Saturday, June 28, 2008


NWANKWO KANU is a very famous NIGERIAN footballer . He was born in NIGERIA on 1/ 8 1976 and is thirtyone years old. He is very talented footballer and a great poacher of the ball to score goals. He has played in HOLLAND with AJAX , and in ITALY with INTERMILAN. And in ENGLAND with ARSENAL , WEST BROM ALBION and PORTHMOUTH.
He is the only ENGLISH PREMIER footballer to win the U.E.F.A. champion league medal, a U.E.F.A medal, PREMIERSHIP medal with ARSENAL an F.A. CUP medal with ARSENAL and alsom an F.A CUP medal with PORTHSMOUTH. He has also won an olympic medal for football at the ATLANTA games for NIGERIA. He has also won the AFRICAN player of the year on two occastions. So we can say he is the most decorated footballer from NIGERIA.
He joined AJAX of AMSTERDAM for a sum of 207, 047 dollars. AJAX won the U.E.F.A. champion ship in 1995. In 1966 AJAX sold KANU to INTERMILAN for a sum of 4.7 million dollars. It was at the medical checkup at INTERMILAN that the doctors discovered that KANU did have aheart problem and that he had to replace afaulty aortic valve. while the footballing world waited and only hoped for the best.
Things did get better and in the year1996, 1997 INTERMILAN sold KANU to the English club ARSENAL for a sum of 4. 2 million pounds. They bought him to replace their striker NICHOLAS ANELKA who had been sold to REAL MADRID for 22.3 million dollars, but was bought for 50,000 dollars.
He was a instent hit with the ARSENAL fans who made a song to the chimes of westminister . Who needs Anelka when we have kanuuuuu its only you uuuuuu KANUUUUUU we ARSENAL want. HE left ARSENAL for WEST BROM ALBION on afree transfer , and then to PORTSMOUTH. where he is still playing wonderful football. There was a time when at he was at INTERMILAN the world thought he would never play again . This is the main reason he is so loved by fooball fans the world over.

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