Sunday, March 9, 2008


1 The most goals scored by footballer is 260. Goals scored by Alan Shearer.
2 The fastest hattrick is scored by Robee Fowler in 4 minutes and43 seconds.
3 The highest attendese for a single match was over 80,000. It was at Stamford Bridge Chelsea.
4Arsenal and Prescot are the only teams ever to play an entire season without loosing a single match.
5 The first goalkeeper to be boght for Million Pounds was Nigel Martyns.He was bought from Crystal Palaceyo Leeds United.Which was a world record then.
6 The first goalkeeper to be bought for TWO MILLION POUNDS was Nigel Martyns again.
He was bought from Leeds United to EVERTON .As he felt with Paul Robinson,he would not get many chances. David Moyes the coach of Everton still insists even today that Nigel Martyns was his best buy ever.He bought Nigel Martyns for 2.25.Million POunds.A new record.
7 Nigel Martyns was spotted in strange way.He wasspotted by the tea lady.when she was on
aholiday . And Nigel played for Bristol Rovers.
The TEA LADY was alady who in the old days attended to players with tea,coffee snacks and
drinks.Sadly todays canteen has taken their place.
8 In a match between Arsenal and Totnemhotspur a total of nine goals were scored.And that to by Nine different Players and none scored more then one goal each.This is a record
9In the year1999 Manchester United won three cups.The Premiere Cup ,The F.A.CUP.and olso
the chamion Cup .Which has ever been done in E.P.L.History.
10 Christiano Ronaldo is named after Ronald Regan.The U.S.A.President.
11Ryan Giggs is the longest seving and loyal servant of Manchester United.He is also the most decorated player for Manchester United.He has23 trophies from1992.
12 The Chelsea Golkeeper Petr Chech in 2003 and2004 conceeded only 15 goals in the entire year a new record.

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