Sunday, March 3, 2013


The media is a buzz with stories of a Arab Consortium willing to buy Arsenal Football club for a record 1.5 billion pounds. This would be a record for a club in fact twice the amount paid by the Glazers , who paid 800million pounds for buying Manchester United, mind you the Glazers took a huge loan to buy Manchester United, are paying huge yearly interest on it, in other words milking Manchester United. But the Arabs have said that Arsenal must qualify for the champion league first for a buy. But let me make it clear the Arsenal owners do not want to sell the club , right now. Both Stan Kroenke the major share owner and the second one Ullisher Usminov will not sell their shares.Neither have the Arabs even met or even spoken to Arsenal board. Standing fifth in the E.p.L is not bad at all , as they can still reach the forth place. The Arabs will only splash silly money on silly players, like Manchester City.

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