Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Tis is the list of the top eleven footballers who joined their clubs at a bargain price. 1) Nicolas Anelka joined Arsenal for 500,000 pounds. Sold to Real Madrid for 23 million pounds. 2) Demba Ba joined Newcastle United free, but scored 16 goals in his first year. 3)Tim Cahil joined Everton from Milawall for 1.5 million pounds. 4)Sol Cambell joined Arsenal free. 5)Eric Cantona joined Manchester United from Leeds United for 1.2 Million pounds. 6)Ole Gunner Solskjaer he joined Manchester United for 1.5 million pounds. 7) Robin Van Persie joined Arsenal from Feynoord for 2.75 million pounds.To be sold for 20 or 25 million pounds. 8)Joe hart Manchester City almost free. 9) Shay Given Newcastle United 1.5 Million pounds. 10) Cesc Fabregas joined Arsenal free sold back to Barcelona for 30 million pounds. 11Kolo Toure joined Arsenal for 150,000 pounds, sold to Manchester City for 16 million pounds. So Arsene Wenger has made the most bargains in the E.P.L

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