Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Europen Chamipionship will haave a change from the year 2016. But as the plans are made for the next Euro tournament, to be held in 2012 that year there will only be sixteen teams as this years Euro 2008.
But from the year 2016, the number of countries taking part will be doubled to 24 teams.
It has been agreed by all the U.E.F.A sitting members.
The former German footballer and coach of Germany has said. It is almost said and done , all it needs is the rubber stamp of U.E.F.A on the agrement to be stamped.
But what are the advantages to have 24 , twentyfour teams taking part?
Now teams like England that missed the 2008 Euro narrowly will get a better chance to make itin 2016 onwards.

And people can see more matches and the contest will turn more tougher.

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Starting11 said...

I think it's a bad idea.