Thursday, June 4, 2015


Barcelona never forgive or forget easily or do they. There was supossed to be a eleven players made up of former Barcelona and Juventus players, they were to play a match against the world eleven , to be played on 5/6.2015. But Barcelona demanded that the name of Luis Figo be removed from the list, and U.E.F.A agreed to do so. Now you must remember here LuiS Figo played five years for Barcelona won a lot of trophies as well there. But after five years he said he would be at Barcelona for the new season , but he signed for Barcelona arch rival Real Madrid for a then record price of thirty six million pounds. But then every match between Barcelona and Real Madrid was hell. There were banners of JUDAS LUIs FIGO around, he was booed when taking free kicks and corners, beer bottles, lighters and even a pig head was thrown at him. In the end he was restricted from taking corners all together. Mind you this happened fifteen long years ago.

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