Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Arturo Vidal the Chilean footballer who plays his club football with Juventus Or THE OLD LADY OF TURIN , as the club is called. Arturo Vidal crashed his red Ferrari car late in the night, but after being taken to hospital he and his wife were sent of after being treated for minor injuries. The police said that there was no doubt tat Arturo Vidal was driving the car after drinking , you see he was returning from a Casino late in the night. Now the point is whether there were any liquor bottles in the car, as in one picture Arturo Vidal is lifting the dicky as if showing it to the police. Now what I can not understand here is that a tournament is on , called TTHE COPA AMERICA for American countries, and Arturo Vidal is the top scorer so far. How can a manager of Chile give permission to players to drink. I doubt if he would have had drank liquor i he was playing in Europe with Juventus in the Champion league or at a world cup. Arturo Vidal should be ashamed of himself, and they both manager and Arturo Vidal should be sacked and fined heavily. Arturo Vidal could very well escape going to jail, as this being his very first offence.

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