Monday, March 11, 2013


There was a big debate after the champion League match between Real Madrid and Manchester United played at Old Trafford.In the fifty sixth minute Luis Nani was sent of with a straight red card , for a very high boot with all studs showing. Now when two players clash this way it is very dangerous, for when a person uses his hand he knows how much force is used, but when the leg is used you just can not tell how much force is used, and when both clash the force is much more. Luis Nani could have broken some ribs of the player. Let us see what former referee from Italy says Pierlugi Collina , once the worlds best referee and now appointed to judge the standard of refereeing says the Turkish Referee Cuneyet Cakir did a very good job in that match . But he did make one mistake , that was not showing Rio Ferdinand a red card for showing disrespect to a U.E.F.A referee. So the Manchester United fans can stop crying. Their big friend referee Howard webb was not there sadly.

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