Monday, September 23, 2013


 Sunderland have sacked  their coach the Italian Paolo Di Canio , just after five games, far to early  to do it.
 in fact they have sacked their last five managers far to early, without giving them a fair chance to prove themselves.
 But what was  the cause of Paolo Di Canio's  sacking?
His downfall was the selling of their good goalkeeper  Mignolet and others.
 he got fourteen new players and changed the back room staff as well..
 Now when you bring in fourteen new players , you are inviting trouble as they are not all going to gel up as we saw.
 Arsene Wenger said you must bring only three players at the most, then the team will gel.
 He got only one player Mesut Ozil and Arsenal are ticking away on the top of the E.P.L..
 Now which manager is willing to take   up the poisoned chalice.

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