Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This year Liverpool has made the worst start in the E.P.L for the last fifty years. The fans are angry at both the two American owners and the Spanish coach Rafael Benitz.
But the fans have completely forgotten that the Liverpool team at Liverpool which the coach can choose from has 12 injured players including their main goal getter Steven Gerrard, and now Fernando Torres has also joined the list of injured players, he has a groin and has to undergo a hernia operation which will keep him out for a few weeks.
Already the Daily Mail paper has said that there is a chance for Roberto Mancini to come and take over as coach of Liverpool. As Mancini has settled his payment with Inter Milan, which sacked him in 2008.But then you must remember that Liverpool will have to pay Rafael Beniez a 20 million pound compensation, which is indeed a huge amount for a club who is in big debt and will have to pay up by june 2010.
Here then the winner will be Rafael Benitez , as he will surely get a job in Spain. Infact Real Madrid have him on their radar for a coach.

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