Friday, June 26, 2015


It looks very much likely that Petr Cech who has arrived at Arsenal for a medical check up will soon be a Arsenal player. Arsene Wenger wanted to strengthen the team with a good goalkeeper, and thirty three goalkeeper Petr Cech will be indeed a good buy for just eleven million pounds, not bad for a thirty three year old. Jose Mourinho had no desire what so ever to sell Petr Cech to a club playing in the E.P.L , leave alone Arsenal. But the final word was with the Chelsea owner Roman Abrohmovick, who released for eleven years wonderful service to Chelsea. But this will squeeze David Ospina the Colombian goalkeeper out of Arsenal. But let us be honest year as Petr Cech will get a weekly salary of 100, 000 pounds. No matter how rich a club is they can not afford to keep a goalkeeper on the bench the entire season, getting a weekly salary of 100,000 pounds.

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