Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The second leg of the quarter finals, of the champion league was played in the Allianz stadium, Munich. In the first leg held at the Nou Camp, Barcelona tore Bayern Munich to threads , with a 4-0 score. And the German team were discribed as rabbits running from the snake. Would history repeat it self again, not likely as they are a famous a proud club, and Jurgen Klinsmen would not let it be as easy as the first game.
The Germans started with an idea to score as many goals as possible and reduce the defacit. as Bayern have wiped out a defacit on seven times , comming from one goal defacits in seventeen games. Jurgen Klinsman said , to come back from a four goal defacit is very hard, and that to from a team in form like Barcelona was absolutely unrealistic.
Ribery and Lucas Toni attacked and kept attacking , but they missed scoring the goalin the first half. But the goal did come in the 47th minute. It ws the French winger Franck Ribery who went around Victor Valdes and scored the goal, breathing fresh hope in the team and game. The Barcelona goal , the equalizer came in the 73rd minute of the game, there 3were a total of eighteen passes between the Barcelona players such as Xavi, Inesta, Dany Alaves and Messi and it had to be pased to Keita who finally scored the goal. Lionel Messi is wizard on the pitch and he gave the Germans hell of a time.
You must remember that Barcelonas manager Pep Guardioala was shown a red card for protesting , to Howard Webb the referee , who booked Messi for diving in the box when replay shows Messi was brought down by Lell.So the manager watched the game from the stands.
With this win Barcelona now play Chelsea in the semifinals.
Goals Frank Ribery in the 47th minute. Keita in the 73rd minute.
Booked Lucio DiMichelli, Lell. Borowski.
Booked Danni Alaves, Carlo Puyol.
referee Roberto Rossetti.

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