will take over as manager.


Dunga the former Brazilian captain and now the coach of Brazil got jeered in a freindly match played between Brazil and Portugal. It all started when Danny ,scored the first goal as early as the fourth minute. And theBrazilian football fans thought Portugal would now score at will. As Brazil were not doing so well in the World cupqualifiers, and just scoring a goal or drawing the match..
But things turned in Dungas favour , with the Seville striker Luis Fabiano scoring a hat trick, and one each from Maicon, Adriano and thefifth goal was a real rifle kick of Elano. As he has shown it at Manchester City this year. But The Portugeese scored a second goal through Simao. The game ended in 6-2 , in favour of Brazil.
So the jeers turned to cheers for the Brazilian fans.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ivan Luis Zamarona was afamous Chilean footballer. He is one of the very few footballers from Chile to make it into Peles list of 124 best footballers ever. He along with his strike partner Marcelo Salas , made their name , playing for big clubs in Europe. Salas was the first Chilean to make a name in Argentina playing for RiverPlate.While Ivan Zamarona plaayed mainly in Spain and Italy. He started with Sevillea and played from1990- 1992.
He then moved to Real Madrid and played fotr them from 1992- 1996. He made a big impact there along with Michel Ladrup who was brought from Barcelona in a way similar to that of Luis Figo under the table deed.
For Real Madrid he played a total of 137 games and scored 77 goals. He won the the spanish championship, and the Copa del Rey cup.
He then moved to the Italian giants Intermilan and played for themfrom 1996- 2000. It was at Intermilan that he played along such big footballers as Ronaldo, Diego Simone, Javier Zanetti, andYouri Djorkaeff. At Intermilan Zamarona wore the number 9 jersey. It was then that Ronaldo joined Intermilan and was given the famous no 9 jersey.. So Ivan Zamarona decided to wear a jersey with a funny number it was 1+8. which also made the number 9. This is probably the only time a jersey has had such a numer.
He played along Marcelo Salas in the 1998 world cup in France, and between them they scored more then half the goals scored by Chile.
He won the Ibero American player in the year 1992-1993-1994-1995. This award is given to players Spanish and Portugeese speaking country footballers only.
He also won the Pichichi award during his Real Madrid days.It is given to the top scorer in spains La liga..

Thursday, November 20, 2008


1) Real Madrid are keen to get the Argentinan poacher Hernan Crespo from Intermilan to replace the long time injured striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy.
2) Both Arsene Wenger and Martin O Neil are very much intrested in a midfielder from the Belgium club Standard Liege named Steven Defour, for a sum of 8 million .
3 The Paraguayan striker Roque Santacruz wants to leave Blackburn Rovers, and join his former boss Mark Hughes at Manchester City.. And Manchester City are ready to pay four times more then the amount they paid for him, when they brought him from Bayern Munich. Blackburn Rovers had paid a sum of 4.5 million pounds.
4) Michel Ballack is in talks at Chelsea about renewing his contract .
5) Arsenal aeere keen on a defender called Daniel Van Buyten.
6) Theo Walcott has dislocated his shoulder , during training before the freindly with Germany. Now Arsenal could sask for a compensation equal to Theo Walcotts salary which is 200, 000 pounds.


Heurelho Gomes the Brazilian , and a goalkeeper for the English club Tottenham Hotspur . Before joining Tottenham Hotspur he has played in several clubs. He started his career with the Brazilian club Cruzeiro , and from there he was sold to the Dutch giants P.S.V.Eindhoven, here he played from 2004 to 2007. and the joined the English clubin 2008-2009.
but sadly he has made several blunders as the goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspur, somr were even real howlers.But we must not be harsh on him, because when he played for P.S.V. in Holland he held his place in the goal for a fiveyears and they were the champions of Holland for five years in a row, no mean achivement. He may take time to settle to thepace of English football.
Goalkeepers do make some horrible mistakes even the goalkeeper of the year Petr Cech made two horrible blundes in the EURO 2008.Their job is realy hard and they need nerves of steel..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sir Alex Ferguson the Manchester United manager has been fined 10,000 pounds and also got a two match ban from the sidelines. As he had some angry words with referee Mike Dean.
David Moyes the Everton manageris also fined a um of 5,000 pounds from the F.A.
But the point I would very much like to make is that this type of ban makes no diference whatsoever. Because both Alex Ferguson and David Moyes will watch the match from the stands ,and a seat will have a wireless phone to give important messages to the person who is at the sidelines as a substitute for Ferguson and Moyes
The correct thing is to keep these managers in a room free of either phones or even a cellphone should not be allowed, or it serves no purpose.


1) Theo Walcott has dislocated his shoulder and will be out of action for a period of twelve weeks . This has angered Arsene Wenger greatly. Mainly as big games between Liverpool and chelsea are tobe played soon.
2) Theo Walcotts place is likely to be taken by Shaun Wright Philips. The son of Ian Wright, the Arsenal and England playe.r
3) Givanni Trapottoni has already recomended the name of the Newcastle goalkeeper Shay Given to at least three top Italian Clubs.
4 ) Dider Drogba may face a fine of 180,000 pounds and three match ban, so he will miss the Newcatle and Arsenal games which are the man ones.
5) Yossi Benayoun the Isreali and Liverpool has already told a Isreal Tv that as he is not getting a regular starting placeat Liverpool , he may very well decide to move in january, as he is not happy with Rafael Benitzs totation system.
6) The Wigan defender Ryan Taylor is now wanted by both these clubs Everton and Bolton Wanerers as well. In the january traansfer window.
7) Liverpool are in talks with Alvaro Arbeloa about a fresh contract as they donot wish to loose him to Atletico Madrid in Spain.
7) Harry Redknapp has taken Les Ferdinand the former England, Newcastle, and Tottenham Hotspur striker to coach the strikers there .He is the cousin of Rio Ferdinand and Anton Ferdinand.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Diego Maradonahas acted as usual in the way only Maradona would react.
Maradona says this about Terry Butchers anger for the hand of gods goal scored inthe 1986 quarter final in which England were knocked out by Argentina.Maradona scored two goals in that match . The first was the worst ever scored in a world cup and the secnd is considered by many as the best ever scored at a world cup, in which Maradona danced around six English players before scoring a beauty.
Maradona tells Butcher that he would not loose any sleep over the outburst by Butcher.And Terry Butcher better wake up as England won the 1966 world cup held in England with the help of a goalscored by Geoff Hurst. The ball hit the bar on the top and fell down but did not cross the line entirely as by the rule. Now Geoff Hurst not only becomes the only man to score a hat trck in a world cup final, but also won the world cup.


Terry Butcher the former English footballer and captain , is still very angry with Diego Maradona over the illfamamous goal , which the Argentinanan captain scored with his hand when Argetina played England in the quarter finals. They defeated England with Maradonas goal now called the hand of god goal.
Terry Butcher still holdsa grudge over it and clearly says he will not speak or shake his hand.
Tery Butcher is now the assistant coach to George Burley for Scotland.It now happens that Maradona is the new coach of Argentina. And Argentina play a freindly match with Scotland on wednesday the 19thof november.2008.


1) The English coach Fabio Capello who is a no nonsense man has very clearly told Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard that they will misstheir spot in te English starting lineup , for the world cup qualifiers, if they dont report to him to examine their injury.
2) This has now greatly angered the liverpool boss Rafael Benitz and the Liverpool fans as well. Now Steven Gerrard had to cover a distance off over four hundred miles, to have himself examined by the English coach Fabio Capello.
3) As Real Madrid are very much short of a striker and have fallen into the fifth place in the Spanish LA LIGA, they realy looking out for a good striker , and now they have targeted Dider Drogba from Chelsea as their one striker to buy in january.
4) The Brazilian Ronaldo says he has now almost completed a move to Manchester City.
5) Arsenal are looking closely at an defensive Midfielder from Atletico Madrid player called Koke Resuseccion.
6) Michel Owen days at Newcastle are numbeed as he is going to have some strong words to say to Joe Kienaer, as Owen may very well moveout in the january transfer window from St James Park.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Both of Englands famous midfielders Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are injured. While Steven Gerrard has a torn muscle in the groin , Frank Lampard has a rib injury.
Now the problem is mainly with Gerrard. Gerrard hurt hisgroin in the match he played with Bolton Wanderers.
Originaly both these footballers were chosen to play a freindly football match with Germany on 19/11/2008.
The Englands coach Fabio Capello is not satisfied with Gerrards backing out. But Fabio Capello has told Steven Gerrard to be there for the game against Germany. This has now angered Rafael Benitz, as he is now worried if Gerrard does play and get hurt , he will then miss a great deal of important matches, both E.P.L and champion league matches.
But why does Fabio Capello insist on having Gerrard in Germany?
The Answer is simple. If you have read my earlier posts . One was on Gerrards groin operation.
That time Gerrard failed to inform Fabio Capello. And Liverpool said that as Steven Gerrard was a Liverpool player and Liverpool was spending the money on Gerrards groin operation, there was no need to tell Fabio Capello.
So the mistrust has blownout of propertion.
It would be nice if they settle the matter soon. Both for Liverpool and England football.


The referee Mike Riley has always been a contreversial referee especially when he referees matches where Arsenal play.
I say this not because honestly I have always been an Arsenal fan. But Ialways like referees to be fair as the F.I.F.A sign board says .
In the match Arsenal verses Aston Villa , the Arsenal defender Sagna , who had just come back from a leg injury he got a avery bad tackle and he was lying on the ground in real agony ,and pain. When he was in that situation the referee should have blown the whistle and halted the game.
But Mike Riley as usual let the game continue , and as Arsenal were one man short Aston Villa scored a goal.
I will take you back a few years . It was the time Arsenal had Vieira, Henry, Pires, Toure and Lehman,and were going great guns that year. In fact they were the only team in the E.P.L. history to go one entire season without loosing a single game. No other club has ever done it.
Let it be Manchester United , Liverpool, Chelsea or Aston Villa..
But allgood things have to come to an end and the record was broken in a contreversial way when Manchester United were given a penalty , as the referee said Sol Cambell had brought down a Manchester Player , when Sol Cambell clearly did not touch the player.. Yes you guessed the referees name It was Mike Riley. And this is not the only case he has given dubios penaltys and free kicks, or he failed to give a free kick when there was one. Like the second goal against Arsenal came when the players halted thinking there was a free kick, butMike Riley did not give it. , and the Aston Villa scored from it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


1) Avram Grant the former Chelsea coach, who was appointed after Jose Mourinho was sacked . Has npw applied for the job of coach for Newcastle United..
2) Robhino the Brazilian striker at Manchester City, has told Mark Hughes to go all out and get his Brazilian partner , Kaka from A.c.Milan , even if he will have to spend a sum of 80, million pounds., but he must get him
3 ) The Egyptian striker Mido is fed up of sitting on the bench at Middlesbrough and join Wigan Athletic , with his fellow country striker Amir Zaki.
4 )Arsene Wenger and Arsenal , have to now deal with a new problem , there are a string of inquries for Arsenals youngsters on either loan or to buy them.
5) Chelsea are trying to cut their spending expences by deciding to charge the players and staff for the meals provided at their training grounds at Colham.
6) The Bulgarian striker Dimitrov Berbatov has a big desire to mend his relation with the Tottnem Hotspur fans before the match between Manchester United and Spurs. As Berbatov says it TottnemHotspurs who taught him to play football theEnglish way when he came from Bayern Leverkusson

Saturday, November 15, 2008


The Spanish giants Real Madrid are on a hunt to find a pair of strikers for their club. As the darling of Real Madrid all these years Raul Gonsalves has now crossed the wrong side of thirty years. And is no longer able to hols his place in the Spanish team. And to add to their problem is the long time injury to Ruud Van Nistelrooy, who also had an knee operation, and will be out for nine to twelve months.
A few names have poped up . And now Real Madrid will have to decide.They are the following.
1) Carlos Tevez , ofArgentina and Manchester United.
2) Amir Zaki . The Egytian , and who plays for Wigan Athletic.
3 ) Vagoner Love. The Brazilian and who plays for C.S.K. Mosscow


1) Mark Hughes the Manchester City manager has been given a huge sum of 200 million pounds to spend in the transfer window of january.
2 ) West Ham United will face more trouble as the second largest bank in Iceland called LANDBANKI , has now in receivership. Which will make funds hard to come in january.
3) Rafael Benitz has told Fernando Torres that his place in the Liverpool starting lineup can not be taken for granted anymore with Robbie Keane now scoring goals as well.
4) The Brazilian Elano has been fined 40,000 pounds for an angry outburst , for not gettinga starting place at Manchester City.
5) Liverpool have shelved their long time plan to build a new stadium , which would have cost Liverpool roughly 3000 million pounds.
6 ) David Moyes has flatly told Harry Redknapp , to very kindly stay away and forget all about Yakaboo, the Nigerian.

Friday, November 14, 2008


The incident in the match between Chelsea verses Burnley in the Carling cup, in which a Burnley fan through a coin at Chelsea striker Dider Drogba after the chelsea striker scored aa goal after a long time as he was injured.In retaliation to Drogba scoring the goal , this Burnley fan through a coin at Drogba in anger. Drogba then picked up the coin and through it back at the Burnley fans. Heren we must remember that Drogba would not go on the pitch with alot of coinsin his pocket for a football match , Drogba was clearly provoked to throw the coin back and so Burnley hoped that Drogba would then get his marching orders w,with a straight card shown to him.
his is clearly the work of a cowardly ,sick man. . I would like to bring to your knowledge that a coin was also thrown at the Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp by a Asston Villa fan. But the coin missed the target and hit the linesman Phil Sharp on the head , what if it hit him in his eyes? Both Martin O Neil and Harry Redknapp have strongly condemed the incident.
My question to the F.A. is.When you have these caneras catch these culprits and bann them from football for life, show these sick idiots no mercy. And these are the ones to b fined and not the footballers.


The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger holds a M.A in economics . And has always believed in his youth team, no matter what their age is. He is more or less a diamond polisher , who polishes these very talented youngsters and even makes them stars overnight. And he also is one manager who spends vey little money on players , like you will never see him spend 17 to30 million pounds on a single player. He brought players like Nicholas Anelka for 50,000 thousand pounds from P.S.G And sold hi for23 million pounds to Real Madrid.His strikers were nobody till they played for Arsenal.
During the carling cup between Arsenal verses Wigan Athletic, the average age of his players were 19 years. And they still won 3-0. Steve Bruce said (they out played us , inevery way and kicked our backside realy hard.)
There was one person who enjoyed the game the most he was the england manager Fabio Capello, he came to see Cris Kirkland in the goal , who was the busier goalkeeper.
But one thing is certain there is talent in the future England team and that is thanks to Arsene Wengers vission, to breed youngsters.So we can say English football is safe.


In the carling cup between Chelsea and Burnley, it was won by Burnley .
But after Dider Drogba scored his goal ,This goal was scored after a long tine as he suffered from a hamstring injury. But what Drogba did wrong was to show his finger to the Burnley fans after scoring the goal. The Burnlry fans retaliated by throwing a coin at Drogba. Drogba threw it back in the crowd.
Now I ask what injury will a small coin cause, nothing much.
But to fine Dider Drogba 160,000 pounds is a bit unfair. The coin was nothing like what Luis Figo got in the Real Madrid verses Barcelona, in which Whisky bottles, mobiles and a pighead landed at Figo, because he left Barcelona and Joined Real Madrid ,after under the table deel..Yes a three match ban would be fair.


1) Mark Hughes the Manchester City boss has made it absolutely clear he is not going on a mad shopping trip in january. The real footballers he is intrested are Mario Gomez, Emile Heskey, Roque Santacruz, Wayne Bridge,Lassana Diara,Stephen Warnock,Craig Bellamy and Torsten Frings.
2 ) Chelsea are going to fine Dider Drogba a huge sum of 160,000 pounds as a fine for throwing back a coin back into the crowd , during the Chelseas carling cup match with Burnley, which Chelsea lost.There will also be a seprate fine and inquiry by the F.A. and the police, and Drogba may face a few matches as a ban. But please do not forget will you . THAT A BURNLEY FAN THREW THE COIN AT DROGBA. What punishment willthe fan face?
3 ) Jose Mourinho the coach of Intermilan is very keen to bring the french winger Florent Malouda to the Sansiro. As it was Mourinho who brought Malouda to Chelsea from Lyon.
4) Hulls Guianea defender Kamil Zayetta does not know English so he uses sign languge on the pitch.
5) Keith Harris the chairman of the bank called Seymour Pearce has clearly told Everton and Liverpool they should join up and jointly build a stadium for both the clubs can use and own at the same time. As the credit crunch and markets are in a very tight way today. They can do it the way the two Italian giants have done A.C.Milan and Intermilan.
6) So Everton, Porthsmouth and Newcastle are for sale. Who will be next to be sold.?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It was the carling cup clash between Liverpool verses Tottenham Hotspur. And it was a night to forget for the Liverpool manager Rafael Benitz, who had made ten changes to the team, and the only regular player in the team was Fernando Torreswho had come back from a time of injury ,a hamstring injury and Benitz was keen to give Torres as much practice as possible before their clash with Bolton Wanderers. And it turned out to be a disaster for Liverpool.
While Tottenham Hotspur fairytale turnaround continues with each match under Harry Redknapp , and Whitehart Lane have found their long lost voices all over again.
There were four goals in favour of Tottenham Hotspur and two in favour of Liverpool.The first goal was scored by Pavlyuchenko in the 38th minute firing past the second choice Brazilian goalkeeperDiego Cavalieri.The second goal came frpm Frazier Cambell a player from Manchester United who was given to Tottenham Hotspur in part of the sale deed for Dimitrov Berbatov. Fraizer Cambell scored the third and his second with a header after Aron Lennon kicked it to Canmbell. Pavlyuchenkoscored the fourth goal. But Liverpool did make a game of it in the second half with a goal each from Damien Plessis and the old boy of LiverpoolSami Hyypia with both these goals being headed in.
So Liverpool join Chelsea in being knocked out of the carling cup.


1) Real Madrid are looking for a striker to replace Robhino and now Ruud Van Nistelrooy. They are keen on the Russian from St Petersburgh Andrei Arshvan.
2) Andrew Cole the former England, Manchester United, Newcastle and Blackburn Rovers has retired from all football after a ilasterious career.
3) Manchester United , Chelsea and Arsenal are all chasing a Belgiun midfielder named AxelWitsel who ia 19 years old..
4 ) The Manchester City manager Mark Hughes will be given unlimited funds to by footballers.
5) Aston Villa are ready to pay any amount to get Michel Owen from Newcastle.
6) The Egytian sriker Amir Zaki who is at present on loan at manchester City, from his parent club Zamalek for a sum of 7 million pounds, and both Liverpool and Manchester City are intrested.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In the Carling cup between Chelsea and Burnley wasa hard fought game, Scolari had made six changesfrom the side that defeated Blackburn Rovers in the weekend. the main changewas Dider Drogba up in front after a long time out due to injury.. And as usual Drogba is always capable to score a goal due to his strengty, speed and build.
But it was burnley who were sharper and more likely team to score a goal, their threat came from Cris Eagles and Joey Gudjonsson. There was a foul comited on Drogba and Alex took a25yds freekick, it went alittle wide and Wayne Bridge failed to connect the ball.and score a goal. Juliano Belleti was substituded by Frank lampard, and it was Lampards pass to Drogba which led to a Drogba goal.It was Drogbas first goalsince april ,, where he scored against Liverpool in the semifinals inthe champion league game. He was later out with injury and an operation.
The Danish goalkeeper for Burnley was indeed lucy to complete the 90 minutes , because he was seen handling the ball outside the box.. Carlo Cudicini was by far the more nervous goalkeeper.
Frank Lampard had the ball in the net , but it was not given for an offside.
Burnley equaled through a goal by Akinbiyi in the 69th minute.
The game went to extra time , and was still 1-1 after 120 minutes play leading to a penalty shootout..Jon Mikel missed hispenalty.


1) Manchester United are very keen indeed to get the Spanish and Barcelona playmaker Xavi Hernandes, from the Nou Camp ,to Old Trafford for a sum of 20, million pounds. And they want to make him their main target in January.
2) The Italian Club Fiorentina is loking at an English footbaler named Alex Bruce, the son of Steve Bruce, the former Manchester United playerand at present Wigan Athletic manager.
3 ) Steve Bruce is still regretting that he took the Egyption Amir Zaki on a years loan and not a permanent deal. As Zaki is the top goalscorer in the E.P.L.And Emile Heskey may make a move to a big club.
4)The Czech Republic captain and Arsenal playmaker Tomas Rossicky has undergone a knee operation and is improving to Arsene Wenger and the doctors,.So all of you please be patient and dont ask for him to be sold . Ashe is definately coming after two months.He got injured in a F.A. match with Newcastle in early january.
5) Jimmy Bullard of Fulham is having trouble over a new contract but Aston Villa are keen to have him and so are Tottenham Hotspur.


In the Carling cup Manchester United played against QUEEN PARK RANGERS. On paper it was a very easy game for Manchester United, but it did not turn out that way and the Manchester Unitedfans had towait for long periods without a sine of a goal comming.To add to the tention at the stands some players were rested by Alex Ferguson, such as Dimitrov Berbatov, Wayne Rooney, and Christaano Ronaldo. As Ferguson had said earlier the strikers would be rotated and they better adjust to this system as soon as well.. As Q.P.R. are from the second division of football every thing might have been taken lightly , there were a total of seven changes In the Manchester United team.. The pole was struck byJ.S.Park the S.Korean player, Peter Ramage brought downDanny Welbeck in the box in the 76th minute. And then the only goal was scored by the Argentinan Carlos Tevez, inthe seventysixth minute., this goal saved Alex Fergusons blushes as well as the Manchester teams.It was not at all a convincing win, by the youngsters.
At the same time Arsenal youngsters outshone Wigan Athletic in an entertaining and convincing win of3-0. This shows that the Arsenal youngsters are sharper.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


In the carling match between Arsenal and Wigan Athletic, the Arsenal manager played a team of youngsters ,with an average age of nineteen years . This clearly shows there is plenty of youth talent and bright future at Arsenal for the future at the club. As Arsene Wenger does not believe in spending huge amount on players,and he will give youngsters a chance to shine.
The match between Arsenal and Wigan Athlatotic was like a knife going through butter.The first goal came after the two teenagers Jack Wilshere passed the ball and set the goal to be scored by Jay Simpson in the 42nd minute,the second goal came after a delightful pass right onto the feet of Jay Simpson to score his second goal in the 60th minute. During the match the busier goalkeeper was Kris Kirkland , who made some wonderful saves in both the halves to keep the game at a respectable score of 3-0. It could very well have been four or even five goals.
So Arsenal go into the fourth round of the Carling cup.
This is what the two managers had to say about the match.Arsene Wenger said that he was delighted with show of the talented youngsters, who will play many years in the future. While Steve Bruce said That Arsenal completly outplayed a and they have kicked our backsides hard..


1) Manchester City boss Mark Hughes , wasin Abu Dhabi a few days ago. And the word going around was that the Welsh man Mark Hughes was called to get sacked as coach of Manchester City , but it was not so . The Sheikh the chairman and owner of the club had called Hughes to make a list for january shopping, and some may be shown the door.
the list would include Michel Ball, Elano, Darius Vassell, Dieter Hammann andWedmen Onouha.
2)There is a race for a ghanian midfielder called Stephen Appiah. . There are several clubs very keen to have him , they include Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and West Ham.
The owner of West Ham United or called the HAMMERS are from Iceland, and he started his buisness in the biscuit industry where he made his millions, but with the credit cruncha,affecting Iceland and its banks badly,Have hinted for the first time tthat they want to sell the club. But the big Saga of Carlos Tavez is hindering the sale.
3) The owners of Chelsea have again warned Scolari to kep it very , very tight in January, and not to forget that a credit crunch is very much a problem , so a buying will also have to follow a sale.


Suriname was once upon a time , a Dutch colony . And it falls in south America near toBrazil. The Dutch took natives fromSuriname back home as workers. Just as the British took Indian as workers in the Caribean , to work in the sugarfarms, as well as the sugarfactories.
But some of theseSuriname people have become wonderful players and have played for both Holland and some vey big clubs in Europe.
1) Ruud Gullit. For Holland, Feynoord, P.S.V. Eindhoven, A.C.Milan. , Sampodharia and Chelsea.
2) Frank Rijkaard Holland, Ajax, A.C.Milan.
3) Edgar Dravids , Holland, Ajax, A.C. Milan. Intermilan, Juventus, Barcelona,Tottenham Hotspur.
4) Mario Melchoit. Holland, Ajax, Chelsea,Renees, Birmingham Cit y. Wigan Atletic
5) Clarence Seedorf. Holland, Ajax,Sampodharia,Intermilan, and A.C. Milan.
6 ) Patrick Kluivert, Holland , Ajax,A.C.Milan, Barcelona, Newcastle, Valencia, P.S.V. Eindhoven, and Lilee.
7) RoystonDrenthe, Holland, Feynoord, and Real Madrid.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The long awaited clash between the two English giants was held on 8/11/2008. Manchester United as to its full strength, while Arsenal had a few injuries , Emanuel Adebayor and Emanuel Ebouhie wre absent to injuries , and the Dutch striker Robin Van Persie was suspended for this match. While William Gallas and Mickaal Silvestre had a fractured nosefrom a previous game and were only fifty percent fit for this important game..While Manchester United had no such worries or any suspension. So on paper Manchester United were definately the stronger and the side to win the is classic match.We must remember Arsene Wenger was strongly attacked by everyone for still depending on youth, over experience.
But what is wrong if the young Arsenal get results , without spending huge amounts per player, like 17, million pounds per player, when you can get that resultfor750,000 pounds.
when the match started Arsenal made a very, very nervous start as the team was a patched up team and Toure also was absent.Inthe early fifteen minutes Mickaal Silvestre made a very nervous back pass tothe goalkeeper leading toa free kick. But Arsenal gained confidence and carmed their nerves, as well as the Emirate fans.
But in the 23rd minute of this match which realy turned out to be a cracker of amatch , and one of great delight for the neutral viewer. In the 23rd minute the ball from Samir Nasri the french footballer who joined Arsenal this year, to strengten the midfield after the departure of Gilberto, Flameni and Aleksande Hlep. The ball from Samir Nasri took avery wicked defection from the outstretched foot of Gary Neville and went in the net.The Emirate Stadium found their voices at once and never lost it after that.
Both sides made attack after attack , but the score stood at the break at 1-0 in Arsenals favour.
Early in the second half Nasri scored his and Arsenals second goal, this was a breather for Arsenal ,with a twogoal cushion Arsenal then defended more , but also went forward. Alex Ferguson also made a few changes he also brought in the ever reliable Welsh footballer Ryan Giggs, and a young Brazilian Rafael DeSilv
Michel Carrick colided wth the Arsenal goalkeeper Emanuel Alumuni. but sadly Alumani could not play all the 90 minutes of the match. As he was feeling the affects of the collission and had to have treatment on the pitch.
and wasalso replaced by the Polish goalkeeper Fabriaski. It was in the 90th minute of the match Rafael De Silva scored a thunderous goal. And as there was six minutes added the question all asked was it enough for a win or a draw , The TottenhamHotspur game was on everybodys mind as Arsenal let it slip from their fingers of 4-2 to 4-4 in injury time.
But Arsenal defeated Manchester United once again ,.This was their 37th match and Arsenal have won 14, Manchester United 13, with 8 draws.But Arsenal were robbed of a penalty when Vidic , had his hands around Nasri, and he even pulled Nasris the box,and nasri felland claimed for a penalty which was not given. But F.I.F.A. rule says holding with the handis a foul and holding the jersey is a bookable offence, and bringing a player down by the jerseyin the box is a penalty.It now looks like Manchester United games are fixed like Juventus did a few years ago. referee Harold WEbb cansay we referees are not gods . Vey true. But consult the linesmen when aplayer is dropped ina box.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is Sir Alex Fergusons 23/ twentythird year as manager of Manchester United. This is Arsene Wengers 13/ thirteenth year in charge of Arsenal.So making them the two longest serving managers ever in English football history.
So far Manchester United and Arsenal have played a total of 36/ thirtysix matches. Out of these matches Arsenal have won thirteen matches , and Manchester United have also won thirteen matches. And a total of eight matches havebeen drawn.
And a total of two matches have been won by a penalty shoot out.
In the year 2003 Manchester United won the Comunity shield final veses Arsenal in the final by a penalty shoot out.
And in 2005 Arsenal won the F.A.Cup . In the final Arsenal beat Manchester Unitedin a penalty shoot out..
It is also important to note that the big clubs, likeChelsea, Liverpool, Manchester Unitedand any other big club have never ever beaten Arsenal at their Emirate Stadium ,so far.And the match between Arsenal and Manchester United , to be played on saturday the 8/11/2008. Will History repeat its self or will history be made .The point to remember is that Arsenal are weakened due to many injuries.


1) Chelsea are very keen to get Michel Owen at Stamford Bridge , they value Owen at 3 million to 5 million pounds only, but surely there will be other clubs waiting to buy him. But will Newcastle sell him? Harry Redknapp manager of Tottenham Hotspur would love to have him, as a replacement striker for Berbatov or Keane.
2) Manchester City owners have made a list for their january shopping. It includes Kaka, Roque Santacruz,Wayne Bridge and others
3) Barcelona are ready right now to pay Arsenal 30, million pounds for their former footballer Cesc Fabregas, instead of waiting for the end of the season. But we must remember Fabregas was originally a barcelona player who came up the youth system at Barcelona, but was discarded by Barcelona. But the wise man Arsene Wenger, the manager of Arsenal , who realy has a knack of finding talented youth who are discarded by their clubs . He develops them to stars. Like Vieira, Henry , Pires, Anelka,Hlep.
4) Valenciahave now joined the race to buy Xavi Alonso from Liverpool.

Friday, November 7, 2008


The referee for the Liverpool verses Atletico Madrid was Mr Martin Hansson, and when the score was 1-0 in favour of the Spanish team Atletico Madrid , after Maxi Rodrigues scored the goal and Liverpoolfailed to score a goal in the alotted time of ninety minutes. Mr Martin Hansson gave a very dubious penalty in the fifth minute of injury time, which Steven Gerrard converted, to make the score 1-1.
It was a terrible decission , that is why Arsene Wenger repeatdly says that football needs monitors. Because now all sports have it like cricket, athelatic, swimming, tennis . So why cant we have it in football which is the most watched sport in the world.
What realy hurt and angered many even me, was that Mr Martin Hansson admits it next day that there was realy no penalty at all.Even Steven Gerrard said that there was no penalty at that time.
Such a referee as Hansson is fit to show the time onlyand not fit in any way to referee a game as big as the champion league. Or he could be a linesman only , but a referee never he is a didgrace to this great game of football, all he had to do was to ask for help from the two linesmen. I fail to understand why cant they take help.
Mr Sepp Blatter and Mr Michel Platini must solve this major problem soon.Here 3 points were stolen from Atletico Madrid. Will they be given back to the Spanish team.?
Arsene Wenger has been fighting long and hard for monitors as the standard of refereeing has fallen so very badly. But Mr Platini says if monitors are used then it will kill the game.But who wants to be cheated in a match by these blind bats called referees.NOT US.
Referee Mr Webb says we referees aere not gods, very true. But have you ever seen the fourth referee ever saying that the referee was wrong in a match when managers argue. The Answer is no aaaaafter all all the referees are F.I.F.A and F.A. employees so they will always suport the referee.And this is a absolute shame.


This was the return match between Manchester United and Celtic . And as Manchester United had won the first game very convincingly, the scotts had to win this game. And they started the game with an intention to do just that. As Manchester United playtheir bitter rivals Arsenal on the saturday the8th of november , Ferguson had given someplayers rest . Like Ryan Giggs and Edwin vandersar did not start ,and Foster was in the goal.
But in the first half the Australian player gave Celtic the lead with a fourteen yard kick which had a beautiful lobe and it completly beat Foster. As the time passed the crowd and Ferguson got more restless , and Ferguson sent his old faithful the thirtythree year old Ryan Giggs on a, and till the eightyfourth minute the Polish goalkeeper Artur Boruc and the defence held strong , ten Boruc made a lovely save but it fell kindly for Giggs to head the ball in in the eightyfourth minute the equalzer arrived .So the match ended 1-1.


This championship match was held at Reals Madrids ground the famous Bernabeu.
The old sriker of juventus Alessandro Del Piero , who is thirtythree years old was the star of the match all over again. the first goal came after sixteen minutes and the goal was scored by Alessandro Del Piero. the second goal took some time to come , but during that time Real Madrid had their chances to score a goal, their best chance fell to their defender Sergio Ramos , but Ramos missed a real sitter of a goal. This would be costly for Real Madrid.
because in the second half in the the sixtyseventh minute Alessandro Del Piero scored a beautiful free kick to make the game safe for Juventus (THE OLD LADY OF TURIN ) goes marching on into the knockout stages , the groupof sixteen.
It was indeed heartening to see the Real Madrid fans aplaude Alessandro Del Piero when he was later substituted.Claudio Raneirri was proud of the thirtythree year old player who did well in both the games and scored three goals.
The aplaude given to Alessandro Del Piero , touchd the player greatlyhe says (WE LIVE AND PLAY FOR SUCH A MOMENT).
So now Real Madrid have lost two games against Juventus and have lost six valuble points.
The Dutch and Real winger says such a player of Alessandro Del Piero class is vey dificult to stop.
Also in the crowd was Diego Maradona the new coach of Argentina watching the match.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


As Tony Adams the former England and Arsenal captain and defender has now taken over as the manager of Porthsmouth, after the departure of Harry Redknapp for Tottenham Hotspur.
Adams wants to bring into his coaching staff the former Arsenal striker Dennis Bergkamp , also known as THE SILKY DUTCH MAN. .Because of his smooth passes like silk for Henry, and Anelka. He also had another petname The none flying Dutchman. As he had a very bad time when returning by air from the 1994 world cup in the U.S.A.He went for champion league games by roador if it was in far of countries he would not go at all and play the home game only. But it will be hard to get Dennis Bergkamp as he is in charge of the Ajax youth team ,the club he started his career with.
Another player Adams wants at Porthsmouth is Martin Keown . He wants Keown to train the defence of Porthsmouth. But here to he will face a tough time as Arsene Wenger wants Keown at Arsenal to coach the defenders.


There is a big hot chase for a very talented and skilful midfielder , who is inly fifteen years old and is at presently owned by the English club Fulham. And as he is only fifteen years old he is not alowed to play in the E.P.L. he will be alowed to play only when he is eighteen years old, by the F.A. law. So guess who has come knocking at Fulhams door to buy him ,. Believe me he will be costly even if he has not played a single E.P.L. match.
He is already dubbed as the NEW SCHOLES.
Those Kknocking on the door to buy him are Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger .The managers of Manchester United and Arsenal respectively.
By the way the fifteen year old footballers name is Dominic Vase. So let us see which club will buy him..


This was the return leg between the two teams, Arsenal and Fenerbarnche. The first leg ended in a 5-2 score in Arsenals favour. All thought that that Arsenal would score more goals like in the first game. But they were to be upset. AS the game was the usual fast one , which Arsenal is known for. Yes there were ample number of shots at the goal , Robin Van Persie was the one most guilty of missing chances , he could well have had a hat trick to his credit.But sadly it was a dull affair , with even Fabregas hitting the crossbar. And to make matters verse the French defender Mikaal Silvestre has been treated for a suspected broken nose. Adding to the injury list at Arsenal, with Theo Walcott, and Emanuel Adebayor already injured before the gameagainst Manchester United on Saturday the8th.
It was a game of simply to many chances wasted at both ends by both clubs sadly.


Intermilan the Italian giants and reigning Italian tean were against the minnows of this years tournament, a unheard team from a small country of Cyprus not so famous for football. This club has shaken all the giants i the Champion league. This time it was the turn of Jose Mourinho to have a taste of small clubs who give big suprizes.
To the suprize of every one the Anortosis Famagusta club were leading Intermilan in the eightyth minute with a suprize score line of 3-2. Intermilan then had to wait for the 80th minute for JulioCruz to head in the equalizer. It came as a very big relief for the Italian fans.and especially Jose Morinho.Who was vey upset as both his pride and ego were hurt asthey gave this small club from Cyprus a point but also gave three goals which could add vey well in the end if it comes to goal diference.But one thing we mustadmire theCyprus team spirit and the goalkeeper who is young,agile,quick and also has a pair of good hands.


The Spanish club Atletico Madrid were making their apearance in the championship this year after a agap of nine long years during that timethey were once relegated and also had financial problems. They have come over those problemsin style and are giving agood account of themselves both in Spain and the Champion league.
This time it was the Spanish side Atletico Madrid who opened the scoring through Maxi Rodrigues . And Liverpool tried hard indeed to get an equalizer but could not get it , Liverpool also had a few apeals for a penalty durned down by the referee a otal of three apeals. The Liverpool fans and Rafael Benitz were all getting nervous as the precious minutes ticked by.And at long last it apeared their apeal was finaly upheld for a penalty , and it came in the 90+5 minutes of the game , the vey last gap of time and the last kick of the game. Steven Gerrard converted the penalty in the 95th miute of the game to gain a precious point.
This means that Liverpool will have to play one more game to make sureof going to the group of sixteen teams, the knock out stages.the match ended 1-1.


This clash of the championship was played at the A.S.Roma ground in Rome.Both these clubs came second in their respective league last year. Theclash was more eagerly waited by the Roma fans as their championship,started badly with defeats by F.C. Cluj and a defeat by Chelsea in the earlier game.
The first goal came due to to some very lazy and careless defending by Chelsea. the two former Real Madrid men got involved by Ciccino making a acurate pass to Panucci who then scored the goal. Chelsea kept the Roma and Brazilian keeper Dhoni on his toes with good saves from good kicks from Frank Lampard and some from Deco, the Brazilian born player who now plays for Portugal. It stood at 1-0 into the halftime break.After the break it was the Vuchnic show who scored two goals to make the game safe . But there as still time for Chelsea to score an consolation goal, and it came through John Terry in the 75th minuteduring a corner kick.It was Terrys trade mark goal . It was Terry who scored the one goal in the last game as well.
Deco was sent of by the referee in the second half. As Deco was already shown a yellow card once and the referee told him to wait till he blew the whistle before taking the free kick. But Deco took it before the whistle blew and so got a second yellow and red as well.
There was drama outside the pitch as well a Roma fan fell 4 meters during his celebration and got hurt.. Three english fans and a policeman were injured and a Roma fan was also arrested for hulliganisim.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The matches played on the 4th and on the 5th of november 2008 , was realy indeed a bad week for the English clubs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United. Who all drew their matches with their opposite team. But the fourth English club Chelsea even lost their match which was played verses A.S.Roma at Rome to a score of 3-1.
This means none of the English clubs have reached the khockout stage they will have to play a match or two to make their places secure by winning theirnext game.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


1) Christiano Ronaldo has also hinted that he may renew his contract at Manchester United. But he has also said if Real Madrid are ready to pay him more in his weekly salary he is willing to make a move to Real Madrid.
We must remember that Sir Alex Ferguson wants to increase Ronaldo weekly salary to 1, 50,000 pounds a week.But please kindly note the Manchester United man in charge of the salary had very clearly said he will only increase the weekly salary to 1,20,000 pounds. Then what will happen ? Ronaldo could use the F.I.F. rule to buy out his contact. But Alex Ferguson proudly says upto today no Manchester United player has bought out his contract.
2) Chelsea are willing to give Obami Mikel a new contract worth15, million pounds for fiveyears.
3) Garry Neville may also get a fresh contract as well.
4) The Dutch and Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt iis also asking and hoping that he will get a new contract after the good service done this year for Liverpool.
5) The Cameroon and Barcelona striker Samuel Etoo scored the fastest hat trick in Barcelona history the goals came in the5th minute , 21st minute, and the 24th minute . They were scored verses Almeira.



1) The english football club Fulham have never beaten Everton at the Goodison Park.
2) The Australian footballer TIM CAHIilwho plays for Everton , has scored many goals and against all the clubs in England. But he has not scored a single goal against Fulham.
3) Stoke City captain Rory Delap is very famous for his long and high throws.And with tall players like Ricardo Fueller heading the ball is very easy. He is very much in the Ojay Okachaclass as a thrower. For we must remember that atotal of 12, twelve goals were scored by Stoke City . Out of which eight were scored from Rory Delaps throws, they are absolutely unplayable, claims Rory Delap.


The Italian and Intermilan defender Marco Materazzi has won a defamation case against the the Daily Mail. .For printing wrong and and untrue stories.
It all started at the 2006 world cup final in Germany.Marco Materazzi said something to the french nidfielder Zinedine Zidane.What was said was not known , and Zidane refused to say anything after he head butted the chest of Materazzi, and Zidane got a red card forthe butting, and Materazzi gota two game ban.
The Daily Mail printed that Materazzi had called Zidane ason of a terrorist Whore. Which was not true. The Daily Mail appologised and paid Materazzi a substantialamount of money, but the actual ammount was never disclosed.
People had tried to use lip readers to find the real truth and know what was said.
But Marco Materazzi says this( I pulled at his jersey, and Zidane said I will give it to you after the match.. ) to which Materazzi replied I would rather have your sister. This naturaly angered Zidane, because he is a muslim and they respect ladies a great deal more then Europens.So Zidane head butted Materazzi.

Monday, November 3, 2008


The Brazilian striker Adriano who has played with Intermilan for many years is now not getting a regular start at Intermilan, since Jose Mourinho was appointed as the coach after replacing Robertto Mancini.
Adriano had put on weight due to his personal problems like the death of his father , and his girlfreind leaving himHe then lost his place for Brazil under Dunga as well. Now that is all in the past and he has lost weight.As there may not be a long time future at The Sansiro.for Adriano.
The talk now in the football press is that Mark Hughes and Manchester City are keen to get Adriano for City.
he will be an excelent buy for Manchester city he will team up well with Robhino as a striking pair. Adriano is strong , fast and also good with his head.So lets wait for the january transfer window to open.


The F.I.F.A banner which is used at all world cups and champion league games say PLEASE PLAY FAIR.Which is the right and proper way in which football matches should be played in.
But there are players like Christiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo who are ever ready to dive and get a penalty , or to get a free kick and so score a goal.These footballers are very unsportiing and only think of the number of goals they can score in their careers.
So both F.I,F,A and U.E.F.A should not nominate such footballers for any award , such as Europen Footballer of the year, F.I.F.A player of the year, South American footballer of the year or African footballer of the year.
The only deserving pfootballers should get the award, and when they realise that such cheats will not be considered for an award then only will they change their game, fot the better .Otherwise they will be habitual divers and get away with it.
The governing bodies of football must not give trophies to players who score the most goals . They must also takeinto consideration how they were scored.


Manchester United are so scared of loosing their young winger Christiano Ronaldo , to the Spanish giants Real Madrid . Now they are willing to increase Cristiano Ronaldo salarry from the old ammount of 80,000 pounds a week , to almost double amount of 1,50,000 pounds a week.
Here Manchester United must remember that along with them Real Madrid was the only other club to generate a sum of 300, million euros foor the year 2006/ 2007.
So realisticaly speaking Real Madrid could increase Ronaldo salarry by 20,000pounds more then what Manchester are paying now, that is 1,50,000 pounds a week.


Harry Redknapp is promided a bonuse of sum of five million pounds at the end of the season . That is if only he can suceed in keeping his club Tottenham Hotspurs from relegation atthe end of the season . And he is doing very well indeed , since he took over from Juande Ramos. They are winning and they even beat the leaders Liverpool.At this rate I am sure they will scrape through.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mark Hughes the manager of Manchester City, is going to fly down to Abu Dhabi at the end of november, to meet the owner of the club Sheikh Mansour mainly to discuss the buying offootballers in the month of january.
We can expect big spending and big footballers moving to Manchester City. The one big talk at the moment is to buy the Argentinan footballer Sergio Aguero from the Spanish club Atletico Madrid for a record breaking fee for the club about a neat 35,million pounds . So breaking Robinhos record of 32, million pounds.
Let us wait patiently and see who else will move to Manchester City. We must remember that the owners ofManchester City are ten times richer then the Chelsea owner Roman Amorovich. And the Meltdown has ot touched Abu Dhabi yet.


Luiz Felipe Scolari the Brazilian coach at Chelsea has a big desire to buy more players in the january transfer market .
But the Russian owner Roman Amoravich has very cleary told Scolari ( Sure you can buy players , but remember it is not possible just to buy footballers, this time you must be ready to sell a few players to make money . )
Looks like the world meltdown has it Russia as well.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Deigo Maradona has been a legend for football entertaining millions on the pitch, with his skill and bag of tricks. .But life of the pitch was not so good for him. Still in Argentina he is considered by some as a god.
30/10/1960 Doego Maradona was born in Lanus , to Deigo Maradona and Dalma Franco. He was the third son of six boys.
5/12/1970 joins Argentinas youth system.
20/10/1976 Makes Argentinan first division debut.
20/2/1977 Makes international debut.
28/6/1977. Marries Claudia Villafane.
7/9/1977 Argentina win the world under 19 championshipin Japan.
2/6/1981 Boco Junior debut.
6/1982 Plays in first of four world cup tournament in Spain, gets sent out in the game verses Italy the final winners.
9/1982 Makes debut for Spanish club Barcelona.
7/1983 Spnish cup victory.
6/1984 Joins up with sleeping Italian club Napoli
6/1986 . Highlight of his career winning the world cup with two goals of vast difference the ill famous hand of god goal, and the second one of real class and Maradonas mark written on it , he driblled past five English players and then beat Peter Shilton in the goal.
5/1987 Wins Italian league title with Napoli.
2/4/87 Birth of first daughter Dalma Nerea.
16/5/1989 birth of second daughter Gianina Dinorah.
7/11/89.Divorces Villlafane.
7/7/1990 Argentina looses the world cup to West Germany by Andrea Brehmes penalty .It was considered as themostbrutal final wth two Argentinans getting the red card .This was the firsttime in the world cup final that a red card was shown,
8/4.1991 Fails a dope test for cocaine
18/9/1991.A court in Naples sends Maradona ti fourteen months in prison for having cocaine with him. But he never served any of it at all..
9/1992 signs for the Spanish club Sevilla.
6/1994 plays in the world cup in the U.S.A. Where he fails adope test for ephidrine. He is thrown out of the world cup.
12/1994. becomes coach ofDeportiva Mandiyude Corrientes..
1/1.1995. France football magazine awardsBallon.d odr..
12/8/1996 . Goes to Switzerland to get treated for his cocaine addiction.
8/9/1997. Fails another dope test, though he is not suspnded., after he appeals sucessfully to an Argentinan court,
10/1997. Announces official retirement from football.
1/2000 . Suffers serious hypertention on a holiday , at an Uruguay resort.Called Punta Del Este.
28/9/2000 releases his autobiography.
2001to 2004 . He wasin Cuba for treatment forhisdrug problem.
2005 . He goes to Columbia for stomach by pass operation i which he lost 50 kilos of flab.
28/10/2008. Was appointed theArgentinan coach