Friday, June 5, 2015


The Milan club Inter Milan are very keen to buy the Portuguese winger Luis Nani from Manchester United. Luis Nani was got from Sporting Lisbon in Portugal with the intention of filling the place of Ryan Giggs who was now aging. But the Manchester United board discovered that he was not in the same class as Ryan Giggs. Now Ryan Giggs is a Icon who can not be replaced by any footballer , no matter how good he is, these footballers like Ryan Giggs come once in a life time only and can not be made by coaching. Last year Luis Nani was given on loan to Sporting Lisbon on loan and the Argentinean Marco Rojos was got , Luis Nani was used as a pawn in the transfer deal. Now Luis Nani had recently signed a new contract at Manchester United, so the big question is will Inter Milan be able to pay Luis Nanis huge weekly salary.

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