Friday, April 17, 2009


The second leg of this years quarter finals between Arsenal and Villarreal, was eagerly watched by the Arsenal fans at the Emirate stadium. It brought memories of the match in which Jens Lehman, the Arsenal goalkeeper saved a penalty from the Villarreal free kick specialist Juan Ramon Riiquelme. Arsenal only had away goal , as the first leg ended 1-1. Arsenal had a major problem , as their defence was in a bad shape, with Sagna down with a virus and Gael Glichy and William Gallas out for a long time . Wenger then did a patch up job and Mikael Silvestre and a few new ones took the field.
Arsenal dominated and decided with these injuries attack would be the best thing to do, and they did it well. The main idea was to feed Cesc Fabregas the ball who made good passes to Theo Walcott, on the wings and Theos speed and passes were scaring Villarreal players. The question was not will a goal be scored but when would a goal be scored. The goal came early in the first half , Walcott callected a chip pass from Cesc Fabregas and very coolly chiped the ball over the goalkeeper into the corner of the net. The second goal was scored by Emanuel Adebayor , he first controled the ball , and then scored with the outside of the right foot. And here is a small fact not very well known that. Everytime Emanuel Adebayor has scored a goal , Arsenal has never lost that match.
Then sadly Arsenal were given a penalty , but the Villarreal player Sebastin Eguren argued with the referee over the penalty , and it ended in a red card for Sebastin Eguren in the 67th minute. Robin Van Persie calmly converted the penalty and Arsenal were 3-0 , in the 69th minute and Villarreal played tjhe rest of the game with only ten players.
Goals Walcott 10th minute , Adebayor 60th minute and Robin Van persie 69th minute.
Booked Gibbs, Silvestre., Eugren, Cani, Godin.
Red card Sebastin Eugren.
Goals 3-0. Agrregate 4-1.
ATTENDANCE 58,233. Man of the match Theo Walcott.
Referee Wolfgang Stark Germany.

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