Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Both french footballers Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema, were both placed under judicial investigation, in connection with having sex with a under age prostitute. the girl Zahia Dehar did not tell them that she was underage, according to their lawyer . And in France having sex with a underage girl could lead to three years in jail and 45,000 Euros.Zahia worked in a Paris in a night club calledChamp Elysees Night Club, also called Zaman Cafe, itwas raided by the police and 18 girls were taken for questioning.Zahia was not with them.As the phonewas tapped of the manager, of zaman Cafe for some time.
Zahia also said that she was taken to Munich for a Birthday present for the Bayern Munich club. Then who pa id the ticket and hotel money for a minor then?
This came up in 1/5/2010. But the French football federation said that they would look into it after the world cup was over.A third players name was there t was Sydney Govou. The F.F.F. have said the french Jersey is sacred and no such players can wear the Blue jersey of France.

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