Thursday, September 12, 2013


 It is clear Mesut Ozil and his agent father are not going to  let the Real President get away scot free, they will file a case against him.And demand compensation in millions ora open public apology.
 The trouble started after Real Madrid sold Mesut Ozil to Arsenal on the last day of the transfer window.
Real Madrid did not expect this sort of revolt from players and fans, Cristiano Ronaldo, Segio Ramos, Alonso all were angry and could not understand why their best player, who is so unique had to be sold, even the Arsenal player Santi Cazorla , is finding it hard to believe..
 But the answer was simple Real Madrid need money  to pay back not only 100 million Euros for Gareth Bale, but also Isco and others well over 180 million pounds.. And as Spanish clubs are facing hard times along with Spain, who are on their knees financially, so Both Mesut Ozil  and Sami Khedira  were for sales, Khedira was to join Manchester United for 35 million pounds, but it was to short a time to do it.
Now to save his face Florentino Perez says that  Mesut Ozil was not a good player, and also a womanizer so jhe was sold.
 But let me ask a question if he was a bad player why was he sold for 42.5 million pounds.? Yes it was true about his women in his life ,it was the Venezuelan  miss world. But the point is if he was tired and all that , let us see his record, Mesut Ozil has made a total of 94 assists in  180 matches. That is twice the amount made by Cesc Fabregas, so that proves  Mesut Ozil is used as a scapegoat to cover the presidents big blunder..
The president of Real Madrid  says he was a not a professional  player at the club, but Mesut Ozil plaued a total of 159 games for Real Madrid, unless you are professinal you cant play so many games , as you can loose your place easily. He played 159 games in three years.That answers it.

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