Saturday, June 6, 2015


Barcelona have won the Champion League match between Juventus played at the Berlin Olympic stadium. Barcelona scored a marvelous goal early in the match, it was scored by the Croatian Ivan Rakitic , it was a team effort with roughly eleven passes in all it was scored in the forth minute. But Alvaro Morrato equalized in the fifty fifth minute.. But then Luis Suarez score the goal , the ball was tapped by Giianlugi Buffon for Luis Suarez to score that goal in the sixty seventh minute. Juventus pressed hard to get a equalizer, and so to take the game to extra time. Neymar scored the third goal late into injury time it came in 90+7 minutes. Barcelona won their fifth champion league as well as the treble. The only club to win the treble for the second time. They become the eighth club to win a treble. But Juventus did keep Lionel Messi quiet for a while though. But Luis Enrique has now won the treble for Barcelona on his debut year as manager of Barcelona, nobody has done this as yet. But dark clouds hang over Nou Camp as Luis Enrique is not at all sure of his future. Xavi came in for Andres Iniesta with twenty minutes remaining , so he could lift the champion league as well. But sadly Gianlugi buffon and juventus loose their sixth champion league final, our hearts bleed for them as Andres Pirlo and Gianlugi Buffon may no longer be there in a champion league final. Now Barcelona have won their fifth champion league, equal with Liverpool and Bayern Munich who have also won five titls.

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