Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It is very sad that the same football club were bankrupt twice in a period of ten years, something not likely in England. The Italian football club Parma , was owned by the diary giant Parmalat , it had 36,000 employees it was managed by Mr Tanzi , and i the year after investing heavily in the club and getting the golden generation of Parma players won trophies two U.E.F.A cups The Italian cup and so on. But in the year 2003 Parmalat and Parma were brook and were declared bankrupt, and a court later sentenced Mr Tanzi to seventeen long years in jail. parma days in the top tier were over. relegated again and again. Then this season they were at the bottom of the table in Italy and that was not all they were bankrupt for the second time in ten short years. Players were not payed for the entire season, there was no electricity in the rooms and no hot water for a shower after a game. And as the club was put up for sale , there were no buyers or bidders either. So they are in the forth tier now in Italy. Parma were milked royally I must say.

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