Monday, November 23, 2009


It is very clear that France will win the world cup in the year 2010 in South Africa. We saw how F.I.F.A have refused a replay , after the conterversial goal scored by William Gallas, after Henry twice used his hands.Michael Platini and Sebb Blatter will see toit that France win the world cup as well. We shall see penalties wrongly given, goals wrongly disallowed and wrong offsides all favouring France.
It has happened in the past , take the 2002 world cup in Korea . Korea were given favours by the referee, Italy suffered the most with goals from Fransesco Totti, and Christian Vieri disallowed for offsides, Totti getting a straight red card when a yellow would have been enough.In the Korea verses Portugal Jua Pinto in disgust at the bad refereeing punched the argentinan referee and got a six month ban , Luis Figo just walked out in utter disgust at the very poor refereeing, South Korea reached the Semifinals.Arsene wenger the Arsenal coach for years is asking for monitors in football as in cricket, swimming and athelatics. But Platini says it will kill the game. But we do not want to be cheated by F.I.F.A.

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